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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM Saturday  NBC  October 29, 2016 11:00pm-11:29pm EDT

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fernandez. we have an exclusive interview with the player's attorney. thank you for joining us this saturday night. tonight, polk county cherry of deputies are on the -- sheriff deputies are on the you hunt for a henry driver who left a -- hit-and-run driver who left a woman dead and injured a deputy. they call this man a coward. we're live from the appleby's restaurant are where the woman just -- the vi finished working. >> you're right, rod. jessica's family members tell us she was a hard-working, single mom work hard to support two kids. she just finished up a shift and hours later hit and killed in polk county. >> she was a sweet girl. she's hard working, working forher kids. >> he is still coming to grips
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33-year-old jessica enchautegui- otero. >> this is the second one that i lost in this month. my son pass away the 2nd of this month. now my daughter in the same month. too much for me. >> jessica got into a wreck on state road 60 just east of wales in polk county. her car hit a driver. she was able to flag an officer for help. deputy officer pennell turned on his while calling for aid, another driver veered into the median hitting them leaving them both for dead. jessica later died at the hospital. the deputy suffered severe injuries and is in the hospital recovering. >> we've been throughout the lake wales area east and west of this scene. we've combed the median for any kind of evidence. we are looking for surveillance video that might be in the area and asking for the public's help in this case.
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members for jessica's son 16- year-old xavier and 11-year-old kenny, it's tough to hold back the tears knowing their mother is gone. >> she was my best friend. she was there for me when i needed her the most. >> she took care of us. she supported us. she gave us clothes. she put a roof over our head and -- and she was just an awesome mother and i don't know why >> at the beginning of this month, jessica setup a go fund me account to raise funds for her brother's funeral. sadly now, other family members have setup a go fund me account to pay for her funeral expenses. sheriff grady jud urging the hit-and-run driver to turn him or herself in sooner rather than later. >> chip reporting live for us tonight.
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crash. he was arrested today. he's accused of leaving the scene of a crash that killed zachary markano in rusken. cares about tell us the two -- investigators tell us the two did know each other and got in a fight. he tried to drive away when markeno followed in a motorcycle, his mirror cut him off and he slowed down and is when escabano hit him. he turned himself in today charged with leaving the scene of a crash. >> now to a story that's new tonight. toxicology reports are in and show that miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez was drunk and had cocaine in his bloodstream when he died in a boating accident in september. toxicology report shows that fernandez had a blood alcohol level of .147 nearly double the legal limit which is .08. the former alonzo high school
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crashed into a jetty on september 25th. news channel 8 spoke with the fernandez attorney who is here in tampa and here is what he had to say about that report. >> nothing that surfaces after today in any way will taint what he did and the lives he touched of so many people. when you take a 24-year-old, young man like this, anything can happen whe of the world. >> so far, there hasn't been any confirmation if fernandez was actually behind the wheel. >> now for your 2016 election coverage tonight. hillary clinton's campaign hit by another fbi investigation into her e-mails just weeks before the presidential election. today clinton spokesperson campaign volunteers in daytona beach says she wants it all opt table. >> voters deserve to get full and complete facts and so we've
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explain everything right away, put it all out on the table. >> well, with this new information coming out 10 days before the general election, candace mccowin takes a look how this information is now resonating with voters. >> we did catch up with some voters at the polls today voting after that news came out friday. >> i think both of us spent some time on-line researching and looking exactly what that entailed and what that meant. >> they admit they did have questions after hearing there were more e-ma weren't changed. >> there's absolutely no way i would ever vote for donald trump now. it doesn't matter who he is running against him at this point even though i think hillary is great. >> already more than two million have voted early and by mail. >> it did not rim packet my vote because eye -- impact my vote because i already voted. it just, if you will, assured me that i made the right decision. >> for many voters, there are still questions voters and
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comey. >> what's the chance that comey will release more information. >> if it's going through the normal investing process we saw in july, it went on for a year, i doubt there's anymore. >> leaving many with more questions than answers as they head into the election booth. it remains to be seen how much of an impact it will have on voters especially since to many people cast their ballots early and before the news was re-- revealed on fy. waste time -- trump did not waste any time. during his rally, he called the investigation the biggest political scandal since president richard nixon is in office. trump is now demanding justice. >> thtion the biggest -- this is the biggest political scandal since watergate and it's people's biggest hope that justice at last can be properly
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>> hillary has nobody to blame but herself for her mounting legal troubles. >> he told the crowd clinton's actions were deliberate and that she setup an illegal server to shield her criminal conduct. meanwhile, voters in pasco county can begin casting their ballots. early voting started today. all eight polling locations will be open for early voting and don't forget voters must present a photo id. you'll want to check out our 2016 guide. you'll find early vote locations and -- voting locations. tonight, the north runway at fort lauderdale hollywood international report remains closed after a fedex plane caught fire. investigators are assessing the
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landed coming in from memphis, tennessee. both pilots escaped using a rope ladder. one witness describes what he saw. >> i saw the trajectory the plane was coming. it was coming straight for my building. i just thankful that it stopped where it did. >> the airport south runway is back open and officials report that 43 flights had to be delayed and six were canceled all together this morning. a hernando county woman is dead after a fire at living facility. it happened at the spring hill assisted living facility on creditsia -- says in a drive. the woman may have been smoking while hooked up to an oxygen tank. the investigation is ongoing. sarasota mean police officer had to save -- marine police officer had to save three people after they were thrown off their boat and their boat kept right on spinning. that boat kept going in circles until this ran out of gas.
