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tv   News Ch8 Sunday Morning at 9AM  NBC  November 6, 2016 9:00am-10:00am EST

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this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message
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election day 2016 just two days away. and all eyes are on florida. >> we are going to win the great state of florida. >> who will win the sunshine state? and can either donald trump or hillary clinton win without it? we will break down the presidential race. plus, florida senate race, and a pivotal congressional battle here in the bay area. 8 is on your side with your vote counts . i'm keith cate. >> and i'm candace mccowan. thank you for joining us for a special edition of your vote counts 2016. just todays remain in the race for the white house. >> and both hillary clinton and donald trump are working hard to get your vote. trump will hold 10 rallies over the next todays in eight different states, including right here in florida. tomorrow in sarasota. his running mate mike pence will travel to six states. and hillary clinton will travel
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surrogates campaigning for her, including president barack obama and her husband, the former president bill clinton. both of whom are stumping in florida this weekend. a scare at a trump rally last night in reno, nevada. take a look at this. people in the crowd said someone had a gun. one man was led out and questioned by secret service and police but he was released no. gun was found -- released. no gun was found and trump returned to the later. trump started his day speaking at the florida state fairgrounds. he is confident about the neck and neck race here in florida. >> in three day, we are going to win the great state of florida. [ applause ] >> and we are going to win back the white house. >> trump also hammered hillary clinton for her appearance with jay z and beyonce calling the language jay z used inappropriate. rain shortened hillary
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brook pines -- in pembroke pines, florida, yesterday. she kept her remarks to just seven minutes as the skies opened up. >> let's vote for what we want. god bless you! >> after that, off she went. from there, hillary clinton traveled to philadelphia where katy perry joined her for rally. ? you keep love ? >> katy perry on one side and jon clinton last night. and getting help from her running mate senator tim kaine. pretty good on the hear monday co. he performed that they are going to form a band called tk and the faithful. a couple weeks ago, this race looked like it was over. a big win was projected for hillary clinton but down in the final two day, this race very, very tight. >> yeah, take a look.
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hillary clinton with a two- point lead. 45% to donald trump's 43%. real clear politics showing hillary clinton with just a one- point lead. and with the race here tight at the end, had hillary clinton is scraping the traditional campaign play book on ending on a optimistic note instead of going hard against trump. and donald trump is saying on message, avoiding controversy for the past couple weeks. and this morning, i republican chairman and allen with the florida democratic party. gentlemen, both of you, coming in on a sunday before election day. i appreciate you being here. thank you so much. >> thank you for having us. >> on the hillary clinton side, is she going to win florida? >> you know, i believe our campaign has said from day one, it's going to be a tight race. florida has been the last couple couples very tight. i think we have the ground game many place to make it a good
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>> we are feeling very good. i believe donald trump is going to win florida. if you look back four years ago, the democrats were about 75,000 votes down in early voting and we feel confident going into election day. >> and the latest polls show hillary clinton has about a 7200 vote advantage. and we have the souls to the poles, get out to vote today. that works well for democrats. is this a difficult sign for donald trump? that he is now behind? >> i think the intensity is not there on the democratic side, particularly in the african- american communities. we will see. certainly there's going to be some major activity in early voting. but again, when you have somebody for the second time is being investigated, criminally by the fbi, and that individual is runn running for -- running for president, it's tough to get excited.
