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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  October 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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investigating again. >> and a snap chat video taking at 115 miles an hour. moments before a deadly crash. the surprising words from a family member of the victims coming up. good evening, i'm keith cate. >> i'm jennifer leigh. thank you for joining us this evening. first, breaking news. an american airlines plane caught fire on the runway at o'hare international airport in chicago. the fire is out now, but the images you are looking at are from a short could see that the smoke was billowing out of the aircraft. huge flames, billowing smoke, and faa spokesman says the flight blew a fire and had an engine related issue. the pilot aborted takeoff and everybody managed to take off safely. news in the presidential race. the fbi is once again looking into e-mails connected to hillary clinton's private
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discovered during an investigation into disgraced former congressman anthony weiner sexting a 15-year-old girl. the news is sending shock waves through this 2016 race. let's get right to mark meridith. he is live in our newschannel8 dc bureau where the latest. boy, twitter was blowing up as soon as this news came out today. >> reporter: keith, the chain of events we have been talking about today really are remarkable. and presidential politics has been kind of referred to it was the bus tape for donald trump. now we know exactly what hillary clinton's campaign is scrambling to deal with. it is these e-mails part of the fbi investigation that have been happening now more than a year. a lot of fast moving developments here. all of this coming on the heels as many voters get ready to make up their minds and many are already headed to the polls. it is a campaign bomb shell. federal investigators telling congress it is re-examining its probe into hillary clinton'
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mail server while she is served as secretary of state. speaking moments after the news broke, donald trump seized the spotlight. >> hillary clinton's corruption is on a scale we have never seen before. >> reporter: the fbi's decision could once again turn the 2016 race upside down. this summer, fbi director james comey publicly scolded clinton's decision to maintain a private server but said had no evidence of criminal wrong doing. the fbi will not say what information they have found that would reverse their decision. however, republicans smelling blood in the water pounced. house speaker paul ryan released a statement saying yet again hillary clinton has nobody else but herself to blame. she was entrusted with the nation's most important secrets and betrayed that trust. >> that was a mistake. >> reporter: during the debates, clinton faced tough questions over the server and
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this investigation will continue. >> i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. >> reporter: one of the big questions going forward is what is this all going to mean for the voters headed to the ballot box and what can we really expect to learn between now and november 8? 11 days and an fbi investigation can take weeks, months, years. so we are il interested in finding out what congress is going to do next. and what this could all mean for not just voters in florida, but across the country. >> unlikely this will be resolved before the election. i saw hillary clinton at a rally. she didn't say anything about these developments with the press looking on. but within the past few minutes the campaign did release a statement. what have we learned about that? >> reporter: you're right. it was interesting whether or not she was going to say something when she came off the plane, when she landed in cedar rapids. she gave a stump speech.
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regular routine. but her campaign put out a statement saying he wants the fbi to release more information. he says this is extraordinary that they would release these kinds of details or send this letter to congress with 11 days to go. i don't think i have ever seen anything like this where the democratic campaign is telling the fbi, please, please, please, give us more information. give the american people more information because they don't want this cloud hovering over them the next 11 days. clinton is sse lopez rally and a concert in miami. you have to wonder though, when will she have to address this with the press. >> more on this to come. mark meridith live in our dc bureau. elsewhere on the campaign trail, clinton's running mate tim kaine is holding a campaign in tallahassee. tim had an event scheduled in sarasota but had to cancel that one. president barack obama about to speak to a crowd in orlando. as you can see, waving as he steps off of his plane just arriving moments ago.
