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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  October 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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e for a new state attorney. hillary clinton and donald trump came face-to-face again last night, this time at a charity dinner. it wasn't all laughs as it was planned to be. why the crowd booed >> an identity theft warning this morning. already 18 victims and investigators think there could be more out there. who police are looking for this morning. >> a violent criminal is off the streets this morning. why some are criticizing police for their lack of communication. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today on this friday. i'm candace mccowan. >> i'm gene ramirez . let's get a check on your friday forecast with leigh. good morning. >> oh, goodness, it's already
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max defender 8 scanning the skies for you and not finding any rainfall. you have the all clear this morning. temperatures not bad, 64 in lakeland, down to 63 in inverness, bartow 66, 62 north port. here's the big story, a cold front pushing through the southeast. behind it really some chilly air. so during the day today we have all day to warm up. 84 degrees, breezy at times. actually, mostly dry as this cold front gets closer to us. you will w because we trend much cooler behind this front. all those details. leslee has the details on the morning commute. >> a couple of issues but they're not going to slow you down. we have a crash here by martin luther king at 275. also we have one right at the heart of the junction. i can actually show you what that looks like. there already at 275 at the ramp to i-4. a little bit of slowing
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traffic is light so not too much of an issue. all right. let's move over now and take a look at our skyway bridge. i would think it was st. patrick's day with that green. we have some construction in the right lane but you can get by just fine. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to candace and gene. >> thank you. donald trump and hillary clinton came face-to-face again last night. this time around it was at a charity dinner in new york. >> the crowd booed trump clinton. news channel 8's meredith is live from the news center. many were saying that last night's dinner is different from what it traditional is. >> reporter: yeah, it was pretty obvious that donald trump and hillary clinton don't like each other very much. that was very obvious at the al smith dinner where traditionally the presidential candidates trade
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the speeches had sharper edge, at times the audience booed. >> hillary is so corrupt she got kicked off the water gate commission. >> [boos] >> how corrupt do you have to be the get kicked off the water gate commission? pretty corrupt. >> people look at the statute of liberty and they see a proud symbol of our history nation of immigrants, a becon hope. donald looks at the statute of liberty and seeing a four. maybe a five if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair. >> reporter: now the candidates did awkwardly shake hands at the event before going their separate ways. candace, the
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cardinal timothy dolan who sat in between hillary clinton and donald trump said after wards he had cold symptoms because he had been sitting in the iciest place on the planet. >> some of those comments are hilarious, thank you. hillary clinton will get back out on the campaign trail today. she's heading to ohio. her husband is campaign ing ing here in florida. former president, bill clinton, will make stops in orlando and in jacksonville. passing through the bay area toda the rally is happening at the carter woodson museum in st. petersburg at 11:45 this morning. the mayor's of tampa and st. petersburg are among the more than 20 and current and former mayors campaigning for hillary clinton. donald trump is heading to north carolina today and then off to pennsylvania. monday he's having a rally here in the bay area. that's set to start at 7:00 p.m. again, it's monday at the mid florida credit union amphitheater at the florida state fairgrounds.
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yesterday donald trump addressed his repeated claims that the election is rigged and made his supporters a promise. >> i would like to promise and pledge to all of my voters and supporters and to all of the people of the united states that i will totally accept the results of this great and histic if i win. >> well, trump has received a lot of criticism for refusing to say he will accept the election if he loses. now, a lead attorney in the 2000 bush versus gore recount is speaking out. david boise argued the case for al gore and he said that al gore and former president bush said they would respect whatever the
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hillary clinton talked about classified information when talked about when a united states launches a nuclear weapon. >> there's about 4 minutes being given and the people responsible for launching nuclear weapons to do so. >> the clinton campaign aid said that didn't come from a classified briefing and came from information in the past. the u.s. strategic command said it does not disclose operational time lines and in on the specifics. time now 4:36. a warning of identity theft. two pinellas county women are behind bars accused of stealing credit card numbers from people and racking up thousands of dollars in purchases. st. petersburg police think there could be even more victims out there. ryan hughes joins us live from police headquarters. ryan, they were ripping people off for quite some time. >> reporter: gene, good morning to you. investigators here at the police department tell us a mom and daughter and a third
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to buy things for months. now they want everyone to be aware that there could be more victims out there. police tell us denise dallas headed up the scheme with the help of her daughter, jessica. denise stole credit card information from her workplace and used it to pay for utilities and cable tv at her house in pinellas county. they're accused of stealing at least 18 different credit card numbers. cops explain shantel jones is also partf denise still has not been caught but the others are behind bars. we spoke to one woman who was outraged her credit was ruined by the trio. >> tried to open women's accounts like victoria secret and got into bank accounts and put them in my name but the irs was the worse. >> reporter: investigators tell us the women even used a stolen card to buy food for jessica
