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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  October 24, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EDT

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rigged. >> plus clean-up order, who is required to clean up the contaminated mess at the mosaic sinkhole and what happens if they don't? >> subway lawsuit, why jared's ex-wife is suing the sandwich chain for failing to notify authorities her husband was a pedophile. good evening, everyone. i'm josh benson. >> i'm jennifer leigh. thanks for joining us tonight. just two weeks to go in the final leg of the race for the white house and republican pr tampa. nearly an hour trump brought more than 10,000 people to their feet at the mid-florida credit union amphitheater at the florida state fairgrounds. paul mueller joins us now live. it was pretty clear how supporters felt about the speech. >> reporter: that's right. supporters packing in here a few hours ago, all this as he criss-crosses florida trying to win this crucial battleground
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here in tampa. >> reporter: two weeks out and donald trump brings out the crowd here in tampa. some polls have him behind by double digits. >> 75% of the american people think our country is on the wrong track according to all of the latest polls and we are going to fix it. >> reporter: fixing it first off he says by replacing or repealing obamacare, his first jab of the night at clinton, then the e-mail scandal that continues to plague clinton wikileaks release. next promises to renegotiate nafta or create an entirely new deal to keep jobs here in america while maintaining his tough stance on illegal immigrants. >> he's going to look into the things that hillary has done because she belongs in prison. >> reporter: supporters agree with his message of common sense and making america great again. >> i think he's for the american people, not just a group, but everybody.
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politician. >> reporter: typical, certainly not, but will he win? >> if we win on november 8th, we are going to washington d.c. and we are going to drain the swamp. [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: and trump continues his three-day swing through the state with rallies tomorrow in sanford and tallahassee. >> paul, re at 7:00 trump had just taken a singe and he told the crowd there were 20,000 -- taken the stage and he told the crowd there were 20,000 people at the amphitheater and another 7,000 trying to get in. what's with the discrepancy? >> reporter: that's right. the amphitheater itself can seat 20,000 people. 10,000 people on the seats, 10,000 people on the grass. a majority of the seats were full. there were some people on the grass. so by all accounts we're
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that 20,000 plus that trump was talking about. >> paul mueller live in hillsborough county for us tonight. while donald trump was in tampa hillary clinton was on the campaign trail today in new hampshire. she and senator live beth warren rally -- elizabeth warren rallied at a college in manchester as polls continue to show clinton leading heading into the final two weeks. clinton and warren had some sharp criticism about the republican nominee and his ability to become president. what it means to have an unqualified commander in chief. it's not only wrong. it's dangerous. >> i got news for you, donald trump. women have had it with guys like you. >> clinton will be in tampa wednesday. early voting is now underway in most tampa bay counties but not all of them. you can vote in hillsborough, pinellas, polk, hernandez,
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in pass course highlands or hardy -- pasco, highlands or hardy county you need to wait until saturday, the 29th, to cast that early ballot. we have a list of early voting locations and a complete election guide right there on our website new information tonight, a consent decree signed by mosaic and the state today requires the phosphate company to repair that sinkhole at its new wales plin requires mosaic to get the contaminated water that escaped. if the contaminated water moves offsite, mosaic is responsible for cleaning the mess and if the company does not follow this entire order, they could be fined up to $10,000 a day. three brazen burglars accused of using a garage door opener to get into a hillsborough county home while
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tonight. richard spensen, kevin barker and danielle zazulia with burglary and grand theft. they were seen on surveillance video using the victim's credit cards at wal-mart. deputies in pasco county are looking for christian tillison who moved from hudson, new york, and failed to register as a sex offender in our area. he may be driving a light blue pontiac. if you know where he is, call the pasco sheriff's office. trouble football teams. sickles and gaither high schools are both in trouble with the saa. both schools got reports there were players living at addresses other than the ones provided to the school. >> it is very disappointing for all the players that put a lot of work in, for the coaches, for the administration at the school it is very disappointing, but they'll still move forward and continue out the season. >> sickles high school had to forfeit six games.
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three. now neither team are eligible to head to the playoffs. a manhunt is underway in oklahoma for the gunman who shot two police officers and killed two other people. michael vance fled sunday night after opening fire on two officers with an ak-47. he stole a patrol car, ditched the vehicle, then carjacked a different car, shot and wounded the driver and sped off. police later found two bodies while searching for advance. they believe he is wounded and rifle. new clues tonight as well as questions after a tour bus slammed into a big rig in california killing 13 people. the national transportation safety board believes speed, fatigue, possibly even a medical emergency may have played roles in sunday's deadly crash near palm springs. the bus was heading to los angeles when it ran into the back of a tractor trailer. investigators will look at a number of factors including just how fast that bus was going at the time.
