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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  October 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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last night's debate. good evening everybody, i'm rod carter. >> i'm stacie schaible. thank you for joining us. >> fi police are on the hunt for a dangerous man now. he violently attacked a woman and tried to carjack a stranger in an effort to get away. let's go straight to newschannel8's john rogers two is live on the scene with the story. bring us up to date. >> reporter: it is a very scare story. it started here at this massage parlor. nearly 24 hours since the crime, police are despel venice police say this criminal is a very violent man. just before 8:00 wednesday night, he attacked a woman who worked at the 88 spa off tamiami trail in venice. then he popped into the back of a public driving toward publix. >> the driver noticed the person, was able to hit the brakes causing the person to call from the pickup. >> reporter: in the lot, the
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the injured masseuse made her way to a nearby shell station and was taken to sarasota general for treatment. schools were beliefly placed on lock down. >> the children were never on any danger. we thought this was the safest way to do it than to notify parents early in the day and have the students out and about. >> reporter: police believe he may have fled the area and they are working to find this dangerous man. listed in critical condition at sarasota memorial. she may have known this suspect. again, the suspect ran south and is described as wearing a red shirt in his 30s . we don't know much about him. if you know anything about this case, contacted the venice police department. back to you. >> thank you very much john. largo voters are now questioning their mail-in ballots after they discovered an omission. the mishap is impacting more than 200 residents newly annexed into the city. newschannel8's jamel lanee
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supervisor of elections office to explain and jamel, you learned the replacement ballots have already been sent out fixing the problem? >> reporter: they have, stacie. you know what? the first batch of ballots was missing the city mission race. and they are wondering how this could have been over seen. 252 voters in largo had to be sent notices after the mail-in ballots they received exuded the city commission race realistically. what does this tell the voters? >> reporter: curtis holmes was horrified when he heard the news. several areas in largo had been annexed but the information was not updated. >> for some reason, they told everybody but the supervisor of elections office. >> reporter: offials alerted representatives last week and replacement ballots went t with a noce to voters.
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their end. they recorded the ordinances and then failed to send them. largo voters say this oversight could have been detrimental. >> i'm glad that the city recognized that and sent out the correct run getting this worked out before the general election. >> reporter: in a statement, he said i thank the city clerk's office for seeking to make things right in now, city officials are working on a policy to make sure that all annexations are reported in a timely manner from here on out. stacie? >> but jamel, what about the voter who already sent in the first ballot without the commission race on it? >> reporter: well, the supervisor of election's office tells me the first batch of ballots will be flagged and another useful tip, this from
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for a, that means you were annexed. >> all right, jamel lanee live in largo. thanks for the update. it is being called a doozy. people are still talking about the key moments from last night's third and final presidential debate. this one in las vegas. well, among the highlights, donald trump saying that he will "keep us in suspense" about whether he will accept the results of the election. he clarified what he reversed course on a previous debate promise and said he would not accept the results of the presidential election. at least, not now. >> i will look at it at the time. i'm not looking at anything now. i will look at it at the time. >> reporter: today at a rally in ohio, he clarified what he meant. >> that i will totally accept
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if i win. >> reporter: political leaders on both sides say his refusal undermines our democratic exercise. i spoke with kathy castor to ask her about that. >> there is a lot of skepticism about government today. the only way we can work together and get things accomplished for the american people is if we are able to come together after the election. >> reporter: republican congressman david jolly agrees. >> the fair elections in the united states, they are not rigged and both candidates should express confidence. >> reporter: but what effect will it have on the election process? >> i think he is preparing himself to lose. >> reporter: trump needs to expand his base and attract nonrepublican independent voters and this probably did not help. >> to people who might have had
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indecessions abdomen so forth, probably were turned off by it. so, it hurt him. >> reporter: trump also said today that he would accept a clear election result but he reserves the right to contest or file a legal challenge. we are on your side with everything you need to know ahead of election day. just go to our website, and click on the news tab and click politics. you will find our 2016 general election voter guide there. tonight, we are hearing the 911 calls from the teif county wednesday where a corrections officer was taken at knife point by an inmate. bartow pd tells us the inmate david ross had two years left on his sentence when he took the deputy hostage in a city work truck and headed for pinellas county. the other inmates who were locked in a bathroom broke free and ran up to a woman eating her lunch in the park for help.
