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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  October 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. an 8 on your side alert, an identity theft ring busted. up next, how the group operated, a the active search for one of its members and why police believe there could be more victims out donald trump and hillary clinton come together for a charity event. however, the remarks about each other were at times less than charity b. able. >> -- chartable. >> a live look -- less than charitable. >> also leslee has -- leigh spann has our friday morning. good morning. i'm gene ramirez.
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gayle has the #340r7k ut -- has the morning off. leigh has the forecast for us. >> right. max defender 8 can show you the clear skies and widen out and show you what is. co-- what is comes. -- coming. only a 10% rain chance . the cold front isn't here yet 67 palm harbor. i'm expecting 84 today. boy, do those temperatures drop. a low tonight of 60. that's well below the average of 67. so i'll take you more hour by hour through the day at 6:08. first we'll check on the traffic situation this morning. it's a pretty good drive. things are getting busier, we are seeing more vehicles out there. for the most part it looks good. the biggest problem
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get around that crash. all right. i-75 looks good in and out of pasco county through wesley chapel. here's a live look at the howard frankland bridge. it's only going to take you 6 minutes to cross it. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to candace and gene. >> leslee, thank you. now an 8 on your side alert, an identity theft warning. the search is on for a woman right now accused of being part of a credit card scheme in pinellas county. and racked up thousands of dollars in purchases. ryan hughes is live from the st. petersburg police department. ryan, there could be more victims out there too. >> reporter: gene, good morning to you've once again. investigators tell us right now that right now there's 18 victims but likely a whole lot more. denise dallas headed up the scheme with the help of her daughter, jessica. denise allegedly stole credit card
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utilities at her home in pinellas county. they are accused of stealing at least 18 different credit carding. police explain that shantel jones is also part of the ring. denise has not been caught but the other two women are behind bars right now. they warn of anyone trying this. >> i would say don't do this again to anybody because your life is going to be in jeopardy with the jailhouse. >> reporter: investigators tell us the women even used a stolen rd dallas's boyfriend, who is an inmate at the pinellas county jail. again, denise dallas is still on the run this morning. cops think she knows they're after her. if you have any information on her whereabouts contact the st. petersburg police department. gene, back to you. >> hopefully somebody comes forward. we all need to check our credit card statements and make sure that we weren't targeted. ryan, thank you. on the campaign trail , donald trump and hillary clinton came face-to-face again last
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the annual al smith memorial dinner is where the presidential candidates show a lighter side but they once again traded shots. >> this is the first time ever, ever that hillary clinton is sitting down and speaking to major corporate leaders and not getting paid for it. >> donald really is as healthy as a horse. you know, the one putin rides around on. >> the candidates they did shake hands at the event, something they didn't do the hillary clinton will campaign today in ohio while her husband, former president bill clinton campaigns for her here in florida. he's scheduled to address the florida education assembly delegation in orlando and then will travel to jacksonville for a start of a tour of the state. donald trump will be in north carolina and pennsylvania today and will return to tampa on monday.
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controversy to tell you about. this time around it involves the white house. the new york times reporting that russian hackers are behind an e-mail breach there. it happened last year and some of president obama's own e-mails are part of had a they accessed. this news comes as the u.s. takes new defensive measures to stop russia and wikileaks from interfering with the election here. they are mo used it to distribute hacked materials. >> dc leaks and wikileaks are consistent with the methods and motivation of russia directed efforts. >> the u.s. pressured ecuador to shut off internet access for wikileaks founder assange.
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controversial comments is starting a are starting. he called hillary clinton a nasty woman. many clinton supporters are posting pictures of themselves with the phrase highlighting something positive about their lives. a bay area masseuse continues to recover this morning after a violent attack thursday in venice. investigators tell us that ralph forte then an employee at the publix. they tracked him down by his fingerprints. a cafeteria worker is being credited for responding after a inmate took a correction officer captive at knife point. she kept calm and called 911.
