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tv   Today  NBC  October 21, 2016 7:00am-10:00am EDT

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like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. good morning. dinner served cold. donald trump and hillary clinton trade jabs at a charity event. >> i took a break from my rigorous nap schedule to be here. >> this is the first time ever -- ever -- that hillary is sitting down and speaking to major corporate leaders and not getting paid for it. >> but some jokes fall flat, even drawing boos. >> hillary is so corrupt, she got kicked off the watergate
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cardinal timothy dolan about what it was like to sit in what he called the iciest place on the planet. casualty of war. an american service member killed in iraq as the battle to take back mosul began. overnight, iraqi forces pushing them to within a few miles of the city. this morning richard engel is on the front lines. chiropractic mystery. autopsy results show a popular model's death was the result of injuries suffered during a common procedure. and, life's ruff. after a 31-year run with metlife, snoopy gets the boot. the marketing makeover that's left the peanuts gang crying good grief "today," friday, october 21st, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from
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welcome to "today" on a friday morning. so happy to have lester in for matt this morning. can you imagine being where cardinal dolan was last night, seated between the two rivals, fierce rivals, for the presidency? that would take all the skills, all the spiritual skills, all the diplomatic skills. >> if anyone can do the small talk, it's cardinal dolan. but what a predicament he was in there. and of course when the two of them speak, it wasn't actually funny faults. >> wait until you hear what he said with just 18 days to go, the tensions in the campaign spilling into that high-profile charity dinner with harsh jokes and jabs from both trump and clinton. >> a new poll this morning shows the race is now a dead heat in ohio. trump and clinton tied in that battleground at 45%. trump's led by three points in that same poll one month ago. >> clinton is going to be in ohio tonight holding her first rally since the debate, while
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florida. trump has rallies today in north carolina and pennsylvania. let's get caught up with nbc national correspondent peter alexander who starts our coverage this morning. hi, peter, good morning. >> reporter: hey, savannah, lester, good morning to you. can you say awkward? this is a night that's billed as a place where the candidates put partisan politics aside. but like everything else this campaign season, this year's dinner was one of a kind. true to their form on the trail, hillary clinton, a bit more polished, donald trump, more unconventional. >> reporter: fresh off their fiery final debate, a surreal scene, at times donald trump less light hearted, more heavy-handed. >> hillary is so corrupt she got kicked off the watergate commission. >> boo! >> here she is tonight in public pretending not to hate catholics. >> reporter: trump stunningly booed by the crowd, a first at
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traditionally celebrated as a night of humor and civility. hillary clinton offering her own one-liners. >> it is amazing i'm up here after donald. i didn't think he'd be okay with a peaceful transition of power. >> it is great also to see mayor bloomberg here. it's a shame he's not speaking tonight. i'm curious to hear what a billionaire has to say. >> reporter: despite their smiles, their dislike for each other trump and clinton separated this time not by a moderator but a man of the cloth, new york's cardinal dolan. clinton's jokes self-deprecating. >> i took a break from my rigorous nap schedule to be here. >> reporter: others, biting. >> donald looks at the statue of liberty and sees a "4." maybe a "5" if she losses the torch and tablet and changes her hair.
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>> michelle obama gives a speech and everyone loves it. my wife, melania, gives the exact same speech, and people get on her case. >> reporter: the night, a rare break from the heat of the campaign trail where trump thursday defiantly doubled down on his shocking remarks about next month's election. >> i will results of this great and historic presidential election -- if i win. >> reporter: trump's unprecedented position creating a new political headache for vulnerable congressional republicans. pennsylvania's pat toomey calling it irresponsible. new hampshire's kelly ayotte again trying to distance herself. >> i don't believe that there is a rigged election system. >> reporter: clinton's top surrogate, michelle obama, in arizona.
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idea of america itself. and we cannot stand for that. >> reporter: the president taking aim, too. >> when you try to sow the seeds of doubt in people's minds about the legitimacy of our elections, that undermines our democracy. >> reporter: back on the dias, the politicians. >> this is the first time ever, ever, hillary is sitting around not getting paid for it. >> every year this dinner brings together a collection of sensible, committed mainstream republicans. or, as we now like to call them, hillary supporters. >> reporter: ultimately, donald trump did clarify his comments thursday about the election results saying he'll accept the results if they're fair, while reserving the right to challenge or contest questionable results.
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savannah, it was icy at times. at least by night's end, there was a simple sign of civility. the two candidates shook hands. something they didn't do in either of the last two debates. back to you. >> peter alexander, thank you so much. nicolle wallace and steve kornacki are with us. they shook hands right before this live shot. we can be officially depressed, even a charity dinner to benefit catholic charities. it devolves a little bit. i don't want to make too much of it, but >> yeah. the last two republicans who lost used this dinner in a very different way. they used it to sort of restore their personal credibility. and comedy isn't easy, but it's simple. you make fun of yourself. i talked to one senior trump advisor who said -- i say why did he bomb so badly? he said, well, it was bad. but there are not a lot of funny people at trump tower. >> steve, these are two individuals that are not extremely likable, according to the polls.
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>> honestly, i thought that whole likability issue where these are the two least liked candidates we've ever seen and clinton is more disliked, i think you saw that on display. jokes are supposed to strike the balance between being humorous, taking some shots at the other side but being good spirited. the delivery i think from both of them had a mean edge to them. >> trump not only got booed but in a room you would consider crowd. >> you got a lot of sort of wealthy people who might be republicans traditionally. his punch lines were mean. his punch lines i think read a different way, might not have sounded quite as mean. but both of them didn't just have the spirit that event traditionally has. >> seems like the crowd was not really with either one of them. let's plof on move on to yes big news which is of course this notion that he was walking back his statement at the debate that he would hold the world in suspense as to whether he would accept the results of the election.
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if i win. and then went on to say, i'm just reserving the right to moi mount a legal challenge if we get there. as clean-ups go, did that get it done? >> here is the problem. what he said was just -- we talked about it that night, you and i. all of us talked about it. it was a lights-out moment in american politics to say i am not going to accept the results of an election. >> did he fix it? >> no, he did not go far enough to fixing it because the audience for that debate was so much bigger than even if you hear the clean-up, it is like a child that smashes all of the china and comes back with a tea cup. >> i was wondering if he was joking when he said i'll accept the results if i win. at first i heard it and thought he was joking. then i wondered, maybe not. >> i call it trolling. he was trolling his critics. he was trolling the media. he was trolling everybody who got on his case with it and he knew -- i think he was also playing to the crowd in that room. he knew that phrasing it that way and putting that punch line
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it to his critics. >> there is a point where you have to decide how you're going to lose. we all know donald trump can read a poll. for some moment, at least for john mccain, the losing campaign i work on, you have to decide how you're going to lose and he is going down in a ball of flames. >> thank you both so much. by the way, we'll talk to cardinal dolan, the man on the hot seat last night. he'll talk about what he observed, including a private conversation that he had, the three of them. we'll hear what he has to let's turn right now to the battle raging in iraq for control of mosul. u.s.-backed iraqi forces are within striking distance one day after the first american was killed since the offensive was launched. nbc's richard engel is on the front lines. richard, good morning. good to see you. >> reporter: good morning. the pentagon announced that an american soldier was killed here in iraq. he was one of the soldiers that was involved in assisting this operation to drive mosul -- to
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the city of mosul, but all of the surrounding areas. we are now with iraqi troops near one of the front line positions. we've been launching them in advance. so far advance is moving more quickly than anticipated. >> reporter: isis today hit back with a sneak attack on a government complex in the city of kirkuk where they exchanged fire with security forces. isis may be trying to slow down the assault on mosul. it doesn't seem to be working. iraqi troops said t of the city. the isis capital in iraq. the biggest battle was for control of the town on mosul's eastern doorstep. to reach the front there, we climbed into an iraqi special forces old american humvee, shot up and nearly blown up, the driver said, by an isis bomb. iraqi troops brought in their heaviest weapons.
