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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  October 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> ellen: anyway. fo >> right now four headlines at 4:00. number one, the presidential campaigns are coming to florida. donald trump is right here in the bay area. >> number two, early voting is under way and the po one program making it easier for college students to cast their ballots. >> number three, more entertainment options could be coming with the billion dollar at&t merger. >> the chicago cubs are headed to the world series. we will introduce you to their number one fan. good afternoon and thanks for being here. i'm josh benson. >> and i'm jen holloway. >> a little more than a few weeks away from the presidential election and down to the official wire and both
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votes especially in florida. >> donald trump has been making his way all around florida and will hol a rally at 7:00 at the florida state fairground and that's where we find paul muller. reporter: and the lines to see donald trump started early and he is not expected to take the stage until 8:00. he is working on energizing the supporters in states like florida. he spent the morning addressing farmers at agricultural issues on the west coast as he is facing a ticking time clock. some showing he has a double digit the deficit. some say he is behind hillary clinton and some veteran republicans that say a come- back is unlikely. when donald trump takes the statement he will highlight his stance on undocumented hillary clinton and the wikileaks on
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will talk about the locker room talk controversy. trump says once the campaign is over, he will sue each and every one of his accusers but reporters say to stick to the real issue. >> i trust him to run the economy and trust that he will run the country correctly. he is a businessman. he is articulating what he stand for. >> i think he will do our country good. >> how? >> i think he will su he will provide everyone equal opportunities. >> trump toll reporters he felt good about his chances in florida however most policy show he is losing nationally and in key battleground states. >> hillary clinton is also headed to the sunshine state. the democrat will hol an an early voting rally at curtis park in tampa on wednesday. the doors open at 12:15. early voting in florida
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getting long. now for college students this is the first time voting. mayor paul buck horn launched stronger together. every week day students from us p will be taken to the polls to vote. we spoke to a usff senior trying to get her peers out to vote. >> i hope we will get students out to vote. i hope that students will make their voices heard in to push as many millennials to the poll as he can. >> we have a list of voting locations as well as 2016 election guide. head to and click the news tab and then select politics. today marks 20 years since 18-year-old ty roan lewis was shot by a police officer. members of the family spoke at the intersection of 16th street
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call for justice to be served in his death. lewis was shot during a traffic stop. it is an incident that brought national attention to st. petersburg when angry community members fought with police for several days. family members say they are fighting for the in justice of other police involved shootings. >> what we are doing it now 20 years later and it still hurts. my mom couldn't be here today because it is a constant reminder that every time a young black person gets kill it is like tyrone lewis is getting kill again. they are asking to name 18th avenue south tyrone lewis avenue. there will be a candlelight vigil tonight. there is no word if city officials will remove it. leaders want to ramp up counterterrorism efforts but as we learn it all starts with an old slogan and you.
