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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  November 3, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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[ video playback ] >> the drought is over: the cubs win after waiting 108 years pick the chicago cubs are world series champions. we have the highlights in the celebrations happening across the nation as a lot of folks were of late. also the fight to win the white house: the race is getting tighter as we get closer to election day. a look at the latest polls and
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our state and other battleground states. plus murder mystery in a bay area neighborhood: investigators found a woman's body and residents are on edge. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> let's start off with a check on the weather. it is a warm start to this thursday. it is already 63 in zephyrhills and brooksville. 67 armadale. 71 sarasota. a thin layer of ou notice we have a couple showers coming in off the atlantic ocean, even maybe a sprinkle in sarasota county. otherwise say we have a high of 84 which is above the average of 81. we have a low tonight at 68. at 5:38 i do have an eight-day temperature trend letting you know how much cooler it will get this weekend. leslie will let you know what is happening on the roadways.
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but we do have some issues out there. no delays on i 40 near the plant to be area. 60 minutes between each of the polk parkways. wesley looks good and so does -- wesley chapel looks good and so does i 75 near the area. no lanes are blocked and we don't have any delays. we had a fatal crash happened at around midnight. last check the leftla that is a look at weather and traffic. egg breaking bakes ball news this -- baseball news -- big breaking baseball news this morning: the cubs win, the cubs win, the cubs went. is a historic finish in the world series. the chicago cubs when their first championship since 1908. >> it was an epic game 7 in
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it came down to a final out in the bottom of the 10th.>> [ video playback ] >> the cubs win the world series . brian makes the play. it is over, and the cubs have finally won it all. >> for years the cubs have been called the lovable losers and now they are the lovable winners. the team almost like this one get away in the 8th inning they blew a 3 run lead when davis hit a ty back after a 17 minute rain delay. before the top of the 10th then hit a go-ahead double beating the cleveland indians -- ben hit a go-ahead double beating the cleveland indians. >> it was like a heavyweight fight, blow for blow everyone was playing their hideout. the indians never give up and i can't believe we are finally standing after 108 years
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trophy. >> rizzo was named mvp after his game-winning hit. the fans want wild in chicago overnight. it is quiet now but this is far from the case just a few hours ago. this is the scene at wrigley field. look at the marquis. liquid it reads, world series champions. you can see a few people milling around there. people are probably still fi is a story that is trending online this morning. was go to jean with the look at the reaction that is pouring in . >> a couple of people holding the big w flag, how do you think their twitter account marked the occasion, that is right fly that w. this is a franchise that has been shrouded in hocus- pocus, curses, and superstition. check this out: this is the oldest cubs player putting out those positive vibes. he is retiring by the way.
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to go out in style. it must have worked because the curses broken. you know about that billy goat curse, the owner of the billy goat tavern to go to the game back in 1945, he got kicked out and he said you guys will never win again. of course we know it now the clubs win and at the billy goat tavern a ring a bell to mark that the curses now over. wait for it. that is the ringing of the bell right there. bill murray, super fan of super fan reaction first elation and then emotion. on social media bill murray keeping it simple, we are the champions of my friends. >> president barack obama himself in chicago and, it happens the cubs win the world series, that is change even the south side it can't believe in
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what are the odds that the cubs win with the president from the area. some guy predicted this. head on over to my facebook to check out his prediction. on the campaign trail, the election is 5 days away in the outcome is on sort of's shoulders. a slew of battleground polls show the race getting closer with only 2 percentage points separating clinton and trump in the sunshine state. meredith important. >> reporter: because donald trump must win florida to win the election . we want to show you the latest nbc news battleground map. it indicates clinton has 274 a let more about in her column, that is more than the 270 needed to win the presidency , but down from last month. donald trump has 180 electoral