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but all this was music to the iraqi soldiers' ears. "we'll win, god willing. we'll be in mosul in days," the soldier said. isis does seem to be retreating from some of its positions. the soldiers showed us a tunnel and bunker complex they just discovered. >> be very careful where you step. there is a concern these could be booby trapped. >> reporter: dozens of fighters could have stayed down here. corridor stretched for about half a mile. at the far end we came o food still in the kitchen area. half-made bombs. chemicals for more. and on the wall what has become one of the most infamous symbols anywhere. the isis logo. more often than not, when americans were standing in front of this, they were about to be beheaded. isis brutally kill many more iraqis. today it was their turn to have isis on the run. but reaching mosul, the isis
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be the easy part. the real battle could begin once iraqi troops enter the built-up urban areas. today the u.n. warned that isis has been gathering more than 600 families from the mosul area, civilians and is using them as human shields. the american who died in support of this operation has yet to be identified by the pentagon. >> richard engel in iraq, take care of yourself, pal, thanks. a contractor charged with taking a hugol top-secret documents from the nsa will appear in federal court today as the government is revealing more about the case against him. nbc's justice correspondent pete williams has the latest on that. hi, pete, good morning. >> good morning. the government calls it an astonishing amount of highly classified information. and more than a month since the arrest -- the fbi says that agents are still going through it to figure out what's there, a process that is says may take five more months. inside this suburban baltimore
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amount of classified documents. they've charged harold t. m martin, a contract employee, of stealing it all. an amount of digital information equal to 500 million pages of text and images which would make it easily the largest theft of official secrets ever. dwarfing what the fbi says was stolen by edward snowden, also an nsa contract employee. among docts justice department says, plans for a top-secret operation against a known enemy of the united states. some of the classified documents, prosecutors say, were lying openly in martin's house and in the back seat and trunk of his car which he parked in the driveway. the government wants him held in jail pending trial, saying if he's released, he could be a target for a foreign government because he knows so much. and they say he had access to guns and once told his wife he might end his life if "he
7:15 am
his lawyers say there is no evidence he intended to betray his country and no grounds for denying him bail. so far all martin is charged with is stealing the material and taking it home. intelligence officials say they still don't know whether he passed any of it along to anyone else. savannah? lester? >> pete williams, thank you. the u.s. government is confirming another death due to a defective airbag made by takata. officials say a 50-year-old woman died last she was driving a 2001 honda civic. this is the 11th known u.s. fatality attributed to takata airbags. they can inflate with too much force causing their metal interior to rupture and shoot shrapnel into the vehicle. the problem touched off the largest auto recall in u.s. history. a florida state trooper helped save a bald eagle after it was hit by a jeep on a busy highway. check out this dash cam video. you'll see the eagle is it
7:16 am
the road. the trooper gets out of his cruiser, carefully picks up the bird and carries it back to his patrol car. the eagle stayed perfectly still in the back seat. then the trooper drove it to a bird sanctuary. amazingly, we are told, there are no broken bones. experts do believe it will likely fly free again. >> i love that. >> we need this story! >> that's why it is the national bird. it just stayed still in the back of the car. >> yes. serene and >> like dylan in her weather forecast. >> we are looking at some more rain for parts of pennsylvania. take a look in clinton county, pennsylvania yesterday, in north central pennsylvania. the rain was coming down very, very hard. we picked up four to six inches of rain in a very short period of time. lots of lightning. power went out for a time in that area and gusty winds, too. and today we are going to see the threat of more rain in that same area. we do still have flash flood warnings in effect as this heavy
7:17 am
area. it comes down so hard and so fast that the water really has nowhere to go. that's why we do have those flash flood watches in effect as well. this area of low pressure along with this cold front will slowly move to the east. we'll tap into some moisture off the atlantic leading to snow in parts of central and northern new england tomorrow especially in higher elevations as colder air starts to wrap around. we could see as much as four to five inches of rain, especially across upstate new york. but look at how much snow we could see. some parts in the adirondacks could end up with six inches of snow as that cold air filters in.
7:18 am
for the most part it will be a dry day today. now, the winds are going to start to increase, especially around lunchtime ahead of an approaching front. it's relatively slow moving so notice by 5:00 or 6:00 it's still north of i-4. a 10% rain tomorrow. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> all right, dylan, thank you so much. coming up, the mysterious death of a "playboy" model now being blamed on a chiropractic procedure. this morning, a warning that her family wants everyone to hear. parents pushing back against
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concerns too far? but first, this is "today" on
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when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools , running fees up to seventy thousand dollars. now, buesing's running for senate. how far will bob buesing go?
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it's 7:27 on this friday. 71 degrees at tampa international airport. the dew points climbing up just a little bit out ahead of an approaching coldro palm harbor, 60 in brandon, 64 in lakeland, 65 in venice. hour by hour forecast, mostly sunny through the day. warming up to 72 at 9:00, 82 at noon and 84 around 3:00 or 4:00. notice the 10% rain chances. that is as a cold front comes through. much cooler this weekend. 78 on saturday, 79 on sunday with lots of sunshine. leslee.
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hitting the brakes all the way into downtown. yes, wither in the red . it's -- yes, we are in the red. it's going to take you 20 minutes. i-4 away from 75. 75 to 275 is about 15 minutes on your drive time. let's take a look here. coming towards the skyway bridge southbound leaving pinellas you're going to hit the brakes and that is all due to an accident. that's actually on the dickie tieing up the right lane so
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7:30 now. it is friday morning, 21st of october, 2016. i guess we're going to have a rainy day here in the northeast, but our plaza friends are in an awesome mood this morning. we've got lester in for matt today. normally you'd be wrapping up "nightly news" after a half-hour. >> we've got so much more show to get to. let's start this half-hour with the headlines. course, the chicago cubs now one win away from their first world series trip in 71 years. they beat the dodgers last night. they take a 3-2 lead in the nl
7:31 am
series winner will face the a.l. champs, cleveland indians. . donald trump is saying again he may not honor the results of a presidential election. at a rally in hoe owohio, he sa wants to reserve the right to challenge the outcome if there is a questionable result. hillary clinton and donald trump shared the same stage last night at an annual fund-raiser for some of the jokes drew jeers and boos. >> hillary is so corrupt, she got kicked off the watergate commission. >> both candidates got a boo from time to time. candidates, though, did end the night by shaking hands. that's something we did not see at the debate. as we mentioned earlier, timothy dolan, the cardinal, was right between trump and clinton. listen to how he described that
7:32 am
down with a cold. which is completely understandable given the fact that for the last two hours i've had a seat between our two candidates in what is probably the iciest place on the planet. where is global warming when you need it? >> cardinal dolan joined us earlier this morning and we began by asking him if he had fun last night. >> thanks for that interpretation. >> we were just watching some of it. i have to say, it looked a little awkward on is that how you felt in the room? >> well, listen. i don't mind telling you, i was kind of nervous going flu it. you know the nature of the al smith dinner. it is to be an evening of unity and friendship and joy. and being the host of it for the archdiocese, it is like a family dinner where you are just hoping that everything goes well. and in general, hallelujah, the evening went very well.
7:33 am
you guys know, you're pros. whenever you get any humor there can be a little awkwardness, a little anticipation, is this going to work or not, is this going over the line, is this bringing people together. i tell you what wasn't awkward even though we teased about it, is being very close to the two of them. i was very moved by the obvious attempt on behalf of both secretary clinton and mr. trump to be courteous, to get along, to say nice things privately to one another. i was very moved by that. that was pan dias, but beforehand. >> some of the jokes -- in fact there were some boos. that surprise you? >> this is my eighth al smith dinner, lester. the audience is a good indicator. you can kind of tell. the audience has a good sensitivity, first of all something's funny, secondly, if somebody's a bomb. but thirdly, if something is a little out of line. there were some boos last night.
7:34 am
on. >> we talked about the hot seat. that was your seat in between them. i'm encouraged to hear that you said there was some friendliness among the two. did you try to engage a group conversation? >> let's just say i'd rather be sitting between you two. no, i did. you can tell the two of them are kind of awkward together. that's not new. four years ago i was with governor romney and president obama. you could tell there was a little iciness. but the purpose of the evening is to break some of that ice and thanks be to god it s. nature, literally tries to -- i'm sitting there between the two and literally i'm supposed to be kind of a bridge to bring these two people together. and i try my best. there were some very touchy moments. when we were going in, i said can we pray together as we were waiting to be announced. and after the little prayer, mr. trump turned to secretary clinton and said, you know, you are one tough and talented
7:35 am
and she said to him, and donald, whatever happens, we need to work together afterwards. now i thought, this is the evening at its best. >> but anybody who was watching in the audience or watching any of the coverage would think this confirms these people really don't like each other. some of those things just weren't funny and they were cutting right to the heart. >> you got something there, lester. so i would find that amity that i just described maybe wasn't as present during the both addresses. here's what we got though professional entertainer said, this is kind of the nature of comedy today in that it is very tough for people to be self-deprecating. when you got -- if you look at the history of the al smith dinner, when you got a guy like john kennedy or a fellow like l like ronald reagan, they bring the house down. they are the butt of their own jokes. see in last night, the two candidates, the butt of their jokes was the other person. the characteristic of the evening is self-deprecating,
7:36 am
and tougher goal to achieve as was obvious last night. for all of us. >> cardinal dolan, sounds like you had quite a private moment with them and we'd love to see that spill into the public. on behalf of all the american people. >> i hope it was an example. >> cardinal, thank you. is there see you soon, i hope. >> our conversation with cardinal dolan a little bit earlier. let us get a check of the weather from miss dylan. >> we were talking about the winter tl winter outlook for the upcoming winter. it is going to be warmer than average across ploefmost of the southern half of the country. little cooler than average in the plains and upper midwest. where it is cold we are looking for a wetter than average season which could mean more snowstorms. where it is warmer, it also means a dryer than average winter. this could be a good thing for parts of the gulf and down through texas maybe sparing you from the ice storms. right in the middle though is
7:37 am
today though, we are talking about rain and an end to the warmer temperatures up and down the east coast. this cold front has produced already four to six inches of rain across western pennsylvania. parts of western new york dealing with some of the heavier rain as well. this will move eastward as we go through the day and eventually increase the chance of rain across the eastern seaboard. back lined it, it clears out. lots of sunshine. but temperatures much cooler,
7:38 am
night in america." the seahawks are heading on down to arizona at university of phoenix stadium. i'm sure you know that weather is not really going to be much of a factor. looking at just a couple of clouds around for the afternoon. really nice and warm, temperatures almost hot. topping out in the upper 80s. don't forget, catch the seahawks and the cardinals, coverage begins at 7:00 p.m. eastern with "football night in america." >> announcer: this "sunday night football" weather is brought to you by verizon. advanced. powering america's largest and fastest 4g lte network. better matters. coming up, it happened again. the terrifying moment another great white shark tries to break into a shark cage and the exact same spot of this unforgettable scare. and coming up next, a
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back now at 7:43 with new developments in the mysterious death of a model and mom known as the queen of snapchat. >> nbc's gooadi schwartz has mo. the l.a. coroner is being very specific about what caused her death. thay that triggered a deadly stroke. >> i am excited to check it out. >> reporter: from snapchat to instagram, katie mae was adored by millions faps ns online. >> i'm so sad katie won't get to see her grow up and she won't have her mother. >> reporter: now the public posts and newly released details from the los angeles coroner's office offer a timeline leading
7:44 am
neck on a photo shoot and got adjusted this morning. it really hurts. on the 31st, responding to a fan, may wrote, it still hurts. going to a chiropractor tomorrow. on february 4th, she went to get adjusted. hours later the coroner says she suffered a stroke. the report listing a cause as blunt force injury of the neck and her death as the result of a chiropractic procedure. research shows the kind of chiropractic injury in every 5.85 million adjustments. we asked this chiropractor to give us an idea of how this could have happened. >> looking at this, this is the art are i that goery that goes brain. >> yes. the vertebral artery. >> what would cause a stroke? >> kinking or pressure or pinching of this artery. >> and this did. >> what happens is there is some type of tissue that's lodged.
