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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  October 31, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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. gus is for us. for us! all of us! vote gus bilirakis for congress. i'm gus bilirakis, and i approve this message. the race for the white house is in the home step. both candidates are battling hard for votes in florida but why is one bay area county so critical the search continues this morning for a hit-and-run driver who killed a woman and injured a polk deputy. why the victim's family has faced tragedy before. 2016, second out! there will be a game six! >> and the world series is not over yet. the cubs held off the indians last night in game five. and now the series shifts back to cleveland. well, good morning, welcome to news channel 8 auto.
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today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. a lot of mum mys getting wrapped -- mummies getting wrapped up today. >> a thin layer of gauze. max defender 8, one thing you will notice, it's dry as a bone and that's going to continue all day long on this halloween. temperatures are warmer than average. bartow, auburndale, you're 66. lakeland, 63. cooler in brooksville and zephyrhills, you are now at 59 degrees. but here's the sky cast through the day. look at by the afternoon, a steady breeze and a high of 86 degrees. look how clear overnight, comfortable, a low of 67 degrees. and tomorrow, same thing. this quiet, dry weather continues, 86 again tomorrow. at 5:08, i take you hour-by- hour through your halloween including your trick-or-treat times. and leslee has the commute. that's right. we had an accident that was wrapping up. let's look at the maps again on
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right at ottis allen road. let's go to meliek on the street. they are out there. looks like the tow truck driver is hooking everything up and they are about to take it out of. there everything is off to the right. they might be taking up the right lane because i see the police officer there. the patrol car is probably tying up the right lane for safety purposes but you can get by. and we have a couple other accidentses. more on those coming up in the next report accidents. more on those coming up. anr presidential campaign. this time it involves emails allegedly from hillary clinton's private email server. more emails were found on a computer belonging to anthony weiner. and here's the connection, he is the estranged husband of clinton's top aide. news channel 8's ryan hughes is live in clearwater this morning. republican vice presidential candidate mike pence will be there later today and will
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morning to you. he is certain to pounce on hillary clinton for this issue when he speaks here at clearwater aviation later today and it's an issue for clinton that never seems to go away. and now overnight, the united states department of justice obtained a search warrant for the computer. it belongs to anthony weiner, the disgraced former congress man and the husband of the fbi director announced the find in a letter on friday saying it could be pertinent to the investigation. trump's team is elated. >> we have seen emails that have come out through various source about pay to play politics that support this notion of clinton incorporated that are deeply troubling to millions of americans. >> voters deserve full and complete facts.
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the or the comey to explain everything right away, put it all out on the table. >> reporter: and again, governor mike pence will speak to supporters here at clearwater aviation at 6:00 tonight. doors open at 4:00. at last check, tickets were still available. back to you. >> boy, this is getting more interesting by the moment. thank you, ryan. >> they're tomorrow both hillary clinton and her form former president bill cline -- her former husband bill clinton will be here. and on wednesday, vice president joe biden will be in tampa campaigninging for hillary clinton. we expect to donald trump again before election day. the reason we are seeing so much of the candidates and the
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this election. historically, whoever carries hillsborough county tends to win it all. the county's majority vote has correctly predicted the winner 19 out of the last 20 presidential elections. our meredyth censullo is now in the news center with more on why this apartment -- this part of the state is so critical. >> reporter: well, gene, hillsborough county's balance of republican, democrats an watch. so far, more than 232,000 ballots have been cast in hillsborough. democrats lead republicans in voter turn-out by 17%. a closer look at the numbers here, just over 86,000 republicans have voted compared to about 100,000 democrats. that's a difference of more than 14,000 votes so far. every vote could help decide
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was settled by 547 votes here in florida, deciding who was president of the united states for the next eight years. >> reporter: and of course, any news that comes out about the candidates could be the reason why one or the other walks away with the win. and that is why you will see a lot of clinton and trump and their surrogates here in hillsborough county for the next week and half. >> okay, thank you. a video of one trump weekend is going viral this morning. here it is. the crowd at the trump rally in phoenix is chanting usa but that man was chanting jew-s-a. the campaign manager called the man deplorable. and she added she would have had him removed immediately. the presidential race is creating tension in other
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trump supporters clashed with counter-protesters. trump supporters were confronted by two left-leaning groups. police detained four people. right now, polk deputies are searching for a hit-and-run driver that left a tampa woman dead and a deputy severely injured. the driver hit a tree on state road 60. she flagged down a deputy for help. now while waiting for more emergency crews, another driver t the sheriff called the driver a coward. her family told us she was a single mom holding two jobs to support her two kids. >> this is the second one that i lost in this month. my son passed away the second of this month. now my daughter. in the same month. too much for me. >> the sheriff's office doesn't have any information about the
