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tv   Today  NBC  October 28, 2016 7:00am-9:59am EDT

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like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. good morning, breaking overnight, a frightening moment at new york laguardia airport, the campaign plane carrying m during heavy rain. >> remain seated. >> no injuries reported, but an investigation is underway. this morning, governor pence, joins us live. looking ahead, nbc confirming hillary clinton has vice-president joe biden on her short list for secretary of state, if she wins. donald trump hitting clinton for her time in that position. >> hillary clinton put the office of secretary of state up
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chance, she would put the oval office up for sale. >> our decision 2016 team weighs in, with just 11 days to go. a mother's pain, chandra's mother, after gary condon will not talk about their relationship. >> this morning, she is speaking out to nbc news. and sweet home chicago. cubs fans, ready and waiting to wrigley field after 71 long years. tickets nearly impossible to get. but we have a pair of them, and we're about to give them away to two very lucky fans today. friday, october 28, 2016. >>announcer: from nbc news, this
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savann savannah gunthrie. good morning. how badly would you like to be at wrigley field for the world series? >> we're giving away the tickets and i was just thinking that moments after we give them away, i expect you to offer to be the person's date. >> no question about it. i am a giver. no question. more likely, without tickets we're going to end up at this place in chicago. harry carey's. it is there we will give while. >> love the morning bar scene. >> no question. all right, let's start with this dramatic scene at laguardia last night. mike pence's campaign plane sliding off the runway there. tom costello carries aviation. he has made his way to la gar ye -- laguardia. >> reporter: it landed on runway 2-2, in a driving rainstorm, overnight, they've removed the
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here and now it is a hangar, a go-team will arrive later today. for the people on board the plane, including nbc news personnel, it was a rough and scary landing. >> watch your step. >> reporter: it happened in the pouring rain, just before 8:00 p.m. at new york's laguardia airport, a plane skidding off the runway. >> you may have a crash landing, 737 ran off the runway. >> reporter: not just any vice-presidential nominee, indiana governor, mike pence. the standard two alarm was swift. the port authority arriving within a minute. passengers clearly rattled. nbc news campaign vaughn hillard was one of them on board. >> you can smell the rubber, and we realized it wasn't a typical landing. >> reporter: he says this isn't the first time pence's plane had
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when the planes were swerved off to the right, hit the grass and you could see the road not far off and we were off the runway. >> reporter: the faa tells nbc news a safety system called an arrester bed stopped the plane. >> it is faa required installations at the end of runways to do exactly the purpose that they serve, which is to slow down an aircraft that is approaching the end of the runway. >> reporter: pence canceled a scheduled fund-raiser at trump tower, tweeting grateful for the first responders and k concerns and prayers of so many. last thursday, donald trump said he spoke to pence. >> he is okay. do you know he was in a big accident with a plane? the plane skidded off the runway, and was pretty close to grave, grave danger. >> reporter: in fact, the plane was not in grave danger, and no one was injured.
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world country. >> reporter: during the debate, trump criticized laguardia. >> you land at laguardia, you come in from china. you land, we've become a third world country. >> reporter: as for the democrats, hillary clinton and tim kaine said they were glad to hear pence was okay. pence did not answer questions late thursday, when he got to his hotel. >> governor -- >> reporter: so the cockpit voice recorder and among the questions they'll have, did the rain and did the tail wind play any role here. how far did he land, coming in too fast, all of that will be apart of this investigation, with the ntsb arriving today. back to you. >> tom, thank you. we will talk to governor pence when joins us live in studio in the next half hour. let's get to the state of
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early voting. more than 13.7 million people cast their ballots. according to data provided to us by target smart. >> take a look at the poll in the swing state of iowa. it shows a dead heat there. clinton and trump died there at 44%. >> both campaigns will be in iowa today. trump will be in new hampshire and maine. clinton in iowa, two events focused on women and early trouncing on the stolen e-mails just released by wikileaks, but his rival appears to be looking forward to what happens after election day. kristin welker kicks off our coverage this morning. >> reporter: savanna, good morning to you, she is increasingly looking beyond donald trump. her transition team now eyeing joe biden for a possible top job, but donald trump isn't
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by wikileaks. this morning, joe biden back in the spotlight. nbc news confirming hillary clinton's transition team is adding him to a short list for secretary of state. a story first reported by politico. after considering a run himself during the primary, biden has been a constant trail for clinton. clinton is ahead in most polls, but the race isn't locked up yet. and thursday, donald trump in battleground ohio, about clinton's tenure as secretary of state. >> hillary clinton put the office of secretary of state up for sale and if she got the chance, she would put the oval office for sale also. >> reporter: trump is seizing upon the latest wikileaks document dump, including a 2011 memo written by bill clinton aide, doug band, who had worked for the clinton foundation and
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band writing we had dedicated ourself to helping the president secure and engage in for profit activities, including speeches, books and advisory seven gaueng >> he called it unorthodox. the rest of us call it outright corrupt. >> reporter: the e-mails aren't authenticated by nbc news or the clinton campaign, but clinton spokesperson pushing back. >> the state department has said hillary clinton made as secretary of state that was based on people who donated to the clinton foundation. >> reporter: attempts to turn the page on those hacked e-mails thursday, clinton enlisted her not so secret weapon, michelle obama in north carolina. >> if hillary doesn't win this election, it will be on us. it will be because we did not vote for her. that's exactly what her opponent is hoping will happen. that's the strategy.
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part of it. >> reporter: the get out of vote message comes amid accusations the trump campaign is trying to lower the turnout a senior trump official telling bloomberg business week the campaign has, quote, three major voter suppression operations out. the unnamed source misspoke or no idea what we're trying to accomplish with mr. trump's more eyebrows. >> just thinking to myself right now, we should just cancel the election and just give it to trump. >> reporter: as for the audio recording trump making lewd comments, the billionaire telling bill o'reilly, it is illegal. >> are you going to take action? >> reporter: the tape-recorded during a 2005 taping of "access
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universal. trump saying he may take legal action against the network. >> you'll see. >> reporter: trump is also getting heat this morning for referring to urban areas as ghettos, another misstep in a campaign can't afford any. secretary clinton will be in iowa, when her campaign has called its toughest battleground state, trying to energize women voters. matt and >> we have nicole wallace and steve kornacki joining us. let's start with hillary clinton has joe biden on a short list to be considered for secretary of state, should she win. a, what is your reporting on this? b, is that a story you like being out there right now? >> they do not like the story out there. they being the campaign. they say their focus is on closing strong, having the best
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however, sources close to the current vice-president say that due to the nature of his current responsibilities, he is the vice-president deeply engaged in foreign policy, that if asked to continue to serve in that kind of capacity, he would certainly be willing to do so. and they acknowledge, as i think our reporting confirms, he is on that list. >> but it is kind of a measuring the drapes optics there, which i wouldn't think the clintons would want it all, considering they're still trying to make sure the vote turns this publicly. the biggest fair is complacency. looking and saying this is over. they're already looking at appointments for the administration, that sends the exact message they don't want out there. >> let me ask you about wikileaks, it is a steady drip, drip, drip. at this stage of the campaign, 11 days to go, have voters supporting hillary clinton already factored this into their
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dealing with trust and transparency that they're never going to get satisfactory answers to? >> if you go back to why bernie sanders stayed in well beyond the point he could have become the democratic nominee, it was because of this lingering sense, and chuck todd reminds us everyday, these are the two most unpopular nominee, this is the bucket of issues that makes her unpopular. this sense that there is something shady now. even the people you talk to in battleground states say they're voting for her, they are voting her despite these issues. >> if you're fence sitter, and you're being reminded anew, and if trump is relatively on message, that can't be good for clinton in the final moments of the campaign. >> it can't be. the good news for hillary clinton, she has a little bit of wiggle room there.
7:13 am
the republican whose have been reluctant to get behind trump, flirting with the idea of voting for clinton. this is everything i didn't like about the clintons, there is still room for clinton to win. >> let's not forget, same thing on the trump side. people supporting him have already accepted the fact they are going to be things to do with his temperament that they don't like. >> neither one will see a big jump in their popularity in the next few weeks. >> steve, much. we move to the tense situation playing out in north carolina, authorities clashing with demonstrators who have set up camp on private land to protest the construction of a controversial pipeline. nbc national correspondence department, miguel almager has the latest. >> reporter: police and protesters spilled into the early morning hours, more than 140 people were arrested, and a second bridge was lit on fire.
