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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  October 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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paul, can you hear us? all right ... i apologize for that. we cannot connect with paul lamison live over the scene. but we will bring you an update at the courtney campbell causeway. the search is underway there for a missing boater. i'm here. i can hear it. if i have feed. sorry about that josh. >> let's take a look. we are here campbell causeway. the boat is anchored right over here. the boat got stuck on a sand bar, so the man jumped overboard on the sand bar to push the boat. he pushed the boat off. he went free. he tried to float. went urn twice. the third time he surfaced he went back under again. and he did not come up. the 911 call was made from the shore. people saw it.
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agencies responded. and here is tampa fire rescue. they had divers in the water the past two hours. the divers are now out of the water but they are continuing the search. a coast guard helicopter is here as well. it is still an active scene and they are still actively looking for this man who went under while pushing a boat off the sand bar right off the courtney campbell causeway. >> thank you paul. a grim situation out there. we will stay with you and get side investigation, safeguarding your vote. are elections safe and secure or ripe for the picking? a hillsborough county woman believes someone tried to commit election fraud using her personal information. >> when we did some digging we found there is not much being disown to stop it. steve andrews joins us now. so, whose job is it to prevent election fraud in the first place? >> reporter: apparently, it is
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now, the hillsborough county supervisor of elections relies ton state to weed out phony applications. when i pressed them, i realized they did not look for any others. rest assured, the supervisor of elections says election fraud is nonexistent. marina is not a believer. she discovered an organization submitted a voter when she discovered she was listed as democrat, not republican, she demanded an explanation. >> they said no, you signed this application. i said no. not me. >> reporter: according to craig lattimer, marina's application is the only one of 50,000 that raised questions. >> have you looked for any problems? >> well, when we are getting them back from the state, they
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elections to verify the authenticity of the elections. but it was the state that verified the application marina calls a phony. >> we contacted them to tell them this lady said she did not sign this. and that you were involved in this investigation and we wanted to let them know in case they did have an issue with one. >> reporter: following the meeting. the executive director said the canvasser who surrendered works there. >> have you looked tat 200 other ones? >> we don't know who they are. there is no information on that application. only the identification number of the third party organization. >> so we have to rely on mi familia to tell us if they are legit? >> or the state. >> reporter: the state. come on. the division of elections with done this one. only when marina went to
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don't tell me there is no election fraud. you know. law enforcement source of mine today told me his wife and previous election was prevented from voting in hillsborough county because someone voted in her place in hernando. >> it happens. it is surprising. >> so i'm wondering, did marina, did she file a compliant? >> reporter: she did. she filed a complaint. now, in the division determines it the sufficient, they will forward it to local prosecutors but ca time the division forwarded them an election fraud complaint. >> you wonder how big the fraud is. >> reporter: they are either secure in their security or they are terrified of opening a can of worms. >> a lot of questions. thank you very much. if you have is a problem you think needs to be investigated you can call our 8 on your side help line. 1-800-338-0808.
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year-old woman during a hold invasion. deputies tell us ricardo torres and thomas mendez beat up the woman. they pushed her in the house, dragged her by her hair and viciously beat her. we are told the men took a safe from the home. it was an alert maintenance worker who tackled marquez- torres when he tried to was later caught. a man now behind bar after a massive man opportunity. 53-year-old ralph forte was arrested last night. he violently beat a masseuse and tried to carjack two people on wednesday. his fingerprints were spotted on the car. he is charged with attempted murder. and saint petersburg police now have a suspected identity thief they have been looking for. isabel denise dallas was found
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on social media. her daughter and friend are facing charges. for the families of cold case victims, the unanswered questions are agonizing. where is my loved one? what happened to him or her? now scientists and artists are teaming up to bring some families closure. jeff patterson joins us live at the tampa bay history center and jeff, this is very important work is it not? >> reporter: yeah, good evening stacie. this is a fitting place to tell some remarkable stories. center tell it is story of tampa and florida. now, a team from usf is working very hard to tell the stories of individual victims of crime. they are faces with no names. real life crime stories. with no resolution. while we were there, a remarkable thing happened. two women who came to see the exhibit believe they may have found a lost relative. investigators are now working
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are true. if so, it will all have been made possible by a team of usf anthropologists and forensic experts. >> i'm just hoping i can do a really good job. and, present a face that someone will recognize. >> reporter: beth buckholtz worked on one face believed to be a homeless man between 40 and 60 years old. >> even if he is a homeless person, he deserves his name and his family deserves to know what happened to him. >> reporter: a tota crime victims from cold cases all over florida. the sheriff sadie darnell was astounded by the work she has seen. she is hoping that the work of the usf team will help her solve a case involving a baby jane doe found engainsville. >> we have some toys that were found near her body.
