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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM Sunday  NBC  October 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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bob buesing... on the record. he sues tax payers to cover the outrageous cost of a lavish courthouse. buesing files forclosures on homes critical to seniors. his law firm is accused of running up costs on a school district at the expense of our kids. trailing in the polls, buesing attacks dana young. for things she never did. so we ask... mr. buesing, will you do anything to win?
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right now on news channel 8 at 6. >> robbed at gunpoint at a church, the suspect investigators are looking for right now. >> good evening everyone, i'm rod carter. >> and i'm melanie michael. we are following breaking news. a 3-year-old little boy is in the hospital after he knocked it happened at a house on homewood lane in hudson. here's what we know so far. the pasco county sheriff's office telling us the tv fell off a dresser and on to the child's head. the boy was airlifted to the hospital and as soon as we get an update on this child, we'll bring it to you here online. deputies in sarasota county want to put the cuffs on a man who robbed another man in a church parking lot. this happened at the
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deputies want to catch this crook before he preys on anyone else. >> one would think you would be safe to walk to your car in a church parking lot. that's what thomas miner thought. >> and there was a man standing next to my car, and he said he wanted some help and wanted some money, and i said no, that i don't have any, and he grabbed me by the arm and that's when i reached in my pocket and took the $10 bill all i had. >> miner was able to get away and call authorities. the bandit ran away into the woods. the church's pastor calls the robbery troubling. >> we have a day care center during the day and already through crime reports one of the parents have called and said what happened and are my children going to be safe. >> pastor michael mansburger is telling members of his congregation to be vigilant
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>> and asked that everyone do something here coming and going in pairs or tripled in of individuals. >> people at the church are understandably concerned, when and where will the crook strike again. who will be the next victim. >> what scares me are the ladies in the church that come out after choir practice or come out after a meeting and they come out by themselves, and it could happen one out of the building. >> chip osowski reporting. the man is described as a white male between 30 and 35 years old, 6-1 and about 190 pounds. he has long brown hair and a beard and was wearing jeans and carrying a blue backpack. anyone with any information is urged to give the sarasota county sheriff's office a call immediately. right now all lanes of bay shore boulevard are back open
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crash. this accident happened at bay shore and watrus avenue in tampa a. the driver of the motorcycle died in the crash and the woman also riding the bike was taken to the hospital. we are making calls right now to see if we can get any updates on her condition. florida highway patrol looking for a hit and run driver in pinellas county. we're told that driver was going 90 miles an hour when a trooper tried to make a traffic stop. the driver took off on u.s. 19 to roosevelt boulevard in pinellas county when the suspect hit another car reaction where two other cars were also hit. the driver then took off and was last seen at a roadway inn motel. anyone with information on this case is urged to call fhp. and now on the campaign trail, the presidential nominees are criss-crossing the country tonight. >> they certainly are and very busy at that. new information on that fbi probe that could be connected to the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. >> sources say that the fbi
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ago. this information is coming from a law enforcement official. fbi director james comey says that he was briefed about the new e-mails on thursday. he told congress friday that investigators found those e- mails that could be relevant to clinton's investigation. hillary clinton is not letting this new fbi probe tied to her private e-mail server distract her from the campaign trl today. she was in -- rather south florida at an lgbt event, and clinton said she wanted voters to know she was focused and would not let is on the gas because donald trump's strategy is real simple. they'd even said it in his campaign. here's his strategy about how he's going to win, get women to stay home, get young people to city home. get people of color to stay home. get the lgbt community to stay home. >> meanwhile, donald trump campaigned in las vegas at a non-denominational church today. he said this fbi, this new fbi
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water gate. >> hillary set up an illegal server for the obvious purpose of shielding her criminal conduct from public disclosure and exposure. she set up this illegal server knowing full well that her actions put our national security at risk and put the safety and security of your children at risk. journal maris poll found clinton is leading trump by just 1 point in the sunshine state. this was taken before the friday inquiry. >> this latest e-mail revelation could have huge impacts here in florida, especially if you're someone like marco rubio. >> it takes the pressure off the downed ballots f. you're marco rubio and you were struggling, it takes the
