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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  October 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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a warehouse filled with animals and cleaning supplies goes up in flames. now there are questions about why the animals were kept there in the first place. >> campaign scare for donald trump's running mate. what happens to governor mike pence as his plane skids off the runway. >> distracted driving. why our state is top on the list when it comes to the dangerous habit and the deadly impact it's having on our roads. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> i'm gene ramirez. happy friday. made it to the end of the work week. let's get a check on your friday forecast with meteorologist leigh spann. hi, leigh. >> good morning.
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because it's not going anywhere any time soon. max defender 8 is on the job this morning. there are some clouds. i expect to see patchy clouds from time to time throughout the day today. those clouds right now keeping us warmer than yesterday even. 68 in lakeland, 73 right now in tampa, 66 in inverness. we started monday morning at 61 degrees and felt chilly. 64 tuesday and wednesday, yeste today we will start in the 70s. warm and breezy, extra clouds, a high today of 85 degrees. at 4:38 an 8-day temperature trend to take you into november. leslee is going to let you know what is happening on the roads. >> we have a pretty good drive out there. it's not perfect but it's good. the skyway bridge look at -- bridge looks good. i'm in
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collision state road 52 at pasco terrace. i'm not seeing any major delays. it's supposed to be in lanes. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you, leslee. right now there's question s this morning about a hillsborough county warehouse fire that destroyed a building and left dozens of animals dead. >> yeah, terrible scene out there. flames shooting high into the sky as crews desperately tried to save the animals that were inside. ryan hughes is livero why were the animals in the warehouse and was it that legal? >> reporter: that's the question at this hour. the investigation into the fire at this warehouse in the town and country air is still on going at this hour. check out this video from eagle 8 hd. you can see a plume of black smoke billow into the air. it took firefighters hours to get the fire under control. inside cleaning
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birds, cats, dogs and a monkey named ringo. the owner said he ran an animal rescue from the warehouse called tip cat. no word from authorities if it's okay to store animals inside the warehouse. the owner was upset but said it's part of the circumstance circle of life. >> when you're an animal lover you get used to sickness and death and accept bad thing and help other animals. >> reporter: good news here, two dogs and a few cats survived the fire. at this hour we are still trying to find out if the owner will face animal cruelty charges for keeping so many animals inside that warehouse. we'll keep you posted from here. >> terrible thing for those animals. we will check back later this morning. ryan, thank you. we are learning more about the five people killed in a
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king boulevard near 301. they were on their way home from church.a mother, sister and her daughter damaged. the teenager daughter survived but is at the hospital along with a cousin. relatives are heartbroken. >> i do not wish this on anybody at all. he's in pieces. you know, it hurts because i'm sure who have suffered so much pain and i can only imagine how it feels to lose 90% of your family. >> eyewitnesses blame street racing. while troopers confirm speed was a factor there's no evidence that anyone was racing. 22-year-old pablo cortez was traveling at a high rate of speed when they hit a minivan head on. they too were killed.
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parenting send their kids to the bus stop this morning. pasco county deputies said a man tried to lure an 11-year-old boy as he walked to his bus. this happened on mangrove drive. the boy ran and he went the opposite way. she's described as 20 to 30 with hazel eyes and wearing a br f on for a man who shot and killed a clerk in polk county. that believe they ambushed him and forced the man to take off his pants and then shot the man. on the campaign trail some scary momentums for donald trump's running mate when the plane he was on skidded off the runway at laguardia airport. >> oh, my god.