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overnight, police held the ground where they clashed with native american protesters near cannonball, north carolina. an army of 200 officers clearing demonstrators, blogging a highway, used to block a pipeline under construction. using high pitch sound and firing beanbags and pepper spray, authorities arrested protesters who refused t >> they were disobeying commands, many of the protesters would get right in the faces of the officers and say nasty things to them. >> reporter: after blocking a bridge and starting fires, police say one demonstrator fired a gun at officers. hundreds vowing they'll be back. >> the question i ask, what lengths is north carolina willing to go to defend a multi billion dollar oil corporation. >> reporter: it will cross four states, north carolina, illinois
7:15 am
of transporting 570,000 barrels a day. demonstrators say it is destroying sacred land. protesters also say the pipeline threatens to pollute the river, which provides water to millions of people. after months of protests, this has turned into a movement. the largest modern day native americans, with celebrities and activists joining in. no comment from the oil company. but those opposing the pipeline say this fight is far from over. >> this has to stop. we have to stop the pipeline. for the protection of all of us. >> reporter: authorities have called this a mass arrest operation, and with more clashes overnight, both protesters and police say there is no end to
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>> thank you. let's talk about the excitement and hype 71 years in the making. world series returns to wrigley field for the first time since 1945. no, i was not there. the cubs and indians tied at a game apiece in the world series. fans at wrigley will be going out of their minds tonight. nbc's ron mott is in chicago, getting ready for game three. good >> reporter: 71 years, the, spring training rolls around, we're going to the world series, and it never happens. this year, they're here. you guys ready? everywhere in chicago, you look, it is cubs, cubs, cubs. the ubs building here put a big "c" in front of the name. the lions at the art institute are wearing cubs helmets for the first time.
7:17 am
fingernai fingernails, haircuts, you name it. 108 years since they won, and that's the lucky number this year, 108, the first manager of the team, creating the first baseball, 108 stitches, willis tower, broadcasting the games, 108 stories, and the family that bought the team is headquartered on 108th avenue in omaha. i've got to get into costume. how ds >> cubs go! they are almost guaranteeing a victory here with this song. they say the cubs will win tonight. guys, back to you. >> ron, thank you very much. what a fun scene. we're giving away a pair of tickets to that game. we're going meet the finalist for the search for world series super fan and find out who is going later. >> you were saying you weren't there, but listening to it on the radio in 1945 was just as
7:18 am
them through. >> mr. roker, do we have a forecast? >> if i was there, you were there, too. >> i was selling popcorn. let's show you the forecast for the next three days. today, windy, 64 degrees, some showers possible for tomorrow's game four, and 66. partly cloudy on sunday and temperature about 53 degrees. now, we've had some non-baseball like weather moving through. remember yesterday, talking about snow. this is michigan, and we are looking a 3 inches of snow throughout parts of central and southern michigan. and even into upstate new york, and new england. take a look. saratoga springs, albany, 1.7 inches of snow on this date. so a lot of snow. it is now pushing away. that's the good news. some snow? northern new england, wet along the coast. we maybe see about an inch of rain from portland into eastport. lesser as you get to west.
7:19 am
england, northern maine, maybe 4 to 8 inches of snow, winter weather our nice long stretch of warm days continues to. up to 85 degrees. the average is 82. it's going to be brie eezy. over night tonight above average with a low of 69. the weekend looks great, partly sunny and 86 on saturday and sunday. halloween
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that's your latest weather. >> thanks, al. we're going to talk to mike pence about the landing at the airport and trump's campaign plans for the final days of the race. >> and chandra talking about this morning, about the relationship with her daughter.
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it's 7:27 on this friday. we have a thin layer of clouds out there. this is the way it looks in land o' lakes. we are at 66 degrees. it's a mild start to the day. 67 in palm harb, tampa, 70 bartow. 4 degrees warmer in lakeland and brandon and 2 degrees warmer in plantsville and brooksville from yesterday. 75 degrees at 10:00, up to 82 at 1:00, 85 degrees for the afternoon high around 3:00 p.m. tomorrow even warmer at 86. 86 on sunday.
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slow through ybor. veteran's expressway still looking fantastic. this is i-75 in sarasota i'm talking about folks. northbound on 75 venice connecter to bee ridge road is going to take you 33 minutes. it's duz of a accident at bee ridge. they told me they have this off to the side of the roadway. you are stacked and packed well before that venice coec
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it is 7:30, friday morning, october 28, 2016. there is a happy crowd, and they are happy, because the one direction, specifically, he is here. he has just released a single, and it soared right to number one. the girls outside all day. and they're like, and you are? >> you should tell them he will be inside and not outside. first, let's look at some of the headlines this morning, in ntsb go team arrives at laguardia airport to look into the incident involving governor mike pence's campaign plane.
7:31 am
bad rainstorm here last night. no injuries luckily. we're going to talk to governor pence about that, and other things, in just a moment. federal jury delivered a surprise verdict on thursday. acquitting in the armed takeover of a federal wildlife refugee in oregon. the january standoff lasted about six weeks, brought attention to the long running dispute of control of federal lands. the bundys still face charges at a vladimir putin sis his country is not trying to influence the u.s. presidential race. speaking in a form in sochi, he accused americans of hysteria, calling it a ploy to distract voters. donald trump jr., making an unexpected stop on his way to a campaign in arizona, to help a driver whose car was stuck. and trump is there on the
7:32 am
the woman's car off the road and later posed for a picture with the woman. >> exciting times on the campaign trail. let's bring in indiana governor, mike pence. governor, good morning. always good to see you. we're really glad to see you, that was scary last night. what -- was it -- >> it was ten seconds of uncertainty, as the plane came down. we just have been so moved by the we're all fine and ready to hit the campaign trail today. >> you thanked the first responders, thank the people who made the arrester strips also that stopped the plain before it got to the grassy area on to a busy highway here. >> right, it was pretty remarkab remarkable. we were flying low ceiling, but as soon as we landed, we could tell they were trying to brake the aircraft pretty quickly, and we felt the plane fishtailing a
7:33 am
side ways, and when we saw the mud splash up on the windows up in the front of the aircraft, we knew we were off the runway. but we're so grateful. it seemed like the first responders were literally around the airplane before it came to a rest. we thanked the pilots as well. my son is a marine corps aviator, and michael likes to say every landing you walkway from is a good landing. the president corps, they're used to bumpy landings. is that something you've ever been worried about before? >> no, i've never been concerned about it. we've been landing on some pretty short are underways around the country. we have a family in, we feel like we're supposed to be. hopefully serving as vice-president of the united
7:34 am
grateful everybody is okay, including the president corps, and like i say, we're wheels up, off to pennsylvania and north carolina. >> you're really happy the president corps is okay? just kidding. i'm glad your wife and daughter are okay too. yesterday, your running mate joked and said maybe we should cancel the election and declare me the winner now. it was tongue and cheek, we should admit that, but the meals of hheels of his comm pledging that he'll accept the results, should a candidate for president be casting doubt in that way? >> you're absolutely right in saying he was joking about that, specifically, he was talking about the news about obama care, which i can tell you, traveling out west, campaigning all week, people are very troubled by the news there will be a 25% in the average premiums under obama
7:35 am
she would like to bring single payer, canadian style piece into obama care. donald trump and i are committed to repealing obama care and replacing it, with the kind of health insurance reform that gives consumers more choices. >> you are correct -- his joke was about obama care, but in combination with those other statements, should he be casting doubt on the election process? >> he was joking about that. but i -- i do think that now is the time for people to take an opportunity, not only to vote, and early voting is underway in many states around the country. but also, where there are concerns about the process, you know, our elections are administered on a state level, whether you're republican, democratic, independent, there are ways for citizens to be respectfully involved in the electoral process. we want a victory on november 8th, but i want a victory for american democracy as well. >> you mention, we were talking about the rigged system this
7:36 am
on the side of the trump/pens tick -- trump/pence ticket. does that relief any concerns about a rigged system? something that donald trump talks a lot about, that somehow the election will be unfair? here you are seeing things going more your way, does that settle those concerns? >> well, you know, when he has talked about rigged system, he has talked as much frankly about how the bias that we see in much of the national media, with all due respect to there was a study recently that showed that evening network news, he gotten the majority of coverage in the last few months, but 91% of it was negative. >> the polls are tightening, the proof is in the pudding. >> i think they're tightening because the american people are focusing on how dramatic a choice we have here. a chance between change and status quo. choice between policies that have weakened america's place in the world, stifled our economy,
7:37 am
leadership that will rebuild our military, revive the american economy, the way ronald reagan did through tax relief, regulatory reform, repealing obama care, and having trade deals that will put the american worker first. >> can you answer in five seconds, would joe biden make a good secretary of state. >> we'll have a lot of good choices if we have the privilege to serve. it is the greatest honor of my life, standing shoulder to shoulder with the man who i believe will be the next president of thni today. >> pennsylvania and north carolina. >> pennsylvania, could you drive or take the train. just a thought. governor, thank you, our best to your family as well. >> thank you. let's check the weather with al. >> warm weather to talk about throughout most of the country, could even be records set in between the rockies and into the plains. we're looking at 85 degrees in oklahoma city. san antonio, atlanta, 70s in indianapolis, and that makes its
7:38 am
into the beginning of next week as well. temperatures in the 80s, nashville, tallahassee, and of course, we're all a excited, sunday night football night in america, at&t said y stadium, it will be clear, mild and 78 degrees. on sunday night, football night,
7:39 am
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and our ketchup has no high fructose corn syrup. we promise. real ingredients. congressman gary condon spoke out for the first time in 15 years, what it has been like for the subject of so much speculation over chandra levy's despair rans.