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concerned with, the 84 electoral votes in the a toss up,. that is the column that florida is in. we have 29 electoral votes. donald trump is hitting the state hard with 3 rallies here yesterday, and one today in jacksonville. he is staying on message hoping clinton falters. clinton is campaigning out west and sharpening attacks on donald trump as she tries to pivot away from the latest email controversy. >> no sidetracked donald, nice ansy hillary the last few days and she is totally unhinged. >> imagine with me what it would be like to have donald trump sitting in the oval office come next january. someone who demeans women, mocks the disabled, insults latinos and african-americans -- president obama will campaign for clinton today in
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interactive feature on our website. it shows voting trends by state over the past 20 years. that is at w -- that is at . >> amazing things are tightening up so close to the big day. with a tight race the candidates are pulling out all of the stops. president barack obama campaigning with hillary clinton today in florida. he will attend a get out the vote event in jacksonville and another one in miami. hillary clinton trying to rally the coalition of voters that help put him in office. donald trump will wrap up a two-day swing in florida. he will be in jacksonville today . yesterday he was in orlando, miami, and pensacola. this is his 16th visit to the state in 3 months. you will want to tune into news channel 8 for when our political special. we will break down all of the major races affecting you including the final days of the
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special episode of your vote counts 2016 at 9 am. it is 5:38 let's turn things over to leigh spann. >> it will not be too bad today . temperatures will run above average, little bit humid. we start in the upper 60s and make it to 80 by noon and an afternoon high of 84 which is above average but not quite as warm as yesterday. for rain chances we have a breeze coming out of the east to northeast which will bring us some patchy clouds. of getting a quick light shower. most of us stay dry including if you're headed out to the box falcons game -- bucs falcons game . today's high of 84 and tomorrow is 82 and that is when the cold front comes through. i couldn't get us down into the 70s but still low humidity on saturday and sunday.
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traffic on the 8s. said we were talking about the game and we will still have tailgaters which means the heart of the rush-hour will be a bit busier so you want to keep that in mind. let's take a look at traffic right now. i have an update for you. we have an earlier fatal crash around midnight. have the left lane open for quite some time at one point everything has now clear from runway -- the roadway. all lanes are completely open on state route 70 read it they are still an accident right near branch forks road. i can't find anything on my cameras and traffic is still moving at great speeds and i know plant city -- in and out of plant city . a stolen car chase through tampa came to an end at 56 street near king high school. 2 men were driving a stolen toyota. no one was hurt but it was zipping through neighborhoods and more than 50 miles-per-hour.
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falcons in thursday night football. right now they are 2nd in the nfc south. the falcons our first. kickoff is at a dead 25. you can catch that game -- are -- the falcons our first here kickoff is at 8:25. you can catch that came right here. don't miss it. stealing money from kids: still ahead, the little league thousands from kids in tarpon springs. hear what he had to
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hillary clinton: i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. vo: in times of crisis america depends on steady leadership. donald trump: "knock the crap out of them, would you? seriously..."vo: clear thinking... donald trump: "i know more about isis than the generals do, believe me." go fu_k themselves." vo: because all it takes is one wrong move. donald trump audio only: "i would bomb the sh_t out of
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right now there is a search for killing this morning pier 26 your old woman found brutally murdered on the side of the road now people who live in the neighborhood are scared about what might happen next pick mary mcguire joins us live from hillsboro county sheriffs office mary, do investigators have any leads? >> reporter: at last check detectives were working out some leads but nor rest this morning. neighbors that live in the area are not comforted by that news because that means the killer is still on the loose. here's a look at the victim. eagle 8 flu high above the crime scene tuesday afternoon. her body was discovered by a person riding on horseback. people who live on the block are left with more questions than answers. >> not one person around here knows what is going on.