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>> governor mike pence was not hurt and neither was anyone else on board. he thanked the emergency crews that responded. it was raining hard at the time and right now you are looking live at laguardia airport this morning as crews there are finally moving that plane off the tarmac. you can see it's been there all night as part of the investigation. they needed to leave that plane in place we are going to keep following that story. this is a live picture. meantime, pence is still plan planning on campaigning in pennsylvania and north carolina today. donald trump will be in new hampshire, maine and iowa. trump suggested canceling the election jokingly. >> just thinking to myself right now we should just cancel
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trump. >> trump's comments come as he continues to call the election system rigged and stacked against him. >> hillary clinton and her campaign are hitting several states today including florida. today her running mate senator tim caine will be in tallahassee and president obama is campaigning for clinton in orlando. yesterday michelle obama campaigned with hillary clinton in thetl >> seriously, is there anyone more inspiring than michelle obama? >> so hillary has done her job. now we need to do our job and get her elected president of the united states. >> today hillary clinton will be campaign in iowa. yesterday we told you that
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cell phone use. >> now traffic deaths are rising at an alarming rate in florida. meredith is in the news center. is texting to blame? >> reporter: yes, texting and the use of apps. traffic deaths spike ed d in florida by 9% this year. when traffic slows down due to congestion and we have plenty of that drivers tend to pick up their phones. the top five apps are google apps, pokemon go, android messaging, facebook and you tube. there's other factors they include the fact that drivers are going longer distances because of cheaper gas prices and the growing use of prescription and other drugs. now this morning i pulled some
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traffic accidents attributed to distracted driving in the tampa bay area resulting in 51 people losing their lives. >> a reminder we all need to pay attention. it's 4:38. let's turn things over to leigh. >> right before the sunrise you might want to get outside and look up. we have the sliver of a crescent moon and bright jupiter. you will see that in the sky over tampa bay. it's going to be mild too. we'll already be at 70 by 8:00 a.m., fast warm up, 80 around 3:00 p.m. the mid to upper 80s every day through the weekend. halloween right around the corner now. comfortable for the trick or treaters monday evening or if you're trick or treating this evening comfortable. november starts and it continues our warm trend. look at this 8-day temperature trend. 85 today, 86 saturday and sunday. getting the thumbs up from the bewitched man on
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now traffic on the 8s. hopefully people are easing into the friday morning commute. >> hopefully they're not texting. traffic is light. this is southbound on sfat state road 52 and it's blocked here and we are seeing some delays not just eastbound but westbound too. probably some looking situation. eastbound state route 52 blocked at pasco terrace court and that's a bit east of u.s. travel times, a great drive on i-75 through new tampa and 275 heading into tampa looks great. when i come back a look at i-4. that's a look at weather and traffic. back to gene and gayle. >> leslee, thank you. it's not unusual to see deer or a coyote or two in the bay area but a monkey. >> yeah, coming up where wildlife experts want people to be on the look out for a monkey
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spot this guy. >> a tense time as soldier and police move in on people blocking an oil pipeline. why demonstrators are standing their ground. >> you're watching news channel 8 on this friday. we asked woman to smell two body washes and pick their favorite. they both smell good. i prefer b. b. i would like to smell like this every day. but what was body wash a? ohhhh i love bath and bodyworks. i have this in my bathroom. and what was the one they preferred? ohhhh. this is suave. really? that's quite a bit of smelling good. suave three fragrances preferred over bath and body works. ? ? ? ? can you say i love it? ?
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across america, a tense stand off in north dakota where armed soldiers and police in riot gear are clashing with oil pipeline protesters. law enforcement arrested more than 100 protesters who were blocking a highway and setting fires. they are on private land where the oil pipeline is planned. the pipeline runs adjacent to the standing rock sioux reservation. they claim it's destroying sacred sites and could pollute the missouri river. assistant football coach wins his case against the university. mike query said they -- mike mcquery said they let him go when he helped convict jerry sandusky. a jury awarded him $7.3 million. a pilot who buzzed some surfers in california could be
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surfers in dell mar north of san diego. they compared the pilot to a reckless driver. the federal aviation administration is investigating. there's a search for a lost monkey spotted around the bay area. >> sightings have been reported in hudson beach and a catching people by surprise. >> that's a freaking monkey, dude. >> yeah, it is. the monkey along the water front. wildlife experts believe he may have been kicked out of his troop in silver springs. if you spot this mischievous monkey who loves a water front view experts have a bit of advice. >> people should not try to feed him, they should not try to corner him or capture him. they should contact fwc. >> if the monkey is caught he
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life at a wildlife rescue and rehabilitation center. never feed him. >> just making sure. he's just enjoying his time out by the water or maybe picking out a nice boat to take out for the day. he's not harming anybody. some are call ing ing a fight over a huge christmas light display in south florida a christmas miracle. >> a judge ruled in the hyatt family. they said the traffic was a nuisance and an accident waiting to happen. well, the judge ruled against the city and now the hyatt family is moving forward with the 200,000 light display for the holidays and probably a $200,000 electrical bill.
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juice and cranberry products are recommend eded as a way to predict a u to -- as a uti and it's found to be not true. new year's eve a warning about costume accessories. the government is now warning people about counterfit contact lenses that can contain bacteri some are made with led-based materials that can be absorbed into your eyes. do not wear con contacts until you you have a prescription. >> there's also a warning about face paint for halloween. many contain dyes and fragrances. test it on your arm first and make sure you don't break out into a rash.
