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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  October 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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right now on new channel 8, first at four. >> headlines. blood banks are zika. labs are running tests. >> a tv reporter save a man from this crash. >> the wells fargo scandal could affect more bank workers. why there is a possibility of closures. >> tampa bay's manatee smoothy is getting a special honor. the record book he will be featured in at the ripe age of 67. >> good afternoon and thanks for being with us. i'm josh benson. >> and i'm stacie schaible. this is first at four. zika concerns especially for
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were confirmed in south florida. >> blood donations are being tested across the state and for good reason. a donor's blood came back positive for zika in august. the testing lab that caught it in the bay area. new channel 8 chanel shows us how to keep it out of reach. >> all the blood makes its way to the testing lab in st. pete. when it gets here, the blood is tested for zika. one blood official confirms the zika virus was found in a donation in florida. the blood was tested at their lab in st. pete where everybody one blood donor's blood is tested for zika virus. one rep could not give us specifics on where the donation came from. the doctors used highly sophisticated devices to test up to 3000 samples a day to provide results within hours to make sure that no zika positive
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supply. >> that's the reason that this strum and the test is in place. one blood wants to ensure that they provide screen or appropriately screened blood in light of the zika epidemic. >> the fda has confirmed the one positive zika blood sample tested in st. pete. reps say that if any blood comes back at zika positive a usf team showed off their work putting on face of long- forgotten victims of a crime. the forensic specialists worked with evidence and to reconstruct what they would have looked like in life. they revealed their work in 20 cases. some of the cases date back to 1970 and their work revealed new information. >> we found that the ages and and ancestry for some of the victims was wrong. finding that a particular victim was 18 years old and not
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impact on the investigation. the team worked on cases from all over florida and as far away from kentucky and virginia. >> a dangerous carjacker is behind bars. 53 year-old ralph forte was arrested last night. on wednesday he violently beat a masseuse. police placed schools on lockdown. forte's fingerprints were spotted on a car he is now charged with attempted murder. talk about being in the right place at the right time. a news crew in houston was driving when they came up to a truck and preliminary over on a highway. they jumped out to help. a reporter helped to clear him out of a concrete truck. a hazmet unit was called to clean up the fuel spilling from
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could be out of a job soon. the bank scandal could cause them to shut down there is no widespread closures right now but the bank needs to find ways to pay for legal costs. wells fargo hinted at the move when they discussed online banking. a lawsuit file in southeast ballots and they are not sure how many ballots. >> in 2014 broward county voted more heavily for medical marijuana than any other county and with the state 18 days away, one voter has said that medical marijuana question was not on her mailin ballot. >> i think the first thing that the court needs to figure out is the nature and scope of the problem. how broad or deep is it.
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the lawsuit on behalf of voter carolinaen karen goldstein. >> he called it cataclysmic. >> anyone sent out with not ballot 2 on it has to get a new one. >> adding to the confusion is that there is no amendment 4 on the general election ballot. that's because that amendment was voted on in august. reporting from the state capital. the broward offense was criticized for sending out things early and sending out voter yards and one said yes in a no line of a tax referendum. here is ed ludsworth. >> big changes coming our way for the weekend. max defender 8 scanning the skies all over central florida and showing that we got a great pick shaping up for this evening.
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here is the big reason. a cold front slicing through the area. breezes taking shape and looking from lakeland ranch you can see the palm trees getting swayed and starting to pick up 86 in tampa and 84 zephyrhills and cooler towards crystal river and 79 in clearwater and there is cooler air across north florida and southern georgia that will be coming our way. agaiu starting to pick up around 10 to 15. dew points in the 60s and look to the north. dew points really dropping across the florida panhandle in the 40s and that's evident of the dryer air moving into our backyard as the cold front slices through the area. cooler air follows right behind it. and also we will keep it fairly breezy through overnight and tomorrow. so scattered clouds as kickoff begins for the friday night
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temperatures start to cool down big time for the final play 69 degrees, a breezy ride home and a cool start tomorrow. we will look at the week temperatures coming up in a few. smoothy, the manatee is the oldest manatee. now in guinness world book of records for 2017. born in 1948 and is 67 years old. right now he lives at the south florida museum guinness world book of records is on store shelves now. still ahead. >> you may soon have more to choose from than just u bern and lyft. the reason tesla put a band in place for itself driving cars. >> new developments in kick kardashian's robbery case. the surveillance video believes
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now your consumer watch first at four. a new riding service could be on the horizon. tesla says the drivers that own the new self driving car will not be allowed to use the vehicle for uber and lyft. tesla posted a disclaimer on its website saying anyone ordering a car like this can only use it for family and friends. the electric car maker will announce details on its own car shifting service next year. parents need to here recall. more than 120,000led clings are being recall because the gel can come off posing a choking hazard. target stores sold them. you can return for a refund. bad news tonight for people that suffer migraines. horrible headaches could be caused by some of your favorite foods. a new study by the american society for micro biology shows
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bacteria that breaks down nitrates from food. there has been a connection between migraines an increased amounts of n i trous oxide. >> the kim kardashian burglary. where the jewelry was stolen and the investigation is on going but help. music gets political. here is david daniel. >> the first trailer for the last wolverine movie has a somber tone. the logan is weary and professor x looks near death
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but logan may have one more fight left in here. logan opens mar 3rd, 2017. >> here to the hearts that bleed. >> more and more people are singing the praises of lala land. it will be at the centerpiece of the american film festival at hollywood's famous chinese theater. december 9th. >> the final presidential debate gave a 30 year-old janet jackson song new life after donald trump called hillary clinton a nasty woman. the phrase went viral and spotify says streams of jackson songs spiked 250%. in high school. i'm david daniel. we have breaking news into our newsroom. tampa fire on the scene of a water rescue.