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african vote -- african- american voting is down. but hispanic is up. will hispanics make up the difference? the latinos coming out, will that off-set the lower number, about 3.3% fewer african- americans voting for democrats. >> and the group of americans that make up the democratic party look like america. and we are extremely diverse. and what we are seeing this cycle is a surge which is easily explained, the rhetoric donald trump and we are seeing a huge surge in hispanic voters, especially down in miami-dade. huge turn-outs there which i believe are going to be democratic performers. and i think you will end up doing pack peddling on wednesday with predictions. while we have this lead in this early vote in the vote by mail amongst people that are registered democrats, when we
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and rs as far as registration and talk about performers. when someone enters a voting booth, what are they likely to vote as? what we see in the voters turning out this cycle is an overwhelming somewhere support for hillary clinton and a lot of the down ballot candidates. we will see more democratic performers. >> well, valid point but also, nick, when you look at how donald trump is doing segment that is the core base, i think he is trying to reach out. when you look at this blue wall factor, mostly democratic states and now mountainsing into wisconsin. he is playing with pennsylvania -- now moving into wisconsin. he is playing with pennsylvania. various places that democrats should have a strong hold. is he trying to reach out to the reagan democrats and how successful can that be? >> well, the map is expanding. and these states which hillary clinton was taking for granted
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states. and of course, her surrogates are going to those states. and i want to make two points about the hispanic vote here in the state. let's not forget, we have marco rubio running for senate. >> and we are going to talk about. >> this yeah, and several hispanics on the ballot for state house, state senate races. so that plays into this higher hispanic voting this cycle. so as far as independent, clearly a lot lately are breaking towards donald trump. >> that's just -- speculation because you don't know which way they'll break. there is a likelihood that some of the people are so upset about the way the race has been handled, they don't like either of the candidates, maybe i they don't go to the polls. >> well, the type of data, especially the democratic party has accumulated over the years, we are doing such a great job of being able to target. and again, one of the things that hasn't been talked about a lot is the ground game that
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ground in florida for the better part of a year now. and donald trump has been absent. part of that ground game is the database that the democratic national committee has that we can look at those voters and we can tell by the data that we have on them in past polling and other information if that's one of our likely voters and we are taking them to the polls. i spent all day on the phone yesterday doing. >> this both working hard. and we are going to break. allen, longtime activist with the hillsborough county democratic party and nick with the pinellas county republicans, chairman there. and we will take a break. when we come back, we will dive into florida's senate race because patrick murphy is trying to unseat marco rubio. did this fbi investigation into hillary clinton's emails hurt murphy's chances? and did he have a chance against marco rubio's name recognition? plus, donald trump warning
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happens and whether you should be concerned about that. ? lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. v8.
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i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. people in the upper echelons of the military are very concerned about the things that mr. trump has already said he's going to ask the military to do. chris matthews: talking of maybe using nuclear weapons, well, then, then why are we making them? a foreign policy expert went to advise donald trump, and three times he asked, "if we have them, why can't we use nuclear weapons?"
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? lots of vitamins a&c, and, only 50 calories a serving... good morning, indeed. once again, welcome back. the race for the u.s. senate seat in florida has been a heated one to say least. you have heated accusations. marco rubio's future political ambitions and his attendance record in the senate.
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ties to donald trump. >> workers from poland -- >> i'm the only one that's hired people. >> while marco rubio was on the presidential campaign trail this year, his u.s. senate seat was up for grabs. eager to jump right in marco rubio's place since the redrawing of his congressional district was republican david jolly. but it was not meant to be. late in the game, when his poll numbers dipped, rubio dropped the presidential bid and decided to seat. forcing jolly to plan b. run for re-election. the field quickly filled with opponents from both parties. it didn't scare guys like car lows, a real estate developer who despite a lack of experience had his sights set on the senate. >> a friend of mine years ago said politics and a contact sport. and i didn't understand at the time but i understand it now. >> reporter: but like the others, he was knocked out in
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murphy. and it's been a nasty scuffle between the two ever since. >> senator, if you voted as much as you lied, you might actually be a decent senator but you continue to throw out these lies. they have all been debunked. >> first of all, he didn't run because he was a cpa. when he ran for congress four years ago, he told experience his as a cpa was going to make him the problem is, he isn't one. >> the republican county chairman and allen with the florida democrats, the vier chairman of the florida democratic party and the dnc. let's talk about the senate race for a moment. because we were looking at the polls and it's hard to nail this one down. what do you think it is? 1%? 3%? 6%. >> i think marco is in the driver's seat. he's up several points and has been for weeks. he has run a great campaign. a great candidate.
