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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  October 27, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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not innocent people. i'm andrew warren. as state attorney, i'll make our county safer for our families. at least 4 people are dead in a horrible hillsboro county crash. we are working to find out who was hurt and how it dangerous interstate in america ? just ahead the jaw-dropping new statistics and what the new study reveals about florida drivers. political breakups: the presidential race creating friction among family members and friends. what you can do to keep the peace. >> good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> thank you for waking up with us on this thursday morning. let's get you out the door with
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>> it has been a comfortable morning. we can use max defender 8 to check on the cloud cover. there are some passing clouds. the clouds overnight help to trap the heat so we stay warmer. 69 tampa. 69 brooksville. 66 urbandale. 69 sarasota. this is warmer than yesterday. this is the 24-hour temperature change were lake linden is 4 degrees warmer than yesterday at this time. high of 85, above the average of 82. i will take you specifically hour by hour throughout the day and give you your hollowing forecast but we will help you get out the door this morning. >> just one problem affecting traffic. it is actually blocked in both directions right at heritage harbor. outside of their we actually have a vehicle that is disabled.
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that is what is going on there. let's go ahead and take a look at travel times. we are up to speed on i 75 coming out of pasco and also into downtown tampa. we are up to speed on 275. a major local roadway is now back open after it was shut down due to a fiery crash that killed at least 4 people. >> the scene played out along doctor martin luther king jr. boulevard near us 301 ryan is live this morning. what is the latest? >> reporter: good morning to you . we are told at this point that 4 people are confirmed dead possibly a 5th and some children may be among the dead. this is the scene behind me. as you can tell the road is back open. you can see absorbent material put down to pick up liquid and fluid that dropped from vehicles after the
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this roadway. troopers were here investigating until around 10:00 last night. let's go to some video we shot when the scene happened. 4 people confirmed dead in this fiery wreck. it happened at 9:45 last night along martin luther king jr. boulevard near us 301 here in tampa. the wreckage is horrible, mangled and charred. we are told that 4 vehicles were involved. 3 were badly damaged including a minivan. when deputies came to the scene, we were told by witnesses that they actually had to rescue some people from those vehicles, several of which were on friar -- fire. at least one person was taken to the local hospital . no word on his or her condition. 4 people, possibly 5 dead in this fiery wreck along martin luther king jr. boulevard in tampa. we're told children may be among the dead, but we are
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by email giving us more details . once we get that information we will let you know but again it was a very sad scene. at least one of the vehicles in this crash was going very fast before this happened. >> to listen to talk about the details, it is tragic and heartbreaking. >> more breaking news for you now out of hillsboro county. a car smashes into a house killing the driver live picture from the scene on sandy shores and heritage lake court. it is a very active scene this morning. this is right off of lutes lake fern road. we're told the driver ran off the road and hit an electric meter. you can see people in crews walking around the same. the car smashed into the garage of the home. no one in the home was injured, but we are making calls to find out more. right now a safety harbor
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neglect charges after his 10- year-old son frantically calls 911 saying he was scared and didn't know where he was. the boy told dispatches father was asleep in the car and would not wake up. we're live at the pinellas county jail this morning. mary, heartbreaking that this boy is caught in the middle of all of this. >> this story becomes even more heartbreaking when you hear the exact details of what went down. this little 10-year- old boy was walking around the parking lot just looking was passed out in that car. this all happened on tuesday evening when deputy say they found him in this parking lot passed out in his car and high on something. they also found that 39-year-old with various prescription pills and his scared 10-year-old son. this follows other incidents throughout the company -- country with adults passing out in vehicles with children present. on saturday police arrested