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medicines you take using smart pills. the pills are as small as a grain of sand or a poppy seed. a patient take it with medication. the sensor sends data to a bandage worn by a patient. it has a bluetooth connection that helps doctors gather data on how well the medication is working. right now a hospital in dallas is testing the smart pills on children recovering from organ transplants. all right. it's 4:48 on i almost forgot we made it to friday, leigh. >> yes, it's been a nice long week and now we are heading into the halloween weekend. a lot of you will be out and about. max defender 8 showing you clear skies. there's a few passing clouds that's leading to a warmer start than yesterday. 70 at a.m. and 80 by lunchtime. yes, it will be breezy. it was breezy yesterday and the day before and the day before and
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continues right on through the afternoon. 86 degrees. right now it's 66 in inverness, 70 plant city, sea bring you're at 71. 70 north port and 71 in venice said my weather watcher bob down there. long-term forecast, let me just tell you that things are not changing must change -- changing much. tomorrow breezy, a few less clouds. on sunday the winds sta lighter but still coming out of the east. halloween comfortable, an east breeze. i think you got this similar pattern continuing into next week. the mid 80s an slim rain chances. leslee. >> looking at traffic i promised you a shot of i-4. here it is, i-4 at kathleen road. of course this is in the lakeland area. up to speed. not a lot of ebb vehicles out there. this is i-4 around the polk parkway. also downtown lakeland up to speed as well. let's talk about hudson and pasco county as
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the eastbound lanes blocked here as pasco terrace court. seeing days coming away from 19 as you move through. keep this in mind it's east of 19 at terrace court. the lanes taken away. westbound does not seem to be effected at this point. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. >> thank you, leslee. battery powered cars r -- cars for kids. >> now there's a problem with the kiddie cars. an 8 on your side hear. that's next on news
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in an 8 on your side alert a ride on toy for kids is under recall because it could over heat and catch fire. the recall involves the 850 polaris sportsman battery operated toy vehicle. the problem is with a relay on the circuit board. it can fail causing the motor to over heat. so far there's three reports of toys over heating and one report of the toy stop using it and contact them to receive a free replacement circuit board. well, it's friday, i don't think you need a reminder for that. why not treat yourself as they say and with surveillance video guilt -- as they say with zero guilt. it's national chocolate day. grab a bite, a
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bit. data shows the amount of chocolate contained by person in 2015 was 9.5 pounds. what a little chocolate? >> i've never been good with assorted boxes because i need to need to taste them all. >> i typically don't like what is inside, i just want the chocolate. i like plain chocolate kisses, hershey kisses. >> there we go. tampa teens take on cyber bullies. >> new in our next half hour we will introduce t who are getting national attention for a film they created to highlight the problem of bullying. >> a live look outside at beautiful downtown tampa. weather and traffic on the 8s
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we have made it to friday
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outside right now a few passing clouds other wise a gorgeous morning and warmer than yesterday too. we are at 72 degrees at tampa international airport. just like yesterday it will be breezy. it will be warm with a high of 85. i think we'll see a few extra clouds kind of like how we saw yesterday evening. so then for saturday partly cloudy still that steady breeze in the air and warm at 86. come sunday, warm again, lighter wind too. 86 degrees. of course the bucs play on sunday and it sh stadium around 1:00. >> hopefully we're going to win that game against the raiders. let's take a look at i-4. looks great through ybor city and in and out of tampa on 275. no problems there. let's talk about pasco county because this accident, again, has injuries involved here and always takes longer to clear up. you see more activity out there because you have emergency vehicles and ambulances. eastbound state road 52 we have lanes taken away
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pasco terrace court. a little bit of a delay there and this is just east of u.s. 19 in the hudson area. a great drive on the suncoast parkway connecting
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fire rips through a warehouse with dozens of animals trapped inside. what the owner is saying about their death and the latest on the investigation. >> an accusation against donald trump with the star of a popular reality show just ahead. >> using the silver screen to fight cyber bullying. meet the hernando county students bringing national attention to a big problem. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> i'm gene ramirez. happy friday. thank you for waking up with us. let's get a check on the weather with leigh. good morning. >> good morning. we've had such a nice stretch of days.


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