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county. a sad night in largo as family and friends remember loved ones who died from drug overdoses or alcohol. the overdose prevention and education group also known as nope hosted this event. those attending spoke of their loss but also their support of those who continue to struggle with addiction. >> i come out here to support for my son. i come out here for him. i come daughter, who was addicted to heroin. she's been clean for 2 and a half years. >> good to hear that though. this is the elevator year -- this is the 8th year for this vigil. a good event. what is up, leigh ? >> it's clear out there. it's really comfort l. -- comfortable.
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72 at 9:00, 80 at noon, 84 and 3:00 or 4:00. really as this cold front gets here at 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 there's only a 10% rain chance. this is 8:00 or 9:00, still light winds. once the cold front gets closer around 11:00 the winds get stronger out of the northwest. like i said, you'll be lucky to see a shower at all. even by 6:00 p.m. the cold front is still north of i-4. it takes it pretty much until midnight to get down here. so the mild with just that small rain chance. once it gets to the south the autumn air arrives. cooler,less humid all weekend long and actually kind of cool in the mornings. very slow warming trend so it's really comfortable next week too. we are checking in on traffic on the 8s. >> it's decent but we have a disabled vehicle out here. it's not going to cause you any problems but look at this out in polk county there. it's sitting on the side of the road with the
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be careful, eastbound i-4 is right by the polk parkway so be aware of that. let's take a look here at 275. looks great throughout pinellas county. we are not seeing any delays on 275 through st. petersburg and also in hillsborough bearss avenue down to i-4 about a 9 minute commute. we still have this accident out in pasco that's tieing up both directions of old lakeland highway at clinton avenue so take 301 in and out of dade city instead. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to candace and gene. >> leslee, thank you. remember ken bone? little he question at the second presidential debate that he would become a star. >> he certainly have. see what the maker oh of this now famous red sweater has him doing on tv. >> don't freak out if your son or daughter said they want to be an entrepreneur when they grow up. it's the highest earning degree out there. why tampa is the headquarters for entrepreneurs. >> students are getting excited for the friday blitz. we will take you there next.
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
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when asked what do you want to be when you grow up more young people are answering the question entrepreneur. >> according to the u.s. bureau of labor and statistics in 2014
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the highest paying degree. that's why. people want to be their own boss. >> i can't -- i -- yeah, they want to have that flexibility. most colleges and universities in florida will offer you that entrepreneurship degree. now florida has the highest degree. >> these entrepreneurs hope to tap into the growing market for organic cold press juices. they are working on advertising, development, production and marketing. >> 60 to 70 hours a week. >> a lot happen s at the john p envelope entrepreneurship in tampa. >> we start at 8:00 and start by collaborating, talking about what we need to get done, what we have gotten done.
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the america workforce as the newly appointed head of the national college entrepreneurship organization. >> the adage of working to a company from cradle to grave and having a nice pension and retiring from that company is out dated and not around him. >> today's entrepreneurship students learn finance and marketing targeting to self-employment. they are writing business plans, learning how to pitch and securing financial backing. >> when you actually sit down and do it yourself and have to learn everything by yourself you see that it's very difficult. >> young entrepreneurs are committed to controlling their destiny rather than have it in someone else's hands. >> when you work for yourself you are more passionate about what you to and you put in even more hours. that's basically the main reason why i work for myself. >> the college entrepreneurs association national conference
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entrepreneurs like jeff venic as well as the founders of big businesses including chuck e cheese and red box. >> pretty neat if they have access to these people successful. before you decide to get your degree in entrepreneurship it takes a lot of discipline. it's e -- easy to get distracted. >> yeah. you have to be self-motivated and keep my own business, you have to put on your real pants every day. >> there's something they don't teach you in school. >> yeah. it's a great day to do your passion the way you want it. >> exactly. >> not answer to a boss. >> right. >> thank you. >> thank you, more eredith. happening today, good news for students looking to earn a degree from the university of south florida. usf the launching a new guaranteed admissions program. this program called fuse will guarantee admission to community college students. fuse students
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they will be invited to usf campus activities and get help filling out those financial aid forms. pretty neat. happening today, usf's for forensic anthropologists are teaming up with artists to help solve cold cases. you have to check out this video. forensic artists are creting clay reconstructions of victim's faces. the goal is to raise awareness and generate new leads in these cold cases. breaking ground to build the new publix in channel side. mayor buckhorn will join them at 10:00 this morning. this is a digital version of the final project. it has rooftop parking and attached to a 21 story residential tower. a lot going on in channel side. the high school football season is winding down and that means the games are getting more and more important. >> the pressure is on. mary mcguire is live from robinson
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>> it -- >> reporter: it is a big game. they need to win font and -- tonight and tomorrow to make it to the playoffs. the students from robinson high school are up early. the football team is getting pumped up for a big game tonight. we have this crowd of kids. it's not halloween for a few weeks but they came dressed up. we have someone dressed up as the yearbook here. how did you come up with >> the yearbook is an important thing we all love being able to support it is just awesome. >> reporter: can you still dance in this box? >> dancing is my thing. i can always dance. >> reporter: prove it. there we go. we also have the band out here and of course the cheerleaders cheering on right now robinson.
