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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  October 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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>> after an awkward evening together, trump and clinton are back on the campaign trail. i'm stacie schaible. >> i'm josh benson. thanks for being with us tonight. we have breaking news. a search is underway for a missing boater. paul lamison joins us live aboard eagle 8 hd. what's the latest? >> reporter: good evening josh. it is about the same as it was earlier. they are on the scene looking for the boater. here is what right here at the boat ramp, people saw a man pulling a boat. he went underwater. they never saw him resurface. they called 911, alerted hillsborough county sheriff. they alerted tampa fire rescue who respond today the scene and we are here at the boat ramp. i will show you, there's plenty of law enforcement boat ins the water and i will push into these two. these are tampa fire rescue boats. and, they do have divers in the
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have been doing a grade search. they have a little square area and they are going back and forth, back and forth, the divers in the water. also, other fire rescue boats here as well. and what they are doing, they are doing the same pattern. they are looking at the search of the shoreline and tampa police has a helicopter in the air looking so right now, they are looking for a boater who went underwater pull ago boat. he has gnat resurfaced. it is messing traffic up and on the courtney campbell causeway. >> thank you paul lamison. donated blood tested positive for the zika virus here in the bay area. blood centers have been on high alert since the first case of zika was detected in florida. jamel lanee joins us live in saint petersburg where the blood sample was tested. please tell us more jamel. >> reporter: well, so far, the
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positive, it is the only one that has been confirmed in the state of florida. now, blood is brought here every day to one blood and tested for zika. testing for the zika virus is ramping up. right now, one blood is one of the few centers around the state testing for the virus and blood donations. >> we get the samples in, in the evening. most of those are tested and the results are reported back. >> reporter: this after a blood donation tested positive for zika several months ago. the only po far, in the state. tests for all one blood donors around florida is done right here in saint pete. >> the safety that is inherent in the blood supply right now is at its peak. higher than it has ever been. >> reporter: they prepared a year ago. >> we had anticipated a possible zika outbreak of varying magnitude for quite a while actually. and we had the wheels in the process for bringing tests up. >> reporter: fears are still
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women. >> it is ... really corning since, you know, we have mosquitoes year around. >> reporter: doctors are seeing more men get blood tests these days. >> pregnant women develop symptoms through fever, body ache, that sort of thing. they should go to a doctor and get tested. >> reporter: now, authorities can't tell us where this blood donation came from or who it so, this could have come from anywhere. we are talking about the panhandle. north, central, and south florida. stacie? >> so, what happens, jamel, when a test does come back positive? >> reporter: so basically, they will safely discard the blood so it does not get mixed up in the blood supply. >> thank you, jamel lanee live in saint petersburg. early voting starts monday morning bright and early. all across the bay area.
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overseeing the setup. he tells 8 on your side he is confident that procedures are in place to prevent fraud or rigging. he also encourages people to use his department's website to check wait times at each of the polling places. >> there is actually a stoplight on there telling you if there is any weight at all, at that site. you might check it when you are leaving work. you might check two other sites. so we just encourage people to check that. >> we have a link hillsborough supervisor of elections website and all other bay area counties on our website, to find our complete 26 election guide, just head to our home page, click on the news tab and then click politics. donald trump is back on the campaign trail after falling a bit flat at a charity event in new york. both trump and clinton got some laughs at the al smith dinner but trump also got some boos.
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usual talking points. ryan moore joins us with the latest on the campaign trail. >> reporter: 18 days left, and donald trump has his eyes on the finish line of a grueling race. >> win, lose, or draw, and i'm almost sure that the people come out, we are going to win. but, i will be ... i will be happy with myself. >> reporter: in must win north carolina, virtually no mention of rigged system. he focused his attacks on his opponent. >> hillary clinton is the most corrupt politician to seek the office of the president. >> reporter: supporters cheered a line that bombed last night in new york. >> hillary is so corrupt ... she got kicked off the water gate commission. >> reporter: trump was jeered by some attendees at the traditional al smith charity
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beyond good natured ribbing. >> here she is tonight ... in public ... pretrending not to hate catholics. >> reporter: while trump refuses to say whether he will accept the outcome of the election if he loses, a new nbc poll says 45% of republicans may not accept the election. the democrats say they will accept it if they are on the losing side. it is a promise and her supporters hope she never has to keep. russia which has already been accused of trolling this election, is now offering to send poll watchers here. suggesting the process won't be fair. ryan moore, nbc news, washington. >> and donald trump is making a stop in tampa monday. he is holding a rally at the mid florida credit union amphitheater. after a 24 hour man hunt, an accused dangerous venice
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rampage, carjacking and attacking multiple people. now, he is going to pay the price. newschannel8's john rogers joins us now live in sarasota with an update. >> reporter: the city of venice was on edge during the search but she kind of easy to find. ralph forte appeared humble and in handcuffs at thsarasota county jail edge this week. on wednesday, police say he violently attacked a masseuse at the 88 spa off tamiami trail. a police report says he repeatedly beat her on the head. he then took off and tried to carjack a driver of a pickup truck. when that failed, he kept going. he spotted a man at a publix parking lot. tried to carjack him. then beat him and ran off.