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the scene. what are you seeing. reporter: let me set the stage. on the courtney campbell causeway and boat ramp is here and the search is over here to the east and i will push in. right there is the tpd helicopter up in the air searching and what happened is reports of a man pushing a boat that disappeared in the water. they are now down in the water looking to see if they can find anything. they have talked to witnesses on the scene and you can see divers from tampa fire and rescue are see figure they can find anything. as of this time they have not found anything but it is still an active scene and they will continue to search and we will stay with you and give you any information as it becomes available. well we are expecting beautiful weather this weekend. and that means people are going to be heading outside looking for stuff to do. we have cool things for you and your family. 8 on your side has the answers
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i'm joined by wflz katie sommers. >> you are dressed in your fall goodies. >> i like it. i can't wait to have a jacket on. >> cool breeze. >> and first we are speaking of the jingle ball. >> the tickets went on sale monday. this is for rechain smokers, pitbull, lucas graham and i'm saying the tickets are on sale now so a good week >> does it sell out. >> yes emily arena december 17th. >> and one buck place has a pumpkin patch. >> this is the buck squad for youth and the first time they did the huge pumpkin patch and a pumpkin contest and bucks legends and the proceeds benefit underserved kids. >> i love that. >> feeling festive. >> yes. and ways beats by the bay. >> our sister station is
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notify point and mon naca and fat joe like this festival. $55 to get in. i went last year and had a blast. >> the weather will be perfect. >> great. >> that is what we are hearing. the top two maybe. and the pig jig. i remember. we talked about this. barbecue competition and this is tomorrow curtis park and tickets start at $40. >> and if politics is your thing you have an option. >> th trump mid florida credit union and doors open at four and it starts at 7:00. >> there is lots of options, everything from music to food to politics. take your pick for halloween. >> we are heading towards the weather now. now, max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar and your storm 8 forecast with meteorologist ed bloodsworth. >> no excuse not to get outside this week as we are expecting the first true taste of autumn to come our way. this evening.
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there is a look from hyundai newport richie. the flag in the breeze and in the northeast and due north right around 10 miles per hour and sun city center looking with plenty of sunshine and a steady breeze and nissan in venice a more westerly breeze to the south and will transition as a northwest wind as we progress. temperature of 80. the cold front is the big story. moving through as we speak and by this week, we are talking about the coolest temperatures that we have ha season and the overall pattern stays dry through midweek next week and there it is. for tomorrow, a cool wake-up temperatures at 59 degrees. chilly for some of us. 77 by the afternoon and plenty of sunshine. there is the visible satellite. look at the clouds over the gulf. that will soft of mark your cold frontal boundary and not much rain.
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warm ahead of the front. 86 for tampa and inverness checked into 89. the cool air is lagging behind. breezes are starting to pick up. already around 10 to 20 and gusts around 20 so far. there's the dry air and higher moisture. another push of dry air. it to next week. the boundary progresses across the peninsula. you will notice tomorrow with the wake-up temperatures of 59 degrees. no excuse to get outside. look at the numbers here. 77 for the afternoon tomorrow. we will be on a slow warming trend through early next week.