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republican party and across the country. >> an uphill battle for patrick murphy now? >> well, it's always an uphill battle running against an incumbent, especially somebody that just came off the national race, with the media. but i think one of the things people forget is, this is someone who is a member of the senate that said he didn't like the job. didn't want to be a member of the senate. and didn't show up to work. i know murphy, an incredible human being and would be a person we saw during the presidential primary? >> i think so. >> has he evolved at all? >> look, i think he has evolved in his leadership and vision for the country. you know, he got a lot of slack for coming back to run for the senate and i think it was all unnecessary. he is marco rubio. he has shown that he has got a clear vision for the country. and -- >> and his vision is limited
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where is patrick murphy? what is he for, allen? >> well, let's reference evolving. if evolving means coming back with your tail between your legs to run for a job that you stated you didn't want, i don't know what kind of evolving that is. that seems to be a backtracking. what i can tell you is that patrick murphy stands for everything that our party stands for and that's a strong economy and defense. but the difference is, patrick rp do it. and he can get those things down -- things done. and we only have two senators in florida. one has been a no-show and contributed very little to florida. >> does donald trump help or hurt? >> i think donald trump helps. i think donald trump helps. you know, i think we will find out on wednesday. you know -- >> marco rubio is not embracing donald trump even at this point. he's not. he's keeping his distance from donald trump. wise choice or not? >> i don't think it's a wise
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trump but he's going to be just fine. i think donald trump helps marco rubio. >> does hillary clinton help patrick murphy? does president barack obama help patrick murphy? >> well, i think president barack obama is a superstar and first lady michelle obama is a superstar and i believe hillary clinton is going to do well in florida and hillsborough county which this is where you pick president. and some of the lift is going to help patrick murphy. if he gets across the finish line, it's a tough line to cross, it will be because of those surrogates. >> and i-4 corridor in another segment. when we come back, are some voters casting more than one ballot? are some voting where they legally cannot vote? there are always questions like this, suspicion, voter fraud? who knows. but are they warranted concerns? that's the bigger question. we will look when we come back. we traveled the world
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now to a topic dominating the headlines this voting cycle, voter fraud. donald trump has said for weeks he believes the election is rigged against him. but four u.s. departments and agencies fear there could be a cyber attack on election day, an attack on the power grid or an internet outage. they are confident that your voter will be safe -- that your
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us. and curt with the aclu. felix, how often is voter fraud happening? what does it look like? >> from a legal perspective, it's very rare. over 14 year, there were 31 instances of in-person voter fraud in the country over 1 billion ballots cast. if you look inside and the court cases from north carolina, north dakota, wisconsin, and they too nonexistence or in wisconsin, phantom phenomenon. so a lot are -- the hard numbers are not really there. >> and let me talk to you. we talked -- the aclu is known for fighting voter id laws for years and the battle continues to go on. >> it does. it continues to go on. we found that voter id laws suppress the vote. they are like a poll tax. and we have been opposing those kinds of -- that kind of legislation for years.
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point about how rare voter fraud is. in florida, over the course of the last two statewide elections, more than 20 million people voted, there were only 13 voter fraud cases prosecute bid the state. can is very rare. -- state. which is very rare to see any kind of voter fraud. >> and there was a lawsuit over this past week in north carolina about that voter purge. what did the judge decide? >> he decided there were where voters were purgeed because they did not receive one piece of mail. basically it was bounced back. the local officials went in and started pudging them from the record -- started purging them from the records. what they did, north carolina, their voter id law which is discriminatory was ruled unconstitutional back in july. and they went through the counties and the were trying to
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them back. you cannot do that. especially 90 days fruit the election and you have to wait two general election cycles before you can purge people from the rolls. >> and the other big thing, security measures that are used to intimidate voters. what should voters know about this? >> yeah, there are efforts to intimidate voters. we've had examples through the election protection hotline. indicatingindicating that sometimes police officers are inside and the polling place. i think what voters need to know, if they see threats or threats of violence or physical intimidation, report that to poll workers and the clerks and to law enforcement where necessary. >> and before we wrap up here, there's an election protection hotline that the aclu has and -- >> 866-our-vote. and it's an election protection hotline sponsored by the lawyer's committee on civil rights. >> thank you so much for being
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there's a huge push to voter early this year and millions have done just that. up next, how the march to get out the vote this weekend takes
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this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up,
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and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy. to get things done, you've got to show up. you've got to work together. whether it's protecting social security and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message because i'll never stop working for you. welcome back. there was a big push to get voters to the polls on saturday. the hillsborough black caucus hosted an event in tampa. they had good music before marching with the -- they had
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>> i just want to encourage everyone that you have a voice and you can express yourself and hold people accountable that represent you, to represent your issues as well. >> the representatives were among the elected leaders at the event. today there will be a similar effort made at florida churches called souls to the polls, also encouraging black voters to get out and cast their ballots. we will go back to the presidential race. what happens if hillary or is there another state that hillary clinton can win? we will look at the race here in florida coming up next. fire. because it does solar the right way. amendment 1 protects consumers from scams, and unsafe solar installations. safe solar for the sunshine state. vote yes on amendment 1.