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e-mails could reach beyond the presidential race. democratic strategist barry edwards saying here in florida it could be the reason donald trump walks away with a win. >> i think this gives a reason for those republicans that hadn't come home to come home and vote for trump, which will tighten the race in florida to almost a tie. >> and the campaigns understand that more than ever. already we in tampa bay have campaign events for the next several days. we're almost certain to see more stops from each candidate before it's over, why be >> if he loses florida, he loses the election. >> and for those sitting at home thinking their vote doesn't matter, in florida that's just not the case. >> remember, the entire election in 2000 was settled by 547 votes here in florida decided who was president of the united states for the next eight years. >> in tampa, candace mccowan, news channel 8. and as we get closer to election day, check out our 2016 election guide. you'll fine the early voting locations, hours of operation,
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just click on the news tab and then hit politics. right now cleanup is underway in central italy after another in a series of powerful earthquakes rocked the region this morning. the magnitude was 6.6. the strongest in italy in 36 years, and it reduced towns to rubble. two similar quakes hit the same region on wednesday with magnitudes of 5.5 and 6.1. they happened about 50 miles north of where a devastating quake killed nearly 300 people . this quake sent several giant boulders into one roadway making driving through almost impossible. it was so powerful there it left a crack, a huge hole in the side of one mountain. fearful of mud slides the rescuers remain wary of bringing people out of there and heavy equipment in as some affected regions in the country are cleaning up. several nuns escaped injury when they were rescued from a church after this morning's quake hit. rescue teams can be seen guiding some of them out of the building.
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no deaths so far have been reported. lotsof brave folks out there trying to get people to safety. >> drama at one of the world's most famous opera houses. >> what caused police to evacuate the metropolitan opera house in new york in the middle of a performance. >> also ahead, a remarkable rescue and it was all caught on camera. a good samaritan turns into spiderman to save a child. >> tracking more above average warmth for halloween and your storm team 8 forecast
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a very strange night at the opera. the metropolitan opera house was evacuated after an audience member went on stage with a suspicious powder. officials say an unknown man sprinkled powder into the
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canceled during the second intermission. the man actually sprinkled the ashes of his mentor. >> when you take today's environment and you see an individual sprinkling small amounts of powder into the orchestra pit you can see why the people who witnessed this were concerned. >> absolutely. police do not believe the man had any criminal intent. opera house officials say the met will open as usual on monday. a re take a look at this, a good samaritan saw a 2-year-old boy fall out of a window and got his head stuck between the window's security bars. this guy scaled the building and held the boy until firefighters arrived. the child's parents were not home at the time. meanwhile, the little boy, the good news here is going to be just fine. a california woman who went missing for days was discovered alive inside her car. crews found the woman when someone reported that a humvee
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these are pictures from the rescue. it took first responders about an hour to get that woman out. the victim is in serious condition but has non-life- threatening injuries. amazing. after 115-day mission on the international space station, three astronauts are back on earth. you can see the space capsule landing there in kazakhstan. the astronauts are from the united states, japan and russia. three other astronauts are still there on the i. s. s. look at your halloween forecast. >> you went there didn't you? >> i'm sorry. >> it is domestic violence awareness month. we'll talk to a bay area professor about one of the biggest problems and then and
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i served under president bush and obama. i fought the taliban. i was asked to form a global coalition to counter isil. e islamic state or isil than do the generals, it implies a complete ignorance of the reality. but i believe secretary clinton really understands the threat that the islamic state poses to the united states and to the american people. and i believe she understands how to wield american power to ultimately defeat this threat and to keep us safe. i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. i'm hillary clinton in my job, i see a lot of fires that could've been stopped before they started.
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commonsense safeguards for the health, safety and welfare of florida's consumers and it's first responders. amendment 1 means more solar, safe solar, for the sunshine state. vote yes on amendment 1, for the sun. port tampa bay has now become florida's largest and most diversified. which helps explain why it is one of dana young's regional economy, and 80 thousand local jobs. dana young is working to continue that success, by attracting high waged jobs for families who need them and fighting a bureaucracy that too often gets in the way. dana young for the florida senate. a return to common sense.