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a close game tonight. >> i think that yearbook is going to be most likely to work in a creative field. don't forget to sign that yearbook too. remember that at the end of the year, everybody signs. i think she needs a mary mcguire autograph on that yearbook. thank you. over the leigh. good football weather? >> actually, yes. you will want to take maybe even the stadium blanket out with you. we are just not used to temperatures like this. so through the day today it s at 6:00 a.m., 80 at noon 84 at 4:00. check out the friday night blitz forecast. the cold front arrives at kick off time. you may go to the game and it doesn't feel that chilly. during the game temperatures fall really quickly. it starts to get breezy too. 74 at halftime, 70 by the final play. i know that doesn't sound chilly but when you're out there and you got the breeze going it may
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68 degrees right now in tampa, 66 in plant city, 64 in st. petersburg. i checked with my weather watcher patty in new port richey and it's 70 degrees at her house. max defender 8 scanning the skies this morning. not really anything but maybe some fog. the winds increase, not many shore crease -- shower with this front, maybe a 10% chance. tonight we drop down to 68 on saturday. that perfect fall day on sunday at 79. leslee, how is traffic on the 8s? >> it is getting busier. we are seeing more vehicle s on the roadway. we still have a good drive on 275, especially through pinellas county. no delays here. st. petersburg looks good heading into tampa. that's where it tends to get busy. still a wonderful drive,speeds at 60 miles per hour. bearss
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in dade city this is looking better but still old lakeland highway is blocked at clinton avenue. use u.s. 301. i just got word of a new crash that's tieing up in lanes in the lakeland area. more on that coming up in my next report. now back to candace and gene. >> thank you. remember ken bone the undecided voter who became an internet sensation. the maker ofha him to the nation's capitol to film a get out the vote commercial. this guy is having a blast with this. in the ad ken bone is scene around some of the national landmarks and memorials, meets up with different people and greets them. he ends up being chased by his fans. this looks like a good time. what a way to turn the spotlight from hillary clinton and donald trump to yourself. good job, ken bone.
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handling it. coming up, target is recalling some halloween decorations. >> how kids can be injured. >> bad credit can cost you on your auto insurance. how much
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when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools , running fees up to seventy thousand dollars. now, buesing's running for senate. how far will bob buesing go?
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in this morning's consumer watch if you have poor credit you can expect to pay double or triple for auto insurance. insurance quotes if you have fair credit you will pay an average of 28% more. if you have poor credit you can expect your premium to double. and now to an important 8 on your side consumer alert, target is recalling halloween jell clins that you may have no -- clings that you may have no your home. this includes l.e.d.
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and expose those button batteries. consumers should remove them from areas with children. if you return them to target you will get a full refund for that. another case of voter fraud. still ahead, the allegations the state lieued -- lied about. >> donald trump an hillary clinton meet again. why things got uncomfortable when the two spoke at a charity dinner last night. >> weather and traffic coming up in 3 minutes. it's 6:25 on this friday morning. you made it. amendment 1 guarantees your right to generate your own solar energy. it also guarantees that those who don't choose solar don't have to subsidize those who do. amendment 1 means
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rip-offs, and long-term contract traps. that's the right way to do solar. amendment 1: good for the economy. good for the environment. good for florida. vote yes on amendment 1-for the sun. taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside.