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something. a phrase many of us became familiar with us after 9/11 and the public needs to stay vigilant in the fight against terrorism. >> the florida department of law enforcement hopes people are not getting com play and and wanted to remind floridians they are the eyes and ears of law enforcement. >> they could be afraid of a culture of political correctness and maybe they are reporting nothing and i don't know but all we are saying if you see something suspicious, if you is wrong. report it. that's our job to determine whether there is actually something there or it was not anything. >> stickers will be put on gas pumps encouraging people to report suspicious activity. reporting in tallahassee wfla. you can call 1855fla safe to report suspicious activity. two area football teams lost their shots of going to the playoff. sickal and gaither high school
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florida high school sports association. both schools got reports of players living in addresses other than the ones provided to each school. each one conducted its own investigation and self reported to the fshaa. >> it is disappointing that all of the players that put work in for the coaches and administration at the school, it is disappointing but they are still going to move forward and continue out the season. >> sickal high school three. neither team is actually to go to the the playoffs. your first at 4 weather, here is julie phillips. >> a quiet afternoon. max defender 8 showing us another great one. dry air in place and that's why we are not seeing showers or storms being picked up on the radar. overall, beautiful one though. temperatures are still mile. sitting at 78 degrees at
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this location so far. and expecting it to remain pretty dry for the rest of the afternoon and evening. the average high temperature 82 degrees and here is where we are at so far. upper 70s and low 80s so, yes, this is a great fall afternoon we are experiencing. currently at 78 in tampa and st. pete. 83 in bradenton and 80 in north port. the temperatures are warm and the air dry. yo on the water vapory. the high resolution models shows you it will remain dry and rain chances at zero percent for the rest of today. winds will ease up out of the northeast as we head in the late evening hours and temperatures will drop back in the low 60s. will be mostly clear and a little bit on the cool side. especially when you wake up tomorrow morning rain chances staying low. and the next several days. pretty much out of the forecast
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we will have a full look at the forecast coming up in a few minutes. still ahead. >> an alert for new parents. the new guidelines to keep the sleeping babies safe. >> and more entertainment on your phone. that sounds good. up next, how a new at&t merger
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for you. >> there are new guidelines for keeping sleeping babies safe. reporter: you are looking at one of the most dangerous places for a baby to sleep. >> if i had to choose one place for a baby to sleep is a couch. >> they can become trapped on
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sleeping adult that accidentally rolls over on them. the american academy of pediatrics is emphasizing the danger of soft bedding for young babies in their guidelines. the experts say room sharing can reduce the risk of sids by half and recommend babies sleep in a crib or bassinet in the bedroom of the parents for up to six months and up to bed one. the only thing in the baby bed is th guidelines have recommendations for skin to skin contact just after birth. >> we know that skin to skin helps encourages breast- feeding. >> after mom and baby get in a good breast-feeding routine. there is recommendations to give pacifiers to babies to reduce the sleep related desks.
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four, at&t's 85 billion-dollar deal for time warner could have an impact on you. if it is approved by regulators that, merger could make the wireless provider a major content producer now as well. the deal could lead to more entertainment on your cell phones because it brings together at&t and wireless, broad band and satellite services including hbo and at&t and other services. how the scandal at reputation. >> 1500 customers were surveyed and they found negative perceptions of wells fargo has soared from 15% to 52%. they are at risk of losing 99 billion-dollars in deposits over the next year because of the scandal. >> when it comes to cars, foreign automakers dominated the industry's reliability surveys and the american brand is finally in the mix. buick ranked 3rd in the car
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took a spot in the top three. lexus and toyota topped that list once again. pinellas county is going all out to bring in tourists. who are we trying to sell this sunshine state to. we show you the three places where pinellas county is betting big. >> pinellas county are spending y around the world. >> from people from ireland and scandinavia this is a hot spot. >> we don't ask them to define it because they have an idea of what it is to be american. >> pinellas county has marketed to europe for years and now it is spending a million-and-a- half tax dollars to continue that push with an emphasis on the uk. >> the uk is our number one
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25% of the people that come to st. pete, clearwater has a big play in it. >> the average stay of tourists is two weeks. in february the cb b does a massive takeover in the uk with television takeoffs for pinellas and print ads on double-decker buses and inside subway stations. research shows visitation from the uk from 2010 to 2015. it is expected to go up another three-and-a-half percent next year. >> the tourist season industry is important in pinellas and all of florida and with the influx from tourists overseas would help us. >> george's company thrivings are thrives when tourists come calling. there is plenty of local hotels. we are counting on the county's plan to pay off.
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been a good year. >> a sentiment that he and others want to see more to come. the county has competition with other international sites like dubai. max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar and your storm 8 late october. one of the best times of years in the tampa bay area. dryer conditions. the temperatures finally cooling off. facts defender 8 radar. you can see it is all quiet currently and expecting it to remain that way for the rest of tonight. here is the few from lakeland and polk county. 78 degrees. winds out of the southeast at 5 miles per hour. it has been dry at this location today as well. from veterans port in tampa.