7:44 am
speaking out, and joe fryer has that this morning. >> right after gary condon's interview aired, we sat down with susan, saying she still has unanswered questions, but she feels condon has everyight right now to share his story. >> did you not have a row plan take involvement with her and you were not involved in her dis -- disappear, in any a soap opera, while levy did visit his office and condo, he said they were only friends. >> why is it you will not answer publicly whether you had a sexual relationship with chandra levy? >> doctor phil, i haven't, you know, answered that question publicly for 15 years, and i'm not going to change my position or my view on that today or probably any time in the future.
7:45 am
to some level of privacy. >> as condon talked, susan watched and listened. >> my heart is broken. and he has tried to clear his name, and that's okay. >> susan levy says after watching the interview, there is more to the story. >> it wasn't a made-up thing. they weren't just good things. i know otherwise. i did talk to my daughter. and dating, secretively, because i was able to guess it. >> as for chandra's murder, this man was convicted, but appealed. >> they interviewed people trying to find out things about me. their case was based on dirtying me up.
7:46 am
dropped the charges, saying they could no longer prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt, leaving the leyvs again. >> there is no justice for what happened to her. >> what really happened to chandra levy. >> encouraged by his kids, gary condon co-authored a book. susan levy says she has no plans to read the published by his son's company. coming up, we'll shift gears and about to make dreams come true for lucky cubs fans who
7:47 am
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7:56 am
port tampa bay has now become florida's largest and most diversified. which helps explain why it is one of dana young's top priorities. generating over 15 billion for the regional economy, and 80 thousand local jobs. attracting high waged jobs for families who need them and fighting a bureaucracy that too often gets in the way. dana young for the florida senate. a return to common sense. 7:56 on this friday. max defender 8 is on the job this morning looking for any rainfall. now, not finding any
7:57 am
this is the way it looks right now live in the hyundai of new port richey. there's that thin layer of clouds. at times breaks in you if -- in a few spots but also breezy. right now 70 fish hawk, 68 clearwater, 68 in plant city. auburndale you're at 68 and 66 in brooksville. for the most part it's warmer than this time yesterday. there's this thin layer of clouds, nice mild start but the east breeze we felt it all week long is to continue. temperatures running above average today with a cold front stalling to our north. we don't see much of a change this forecast. a mix of sin sun -- sun and clouds and the mid 80s next week. leslee. >> 20 minutes from the venice connecter up to bee ridge road. before it was 40 minutes so it's easing. we have this accident off to the side of the roadway. again, about 20 minutes from the
7:58 am
trail or leave the house a built early. in polk county the frostproof an a serious accident at southbound 27 blocked both directions -- excuse me, both lanes blocked southbound at quinnston. use that side road that runs parallel instead of south 27. northbound a little bit of a delay. meanwhile, a quick live look at traffic. not too bad i-4 a little slow
7:59 am
under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about the islamic state or isil than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understands how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat and to keep us safe. i'm hillary clinton
8:00 am
it's 8:00. close call. vp hopeful, mike pence's slides off the runway, as his running mate, donald trump, campaigns in ohio, and calls for a big win. >> we should just cancel the election and just give it to trump, right. while hillary clinton tries to shake off new allegations of improprieties at her family foundation, with just 11 days to go until the election. plus, big country surprise. hoda heads south to treat a very special teacher to the surprise
8:01 am
>> oh, my god. >> and you won't believe what she has in store for her. >> i don't know we're going. if the whole world was watching -- and going solo, he shot to star dumb in one direction. now, niall horan is kicking off a solo career, with a highly anticipated performance, right here in studio 1a, today,
8:02 am
we are back now, 8:00 on friday morning. it is the 28th day of october, 2016. we have a big, big fall classic crowd here. a lot of these people probably here here to see niall horan as well. from what group? >> o >> i love it. >> you rarely do. >> you actually, your head flushed. >> you know what, when it came out of my mouth, i said that didn't sound right, and then she screams. >> i know, sorry. >> you were channelling the fifth dimension from the '70s. >> by the way, we have such a great crowd on the plaza this morning. everybody is fired up. but i have to say, there is nothing like the crowd we're going to see at wrigley field
8:03 am
series, and tamron is holding the nearly impossible tickets. >> yes, indeed. we're just quickly, can we show savannah's jersey. >> we're wearing our jerseys. you've got your cubs. >> come on, man. neutral? >> you need to go out on a limb. >> they're both so great. they both deserve. >> earlier this week, we launched our world series super fan get away, kicking off a search for indians fans out there. on wednesday, channel surprised someone with two tickets, and now going to thousands of entries, we're going to give away two more tickets, this time, to the ultimate cubs fan. so let's take a look at our three finalists. first up, we have jennifer massinato, her husband, dwight, he is sobbing at a bar.
8:04 am
them went to their first cubs game 15 years ago. and they've been fans and together ever since. >> next up, barb stewart, and dwight, dwight is a former principal and gave barb her first teaching job, because he could tell she was a cubs fan, 41 years ago, and the two still get together to talk about the team. you're cubs fan. love it. and last but not orozco, wearing a stuffed animal, who has been by her side for 39 years. the bear went on the honeymoon. the up ansd downs and downs and downs of every cub season. meanwhile, channel is in chicago, with tickets for tomorrow's game. baseball heaven.
8:05 am
>> reporter: i wish i had the words to describe the energy that is in this room. i have a question for you. i have a question. is anybody going to work today? is anything goi-- anybody going work? let's get to it. let's introduce you to the finalists. first of all, we have jennifer and her husband, dwight. you saw him tearing up when you found out you were going to the wrigley field. >> he did the ugly cry. he didn't even ugly c those emotions were completely real. >> what would it mean to go to a game? >> no words can even describe what it would mean to me to go to a game. it's going to be such an amazing time. we've been waiting for this for so long. >> reporter: speaking of that, let me introduce you to barb and dwight. you've been waiting for 41 years. what would it mean, especially here in chicago, some people have been waiting a lifetime for this. >> a lifetime.
8:06 am
we're just so excited. this wonderful man here, dwight, hired me right out of college. >> you got to be friends ever since. >> he hired me because i was a cubs fan. >> now we have raquel and her father, rafael. this is ted here. have you ever watched him? look at ted. have you ever washed him? >> i have not washed ted, because he doesn't need a bath. >> for the last 40 years, he doesn't need a bath. all right, are we ready announce who is going to the game? drum roll, please. okay, i've got the two tickets here. ready? the winner -- the winner is --
8:07 am
>> tell me this, you guys -- i think i'm going to cry. you guys have been waiting your whole life for this. he is 88 years old. ba ar barb, congratulations. back to you. i'm about to cry. >> they're going to have a blast. thank you for that. that was fun. >> so cute stories. here's the news at 8:00. good morning, no word series tickets here, but we do begin with the race for the white house. i'm hallie jackson in new york, where mike pence has a new campaign plane after his other one skidded off the runway overnight here at laguardia. no injuries, but the ntsb is looking into it.
8:08 am
as will hillary clinton. nbc confirming her transition team is considering a big name as a possible cabinet member, joe biden, if clinton wins. on a rainy runway, a scary landing. >> remain seated. >> reporter: mike pence's plane, skidding off the tarmac, mud splashing the windshield. >> there was a quick bounce, and for about two or three seconds, started to slide. >> reporter: no one was hurt. pence, posing with afterwards, the accident shut down the airport for nearly 40 minutes. >> we felt the plane fishtailing a little bit, and then it slid side ways, and when we saw the mud splash up on the windows up in the front of the aircraft, we knew we were off the runway. >> reporter: pence, getting a call from his running mate, as donald trump headed to a rally in ohio. >> the plane skidded off the runway, and was pretty close to
8:09 am
fine. but out -- everybody is fine. >> reporter: trump, blitzing the buckeye state, where he was asked in an interview whether he blames the "access hollywood" tape for his second place showing. >> the microphone was not supposed to be on. but certainly it was an illegal act that was nbc. >> reporter: the candidate, threatening to sue nbc, "access programs. with 11 days left, joke being getting it over with already. >> we should just cancel the election, and just give it to trump, right? what do we have to do. what are we having. her policies are so bad. >> reporter: hillary clinton, now under fire for what is seen as the most damaging wikileaks yet, stolen e-mails, not authenticated by nbc news or the campaign, describing bill clinton's business dealings,
8:10 am
but republicans are pouncing, regardless. clinton, looking past it on the campaign trail, and looking ahead to a potential future clinton administration. new this morning, a source familiar with the decision-making confirms a politico report that clinton is now seriously considering vice-president joe biden as secretary of state. if she wins. to help her get there, the former first lady is getting a hand from the current first lady. some, in the fired up crd, to see clinton and michelle obama on stage together. >> if hillary doesn't win this election, that will be on us. it will be because we did not stand with her. it will be because we did not vote for her. and that is exactly what her opponent is hoping will happen. >> reporter: hillary clinton will be in iowa today, and so will donald trump later on tonight, with a new poll showing
8:11 am
44% each. we're also getting a new look at the latest fundraising numbers. the last of this race, showing clinton with a clear financial advantage over trump, as we head into the last 11 days before election days. matt and savannah. >> hallie, thank you very much. up next, what michael phelps is revealing about his secret wedding. biggest and best surprises yet. look who is here. he just corrected attention sho, nabisco is celebrating 115 years, giving away one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars and other daily cash prizes. buy today for your chance to win! ?
