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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  October 27, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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death and devastation on a busy tampa road we're live with the very latest on this fiery crash already confirmed dead florida is a big prize for both presidential campaigns, but could the race for the white house all come down to hillsboro county? a 10-year-old's boy desperate call for help after his father passes out in a parking lot the father is facing charges this morning and it is not the first time period good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today p expect good thursday morning to you
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up once again it is dry and comfortable. max defender 8 is doing it's job. it is scanning trying to find any rainfall close to us. while it is not find -- finding rain it is showing us we have a little bit of cloud cover. you will stay a little warmer overnight. 63 zephyrhills. 68 bartow. 68 venice. where 4 degrees warmer than yesterday around 5:30 we will keep the passing clouds warm and breezy today with a high of 85. at 5:38 we will have in a day temperature winds you . we have look at what is going on on the roads. we have fatal crash going on. our map just reverted to 301. that is a new crash on the list.
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over, this fatal crash at luke's lake fern road, the road is completely blocked. the accident is a car that hit a house nearby. vandyke where that yellow arrow is is a good alternate for you. a goes east to west and runs parallel to loop lakes farm road. a horrific crash in hillsboro county: at least 4 people are dead this morning victims. this fiery crash happened on martin luther king boulevard right near us 301. vehicle parts are scattered on the rose ways as investigators try to figure out -- roadways as investigators try to figure out what happened next. ryan is live at the scene for us. good morning ryan. >> reporter: i will step out of the way and show you martin luther king boulevard here. you can see at this hour the roadways is back open.
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and troopers were out here investigating. we're told that 4 people are confirmed dead in this fiery crash. it happened at around 9:45 last night near mlk boulevard near us 301. the wreckage is mangled and charred . you can actually see an engine to one of the vehicles that was either in a median or a sidewalk tossed to the side of the roadway. 4 vehicles involved, 3 badly damaged including a minivan officials, when crews got here, troopers as well as deputies, they actually tried to rescue some of the people from the vehicles that were on fire at that time. at least one person was taken to a nearby hospital. no word on that person's condition. but again, 4 people confirmed dead, fhp says possibly a 5th but we're still waiting on word about that.
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we expect to receive an email on the latest of the crash. once we get that email we will let you know. >> it is heartbreaking news to wake up to this morning. more breaking news out of hillsboro county: a car smashes into a house killing the driver . this is a live picture here from the scene. you can see it is very active this morning. this is tandy shores and heritage -- sandy shores and heritage lake court. we told road and hit an electric meter. the car flipped and smashed right into the garage of a home. no one inside the home was hurt but again the driver of that car did die in that crash. we are making more full calls -- more phone calls to find out exactly how this played out and will keep you updated. we have known for a while that florida is critical to both the clinton and donald trump campaigns as it always is
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it turns out the entire election could all come down to hillsboro county. meredith joins us now. meredith, why are so many political experts paying such close attention to hillsboro? >> reporter: voters in hillsboro county has picked the winner in 19 of the past 20 presidential elections. our population is divided into nearly equal parts, democrat, republican and independent. that is why you are seeing the candidates dr hillary clinton at curtis hixon park in downtown tampa trying to rally her base to get out the vote. >> we can't make any of this happen if we don't have you voting. donald trump says he can still win and he is right . that is why it is so important that everyone gets out and votes. donald trump held a rally in tampa on monday where he
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brief break from the campaign trail to open a new hotel, but he also stressed his business acumen during the ribbon cutting . >> my theme today is 5 words: under budget and ahead of schedule. we don't hear those words too often in government, but you will. let's talk about the latest polls in florida: they show how tight the race is. of florida atlantic clinton 3 points ahead of trump and the poll you see there from bloomberg has donald trump in the lead by 2 point has donald trump in the lead by 2.45 to 43 percent. we are releasing dueling polls. we are expecting an updated schedule for the candidates that includes more appearances here in florida. tim kaine will be in sarasota on friday and president obama
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this morning new emails have been released from wikileaks from john po email account. they show her team aids -- her staff aides were concerned about hillary clinton server scandal. thousands of people are taking advantage of early voting in the bay area. in hillsboro county so far more than 53,000 people have cast early ballots. another 114,000 have cast ballots through the vote by mail option. early voting is taking place right now in several counties until
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your answers when it comes to voter fraud. many received a voter id card and registration -- manny received a voter id card and registration in the mail but a woman's name was on the cards. it was sorted out and it if you want more information head to and we have an election guide to assist you with the process. hit the news tab and then click politics. it has been a pleasant couple of days. yes, it is warmer than average but with the low humidity and a breeze it makes you want to be outside all day. that is the same thing for today. let me walk you through our power. we will already be warmer than yesterday.