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10th street boat ramp. no one was hurt and it's unclear how those passengers ended up overboard. >> a dog who went missing for five days after a burglary is safe and sound back at home. mckaleia's home was burglarized and her dog, zeus, was taken. a good samaritan found zeus and took him to blue pearls tampa hospital and they discovered the dog was microchipped. they contacted neiler and now they are back family. frightening video of an overpass collapsing on top of cars to show you tonight. after the break, we'll tell you why the highway gave way. people are remembering those killed at an australian theme park when the investigation at dream world can be complete. >> bright and breezy to wrap up the weekend tomorrow. nothing too spooky in the
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>> terrifying video to show you tonight. the moment an overpass collapsed on a highway in milan italy. it collapsed under the weight of a truck that was carrying an oversized load hours before highway officials had asked for that overpass to be closed after concrete had fallen from it. officials requested a formal
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that. >> a makeshift memorial continues to grow today outside of the australian theme park where four adults were killed in a rafting ride accident earlier this week. dream world is still a crime scene tonight and it's still closed to the public. an investigation into the park's safety is under way and is expected to be completed by the end of november. >> october is breast cancer awareness month and the tampa bay buckensers are getting involved -- buccaneers are do awareness. an eemotional reason for helping do -- emotional reason
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gus is for us. gus is always for us. gus is for us. for us! all of us! vote gus bilirakis for congress. i'm gus bilirakis, and i approve this message. >> the tampa bay buccaneers hosted their fourth annual treasure chest 5k run and walk today around raymond james stadium part of the bucs involved breast cancer awareness activities. more than 4,000 people participated in the race. bucs wide receiver murphy who lost his mother to breast
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>> losing a loved one, you feel like you're in the world by yourself. to see everyone and all the support and the community to come out and the bucs organization, this is awesome. this is awesome for all sides. >> including today's donation, the bucs have given more than $140,000 over the past four years towards breast cancer awareness and patient services. grab aleopold of your feline fur babies. it's national cat day. the to wants people to celebrate by adopting a four-legged friend and donate food, toys and blankets to animal welfare groups. >> tony colon captured a beautiful finish to what was a beautiful fall day today. she was at the polk county sheriff's office looking at beautiful color with the setting sun. a whole lot of warmth with our saturday. well above average in most
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as well as in sebring. it was 86 in tampa today and 86 degrees into st. louis today. record high temperatures in places like electionen -- lexington, kentucky, 86 degrees in dallas and we've had that breeze ongoing throughout the day today. still out of the northeast, eight miles per hour. the flag blowing in the wind at hyundai of new port richey. maximum speed gust a crystal clear day in sports north of i-4. we could have extra cloud cover that cover the sunshine. a little bit of extra moisture across the southern part of the state. an old front offal boundary in the florida -- frontal boundary in florida. you see the red shading here, the orange too. dry air associated with high pressure. that's going to try to reassert
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we head through the early part of the upcoming workweek. earlier today dew points in the 50s across northern spots. low 70s. sticky in very sven -- venic seven. this week. a weak, dying cold front tries to make its way into the tampa bay area late next week bringing the tiniest of rain chances back into the forecast. overnight tonight a-few cl, lots of sunshine to get our sunday going this final weekend of october. gusty and warm again tomorrow afternoon with a few extra clouds across southern spots. a similar look as we head into our sunday tomorrow. halloween forecast looking really good. comfortable, dry for trick-or- treaters. temperatures dropping through the low 80s eventually into the 70s. you can expect a comfortable halloween on monday.