8:12 am
i served under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about the islamic state or isil than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understands how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat i'm hillary clinton
8:13 am
over there's good. so, how much longer you think this will take? i'll over-explain the process, then give you an unrealistic timeline. i'll nod in agreement so my wife thinks i understand what you're saying. i look forward to questioning your every move. okay, well i'll leave your house in shambles and disappear for six months. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi? double cash card does. it lets you earn double cash back: 1% when you buy, and 1% as you pay. trending, folks. >> remember, a little earlier in the week, we were talking about the closed door buttons and elevators, basically useless, all right. "the new york times" highlighted two other buttons that don't make a difference, either. first, the crosswalk button. >> i knew it.
8:14 am
street, waiting to push the button, thinking the light will change, it is supposed to help pedestrians move along, guess what. they don't do anything. >> why are they there? >> the question of our time. >> and secondly, the office thermostat. don't bother. many offices are filled with dummy thermostats, designed to make workers think they have some kind of control. >> that's sad. >> that's >> why is that there? >> why is it there? what does it do? >> what is it holding up. >> joining us now, the dough boy. all right, any of you guys hit the snooze button. >> i don't hit it. >> i don't hit it, because i fall back asleep. >> i have to get up right away.
8:15 am
>> in so many ways, yes. >> how about you, savannah. >> no, i think it is living dangerously, never. we can settle this. a reader wrote in saying is it all right to hit the snooze button. the response was flat out no, it is not. this columnist, i don't know what the expertise is, you need to get up as soon as your alarm goes off, if you don't, you confuse your body. i think it is more stressful, you fall asleep and then the alarm. >> i have like seven. >> if you stagger your alarms, that's just a snooze button. that's the same thing. >> see, but i get up with the first alarm generally. i don't know. i'm just always -- >> failsafe. >> exactly. >> proud of the jack-o'-lantern you just carved. those are nothing, compared to the engineers at nasa's jet laboratory came up with. look at this.
8:16 am
a towering birthday cake. takeoff on the pacman game. what a return mission from mars might look like. and of course, a little political commentary. >> wow. >> look at that. >> it's like when martha stewart comes here and you want to go home and throw yours out the window. >> exactly. >> your results may vary. >> i know. personally, we like this jack o lantern the charlie, carved this for us. isn't that cute. >> oh! >> charlie said, i love it. >> he was simply glowing. >> oh, that's cute. >> let's do "pop start." >> michael phelps secretly married in june before he arrived in rio for the games. he explained why he kept the wedding so secret.
8:17 am
i had to keep it hush-hush from you guys. why is it a secret. just because. you got to have something, you guys. baby number two coming soon. who knows. >> wait, stop the press. baby number two? baby coming soon. >> he has already stripped down. >> he kept the secret just because he could, and that's good enough reason for anybody. he also hinted the new baby, he and nicole, already parts born in may. >> that's a big one to drop. >> i know. >> i think he may know something. >> if we follow that pattern. >> jennifer lopez is expected to bring her musical right here on nbc. it is "hair spray" and nbc announced that jennifer will star in next year's production,
8:18 am
it one of her childhood favorites and she'll play rosie. >> she is one of the busiest people in the world. she is vegas, doing this. >> does it all level ten. fantastic. >> we'll see "bye-bye birdie." >> kids watch that. >> i think she'll do really good. come on. >> other than that -- all right, that's what's going on around the country. we get up to 85. the average is 82 but will be breezy, overnight, average with a low of 69. your weekend is great, partly cloudy, 86 saturday and sunday, halloween nice and 85 and warm
8:19 am
that's your latest weather. pink power today is sponsored by net jets, the worldwide leader in private aviation. and now it is time for the finale of our series, in honor of breast cancer awareness month. >> hoda has been crisscrossing the country this month. >> i have had so much fun. such a special month. we've do a spa delivery, even a surprise from wonder woman herself. this time, how about a surprise of one of country music's biggest stars. we told luke bryan about that amazing special ed teacher in mississip mississippi, and he was more than happy to help her kick up the dust. >> you're lucky, you may have had that extra special teacher in your life. >> she is like a second mom.
8:20 am
wouldn't just make learning fun, but also, believed in you. >> you got this test. you know it. you're ready. >> at rich land high school in richland, mississippi, it is alicia tems, ms. tems to her kids. >> she is like a lioness, that protects not only her family, but her family at the school. >> i love her. she is the most kindest person >> she'll stand up for you, no matter what. >> even when she was diagnosed with breast cancer a year and a half ago, which she tried to hide from her two young children, and her students as long as she could. until she lost her hair from chemo. >> we prayed, and we said that this will work. and -- i don't believe the girl missed a day.
8:21 am
protector in pain. >> it's okay, i'm fine. hey, hey, i'm fine. >> alicia acknowledges, it was these students who got her through those dark times. >> it was hard. i wouldn't have made it, had it not been for them. >> but little did she know, the whole school was in on a little secret. alicia's husband cliff, arrange an adventure of a lifetime. >> perfect day, she gets to feel spoid and a princess for the day. >> we had to tell a little white lie, doing a piece on special education teachers. we were about to reveal we were doing a piece on one special
8:22 am
they're with the "today" show. we're fixing to get on a plane and going on a trip. >> we quickly whisked alicia off to the airport. where she hopped aboard a private plane to designations unknown. >> here we go. i don't know we're going. >> 90 minutes later, alicia and cliff touched down. >> there is a limo. >> and alicia was still figuring out, this was all for her. >> what is that? >> alicia. >> oh, my god. >> hi. >> okay, do you know where you are? >> no, i don't. >> you are in houston, texas. okay, guess where you guys are going tonight? >> where? >> oh, my god.
8:23 am
you're loved. >> yes. >> i don't know if you know how much you're loved. do you know? >> i found out today. >> come on in. >> and the love continued on board the limo, with brand new concert ts and cowboy hats, naturally. >> tell me about you and luke bryan. have you ever seen him in concert? >> no, this is my first concert. >> what do you mean? concert ever? >> yeah. >> this is the best day, ever. and the best day ever was about to get even better, as we waited backstage for the concert to begin. >> oh, my god! >> are you having a good day yet? >> yes, oh, my god. >> good to see you. i'm glad you all are having a good time. >> thank you. >> how are you?
8:24 am
>> yes. >> don't cry on me. >> oh, my god. can you take a picture? >> hey, we got time for that. >> don't you love luke? >> i love being able to do this. make people happy. you got your tickets that hoda hooked you up with? >> hoda don't have the tickets. i got the tickets. there you go. i know a guy in the >> luke, we love you. thanks to you. >> we love doing this. sorry for everything you've been going through. we know it is a struggle, and -- >> you want one more hug? >> yes. >> glad you're beating it. >> yeah. >> awesome. have fun tonight. >> thank you. >> good to meet you. >> luke, fun was an understatement. >> houston! >> as far as concerts, this one
8:25 am
? rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey ? ? whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky ? >> a special day for a deserving special ed teacher from mississippi. ? rain is a good thing ? >> we love her so much, we're so happy to report, alicia is doing great. her doctors say she is in remission. by the way, when luke barged in the room, she was face timing her mother. she was like bye, ma >> i love it was her first concert, ever. >> ever, and we want to give a big thanks to luke bryan and his entire team. he is up for entertainer of the year. big thank you to the jets as well. they do such great work with the corporate angel network for cancer patients. we had so much fun doing it this month. >> hoda, thank you for all the smiles and a couple of tears too. let's head over to tamron.
8:26 am
look who is here with us. niall horan, talking about your single. what's up? he doesn't have a halloween costume yet. we're talking about that. are you excited? in my job, i see a lot of fires that could've been stopped support amendment 1. amendment 1 does solar the right way, commonsense safeguards for the health, safety and welfare of florida's consumers and it's first responders. amendment 1 means more solar, safe solar, for the sunshine state. vote yes on amendment 1, for the sun.
8:27 am
top priorities. generating over 15 billion for the regional economy, and 80 thousand local jobs. dana young is working to continue that success, by attracting high waged jobs for families who need them and fighting a bureaucracy that too often gets in the way. dana young for the florida senate. a return to common sense. good morning. the time is 8:27 on this friday. we made it. >> we did. we have a thin layer of
8:28 am
we have sun to filter through the clouds but how it look from freedom plaza and sin city center, 68, currently 67 way mama, 72 st. petersburg. brooksville, lakeland, 66. i expect the afternoon high of 85, getting up to 86 saturday and sunday but look at monday, halloween. we're giving the thumbs up from the dressed up emoji man and mid-80s the first few days of november. looking at the roadways here, we're better through the su but northbound i-75 to bee ridge, 14 minutes, usually only six but an earlier crash to the side of the roadway, no need to take an alternate. by the time you get out of the house, it will be much better but remember southbound 27 closed at princeton and frostproof. back to you. >> thanks. new questions this morning about the hillsborough county warehouse fire that left dozens of rescue animals inside dead.
8:29 am
fire. it took nearly 60 firefighters to get the fire inside the 14,000 square foot metal structure under control.