7:45 am
pushing it into the brain causing a stroke. >> reporter: he says it is up to chiropractors to listen to patients and conduct thorough examples before deciding on treatment. >> the adjustment is a beneficial part if it is done properly for the right reason. >> reporter: may's family hopes their story will save others. >> listen to your body, question things when they don't feel right. do research. also like speak out. >> chiropractor. the death is listed as an accident. may's family says they are still processing the findings of this report and so far no legal action has been taken. savannah? >> sad story. go gadi, thank you very much. coming up, how bob dylan finally acknowledged his nobel prize for literature. and how one star made
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we are back. 7:49. tamron is in the orange room for carson. we have a great airport find. >> good morning, everybody. actor and now author bryan cranston was in dallas promoting his new book called "a life in part" when he pulled off the ultimate airport surprise. one lucky traveler named mckenna was browsing an airport newsstand when she picked up cranston's book and found a note cranston himself. the note reads -- hey, thanks for taking a gander at my book. take this book yourself -- free. really. i just bought it. see the receipt? i hope you enjoy the read. cranston then signed it with the date and time saying "have a nice day." it was like 9:45 in morning. mckenna shared it on her social media. she's received thousands of likes. this tweet from nick says reason number infinity why bryan cranston is the best.
7:51 am
to make the fan feel special. we've had the honor of meeting bryan cranston on the show and on the set. he's such a nice guy. >> he's one of our favorites. >> i never met him so i can't attest. but he seems like a nice guy. >> trust, but verify. >> you troublemaker, lester holt! >> thank you so much. just ahead, gu what is behind one school's controversial decision -- yes -- to cans halloween. jenna sits down with reese witherspoon.
7:52 am
7:53 am
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7:56 on from friday. max
7:57 am
let me show you how clear it is out there. you need the sunglasses. this is the veteran's expressway. 64 lakeland, 70 in tampa, 64 in sarasota and of 68 in inverness. it's cold as we wait on the cold front. we have to wait all day. not many showers a 10 % rain chance. the winds begin to increase at the front comes in after sunset and the cooler air rushes in behind it. cooler tomorrow morning. today 84. tomorrow 78. look although at sunday morning, down to 58 degrees. 79 on sunday afternoon. leslee. >> slow in ybor but not as bad here. 75 to 275 about 14 minutes. heavy coming away from bearss avenue on southbound 275 into downtown. almost 20 minutes will. let's take a look here. we have a back upcoming
7:58 am
pinellas county due to this crash that's clearing up before you get to the main skyway bridge. let's take a look. we've still got congestion as i just showed you but it is starting to ease up. it looks like they may have cleared this accident completely. we might have a few things behind the camera but there was a lot of activity out here that's now gone. that's good news. hopefully that will be wrap ped up soon. southbound on u.s. 19 right near tampa road we have an accident in the lanes. elise: we couldn't believe it. that poor girl was raped by two football players and their friends. we were sure they would go to jail. so, when i heard state attorney mark ober decided to go easy on them, i was scared -- scared for my daughter. none of those young men served a day behind bars. ober said losing a baseball scholarship was punishment enough. if mark ober can't protect our families,
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, cheers and years. hillary clinton and donald trump trade jokes and jabs at a high-profile charity dinner. >> into me and she very civilly said, pardon me. >> donald looks at the statue of liberty and sees a "4". >> as trump takes off the gloves and hears it from the crowd. >> hillary is so corrupt -- >> boo! >> so, was the republican nominee out of line or is it all fair game?
8:01 am
actress-turned-entrepreneur weise witherspoon to chat about getting back to her roots. >> tell me something good. >> start the day with something good. "today" show. and, pop stars and politics. ? nasty nasty boy ? >> why janet jackson's top hit song is soaring on the charts today, friday, october 21st, 2016. >> it's our birthday and our birthday's wish is to be on the "today" show. >> happy birthday to my beautiful wife. >> that's me. >> hey, mom -- i love you! >> woo! ? don't let me go ? ? don't let me go ? >> celebrating lola's birthday.
8:02 am
all year long! woo! >> how are you? good morning. thanks for coming. and welcome back to "today." it is 8:00 on a friday morning. it is the 21st of october. we're starting to see some grey clouds sweeping into the city. but lester holt is here for matt this morning. >> i love this. i need this. >> you don't get this on "nightly news." >> you brought the big crowd. look at this crowd! >> you're all here for lester, right? >> lester! coming up, gold medal winner scott hamilton is one of the big names joining a new campaign by u.s. figure skating, and he wants you to get involved. scott will tell us all about it. fantastic. we're putting a gourmet twist on football favorites inspired by
8:03 am
big game. who's playing? >> cards and the seahawks. >> didn't you see my big "football night in america" tease? that's how good i do it. >> she preps for that all week. first let's get to the news at 8. we begin with the race for the white house. i'm kristen welker from white plains. hillary clinton will depart from here later today and head to battleground, ohio. with donald trump at the famed alfred e. smith charity dinner here in new york. it is normally light-hearted and fun but like all things in this race, the mood got ugly quickly. >> reporter: initially not acknowledging each other or shaking hands. donald trump taking the stage first, poking fun at his wife melania after her convention
8:04 am
from michelle obama's in 2008. >> michelle obama gives a speech and everyone loves it. it is fantastic. they think she's absolutely great. my wife, melania, gives the exact same speech, and people get on her case! >> but things quickly took a chilly turn. >> hillary got kicked off the watergate commission. >> boo! >> here she is tonight in public pretending no the to hate catholics. >> reporter: clinton, who sat stone-faced as the audience booed, taking the podium moments later. >> this is such a special event that i took a break from my rigorous nap schedule to be here. >> reporter: but her speech also
8:05 am
known for rating women on a scale from 1 to 10. >> people look at the statue of liberty and they see a proud symbol. donald looks at the statue of liberty and sees a 4. maybe a 5 if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair. >> reporter: the nature of the night underscoreing the historically bitter battle, all capping a day in which trump doubled down on whether he'll accept the reaks results. >> i will totally accept results of this great and historic presidential election -- if i win. >> reporter: throughout the day, backlash from republicans. >> i don't believe that there is a rigged election system. >> reporter: and clinton's top surrogates. >> that is not a joking matter. no, no, no. i want everybody to pay attention here. that is dangerous.
8:06 am
trump's one-time rival-turned-supporter says election results should be respected. as for that dinner, clinton and trump finally shook hands at the end of the night. likely the last time we'll see the two interact with just 18 days to go until election day. savannah? lester? >> all right, kristen welker, thank you. let's turn now to a controversial decision by one connecticut elementary school that isn't sitting well with everybody. >> good morning, guys. halloweenel canceled at lilly b. hains elementary school, the principal pulling the plug out of respect for cultural and religionest beliefs. there will be no costumes and no halloween this year at this school in connecticut. dressing up with classmates, not allowed on school grounds. >> i think it is a little overreaction. knee-jerk sort of sense. >> reporter: the decision, the principal says, made with input
8:07 am
decision was based on many factors, including safety and exclusion of students, with increasing societal safety concerns, the number of adults who attend this event, some in costumes, poses a potential safety threat." although it is not mentioned in the letter, security concerns come amid the national attention to recent clown sightings. >> i guess that's what i would assume. >> reporter: sean has a daughter, a nephew and >> i think they're disappointed, but it is one thing that happens. as parents you have to explain to them the reasons behind it. >> i would say that it is not a bad decision. it is right because, you know, somebody could dress up and can hurt the kids and hurt the parents as well. >> reporter: the school says the costume ban is about more than safety. adding in its letter, "past students have been excluded from participating due to religion, cultural beliefs, and we believe
8:08 am
>> it was a fun party to have, but if there is even one child that feels excluded and not comfortable coming to school, think it can be celebrated outside of school. >> reporter: celebrations still will be taking place at the school. the theme -- fall. some parents worry about not celebrating halloween. >> i think it is a shame tt they're canceling it. i think it shows a sign of not wanting to be diversified and learning about other cultures, about people's traditions. >> reporter: these 8 year-olds already picked out their costumes. >> i think it really they're canceling it this year. >> i'm kind of sad because i really liked marching around and i had a really cool costume this year. >> nbc news reached out to the school district for comment. officials did not provide one beyond the letter we read there. another connecticut school attempted to ban halloween last year infewuriating parents so tt decision was overturned.
8:09 am
overseas now, militants armed with assault rifles and explosives attacked targets in the northern iraqi city of kirkuk today. isis quickly took credit for that assault experts say is likely aimed at diverting attention from the battle to retake mosul in the north. in one militants attacked a police compound. there were no immediate reports of casualties. some strong new guidelines this morning about how much screen time your kids should be getting among the recommendations from the american academyf parents should avoid use of digital media for children younger than 2 years old and for children ages 2 to 5, limit screen use to one hour a day of high-quality programming. watch shows or digital content with your child and help them understand what they are seeing. avoid using media as the only way to calm your child and set a rule -- no screen time an hour before bed. >> that goes for adults, too. right? more proof this morning that those cages divers use to look
8:10 am
redesigned. this video was taken off the coast of guadalupe island, mexico. watch as a great white swims right through the bars, into the cage, yes, with divers inside. the shark gets stuck momentarily, eventually swims away. thankfully, nobody was injured. this video was taken in the same area of mexico as that other terrifying close encounter with the shark that we showed you last week. >> i did that one time and i thought -- i was perfectly safe in that cage. >> so message -- don't do it again. just ahead, the marketing makeover that has snoopy looking for a new job for the first time in three decades. and lobster dinner, cocktails, free baby-sitting. how some theaters are changing the movie experience to speed with streaming services like netflix. hey, guys. jenna's catching up with actress-turned-entrepreneur reese witherspoon to talk business, family and southern style.