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aggressively for clinton urging people in swing states like florida to vote early. vice president joe biden will campaign for clinton in the bay area next week. he will be in tampa on wednesday. check out our 2016 election die. you will find the early voting locations and hours of operation. go to click on the news tab, then hit politics. new everyday tonight in a deadly crash. video from snap chat appears to support the theory that speed was a factor in a car that killed five people. that accident happened on mlk in hillsborough county. three of the victims killed are from the same family. newschannel8's rod carter joins us now live in tampa with a closer look at this video which sheds at least some light on this crash. >> reporter: it does. there were five people in the mini van. three of them died. two of them here recovering tonight. a long road ahead of them. as you said, that snap chat
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caused this accident was going 115 miles an hour. just minutes before that crash. the florida highway patrol tells us this snap chat video was taken just nine minutes before 22-year-old pablo cortez ran head on into a family on their way home from church. both, he and his passenger joey bartelone died in the horrific crash, as did the people they hit. marianela marillo and children. they died as the mini van caught fire. >> i don't want people to fight over it. i don't want people to be avenging each other. >> reporter: the cousin of the family broke down crying when she saw the video but she says she does not want it to cause more pain than all of the families involved will already going through. >> at the end of the day, i just want people to just, you know, remind themselves, nobody deserves to die.
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bad person. you don't deserve to die. >> reporter: troopers say the video showing the speeds of 115 miles an hour through a snap chat filter doesn't prove or disprove racing may have played a factor in that accident. >> it is all over. it is all over. i mean, it is everywhere. >> reporter: she understands the street racing culture though. fueled, she says like movies like fast and furious. she says her husband used not since they had a child. >> now, i wouldn't promote it. probably then, i would be like oh, let's go to races. i won't promote it. >> reporter: now, she wants to promote peace and healing, especially for her two cousins still fighting to survive this fiery crash. they tell me they have set up a go fund me page for the family for the funerals of the three people who passed away and for what will inevitably be some
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jen? >> yeah rod. how are they doing, those survivors? >> reporter: yeah, tough road ahead for them. one of the cousins was supposed to have surgery today. that has been rescheduled possibly for tomorrow. it is supposed to be a 15 hour surgery. according to her. the other cousin not out of the woods yet. a lot of grief all around for this family and for the families of those who died in the other car too. just a tough situation all around jen. >> without question. rod carter, live in tampa for us tonight. th a heartbreaking crash in polk county. two teenagers died on the way to frostproof high school this morning. the victims are 18-year-old jorge laura and his sister, 15- year-old melanie. eagle 8 hd got a view of the scene. the sheriff's office says as they turned onto 27, they were hit by a chevy silverado. the three men in the truck are expected to survive. now, an update to that
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international airport. the faa reports there were some minor injuries. everybody was able to get off. an faa spokesperson says the flight blew a tire and had an engine related issue. the pilot aborted takeoff. we will take you more updates as soon as we get them. >> that's a scary looking scene. especially if you are on another plane. all right, burned by an rv business. >> upset customers knew they better coming up, he thought he sold his rv, but he doesn't have his money and the seller doesn't have the rv. >> plus, the hillsborough county fair is underway right now. we will take a look at the
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>> time now for a little fun. the hillsborough county fair is underway in dover. >> through monday, you can enjoy new attractions, rides, livestock, shows, an plenty of entertainment. storm team 8 meteorologist ed bloodsworth is at the fair now sampling the sights and the food. i hope you are putting all of this on our gm expense account. [ laughter ] >> reporter: yeah. i tell assignment of the day. no doubt about that. but i tell you what, the gates just opened here a few minutes ago. we had some folks here coming in as you could see here. we have all of the vendors fired up here. the smells are incredible. the rides are going as well. coming up, i will show you what is going on along the midway. the ferris wheel. the merry go ground. kids are having a great time here. and now, coming up on 25 years here at the fair.