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elise: we couldn't believe it. that poor girl was raped by two football players and their friends. we were sure they would go to jail. so, when i heard state attorney mark ober decided to go easy on them, i was scared -- scared for my daughter. none of those young men served a day behind bars. ober said losing a baseball scholarship was punishment enough. if mark ober can't protect our families,
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kids at the bus stop this morning, pleasant. not many clouds, 69 degrees. 84 by the afternoon though so warm before a cold front comes through. it's going to be breezy and cool on saturday at 78. chilly sunday morning. leslee.
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the polk parkway. that disabled vehicle on the shoulder. this accident at old clinton avenue has cleared. we have a new one memorial boulevard at red devil
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hillary clinton and donald trump came face-to-face again last night. this time at a charity dinner but it wasn't all laughs as it was supposed to be. why the crowd booed donald trump mult warning to tell you about this morning. already 18 victims accounted for and investigators think there could be more out there. who police are looking for this morning. and a violent criminal is off the streets but why some are criticizing police for their lack of communication while searching for this dangerous man. good morning. welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm candace mccowan. gayle has the among off -- has the morning off.
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halloween just around the corner. it's going to feel like it this weekend. cooler temperatures straight ahead. over the leigh. >> our skies are clear over than some patchy fogs in a few spots. max defender 8 certainly showing you how clear everything is locally. what about this big cool down? well, look where the front is. it's back now still north of atlanta and back into the northern portion of alabama. i have to wait all day for this to make it here but it is worth the wait. 66 in plant city hawk 66, 62 in zephyrhills. as the front gets closer to us i don't expect much rain, only a 10% rain chance. the breeze is stronger and warm at 84. at 6:38 i'll take you through the next 8 days and show you how much cooler it's going to be. first the traffic situation here this morning. >> it's building but still a pretty good drive over all. ybor city in the yellow now.
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downtown. 301 to 275 at 10 minutes. the veteran's expressway no slow down there. this accident in lakeland on memorial boulevard at red devil way is tieing up some lanes. i'm seeing a little bit of a delay there on memorial. i-4 though looks fantastic. again, ybor and even bearss avenue to i-4 on 275 looks good. let's take a look at the howard frankland bridge. it's only going to take you 6 minutes to cross it. now back to candace and gene. >> thank you. on the campaign trail donald um face-to-face once again. this happened last night at a charity dinner in new york. >> they both spoke about the other but the crowd booed trump if some of his comments about clinton. meredith is live from the tampa news center. meredith, many are saying that last night's dinner is different from what it traditional is. >> reporter: yeah. spoiler alert here, donald trump and hillary clinton don't like each other much.
6:33 am
presidential candidates trade light hearted jabs. last night's speeches had a much sharper edge. at times the white tie audience even booed. >> hillary is so corrupt she got kicked off the water gate commission. >> [boos] >> how corrupt do you have to be the get kicked off the water gate commission? pretty corrupt. of liberty and see a proud symbol of our history as a nation of immigrants, a beacon of hope for people around the world. donald looks at the statute of liberty and sees a four, maybe a five if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair. >> reporter: that was pretty
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their separate ways. trump and clinton were seated with just one person in between them and that was cardinal timothy dolan. after wards dolan joked that he had cold symptoms because he was sitting in the iciest place on the planet. >> wow. many people waiting 4 years just for that dinner. >> hillary clinton will get back out on the campaign trail today. he's headed to ohio. her husband is campaigg florida. that's right, bill clinton is making stops in orlando and jacksonville. passing through the bay area today, the mayors for hillary bus tour. it's a rally at the carter woodson museum in st. petersburg. they are among the 20 former around current mayors campaigning. donald trump is headed to north carolina to today and then goes to
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amphitheater at the florida state fairgrounds. at a campaign stop in ohio yesterday donald trump addressed his repeated claims that this election is rigged and made his supporters a promise. listen. >> i would like to promise and pledge to all of my voters and supporters and to all of the people of the united states that i will totally results of this great and historic presidential election if i win. >> if i win. that's the caveat there. trump has received a lot of criticism for refusing to say he will accept the election if he loses. now a lead attorney in the 2000 bush versus gore recount is speaking out. we are talking about david boise who argued the case for al gore.