8:11 am
right now let's get right to. "trending" for more stories. thanks very much to our friends over at american express. hey, hoda. what's going on? >> good morning! >> the gang is all here. 8:11 now. let's do "trending." any of us have trouble falling asleep? >> i think that is not the problem we have. but for those who do, this is called only here is the thing. it shows you a host of really boring videos in hopes that it will lull you to sleep. here are some of the options. i love this. one of the videos has the front line of the supermarket checker. they've got a tutorial on quantum theory. a tropical beach get-away. there is a video of a ten-hour timer. and this -- okay. one of them, the last one -- this is kind of sad actually --
8:12 am
life." isn't that kind of mean? >> did you see it? >> no. >> the ten-hour timer, i'd want to know what happens at the end of ten hours. >> what puts you guys to sleep at night? what works? >> the pillow works for me. >> you know what? i actually have a real theory about this. i love "the new yorker" magazine but it puts me to sleep. like in a really good way because it is that combination of really interesting but also kind of boring so it is not too interesting. >> rng great novel and go two pages and fall asleep. then after the fourth time, like this isn't working. >> it took me three years to finish that steve jobs one, the biography. same way. >> you know what works for me? "law and order" reruns. there's something weird about it. >> you love the show but it puts you to sleep. that's so true! >> you have to absorb enough to
8:13 am
boring. now to a story that has savannah outraged this morning. we know she considers snoopy of peanuts fame a personal friend. perhaps even a childhood hero. so you can understand why she is personally insulted that snoopy is getting the boot by metlife insurance. . the company announced that after more than 30 years it is retiring the character. they say retire, i say fired. listen to this -- feeling he is no longer relevant to its business. snoopy isn't the only casualty metlife says it is also phasing out those blimps that you see at big sporting events. >> when you read that story, i could hear "wah wah wah"". >> probably snoopy was pricey. >> no. they said insurance companies have this hard-edge, impersonal, and snoopy made it more approachable. >> are they going back to hard-edged? >> we'll see if they go back to
8:14 am
does everyone here consider themselves to be a good typist? >> these are the three fastest fingers i have. >> lester's been bragging. >> i wasn't bragging. i can keep up with my little -- i don't do this whole thing. >> well, actually one of the big controversies is like do -- the hunt and peck. can they go as fast as those of us who do the whole ten finger. >> tapping. sometimes because they think that -- some people think it's slow and inefficient to do it that way. but now a new study says one finger typists are in fact almost as fast as those who type with multiple fingers. researchers at vanderbilt who looked into this said that typing with one finger does slow you down by requiring to keep your eyes on the keyboard. >> that's true. i can look off and -- >> you're one of those that can do this? >> yes.
8:15 am
>> look what we have here, lester. >> hop wants to go first? >> what are you going to type? >> you go first. >> all right. lester and i have been trash talking each other all morning about this. >> i think i'm going to use three fingers. >> we've got a timer on. these are the two sentences. three, two, one -- go! ? >> pressure! lester! come on! >> lester! come on! >> it looks more newsmanny. >> come on, lester. yes. is that it? >> lester, i graduated and got a master's degree in the time that
8:16 am
>> savannah? are we ready? >> how can we not have spellcheck out here? >> ready? go! >> and she's spelling correctly. that matters. ? >> no, but that's because -- >> i'm a faster typer? >> wow. it's the little things. >> no, there was a lot of pressure. >> there was a lot of pressure. >> this looks more news manny. >> i don't know. >> tim is giving me that look. >> you were nowhere close. >> actually, really. >> i will say though, i feel like i, too, was under pressure. it is hard to type.
8:17 am
here we go. "popstart!." here we go. first to jay leno, he's getting ready for the new season of his cnbc show "jay leno's graarage. for one episode takes the seat next to one man who is not even allowed to drive. joe biden. the car is a '67 corvette, after getting the okay from the secret service, biden clearly excited about it. >> sounds good. >> try your brakes. >> i shouldn't say this. i like speed. >> the vice president has a need for speed. by the way, that 1967 corvette was actually a wedding gift biden received from his dad 49 years ago! jay leno's garage premiers
8:18 am
mystery surrounding his nobel win is deepening this morning. earlier this week we told you organizers were having hard time contacting him. they weren't sure if he was even going to show up to claim the prize. but then an eagle-eyed observer noticed this on dylan's official website, an acknowledgement that he is the winner of the nobel prize in literature. but then we checked this morning and reference is gone. it's been taken down. so the plot thickens. >> what did it say? >> it acknowledged thate >> why? why isn't that something -- >> just says winner of the nobel prize in literature. and now it is gone. it is like when you write with invisible ink. >> has anyone found him yet? >> well, he had a concert. the day it was announced he was on stage but he didn't acknowledge it. >> maybe the person who actually typed it in the website was using three fingers. >> so it takes longer? >> exactly.
8:19 am
>> i love the way you think, lester. janet jackson finding new success this morning because of donald trump. yeah. it stems from wednesday night's debate where trump called hillary clinton a "nasty woman." on social media, that reminded people of a classic janet jackson song. ? no my first name ain't baby. it's janet miss jackson if you're nasty ? >> that's the spotify says streams of that song soared 250% after trump's comment and it inspired one twitter user to mock up this album super imposing janet's face with hillary's. >> i have tro teo tell you. we were in the debate and the minute he said that, that song came into my mind. >> would you like to sing it? >> no. but i think people should have seen the two of you. >> it was not pretty.
8:20 am
janet jackson. that's what happens behind the scenes. thank you so much. now time for another check of the weather. >> announcer: more today is sponsored by the blue cash every day card from american express. it's more than cash back. it's backed by the service and security of american express. >> and we've got a big cooldown trying to move into the eastern half of the united states. we've got an area of high pressure building back through the midwest. winds will be out of the breaking temperatures for a little while. look at highs today. indianapolis, 56 degrees. pittsburgh, 55 and lots of rain. asheville, 58 degrees. it is going to spread eastward on saturday, temperatures mostly in the 50s and 60s but it should warm up back again through the
8:21 am
>> and that's your latest forecast. all right, dylan. thank you so much. this morning on "today's style," reese winner, a mom, and now an entrepreneur. >> we've been along since the beginning of reese witherspoon's popular southern inspired brand, draper james. when i heard that reese was down in my hometown of dallas, i couldn't resirs getting down there for a breakfast date with reese. reese witherspoon is a fixture in hollywood. but ask anyone who knows her, she feels most at home in the south. >> when you start to talk
8:22 am
immediately? >> well, yes. my kids do this whole thing where they make fun of me because i'll say he did do but he didn't done do. he done did that. they're like what? why are you talking did done? my little 4-year-old will be like he did done do. they think it is hysterical. >> they're copying you. >> you can't do if you're trying to do you can't done. >> by the way, i don't understand what you're saying. >> i don't always know what i'm saying. sometimes people do. >> reporter: turns out she is with her latest passion project turned business, draper james. it is a lifestyle brand with a southern twist. >> i wanted to celebrate the traditions and the people who raised me and gave me so much of who i am. >> reporter: reese makes the transition from actress to entrepreneur look seamless, but she's taking her latest role as seriously as any. >> was there ever a transition from reese the actress to reese the business woman? >> actually, yeah. when we were raising money for
8:23 am
lots of different meetings with different venture capitalists and i had to pitch the company and talk about the company. that was a scary time because they don't care who you are. it is whether your business is viable and it's robust. i think that was kind of the performance of my life. >> reporter: her dedication is no act. reese is the majority shareholder in the company she helped build from the ground up. >> if you never try, you'll never know. so i'm always putting myself out there and i always say to the kids, you know, a cold pool. maybe it is going to pay off, maybe not. but you have to take a chance. >> i like that expression. that's a southern one. right? >> i don't know. we'll stitch it on a pillow and it will be a saying. >> reporter: reese designed her stores to look and feel like her own home. >> when you go into your closet, is there one thing that you think all women should own? >> i think it is really
8:24 am
so make sure you ask your girlfriends and you know you look good. you feel good. >> i like that you just said ask your girlfriends. sometimes i'll walk out and say honey, do you think this dress looks good? he's like, how is that different from the other one? >> i dorpt an't ask too much. i usually ask my 17-year-old daughter, does this look good? no, you do not look good. you cannot wear that. so i depend on her brutal honesty. but picture perfect. her social media feeds give a behind-the-scenes look at her every day life. family, friends, fans, fun, and lots of draper james. one of her favorite things -- napsh napchat. >> i have two teenagers. they will snapchat me back but they won't call me back. >> i don't really understand. am i too old? >> no.
8:25 am
this is kind of cute. hi, everybody, this is reese witherspoon. >> i'm jenna bush hager. we're here in texas. >> doing an interview for the "today" show. >> reporter: whether sn snapchatting or just chatting, reese witherspoon is putting the charm in southern charm one y'all at a time. >> i love her. i just love being able to say y'all so freely. >> your iphone case says y'all. >> it says howdy y' you know what? when she taught me who you to snapchat, i just felt right at home. i love reese so much that sometimes it is scary. >> you look like besties. >> i pretend we're besties. i get home like this is it. she's going to call me this time. >> i like when you said snapchat, i thought you were going to tell me she taught you the bend and snap from "legally blonde." >> we actually should have done a play on that but we didn't.