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thing. >> reporter: yeah, this usf team worked to exhume nine graves in virginia, kentucky, pennsylvania, and florida. and, you can come see their work on display here at the tampa bay history center. stacie? >> jeff patterson live in tampa for us. thank you. well, some serious star power in the bay area today. >> coming up, we will show you where this movie and tv star was spotted with his family. plus. >> reporter: public attorneys you pay $600 an hour are trying to rush through the sale of jordan park. but city council members are saying wait a minute. let's slow things down. >> oh, we definitely peaked at 86 degrees. shortly before 3:00 this afternoon. but, we are headed down with the northwesterly wind. the cold front is coming through. cooler temperatures, lower humidity. details on the weekend forecast
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amendment 1 guarantees your right to generate your own solar energy. it also guarantees that those who don't choose solar don't have to subsidize those who do. ections safeguarding seniors-and all floridians from scams, rip-offs, and long-term contract traps. that's the right way to do solar. amendment 1: good for the economy. good for the environment. good for florida.
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>> well, construction is underway on a much needed addition to downtown tampa. a grocery store. officials broke ground on the new publix in channel side today. the mayor tells us the store is needed because the city is seeing so much growth. more than 4,000 residential units are expected to be built downtown over the next 18 to 24 months. >> we want to be able to live, work, and play in the same environment. not have to get in our car.
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need. this really is the last and final piece of our downtown renaissance. >> the new publix will have rooftop parking and will be attached to a 21 story residential tower. the construction is expected to take about two years. well, a lot of excitement for shoppers at the country side mall today. john travolta was there with his family. the actor and his wife went skating at the ice rink with a boy that appear to be their fans. the couple has a home in ocala and are members of the church of scientology headquartered in clearwater so they visit the area often. >> nice to do selfies with the fans while they are around. some developers are changing their tune after our investigation. >> and coming up, the new e- mails showing why a controversial deal is on hold. mark is on it because guess
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>> taxpayer dollars wasted? not on his watch. mark douglas is making sure your money isn't going down the drain because you paid for it. >> a controversial deal by private developers to sell the jordan park housing project back to the public is on hold. no one is saying why. but we have some clues. mark douglas tells us part of the reason is our you paid for it investigation. >> reporter: in a land deal worked out with hudd15 years ago, private developers rebuilt
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offset their own cash investment and they kept all of the rent. now that the tax credits are expiring they want to deed this property back to the housing authority and walk away from a 50 year obligation. >> what i would like to do is make sure that we got what we paid for. >> reporter: city council member steve cornell wants an awe did to debt to make sure they live up to their original deal with taxpayers. >> reporter: but previously controversial e-mails sent by housing lawyers to the developers show they were trying to close the door before anyone interfered. more and more people are coming out of the wood work to complain. members of the city council are calling for an audit of jordan park. time is of the essence. >> i think that is unfortunate. i think it is not transparent.
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me want to audit even more. >> reporter: one mystery is why jordan park's owner own as the richmond group dropped the demand for $400,000 in cash to close the sale. you are paying a team of housing authority lawyers as much as $600 an hour to negotiate that deal. alexander mcclenon earns $400 an hour from taxpayers but pleaded ignorance last month. >> you think i know everything? >> i think you should know why 00 the deal. >> reporter: she knew why. shower activity i told the city council committee one week earlier that our digging had much to do with the sudden discount. >> after a lot of the media reports we have seen, we have had further discussions with richmond. they are willing to take zero purchase price. reduce the purchase price to zero. >> reporter: fell the deal goes through, richmond and its private partners will walk away from millions of dollars they owe taxpayers through the
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paying as much as $12 million to fix up public housing but those private owners allowed to deteriorate. in saint petersburg, i'm mark douglas, newschannel8. now, max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar, and your storm team 8 forecast with chief meteorologist steve jerve. >> as we duothroughout the rest of fall and winter we will continue to track cold fronts. when they can cause showers and thunderstorms. right now, things are quiet ca the front and it is dry behind the front. we have a few showers down to the south. you can see offshore where the moisture levels are higher. otherwise, quiet. you can see around the rest of the area. the showers will continue to sink southward as the front is doing that right now. 76 degrees at the plantation, crystal river. with a northwest wind. what a beautiful there headed into the weekend. folks around the pool. but that breeze could feel a little bit cooler coming off the river there before too long.