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with mostly dry conditions. just a beautiful view and thank to gary for sending us this photo of the sunrise from his house. keep on sending us those picks. we love to see them. for the rest of the evening. it will stay pleasant. a few clouds around. temperatures in the low 70s. so that is pretty comfortable for us for the early evening hours. as we head in the overnight. we drop back quickly. a school start tomorrow morning. in a light sweater but by the afternoon we will warm up quickly. we will top back out in the low to mid-80s. it going to be a warm afternoon. mostly clear skies and temperatures will drop back fairly quickly as we head in the overnight hours and we will start off with temperatures in the low 60s not expecting much in the way of cloud cover tomorrow. plenty of sunshine all day long and temperatures are going to
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so another day really close to average. what you would expect for the end of october. as we head to wednesday. a few clouds to start off the day and having that northeastwardly light flow and we are back to typical fall temperatures. so the dew points do rise a little bit by wednesday and that's going to bring the morning temperatures back in the mid to upper 60s and by wednesday afternoon, northeastwardly flow continues and we warm up quickly and back into the mid-80s at least by the late afternoon hours. here is a you can see we were in the low 80s the last couple of days and now we are getting more in the mid-80s but our emogi man is content with it. where we typically are. in the tropics hurricane season as we get to november, it starts to get quiet and at this point no development expected over the next several days. that is exactly what we would like to see. the tropics are quiet.
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bad, elm, ragweed and grasses is the biggest culprit. keeping things dry and a small chance of rain for thursday and friday. temperatures stay pleasant in the mid-80s through halloween. thanks, julie. >> alec baldwin impersonating donald trump once again. >> and the latest >> saturday night live with tom hanks as moderator, chris wallace. >> tonight will be like the 3rd lord of the rings movie. you don't want to watch but have you come this far. >> donald trump is alec baldwin. >> i have sarah palin. i got chaucy and i even got the
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perry was not interested in a halloween movie. >> i'm not a fan of halloween. not a ghost, goblins guy. i don't see scary movies. >> despite that his movie tops the box office in his opening weekend. and mily cyprus joins the game for hillary clinton. she went door to door at virginia's george mason university. surprising students and urging them to vote. andrew spencer. the bucks made us proud against the san francisco 49ers. coming up after the break. we will have a look at highlights from paul ryan. we will get the developments from tampa bay's most convenient primetime news case at 38 at 8:00. we will be right back.
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of catania and
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>> the bucks played the 49ers and vincent jackson was placed on injury reserve. >> who would step up to compliment mike evans. paul ryan was in santa clara for the big bucks win. >> i feel good. i got 3/4 of my career yards and it was pretty good. >> his math is off. his game is not russell shepherd hauled in five catches for 77 his new career total. three of those grabs came on one critical grab before half- time and one that ended with shepherd's second career touch down pass. >> towards the inzone and touchdown tampa bay and the bucks take the lead. >> we have been working on that for two years and it was awesome to see. i was hoping for it and there it is. >> my guys wanted this three years in the making.