8:30 am
good morning, everybody. it is 8:30, friday, october 28th. we've got a great crowd on the plaza. pretty ladies. we are going to turn it up quite a bit in quite a few moments, because -- >> yes. >> niall horan, of one direction
8:31 am
about now. >> boom. >> there is niall, over there guys. he is going to perform his new solo single in just a little bit. and yes, he has will legions of waiting all morning. >> great guy. meanwhile, we've covered the world series excitement, but there is a big football game as here, ready to share a few favorite football watching recipes. >> so savannah, what time do i call you and mike after the eagles lose to my cowboys? >> don't talk to me. >> snack talk. >> this is the one time we go at it. one time a year. with the holidays right around the corner, we'll introduce you to the year's absolute best new toys, talking about the best new toys, so we don't have to waste
8:32 am
halloween is on monday, and we're planning to out do ourselves. revealing our big costumes don't miss it. come dressed up. >> let's check the weather. let's look at the weekend. starting with tomorrow, we're looking at wet weather in the pacific northwest, northern and southern california, record warmth from midatlantic into the gulf coast. sunday, sunday wet weather from the plains. the upper mississippi river valley, flooding rain, central california, and let's look ahead toward halloween night. spooky. casper, wyoming, 48, salem,
8:33 am
that's your don't forget, check it out any time you need it on the weather channel. thousands of now toys hit the shelves each and every year, just in time for this time of year. holiday season. which ones will stand up to the ultimate test, the kid test. only a select few earn an oppenheim, revealing the winners. >> good to see you, matt.
8:34 am
choices. >> absolutely. we look for things that are innovative and age appropriate, and at the end of the day, the kids have to love them. the first toy is from little people, and they're playing with it. what's great is you can use it as a tower, so you can use it this way. >> sets up two different ways. >> two different ways. the highest, and sets up as a roadway there. highest rating for toddler toys, our parents say, it does not come assembled. >> next is what? >> castles are not new, but this one is. you can build is as one big castle, james, elizabeth are playing with it. it is a great to pretend they can use, and really good for building story telling ability, language skills, a great toy.
8:35 am
this is from fisher price, one of many toys that we saw this season that teach kids, introduce them to coding. >> how? >> each part will send it in a different direction and make a different sound. so kids learn how to use things in sequence, in an age appropriate way. one of the best uses of technology. it lights up, goes off, open-ended game. it is a lot of fun. >> i love that. >> now we're in early school. matt, this is one of the coolest >> this is osmo, an add-on. i can draw a line, anything. i can then put one of the award stickers here. i push the button, and the animation will magically, watch for it, it will grab the wand. see the wand is in the animation. you know what i love about this toy is that it engages kids to use technology in an active way, rather than just watching the screen passively.
8:36 am
the starter set is about 7 3d$7. we grew up with racetracks, the showdown, what is different here is you have light-up tracks that glow in the dark, but then the cars will also leave a trace of light. super cool. this is a super big set. i call this a grand toy, but there are smaller sets. >> would this be appropriate for >> you got it. everything on the site is not high end. these are jewelry kits. this is a message from verizon group. they can show off, and also give as gifts, which we like as well. tweens, castles are super hot and this has enough to make seven different bracelets. >> last but not least?
8:37 am
blocks, and the inventor calls it the anti-dollhouse. build it any way you want. what i love, it is targeted to girls, but the brothers of the girls who tested it wanted it, and they wanted to build it. it is so cool. it even has a trapdoor. >> very cool. >> yeah. >> price see, or not? >> $59, and we have things on all price ranges, for all budgets and all ages. >> stephanie, these are great ideas. >> thank you, matt. >> for the complete list of platinum ward winnings, check out the cowboys and eagles, but
8:38 am
he's gus! he's gus! he's gus! he's gus! gus bilirakis. gus bilirakis! gus is for us. for us. all of us. and he gets things done. and he gets things done. .. to stop flood insurance hikes. he's protecting our veterans... and our seniors. and he's fighting to keep america safe. gus is for us. gus is always for us. gus is for us. for us! all of us! vote gus bilirakis for congress. i'm gus bilirakis, and i approve this message. i'm gus bilirakis, when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose assisted-living retirement homes,
8:39 am
against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools , running fees up to seventy thousand dollars. now, buesing's running for senate. how far will bob buesing go? that's up to you.
8:40 am
8:39, "today" loves football. philadelphia eagles and dallas cowboys, here representing the city, and from the deep heart of texas, good morning to both of you. >> we've got a texas style recipe that tray will do. and we're doing cheesecakes, but you've got a twist. >> we're doing grilled cheese, so it will be crazy. i have a pork shoulder, i take a knife and make inside. take the garlic and push it inside. each one. that's all. >> big shoulder. >> but this will cook down. i take some rosemary, shove it in. little bit of salt on the outside, same thing with the pepper. don't be afraid of the pepper. olive oil across the whole thing. pick it up, drop your oil everywhere, and pop it right into a crock pot. >> slow cooker. >> do it for about eight hours. leave it and let it go.
8:41 am
pork shoulder. all you have to do is pull it part. >> that moist and easy. >> super, super easy. press it together. then you're going to pull it apart, let it sit. on the inside, there is a whole bunch of good garlic as well as in the pot, i put garlic too. pop it in there, and a little bit of the this, and i make my garlic butter. it works across. then over here >> nothing. i've got my garlic butter, multi grain butter. >> i've got my cheese -- we're not all swine fans in philly, but this is a good way to go. pop the butter on the outside, just like that, and i take my pork, provolone. >> it has to be? >> it has to be, aged, nutty flavor to it.
8:42 am
this has a little honey, so it is not as bitter. then your pulled pork over the top of that. same thing on the other side. pop it over here. >> throw it on the griddle. >> right on the griddle. >> i'm calling half time, tasters, what do we think of the cheese steak. >> it's good. >> i'm on the second half already. >> jay, what are we making? >> you know wilcox is one of my closest friends, and we bring people together through cooking. so j.j.'s favorite chicken pies, i make a spice rub out of coriander seeds, chilli flakes, add it to the salt, season your chicken thighs, bone in, skin on. that's where the flavor is at, baby. >> don't think about a chicken breast, right? >> no, it is not that recipe.
8:43 am
we're not doing that. >> no, no, no. so i seared off the chicken thighs, coomb the veg right here in the pan. hit it with some red wine. >> nice. >> tomato, thyme, it goes over this, pop it in the oven, boom. nice and simple. brai braise it and it will fall off the bone, a little chipotle grits. >> let me take this giant spoon. >> there you go. >> guys, what do you think -- sorry, i'm eating for two. >> this is so good. what a new interpretation. >> it is where the flavor is at, baby. >> you are gatietting a lot of love. >> cowboys got the record.
8:44 am
them on sunday night, football night in america, 7:00 eastern. catch the recipes on the website. live performance from one direction star, niall horan, coming up. i moved on her like a [bleep]. you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep] we have to make sure that donald wins this election. marco rubio stands by trump and failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in. bringing people together and reaching across the aisle to get things done. protecting social security. and building an economy that works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message
8:45 am
8:46 am
>>announcer: the citi concert citi. niall horan, part of the hugely successful group, one direction, and his fans are so happy, because he is stepping out on his own. >> his solo career is off to a great start, his single, called "this town." >> debuted at number one on the twitter and top tracks. good to see you. >> good to see you. >> we were outside, talking about the world series and all
8:47 am
the crowd looked in the studio because you came out to do a little rehearsal. are you still getting your arms around that? >> you never get used to it, actually. i was saying to everyone this morning how nostalgic to be back here. i don't remember if all the times we were here. >> of course we do. >> so yeah, obviously you never get used to that. >> security still talks about that. >> so do i. >> let's talk about going out on your own, which ways, it is bitter tweet, but it must be exciting to be doing your music. >> obviously, it is going to be different, because there is less people with me. but yeah, it was a daunting prospect, but you know, the song is good, and i'm enjoying making the album and stuff like that. it has been a fun process, something i'm sure i'll get used to. >> always liked you so much,
8:48 am
ellen and then i saw you on james corden. you and ellen are ringers, people mistake the two of you for one another. >> all the time. every time we go online, it's niall and ellen. they do split screen and all of that. >> we've got your halloween costume. >> seven with the skit with james. >> who is the better dancer, you or ellen. >> ellen. s she danielces everyday. >> ladies and gentlemen, niall horan. ? waking up to kiss you and nobody's there ? ? the smell of your perfume still stuck in the air ? ? it's hard ? ? yesterday i thought i saw your shadow running round ?
8:49 am
change in this old town ? ? so far from the stars ? ? and i want to tell you everything ? ? the words i never got to say the first time around ? ? and i remember everything ? m from when we were the children playing in this fairground ? ? wish i was there with you now ? if the whole world was watching i'd still dance with you ? ? drive highways and byways to be there with you ? ? over and over the only truth ? ? everything comes back to you ? ? i saw that you moved on with someone new ?