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offered for information -- $3,000 reward is being offered for information that would lead to the driver's arrest. a driver was going 90 miles per hour when a state trooper tried to make a traffic stop. the driver then took off on u.s. 19 to roosevelt boulevard and hit another car causing a chain reaction crash. the driver was last seen at a roadway inn motel. anyone with information is urged to call the florida highway patrol. this morning, italy is helping residents impacted by you can see damage to many building, particularly in the central and southern part of italy. many people have had to sleep in tents, cars or -- or campers. yesterday's earthquake is the latest since a earthquake in august killed nearly 300 people. no one died in sunday's earthquake. well the time right now is 5:08. let's turn things over to leigh. >> it will be a comfortable halloween for you. yes, temperatures run above
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let me show you what to expect. a lot of sunshine, 73 degrees at 9:00 a.m. by your lunch break, we're already at 81 which is the average high temperature for today. and up to 86 at 3:00 p.m. by 7:00 p.m., around 81 degrees. so specifically the halloween forecast is nothing but spectacular. 84 degrees at 5:00 p.m. we will get a light breeze. it will be clear. right about the time the sun is 79 degrees. mild, no rainfall for the trick- or-treaters. staying warm, mid-80s through wednesday. and the big story, a slim rain chance friday with a cold front that brings cooler air for the weekend. i'll have the cool weekend forecast coming up. but first, traffic because i know a lot of people need to know about a few things. yeah, one is cleared up. let's take a look at the maps. we will start off in polk
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lanes and we have a delay here. this is not too far away from the four corners area. we are at the edge of polk county here. but southbound 27, north of florence road. that's where we have the southbound lanes blocked due to a collision. northbound on will old lakeland highway, the tow truck has left the scene and the accident has been cleared. down to here at manatee county, right on the edge of hardee county, state road 64 so what you need to remember is if you are used to taking this for the morning commute, head up to state road 62. that's the closest alternate. and 62 looks very good. back to gene and gayle. all right, that's what it sounded like at wrigley field late last night after the cubs
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game there since 1948. the cubs largely rode the backs of their pitchers john lester last night. and they held off a late push by the indians to win the game 3-2. the series now heads back to cleveland. game six is tomorrow night. >> victory is sweet. even if it's just the first one. well, a cure for hepatitis but the copay is tens of thousands of >> how a bay area woman found a way to afford it. but also, a teacher severely injured in a crash that killed his girlfriend this year. he heads back to school today. you're watching news channel 8
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attor rape and sexual assault are on the rise., ober is not just ineffective, he declined to prosecute a man who forced a girl into sexual slavery, even blamed the victim. ober: she was with him voluntarily. our community deserves new leadership. andrew warren, an experienced prosecutor, will reallocate resources to target violent crime, including gun violence, rape, and domestic abuse. andrew warren for state attorney.
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happening today, the road to recovery has not been an easy one for a tampa music teacher. >> yeah, he was severely injured in a drunk driving crash that took the life of his beloved girlfriend. and today he will return to work in hillsborough county. news channel 8's mary mcguire joins us now live from shaw elementary school where he
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school -- elementary schoolteacher, a music teacher. the road to recovery has been tough for him. >> reporter: not only has he had to endure weeks of physical recovery, but emotional recovery. now the two were driving home from the movies on august 14th when this all happened. pinellas park police say bryce mccloud was impaired when he hit the couple on the 4000 block the couple was rushed to the hospital where she passed away from her injuries. today he will go back to teaching music which was the inspiration that brought these two together. >> really sweet, gentle soul. the best way i describe her. and it's going back to work, i just hope i can be near as good of a teacher as she was. >> reporter: now since the crash, he has been advocating against drunk driving and will
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against drunk driving 5k dash in november. he and his parents have created a team to honor the life of caroline sign. the driver, bryce mccloud, he was charged with dui manslaughter. this morning he is still being held in the pinellas county jail. >> and it's great to see how the teacher has been able to turn tragedy into a cause. definitely something that he can teach students about as well. thank you. the fda fighting chronic diseases but patients cannot afford the drugs and insurance companies will cover only the sickest patients. and that includes a drug now on the market for people with hepatitis c. in this 8 on your side report, i talked to one woman who a way to afford the break through treatment and she wants to share her find with others. >> reporter: wendy works full- time and lives an active life. and that's not always easy