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braking. there were no skid marks from the bus at the time of the collision. the only skid marks were directly related to the big rig as it got pushed forward. >> investigators say the passengers on the bus were not wearing seatbelts. they also do not believe there were any broken taillights on the tractor trailer. new 8 on your side information tonight, obamacare premiums will spike next year for health insurance sold through th the midlevel benchmark plans. the number of insurers serving the federal market will drop from 232 down to 167. administration officials claim subsidies will insulate most customers from sticker shock. sign-up season starts november 1st. and the ex-wife of disgraced subway pitch man jared fogle is suing the sandwich chain. her lawsuit claims top executives actually knew about his pedophilia as early as 2004
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risk. jenn holloway is live in the tampa news center with more on this woman's claims. >> josh, kathleen mclaughlin claims that the company clearly knew fogel was a pedophile and if only the company had warned her, she says she never would have married him. >> when the fbi banged on my door july 7th, 2015, i thought it was the worst day of my life. i had no idea that the nightmare was just beginning. >> a nightmare she's now blaming subway for was being greedy. greeley is what she says is -- greed is what she says is why nobody did anything to stop fogel. >> finding out your husband and the father of your children is a child predator and knowing that his job involves him visiting schools on a regular basis is devastating. finding out that subway did not act upon at least one complaint while continuing to utilize jared as their spokesperson and facilitate his visits to those
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she's taking this stance on behalf of her children as well. >> i filed this lawsuit today because i have questions, questions that someday my children will ask me and that i imagine the families of the 14 victims are asking questions to which i have no other way to get answers. >> reporter: her attorney also suggests the company should have never included she or the children knowing the allegations of pedophilia. >> the defendant even marketed him as a family man an katie's likeness and her children's likenesses without consent in that marketing campaign. >> reporter: there is no dollar amount specified in mclaughlin's lawsuit. also subway was asked about today's announcement. a spokesperson would only say that since this is a pending legal action they cannot and will not provide any comment. josh? >> general holloway live for us -- jenn holloway live for us in the tampa news center. a dangerous rattlesnake
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>> coming up next she took a bad bite in the process. see how this canine hero is doing after a battle with that giant venomous reptile. >> plus one glance at avocado prices might have you saying holy guacamole, what this means now for the popular side dish. >> a pleasant high of 80 degrees today under mostly sunny skies. we did see a few wispy clouds. rain chances are low, but humidity will come back a little bit. we'll talk about that coming
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when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose assisted-living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools , running fees up to seventy thousand dollars. now, buesing's running for senate. that's up to you. welcome back. when a giant rattlesnake attacked over and over again, a family dog named puppers came to the rescue, but her heroic deed came at a tremendous cost. puppers took a bad bite on the mouth from that venomous snake. tonight puppers is recovering and her owner is in debt to her and the veterinary clinic in
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touch and go for the lab mix. peter bernard has the story you'll see only on 8. >> reporter: this monster rattlesnake is more than 4 feet long with a huge jaw. you don't want to tangle with its fangs. >> you okay, baby? you okay? you saved daddy's life. give me your paw. >> reporter: puppers is getting back to normal after a scary incident last thursday evening. joe nate flew herbert's lake placid home and 2 1/2 acres and a big field where his four dogs enjoy playing around, but this debris pile held a menace that almost took pupper's life, a huge rattlesnake. >> it struck out at pullers and i immediately tried to get -- puppers and i immediately tried to get her away from the snake, but she was insisting on getting between me and the snake. >> reporter: after a few more strikes from the recoiling rattler tom took the dogs
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everyone lucked out. >> reporter: sadly pupper wasn't in the clear. >> about an hour later i looked over at puppers and she didn't look right. her face was starting to get real swollen. >> reporter: tom rushed puppers to a vet clinic an hour and a half away in winter haven. >> i can't thank him enough. he stayed with her all night long in intensive care and at first we didn't know if pumpers would make it. >> reporter: several -- puppers would make. >> reporter: several anti-venom and tom got the best news. >> she would have gave her life for me. >> reporter: he's convinced she would have protected him and the other dogs. >> because that dog would not let me get near the snake. she wanted to be between me and the snake and i wanted to keep her away from the snake. >> reporter: puppers jaw is still a little swollen. tom plans to burn this debris field very soon and there's the piled of debris that will --