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jail. now back here live this morning, cops are still looking for denise dallas. if you have any information where she may be contact the st. petersburg police department. gene. >> hopefully someone know s something. it's time to take out the credit card statements again and check them, make sure we haven't been targeted or victimized by these women. thank you. it's 4:38. let's get a check on what is our friday looking like, leigh? >> looking good. not too uncomfortable. let's take you hour by hour and show you how the temperatures climb from the upper 60s this morning. we hit about 80 by lunchtime with an afternoon high around 84 degrees. that should happen arnold 3:00 or 4:00. after that though, after 6:00 p.m. that's when the cold front comes through. look what happens as we take you through the day. mostly dry. the winds are calm now. notice by about 10:00 a.m. how they start to get stronger
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northwest. this is ahead of the front. this front will only bring us a 10% rain chance. this is 2:30, the front just starting to get into the citrus and hernando area. by 6:00 p.m. it's still north of i-4. that's why it's still going to be warm in the mid 80s. that's the last of it because we see a quick drop in the temperatures, down to 78 and breezy on saturday. i think emoji man is happy about this. 79 on sunday. just a gradual warming trend through next week. ll traffic on the 8s where things are nice and dry for you. >> yeah, it's dry. we have a couple of issues, an over night construction and a accident in the heart of downtown tampa. i feel like i should do a magic to go away. right behind this block here where it says no video stream -- there it is, see, i've got it today. it feels good. southbound 275 right at i-4, that transition we have people out there the roadway. that right lane is taken away. it's not really a
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again, in the heart of the junction. heading over here to the skyway bridge northbound we have a little bit of construction there blocking the right lane before you get to the hump. you can still make it over. that's a look at weather and traffic. now back to candace and gene. >> leslee, thank you. a man suspect ed ed of attacking a spa masseuse is locked up this morning. on wednesday night venice police tell us that ralph forte attacked a masseuse at venice spa publix and attacked an employee there. they tracked him down because of fingerprints. schools were put on lock down. some locals are criticizing the police for not telling the fub ing -- the public sooner. >> he ran in the opposite direction and notifying parents that it happened at 10:00 p.m. and i'm not sure that's a decision that parents want to
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crimes. the injured masseuse is expected to recover. now an 8 on your side consumer alert, another death blamed on those dangerous takata air bags. a 50-year-old california woman died while driving her 2001 honda civic. the faulty air bags can inflate causing the metal interior to rupture and spew shrapnel. this is the 11th death because of takata. a woman calls after her nephew got in trouble in school for not standing for the pledge. coming up next, why the boy said he choose not to stand. >> 8 on your side catching the state in a lie. denying the complaint of voter fraud. what is going on. >> you're watching news channel 8 today.
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we are back. this one has people talking this morning, especially on social media. a tampa student standing up or in in case you can say sitting down for what he believes in. >> 12-year-old mark dawson is a 6th grader at liberty middle school. when he wouldn't stand for the pledge of allegiance a teacher yelled at him and told him to leave the classroom.
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you? >> i believe in more than one religion -- wait, more than one nation. >> students do have the right to not stand for the pledge of allegiance according to district policy as long as the student doesn't get in the way of other students who are actually saying the pledge. the teacher has been informed of that policy. mark's family said they're proud of mark for sticking to his beliefs. they are considering suing the school district for infringing on their son's rights. this story is sure what do you think? tell us what you think on the news channel 8 facebook page. time now 4:45. more on your vote this morning. additional claims that residents of puerto rico plan on voting in the november election. now a sarasota woman said puerto rico people are coming here to florida to register to vote, which is illegal despite them being u.s. citizens. this woman filed a complaint with the state naming two organizations.
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involving it the division of elections told us there were none. well, the sarasota woman said she got a letter saying her complaint was dismissed for lack of evidence. >> i expect all the people to be fired because they are lazy, they are not doing their job, it is a government job that they have. >> the accusation of voter fraud telling news channel 8, quote, we are not involved in any of that. we work with people who are eligible to vote end quote. we reached out to the other but have not heard back from them. new information about a story that we have been reporting on for weeks. victor crist is calling on a meeting. 8 on your side shows a close
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the cab companies. tampa mayor bob buckhorn wants a meeting. >> that's an agency that's very, very close, way to close in my estimate to the people they are regulating. >> state representative danna young is asking that the department of law enforcement investigation the relationship between the ptc and cab companies. the fdle has assign it had case to the office of executive investigations. electric employees are headed to grand bahama island to help restore service that's still down following hurricane matthew. can you believe that? the crews are prepared to stay there for two weeks. this is no halloween joke, giant snails invading miami's little miami neighborhood. had a is going on?