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down. police tracked him down to his house aarrested him where he confessed to the crime. he is a former marine with a criminal history. he faces numerous charges including attempted murder. he is being held on no bond. we are told this injured masseuse is in her 40s and she had surgery for her head injuries and she is recovering in the hospital. hopefully, she makes a full recovery. back to you. >> all right, john rogers live for us in sarasota county. thank you. now, breaking news, main break in boston. boston ems reports two people were trapped in the trench which quickly filled with water. the incident happened in a construction zone. officials are currently investigating whether the sidewalk and the street are safe. a massive cyber attack brought several popular sites to a standstill this morning. sites including netflix, visa, spotify, twitter, reddit. it was a denial of service
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manager dine. it is not immediately clear who was behind the attack or why. they confirmed the attack and says all sites should be back to normal now. well, her house filled with sewage and she says it was all the city's fault. >> coming up, she knew she better call behnken. ahead, we are going to explain the deal that has been struck and how the city is promising to make things better. >> also ahead, cameras rolling when a quake rocks an ofce different choice. their reaction coming up. >> happy to report this weather news. much cooler drier air for the weekend. fall has finally arrived. we have our football forecast coming up and the rest of the
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amendment 1 guarantees your right to generate your own solar energy. it also guarantees that those who don't choose solar don't have to subsidize those who do. amendment 1 means commonsense consumer protections safeguarding seniors-and all floridians from scams, rip-offs, and long-term contract traps. 1: good for the economy. good for the environment. good for florida.
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>> we have an update on breaking news we told you about. a crash is slowing traffic on the northbound howard frankland bridge. this is video of the accident just east of the hump on the northbound lanes. florida highway patrol tells us there are injuries. but the extent of the injuries are unknown at this point. we have another view from our traffic camera. this one looks a little messier, there is still a big backup headed into tampa. you will account. we will keep you updated as new traffic information becomes available to us. cameras in an office building in japan were rolling when a 6.6 magnitude earthquake struck. one showed workers leaving their desks, another standing up and pulling out their phones and cameras to record what was happening. no major damage or deaths reported. now, max defender 8, the
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chief meteorologist steve jerve. >> well, you would hardly know it now, but there is a cold front passing through the bay area. we can spot a few showers in the gulf of mexico where the moisture is just a little bit higher. this is a pretty good view on the million watt s band radar out in the gulf of mexico. and they are drifting generally to the south associated with the front. very low top stuff. this is very light shower activity. very dry air ahead of the front. dry air behind. so it doesn't add up to much in locally. there is shower activity out there. here, you can see, the pine needles moving around a little on the tree. 78 degrees with a north wind at 5 miles an hour. a few clouds coming with this front, that is really about it. generally breezy throughout the later evening into tomorrow. you can see the flag going here out in lakeland. out in polk county, 83 degrees now. mostly sunny conditions with the winds coming in. winds north, north, north. that's the wind shift thank to the front.
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veteran's ford. 80 degrees. beautiful weather. the north wind at 5 miles an hour. so, the weekend weather overall looks great. fantastic actually. 77 degrees for saturday. 79 degrees on sunday. loads of sunshine. i mentioned a bit of a breeze if you are headed out to the football games by the final play. 69 degrees. a cool drive home as the breeze kicks in more as the front pushes south of the area. now, the morning low temperatures, temperatures are actually back envogue re during the summer because they don't change much. 59 degrees saturday, 56 sunday. you can see 65 degrees. those are the low temperatures. as we start to bring back a bit more moisture in the atmosphere, you will notice the humidity coming back. but not to unpleasant levels. 72 at 4:00 p.m. 77 as a high. 80, odessa, palm harbor. apollo beach.
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sarasota, 85 degrees. the fronts impacts are felt. and the breezes are a little higher. look at crystal river. like land. 21 miles an hour gusts. same in saint petersburg. but the wind direction is from the northwest. dry here here ahead as i mentioned. dry air behind the front. that is the actually front. you can see it on the water vapor imagery. at the surface too. maybe a few clouds pushing to the south. you saw the radar reflectivity there on max defender 8. next five days, this area we have a prayer. the cold front coming in is just going to sweep it all away. not that concerned at all for us and not looking to become a tropical storm. but it is on the map. football forecast, usf, they are traveling to philadelphia to play temple. scattered showers. that game is played tonight at 7:00. ucf. orlando ucf and the huskies are playing in east hartford, connecticut tomorrow at noontime.