8:26 am
style? she's always sort of looks like herself. i think that's super important. what do you think about that? >> i with a is going to say the same thing.
8:27 am
> friday morning. i just came back, at usual,
8:28 am
>> yeah, it is pleasant. tomorrow morning it is very different. it is pleasant. 73 st. pete. 65 in venice. so today's high is 84. actual a degree above-average. but down to 78 tomorrow. plus a cool breeze. 79 on sunday. the most shocking thing will be saturday, sunday, and morn mornings, in the upper 50's to 60s. all right. looking a that bridge it is slow. but getting better. a little slow coming from the hump into tampa. 275 is much better now. 13 minutes on your commute here. this is what i'm seeing. again it is easing a in the area. but we have a crash at front. >> okay. mark dawson, a sixth grader is standing up or sitting down.
8:29 am
pledge of allegiance. he was asked to leave class. but district policy is saying students have the right not to stand for the pledge. now, the boy's family is
8:30 am
8:30 now, the 21st of october. friday. okay. dylan, did you tell us it >> what is happening! >> let me tell you ksh. >>. >> i'm so sorry! >> this is crazy. we walk out here and we said, looks like it is going to rain.
8:31 am
supposed to be raining right now. >> thank you for the record. all right, guys. lots coming up in this half-hour. wait until you see how some theaters are really going upscale to get you to stop watching movies at home and get to the theater. speak being of great movies, we have a behind the scenes peek at the new comedy, "keeping up the joneses." and we have two delicious dishes inspired by sunday night's big game between cardinals and seahawks. and we'll catch up with one of the original legends of u.s. figure skating, our good friend scott hamilton. how about our audience, troupers? >> they seem more prepared than we were. i'd say this was no irony, dylan. now let's get a check of the weather. >> tell us on the record. >> keep those umbrellas handy because it is going to rain today across the northeast. but if you're headed out to see
8:32 am
we are going to see it already past peak across northern new england but the peak colors starting to move into central new england. just watch out because saturday it is going to rain, too, and it is going to be windy. a lot of the leaves will be falling off the trees. unseasonably mind temperatures working back into the plains and midwest, too, with temps getting back into the 70s and 80s. on sunday it clears out for the most part across the northeast. a few leftover showers possible, especially in the morning. temperatures rebound back into the 60s. looking at 70s and sunshine country. more rain in the pacific northwest.
8:33 am
>> for your latest forecast 24/7, check out the weather channel on cable. >> i wonder if the weather channel would have told me it was about to sprinkle on the plaza. dylan, thank you. all right, couch potatoes, listen up. there is a new push to get you off the sofa and back into the movie theaters. nbc's jo ling ken how some theaters are trying to compete in a world where we can watch movies anywhere. >> reporter: it was once such a glamorous affair. even movies celebrating going to the movies. >> come on, let's go to the movies! >> reporter: the popcorn -- the big screen and magic of hollywood. well, you don't have to leave home for any of that anymore, and americans don't. >> the movie industry is really facing a crisis right now. this summer they were saying that ticket sales were on track
8:34 am
since the 1920s. >> reporter: and overall, attendance at movie theaters is at a 19-year low, down 15% in the last decade. increased competition from on-demand streaming services, on top of the dropping price of high-quality home entertainment centers, also added to the dramatic decline. so now movie theaters are rolling out the red carpet to win those customers back. >> we took something that was very ordinary and turned it into a real i-pick entertainment, a chain of 15 luxury theaters nationwide that are doing something very different. >> you have a kitchen in your house. you still go out to restaurant. movies are the same thing. the reason that we stopped going to the theaters was because the experience wasn't good enough. >> reporter: how is he luring them in? customers at his theaters expect flat-bed seats that rival a first class flying experience.
8:35 am
favorite cocktails. >> take a look at the pros and cons of going to a netflix movie theater. pro, it's just like watching netflix at home. con, except you have to put on pants. >> reporter: other theater chains are pulling out all the stops to pull you through the doors, too. in phoenix, no baby-sitter, no problem. this chain staffs nannies and a play center for parents to enjoy movies introducing a new fitness class inside of a movie theater. it takes the audience on a virtual bike ride in surround sound. >> thank you. ooh, the plate's warm. >> reporter: customers seem to be loving the new features. >> what's the experience been like? how is it different? >> it feels like super first class. >> reporter: so far, it is working. at least for ipichlt. x. the ceo says the average customer is spending $40 per visit.
8:36 am
>> pass the popcorn. >> pass the wine. >> and the burgers, everything. coming up next, we're going to go behind the scenes with the hilarious cast of "keeping up with the joneses." but first, on a friday, this is
8:37 am
8:38 am
if our last segment inspired you to head to the movies this weekend, "keeping up with the joneses" opens today. >> nbc's joe fryar recently sat down with the cast in los angeles. >> hi. >> we're the joneses. >> reporter: on screen, they're neighbors. but off screen, just how neighborly is the cast of "keeping up with the joneses."
8:39 am
so it's been difficult. this is actually very difficult. >> reporter: actually, they're quite close, a bond cemented bizarre chasm. >> we have known each other since -- >> milan. days of milan. >> the runway scene. catwalk. >> i was doing chanel and dior. zach was doing levi and was it old navy? >> they were wrangler cut-offs. >> reporter: in the movie, they play couple whose lives are turned upside down by their neighbors. spies. >> there is some real adrenalin. >> no one needs a stunt double, right? >> never. >> zach did. >> just for my acting. >> your character is in human resources. so you had to create something called hr face. is that right? >> yeah.
8:40 am
was in the script where it is just a guy that holds his face as if he's paying attention to you. kind of like that. exactly what you're doing. which is just a fake face. give us your best nod. i'll just say something very like -- so, my parents, they have a silo across the street from their house. >> that's it. see, that's basically an hr face. >> honey, is that you? >> mama wants to cuddle. >> reporter: fisher is of course this movie is a way to break into the funny business. like in this scene. >> have you no clothes on. you're on the phone. i'm going to go. >> to be continued. >> it was fun. it was our last day. >> you did "fast and furious." you're "wonder woman." how was it trying to do a comedy? >> it's hard. because being wonder woman, it's
8:41 am
woman. i played it in the '70s. >> for hthe two men, this is no their first project together. >> my guest today is john hamm. >> reporter: hamm was one of the first guests on "between two firms." >> it was a fun opportunity to go and be goofy and do some weird stuff with your friends. >> as secretary, how many words per minute could you type? >> you just hillary clinton. how was it interviewing hillary? >> i'm kind of shocked that we agrees to go on. because i feel like people half her age tell her go on the show and she doesn't really know what it is. >> what happens if you become pregnant? were we going to be stuck with tim kaine for nine months? >> if you don't know someone and you know you have to be rude to them and you're -- >> yeah.
8:42 am
projects on all their plates, it really can be hard "keeping up with the joneses." for "today," joe fryar, nbc news, los angeles. >> don't you want to see that? >> it looks very good. >> in a luxury theater. "keeping up with the joneses" is in theaters today. if not a movie, how about football? we have a perfect pairing. football and chili. the recipe you're going to want to try before sunday's big game. but first, there is "today" on
8:43 am
amendment 1 guarantees your right to generate your own solar energy. it also guarantees that those who don't choose solar don't have to subsidize those who do. amendment 1 means commonsense consumer protections safeguarding
8:44 am
amendment 1: good for the economy. good for the environment. good for florida. vote yes on amendment 1-for the sun. back now at 8:44. sounds like a football game breaking out. but "today food," we're getting for sunday night when the seattle seahawks face off against the arizona cardinals here on nbc. >> matt is officially neutral wearing both jerseys at the same time. >> take a stand, man. >> exactly. executive chef of pig beat chair
8:45 am
game. >> we have coffee rubbed brisket represents seattle. it is about a five-pound chunk. start with the rub. all good barbecue starts with a good rub. onion powder, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and coffee. i'm using instant coffee because it doesn't leave that grit. dump that all in the bowl and mix that up. >> i think i am up for that task. got it. >> almost as good as i type. take our rub and sort of generously put it all over our meat. both sides, all the corners and whatnot. then transfer it. we're going to do this at home in an oven and at 250 degrees. we're going to do both sides. give it a good flip. make a little bit of a mess. got that coffee, onion.
8:46 am
morning to. transfer this to a baking rack. we're going to cook this at 250 degrees. it is about generally speaking an hour per pound. this is a five-pound brisket so it will take about five or six hours, low and slow. but the patience is what pays off in the end. once is gets to internal temperature of 155 degrees, wrap in foil and get it to 190 or 200. over >> oh, my gosh! it looks so good. >> this is the good stuff. >> we got our tasters downstairs. >> i hope they're hungry. >> it is so good! >> it has such a nice, smokey flavor. >> take all of this, dice it up and move ourselves down to the next segment. >> what's next? >> this is where the magic starts to happen when we make the chili. we are starting with an incredible cut of meat with all this flavor already in it.
8:47 am
better. render it out until it is nice and crispy. next step is add in chopped garlic. we will cook the garlic until it is nice and aromatic. add in the rest of the onions and cook until they're nice and soft and tender. this is the smell to wake up to in the morning. best thing ever. forget about it. in this pot we have the bacon, garlic, onions all cooked down really nice. next step to making chili is good we're just going to pour these right in. this is the part that's kind of like getting back to my italian roots for making what's a really great tomato sauce.