8:50 am
? it's so hard ? ? so hard ? ? and i want to tell you everything ? ? the words i never got to say the first time around ? ? and i remember everything ? ? from when we were the children playing in this fairground ? ? wish i was there with you now ? watching i'd still dance with you ? ? drive highways and byways to be there with you ? ? over and over the only truth ? ? everything comes back to you ? ? you still make me nervous, butterflies come alive when i'm
8:51 am
? over and over, the only truth, everything comes back to you ? ? know that i can't move on, there is something about you ? ? if the whole world was watching you ? ? over and over the whole truth ? ? everything comes back to you ? ? butterflies come alive when i'm next to you ? ? over and over the only truth
8:52 am
? everything comes back to you ? [ applause ] niall, thank you so much. what a beautiful song. we're back in a moment, on friday morning. this is "today" on nbc. hey girlfriend, how's your cafe au lait? oh, it's actually... sfx: (short balloon squeal) it's ver... sfx: (balloon squeals) ok can we... sfx: (balloon squeals) i'm being so serious right now... i really want to know how your coffee is. it's... sfx: (balloon squeals) hahahaha, i had a 2nd balloon
8:53 am
yeah. happens to more people than you think. try lactaid, it's real milk, without that annoying lactose. mmm. good right? yeah. lactaid. it's the milk that doesn't mess with you. robert kearney: i fought for my country in kosovo and iraq, and i've been a republican all my life. but i'm the father of three girls. i can't stand hearing donald trump call women pigs, dogs, and bimbos...and i sure don't want my daughters hearing it. i want my girls to grow up and respected. donald trump's america is not the country i fought for. so, i'm voting for hillary clinton. hillary clinton:
8:54 am
you forget how beautiful your voice is individually. you have a stunningly beautiful voice. >> thank you, matt. you too. >> you travel with your family, your aunt is here, your cousins are for 30 years. >> she was mouthing every single word, singing with you. >> you you have always traveled with your family, nice young man, since success has had. i'm so proud of you. >> thank you very much. >> we brought you ice cream. >> i haven't got a sweet tooth, but thanks. >> i do. >> no secret, this one loves milk shakes, she has cravings, which are normal. another one day.
8:55 am
orlando restaurant, they serve up these one of a kind milk shakes, a key lime pie shake, that has entire piece of key lime pie. a 19th century themed restaurant. check it out at universal >> that's the key lime pie, red velvet, which looks amazing. >> that's america. >> i know. chocolate, i different. i'm going to do red velvet. >> i like the garnish. >> willie, you've got to look ahead to sunday, don't you? >> yes, i do. we'll be live with both campaigns as we come up on a week with the presidential election, we'll be hearing from both sides, also highlighting up and coming artists, justin timberlake. talk about his family, new documentary, how he made the transition, as niall is doing
8:56 am
>> how did you get out of the game? what was the strategy as you went solo? >> i don't know. it can bring out a lot of courage. at the end of the day, you know that you're getting the opportunity to do what you love. and that's just something that can't be taken gofor granted. it >> when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose assisted-living retirement homes, threatening local seniors with homelessness. then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools ,
8:57 am
uesing go?
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> good friday morning. i'm gene ramirez. 8:59. how's the weather? we have this thin layer of clouds but a comfortable morning. if you're heading to the beach, congratulations, that seams really nice. around 72 degrees at this point. we're up to 72 in tampa, 70 lakeland69 high temperatures through the 80s. if you have been staying with us all morning, you know this number i'm showing you was really high and went down. now it's back up. it's connected to bee ridge road northbound 75. we have a crash now at clark road to look out for and is causing those delays. gene? >> thanks. we're learning about five people killed in a fiery crash on martin luther king road near u.s. 301. the woman, her daughter, and
9:00 am
22-year-old cortez was traveling fast when he and his passenger hit the minivan head- on. they, too, were killed. more local headlines on this morning on "today," kenny chesney, we're going one-on-one, as his new album drops today. and then free plus a tasty treat, apple cider donuts. >>announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" take, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. along with tamron and
9:01 am
biggest give away ever. we're actually doing free cash. we've got these giant machines. >> he has run out of ideas, so we're just giving money. >> the best gift. you can get what you want. >> it fits everybody. >> there you go. it never goes out of style. it will be good. >> everybody getting ready for halloween. >> yes, not thanksgiving. >> i jumped a holiday and went to thanksgiving. but we've got some carving experts, we've got andrew, james and jean, they're from the pumpkin carving masters, and they're going to be carving our likeness. >> today or do you have a picture of us? >> yes, to both of those questions. >> you have to go sit for the next hour, we just sit and don't do anything. the most boring show ever. >> i love that. >> how do you get into this? how do you become a professional pumpkin carver.
9:02 am
since i was a little kid. no noncompetitive of course, and it just kind of carried on the tradition, and now we carve hundreds of pumpkins every year. >> oh, my gosh. we're so flattered. we can't wait to see them. >> at the end of the hour -- >> you'll have our likeness. >> who do you think is the hardest to do, guys? >> if i could tell you that, to would give away some secrets, these tools, it will be easy. >> nice plug. >> didn't even see it coming. >> this guy is amazing. where did we get him from? >> pumpkin masters. >> ding, ding, ding. >> pizza makes everybody feel good. >> absolutely. >> i'm not sure what to make last night for dinner, and this is just a suggestion for you. i'm usually intimidated by it. i ended up buying an order made pizza from my local store, and --
9:03 am
>> i put some fresh mozzarella on it. >> i'm confused. did you make this? >> i did. i didn't make the dough, but i rolled it out. >> but you made the dough to buy the dough. >> put some fresh basil. on both ends, lila and nick like the crewsty ends. >> i do too. >> they were able to get and i was able to get the middle. >> like a convection oven size and i can't, it has become the treadmill, where i put clothes on it. >> if you can get your oven to 500 degrees, which most people can. >> i can get it to 550. >> crispy. i've done it on the big green egg, but i've got to try it. >> my feel good friday has to do with pizza. this is like the best pizza place in my life. i think.
9:04 am
jersey, where i'm from, and it is like cracker thin crust pizza, so that's my dad and i when we went a few months ago. i'm having a little baby shower. >> is that a coal fired oven. >> i don't even know. >> look at her dad's expression. >> it looks like a hot oven. >> i want to bring it in, but it won't be as good. >> let's see. you can bring it in and i'll decide. >> we'll see if it holds over until monday. >> don't strip us of this even though my family lives in new jersey, i don't go nearly enough. the tunnel is so long to get over the river. >> there is a bridge. >> it is just as long. >> the bridge is too far. >> see what he did there. your shower will be there. >> with my dad's side of the family. i would love it there. i just want so pizza, low-key. >> pizza shop. >> i like that. >> fantastic.
9:05 am
keeping the baby theme, i am i've mentioned i'm obsessed with fro babies, this one last night, i probably watched until i fell asleep like, i don't know, 30 times. twins having a moment of crisis. >> ava was born one minute older than alexis. one minute. you want to be older? i'm not saying bigger, oh, baby, don't cry. she's not bigger than you. you're the same size. she is just one minute older. >> one minute older. just one minute older. that's it. just one minute older. it's okay.
9:06 am
>> she is rubbing it in. i said i'm one minute older. >> it is just so -- i'm just one minute older. >> you know what's great, you don't know the moment when your child is going to need therapy. no, i'm gijust joking. that's so sweet. >> when they're 50, and she'll be like, yeah, you are older. i don't know what video was. burn the tape so sweet, the siblings, trying to help you, but by the way. >> send us your feel good friday moments, #today's take, what makes you feel good today. chrissy teigen, who we love very much. we were talking about halloween cu costumes, and many of you submitted your pooches.
9:07 am
grandson, lloyd. look at that dog. came up with ralph, a pug-sghetti. carol brought this one, mugsy, bruce lee, gretta nightheart, olivia as a hot dog. chrissy teigen, this is the look at this. here is your moment. >> hot dog picture. >> look at that. >> look at her. >> john legend and chrissy teig teigen's baby as a hot dog, and then they dressed her as a peacock. >> i love this. >> like any good pairent, you don't stop. a banana, and then mini mouse. >> i think that's cute.
9:08 am
gets. >> how cute is that. are you going to do the fashion show photos for the baby when he comes around? i love when -- >> i think i won't, but i have a feeling that i'm going to. i say now that i won't, but yeah. >> that's the first thing of things you say you won't do, but you will. >> it's like the commercial, we're never moving to the city. we're never having kids. >> then all of a sudden, it changes. this david s pumpkins, i think you have taken it to the next level, i've been getti p dogs. >> any questions? >> i have a present for you. bring it out. come on. this is what i did with my life yesterday, by me, i mean our team and jerry. we have something special for dylan and al for halloween. two of the last david s. pumpkin from spirit halloween. thank you, spirit halloween. this is how we make dreams come
9:09 am
dress up. let me see. >> hold on. >> i'm so happy. >> so for those of you, just caught up with on a friday, hopefully you watch all week, but these two are obsessed with this character. there he is. >> any questions? >> tom hanks. >> any questions? >> tom hanks brought this just joy to our lives, and had is apart of our feel g >> it fits. >> oh, i should put that on. >> and then, here you go. you've got the pants, the pants slip on now. >> that's great. >> thank you so much. >> man, this is fantastic. and the thing about this is, if it wasn't tom hanks doing that bit, it would have never -- >> it wouldn't work. >> he is a genius. he is a genius. there you have it.