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my dad was a family doctor in pinellas county for 55 years. he used to even take me on house calls. both my parents taught me to help others. that's why i believe in public service. congress we can do it again. i'll protect social security and medicare. defend planned parenthood and women's health care. and i'll take care of our veterans. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message because i'll put you, the people first.
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why are out-of-state billionaires attacking amendment 1? because amendment 1... stops. their. subsidies. with amendment 1, you don't pay dies,
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welcome back to a special hour-long edition of your vote counts 2016. the race for the white house is down to the final two surrogates very busy this weekend covering as much ground as possible. today hillary clinton will campaign with lebron james in cleveland. and then she will head to new hampshire where donald trump is fighting it out there too. president barack obama is going to hold another rally for hillary clinton not far away. he is going to be in kissimmee this afternoon. >> today donald trump heads to five states, iowa, minnesota, michigan, pennsylvania and virginia. that's on top of his four-state tour yesterday which started
9:31 am
making a bold prediction for tuesday. >> in three days, we are going to win the great state of florida. [ cheering ] >> and we are going to win back the white house. >> reporter: the great state of florida, a must-win for both presidential nominees as they head out this weekend the. latest cnn poll in the sunshine state has hillary clinton and donald trump virtually tied, in front of supporters in tampa, donald trump brought up button issue. the obama administration is catching a lot of heat for it, the rising rates of the affordable care act. >> real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing obamacare. >> reporter: his running mate stumping in michigan tackling the economy. >> donald trump and i are going to work with congress and cut taxes across the board. and we are going to lower business taxes in america so companies here in michigan can
9:32 am
companies areasonable doubt the world. -- companies around the world. >> reporter: and hillary clinton hitting the ground in florida, making stops in miami. her scheduled rally cut short due to the weather but not before she made a last minute plea to voters. >> let's vote for the future. let's vote for what we want for our country and children and our grandchildren. god bless you! >> after all these year, still florida, florida, pinellas republican chairman and allen, the vice chairman of the florida democratic party. thank you for staying with us. nbc putting out a new poll. saying it's the last poll. the nbc wall street journal, hillary clinton 44% to donald trump 40%. a four-point advantage when you include gary johnson. but when you take it the to just two candidates, you have
9:33 am
but it's within the margin of error. does donald trump have a chance? just gunshots approach to all over the map. new hampshire, minnesota, the rust belt. >> donald trump has had momentum here for two weeks and of course, we had the great gift last friday with the emails and the new investigation. but donald trump has got the momentum. clearly his rallies are 15,000, 20,000 people. and i'm not going to su him winning the election. there's a movement and energy. and people want change. and this is a change election. that's why he's the republican nominee. that's why bernie sanders won 22 states against hillary clinton. if this is a true election, then donald trump will be the next president of the united states. >> allen, tough give him that. i have been to both conventions, and seen them here in florida. donald trump and his team can draw a crowd.