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freaking out. but i drove down to clower and i looked both ways and i don't see the work truck anywhere. >> in the end, deputy jeffrey rexroad escaped when the two stopped at a gas station on route to pinellas county where the inmate was arrested. according to the department of corrections because these were trustees, deputies typically don't carry only pepper spray. you drive off the lot and boom. it breaks down. coming up. plenty of you have been dialing better call behnken. >> also, ahead, we will explain the important list the bolts
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amendment 1 guarantees your right to generate your own solar energy. it also guarantees that those who don't choose solar don't have to subsidize those who do. amendment 1 means commonsense consumer protections safeguarding seniors-and all floridians from scams, rip-offs, and long-term contract traps. that's the right way to do solar.
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>> so, we already know this. the bolts are the best of the best. well, now it is official. the tampa bay lightning now have the number one spot in espn's annual ultimate team rankings based on criteria most important to the fans. paul r this story. just a few years ago, such an honor would be kind of unimaginable. >> reporter: absolutely rod. back in 2010 when jeff benneck purchased the lightning, they were on the verge of dissolving. now, they are the best team not just in hockey, but all of professional sport. >> i think it is a great honor for the whole city. >> reporter: the espn rankings are based on 25 categories ranging from venues to
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>> reporter: all 122 teams across the major sports leagues are graded upon what matters the most to fans. >> it is a very big honor i think for everybody involved in the community. management, ownership. i feel very fortunate to play in a franchise like that. it is not just the players or the organization but the fans and the community. it is a big honor for us and the whole city. so it is something everybody coach john keep, this is the result of the trickle down affect starting with the head of the organization not only through community heros but with his hiring of excellent hockey and business minds like steve iserman and steve griggs. >> so what is most important is how you treat your fans and how the organizations run on the ice and on the community. and, for our organization to be number one. gosh. that's a heck of an
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lightning's way soon. the bolts have been nominated for sports business journal sports team of the year rod. >> all right paul, that's a great honor. thank you sir. we appreciate it. paul ryan live in the tampa news center tonight. when you have been cheated, when you need help, she's on your side. better call behnken. >> and tonight, we have another round of questions for behnken. shannon joins me now of one you see a lot. i saw this one working >> absolutely. it is probably in the top three of all the complaints we get. we are talking about complaints from people who purchase used cars or used car from a dealer, usually a small operation only to drive off the lot and have it break down. sammy in tampa says i purchased a vehicle and it seems like the man took me for a ride and i need your help. john has a similar problem with the 2006 model.
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my transmission and i got it back a few weeks ago. i was in tampa ubers and at a light, it sounded like it was going to stall, then it jumped and then it was stuck in first gear. i keep getting the run around. these are not just junk car dealers. we have complaints of people buying preowned cars from luxury dealers. some believe newly purchased car troubles should be that only applies to defective new cars purchases and leases. so, what do you do? first of all, know that in florida when you buy a used car without a warranty, you are buying it as is. if you are having trouble, call consumer services in tallahassee, the number is 1- 800-435-7352.
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themselves in. they can't afford a warranty or a new car. so, what can they do to protect themselves? >> reporter: well, i recommend that everyone buying a used car, see if you can take it to your own mechanic before you fork over the money. a good place will allow you to do that. >> and then you know what you are getting into. >> reporter: yeah, and they from probably not going to be willing to fix it. that is why used cars are cheaper but at least you will know what it is going to ta needs solving call behnken at 1- 855-behnken. getting an apple product at a big discount sounds like a really good deal right? well, we are going to explain why your online purchase may be too good to be true. also ahead, the terrifying glitch that could cause this
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
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>> just a quick reminder, the heart walk about three weeks away. we are working hard to reach our goal of raising $100,000 for the american heart association. but, we can use your help. go to to join my team and donate. remember, fuccillo kia is matching the first 50,000 that we raise. and right now, we are about two- thirds of the way there. the walk is november 12 at raymond james stadium and i
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>> now to an 8 on your side consumer alert. people thinking they bought apple discount products on may have a fake. apple filed a lawsuit claiming that a company called mobile star imprinted apple logos on shoddy products. some of them, apple claims, could overheat and catch fire. apple claims it bought the products from mobile star on amazon and then discovered that they were fakes. hyundai is recalling more