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made an amazing call and offensive line did an amazing job and jamesis made an amazing throw. >> coming against the calls of chip kelly. shepherd's impact came in the locker room speech. >> i fell for him back in kelley. and chip, the first one let me know that i was relieved of my duties back in 2013. th shoulder. >> chip is a hard guy not to like. i like guys like that. i think i like being around guys like that. >> he is probable our best all around player on this team. and as far as the passion that he comes with to work and the leadership that he gives us and just his heart. one illinois man has been waiting a long time to see the
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>> this could be the year, 91- year-old russ ison was not sure he would get the chance but he can't contain his excitement now. he sits in full cubs gear and some fans pull over to talk to him. there is no doubt that the cubs will bring home the big win. >> i'm 91 years old and been a cubs fan for a long time. i have been from the cardinals fans. >> did you think you would see them make it to the world series? >> no. i am on borrowed time. >> russ says if the cubs do take home the title of world champions, weight would have been well worth it. >> i hope they win just for him. >> a lot of the cubs fans have been waiting to see this. >> the series starts in
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back after this break. >> for head lines at 4:30. donald trump's campaign is in tampa and speaking at 7:00 at the amphitheater. he visited a pumpkin patch trade. new channel 8 will be there tonight in tampa. >> authorities are investigating a horrible bus crash in palm springs california and was on its way to los angeles. 13 people died and 31 others injured. now that the chicago cubs are headed to the world series. fans are trying to get their hands on tickets. the average price for the four
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about $3900. the games in chicago are going for about 7200 bucks. it begins in cleveland. >> we are still enjoying that great weather left over from the week. we will have a full look at your forecast coming up in a few minutes. investigators now tell us that crooks in halloween masks could be connected to crimes in manatee. >> the surveillance video is shown here. >> tps in fort charlotte and some wore halloween masks and they tried to force their way in the store. this surveillance video shows they fail and took off. an hour later there was a similar crime in the puma store in ellington. the men forced their way inside the store and took several thousand dollars worth of
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it is likely they are connected. >> there is possibly a get away video. >> the crooks took off in a white audi. a silver porsche and a black sedan. if you know anything call crimestoppers. john rogers, new channel 8. a scary moment for church goers. 8 people taken to the church. witnesses say a driver swerved to avoid another car and lost control and slammed in into a methodist church. >> worshipers in the church in miami gardens never expected a car would slam into the north side of the building. deborah williams that lives across the street heard the
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all of a sudden my husband said look deborah and i looked across the street and i saw it. >> 8 people were transported to the hospital. one of them had to be air lifted to a local trauma center. >> there was concrete and other building materials that caused most of the injuries. but the car did not actually come in and hit anyone so we were really blessed with that. >> reverend adams was leading services at the time. he says people in the anyone that got hurt until emergency responders arrived. >> for this to be something that we have not experienced before, everyone really responded well. so we are grateful. >> one person suffered a head injury and no word on that person's condition. in this time of political strife questions about a wall in mexico. mike vasilinda has a story about something different. about a mass migration that
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>> the majestic monarch. millions on their way to mexico and year after year it is in florida. normally the monarchs live a month but the hormones kick in extending the life to 7 or 8 months making the migration possibly. the students here have been conducting a science experiment measuring how they multiple. >> this kills milk we had because it is invasive and no milk weed they have nowhere to go and like the food web and pollination stuff we have to do
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environment. >> these trees have appeared more black and orange than green. carol says this year's crop is small. >> see the canopy on this one where you have a few of them, times it by 20. 30. >> the butterflies return in the spring and lay their eggs and die and leave next year's generation to a new batch of monarchs. new channel 8. now it is time for tomorrow's weather and leslie. hello and hope you are enjoying your afternoon. want to talk about road work going on in south tampa. kicks off and it will last through thursday afternoon. so here is what you need to know for your morning commute. mcdill avenue, portions will be blocked just north of gandy through thursday afternoon. so it will be routed to hinds and you can take dill avery. we got overnight construction
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or southbound side you will see one leg taken away and you can get across it. that is a look at the roadways for tomorrow morning. what about weather, lee? >> it is such beautiful fall weather every morning getting that extra pep and it will be the same tomorrow morning as you get the day started pleasantly cooled and temperatures in the low 70s before four and 7:00 a.m. be sure to see us tomorrow on new channel 8. you can catc leslie every weekly morning at 4:30 a.m. some people drink green tea because it is healthy but a local professor says it can prevent cancer and we will tell you why after the break. you will want to stick around for these 8 on your side stories. they say solar energy is free and wait until you find out how much the solar amendment on this ballot is costing and who is paying for it. today i am following up on
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mammogram records and today i tracked down the medical director that the state says
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responsible. welcome back. a medical report tells it it doesn't take a concussion to have head problems. there has been studies on head blows between 8 and 13 after one season of play. players that had the most hits showed changes in brain white matter. that connects different areas researchers emphasize the player they studied had no signs or symptoms of concussion. green tea is increasingly popular drink for health reasons as much as for taste. a university of tampa professor is studying how it can stop tumors. and doing that with the help of students committed to fighting cancer. >> my mom had breast cancer. she luckily -- they caught it early enough.