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tallahassee. should be fantastic weather for north florida and the bucs are playing san francisco, 49ers. 70 degrees there out in california. they always have great weather. rpm wrap model for the short term, here comes the fronted. note the wind shift, everything coming in from the northwest. that's good. because throughout the summer we see easterly flows, southerly flows bringing in cooler drier air. that is our trend. saturday, sunday, there you go folks. no chance of and that will feel pretty chilly in the morning hours. northern folks could see upper 40s for sunday morning. and then monday, tuesday, wednesday, the usual slow warming trend. but this is a pleasant stretch of weather. if you have been cheated, when you need help, she's on your side. better call behnken. moving back into a house destroyed by raw sewage. when a largo family turned to 8 on your side, their home was a mess. after city workers accidentally
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sewage. and that is when they knew they better call behnken. now there is progress. shannon behnken joins us now. progress sauce good. >> reporter: this has been going on for months. but now, the city of largo has agreed to pay up. the city finalized an agreement to settle with the family so they can begin putting their home back together. >> i tucked the wires in the wall. >> reporter: laura ball desperately wants her house back after city workers flooded it with th sewage. >> none of the woodworks done. >> reporter: now, she is one step closer since the city of largo approved a cash settlement. >> i'm glad to be done with the city. with the bureaucracy of that. that is destroyed. i had to glue that back together. >> reporter: the city agree today pay more than $130,000 to the balls and their neighbors to fix their homes. >> do you think you are going to have enough money for a settlement to fix the house the
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satisfied. >> you know, they destroyed our home. >> reporter: but the home looks a lot better than ball first turned to 8 on your side in early september. back then, she felt the city had forgotten her. suzanne, the director of the human resources department, says that's not the case. >> do you feel like it is enough money to put the house back together? >> i do. we did as much double checking as possible with the values. >> reporter: si cleaned sewage lines, a backup happened. and, the sewage flowed toward the homes instead of the manhole. >> what are you doing to make sure this doesn't happen again? >> environmental services is taking a very, very good look at the property levels and where the manholes are supposed to be. >> reporter: she worries about the aging sewage system and wants to make sure this doesn't
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together. they need to figure out where the problems are. >> reporter: the balls plan to use the settlement money to repair the home, then they plan to sell it and start over somewhere else. >> yeah, no one can disagree to start over. but now you have to sell the house. are they worried about selling it? >> they are. because they do have to disclose it. it will bring the value down. so they are concerned about that. they do hope that rebare it and try to make it as good as they can and sell it and just go somewhere else. >> sewage is not good. thanks so much. great job. and if you have a problem that needs solving better call behnken. there's the number on your screen. 1-855-behnken. and we are just hours aaway from our friday night blitz game of the week. zephyr hills looking to bounce back from a bad loss as they
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>> well the heart walk, three weeks from tomorrow. and we are working hard to reach our fund raising goal of $100,000. but we could still use more help. fuccillo kia is matching the first $50,000 we raised and we are two-thirds of the way there. the walk is november 12 at raymond james stadium and it is easy to donate or join my team.
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robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up proud and strong, in a nation where they're valued
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prove this message. >> time for our friday night blitz game of the week. and this week, it is the wesley chapel wildcats versus the zipper hills eagles. >> it's a big one. kickoff is just two hours away. paul ryan joins us live at zephyr hills high school with
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case of unstoppable force 7-0 wesley chapel visiting 5-2 chapel hill. they have a unique opportunity tonight here at zephyr hills. a chance to exercise some feelings against a rival that has beaten them the last five times these two schools have pet many. it is also a chance to destroy the season for wesley chapel. if they lose, contention. if eagles can snap the streak, it would be huge for the program. we talked just a moment ago to zephyr hills head coach who is out here speaking to newschannel8 and he recognizes how important it is. >> it has been a great honor. and, we take a lot of pride in that. we are very close to wesley chapel high school. and, it is a big rival here in pasco county. we control our destiny.
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runners up. we can't lose. we have to play our best football thus far. >> reporter: zephyr hills with its back against the wall, wesley chapel just riding the wave of momentum to a 7-0 start. i done think anyone saw that coming. we will find out which one stands up to the test tonight on the friday night blitz. tune in at 11:15. highlights and reaction. >> we will tune in. up at 5:30. >> the solar amendment has a lot of people scratching their heads. >> plus, the women who infired the movie a league of their own. remember that one? they have a reunion of their own right here in the bay area. we are going to show you the plans to honor these historic
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>> right now on newschannel8 at 5:30. >> a solar power amendment is making voter's heads spin. is it good for your wallet or not? i'm jenn holloway. >> i'm josh benson. thanks for being with us. >> we ha the search for a missing boater near the courtney campbell boat ramp. paul lamison joins us now live. he is on board eagle 8 hd. paul, i understand we have new details? >> reporter: good evening jenn. yes we do. what is reported is a man was on a rental boat out here, right up the courtney campbell causeway when the boat got stuck on a sand bar. the man pushed the boat away.


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