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health again, more than $4,000. he's borrowed that money and he has no idea how he's going to pay it back. in lake placid peter bernard, news channel 8. >> so the large vet bill come after puppers required several vials of the medication due to that bad bite on her mouth. we posted this story on our news channel 8 facebook page. you can log on right now and share it with your family and friends. in an 8 on your side consumer alert at&t's $85 billion deal for time warner could have a bi that merger would make the wireless provider a major content producer. that could lead to more entertainment offerings from hbo, tnt and others on your mobile devices. don't be surprised if your favorite restaurant is out of guacamole. a shortage of avocados is pushing prices up double and sometimes triple than from a year ago. high prices could linger until
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that's, of course, when the demand for guacamole soars. get ready to binge watch your way through thanksgiving. netflix is out with its new releases for november. new netflix original series will start along with some classic movies like kujoe. other classics like legally blonde and even e.t. will be leaving netflix, however. so you might want to watch those one more time. you can fine the complete november netflix guide girl scout cookies could be satisfied at breakfast every day because general mills has announced its coming out with girl scout cookie flavored cereals that should hit stores in january. flavors will include thin mints and carmel crunch which is supposed to taste like those delicious samoa cookies. now max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar, and your storm team 8 forecast
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of the week and in terms of precipitation things are quiet on max defender 8 tonight. temperatures have been comfortable, but the humidity will come back more midweek, still relatively dry, was a beautiful weekend certainly overall. our temperatures have been cool. with the southeasterly flow, northeasterly flow we could pick up a little bit more moisture and humidity. 66 degrees at freedom plaza, mostly clear skies, some high clouds da continue to stream in from the west, not that unusual for this time of year. these clouds are made of ice crystals. they don't produce precipitation, but it makes for a beautiful sunset. at 7 a.m. a bit cool, 62 degrees. these temps still below our average given the this time of year, 63 degrees at noon, 80 three degrees at 4 -- 83 degrees at 4 p.m. in the afternoon. it could feel warmer largely because that dew point may come back. right now the dew point a
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at tampa international airport, temple terrace 65 and new port richey, clearwater beach 71, 65 in river view, 59 brandon, 62 in lake placid, mid-50s in the northern spots, very dry air in crystal river today. i think that's why that temperature is cooling down more, 60 in dade city. dry air high above in the atmosphere but more of a surface flow from th will slowly bring back more humidity, less visible this time of year. the higher clouds back to the west is what the water vapor imagery was picking up on, the high level moisture or ice crystals. they almost look like they do on that picture on the satellite imagery, kind of wispy looking clouds that don't produce precipitation. good news in the tropics, that cold front head quiet things down across the state of
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pushed pretty far south. the temperatures in the south -- and pushed pretty far south. the temperatures in the south caribbean are still fairly warm. temperatures in the low 60s tomorrow morning, sunshine, high clouds from the west and low level clouds moving across the state of wednesday morning mild temps, typical fall weather. we've been kind of cool and dry for this time of year. wednesday afternoon this northeast flow will continue. forecast lows for tonight still have we're already seeing that, 54 degrees our forecast low in crystal river, could be cooler in places like brooksville and inverness. highs tomorrow, fairly nice day, maybe a little warmer, low 80s westchase out to plant city, apollo beach, 82 in bradenton. 62 degrees, cool start, plenty of sunshine, 86 degrees for a high temperature wednesday. the rain chances are low, 10% or less as the week progresses
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work with and let's fine. this is the dry season. a lot of folks still want to dry out after a wet summer in many spots. hey, it's halloween already, guys, saturday, sunday into monday. that will be nice trick-or- treat weather with an 84-degree high. temperatures falling into the upper 70s for the evening, very comfortable. >> opening the windows for the first time felt good this week. >> i'm happy. look how happy i am. >> this is you happy? that's better. coming up next in sports history the world series, but don't tell that to the players. >> after a second big game as the bucs running back is there room for two big names carrying the football? dan lucas asks the coach in our exclusive chat next. >> this year's heart walk is in november, but now is the time to join stacie schaible's team. fuccillo kia is generously matching the first $50,000 we
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es your right to generate your own solar energy. it also guarantees that those who don't choose solar don't have to subsidize those who do. amendment 1 means commonsense consumer protections safeguarding seniors-and all floridians from scams, rip-offs, and long-term contract traps. that's the right way to do solar. amendment 1: good for the economy. good for the environment. good for florida.