9:10 am
costumes. >> still looking for a costume, how about asking siri. any questions? answers, after these messages. ? sorry... sorry... regerts? sorry, i was eating a milky way. ? hey girlfriend, how's your cafe au lait?
9:11 am
to your door... so you can enjoy what's important. ? i was in shock when my to me the acidity dentiof foods andining what they can do to your teeth. thinning of the teeth and leading to being extremely yellow would probably gross me out! my dentist recommended pronamel. it can help protect enamel from acid erosion.
9:12 am
i stuck with it. i really like it. it gives me a lot of confidence. pronamel is all about your enamel. helping to protect your enamel. we're back with more of today's take. dylan and al. in my mind, you're both so sweet in the same. so you got your costume, and if suggestions, apparently siri, if you ask siri what you should be for halloween, there is a solution. so i'm going to try. you just go, and you have to specifically say, siri, what should i be for halloween. so you guys are david s. pumpkin. siri, what should i be for halloween? i'm afraid i don't know what you should do. >> yeah, but it didn't -- you didn't ask the right question.
9:13 am
halloween? >> you. >> try again? >> this is fascinating. >> siri, what should i be for halloween? >> hit the button. >> i did. listen here. okay, it shouldn't be this complicated. one more time. here we go. siri, what should i be for halloween? >> sorry, there is nothing to -- >> my answer, you can put on surgeon you are an operating system. >> that was worth it. >> okay, how bad is your phone that mine picked up your question? >> look, i didn't ask it. >> speaking of -- we've got the perfect video heading into this halloween weekend. check out this spider, carrying a mouse. >> this is your transition? okay, look -- >> look at that. >> hold up. hold the phone. >> have you ever seen that?
9:14 am
>> listen -- >> australian wildlife is insane. >> that's the best. >> it looks like someone's kitchen. that's not in the wild. >> please tell me that's not someone's kitchen. ah! i'm sorry, dylan. i have a baby next to me. what is wrong with you. are you okay, baby? >> any questions? >> did you know that was coming? >> actually, i i was thinking as i was reading it, i wish we had a spider. were you holding your breath? >> i'm sorry, baby. i scared you. okay, you know what? do they still have osha. i've b knocked out by a spider. >> right on the head. >> sorry. >> let's see what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. hey, the world series, oh,
9:15 am
windy tonight. temperature about 64 degrees, game four tomorrow, could be some showers. 66. game 5 on sunday, a little cooler, but still not bad. 53 degrees. and for halloween, on monday, ooh, in franken stein, missouri, partly cloudy, and we're looking at deadwood, oregon, showers. temperature of about 51 degrees. our nice long stretch of warm days continues today. we get up to 85 degrees. remember that the average is 82. but once again, it's going to be a little breezy. over night tonight, above average with a low of 69. your weekend looks great. partly cloudy, 86 saturday and sunday. halloween, nice, and warm into
9:16 am
and that's your latest weather, tamron. >> now that i've gotten my legs back scaring me, freebie friday, i've got two lucky people. hang on. they're going to go, and stuff cash in their pocket. where am i going? who do i go? you. and then you, you're going with me. i lost an arm. but i gained two friends. we're going to have our viewers participate at home. just because you're not here doesn't mean you're not participating.
9:17 am
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today's freebie friday is created with our sponsor, nabisco. today, we're giving away cold hard cash. i'm here with angelisa. >> i've got jackie. you both are going to get niece booths, and money will fly everywhere. you'll have 30 seconds to pick it up in the air. do >> it is yours to take. >> here is a tip, they told us if you kick it up, can you grab it. but you can't grab it up off the ground. >> let's put you in the booth. >> here we go. i'm sorry. i forgot. hang on. hang on, hang on. >> are you ready? >> are you ready, you got in? come on, ladies, bring home big money. >> three, two, one, go!
9:21 am
>> come on, jackie. >> that's it. go, yeah, come on, jackie, grab that money. come on. >> her door opened up. i got it. >> grab it. grab it. grab it. >> hey, we got ten second, nine. all right, in five, four, three, two, one, all right! >> go, >> okay. >> come on out, jackie. >> you know what, angelisa, i didn't closure doe your door pr. come on, angelisa, ladies, you did it. >> yes. >> you did it, i mean, you got a little bit of money. >> we wanted to bring you
9:22 am
nabisco's 115th birthday, we're giving you both a basket of goodies. you wookrked up an appetite. open up that box. >> i'll hold your money. >> by the way, we also have a freebie friday surprise for you of $1,150. $1,150. >> yes! thank you! >> our friends at nabisco. >> thank you, nabisco. >> so we have -- we didn't leave the viewers at home in the cold. what do you have for them? >> three more viewers for a chance to win.
9:23 am
challenge, a lot of excitement in the background. send us your best recipes with ritz crackers, go to club. ahead, apple cider donuts. plus the pumpkin carvers are hard at work. >> we want people to know, the beginning. three viewers at the home, go to our's take. all the rules are there. >> these ladies are the most amazing, too. where are you going to spend the money? >> my mom. >> they are real crackers. >> we love you guys so much. and you just said the cutest
9:24 am
attention shoppers, nabisco is celebrating 115 years, giving away one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars and other daily cash prizes. buy today for your chance to win! ?
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amendment 1 protects consumers from scams, promotes safe solar, and is endorsed by florida's firefighters. so, why are out-of-state billionaires attacking it? amendment 1 ensures that if you don't choose solar, you don't have to pay for those who do. amendment 1 blocks special subsidies for special interests. it's solar done right. vote yes on amendment 1. when powerful people need someone to do their dirty work, they hire bob buesing. how far will he go? buesing fought to foreclose
9:26 am
then, buesing defended wells fargo against charges of helping a ponzi-schemer swindle millions. buesing's firm was even accused of overbilling local schools , running fees up to seventy thousand dollars. now, buesing's running for senate. how far will bob buesing go? that's up to you. good morning i'm gene ramirez. let's get a check on your friday forecast with lee span. all morning we have had this layer of thin clouds across the region allowing for filtered sunshine. this is the way it looks like from the nissan of venice. we'll be in the mid to upper 80s throughout the weekend. then it's halloween. comfortable for the trick or treaters monday evening. we head into november, the
9:27 am
mid 80s and partly cloudy even into next week. a warning as parents send their kids to the bus stop, pasco county deputies say a man tried to lure an 11-year-old boy as he walked to the bus. the boy ran to his bus stop and the man went the opposite way. he's described as 20 to 30 years old with olive skin, dark hair, and wearing a brown coat. the search is on for a gunman who shot and store clerk. surveillance video shows two suspects running away. investigators believe the men ambushed store clerk muhammad. they forced him to take off his pants and then shot him.
9:28 am
our children, they look up to us. what we value, how we treat others. and now they're looking to see what kind of leaders we choose. who we'll entrust our country and their future to. will it be the one respected around the world, or the one who frightens our allies and emboldens our enemies? we face, or the one who is unprepared for them? a steady hand? or a loose cannon? common sense and unity, or drama and division? a woman who's spent her life helping children and families, or a man who's spent his life helping himself? our children are looking to us.
9:29 am
hillary clinton, because we're stronger together. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. we are back now on a special edition of food, we've teamed up with buzzfeed to bring you tasty videos. a sped up version on how to donuts. we'll break it down for this week's treat. the best part of apple picking, you go and get those donuts. here is the grid. you got apple cider, you got all the spices you need, sour cream, flour, butter. take your apple cider, couple of cups of apple cider, filtered or not. cook it down until you end up
9:30 am
cider. concentrate. it enhances the flavor. then you're going to put some butter in and let it melt. in the meantime, combine all of your dry ingredients. do the ingredients separately. so you've got your flour, baking powder, nutmeg, cinnamon and salt. mix it together. all right. >> all right so you can do dry ingredients if you want. >> the great thing is, it doesn't take all that long. you've got sour cream, you've got egg, you've got some butter. and then -- the sour cream, moisture and denser and richer. then you combine your wet ingredients. and you're going to take those, fold them into your dry. then just mix it up and end up with a very nice dough. >> had you tried this recipe before, seeing it on buzzfeed? >> i have not. the proof is you can? >> exactly.