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slow moving creatures, they are dangerous because they transmit disease. people in little havana neighborhood are being told not to touch the snails. first zika and now snails. i'll stay here. >> yeah, you better. max defender 8 is scanning the skies from the takata area all the way to the east coast. nice and dry as you get this down the rest of the day. 69 degrees around 8:00 a.m. it will be pleasant. the breeze will get stronger through the day. you will start to feel that around lunchtime. 80 degrees there. 84 at 4:00 as the cold front gets closer to us so i added in a 10% rain chance. most of you will stay dry all day. 68 in plant city, down to 59 in brooksville, auburndale you're at 63. here's the long range forecast, the front passing late today, not much
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clear, cool, breezy, high pressure in control. it's not until the middle of the week when the high pushes off towards the east and that brings back average temperatures around 83. leslee, how about traffic on the 8s? >> taking a look at downtown tampa. this is what we have going on right now. this is the ramp from southbound 275. if you were to back up the camera you can see martin luther king in the distance. this is 275 reaching onto eastbound i-4. we have a crash here and people walking out as well on the shoulder and the right lane. use some caution. people are slowing down. it's a tight spot. this is where it's located. you are not going to be slowed down. a crash out there. a little bit of a dangerous situation with people walking around. over night closures on the skyway bridge. what is going on there? i've been talking about the right lane being taken away at the hump. it should be wrapped up in an hour.
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gene. need gas? head to circle k. $0.10 of every gallon sold will benefit local schools. the drive goes from 4:00 to 8:00. for more information and details you can head to today is the second day of the hillsborough county fair located at the county's fairgrounds. you can find the north of state road 60 and east of brandon. the fair runs the 20th through the 23rd and the 27th through the 30th. it's a family style old fashioned fair with exhibits, carnival rides and plenty of food. we'll have the dates and locations on >> you can go there without the kids. go there to eat. it's a fright like never before. >> coming up, where you can go to test your limits. stick around for all of the spooky details.
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with your phone while you watch us. log onto facebook wfla gene ramirez. how about a laugh to kick off your weekend? i posted a video of ellen scaring all of her celebrity guests. you can watch ellen every afternoon near on news channel 8.
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universal studios orlando virtual reality is really raising the scare factor. groups of four saw the super natural mystery with real life actors and details sets through head sets. they explored the virtual world attempting to solve the riddle and wipe out a curse. >> what you do generates the show that you're actually getting. over that 30 minutes is probably one of the largest experiences or attractions that you'll get. >> sounds like a good attraction to incorporate virtual reality it's not cheap though. however, creators hope the $50 price tag doesn't scare people away. rumors are flying about what we'll see at apple's event next week. it looks like the new mac book pro will have an extra screen that takes place of the keys. they believe this feature will be called the magic tool bar. it will be able to change
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a new publix is coming to downtown tampa and work begins today. >> where that's happening and could the next mark zuckerberg be on a college campus near you? why more students are majoring in entrepreneurship. >> first we have a live look over the hillsborough river. it's friday, we make it. we'll
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it's 4:58 and time for weather and traffic on the 8s on this friday. breezy at times this afternoon with a high of 84 as a cold front gets closer to us. look how quickly the temperatures drop down to 60 tonight. it's going to be a cool and breezy weekend. 78 for a high on saturday, 79 on sunday. leslee, how is traffic on the 8s? >> we have this accident here. here is what is going on folks. cones still out on the roadway. you can see it here . this is an emergency vehicle, another
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scene. so it's in the process of trying to clear up. still southbound 275 that ramp to i-4 right lane taken away. a little
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an 8 on your side alert, an identity theft ring busted. up next, how the group operated, the active search for one of the members and why police believe there could be more victims. >> donald trump and hillary clinton come together for a charity event, however their remarks at each other were at times less than charitable. some of the best lines of the night. >> a live look out our window, beautiful downtown tampa this morning. cool change in the temperatures for this weekend. meteorologist leigh spann has your friday forecast coming up in just a second here. good morning and thank you for joining us here on news channel 8 today. it's friday,


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