8:48 am
oregano, cumin. let this simmer for 30 minutes. >> does it have a kick to it. >> i generally leave my chilies more on the milder side, mass appeal so everybody can eat it. but if tu wayou want to make it spicy, add diced jalapenos or other hot chili sauce. we see our chili and tomato has come nice together. smell we did this for about 30 minutes to get all those flavors and spices to come out. now we add in all of our diced brisket meat. >> you got black beans there. >> some black beans. yes, sir. little black bean brisket coffee brisket chili. this will simmer another 15, 20 minutes to let all those flavors come together. then you are left with a delicious play on a brisket coffee chili.
8:49 am
and crispy cheddar crackers. bring out all that flavor. >> that's our seattle. we cannot leave my home state of arizona out. >> the home of the chimichanga was invented. >> mix together pi pan fry it. that cheese gets gooey. >> tasters, what do you think of the chimi? >> fantastic! we are so happy. >> it is crispy. >> this is amazing. >> my favorite words of all. >> i got to try this. thank you so much. matt, thank you.
8:50 am
if you want these recipes go to while there, you can sign up for the today food club and get a special deal on cookware sent straight to your in box. again the cardinals host the seahawks sunday night on nbc. coverage begins at 7:00 eastern. up next, skating legend scott hamilton is with us on
8:51 am
8:52 am
we're back at 8:51. this is a pretty shot of the rink at rockefeller center. open for business for another season. which brings us to our next guest, scott hamilton. >> scott's here to tell us about u.s. figure skating's new campaign and a big competition this weekend. >> nice to see you. >> this is called the get up campaign. my skating academy, i first thing i teach my kids is you're going to fall. so get up. it's become kind of this thing in my life, you fall down a lot, get knocked down a lot, you get up. it is kind of great because it really speaks to everyone. how many people in this couch have failed? there you go. but it is getting up. we all get up. we all get up. so it's a great thing to not only promote u.s. figure skating, but it is also a way to
8:53 am
have you big name figure skaters helping you out with this initiative. >> it is the entire skating community is all part of this. they got competition season starting up again soon. and everybody's getting ready for the last year before the next olympics. it's a big deal. >> i love your motto. not only does get up work for small things like just having an attitude issue, it also works for big things. we know you were battling at one point you battled cancer and you're stronger than ever. that works for both thgs collecting life threatening illness. it's not just the get up, it is how you deal with the get-up. what do you do next and how that empowers you. if you have cancer and you survive, a part of you has been awakened that is kind of more aware and you know what you are capable of doing. you're almost more awake, more alive than you were before. so the get-up campaign i think is really important because i think everybody will relate to
8:54 am
at the figure skating part of it, but they're all say what was my get-up moment and how did i get past it. what did i do next. >> before we let you go, have you a big competition this weekend. >> this weekend in chicago, skate america. the big rivalry in the u.s., gracie gold and ashley wagner will go head-to-head. return of jason brown. he sat out last season with an injury. but by all accounts, he's going to unveil his two quads. we into this last season before the olympic games. >> how exciting. >> i can't believe we're almost a year out to the olympics? i was looking at the calendar the other day. >> i just got over jet lag from sochi. come on! already? now i got to go all the way to korea. >> thank you so much, scott. >> always great seeing you. for more on the get-up campaign, check out catch the progressive skate america tomorrow at 4:30, and
8:55 am
but on sunday, you have to start with willie's show, first thing in the morning. >> we're obviously going to be all over the presidential campaign. in this campaign though i don't know what that means because that's 48 hours from now. who knows what's going to happen. we also have a conversation with anthony bauourdane. i went on a walking tour of his food world. >> anything you've had on the show like, good god, never gun? >> yeah. they do this funky fermented fish in situation. >> here's the tongue. yeah? >> that's good. >> i'm eating tongue with anthony bourdain. >> anthony ordered for you. he says we're having tongue tacos. who's going to say no? it wasn't bad. if i didn't know it was tongue, it would have tasted like chicken. >> it never taste like chicken. >> he also reveals his favorite fast food. he goes into a fast food
8:56 am
fast food. really good conversation with anthony. >> that's like a tease. >> what do you have coming up next hour? >> they're working on it. dylan is with me. christian slater. and it is "freebie friday." you at home can win.
8:57 am
c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to
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8:59 am
8:59 on this friday morning. good morning. good news for the weekend. >> yeah, really, a lot of people are weighing on this cold front. it will come through tonight. this morning it is still mild. afew c so, our afternoon high is 84. and check out the overnight low, down to 60. well below average. it will be warm and breezy all weekend. >> all right. looking at traffic right now, just a little bit of congestion heading into the city. and also coming off of the howard franklin bridge northbound. we have an accident southbound front at patience road. that is causing a little bit of a delay. >> thanks. two women are behind bars
9:00 am
credit card numbers and wracking up thousands of dollars in purchases. police tell us dallas headed up the scheme with her daughter and used the stolen credit card information to pay for utilities for her house. and this woman is still on the run. this morning on "today's take," christian slater is back to kick off your friday fun as our celebrity co-host. then, wait until you see what happens when his co-star james franco stops and you can win big at home. coming up next. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take," live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. yes! okay, christian. welcome to "today." yes, we are on air. this is freeb"freebie friday"
9:01 am
dylan is with us and look who else is with us again. >> hello. it's friday. friday. happy to be back on friday. >> and looking even more dapper. >> thank you. you guys look lovely, amazing. i heard yesterday was very good. i was gone for one day, and what happened? >> she falls in love. >> rumors about mcsteamy. >> who? who is this man you speak of? >> what is going on? had i leave, i turn my back and this guy sneaks in here. >> don't look at me. that's all you. >> wait. i don't know. this guy broke in. he said he wanted to co-host. his name's eric dane. i've heard of him. >> that dude, yes. yes. very popular. very nice. >> is he? >> i don't know. he's got some -- is there any like film or video of what happened? because i want to see evidence. >> i don't believe it. christian, watch this.
9:02 am
your love baby ? >> wait a second. >> that's on repeat. >> is that on repeat? oh, please! man! >> my hair's poking up because i'm getting nervous. lipse listen, they made us do that. >> look at that interview. it is like i didn't even exist. >> so nice. beautiful. >> but christian, every time he did that, i thought of you. >> look at the hearts and it's a beautiful moment. >> all you need is a nickname. >> that's all i need. >> it's all he's got is mcsteamy. >> that's right. i know. i was trying to think. i'm mcgoofy, i think. i'm fine with that. mcgoofy works. >> mcgoofy is amazing. it's endearing. >> in honor of mcgoofy being
9:03 am
going to give us extra time to have some fun by letting us skip some of the commercials. >> i'm going to be doing some slow-motion kissing. that's what we're going to do. i'm going to fill that three minutes with slow-mo kissing. >> i have to give a quick shout out. we have a style squad. we now have this "today style" community we're building talking about women and confidence related to fashion. that was me last night at the "today styl jill martin, liliana vasquez, bobbie thomas. these women have impeccable taste but more than that, they all have fantastic hearts. we are really reaching out to women to love your body, love who you are be which a, i'm wea kimono.
9:04 am
i found it online but i went into the store in soho. hot mom! bringing hot mom realness. for moms to whether you're in your 20s and you're trying to find your identity, the style community is open for dialogue and conversation of positive nature for all women. >> ready to embrace you. >> i feel like you've had something going on every single night this week. go like, i have another event? >> i just start crying. >> at the white house? >> i look at your calendar and i'm exhausted. >> is it's all good. 99% of it is organizations that want us there. they ask us can you help. you know. >> you show up. you do it with such grace. >> you never mind showing up. >> getting it together though to like get out the door has always kind of been a little bit of a challenge.
9:05 am
then you get there and -- >> and you feel good. >> it is feel good friday. what do you feel good about, sir s sir? >> oh, wow, well i feel good about being here. i only thing i could think of was some photos to share of things that make me feel good. i thought this would cheer people up. that's my dog, hoot. charming little dog. she's a rescue. she's gearing up for halloween. >> does she mind wearing the costumes? >> no. that's fish and hoot. they're my two rescue dogs. it's wonderful. they get along so well. and, yeah, they're definitely the loves of my life. they are fantastic. great dogs. >> i love your feel good friday, throw it is terrifying to me. >> can i just start by saying my initial feel good friday that everyone dismissed was we have wallpaper going up today. i am very excited to actually have it be done. why did they shoot it down? gavin said that's literally like
9:06 am
wallpaper is in. >> we're putting it on the ceiling in our living room. >> ooh! >> do you have a picture? >> no, because it was dismissed as not being fun enough. so then when i said what we're actually going to do -- >> was with it a fun color? >> it is like a nice textured sparkly -- >> it is going up in the baby's nursery. >> no, has nothing to do with the baby. that was initially what made me feel good. >> maybe bears and happy things. maybe clouds. especially on the ceiling. >> blue skies, starry nights. glow in the dark stars. >> the only thing, have you ever seen "the conjuring"? >> absolutely not. >> it's terrifying. "conjuring 2." we watched "conjuring 1" last weekend. we're watching "conjuring 2" this weekend. >> this makes you feel good? >> yeah, this warms my heart. >> we like to watch scary movies in october. >> dylan!
9:07 am
together, glad you found each other. that's so nice. >> so the baby will know when you scream. >> i know. well, my husband always says he has every right to scare me in october. after we watch the movie and i'm kind of jittery and kind of want to sleeps with the lights on, he's like clapping in if the next room making these weird sounds. i said you could literally scare baby out of me. >> oh, whoa! i learned very on that my wife doot we were -- i had my kids in the back seat of the car and they know this trick. you know that trick when you're like driving on the road and you close one eye and pretend to be asleep. you are a he like this? but you got your other eye open. but you can see everything. my wife had never seen anybody do this trick before and she screamed and lost her mind. she freaked out. >> she should! >> i know. nobody's ever done this trick to her before. you just made me think of it.