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carnival style corn dog. ly be enjoying that. the gates will be open until 11:00 p.m. tonight. we will talk about all the events happening at the fair coming up. >> and you will bring us back some snacks i hope. ed bloodsworth, live at the hillsborough county fair. have a good time friend. now, max defender 8, the world's most powerful radar, and your storm team 8 forecast with chief meteorologist steve jerve. >> you can always smell the deep fried way away. northeast wind at 16. we have a beautiful day. quite a lot of strong winds at times. all the foliage is moving around pretty good in the stronger breeze. this is at the lake club at lakewood ranch. a mix of few clouds and skies with an east wind at 15 miles an hour. the flags going pretty good here. 81 degrees now with a northeast wind at 6 miles an hour. got a mix of clouds and some clear skies.
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east wind at 4 miles an hour. overall, it has been a nice warm day. the easterly flow has helped to bring in quite a bit more atmospheric moisture. 86 degrees saturday. same number sunday. this looks a lot like the forecast the past couple of days. and because things haven't really changed too much, high pressure dominates us to the north. this from liz. from holiday this morning. a nice shot to the sky. again, color in the sky, both in the morning and also in 9:00 p.m., partly cloudy skies. still warm. 70 degrees which is what we recorded for a low temperature. we are expecting the same. forecasting a little warmer because the humidity is back up. generally, thewet sir pretty nice. 80 degrees current temperature. 81 81 palm harbor. bartow, lakeland. 81 in dade city up in pasco county. wind speeds continue from the
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in little blue numbers. 25 miles an hour in lake city. clearwater, 21 miles an hour. and 28 miles an hour gusts in sarasota. still, a 0% chance on this area that the hurricane center said hey, there is this area in the tropics. we will watch it. but we are not expecting much from that. it is sending clouds from the southern portion of the state generating a few showers but not as rainy as it was 24 hours ago across the southern portion of the you saw on the weather camera images. so if you are out playing football tonight or watching football tonight, and there are thousands of folk that's will be doing that. caver,kickoff, 80 degrees. tonight, this game, usf and navy in tampa, partly cloudy skies. warm conditions. the world's largest outdoor cocktail party in jacksonville,
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we have 70 degrees for this game. fsu, this is a big one, clemson, tallahassee, 74 degrees. mostly clear for that one. and ufc and houston in houston, texas, 81 degrees. finally, famu in greensboro, north carolina, 72 degrees. forecast saturday and sunday. temperatures are warm. rain chances are low. carrying on all the way into halloween weekend. tuesday, wednesday, more of the same. rain chances are low. a deadly accident at rush hour. eagle 8 hd is live at the scene at 19th avenue northeast and 30th street northeast. it appears one of the vehicles involved was a motorcycle. you can see it there as photojournalist paul lamison pushes in on the scene. 19th avenue is closed in both directions we understand. we are working to find out what happened here. we will bring you updates on this breaking news as soon as we get them. if you have been cheated, when you need help, she's on
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better call behnken. >> you trust a business and then you get burned. the growing number of customers are complaining about largo's consignment rv. the company sold rvs and then drug its feet when it came time to pay the owners. that is when they knew they had better call behnken. investigator shannon behnken joins me now. this is the second time you have reported on this company. >> reporter: it is, when we reported on it earlier, a couple from seminole it hit very close to home. >> we really have enjoyed it. >> reporter: for ten years, michael and pam traveled the country in their rv. >> it has everything a house has got. >> reporter: largo's consignment rv found a buyer for it and collected $135,000. but then ... michael tells me owner jeremy raney convinced him to pay off the $190,000 loan himself.