9:34 am
spectacle. a lot of people said, i'm coming because i want to see the show. so he can draw a crowd. but can he draw the votes? florida still tied. i talked about nationally hillary clinton's up but here in florida, it's a tight race. what is hillary clinton have to do to win florida? >> it is a tight race but saying that, what donald trump is doing, he know, his path is very limited. and if hillary clinton wins the state of florida, she's going to be putting bible and being sworn in as the next president of the united states. right now, it's tight but hillary clinton's ground game in the state of florida is unmatched. there's nothing on the other side. >> but it's still tied. >> but that's when you take a poll. but who shows up to vote? and what we're doing is getting our people out to vote. and i think what we will see is we will see a little bit of -- especially after today with early voting and souls to the polls.
9:35 am
>> huge democrat carries. >> hillsborough, they're early voting today and all democratic carriers. we will see a surge and we will see hillary clinton get sworn in as president of the united states. >> i-4 corridor, we probably overtalk about it but from pinellas, daytona, jacksonville, that's going to dictate how florida goes. we can talk about miami all we want. and donald trump all we want. it comes down to the i-4 corridor. president barack obama is going to be here. pence is going to be back and donald trump is going to be back. >> donald trump has a two-point lead in the i-4 corridor. in pinellas county, we have a tight race if not donald trump up two points. so i think again it's very, very close. that i-4 corridor is going to dictate who wins this race in florida. >> but if donald trump cannot win florida, is it over? >> i don't know. listen, we've got minnesota on the map. we've got new hampshire in play. we've got wisconsin in play. virginia, they're going to
9:36 am
states. >> exactly. >> in other words, if republicans don't win florida, we can turn off the television unless he picks up wisconsin or pennsylvania. >> that's math. that's basic math. >> elector really math. >> if donald trump is going to be successful in minnesota, wisconsin, pennsylvania, he's going to win the state of florida. >> all right. gentlemen, thank you very much. we will have to let it go there because up next, we turn one of the marquee races here in the tampa running for congress against david jolly. we will talk to david jolly about his fight for re- election. and remember these images? remember hanging chads? i kept one of those hanging chads for a souvenir myself. we look back on a much maligned
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under state attorney mark ober's watch, rape and sexual assault are on the rise. ober is not just ineffective, he declined to prosecute a man who forced a girl into sexual slavery, even blamed the victim. ober: she was with him voluntarily. our community deserves new leadership. andrew warren, an experienced prosecutor, will reallocate resources to target violent crime, including gun violence, rape, and domestic abuse.
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advertising. good morning. i'm keith cate with a special edition of your vote counts 2016. one of e year is the race between congressman david jolly and former governor charlie crist. jolly is running for re- election after his first full term in the house. crist, turned independent and turned democrat has lost his last two campaigns. the senate in 2010 and a second run for governor two years ago. a poll taken last month by the public opinion research laboratory at the university of north florida shows crist is
9:40 am
but a new poll by st. pete, polling just this week shows crist with only a three-point lead. jolly knows the odds are stacked against him. >> yeah, national democrats really have set their eyes on increasing the rolls in the house and they are looking at your seat. >> the number one pick-up for them. >> do you feel the pressure of that? and you have a lot of money going against you. >> sure, understand. because of fair district, the twice by president barack obama. by two points. but i was elected as a republican. a pure toss-up. and now sort of the new lines, it's a district that president barack obama won by 11 points. my opponent beat rick scott by 20 points. so there are few if any republicans that could be competitive and the national democrats know that. the reality is based on the work in three years pushing back on both parties, we are very competitive and i think we win this on tuesday. >> still, the pressure has to be there.