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your tailgate. if you got barbecue going on, make sure the tent is tied down securely. temperature in the low 80s. river walk, comfortable evening in tampa. 75 degrees with the northeast breeze at eight miles per hour. a little windy again at times heading into the day sunday. 75 in st. pete right now also down in venice. 73 in north port. forecast high temperature tomorrow back up again monday and tuesday. hey, something to check out if you're up and at it tomorrow morning. space station happens at 7:13. look to the southwest and the station will be visible for 6:00. breezy, mild, temperature in the low 60s. high temperature of 86. warm, windy, fantastic stretch of weather through the first half of the week and the tiniest rain chances thursday,
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into november at that point. >> yep. thank you very much. appreciate it. coming up, we're still a couple of days away from halloween. it's monday. the bolts are already dancing with the devils. plus, the world's largest cocktail party florida and georgia face-off in a storied rivalry game. highlights are coming your way
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i served under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. when someone makes the comment that they know more about the islamic state or isil than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understands how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat and to keep us safe.
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>> some fringe fans may ask why watch college football and admittedly an inferior product to the nfl. one reason is tradition and few are steeped in if like georgia and florida. the cocktail party has been played every season since 1926 with one exception during the bulldogs leadle ought-time -- lead the all-time steers, but the gators have won won 14 of the last 16 meetings. right in the first quarter, del rio finds lewis and puts the gators on top. jacob easton scrambling west floating one to wridley. he must be wearing a halloween costume because the gators don't seem to recognize the
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zone. fast forward to the third, del rio is driving. callaway picks up 21, takes a big hit. inside the five, who are you going to? callaway, why not? the sophomore doing a little bit of everything. florida beats georgia 24-10. put the cocktails on jim's tab in jacksonville tonight. in tallahassee, the seminoles are hosting the third ranked team in the land the clemson tigers. this game is still in progress. i can't shoal you highlights, but i can -- show you highlights. between miami and notre dame, the irish score the first 20 points. kaiser to the patron saint of touchdown passes. that's st. brown. the hurricanes score the next 20. brad kaya to enjoka. sanders calls for a fair catch, but that's only useful if you make the catch.
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we have a thriller. it ain't over. next irish touch, josh adams trick-or-treat, smell my feet. 41 yards to pay dirt. notre dame wins it what chip shot field goal. they weather the hurricanes. in the american conference, central florida at houston. cougars out of the top 25 and houston has a problem. his name hamilton. 28 yards to the crib. ucf up 21-3 at the break. heisman caliber qb greg ward and cuts the deficit to seven. tie game in the fourth. ward does it himself. the knights give up 28unanswered and lose 31-24. in conference usa, western kentucky tosses florida atlantic off the hilltop 52-3 the final. owls now 1-7. middle tennessee blows a 21-0 lead, but edges
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north carolina a & t,41-17. how about a victory for the ladies? lightning visiting the devils as we approach all hollows eve. cashes in the two-on-one chance. it was 2-0, new jersey in the third. rodpelley tips it in. sweet ditch. the bolts lose and back in action tomorrow at madison square garden. can't show you world series highgh lead up big over the cubbies right now. >> we'll look for the end of that one.
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>> final look at are forecast of the night. >> above average temperatures. 86 degrees. handful of degrees above average. you notice that's where we'll keep it as we head on through what looks to be a fantastic halloween on monday. you head towards the end of the
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of rain chances thursday, friday, saturday afternoon and also eventually knock our temperatures back down closer to average which you might imagine for the first week of november. >> thank you very much. appreciate it. people in key west are celebrating and some of the costumes are inperiod by the election. some people wore donald trump and hillary clinton's costumes. this week's th >> you have a costume picked out? >> i don't. i'm going as a news guy or a news guy. thank you for joining us. have a great night. >> boring. ? >> good evening. from hofstra university, i'm lester holt.


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