9:31 am
tricks. >> got it. >> even though it is something you can get at a store or something like that. >> mine is always really long. >> exactly. >> you get this, roll it out. what you're going to do, put a little flour down on top of your marble or your cutting board that you want and you're basically going to take nice little rounds. you can use a coffee cup. now you first do that, for your outside. then you get a smaller one. >> for the donut hole. >> my donut holes. i try to convince them, they're the same. >> in between, when you make the dough, you should refrigerate it a little while. it is harder to get it in there. this is what we've got. you have to be careful. this is perhaps the only dangerous part. fill a pretty good-sized pan of hot with oil. can
9:32 am
>> canola, something relatively inert. if this was colder, it would be -- put them in carefully. then boom, these will be fun halloween shapes, because you don't know what they are. you don't want to overcrowd your pot, so you put in the donuts, you put in the donut holes. and you just watch it. it will take about five to ten minutes. they'll float to the top. you just keep moving them around. once ty is the best part, when they're still warm. put them in a mix of cinnamon and sugar. >> when they're warm. >> and it all sticks. some people use powdered sugar. >> at home, get a paper bag and put it in, you see the grease on the outside. >> there you have, your apple cider donuts. >> love that. >> doh! >> so if you go to
9:33 am
recipe for the apple cider donuts there and so much more. today food tasty videos on the site. check them out. coming up, natalie goes one-on-one with kenny chesney. plus, pumpkin portraits, almost ready. >> can't wait to see them. >> can't wait to see them. after anyone with type 2 dis knows how it feels to see your numbers go up, despite your best efforts. but what if you could turn things around? discover once-daily invokana?. it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. invokana? is a pill used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. and in most clinical trials, the majority reached an a1c goal of 7 percent or lower. invokana? works around the clock by sending some sugar out of your body through the process of urination.
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9:38 am
place. i knew it would work, because i sang harmony to her records for a long time in the car. ? this noise ? >> chesney says the new album is about pulling out the distractions. on tracks like "noise" and "rich and miserable" he sings about living in the moment we were talking about half your life on the old? do you ever think about just slowing down, and settling down? >> i have been a big dreamer, and i have been championshipili certain ladder my whole life. the lesson is to enjoy the journey, enjoy the climb. >> his first attempt at music, thou, wasn't exactly a success. ist true you wrote your first song to get a girl? >> yes. >> did it work?
9:39 am
first taste of rejection with my music. every entertainer feels that on a daily basis. >> that's part of the drive, he says. from 2003 to 2013, chesney sold more concert tickets than any other artist, packing massive stadiums coast-to-coast. >> that energy hits my back. i cannot stay still. so to do tha shape. i do treat what i do out there on stage, and my career a lot like an athlete trains. >> when he is gearing up for a tour, that means no beers, no bread, no off days. doing workouts that include stand up paddle boarding, which i had to try for myself. >> how many sharks have you seen out here? >> about seven or eight. plow in like that. keep your arms straight, on top.
9:40 am
>> bye, natalie. >> bye. cheers. >> we were out for fun. but when he is training or touring, chesney is all business. so fans, his loyal no shoes nation, get the full throttle live show they come to expect. >> there is a lot of adjectives to use about my fans, but we share a certain philosophy in life. i really do. we work really hard. we play very and just walk through the world, kind of the same way. ? kicking dust in the canyon ? ? waiting for the sun to go down ? >> to give me a true taste of the no shoes lifestyle, he lit up a bonfire, poured some wine and treated us all to a special version of a fan favorite.
9:41 am
crazy ? ? one more is never enough ? >> looks like a nice day there. kenny's new album, cosmic hallelujah is out now, apple chesney. let's look at the weather. wet weather in new england, and through the pacific northwest, heavier rain into central record warmth, and that continues tomorrow. i should say sunday, as a front breaks down in through new england. wet weather from indiana all the way to the northeast. plains onto the pacific northwest, flooding rains in central california and our halloween forecast for around 7:00 at night, scary west virginia, 70 degrees, cloudy skies.
9:42 am
we will see a few clouds throughout the day today. but once again, warm and breezy. a high of 85 degrees. above the average of 82. partly cloudy, mild, comfortable over night. a low of 69 degrees tonight. then it's the weekend, warmer, 86 saturday and sunday. and halloween's high, around 85. and that's your latest weather. coming up next, oscar buzz already, we're going to talk to the stars of bringing a real life love story to the big screen. you won't believe the story. you won't believe the story. so (chuckle) ( ? ) come on, dad.
9:43 am
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and it's in all our chicken soups! because majestic chicken soup starts with majestic chicken. long live chicken! well, at least until it's in the soup. it's the movie already getting a lot of love by critics, and still doesn't hit theaters until next weekend. >> it is called "loving", and joel edgerton, who starred
9:47 am
landmark civil rights case. take a look. >> richie. >> what are you doing in bed with that woman? >> i'm his wife. >> that's no good here. >> good morning, good to see you. congratulations on this film. it is one of those moments you cannot believe this was so recent, that after i saw the film, even though i do the news, this couple. you just consumed how close to the fire we are, when this was illegal for a white person and a black person to be married in this country. >> yeah. >> yeah, it is staggeringment i mean, i was very surprised how few people knew about then, and two people who changed the constitution. two people whose stories is a massive part of this country's civil rights timeline. >> when you look at something
9:48 am
material obviously, and do you feel a certain responsibility to -- these two people who changed so much, the simple act of saying "i do" was against the law at a point in this country. >> very much so. we definitely felt a responsibility to this, and their loving daughter. but i think at some point, that sort of honor and can't do your job properly. we fell in love with this couple, watching the documentary, called "loving story" fabulous documentary, and watching the archival footage. it was a privilege playing them. they were really in love. they liked one another. they respected one another.
9:49 am
translate that to the world, and show the world and introduce them to people who might not know them. that's what we're privileged to be part of. >> incredibly shy kind of people at the forefront of change. they weren't trying to run a revolution. they found themselves in the middle of this thing. when you watch the documentary, you see just how shy and sort of unwilling they were to be part of that force of ch their strength to annul their marriage, it was a gateway for so many other people. >> you play normally a tough guy. was it a nice change of pace to take on the more tender role? >> it was, you know. like, you watch the footage of richard, he was one of those very strong looking, but very quietly spoken and very shy kind
9:50 am
type of person. very much like me. and it was nice. it is nice to live in silence, and you know, silence, i think the movie says a lot about how silence is born out of injustice. people learn to shut up and not talk and not fight and not debate. it was a nice place to live in, and a real challenge, i think. >> how does it feel, ruth, to have all this oscar buzz and when we love a movie usually, we'll end up calling the night of the award shows and saying hey, congratulations. no pressure on us. how are you balancing it? >> i think we're doing okay. aren't we? my voice is -- >> let me feel your pulse. >> my voice is going, i've been talking so much. a few ocktives lower than when i started a few weeks ago.
9:51 am
because it is giving this couple the attention i think they deserve. i really do think they are a couple for not just america to be proud of, but the word. it speaks volumes of what we're capable of. sometimes when you feel you might be going down a cynical path, they remind you we're great goodness and hopefulness. >> congratulations on all of it. by the system company, focus feature, is in select theaters on november 4th. it is beautiful. congratulations. >> thank you. up next, our pumpkin carvers, ready to reveal their masterpieces. do we look like them? do they look like us. find out, first on "today" on nbc. >> isn't that great.
9:52 am
amendment 1 protects consumers from scams, promotes safe solar, and is endorsed by florida's firefighters. so, why are out-of-state billionaires attacking it? amendment 1 ensures that if you don't choose solar, you don't have to pay for those who do. amendment 1 blocks special subsidies for special interests. it's solar done right.
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port tampa bay has now become florida's largest and most diversified. which helps explain why it is one of dana young's sand local jobs. dana young is working to continue that success, by attracting high waged jobs for families who need them and fighting a bureaucracy that too often gets in the way. dana young for the florida senate.
9:54 am
carving experts andrew james jean has been working on our likeness. here we go. time for the big reveal. lights out. here we go. >> anyone home? >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, that's so -- >> that's crazy. >> oh, i love it. >> look at that. it looks just like me. >> mine is a selfie of me. >> that's right. >> oh, that's funny. >> wow. >> pumpkins have >> they look amazing. >> one more plug for the company. >> you know, we hope you enjoy what we did here today. we really do want to stress how easy it is for anybody to be able to do this. there is a tool for everything. >> a tool for everything. >> thanks so much. >> last minute halloween costumes, after your local news.
9:55 am
coming up on a new daytime, the host of the show, what would you do? john. >> plus uber fans unite at megacon. >> is the saying boys will be boys really an excuse for bad behavior? our panel weighs in. women, and jobs they can really live on. people ask me what the
9:56 am
9:57 am
good morning i'm gene ramirez. time now 9:58. lee span has your friday forecast. we do have those extra clouds around. you're seeing them today. but despite that, it's still going to be warm. and it's still going breezy. 85 degrees during the afternoon. the average is 82. we'll continue being above average. a little more sunshine on saturday gets us up to 86. sunday, 86 degrees should be great for the bucks game at raymond james stadium. halloween, partly cloudy, and 81 tuesday. take a look at this urn found at a waste center. the search is on for family members who may have accidentally discarded it. the name on the urn is debbie
9:58 am
dies march 31st. employees found it last week. call investigators if you know who this belonged to.
9:59 am
>> coming up on a new "daytime," what would you do? >> it is also the show that's made it impossible for me to go have dinner anywhere. >> yes. [laughter] >> because people think something is going to happen. it's like what is going to happen, john quinones is here. i'm like i'm going to try to eat. >> plus, thery after a heart transplant. all that and more because "daytime" starts right now. ? ? ? ? ? ? >> hello there, welcome to "daytime." i'm cyndi edwards. >> and i'm jerry penacoli. nice to see you this morning.


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