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rain chances by wednesday and thursday as well. guys the first true taste of autumn. thursday you said. >> temperatures don't get back to average to next week. >> enjoy. >> all right. thanks so much. >> we have football fever at new channel 8, tonight is the blitz. >> coming up. we lucas and you can get more on tampa bay prime newscast every night on gray 38 at 8. weather brought to you by
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welcome back. hours away from the friday night blitz. the high school football season is winding down. the noble knights of robinson
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spot in the playoffs and our mary mcguire was up early with the kids there as they got ready for this big game. >> well football teams across the bay area are preparing for a big night on the gridiron this friday night and robinson high school has a huge game against photo pool. we are up early with 93.3, the students are so excited for homecoming and it is senior night and they have a lot to play for. >> the game and the next game is basically for a playoff spot and it is big. a big thing and exciting. kids are here at five in the morning. exciting. we have a pep rally and it is what it is about. >> kickoff is at 7:30 right here in tampa. reporting in tampa. i'm mary mcguire, new channel
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>> it is friday. >> this is the time of year that games are critical and they all matter and you got to get in the playoffs. >> some teams haven't had good seasons have a chance to get in the playoffs. week nine, we are calling this survival night for a number of teams and district games that are make and break including our game of the week zephyrhills. needs a win against river ridge to stay in the hunt. also manatee needs a win park. a lot of fun. bucks defensive tackle gerald mccoy headlines the team's final report. mccoy listed as questionable for the 49ers game on sunday and probable going to see him in the lineup. defensive end ayres out and clinton mcdonald that practiced will not play on sunday. >> last night the lightning came crashing back to earth
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avalanche. in this game another bizarre bounce of the puck off of the corner of the zambone door. ben bishop ready to play and a wide open net for andreas martinsen. a same spot by danny dekyzer. >> it has been a funky three games. there seems to be something going on. it year. it is twice it has happened to us in four games and bishop did everything right. he plays that one hundred of one hundred times for this to end on the stick, that is just -- it was rolling for him and we are having a hard time finding the back of the net. that's the definition of not your knight. >> no. >> and the old nhl arena.
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call it the home-team advantage but i have never seen this. i have seen it happen at emily but not in this close proximity. i am not sure they can do anything about it. >> right. >> the doors are the doors and the paddings. >> what are you going to do. >> start working on that at practice to help you. >>
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will be right back. a massive cyber attack halts the use of websites. twitter and spotify were affected because of a denial of service attack on a large scale domain manager. it is unclear who is behind the attack. you should be able to access the sites. number two. the presidential election is right around the corner. early voting begins monday. you can vote in the county
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early voting starts at 7:00 a.m. and for the list go to our web site. wl presidential nominee donald trump will be in florida friday night. doors open at 4:00 in the amphitheater. >> the cooler weather overnight. expecting cooler weather all weekend long. we will take a closer look with ed in just a few minutes. right now we are following breaking news. tampre scene of a water rescue at the courtney campbell causeway. let's go to reporter paul. i understand you have new information. >> good afternoon, stacy. what the new information is, according to hillsborough county sheriff a call came in and a man was pushing his court near the boat ramp and that's what you are looking at an that is where the fire rescue vehicles are statemented here. as he was pushing the boat he
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to see where he went. they made a 911 call and many agencies responded. tampa fire rescue and safety harbor and all kinds of law enforcement units and you can see here they are and what they are doing. grid search and the man went under water and the man unable to find him and if i pan down here a little bit more. tampa fire rescue is also out here in the water. i'm going to push in now to show you they have divers in the water. way from the boat ramp east of the boat ramp. the tide is pushing east. they are serving east and they have divers in the water trying to find anything and the tampa fire rescue in the water on the boats and tampa police up above in the helicopter looking so we will stay here on the scene and give you any information as it
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since the mass shooting that kill 49 people, the pulse nightclub is open again. >> hundreds of people including survivor orlando torres saw the opening. two california artists created the murals one has 7 hearts and the other has i am, we are, it's let's be. >> and the third has the message love is the answer. >> we miss our 49 dear angels and this is keeping it going in >> the artist left the backs of the murals blank so people can write their own messages. >> vote for 2016. candidates letting loose and poking fun at each other. last night was anything but normal. breanna tells us more about the tension in the room. >> hillary clinton is so
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watergate commission. >> donald trump and hillary clinton were supposed to play nice. >> it is amazing i am up here after donald. i don't think he would be okay with a peaceful transition of power. >> casting aside the joking both candidates delivering brutal break downs of each other. >> this is the first time that hillary clinton is sitting down and speaking to major corporate leaders and not getting for it. >> people look at the statute of liberty and they see a proud symbol of our history. donald looks at the statute of liberty and sees a four. maybe a five if she loses the torch and tablet and changes her hair. >> trump starting his speech strong. >> the media is even more bias this year than before.