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lakewood ranch. a nice view from old glory here at hyundai of new port richey. 77 degrees with the northwesterly wind. freedom plaza, 79 degrees the current temperature there with the northwesterly breeze at 5, 63% relative humidity. there's the weekend. a lot of folks have been waiting all summer for this forecast. while these temperatures are pleasant and cooler it is coming with lower humidity. our humidity forecast is low. dew points in the 40s taking a midweek, next week, as they get the southeasterly flow and easterly flow kicked back in. that will lift our humidity. 77 degrees at 4:00 p.m. currently, 82 degrees in lakeland. 75 clearwater. 77, still warm, dew points are changing a little bit further to the north. dew points still at 70 degrees in north port which is fairly high. but this is the dew point number right now. look at that. juicy up there at tallahassee. juicy in the way that is nice
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fairly high humidity. winds are shifting to the northwest as you can see the wind direction in. 18 miles an hour gusts out in lake land. 24 in winter haven. 25 miles an hour gusts up in crystal riverment at times breezy. that will be true for tomorrow. satellite, nothing going on there. mostly clear conditions. 75 degrees at kickoff for the friday night blitz. at halftime, 73 degrees. steady breeze from north to south as the front pushing in the southerly direction. our football forecast, usf, they ar philadelphia. 68 degrees tonight at 6:00. this is tonight's game, so, go bowls tonight up there in philly. and ucf, and orlando playing the huskies of uconn and east hartford. showers not too bad. it carbaryltively unpleasant. but gorgeous in tallahassee for fam-u fans. sunny skies in the afternoon. fantastic weather and the bucks traveling to the west coast to
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sunday, 4:05 out in santa clara, california. here comes the front. looks nice on the map. that blue color. cooler conditions will take over. feeling chilly to start the day in the afternoon. this is for saturday afternoon. sorry about that. as we get into sunday, you may need a light jacket for us. especially in the early part of the day with the cooler breeze overall. saturday and sunday, you can see the high temperature will be in the upper 70s . low temperatures, will be cool. upper 50s . that degrees. if winds are lighter. some of the northern spots, maybe some upper 40s . wow, that is sounding pretty cool isn't it? we are all from minnesota originally. we live in florida for a long time. >> this will last almost a week. that's a good feel. >> the humidity will come back a little later but it is not a big deal. >> through the rough stuff. >> all right,. >> thank you sir. well, the tampa bay heart walk is now just three weeks away. and we need your help to reach
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association. fuccillo kia is matching the first 50,000 that we raise and we are two-thirds of the way to our goal. so go to to join my team. and donate. well, coming up next in sports, it is the friday night blitz. it is live in zephyr hills. site of this week's game of the week. >> the bucs thought they would have plenty of players return. but the final report tells a much different story. that is coming up. i moved on her like a [bleep].
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no we don't. marco rubio stands by trump and failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in. bringing people together and reaching across the aisle to get things done. protecting social security. and building an economy that works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message
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when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose assisted-living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools , running fees up to seventy thousand dollars. how far will bob buesing go? that's up to you. >> well, this was supposed to be the grand return of several injured bucs players but the final injury report heading
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defensive tackle gerald mccoy appears to be the biggest returning name. he is questionable. but not guaranteed to play. center joe holly also looks like he will go on sunday. however, several names are still out. including defensive end robert ayers and clinton mcdonald who practiced the past couple of days. the usf bulls hit the field in philadelphia in a battle against temple. thbu record 6-1 start and have increased their vote total among the voters for the ap top 25 polls so keep it going. all right, week nine of the friday night blitz. it is all about survival tonightful while some teams are closing in on district titles, others such as manatee, mitchell, pinellas park, face must win games to keep their playoff hopes alive. and there is another team that needs a win tonight.
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the week. that is where paul ryan is standing by live. paul? >> reporter: hey there dan, good evening. as you mentioned this is do or die. the wildcats came out of nowhere, 7-0 this season to rise to the top of district 8 and tonight, they can exercise demons against their aldorils here. taking on the bulldogs tonight, if they beat the bulldogs, zephyr hills is done. they will not make the playoffs. but, history is not on their side. zephyr hills meetings against wesley chapel. we spoke to zephyr hills head coach nick carol a few moments ago. and he realizes how important this game is here tonight. >> it has been a great honor. and we take a lot of pride in it. it is a big rivalry here in pasco county. we control our own destiny. so if we go out, we can be
6:27 pm
we can't lose. we have to play our best football thus far. >> reporter: this is a barometer game. this is one of those litmus tests. are they as good as a 7-0 record indicate ins we will see a shoot-out here tonight. both squads averaging 40 points a game. should be a good one. can't wait toasty the highlights in the game of the week on the friday night blitz. show gets underway at 11:15. >> it will be a shoot-out there they really have a dream season. they want to keep that going. >> all right, thanks dan. and finally tonight, y'all know that snooty the manatee was the real deal. the oldest manatee in captivity certified by guinness. 68 years old. will appear alongside another record breaking animal in the guinness book of word records. snooty was brought to bradenton
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>> thanks for being with us. we will see you back here at
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breaking news tonight, a massive wave of cyber attacks hits major websites and internet services like twitter, netflix, and amazon. outages affecting consumers across the country. behind it. punches and punchlines. new attacks from donald trump after being booed on stage, as he cameace to face with hillary clinton. and as trump decries a so-called rigged system, brand-new numbers about how many voters might not accept the outcome. screen time. what's the right amount for modern kids? all those devices, always connected. tonight doctors throwing out the book on what we've been told about kids in the digital era.


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