9:08 am
pull any pranks or do any of those type things. >> you dove right in with that one. >> i did. i went for the ultimate and learned the hard way. >> around here you have to be careful because they will often drop like clowns and creepy things. so the next few weeks it is going to get relreally dicey ard here. >> because this is the season for pranks and scaring. >> so let's think about happy thoughts. >> happy friday. >> i was actually cleaning out i found -- it's got a glare on it. this is outside rockefeller center, 2006, april. my mom and i walking. i took her to see "the color purple." she looked up at this sign and said next year you're going to be working there. i said right, mom. >> you weren't working here? >> no. i was visiting town, working in chicago. she said you're going to be working here. exactly one year to the today
9:09 am
exactly one year. i brought this picture into the meeting. i had just gotten a new camera. he looked at the date and i said, it is today's date. my mom said i would be working here. that's my feel good friday and i ran across this picture. my mom said, you'll be working there. >> mother intuition. >> mom! >> mystic mary. i'll be charging $199 an hour to talk to my mother. we have a brewing. nothing political but it is definitely controversial. earlier this week, dylan revealed that she and her husband, scary brian, may be the brains behind m & m's new caramel flavored m & ms. the story goes you guys sent them a letter. >> brian in college sent a letter several times to m & ms recommending this caramel flavor. they said, no, we're not taking suggestions. that was the end of it.
9:10 am
for their anniversary. i did a tour behind the scenes and i told them this story. and now there is caramel m & ms on the market. >> mars was watching our show and the company has responded. it's pretty serious here. >> whoa. >> man, i don't know. because -- okay. they say -- i'm quoting so that means i'm in my news mode. we get a lot of great ideas from our fans which help to inspire the perfect marriage of m & ms and caramel. we were happy to give today the first taste. seemed to have forgotten to save a bag of the new m and ms caramel for you, we'll make sure you and your husband get to try some soon. jerry, wheel 'em out! wheel 'em out! >> awesome! >> they sent over all of these candies for you, the baby and brian. >> but, wait. they still didn't give me credit for coming up with it.
9:11 am
created by dylan and brian. thank you! >> try some? >> i would love to try some of dylan and brian's m & ms. >> the thing is without proof, dylan, without proof, we can't really bring it. >> you got to find those letters. those letters. >> these are delicious! >> really good. you and brian are geniuses. >> right? >> m & ms, you've oh. i mean you. >> the problem is none of us have our college e-mail accounts. so that's the problem. >> it's got to be out there. >> i'm going to put mr. robot on the case. track it down. i can do it. i got people. >> mars, you may have outdone yourself with this one. >> i'm very specific about peanut m & ms. you may have outdone yourselves.
9:12 am
for halloween. can i -- can i have that? >> you can have a couple. they're not available? >> when? may? >> they're only available until may? >> no, they're not available. >> you got them a year -- what year is this? >> this is 2016. >> we got a long time. "snl." did you see the people waiting outside? >> i pulled up here today, look at who's hosting. >> it is tom hanks hosting. these are the people in the monsoon that dylan predicted would happen at 8:24 eastern time. they've been out there waiting to see tom hanks, which you love tom hanks. >> i am obsessed with tom hanks. >> lady gaga and her friends and we love each other a lot. it's true story. and you hosted in 1991. what was that like? >> oh, my goodness. that was incredible. great phenomenal experience. >> there you are!
9:13 am
>> those pants are on fire. those are back in style, you know. >> everything's coming back around. >> 1991. >> farley. i think bonnie raitt. she said that song "let's give 'em something to talk about". >> do you still have it on recording somewhere? >> yeah, i got a dvd or something, yeah. my mother put a whole -- compiled everything i think i've ever done. so it's this extensive -- >> scale the most nervous, where were you at that point? >> oh. it was pretty intense. but the guys were so great. it was chris farley, david spade, adam sandler. i was very fortunate to work with such a phenomenal cast. >> first of all, "mr. robot" is a huge, huge hit." >> they did like a spoof on it in the new season when it started. >> it's time for you to host. >> hey! hey!
9:14 am
it? the five-timers club? >> yeah, yeah. >> that's five-timer. >> we'll just get you in the two-time. >> alec baldwin, tom hanks -- >> two is good. >> i don't want to be greedy! i'm happy to be here, as well. this is enough. this is all good. >> warm-up. >> we've got caramel m & ms. >> we got them before anybody else. not until may 2017? we're very lucky. spectacular images that caught our attention and made which thanks to our friends at american express means you get a little extra time with us. >> going in for the slow-mo kiss on the cheek. there we go. >> your nose is cold. like charlie, the puppy. >> is it? >> come on. >> there we go. this week the most prestigious awards for wildlife photography were announced. here are some photographer of the year, tim layman for his
9:15 am
climbing a tall tree. the photographer spent three days rope climbing the 30-meter tall tree to set several gopro cameras that could trigger remotely. the photos will be on display at the national museum of history. magazine at the doctor's office? >> you think about what goes into capturing those photos. >> "self" magazine put out a list of their favorite 2016 pop culture halloween costumes, including their prediction that snapchat filters and emojis would be wildly popular. here is the list. beyonce and lemonade. >> that's a good one. >> i don't know which one -- i guess one with the bat?
9:16 am
my favorite characters from "stranger things." and the next one, dylan, i put this to you. tiann hachlt t tiana taylor from kanye west's video. >> you know what i would look like in that outfit? >> look at the moves. >> that's all you, tamron. >> good morning. that's incredible. >> you haven't seen that video? >> no. no. my first glimpse of that. >> she is an artist, rapper and dancer around kanye -- that's all freestyle. >> unbelievable. she's making that up -- >> and it went viral. >> look at me. i got to really get on my game. not paying attention to these viral videos. >> you're on your game with the forecast. what do we have? >> it rained at 8:24. you can see just a couple of spotty showers trying to move in off the atlantic but it is really the big story back
9:17 am
have several inches of rain already on the ground. several more inches of rain likely so we could see some isolated areas of flooding. that is going to move eastward through the start of the weekend. then back behind it, temperatures will be cool enough to even produce some snow across the mountains of northern new for the most part it will be a dry day today. the winds are going to start to increase. especially right around lunch time coming out of the northwest. out ahead of an approaching front. it's relatively sl north of i-4, a 10% rain chance as it comes through, highs at 84, 78 tomorrow. . >> announcer: more today is sponsored by the blue cash every day card from american express. it's more than cash back.
9:18 am
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9:22 am
friday." thanks to our friends at best buy, we're giving away two gopros to our friends on the plaza. >> let's go! >> follow me this way. now it is raining out but they tell us that these are waterproof. let's see what you're taking here. are we able to see this vantage point? keep your eyes on the road, buddy. don't pretend to be sleeping. come on. so you will pick the first person. you want over the age of 18. by the way, we've not forgotten you great folks at home. let's get an umbrella.
9:23 am
let's go down a little bit. let's go down a little bit. boom! what's your name? >> amy! >> we've got one more to give out. let's go down. go down. go down. go down. go down. woo-hoo! what's your -- >> amazing! >> and we have dylan who's in the orange room with something for you at home. dylan! >> i didn't h really happy. we've got three more gopros to give away to our fans at home. to find out how to win one, visit our facebook page at's today. don't forget to like us, because we like the likes. coming up, the perfect saturday breakfast. a braken, egg and cheese sandwich with a whole bunch of other stuff on here that will blow your mind.
9:24 am
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9:27 am
good friday morning. meteorologist lee span has your friday forecast. hey, lee. he's been a comfortable morning out there. blue sky. upper 60s. we'll warm up though. temperatures in the mid 80s. wind speeds increase. a 10% rain chance as this cold front gets closer to us. all weekend cooler, and less humid. most of next week, a very slow
9:28 am
range in the low 80s. a bay area massage therapist continues to recover. ralph attacked the masoose. forte admitted to the crimes. a cafeteria worker is being hailed a hero after an inmate took a corrections officer hostage. morris was at this park when toward her saying a fellow inmate kidnapped an officer the inmate was later caught in pinellas county. more information on our website
9:29 am
foster farms presents appetites. even a small one can throw you off your game. they can happen anywhere. and they only get bigger as time goes on. serve foster farms corn dogs,
9:30 am
foster farms corn dogs. for monster appetites. this is about the point in the show when we get really hungry around here and nothing sounds better right now than a kicked-up breakfast. >> so our "today food" team called in the elizabeth to show us how to make the ultimate bacon, egg and cheese sandwich. good morning. >> good morning. these are our ingredients. we have wonderful bread, gruyere. we'll make some bacon jam. bacon jam. it is actually unbelievable. so we start -- our bacon is rendering. we'll leave the fat in here. it is really important. i know it is a lot and we're worried about health but you're
9:31 am
>> this is every once in a while. >> then we'll just add a few onions, add our shallots, let that cook down until it gets really soft and all that flavors gets in there. here we are. shallots, bacon and onions. took about ten minutes. now we've got maple syrup, some water, balsamic vinegar, we've got that sweet, little acid. we've got some dijon mustard and once it kind of cooks down, you want it to get thick, you want it to get syrupy. go into our blender for just a second. you still want it to be chunky. just a little bit. that's really about all you need. you don't want it to turn into a paste. you just want to break it down just a little bit. so now this, fantastic bacon jam, is going on our ultimate
9:32 am
like. >> exactly. yes. yes. yes. >> it looks beautiful. >> we've got our wonderful griddle. these things are amazing. they cook evenly, you throw them on top. you can get a lot of things on that. then with our fried egg. that is going to be the glory on this sandwich. we have our buttered bread. >> what kind of bread do you like? >> i love a sourdough. we'll do a whole grain love. >> why did you turn the butter side down? >> i did because it has to go on to our griddle. now we are going to spread our jam. now this is -- if you aren't a fan of bacon jam -- i can't imagine that you wouldn't be. but if you're not, you could always do a blackberry or raspberry jam. >> that is going on the grill. >> exactly. but we can't forget our egg.