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and everyone loves it. it is fantastic. my wife melania gives the exact same speech. >> and people get on her case. >> but losing the room after changing his tone. >> hillary clinton bumped into me accidentally and she very civilly said pardon me and i very politely replied let me t get into office. >> trump booed at times for crossing the line. >> hillary clinton has a totally different policy in private. i don't know who they are angry
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to hate catholics. >> clinton landing her own sharp barbs back at donald trump. >> donald i will listen to mike pence deny you gave it. donald trump is as healthy as the horse that vladimir putin rides around on. >> and poking around at herself. >> this is a special event that i nap schedule to be here. yeah. that was full of fireworks. a gun store in fort myers is getting attention. the shop put up a life size cardboard cutout of president obama and hillary clinton. it says get your guns now before we do. the owners asks if it was a ploy to boost sales but he says it has gone down before the signs went down. we are on your side with
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go to our and click the news tab and politics. will you find the 2016 general election voter guide. in the time of big money campaigns. volunteers in one congressional race are a throw-back and as the capital reporter matt tells us some people are getting crafty with yard signs. >> you will signs like these scattered around every time. great for for cars as they pass by. >> meet herb shelton. he decided to help congressional democrat walter dartland and started to han -- hand paint signs and he did it before he met the candidate. >> he was thrill. he thought it was something that some people thought that much of him and how many fans do you see out there painting
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that he didn't have any. >> they took it upon themselves and it wasn't my urging to say we don't have the money to buy any but we will create them. it has taken off and more volunteers will do more painting. it is a successful event. >> sheldon has handmade more than 120 of the painted signs for dartlan. reporting in tallahassee. i'm matt gelka. florida's district two in the panhandle expected to favor republican neil dunn. >> in 2015 an entrepreneurship degree was the highest paying degree and that's according to the bureau of labor and statistics. meredith is here now with more on this trend towards self employment. >> most colleges and universities in florida now offer entrepreneurship degrees and as of this year, tampa is
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national collegiate entrepreneurship organization. these entrepreneurs hope to tap into the growing market or organic clean eating with the cold press juices. mohammed, hitch and hasan working on research and development, advertising marketing and production. >> 60, 70 hour weeks. >> a lot of the happens at the john p. loe entrepreneurship. >> we have long days and we talk about what we have gotten done. >> they are the future of america's work force says giles newly appointed head of the national collegiate entrepreneurship organization. >> the say about pension to
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students learn finance and marketing and writing business plans and learning how to pitch and securing financial backing. >> when you sit down and do it yourself and have to learn everything by yourself. you see that it is very different. >> the young entrepreneurs are committed to controlling their destiny rather than have it in someone else's hands. >> when you work yourself. you are more passionate about what you do and you put even more hours and that's basically the main reason why myself. >> the collegiate entrepreneurship organization is in tampa later this month and it will feature keynotes from jeff vinic and the founders of big businesses including chuck e. cheese and red box.
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a scene many of us could not forget. a movie that taught us off love and that anything is possible. a league of our own featuring tom hanks and it is of course now a classic. i just watched it with my daughter. it was pretty funny. but the girls that inspired that classic flick, a league of their own are actually in sarasota. >> maybe doris will be there. >> and they have a to preserve their legacy. former athletes are in tampa bay reminiscing about the old days but raising money for proposed women's sports museum to be built in sarasota to honor the league of woman of all sports. >> there is a ton of discrimination against women. they don't get equal pay and sports it is even worse. >> we want the young girls of this age to know that you know they can dream and their dreams
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autographs for the public on sunday at 3:00 p.m. and held hyatt regency. >> here is ed bloods worth. >> max defender 8 not too much happening. able to track the weather and we have a cold front sliding through right now and a dry frontal passage. up in insbroadcast ins -- innsbruck. warm now in the 80s and look at the cool layers starting to invade the southern states and some will come our way. our temperatures drop through the evening. at 65 degrees by midnight and usf battling the mighty owls of tampa and we will have showers
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complete forecast coming up. still ahead. if you want to scare this halloween. you may want to go to halloween horror night. how universal is putting a new spin on it this year. and you will want to stick around for the 8 on your side stories. i have an update on this house that was flooded with raw sewerage. the city of largo has approved a settlement and coming up, i will tell you what that means. putting a new face on a cold case and how this
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murders. welcome back send it to stacy. >> we have a great shot tweeted to me by lisa. this is alex from houston and went to his first hockey game but did not get to see a lightning win.