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by the results. there are questions this morning whether hillary clinton revealed classified information when she talked about how long it takes for the u.s. to launch nuclear weapons. >> there's 4 minutes between the order being given and the people to launch the nuclear weapons to do so. >> she said it didn't come if a classified briefing and pointed to multiple instances when t the u.s. strategic commend command said it does not disclose times. a warning about identity theft. two pinellas county women are behind bars accused of stealing credit card numbers from peek and racking up thousands in purchases. st. petersburg police think there could be more victims out there.
6:37 am
ripping off people for quite some time. >> reporter: good morning, gene. that's right. a mom and a daughter and a third woman used credit card numbers of 18 people to buy things for months. there could be more victims out there. denise dallas headed up with the scheme with her daughter, jessica. she got the credit card numbers from her wo utilities and stuff for her stuff. shantel jones is also part of the ring. denise has not been caught but the other two women are behind bars right now. we spoke to one women who is outraged her credit was ruined by the trio. listen here. >> they tried to open accounts like in victoria accounts and
6:38 am
them into my name but the irs was the worse. >> reporter: investigators tell us the women used a stolen car to buy food for jessica dallas's boyfriend, an inmate at the pinellas county jail. back here live, police are still looking for denise dallas and thinks she knows they are after her. if you have any information on her whereabouts contact the police department. >> hopefully someone does that. thank you, ryan. time now 6:38. leigh spann is in the house with some fall weather coming our way. we waited on the cold cold front and we have to wait longer, another 12 hours or so. out the door right now we only have to wait an hour for the sunrise. this is a look from the wfla tower camera. 68 degrees at tampa. got a north breeze at 5 miles per hour. the upper 60s quickly up to 7510:00 a.m., 80 at noon and afternoon highs at 84. that's still warm because we hae to wait for the
6:39 am
stronger by the time we head to 11:00 a.m. and lunchtime ahead of the front. notice not much rain with this. only a 10% chance of a shower. the other thing, by 6:00 p.m. the front is still north of i-4. so after that, after midnight temperatures really take a tumble. 78 on saturday. i think emoji man is smiling. 79 degrees on sunday. next week when we warm up we stay at that average of 83. we check in now with traffic on the 8 >> definitely seeing more vehicles on the roadway. we have some issues. this is 275 around busch boulevard and this is where we start to see the slow downs that start around abuse down through busch and martin luther king. we are at 40 miles per hour here. let's move over to where we have a little bit of fog on i-4 around the polk parkway. this disabled vehicle here has been here for a
6:40 am
lights are going to stop flashing because the battery might die up. ybor city, 301 to 275 up to 11 minutes now on the drive time. just got word of a collision on the dick miez ner bridge. now back to candace and gene. >> leslee, thank you so much. ed a man suspect ed -- a man suspected of attacking a spa masseuse and publix employee is now locked ralph forte attacked a spa masseuse and then went to publix and attacked an employee. they tracked him down by fingerprints. they searched for him and the schools were were lock down. >> he basically ran in the opposite direction of the high school so notifying a parent at 10:00 at night that a suspect or crime occurred and the suspect fled in the opposite direction of the high school i'm not sure
6:41 am
wants to make. forte admitted and the injured masseuse is expected to recover. a woman calls news after her nephew got in trouble for not standing for the pledge at school. coming up next, why the boy said he wouldn't stand. >> reporter: in just about 10 minutes the nights of robinson high school will take the field against the spartans. we have all the students getting excited for a big game. ths knights. if they win tonight and next friday night they have a chance to go to the playoffs. all the fun from robinson coming
6:43 am
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we are back at 6:44. lots of people talk about this, a
6:45 am
down for what he believes in. it's a controversial stance. >> 12-year-old mark dawson is a 6th grader at liberty middle school. when he wouldn't stand for the pledge he said his teacher yelled at him and told him to leave the classroom. >> why is this so important to you? >> because i believe in more than one religion -- wait. more than one nation. >> students do have the right to not stand for the ledge of allegiance according to district policy as long as the student doesn't get in the wf it. the teacher has been informed of that policy. mark's family said they're proud of him for sticking to his beliefs. they are considering suing the school district for infringing on their son's rights. this story is sure to have a lot of you talking. what do you think? share your thoughts on the news channel 8 facebook page. more on your vote this morning. additional claims that residents of puerto rico plan on voting in the november election.