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someone out here that is going to come get us? >> reporter: neighbor say they do not know the victim but she is well-known to the sheriffs office in and out of jail with her last that being last month. >> investigators have not released the exact cause of death saying she had blunt force trauma wounds to her upper body. understandable that neighbors living in the area are on edge this morning. this morning a tarpon springs little league is out $13,000 league himself admitted to stealing that money. tarpon springs police said john from siphoned off cash from collecting money from the concession stand. when he left jail 8 on your side was the only station there. he would not say what he did with that money or why he stole it. >> reporter: give us something otherwise it looks like you're trying to death. >>-- trying to duck expect i'm
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>> why distillate? are you on drugs? >> i am not on drugs. a pasco county teenager is accused of making a threat against the school. the 15-year-old student told other students not to come to school because he wanted to shoot it up. he is charged with making a false report to use a firearm in a violent manner. pasco county cracking -- cracking down on dumping by releasing video in the middle of the woods. cameras are set up catching people being rid of anything from yard waste to a perfectly good couch. officials are asking anyone that recognizes the people in these videos to turn them in. it is illegal to dump things like. it is a third-degree felony. a community in morning after to iowa police officers -- 2 iowa police officers shot and
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was found shot to death in his squad car outside of des moines. 20 minutes later another officer was found shot to death 20 minutes away. investigators have arrested scott michael green. he had a running with offices at high school football game where he held a confederate flag during the national anthem . angry students clashing with police happening outside a debate. this happened at dillard university, a historly protesters were trying to get inside the debate hall. duke is one of 3 us senate candidates . dillard university agreed to host that debate before the candidates were chosen. the search is on for an arsonist who set fire to a 111- year-old african-american church in mississippi and painted vote trump. the flames broke out at the baptist church
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are calling the fire a hate crime. seconds away from 5:38 on this wednesday morning. how are we looking? not too bad. we have high thin clouds stretching across the region. as far as any rain, there has been a drizzle or so happening around sarasota and manatee county. i left the rain chance at less than 10 percent this morning been going up to about a 10 percent chance this afternoon. 68 degrees at passing clouds. we warm-up at -- to 80 at noon. we're warmer than yesterday. 62 brooksville. 71 set up. let's look at the long -- sarasota . let's look at the long-range forecast. where similar to yesterday although not quite as warm. during the day tomorrow still are warm because this cold
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does. behind the front it is going to be breezy but not all that will . temperatures are returning to average but with low humidity and average temperatures it is really comfortable. a saturday, 81 sunday and don't forget it is time to fall back this weekend. is to look at travel times. we have red lights to go through but aside from that it is a good drive on 19 in palm harbor . we will a very different state route 52 city, this area is off to the side of the roadway near branch ford road. i have mentioned to hit-and-run. be aware of that. data fatal accident down on state road 70 and i 75. that has completely cleared. today a barbecue in tampa hoping to heal the political wounds of the selection. kingsburg charcoal is hosting a
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happening from noon until 2. this is in response to the bay area being the focus of a lot of negative campaign ads. researchers found on average more than 55 negative ads run per day here in the bay area if that is more than any other city in america. that is a lot of negativity isn't it? >> just going joined the barbecue and be bipartisan, reach across the aisle and grab some ribs, lick your fingers and your wounds.
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s. he's protecting our veterans... and our seniors. and he's fighting to keep america safe. gus is for us. gus is always for us. gus is for us. for us! all of us! vote gus bilirakis for congress. i'm gus bilirakis,
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millions of dehumidifiers are being recalled because they can overheat and catch fire. they are sold under more than 50 brand names.
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incidents. to check if you have a recalled humidifier and for more information go to fit bit isn't doing so well. their stock fell more than 30 percent in after-hours trading. they expect sales to be a little more than $725 million in the final 3 months of the year that is about $250 million less than the original consensus us. some pretty significant changes coming to the uber mac -- uber at. you can -- app . you can type in your friend's name and they will ask for your permission to share their location. this will also look at your calendar suggesting destination in different routes. the features all rollout android and apple users in the next couple of weeks. so you are at the bucs
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you accept my location search. things mysteriously disappearing from bay area high schools. new: the items being stolen and how much it is costing you the taxpayer. it is 5:55. weather and traffic on the 8s coming your way in 3 minutes with leslee and leigh traffic brought to you by wesley chapel toyota home on
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5:15 on this thursday. we do have a thin layer of clouds out there this morning but it is comfortable, 69 degrees. we are above average. we have a higher humidity and we will feel that through the day only meeting to a 10 percent -- leading to a 10 percent rain chance . we're tracking cold front pier will tell you when he gets here coming up.
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accident cleared. it was off to the side of the roadway. we never saw any major delays. we have a great drive over i-4 by polk parkway in lakeland.
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just 5 days left until election day in this race is getting tighter. were donald trump and president obama will speak in florid supplies needed for children in our schools stolen and it is costing taxpayers big . we're finding out what school leaders plan to do about it. 108 years of coming up short but now it is over. the chicago cubs are your world series champions. were going to show you how they nearly let this one slip away. that is just ahead. are you ready to party like it is 19 back 08?


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