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>> it is. jackie sparrow snapped this shot in tampa. she was eyeing over the beautiful sky and beautiful weather soon to follow. shelly hopkins in largo says this may be the biggest moth she has seen. she was fine until it landed on her arm. >> and this nice work. >> i would be scared. >> yes. >> you can send it to stacy with the # send it to stacy and share it with me on my wfla facebook page and i would love to see the halloween costume picks. send them in and we will be
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four. >> theme parks around the country are scaring tourists
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nights are getting a new twist. >> jumps and screams and scares. all part of halloween fun and at horror nights at universal studios there is a new attraction. >> there is a new way to experience horror than a typical haunted house. >> with elements from haunted houses and virtual reality the repository >> it takes the technology of virtual reality and two other types of interactive entertainment and group games solving. >> groups of four solve a supernatural mystery and real life actors and artifacts given to participants. >> we take you into these
4:51 pm
you can experience through digital reality. >> they explore the virtual world. >> you see what they are doing in the virtual world and you get to experience and how you guys can work together. >> and then to the temple of the dead and wipe out the curse. >> what you do generates the show there. >> it is not cheap. and hoping that the $50 price tag wo own path to a paranormallal dimension. mark barger nbc news. the first attraction to in corporate virtual reality. we do have breaking news. a crash on a howard frankland bridge and it has traffic at a standstill. taken from eagle 8hd. east of the howard frankland bridge in the northbound lands. florida highway patrol says there are injuries but we don't
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two lanes are closed and two lanes remain open. here is another view from the traffic camera getting you a look on a friday afternoon. if you are planning on driving from pinellas into tampa avoid the howard frankland bridge. we will update you as new traffic information rather becomes available. and just a quick reminder. the heart work is only three weeks away. three weeks from tomorrow. we are working hard to reach our goal of but we still need more help. ikea is matching the first monies we raise and we are 2/3 of the way there. the walk is november the 12th at raymond james stadium. go to walk for
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sunshine. max defender 8, a million watts of power scanning the skies and right now panning out putting out nice weather. lots of sunshine now and looking from our tower cam in tampa it is 86 degrees, quite warm with a west wind at 14 and we have been advertising this true push of cool autumn air. temperatures in the 70s for your saturday and sunday with plenty of sunshine and breezy start the day. winds picking up and dry air settling in and scattered cloudiness. 85 in mcdill and 81 for odessa and quite warm for a chunk of the region. 88 for barto and 89 in inverness.
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and lots of dry air coming our way. this will be the big story as we go through the next few days, that cooler air mass starts to settle in here and we start to feel it. tomorrow morning. you will wake up to a cool 59 degrees. break out the light jackets. you may need them especially by sunday. 56 degrees when you wake up for the second half of your weekend. temperatures in the 70s. no excuses. not to get outside and enjoy it and we will get and perhaps rain chances by wednesday. coming up. the united nations turns to a super hero. >> who was named the honorary ambassador for the girls and women everywhere? we will explain when first at 4
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>> now let's take a look at what's trending online today. >> beginning with a new announcement from the united nations. they named an honorary ambassador and, drum roll. it is wonder woman. dc entertainment president diane nelson and linda carter from the wonder woman tv series accepted and here is a funny coincidence. today actually marks 75 years since wonder woman's debut. and then there's this. emotion during a terrifying situation is captured in a photographer. a photographer was snapping this alabama couple's wedding picture when she was almost run over by a speeding car. you can see the party horrified. thankfully, that photographer was not hurt. >> wow.
4:59 pm
show you of a new member of the san diego zoo safari park. it is of a two day old baby gorilla. it made its debut with her mother. >> this was too horrifying a situation, so they are still playing it out. oh, here it comes. there's the baby. i guess the mom constantly hold it is baby and is very attentive. look at that tiny thing. zoo officials say the staff has not had any contact with the newborn. both are doing well. as far as a name, no word yet. now and get updates between newscasts you can always go to >> and we have much more news coming your way. newschannel8 at 5:00s right now. >> right now on newschannel8 at 5:00. >> a man disappears near a popular boat ramp. we are seconds away from a live update on the search. >> and zika found in donated blood. how a bay area lab may have
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>> after an awkward evening together, trump and clinton are back on the campaign trail. i'm stacie schaible. >> i'm josh benson. thanks for being with us tonight. we have breaking news. a search is underway for a missing boater. paul lamison joins us live aboard eagle 8 hd. what's the latest? >> reporter: good evening josh. it is about the same as it was earlier. they are on the scene looking for the boater. here is what right here at the boat ramp, people saw a man pulling a boat. he went underwater. they never saw him resurface. they called 911, alerted hillsborough county sheriff. they alerted tampa fire rescue who respond today the scene and we are here at the boat ramp. i will show you, there's plenty of law enforcement boat ins the water and i will push into these two. these are tampa fire rescue boats. and, they do have divers in the


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