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80 around lunchtime, 85 degrees is our high temperature. it should happen around 3:00. gusty east winds very similar to yesterday. i do think we will see a few more clouds today than yesterday. closing in on the weekend mild mornings, warm dry afternoons and halloween looking comfortable. look at this a day temperature trend. a more g-man is looking at the thermometer -- emoji man is lookin we check in now with traffic on the 8s. definitely we have crash at 301 , but let's go ahead and take a look at this problem spot in the lutes area. it is a fatal crash. we are looking at lutes lake fern close completely at heritage harbor. let's go
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i'm talking about right now. a lot of activity out here right now. it is completely closed in both directions at heritage harbor. they are doing some work on some power lines. this is all due to the crash into that house. they have to clear it up, clean it up and also get power restored. there was a traffic light that was out not too far away. van [ null ] road to the south is a good alternate. listen to this, unable to get his dad to wake up, a searched the parking lot for an adult to help them out. now that boy's father is in trouble with the law. we're joined live from the pinellas county jail this morning. mary, the dad has a history with police. whatdoes his record look like? >> his rap sheet is long to say the least. it includes dozens of traffic offenses and has mugshots dating back to 2009. that latest mug shot is from tuesday
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in this parking lot passed out in his car and high on something . they also found various prescription pills and his scared 10-year-old son. neighbors in this mobile home park tell us he lives with his mother in this single wide. there thoughts are with that 10- year-old boy -- their thoughts are with that 10-year-old boy. >> what kind of future is he going to have. >> with the relative now. he had no idea where he was when he called 911. >> now the father is still being held in the pinellas county jail on drug charges and also child neglect charges. this isn't the first time that we have heard stories about parents being passed out in vehicles with a small child just nearby. coming up, i will have more on why we're hearing more about cases like. it is extremely concerning
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a pilot accused of trying to fly a plane full of passengers drunk. still ahead: how investigators found out he was drunk. and sobering news for working women. a new study finds out just how much they're working compared to men. >> first, deadly fire in sarasota. why neighbors believe what the residents kept in their home made it difficult for fire crucified this fire. you are watching news channel 8 today on th
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a deadly fire in sarasota kills 2 people and sends another to the hospital. many are wondering if the cluttered home played a role in how fast the fire group. the fire destroyed the home on sugar lane.
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went up in flames in mere moments. at first they did not know anyone was inside. they had to knockdown a wall to save the couple's son. neighbor say they didn't stand a chance because of all of the cluttered. >> overly cluttered i would say . they may have had a hard time maneuvering about in their home. >> investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire . they have not released the names of the victims were anything about the sun was injured. a lol concert is headed to jail . >> the defendant is guilty of battery is charged in the information, so we say on this 26 of october. a jury of 6 women handed down this verdict in less than 2 hours finding rapper kevin gates guilty of battery. this video shows him kicking a fan and the chest at a concert in lakeland. he claimed self-defense. he was sentenced to 180 days in
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served. he will also have to pay fines and court costs. scary moments on a train in boston: smoke fills the train forcing people to break windows to escape. take a look at video from passengers. >> we can see them crawling out the windows and trying to rush to safety. . 5 paper suffered smoke inhalation but everyone is expected to be okay. and overheated for causing smoke to fill the cars. flying drunk: that is what an airline pilot is accused of trying to do. tsa officer say they smelt alcohol on the first officer. the plane was headed to rapid city -- salt lake city utah. the pilot was arrested. police say his blood alcohol level was above the legal limit. the pilot is on administrative
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this morning we should find out more about the job situation here in america. the us labor department will release the weekly jobless claims. it will show how many americans are filing for unemployment benefits. right now the national unemployment rate stands at 5 percent. more discouraging news for working women. a new study finds women work more than men. according to the report women work an average of 39 days the report comes as women fight to earn equal pay. on average, women earn $.77 for every dollar a man arms. when it comes to one school subject girls are falling behind . a new study shows boys continue to outperform girls in math. most children enter kindergarten similar math skills but girls tend to fall behind by the time they reach the 3rd grade.