6:46 am
forward saying puerto rico residents are coming to florida to register to vote that's illegal despite puerto rico people been u.s. citizens. this woman named two organizations boricua vota and mi familia vota. however, when 8 on your side asked to review any complaints with mi familia vota the division of elections said there wasn't any. a sarasota woman said a letter said her >> when i get everything going through i expect all the people to be fired because they are lazy, they are not doing their jobs. it is a government job that they have. >> mi familia vota denies the accusations of voter fraud telling news channel 8, quote, we are not involved in any of that. we work with people who are eligible to vote, end quote. now we also did reach out to boricua vota but have not heard
6:47 am
football and that means the playoffs are looming. >> mary mcguire is live from robinson high school where students are excited for to want's football game. >> reporter: they sure are. they have a lot to be excited about. if the knights win tonight and next week they will make toys for tots playoffs. this is shawn taylor, the head coach. you went here, you're an alum. how big is the game tonight? >> this is what high school football is all about. night. this game and the next game is for a playoff spot. kids are here at 5:00 in the morning getting excited about tonight's game at 7:30. >> reporter: it's homecoming and senior night. how big is that? >> it's exciting. i hope it's not too much of a distraction. they know how to hand le it and how to focus. it's exciting. we have a pep ral ly so that's what it's about. >> reporter: the best of luck
6:48 am
kids here. they came here so excited. we have the spirit squad, the knight mascot. they brought their signs and flags. they are ready. they take on the soto spartans at 7:30. back to you guys. >> they are having fun and ready for football tonight. i hope it's not a distraction for school work. >> never. >> mary, thank you . lots of fun out there, leigh. >> it's never a distraction. it's always a focused day no matter if you're at school or friday on max defender 8 not busy this morning. it's scanning the skies and giving you that all clear as you head off to work and school this morning. things should be fine. some light fog but not thick. by 8:00 a.m. pleasant and 69 degrees. a light breeze. 80 degrees at noon, 84 at 4:00 p.m. as a cold front gets closer to us just a 10% rain chance. obviously the cold front is not here yet. temperatures are mild. 63 brandon, 68 in clearwater, 69 in
6:49 am
behind the front it's 45 in chicago. 43 in wichita, 42 degrees in minneapolis. no we're not going to be that cold but that air is what is moving in. so the front passes later today and into the evening during the football games. those temperatures will be falling and the breezing will be stronger. all weekend long cool, clear, breezy, picture-perfect fall weather. just slightly warmer on monday. it's not until tuesday and wednesday when this high heads off to the east and even the warming trend staying comfortable in the low 80s. be preparedd tonight saturday night and sunday night dropping down into the 50s. leslee. looking at traffic on the bridge it looks like a biscoe party there's so much lights. this is the dick meisner bridge, a lot of people say it's the skyway bridge. that small span
6:50 am
we have the left lane squeezing by. this accident just happened. i just watched all these emergency vehicles pull up within the last few minutes. so what does that look like for you? let me show you in a second. just also know that ybor city is really getting extra busy as well. now here's the brick. it's backed up all in red here coming away in pinellas county. if you're leaving the house soon i want you to take at least -- you try to get out of the house maybe 20 minutes early that will get you thh it just happened. meanwhile, eastbound on the sellman expressway we have word of an accident here. it looks like it might be off to the shoulder. i do see -- excuse me. i do see a little bit of activity here. here's the upper and the lower portion. no delay. this might be move ed d over-- moved over to the side of the roadway so that's good news. this in lakeland at memorial boulevard
6:51 am
that. it's going to be foggy by the polk parkway. through ybor heavy and bearss avenue down to i-4 we are almost at 20 minutes southbound on 275 into downtown tampa. now back to candace and gene. >> getting busy out there. thank you. take ing a look at sports this morning, the bucs are leaving town early for their game in san francisco happening on sunday. head coach dirk cutter doesn't want to take any chances with jet lag for the players when they face the 49ers. the team is leaving today, one day early against division opponents since 2002. the lightning were shut out at home against the colorado avalanche. they got blanked 4-0. that's tampa bay's first loss. they will look to rebound tomorrow night when they face the senator ts. -- senators.