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complete the deal quicker. >> reporter: when michael went to the shop and couldn't get his money. >> different people had come in wanting to know when they were going to get the title for the runs they bought. so, we got to thinking what is going on here? >> reporter: so, he took off in the rv. now, he doesn't have the money, doesn't have the title and whoever paid the consignment dealer doesn't have anything. >> and that person is a victim as well. they paid a lot of money and they have absolutely nothing to show for it. >> they have nothing to show r lenora lundy. her late husband's rv was sold three months ago and her loan has not been paid off. >> my rv was basically stolen. >> reporter: i went to consignment rv earlier this week. >> you have to deal with him. >> okay. >> well, he needs to deal with us then. because this is a big accusation that he has sold an rv. >> reporter: now i have more
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pam, they want to get this rv to the customer who paid for it and they want their money. >> i just want to sell my rv. you know, and get it over with. >> reporter: on tuesday, the consignment shop owner sent me a picture of a check that he said was in the mail to pay for ms. lundy's loan, but as of this afternoon, it has not made it to the bank. >> is this practice? sloppy paper work? is it criminal? >> reporter: they have contacted law enforcement and the sheriff's office is looking into it. it is still early in the investigation. they don't know if this guy just got in over his head. if it was sloppy paperwork or something more. thaw they are getting concerns. you have this woman who paid all this money for the rv and she doesn't have it. >> and she is not the only one. there's a problem here. i know you will stay on it. we thank you shannon. if you have a problem, better call behnken.
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night blitz game of the week is just ahead. the undefeated hillsborough terriers look to sink their teeth into the armwood hawks. we will explain this epic rivalry with a lot on the line. amendment 1 protects consumers from scams, promotes safe solar, and is endorsed by florida's firefighters. so, why are out-of-state billionaires attacking it? because amendment 1 stops their subsidies.
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amendment 1 blocks special subsidies for special interests. it's solar done right. vote yes on amendment 1. under state attorney mark ober's watch, rape and sexual assault are on the rise. ober is not just ineffective, he declined to prosecute a man who forced a girl into sexual slavery, even blamed the victim. ober: she was with him voluntarily. an experienced prosecutor, will reallocate resources to target violent crime, including gun violence, rape, and domestic abuse. andrew warren for state attorney. it's time for new leadership. >> the heart walk is coming up. we are working hard to reach our goal of $100,000. but we need your help. go to to join stacie's team or donate.
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>> time now or our preview of the friday night blitz game of the week. the hillsborough terriers are taking on the armwood fighting hawks in the district
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in seffner with a preview. >> reporter: good evening keith and jen. the story line for this game goes back over 30 years when head coach earl garcia of the hillsborough terriers offered shawn callahan a boca ciega high school. now, they are playing for everything. it is all on the line tonight. the winner takes home hardware. the terriers trying to finish the season undefeated. they are still crust of teams in the state of florida. these two coaches can agree on one thing tonight despite the fact they have not been talking maintaining their usual friendship. they can agree the winner of this game will not only deserve it but will better prepared for the post season beginning right after this one. >> armwood is as good as they are in the state of florida. both teams will be better for having played. i promise you, armwood will be better for having played hillsborough and we will be better for having played
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before the playoffs. and, i can't get enough games like playing in hillsborough. you know, i love playing those kinds of games because those are the ones that we see significant change in our football. >> reporter: coming up in a few minutes, anthony allred takes a closer look at the relationship between shawn and earl. and, what is on the line tonight in this district championship game. highlights tonight. 11:15 on the friday night blitz. you don't want one. >> thank you paul. and josh benson joins us now with a look at what we have going on 5:30. >> coming up, how code enforcement is changing its approach. and reunion surprise. who can resist these stories? how an airman pulls off this big surprise with his daughter.
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families, or a man who's spent his life helping himself? our children are looking to us. what example will we set? what kind of country will we be? hillary clinton, because we're stronger together.
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>> right now, on newschannel8 at 5:30. >> casting your vote in the race for the white house. a look at what you can do now to avoid problems at the polls. good evening, i'm jennifer leigh. >> i'm josh benson. thanks for being with us tonight. the clock is ticking down to election day. nearly 200,000 voters have cast ballots. day five of early voting is about to wrap up in a little more than an hour. chip osowski joins us live from the upper tampa bay library. one of the several voting sites in hillsborough county. hi chip. >> reporter: good evening josh. this is one of 16 sites in hillsborough county where voters can cast their ballots all the way up to november 6. >> y'all here to vote today?


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