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world in a girl's success in math. you have got to see this guy right here. an enormous gator caught sunbathing. this was over at buffalo creek golf course in palmetto. use on their getting some sun and then he goes in for a dip at a nearby pool. keys hanging out at a golf course, he sunbathing and then he goes for a swim. did you hear what he told eagle 8 hd? privacy please people. >> he has a big grin on his face and that is what is more important. max defender 8 for the 10th they a role -- row, no rainfall on the map. i am
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not a lot but it should make for a really pretty sunrise. clouds overnight will keep you a little warmer. 68 degrees at 8 am is warmer than yesterday morning. still a fast warm-up. a few passing clouds: 80 at noon, 84 at 4 pm. long-range forecast, yes deceased breeze continues but notice all of the rain is south less than 10 percent. we stay above average tomorrow, partly cloudy with highs in the mid-80s. the cold front stalls to the north so are warm mostly dry days continue right on into hollowing. 85 today than up to 86 friday and saturday. take a look at the roadways right now. we continue to follow the breaking traffic out in the moose lake for an road area. you can't get by.
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farm road -- lutz lake fern road . this is all due to a fatal accident where a car crashed into a house. how do you get around it? vandyke is a very good alternate to the south. it is not that far away. that might help your commute just a little bit. let's hop over here to this accident. this is at 301 and highway 60. no delays. it is off to the side of the roadway. let's take a live look at 27 it looks great right by 54th avenue north. that is a look at weather and traffic. now back to you. how trick-or-treating is affecting your netflix habits? >> the stories go ahead, plus some important safety tips to keep you and your kids safe halloween night. you are watching news channel 8 today. >> closed captioning is brought to you by: famous tate
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8 is on your side with halloween safety. the holiday is all about costumes and candy. we can't forget safety. children are twice as likely to be hit by a car on halloween night. experts recommend that parents teach their kids that if they see a car the driver doesn't see them in while traveling in groups is safer, drivers can only see them when they are
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>> they are walking around with these close sticks. i would much rather have someone walk around with the flashlight. >> kids can decorate and trim their costumes are candy bags with reflective tape that way they glow in the beam of a car's headlights. netflix data shows the number of times viewers press pause during trick-or-treating. a goes up 30 percent. people are putting their shows and movies on hold to satisfy those sweet toothed kids at the door highest pause rates in the entire country. peak pause time is 7:20 9 pm. that is about to write. it is a not too dark but dark enough to go out there and make it feel spooky. look at this little guy. he was a police officer. the race for the white house could cause problems for your family get-togethers. new, i will show you how this election season is bringing out the worst in what you can do if a political fight
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>> let's take you live outside this morning for a beautiful look at downtown tampa. it is absolutely gorgeous out there. weather and traffic on the 8s
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time for weather and traffic on the 8s at 5:58 on generally clear. we do have passing clouds and that is keeping us warmer. at tampa international airport it is 69 degrees. the winds are calm at this location but you are feeling the breeze in some locations. that will continue all day along with passing clouds. temperatures are above average at 85. i will have the weekend forecast coming up. in the loots lakefront area we continue to follow the traffic -- lutz lake fern area we
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it is completely blocked at heritage harbor. people are being completely turned around. i don't want you to get into that situation. take vandyke instead. we have an update coming up. port tampa bay has now become florida's largest and most diversified. which helps explain why it is one of dana young's regional economy, and 80 thousand local jobs. dana young is working to continue that success, by attracting high waged jobs for families who need them and fighting a bureaucracy that too often gets in the way. dana young for the florida senate.
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at least 4 people are dead and a horrible his barrel county crash. we -- hillsboro county crash . we are working right now to find out w also, i-4 is the most dangerous interstate in america. coming up, with the story reveals about florida drivers. the presidential race is creating friction among family members and friends. what you can do to keep the peace at home. >> good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today on this thursday. >> let's future out the door on this thursday morning. we have your wake-up forecast.


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