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-- hand and her baby passed out in the backseat. by publishing these images, law enforcement hopes to give the public an up close look at the real cost of drug addiction in our country. we are told that that 10-year- old boy is now with relatives. he had no idea where he was when he called 911. his father is still in jail here being held on $9000 bond hear that that little boy is safe this morning, and hopefully his father can get the help that he needs. >> it is disgusting to see those pick yours. a really paints -- pictures. it really paints a picture of what those children are going through. a 17-year-old was shot in the leg. the bullet then passed through
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the bed in a home. a 17-year-old was holding the gun at the time. police say the gun belongs to his mom. we don't know if the shooting was accidental or if anyone will face charges. a break in a rash of vote engine that's. surveillance video -- boat engine that's -- thefts. surveillance video helps to catch the man. he engines on his foot. he may be responsible for other motor efts across florida -- thefts across florida. during a campaign stop in north carolina on wednesday, donald trump attacked hillary clinton for claiming he relied on undocumented immigrants to help build his newly opened hotel in washington dc. he
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employing undocumented workers. hillary clinton will campaign with michelle obama in north carolina, another battleground state. the running mate, tim kaine, will be in ohio and then he will travel to florida for rallies in tallahassee and sarasota tomorrow. president barack obama will also campaign for clinton in florida. he is scheduled to intend an early voting rally -- attend an early voting rally in hillary clinton . according to a poll, clinton leads donald trump nationally by 14 percentage points among likely voters. a florida university poll shows she is only 3 points ahead of donald trump, but take a look at this bloomberg poll released wednesday showing donald trump now in the lead to 2 points. it is 5:08. let's turn things over to leigh spann.
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it is such a nice stretch of whether. that will continue for the rest of -- weather. that will continue for the rest of the month . let me take you hour by hour through the day: you will see patchy clouds@-- at times . we quickly get out of the 60s and go up to 77 by 11 am. we are still at 80 around 7 am once the sun starts going down. breezy with the gusty of the east. we have mild mornings, warm and dry afternoons and halloween not too bad. let me give you a closer look at this scare cast if you will. temperatures in the afternoon on monday bewitching lee warm -- bewitchingly warm.
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i'm glad someone else has bad jokes and besides me. it makes me feel a little bit better. right here at heritage harbor we have all of the lanes are blocked. just outside of this area is where a vehicle when into a house. it is blocked completely at lutes lane and heritage harbor. all of this. we're not seeing any backups or any major delays anyway right now. still ahead: political feuds . i will show you how to avoid a political fight at your next a social gathering. also, what a new genetic study reveals about the start of the hiv epidemic in the spread of it across our country. first, could i-4 be the
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information that may have you
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major east-west corridor between tampa and the orlando area. new record show it may be the most dangerous interstate in america. meredith is here to explain why. >> we don't like being number one in some situations in this is it. we're talking about data from the federal fatal crash statistics between 2010 and 2015 coming from the national highway safety commission determined that the number of crashes per mile and a long i-4 rose to the top as america's deadliest stretch of highway. it breaks down the number of fatalities per mile. let's talk about that. i-4 is 132 miles long connecting temp all the way through daytona. there has been 1.4 traffic deaths per mile in the past 6 years. the survey shows that distracted
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phone use being the top distractor. i-4 has been on the top 10 most dangerous interstates list for the past 6 years. now the interstate has this dubious distinction of being number one. >> then you have to factor in that you have so many people in the country, a lot of tourist that go to the theme parks, but we can all do our parts by being aware, tent of >> slow down, put the phone in the trunk. keeper self focused. >> the bush garden's amusement park reopened to their congo river rapids ride. they closed the ride for safety reasons. officials issued a statement saying guest safety is priority
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of the bridge gate scandal, 2 of governor chris christie associates will give their closing statements in the trial. they face federal conspiracy and fraud charges potentially facing up to 20 years in prison . a new study confirms theories that the global hiv and aids epidemic started in new york around 1970. in doing that, the study also ea attendant referred to as patient zero. for years he has been blamed for bringing hiv to the us. unfriended on facebook, uninvited from the neighborhood block party and good old- fashioned family feuds. people are breaking up over politics. even when the election is finally over, chances are there will still be sour grapes at your holiday family gathering.