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well the importance of cancer prevention. his mom survived the fight with cancer but his grandma did not. the choice behind his feel of study. >> as soon as i heard that there was research on the field of cancer i reached out to try to just learn as much as i could. >> loggo is a former university of tampa student working dr. michael carasco studying green tea. >> the extract, polyfeno. when they treat mice or human beings with it, it reduces the prostate cancer. fewer tumors and smaller ones. >> the group of researchers want to know why. closely looking at how the green tea interacts with the
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to advances in therapeutic methods. dr. darasco drinks it and studies it. the students are becoming green tea fans. >> i did open my eyes that it would be a health benefit. >> there is going to be the results to be reported at the university in april. buying and selling online dangerous especially dealing through transactions truce sites like craigslist. to help keep you safe there are now safe exchange zones. carrie sanders shows us. buying and selling on the internet so easy until it comes time for that exchange with a stranger. >> a stabbing occurred at 1620
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year longmont colorado. >> a female stated that she has been cut by another female. >> 26-year-old michelle willkins 7 months pregnant met this women offering free baby clothes without warning that stranger from the ad pulled a knife and attacked her and kill her unborn child. u.s. marine carl almost died when he was shot during a transaction. the gunman in that self >> you are charged with count one, attempting a specified felony that could result in death. >> its incidents like these that have police nationwide setting up e commerce exchange zones. >> it is a simple idea. a seller meets a buyer in a designated spot in front of a police department. here in st. augustine. all of the transactions are on
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try something it would all unfold under the blinking eye of law enforcement. >> i think the criminals are going to think twice about coming up here and trying to do a transaction especially if they are here for no good. reporter: in a safe exchange zone in new jersey. >> i am so sorry. >> it is okay. it is really okay. >> a failed transaction for freshly baked cupcakes. >> they don't look like the picture. >> for diane that buys or sells two or three times a parking lot makes sense. >> it is safer for everybody. >> e commerce, what begins on line now with that final exchange in a safe zone. carrie sanders, saint augustine florida. more news coming your way
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at four. >> we have several sweet stories to share including a bridal party trading wedding tradition for unbelievable cuteness. when the groom shows up with a surprise. jeremy roth has today's take a look at this. >> a bride on her wedding day. is there anything that can make it more precious. >> yeah. puppies. >> this atlanta bride and her party traditional bouquet with pups after the groom surprised them during the shoot. there is a maximum level of cuteness and this is in violation. this video has netted 220,000 views. the puppies are rescue dogs and available for adoption. yoga pants. after a rhode island publication published a letter chastising women for wearing
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voiced a no you didn't. and donned the leggings in protest. >> it is a need for us to stand up to wear what we want. >> talk about a fashion statement. a new baby giraffe in the oregon zoo and man is he cute? is it safe to butter cup, giraffe, watch the branch there to check his home. 12 feet and will grow to 18 as masai giraffes are the tallest ones on the planet. 18 feet tall. wow. holy guacamole. a short after of avocados is
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and might end to the end of the super bowl. if only guacamole was not so delicious. a new survey found that candy corn is the most popular treat. really? reese's peanut butter cups a favorite and the others ones were kit kats and butter finger bars. bill murray was honored last night at the kennedy centn he could not help but talk more about the cubs win. >> if you don't know what it is like to wait for the team you root for to win you can't explain it. i watched about the people on the sports center talk about it. they don't get it. the last time they one was before television. sort of. >> murray stopped by the white house and fielded questions
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in his cubs hat and jacket. now, max defender 8 and your storm 8 forecast with meteorologist julie phillips. and max defender 8, the new sb radar having a nice easy day. dry air has moved in and we are not picking on any showers or storms. a gorgeous view from the plantation. 79 degr at five miles per hour today. no rain at this location. and another nice view from the lake club at lake wood ranch. so we are going to be warming up. the last couple of days have been mile and temperatures returning to average for the rest of the week. that means we are in the low to mid-80s, even above average at times. the dry pretty will continue little to no rain expected. red tide still an issue but it