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raised a lot of awareness and a lot of money to support domestic violence victims. according to the national network to end domestic violence nationwide, three women die per day from domestic violence. news channel 8's janet jones talked with a domestic violence researchers and a professor at usf who tells us that more people need to be talking about this problem and get help. >> dr. wesley jennings specializes in domestic violence prevention and says there are many reasons relationship. >> a lot of times they stay for embarrassment or fear or just literally for the financial and because of the children, the child custody issues. >> dr. jennings said one of the biggest problems about domestic violence is that no one wants to talk about it. >> a lot of that occurs obviously behind closed doors and couples, households and family households and is kind of a taboo thing to talk about. >> but it's something that should be talked about. >> these kinds of events can
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intimacy involved, it can go from zero to 60 very fast and result in ultimately death for the victim. >> dr. jennings is compelled to help people get out of these situations and says you can easily help too. >> if you notice, you know, sudden changes in someone's behavior and personality at work or in the school that is not accustomed to, those could be some indicators. >> as the awareness month wraps up dr. jennings says everyone must violence. if not he says the problem will persist for generations to come. >> for those children and youth who are exposed to the waiver from witnessing their dad beat mom or their mom beat dad are also more likely to perpetrate the behavior. >> in tampa, janet jones news channel 8. >> getting set to wrap up this final weekend of october and certainly not feeling that way. take a look at these high temperatures that we saw around
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this time of the year is 81. made it to 91 degrees in sebring and also 85 degrees today in st. pete. that warm northeast breeze, and it was a little gusty at times today, 25 miles per hour wind gusts in plant city, 22 miles per hour here in tampa. not quite as gusty as what we saw yesterday, certainly breezy at times. this is how it looks right now a. live look at lake club where it's 82 degrees with some of we did see a little bit of extra cloud cover across southern spots today. sun city center also 82 degrees with those thin clouds around. we're looking good heading into this evening, and that's a live look from hula bay restaurant. here in tampa with that east wind at 5 miles per hour. this is the latest check of the satellite and its presentation, again, very similar to yesterday where we've seen lots of sunshine today north of i-4. far southern spots o'. tampa bay area, a little bit of extra cloud cover closer to
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the florida straits out into the bahamas where we've seen a few showers around today. any precipitation staying well off to our south and heading into the day tomorrow, you see this stripe of red here, some upper level dry air that's going to be sliding southward, and you'll notice it heading into the day tomorrow, and it will keep our weather dry through at least the middle of the upcoming workweek. then a front approaches us headed towards next weekend. that will bring some rain chances and some changes with our tempur some folks today saw dew points in the low 70s, 69 right now in venice. 68 in north port. that's sticky for this time of year. as that drier air arrives tomorrow, you'll notice it. temperatures will stay above average through the workweek. not a whole lot of rain in the forecast, at least for now through the middle of the week our next front will bring cooler weather heading into next weekend and also some of those small rain chances by thursday, friday and into the early part of saturday. again, those are pretty small
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there's your eight-day temperature staying well above average the next few days and making a return trip down to the upper 70s for next weekend. that's what we'll be talking about this time in seven days from now. downtown tampa, a beautiful evening ahead, 86 degrees still, the wind out of the east, northeast at 7 miles per hour. it's 84 in mac dill, 84 degrees in river view, 82 degrees out towards bartow and sebring. you can expect those temperatures back up around 86 degrees tomorrow afternoon. high pressure still plenty of sunshine to take us on into halloween tomorrow. there's your halloween forecast, fantastic for trick or treaters. nothing spooky there as rod mentioned earlier in the newscast. mostly clear, staying mild tonight. we'll drop back into the upper 60s. mostly sunny, breezy and warm tomorrow, a high temperature back up around 86 degrees. looking towards next weekend, there's your rain chance, also that icon there indicating daylight saving.
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very much. appreciate it. thanks for the reminder. >> coming up next many sports, the bucs and raiders need overtime to settle the score. highlights and locker rook reaction are straight ahead. -- locker room reaction are straight ahead.
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good morning, indeed. v8.