9:41 am
and considering the fact the boundaries have been redrawn, looking at a deficit of 20,000 democratic voters. >> we started 12 points in the hole. and we have narrowed that and we are within striking distance. pressure is something that outside organizations put on you. for my wife and i, this isn't about politics. win or lose, my wife and i still believe in the political system. we still believe in our community. and i didn't get in to build a political care difference and i believe that's why we will win. and i look forward to tuesday night. win or lose, i'm not that politician that is lamenting the loss or looking for what to run for next. frankly my wife and i will be just fine contributing in other ways but we're going to win this. >> why should voters choose you over charlie crist? i've heard you talk about trust. >> yeah, everybody knows charlie. you trust him or don't. i don't need to talk about charlie. but i would say we have been
9:42 am
there's a reason i'm attacked by $3 million in negative ads from the national democrats. there's a reason i've been abandoned by the national republicans, because i have been doing it our way as a community, not their way. i took a ban on personally raising money. i called the stop act. make it against the law for members of congress to and you for money. on gun control, a second amendment advocate that says protect the second amendment but have democrat that's tried to build consensus on the hardest issues. you are not bipartisan just because the check the boxes of your own party but speak nicely about the others. i try to lead and that's why i'm asking for your vote. >> the stop act, members of congress soliciting donations. do you feel like the gop has punished you? >> without question. i have been abandoned. you see $3 million in ads
9:43 am
i have been abandoned. but listen, i don't have interest in being part of a broken system. i'm not supporting donald trump but millions of people are because they want to shatter way things are done in washington, d.c. i do too. and that's why i took on the stop act. i think it's a scandal that the first priority is to raise money instead of doing their job. and i want a law in place that says members should do their job. it's the only way we will solve problems. >> and i've heard you say you want to open an ofce >> that's right. we've never had an office in midtown. and people say how will you win votes in south county? and i think there's prejudice even in the question. everybody deserves a congress that works and deserves a member of congress that's responsive. the truth is, i've always seen it as one county but never had the opportunity to represent south county. kathy castor had that district and other members before her. i want to demonstrate and lead by example and say, everybody deserves a responsive
9:44 am
midtown to represent a community that entrust me to serve. >> and quick questions in relation to donald trump. there was an ad put out -- >> right. >> and basically said you were good pals with donald trump. or led people to believe that. what is your relationship with donald trump? or four family's relationship with donald trump? >> no relationship. haven't met him. i called on him to drop out of the race. though i recognize those who support him. and this is the only race where the democrat has relationship with donald trump. donald trump has supported charlie crist. charlie called trump gracious and house pittability. politicians back and forth on ads tell us. i understand that. it misled voters. i bared my heart and soul to black ministers that i was not supporting donald trump. charlie and the national democrats misled the black ministers. they called me and said, wait a minute, you said you weren't with donald trump but i see
9:45 am
me. it's that they mission led the voters of pinellas county. that's why i wanted it pulled. and i think charlie should apologize saying, i stood behind an ad that lied to you about david jolly and donald trump. >> have you voted yet? did you early vote? >> i will vote on tuesday. and i have not made up my mind. i know i won't be voting for secretary of state clinton. i can't vote for someone under investigation by the fbi. but i have differences with -- >> will you vote for donald trump? >> i will not vote for donald trump. i think i'm with the millions of americans who don't know what to do. vote for who you think is right for the country. >> and final thought about your chances. polling shows you trailing approximately three but you think you have momentum. >> i think we can win this. i think the work on the ground for three years -- listen,
9:46 am
issue. you either trust him or don't. and voters can decide. if you want somebody that's tried to change politics and wants to keep doing it, that's me. but vote. whoever you think your candidate is, do it. that's part of the greatness of the country today. go vote. and i hope the opportunity to earn that vote. >> and news channel 8 reached out to charlie crist for an interview. he was unavailable. but he is voting today. part of the souls to the polls effort. there you go. go amendments on this year's ballot have a lot of people talking. some to moe innocents of medical marijuana claim if amendment two is passed, ed i believe forms of pot will end up in kids' hands? is it a real danger or pure
9:48 am
bob buesing... on the record. he sues tax payers to cover the outrageous cost of a lavish courthouse. buesing files forclosures on homes critical to seniors.