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traffic. the recall involves certain sonata and mid sized cars from 2015 and 2016 model clears. a wind deflector plate was not bonded properly and it can detach and interfere with the sunroof as it closes. if the owner tries to force the sunroof closed, that is when it can fly off. and hyundai dealers are going to repair that issue for free. a big announcement from tesla today, all new teslas going to have full self-driving hardware. the cars feature ultrasonic sensors to detect objects near and around the car. the company is promising software updates as well. nintendo unveiled the nintendo switch. it is a six inch switch tablet with two detach bl controllers that let you switch between mobile and stationary gaming. you slide the switch into the
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television. and when you want to play games on the go, you slide the switch out of the dock and then slide the two controllers into the sides of the switch. thus, the name switch. the new gaming console will launch by the way in march of next year. if you are looking for a little extra dough around the holidays, fedex is hiring extra full time and part time workers. the seasonal employees will work as package sorters, drivers, and assistants. they exfect the four days after thanksgiving to be the busiest in its history. last year, they delivered more than 350 million packages during the holiday season. and, how about this? pizza hut is offering sports fans the chance to get paid to travel to ncaa championships and document the experience through social media. the pizza giant will pay one sports fan $50,000. the ideal candidate should be passionate, outgoing, and of
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savvy. interested sports fans are asked to apply online before november 6. you go to to take part. we are just 24 hours away from the friday night blitz. and tonight, we honor a very talented team. they are undefeated. they average some 50 points a game. and their stingy defense has scored five touchdowns this season. newschannel8's anthony allred shows us how the venice indians knocked off their di week. >> reporter: it started out as a big battle between two of the top five undefeated teams in class 7a. >> this is our house! this is our house! >> reporter: but with the district title and the playoff on the line, it quickly turned into a heavy hitting grudge match of a shoot-out that left the next generation frightfully scared. >> we have been making a big grab of it.
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home, you get a win against them is huge. >> reporter: indians running back matt laroche rushed for 325-yard. >> we changed a couple of things this year. we have really been able to get to our up tempo offense and we have been able to get some points up. >> reporter: and the indians defense never river pirates get ahead. >> they got some dudes out there. so i'm not surprised at all that they have been doing o good this year. >> reporter: venice football indians. holler at me! the defense got after the quarterback getting several sacks. the offense scored early and often throughout the entire game. it was a total team effort. and that is why you are newschannel8's team of the week.
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congratulations to the venice football indians. newschannel8's team of the week. [ screaming ] >> venice baby, yeah! got it! got it! [ screaming ] >> reporter: with the venice indians, anthony allred, newschannel8 sports. [ laughter ] >> anthony allred and dan lucas and paul ryan will have all of your high school football highlights tomorrow night starting at 11:15 on the friday night blitz. >> aa always gets them rile >> know what this is? my shield. i have two sick people. i'm a sick sandwich here. >> i have a cold, you have is a cold. and you have a lot of nervousness. >> you are over here trying not to sneeze. >> i'm on the way out. it's moving out. >> i'm perfectly healthy. a lot coming up at 5:30, a teenager spots cars speeding right near her school. 8 on your side took her
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heard on election day. but did a judge agree? we will try to keep stacie schaible from getting sick as
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>> right now on newschannel8 at 5:30. >> cars spotted blazing through an intersection near a school. 8 on your side wants to know why there is not a lower speed zone in the area. i'm jenn holloway. >> i'm josh benson. thanks for being with us tonight. an eighth grader is frustrated with the situation. she reached out to 8 on your side after witnessing a crash and wreckless driving.
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crash with injuries. leslee lacey met up with this concerned student to see what we can do to help. >> reporter: here on shady hills road right in front of cruise lake middle school, trucks have been speeding by. the intersection is new, there is a blind pass and no designated school zone. that has parents and students a bit worried. the intersection is shady hills road and and 14-year-old mikayla says it needs a traffic light or an enforceable school zone. >> what is the issue? >> the speed limit. people don't care about the issue. they just file through there. they don't stop. they are not aware of what is going on around them. >> reporter: so i tested her concerns. there is is a 35 miles an hour advisory sign, but, it is not enforceable. i clocked vehicles going 60
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i also discovered in the past year, there were 13 accidents within one mile and three at the intersection. so, why no enforceable school zone? >> since the school setback, the traffic coming to and from the school comes down the side street. there is not really activity in the front of the school. >> reporter: seven miles away, hudson avenue has a designated school zone, though, there are no schools on hudson avenue. and, there are other complaints. >> there you can't see the cars exiting the school. >> i see close calls every day. it's a bad road. >> reporter: so i brought the concerns to traffic management. >> we will measure the volumes of the road and see if a traffic signal could be warranted at this location. >> reporter: and in the meantime, they will reevaluate the need for an enforceable school zone. they will begin collecting data


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