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? lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8. veggies for all. there was a football team at raymond james stadium this afternoon that boasted the nfl's worst yardage defense and had committed the second most penalties in the league. despite those being typical buccaneer bugaboos that team was not from tampa bay. despite the ugly resume, the oakland raiders entered -- bucs
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fumble. jameis winston to russell shepherd and a shepherd shall lead them. second touchdown catch in as many weeks for russ, 10-0 tampa bay. it was 10-3 in the 3rd when the oakland offense stirs to life. former buccaneer offensive tackle hauling in his fourth career touchdown catch. the big boy ties it up. the raiders would take the lead on the next possession, carr winston up top to cameron bright. that should tie it up, but roberto aguile misses the extra point. that's the 7th missed kick this year. the raiders help the bucs out committing an nfl record 23 penalties for 200 yards, 44 on the bucs next drive alone setting up jaquiz rogers, his first touchdown in over two years. the 2-point conversion goes to
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bay. no lead is safe from that raiders offense, carr to cooper, 12 catches, 173 yards for the former alabama standout who abused vernon hargarves today. carr hits mychal rivera in the end zone to make it 24 all. kept the bucs in this one missing a 50-yard field goal at the end of regulation and a 52- yarder in overtime, but with under 2 minutes to play in overtime, the raiders had the ll gets it done on 4th and 4, touchdown pass to set roberts who breaks a few tackles along the way. carr sets a raiders franchise record with 513 passing records and the bucs lose a heartbreaker 30-24. >> i felt like we did a great job, man. we just ran out of gas at the end, man, just needed one more play, one more stop, and we got to be able to find it, man. even though if we're tired or
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>> i hate losing. my teammates hate losing. it was that close. we thought we had one, it hurts really really bad. >> i don't know how this happened, you know. team gets penalized that much and still win. here's the thing, they made the plays we didn't. >> lucky for us, we got a quick turn around, another division game, oakland's a great team, you know, we fought hard out there. i help the offense. >> buccaneers now 3 and 16 in their last 19 home games. they host the falcons on thursday. that's going to be a huge one, must win for the buccaneers. >> i said thing to the tv at my desk today. >> that's every sunday for me brother. >> oh, i hear you. >> i hear you out of the offense over there. >> it was a play by play like you would. have an opportunity to elect a public servant who has always put the people first.
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and i know you can trust charlie to do the same in congress. he'll fight to protect social security and medicare. defend women's health care and planned parenthood. and take care of our veterans. charlie needs your vote, please stand with him. i know he'll always stand with you. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message. i moved on her like a [bleep]. you can do anything. grab them by the [bleep]
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marco rubio stands by trump and failed to show up for florida. here's what i believe in. bringing people together and reaching across the aisle to get things done. protecting social security. and building an economy that works for all of us. i'm patrick murphy and i approved this message because i'll be a senator who always works for you. under state attorney mark ober's watch, rape and sexual assault are on the rise. ober is not just ineffective, even blamed the victim. ober: she was with him voluntarily. our community deserves new leadership. andrew warren, an experienced prosecutor, will reallocate resources to target violent crime, including gun violence, rape, and domestic abuse. andrew warren for state attorney.
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final look the our forecast. >> temperatures made it to 90 in a few lotions. they stay way above average. halloween tomorrow looks fantastic. breezy and warm, dry for our trick or treaters. that front arriving next weekend finally cools us down. >> that is a delightful forecast. >> please make sure you take pictures of your costume. >> it could happen. it might happen. >> on that note, finally halloween events for kids are happening across the nation this weekend. >> but the college of designed just for hearing impaired children. great story here, sign language students at william jesup university helped run the event, kids enjoyed face painting, carnival games and candy. many hearing impaired children miss out on halloween fun because there aren't enough events geared towards their needs. >> it's nice for them to have a place where they can talk directly and sign directly to the person running the activity, which is very rare for them. >> according to the hearing
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deaf. thanks so much for joining us. nbc nightly news is next. >> and you can join us on great 38 at 8. we're back here after the game. have a wonderfusunday night. director of possibly breaking the law. humanitarian crisis as the battle from mosul rages on. a firsthand look where civilians are arriving everyday. edible danger, vote on marijuana. a mix growing concern for children of edible


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