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at your next gathering. jobs are traded -- jabs are traded all the time on the campaign trail. it is nasty and trickling down to us. >> people are worried about their futures and the type of attacks we are seeing is getting to the core of people. this tampa psychologist says we're way past the point of the old adage don't talk politics. she warns if debates get seatedt >> it is about taking a deep breath, sometimes let the person go off and let them vent . people have a lot swirling around in their heads. these are images of projected research that delved into the minds of tampa voters. the centers for emotional marketing conducting -- conducted this state-of-the- art research and it shows people have strong opinions.
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they become very entrenched in that decision. if you bring any information to the contrary to threaten their perspective you are going to get a lot of pushback. >> that is a very different scenario for the undecided voters who might be caught in the crossfire as of politics. >> now our friends on facebook or sounding off about the subject. in fact we're getting several hundred comments on our facebook page. check out what people are saying . if you lose a friend over politics they were never a friend to begin with. here's another one for you real friends respect one another's ideas and who they vote for should not impact their family.
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for more than 20 years just last night. >> hopefully they kiss and make up after the election. >> the election is just 2 weeks away and then everyone will be friends again. max defender 8 is definitely being a friend to. it is defending you from rain as it has done for the past several days. today we are tracking more in the way of cloud cover, not a lot but when you have any clouds at t be if it were clear at night. that is why it will be mild this morning. we will get up to 80 degrees at noon. 85 degrees at 4 pm and you will feel that warm breeze from the east just like you did yesterday. it is 70 right now and bartow, significantly warmer than yesterday. is comfortable but again we do have these thin clouds streaming across the area. that will continue all day. rain will stay to the south, south miami.
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basically less than a 10 percent chance. the cold front will stall to the north. for friday mid-80s, mid-80s for saturday and sunday and even hollowing right around 85 -- halloween right around 85. we have vehicle that hit a house here and there was one person killed. here's a situation traffics wise: luke's lake fern road shut down harbor. power is affected in the area. there was a poll down.-- pole down. they have gotten that out of the way but there are still traffic closures. sunlight all of art will take you up to sierra pines -- not sierra pines but county line road will match up with some
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15 minutes year delay -- your commute . no delays traffic is just being turned around. in the hunt for pokimon, americans are trying to catch them all with pokimon go, but one new app has people on the hunt for something else. it is a political game changer right on your phone. it is 5:21 and you are watching news channel 8 today. as a federal prosecutor, i want to make the state attorney's office a model for criminal justice. i'll prioritize violent crime and be tough on murderers, gangs, and anyone who commits domestic abuse or sexual assault. and i'll make the system fair by working with police to wear body cameras and using dna to put criminals behind bars, not innocent people. i'm andrew warren.
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how is this for things getting political: a new game brings the presidential to raise -- race right to your iphone -- smart phone. players can show their support for their favorite candidate. the more good vibes a candidate gets the better. they hope it gets people more involved in the political process. budweiser is teaming up to hope you ge the holidays. adults 21 in order to redeem a ride code for a free ride home. free rides can be redeemed on thursday, friday or saturday during peak party hours. that is 10 pm to 2 pm now through the end of the year. the code will be released today at 2 pm on budweiser's facebook page. they are extending the ride code to this weekend to be
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>> have a great time everyone would get home safe. 3 vehicles and 4 lives, a tragedy on mlk boulevard. it was adele were feinstein. the latest details in of dates -- it was a horrifying scene. the latest details and details -- the latest details are
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at the bus stop this morning it is not to fuel -- cool . 68 degrees. tomorrow we go to 86, 86 saturday as well. checking out traffic, luke's lake fern road is
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well. what you are seeing right now is to go on scene. it is blocked at heritage harbor. vandyke will be your alternate
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death and devastation on a busy tampa road we're live with the very latest on this fiery crash already confirmed dead florida is a big prize for both presidential campaigns, but could the race for the white house all come down to hillsboro county? a 10-year-old's boy desperate call for help after his father passes out in a parking lot the father is facing charges this morning and it is not the first time period good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today p expect good thursday morning to you


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