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in sarasota. keep that in mine if you have respiratory issues. not great beach weather but stacy says where she was today it was absolutely gorgeous and you can see that blue skies and palm trees exactly why we live in florida this time of year. at 9:00 p.m. we are beginning to cool off and temperatures in the 60s and waking up tomorrow morning it is still going to be on the cool side. lots of sunshine to start the day and a few clouds by the afternoon. and by the afternoon it will start to warm up in the low to mid-80s by tomorrow. at this point in the afternoon it is comfortable across the entire area. 82 in bradenton and 80 in apollo beach and 78 in tampa and 73 in clearwater and 77 in wicky watchy and 79 in crystal river. temperatures are comfortable. dew points we are looking at the 50s for the most part, so, yes, it is still fairly dry for us and as we head through the rest of the evening. not expecting to see any
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drop back as we head to the evening hours. cool start tomorrow morning and then as we head to the afternoon, should be mostly sunny with temperatures warming back up in the mid-80s as we head into wednesday morning a few clouds around. mild start to the day and by the afternoon hours, we will be warming up quickly. that northeast flow will continue and it will stay mostly dry and the temperatures will be reaching back up to the mid-80s as we head to the late afternoon hours. dew points at this point, they there will be increasing a bit but we are still seeing in the pleasant range through the end of the week and to this week. for the rest of the evening, comfortable and mostly dry and temperatures in the low 70s. when you wake up tomorrow morning in the low 60s. nice quiet start to your tuesday. nice tranquil morning. by the afternoon topping out near 83 with lots of sunshine and a few clouds if you plan to be out in the water. great day for that with northeast winds at ten knots
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we will keep it dry for the next couple of days and not expecting to see any showers with the mostly dry air. the small rain chance returns for thursday, friday and saturday and temperatures will be constant in the mid-80s through this week and into halloween. so it warms up but it will be another great week. maybe not quite as cool. >> that was a nice weekend. >> it was and you got to feel super cool temperatures in north carolina. >> yes. it was night. >> forgot what that was like. a little too cool for me. coming up, a boy suffering from a life-threatening condition makes a wish. >> how volunteers bill his own ballpark, when first at 4
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now let's take a look at what is trending on-line today starting with volunteers making a little boy's wish and true. hastings asked for his wish for a fantasy complete with the same colors, green monster in left field and it is wheelchair accessible. he has a long way ahead dealing with his life-threatening condition he can relive his wish each and every day. operation save dorothy's red slippers is now a success. the smithsonian institute asked it for $300,000 to preserve the famous shoes that judy garland
4:59 pm
apart so the smithsonian raised the money in less than a week. it will pay for conservation work and a climate controlled case for the special shoes. if you like eating a lot of stone crab in a short amount of time the florida keys was the place to be. at the florida keys crab-eating challenge. they had to eat all of the crab meet or risk being penalized. the winner, eating 25 of them that sounds good. for more to see on "what's trending" go to our web site. we have more news coming your way. news channel 8 at 5:00 starts right now. trump is on the way to tampa. the spotlight on florida 15 days before the election. >> early voting is underway. everything you need to know before heading to the polls.
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mammogram results. state records show this man should of made it happen. we ask why he didn't. good evening everyone. >> thank you for joining us this evening. donald trump is on the campaign trail in the bay area tonight. in 2 hours trump is expected to take the stage for a rally at the midflorida credit union amphitheater in hillsboro county. earlier he told the crowd showing polls trailing clinton are phony and he plans to n is out at the amphitheater right now. >> reporter: they are fired up without a doubt. waiting in long lines. take a look right here since this morning. trump will be here working on energizing supporters kwraoeubg he has been doing in other battleground states. now, most are showing a double digit deficit. trump said he is winning and


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