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contracted after a blood transfusion in' 80s. >> you know that ultimately it could be a death sentence. >> reporter: her doctor recently told her about a pill that patients take for eight to 12 weeks. >> and then i found out the cost. most people do 12 weeks and it's about $120,000. >> reporter: even with insurance coverage, her co-pay of $6,000 a month made the drug out of re for a coupon on the official website. she entered her first and last name, date of birth and zip code and then came a surprise call from her insurance company. >> $5 for all eight weeks of treatment. i know, right? my lucky day. like i hit the lottery. >> reporter: after the first round of treatments, her initial blood test results are back. >> and i actually got the test
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said we have a birthday present for you. i said, what? and they said, you have undetectable load and i was like seriously? that's unbelievable. and it was. i burst out crying because it always hangs over your head. >> now an update on wendy. in four week, her hepatitis is now undetectable so the drug is working. and now how she was able to get the coupon. head to the official website and of the screen and you will see a replacement copay coupon link. and then just put in the first name, last name, zip code and date of birth. if your doctor tells you you're eligible for the drug, it should be just that easy. and we want to thank her for sharing her story with 8 on your side. and the time right now, 5:18. it is halloween. >> yes, but nothing scary about today's forecast. max defender 8, our own
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showing rainfall out. there in fact, let me show you what's happening above us. dry air, when you look at the water vapor imagery, how much water is in the atmosphere farther up and this bright red color, that is dry air. the forecast reflects that. comfortable morning around 70 degrees. a light breeze. mostly sunny, 81 at noon. 86 at 4:00 p.m. so a warm day but not uncomfortably so. lakeland, 64. brooksville at 67. highes us rain-free as the dry air sinks south. so still warm today. got the light breeze coming out of the east. but no rain. barely any clouds. a couple stream across the sky. tomorrow morning, mostly clear, above average once again. and the pattern continues tomorrow and wednesday. it's friday when a cold front comes through, not much rain but cooler air for the weekend. all right, looking at traffic. we will start out out in polk county.
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north of the davenport area. and it's west of four corners. southbound u.s. 27 north of florence road, we do have an accident. it was tying up some lanes. fhp says it's off to the shoulder. the delays are barely there but they were a lot worse about 10, 15 minutes ago. all right, this one again has completely cleared on old lakeland highway. watch the tow truck remove the vehicle from the scene. investigation. state road 64 is blocked. both directions at taylor road. this is outside of the nyaka city area and west of the hardee county line. stake state road 62 instead of 64 if you're headed out the door soon. >> all right. the 2016 heart walk is right around the corner. and news channel 8 is committed to raising $100,000. we need your help help to do
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the first $50,000 we raise so every dollar you donate counts as two. the walk is happening november 12th at ray jay. head to web flay/heart walk for details. mar than 50 stores will be closing their doors on thanksgiving. plus, how is your sweet tooth this morning. what a study reveals about parents dipping into kid's
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stores appear to be getting message from many americans, they don't want to start black friday shopping on thanks. so far, more than 50 major retail chains have announced they'll be closed on thanks. but you can always shop early online. well, it's halloween and your children will probably come back from school with buckets full of into the neighborhood and get even more. we want you to be honest. how much of that candy do, you the parents, plan on eating? well, surveyed 1,000 parentses parentses with kids under the age of 18. 62% secretly -- parents with kids under the age 18. 62% secretly eat their child's
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>> i bought my halloween candy yesterday because i didn't want the temptation in my house. >> yeah, that's true. well, coming up, the presidential race enters its final week. and hillary rodham clinton faces a new fbi investigation over her emails. just ahead, new information we're just learning about the investigation overnight. first, a live look outside on this monday morning. halloween morning as you get the kids ready to dress up and he with lee and leslee in three minutes. he's gus! he's gus! he's gus! he's gus! gus bilirakis. gus bilirakis! gus is for us. for us. all of us. and he gets things done. and he gets things done. gus stood up to his own party... to stop flood insurance hikes.
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ing to keep america safe. gus is for us. gus is always for us. gus is for us. for us! all of us! vote gus bilirakis for congress. i'm gus bilirakis,
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back out to the bus stop this morning. mostly clear, mild, 71 degrees when the bus picks them up.
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county area, i-4 looks great but we have a crash tying up lanes. it's off to the shoulder, southbound 27 north of florence
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we are in the home run stretch of the presidential campaign and with new questions this morning looming, both candidates are fi and a music teacher's triumphant return to class after battling back from a devastating crash. we are live with a look at the road to recovery. plus, robbed in the parking lot of a church. one man's scary story and the warning the church is sending to members. good morning. and welcome to news channel 8 today. i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. thank you for joining us on this halloween monday.


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