6:52 am
>> the presidential candidates back on the campaign trail. and identity theft ring and more victims may be out there. i moved on her like a [bleep]. you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep]
6:53 am
and failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in. bringing people together and reaching across the aisle to get things done. protecting social security. and building an economy that works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message because i'll be a senator who always works for you. it's not uncommon for autistic kids to flap their hands.
6:54 am
my son max can't live in trump world. so i'm crossing party lines and voting for hillary. i don't always agree with her, but she's reasonable. and she's smart. she can work with people to solve problems. i want to be able to tell my kids that i did the right thing when it really mattered.
6:55 am
st. petersburg police fear you might be a victim of identity theft. >> police say three women stole credit card numbers they have still searching for one of those women and believe there could be more victims they don't know about yet. >> ryan hughes is live more on good morning, ryan. >> reporter: good morning once again. investigators here at the police dcht tell us there are at least 18 victims but likely a whole lot more. police tell us denise dallas headed up the scheme with the help of her daughter, jessica. denise stole credit card information from her workplace and used it to pay for utilities and cable tv at her home in pinellas county. as i mentioned, they are accused of stealing at least 18 different credit card numbers.
6:56 am
part of the ring. denise still has not been caught but the other two women are behind bars. live in st. petersburg, ryan hughes, news channel 8. >> friday -- friday? sorry, ryan, thank you. a bay area masseuse continues to recover after a violent attack. ralph forte attacked her and then an employee of a near by publix. detectives were able to track him down because of fingerprints forte admitted to the crimes. donald trump and hillary clinton exchanged words at a charity dinner last night. the event is typically light and a chance for the candidates to make fun of each other. last night's trump's critical comments of clinton drew boos. clinton dished out harsh comments about trump but they shook hands after wards. donald trump will be in the bay on monday at the amphitheater at the florida
6:57 am
it gets underway at 7:00 p.m. visit us at to find out how to get ticket tss. -- tickets. >> hillary clinton get s back on the campaign trail today. she's heading to the battleground state of ohio. her husband, former president bill clinton is campaigning for her wife here in florida. both in orlando and jacksonville. we have gorgeous weather already. the veteran's ford in tampa, the camera there, the sun begins to brighten things up. 68 degrees, northeast breeze. sunny this morning. up to 80y p.m. at 84 degrees. light breeze as a cold front comes through this evening. now notice there's just a 10% rain chance but fall like air into the beginning of next week. looking forward to the weather but not the traffic. memorial boulevard at red devil way a wreck there. coming away
6:58 am
brakes at the dick bridge, the first portion there. let's take a live look at traffic right now. this is 275 coming away from fowler avenue. it's slow all the way into downtown. it's slow bearss into downtown. this is trying to get onto the skyway here and you have the left lane open and that's it. that's backing you up to about pinellas county. allow extra time heading over to manatee. >> definitely do that. thank you, leslee. this friday morning. >> have great weekend. >> go cubs.
6:59 am
you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites.
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like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. good morning. dinner served cold. donald trump and hillary clinton trade jabs at a charity event. >> i took a break from my rigorous nap schedule to be here. >> this is the first time ever -- ever -- that hillary is sitting down and speaking to major corporate leaders and not getting paid for it. >> but some jokes fall flat, even drawing boos. >> hillary is so corrupt, she got kicked off the watergate


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