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as the result of hate. my son matt was murdered in laramie, wyoming, in 1998. he was befriended by two men in a bar who pretended to be gay. they offered him a ride home, and when he was in their car, they robbed him and beat him. they drove matt out to the prairie and tied him to a split-rail fence, then beat him some more and left him for dead. in the aftermath of matt's death, my family saw the best of america in the love and support we were shown. so when i see the hate it terrifies me. i'd like to punch him in the face, i'll tell ya. ahh, i don't know what i said, uhh, i don't remember. he's a mexican. i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody, and i wouldn't... words have an influence. violence causes pain. hate can rip us apart. i know what can happen as the result of hate, and donald trump should never be our president. priorities usa action
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sports on news channel 8 is sponsored by your gulf coast honda dealers. >> well, from guy on the street to stud bucs running back in two consecutive weeks, that's the life of jaquizz rogers who came up big for koetter and the bucs again sunday. earlier tonighdu exclusive koetter's korner chat with the coach i asked about the prospect of utilizing rodgers when doug martin returns from his hamstring injury. they're built the same and run the same and if used properly can continue this so-called identity on offense that is finally coming to fruition. >> doug is one of the top running backs in the league. when that day comes when doug is back, then we'll figure out how we'll rotate him that back
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don't have enough roster spots i don't think you can have enough good runners. >> you can catch the full chat right now with kirk koetter on don't forget, we sit down with the head coach each monday during our 6:00 newscast. which year means more to you, 1908 or 1948? tomorrow night two of baseball's oldest and beloved franchises will begin their chase to erase historic droughts. the world series has so much neither the cubs nor the indians have won a title on television, but on the eve of baseball's fall classic both cubs manager joe maddon and indians managerrer that franconia are focusing on baseball. rays fans remember this strategy well when madden led their team to the championship
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and stuff. it really doesn't enter into what we're doing. it's so hard to win anyway. we'll put all our energy into tomorrow. >> we all have a tremendous respect for history and what's happened or not happened before us, but you can go in that room right now. they're very young, really not impacted by a lot of the lore i don't think other than the fact that we are impacted by our city. and the un announcement planned for next week regarding the addition of two teams. one of them is expect to be the tampa bay rowdies who will leave the struggling north american soccer league for what fans hope is a more stable path to major league soccer. that's the big time league in the u.s. i love ralph's mom, the big fan section there, got to get a stadium, all these parameters they have to meet. i think the rowdies are on the path to big stuff.
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i think both are in a window where they can make a run. francona's red sox did that once they broke the curse. >> we have a story about a 91- year-old cubs fan who sits outside and waits and says this could be the year. >> wouldn't that be great for him? >> we'll be right back with
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er like a [bleep]. you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep] we have to make sure that donald wins this election. no we don't. marco rubio stands by trump and failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in. bringing people together and reaching across the aisle to get things done. protecting social security. and building an economy that works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message
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i spent many years as a nuclear missile launch officer. if the president gave the order we had to launch the missiles, that would be it. i prayed that call would never come. [ radio chatter ] self control may be all that keeps these missiles from firing. [ sirens blearing ] i would bomb the [ beep] out of them. i want to be unpredictable. i love war. the thought of donald trump with nuclear weapons scares me to death. it should scare everyone.
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and it was a nice weekend. we had one more nice day today. is this going to hold on? >> yea. we'll stay pleasant because that's where we are this time of year. we'll add a little more humidity into the a big deal. 62 degrees to start the day, a little cool for this time of year, loads of sun, few high clouds, another nice day tomorrow but maybe a slow warming trend. this time of year warming is not like july. in our night cap tonight a bridal party trades wedding tradition for unbelievable cuteness when the groom shows up with something other than bouquets. this atlanta bride and her party were surprised with puppies. the groom definitely got some bonus points. the sweet surprise has gone
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netting more than 220,000 views. they are rescues, so they're up for adoption. >> i was going to say -- >> no. >> thanks so much for being with us. jimmy fallon is next. >> good night. port tampa bay has now become florida's largest and most 15 billion for the regional economy, and 80 thousand local jobs. dana young is working to continue that success, by attracting high waged jobs for families who need them and fighting a bureaucracy that too often gets in the way. dana young for the florida senate.
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[ cheers and applause ] ? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jim and his


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