9:49 am
buesing attacks dana young. for things she never did. so we ask... mr. buesing, will you do anything to win? anything? to beat this woman. turning now to amendments
9:50 am
utility companies have tried to get amendment one passed. backers of the amendment as pitched as pro-solar and claims environmentalists say are false. the florida conservations group says tin flux of money means they're scared. >> they are pumping more money into their misinformation campaign because they're losing voters. >> consumers for smart solar says it's all about fair involved. >> for the utility company, they are the most heavily regulated industry in the state of florida. shouldn't other sources have to be regulated? we think so. >> the proposal needs 60% of the vote to pass. s for. you may have seen the add about how -- to pass. you may have seen the ad about how pot candy can be dangerous the children if the
9:51 am
amendment claim it's just a square tactic. >> reporter: which is what medicine will look like, pot packaged like candy. the ad warns if the amendment is passed, pot looking like candy will become a danger to children. >> marketed to kids. sold next to schools. >> this is a farce. this is totally unfounded. an absolutely. >> reporter: christopher with the pro marijuana group normal be danger. >> there is no credible danger or threat to cannabis edible winding up in your kid's candy now nor ever. >> reporter: backers of amendment two have their own ads pointing out how it could have helped a young woman with cancer cancer. >> i don't know why anyone would choose to deny her relief by denying her access to medical marijuana. >> reporter: for her, the tv ad is reality.
9:52 am
tumor. she start add group to advocate for medical marijuana. she is not worried about pot candy. >> what i am worried about is narcotics that are sold to be like candy, taste like candy, cheery-infused mover fien, the kind of drugs that children are already prescribed so that the children will take them. they're dangerous and deadly drugs. >> reporter: news channel 8. >> the group called no on two today gave us a statement saying that once medical about marijuana, they'll vote no on amendment two. up next, one of those talked about elections ever. we will look back at the 2000 presidential race and now florida found itself at the center of it all for weeks afterwards statement with us. -- afterwards. both my parents taught me to help others. that's why i believe in public service. as your governor we got things done, and if you send me to
9:53 am
d and women's health care. and i'll take care of our veterans. i'm charlie crist and i approve this message because i'll put you, the people first. always have, and always will. z25egz z16fz y25egy y16fy this is mike's office. if he doesn't show up, he doesn't get paid. too often marco rubio didn't show up and failed us when he did. i am patrick murphy.
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ty and women's health care or growing the economy, we've got to start solving problems instead of pointing fingers. i am patrick murphy and i approve this message
9:55 am
finally, it's been 16 years since the infamous 2000 id >> 16 year, that long? well, if you lived here as we did at the time, or even if you didn't, you probably remember these image of election workers inspecting those so-called hanging chatteds, you know, with the magnifying glass. it went on for weeks. it's still talked about here in florida and many hope we don't face that this year. >> and remember, there's no
9:56 am
right? i was with al gore in miami and he can tell you better than anyone, every vote counts. >> reporter: count the votes they did. it came down to florida and how it all add up in the closest and most contested presidential election in history. when it was apparent the election between george w. bush and al gore was too close to call, an army of lawyers swooped in to state to examine the voting machines. >> wheyo machine, it closes. >> reporter: and count and scrutinize ballots. this led to the families mouse phenomenon of the hanging chad or incomplete punch. butterfly ballots and establishing what a voter's intent may have been. the main focus was in broward county. even though it took months and went all the way to the supreme court. >> florida, florida, florida. >> reporter: and in the end, a mere 537 votes cast by people
9:57 am
move in to the white house. >> again, saying 16 years ago, it's hard to believe it's been that long. but every election, tim russert said it well, florida, florida, florida. and as a result, electronic voting machines were abandoned and today florida mail in ballots and it's on the same scan machines with a paper trail. >> yeah, it's changed voting forever in florida. one thin clinton campaign just announced that vice president joe biden and his wife jill will be in tampa tomorrow. >> florida, florida, florida. thank you for joining us this morning. go vote.
9:58 am
9:59 am
10:00 am
this sunday, the final days before the election. and a mad scramble by both candidates. hillary clinton targeting her check mate states. >> tonight, i want to roar. >> donald trump, still searching for a path to 270. >> nobody said it was going to be easy for us. but w will never be stopped. never, ever be stopped. >> we'll get the latest from our correspondents on the campaign trail. i will talk to former speaker of the house newt gingrich. and the chairman of the clinton campaign, john podesta. plus, where the race stands this morning, the results from our final nbc news/wall street


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