9:33 am
>> have you ever? oh, my god, it is so exciting. >> it is dripping and wonderful. >> we'll brown both sides, it is going to be gorgeous. now going over to our hash browns. everybody loves a hash brown. oh, my gosh! oh, my gosh! >> darn you! that's really not fair at all! >> yes, it is! it's halloween. that is fantastic. >> i hate this hoy. >> it is the best holiday ever! i love it. >> genuinely got me. >> you're such a good southern woman. don't fall for these new york ways. >> they're corrupting me here. it's terrible. so we're going to hand grate our potatoes. that makes all the difference. what we want to do, in order to
9:34 am
hash brown, we got to squeeze all this moisture out. because, look, if it's really -- that's going to give us that gorgeous crust. otherwise, it is going to be too wet and it is going to stay wet. we're mixing all of our ingredients here. we add in our potato. then we're going to go to our griddle. >> these recipes are at while you are at it, come on, christian, let's dig in here. wine there, sign "today food club" to get a special deal on cookware sent straight to your in box. that's phenomenal. how is that? >> does it make up for the spider? >> oh, yeah. >> james franco is in the house. they're hitting the big screen today in a very risque new film called "king cobra."
9:35 am
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9:38 am
as you know, christian's our co-host this week but he has a big film coming out today with james franco. >> the movie is called "king
9:39 am
world of film making. gentlemen, good morning to you. >> thank you so much for having us. >> it is nice having you here. >> yes. >> so christian, you started to tell us about this movie on wednesday. give us a recap for those who didn't hear what it is about. >> well, it is about the adult film industry. he and i play rivals, basically. i run -- >> no. >> what? >> you're cobra. yeah, i run cobra films. >> >> i've had like a james franco week. he's always doing something. like got 18 things going on. you interview, like between the two ferns? i think dylan and i should go on each side of you and let you two -- >> that's the best idea. >> you're interviewing james. there we go. >> i didn't have to move. >> i see.
9:40 am
now. is that correct? you've been doing this for a while. >> gentlemen. >> how did this "king cobra" project come to you? how did you discover this film? >> okay. well, i had worked with our great director, justin kelly, before he had actually been a co-editor on "milk." the film i did with sean penn. we had this other movie called "i am michael" that we took to sundance. yet. "king cobra" is going to come out first. but he and i were talking, what are we going to do next? that's something you say regularly when you work with people. >> well, i work with a lot of young, up and coming directors. >> no. it is wonderful you give them that opportunity. >> i help them get the movies made but i also just push them to do it. as you know, there is a lot of talk in our business and things can sit around for years and years and years. so i pushed him to make these.
9:41 am
i said why don't we make it? then -- >> how long did it take from the time that he told you about -- >> it was fast as heck. all we needed to do was get our main dude and once we did that, we were all set. you were his first choice. >> that's so awesome. >> sorry. now as an interview, this is when you ask something uncomfortable. like way too personal or something behind the scenes. >> personal. >> you m >> was it -- what was it like doing some of the kissing scenes in this particular project? how is that? is that awkward? always go for the relationship stuff. awkward love scene. how did that feel? >> well, so i play a rival pornographer. i am in a relationship with the character played by keegan allen. >> he's brilliant. >> yeah. i've known him before.
9:42 am
when you work with actors, you've created sort of a wonderful ensemble of people that you keep -- >> i'll tell you -- let me tell you something. >> here's the break-through moment! this is going to go viral. get ready. it is going viral. >> i had no problem with the love scenes. >> very brave. >> and our guys are like, justin described them as shop, gym, tan. shop, gym, tan. a lot of our scenes we're lifting weights, tanning, and these things. i have no problem with it. >> you got to check this movie out. >> my only problem with doing it was i'm going to bust him a little bit -- is keegan stuffed his speedo so big! >> no! >> like this is -- >> this is luge! >> everyone that came on set was like, what? >> what did he stuff the speedo with? >> like he had the biggest bulge and i know for a fact he stuffed
9:43 am
>> fern. fern here. >> when you do nude scenes -- >> this is astounding. i asked him. i said is that all you? >> this is deep -- >> i asked the question. >> this is deep actor information. when you do a nude scene as a male, oftentimes they'll give you like a sock, you know? so that you can -- but then you can see the butt and everything. >> because of modesty. >> yeah. well, i asked for are my sock. may i and they're like, no, keegan took all of them. not just one. keegan took all of them. >> and used them all at once? >> yeah! so i was fine with it except when standing next to keegan who's like -- and then taped everything. it's just like -- >> christian and james. >> i had no idea this was going on. >> "king cobra" is available in select theaters. >> great story. >> on demand today. remember what you learned about the sock when you watch the
9:44 am
now. >> you're going to be able to see it. >> it sounds like i won't miss it. >> no, you won't miss it. >> yes. >> dylan, please save us. that means get to the weather. >> i have to do the weather? this meansvy to do weather and since i can't pos it's sunny out there this morning as we wait on a cold front still a mild afternoon, 84 degrees. a few clouds. a 10% rain chance. the breeze gets stronger. down to 60 degrees over night. it's going to be cool and breezy on saturday at 78. and 79 on sunday. >> that's your latest forecast. coming up next -- they just wrapped up a gig in d.c. a few
9:45 am
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9:49 am
>> now these guys are headlining a tour in a brand-new album called st. motelevision. good morning, guys. >> thanks for having us. >> you were here with us last summer. a lot's happened in the past year. how's it been going for you guys? >> it's been good. thanks for having us back. it's just been, you know, one journey to get back leer to finish the album. and today is the put -- yeah. i can imagine. the last time you guys were here, what happened? you did some good performance? it was crazy? >> it was wild. >> al was like on the couch dancing. >> al was dancing? >> it was pretty intense. >> real distracting. i'll be honest. it was great. >> okay. okay. yeah. well, now we understand why he a he getting knee surgery. >> it all ties together now. i understand. >> that's very possible. we'll be back in a moment right
9:50 am
when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose assisted-living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools , running fees up to seventy thousand dollars.
9:51 am
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9:52 am
looking for a way to keep your little ones occupied on a saturday morning while you get a little break? >> well, you're i randy zuckerberg who wrote the best selling book "dot" is taking that spunky character off the pages of her book. >> check out the first episode where the tech-savvy dot takes her tablet into the woods. >> i love being a rangeroo. feels great to be back out here with nothing but the trees,
9:53 am
your tablet? really? how can you earn your scavenger hunt badges with your eyes glued to a screen? >> so, you just mentioned you guys are both in these tech savvy movies. >> partner in tech tv. how exciting is this. >> unbelievable. you have a great character. a great show. >> thank you. i think it is so important to show preschoolers getting interested in technology because that's when kids are for the right balance of tech in the household. to get more girls excited about tech is so important. >> that is a great thing. how do you discover that balance? you can see kids, you go out to dinner and you see parents with the kids just sitting there at the table and kids are looking at the ipad. do you feel like what's the best thing parents can do to get the kids actually off the technology and back into the real world? >> i feel for parents today. on one hand, i am a professional
9:54 am
>> congratulations. >> thank you. i think there is definitely a way to find balance. when they think about kids and tech we don't have to immediately think of a kid glued to a screen. dot, she 3-d prints, she builds robots with be she flies drones. there are so many ways to get kids excited about technology. >> wonderment and things that you actually can create. >> that's right. tech can bring you closer to the things you love. it can bring creativity and fun into your life. it doesn't just have to put up a barrier between you and your i love your hair, by the way. >> thank you. i'm trying to do -- be dot. i'm wearing polka dots. >> so it is in honor of dot. >> it is in honor of dot. in many ways i feel like i am a little bit dot with her adventuresome entrepreneurial spirit. >> how did you get involved in this tech world? was this your background? >> i worked in silicon valley for a decade. i led marketing at facebook for many years and worked there.
9:55 am
business book called "dot complicated." here i had these young kids and realized the challenges of modern parenting. i went back to my publisher and said i'd also love to write a kid's book. we need to get more girls excited about tech. we need to show modern childhood. we need a tool for parents. hi! >> i love it. i can't wait to share with my nieces. >> this is awesome. >> christian, you were amazing. we want to thank you. >> thank you so much. loved doing it. happy friday. this is the best! >> i love being a tech show people together. >> we're doing it. a performance by st. motel is next.
9:56 am
coming up on daytime, my guest cohost is miss florida, 2016. and we're making a quick pumpkin pie recipe that will impress your guests. plus your panel weighs in on
9:57 am
9:58 am
good friday morning. i'm gene ramirez. we've had lots of sunshine all morning long. it's going to start to get breezier as the day goes on as the fron not here yet. our afternoon high, 84. only a 10% rain chance. the cold front tonight, significantly cools us down. we're at 78 saturday. 79 on sunday. even more shocking will be the morning lows on saturday, sunday, and monday. near 60. looking good, lee, thanks. today construction crews are breaking ground to make way for the new downtown publix set to open in channel side. the mayor will be on hand for the ground breaking happening
9:59 am
rendering of what that publix will look like. it's attached to a 21 story residential tower. when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose assisted-living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools ,
10:00 am
how far will bob buesing go? that's up to you. >> hello the "daytime." i'm jerry penacoli. cyndi, of course, on vacation. and sittin her seat here today, the beautiful -- >> thank you. >> the talented miss florida, current reigning miss florida, courtney sexton. nice to have you here. >> thank you so much for allowing me to be here with you. >> you were here just a few months ago. >> sitting on this side of the couch. >> and it was right after you had been crowned.


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