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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  November 9, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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the this morning we have yet to hear from hillary clinton herself about the turn of
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today. we will get to the results in just a minute, but first let's get you out the door. taking a look at today's weather it is a little bit cloudy out there. there is a change coming, cold front to the north look at all the rain across the northern gulf of mexico. i'm not putting in a huge rain chance. in north florida we do have we're at 66 right now on plain city. lakeland 63, 62 venice. in our metro cast notice around 8:00 there were certainly more clouds. temperatures were in the upper 60s. clouds hang around throughout the day some temperatures were slower to warm-up. i will leave in just a 10 percent rain chance. have an eight-day temperature trend to let you know what
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happening right now p expect we have a couple of issues out there on our service roads. eastbound hillsboro avenue, an accident tying up lanes. this is right by the veterans expressway. there are not a lot of vehicles on on the roadways. eastbound i-4 right near mingo road reportedly there is a crash . i cannot find it on my cameras but take a look, no delays. of course we have new traffic pattern, soft on i 75, you tran9 is right about university parkway. finishing that divergent diamond interchange that will be finished next year. in your vote counts 2016, the race for the presidency, republican donald trump is declared the winner. writing on a wave of anti- establish sentiments, donald trump one several battleground states including florida. >> just before 3:00 this morning the president-elect to
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at his headquarters in new york and had a message for those that did not vote for him. >> for those who have chosen not to support me in the past, of which there were a few people, i am reaching out to you for your guidance in your help so that we can work together and unify our great country. >> president-elect trump went on to thank all of the people who helped him get elected. even had a message for hillary clinton. >> hillary has worked long and very hard over a long period of time. it wheel her a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country. >> it was not the outcome the clinching -- clinton camp worked for. clinton has yet to speak publicly about the outcome, but she did send her campaign chairman out to
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the country that supported hillary to know, that your voices, and your enthusiasm means so much to her and to tim and to all of us. >> this morning still no word on what hillary clinton plans to speak, but we are monitoring the situation and will bring it to you as soon as happens -- as this happens >> we will start with meredith who will break down the electoral college vote. as a right now donald trump has secured 278 electoral votes
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>> that is writing 270 are required to presidency. how did he do it? he needed to take those states. let's talk about that, florida, he needed florida. you got our 29 electoral votes. also, pennsylvania, north carolina, he needed ohio and he took that one. wisconsin also and finally iowa . these were the big states he needed to get to that 270 number votes are in, it does not matter . let's talk about some of that reaction on social media this morning. we really haven't heard anything from either of the campaigns although, campaign manager for donald trump kelly ann conway tweeted overnight, things that were true, undercover donald trump vote, mike pence for vice president, hillary floor and ceiling same, rally crowd to matter , we expanded the map.
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really started to see those numbers come in and she said, this team has so much to be proud of, whatever happens tonight ink you for everything -- thank you for everything. a lot of gratitude on her part and surely a lot of disappointed, also disappointed by celebrities a lot of home rally behind clinton. a little bit of defiance but saying that supporter. there are the celebrities who support donald trump including kristie alley saying congratulations, donald trump. wall street is bracing for volatility after the election. futures have plummeted as investors worried about the election's outcome. the futures were down more than 700 points at one point as realization spread the donald trump was likely to win the
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happened after hit the 5 percent drop limit. they recovered somewhat after reports spread the hillary clinton conceded the election. the markets open once again this morning at 9:30. overseas markets also reacting to donald trump presidency. in south korea markets took a dive falling 1 1/2 percent. japan plunged more than 6 percent at one point then rebound just a bit. experts explain the drop is over concerns of what a international trade. reaction pouring in from across america and not all of it is good. these are pictures out of portland oregon. people are chanting anti-donald trump slogans and summer banging on trash cans. so far they have remained peaceful. with donald trump is president- elect, republicans control the
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-- control of the house and senate . marco rubio defeated pat murphy with lots of mudslinging. ruby hill claimed 52 percent of the vote compared to murphy -- ruby hill -- ruby hill -- rubio claimed 52 percent of the vote compared to >> this night was an exciting night for him. him and his family were all smiles. you took the stage at around 8 at 45. he said earlier in the evening he had called his component congratulating him on a race saying this is a tough time to run for an election also saying he has a bright future. he went on to talk about the challenges they face and he said he knows this country will
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turn of the presidential race. you did talk about how conversations about politics needed to change. he has promised that he would not drop out and run for president again in 4 years. will have to see how he feels after seeing the results of last night selections. we do have high thin clouds streaming across the area this morning. it won't be a ht sunshine through the clouds. the rain is across the gulf of mexico. we are adding in a 10 percent rain chance through the day. we go from the upper 60s to the afternoon high of 79 degrees. with this cold front there is a slim rain chance. behind it, highs will see in the upper 70s friday, saturday, and sunday.
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is 79 today, sunny and 81 tomorrow, 78 friday, saturday, 79 on sunday. we check in now with traffic on the 8s. >> we do have some issues going on but i will start out with i-4. i-4 looks great through lakeland halloween to you or city. i 7580 not a pascun eastbound hillsboro avenue right at the veterans expressway, at least one like taking away. we're not seeing significant delays with keeping an eye on it. here's an accident near mango road but that is onto the shoulder. florida has a new us representative in washington dc but he is not into politics. the race in the 13th congressional district which covers most of the dallas county pitted david jolly
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final tally shows crist with 52 percent compared to jolly's 48 percent. >> these races are difficult and they can be tough sometimes . it turned out well for us. but i want to thank david jolly and his wife laura. while he was my opponent he was never my enemy fight seniors, the environment and education. our coverage of your vote counts 2016 continues coming up the big issues that brought
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florida voters cast ballots in several amendments but one of the most controversial at -- was amendment one voted yes, 49 voted no but that doesn't mean the past. it needed 6 percent to pass. this measure was backed by power companies including tico -- tyco and other major utility companies. critics say he was made to be hard to expand solar power in florida. the amendment to legalize medical marijuana received 71
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autism is excited about the options the new measure offers her sons. >> i have been fighting for this for almost 6 years now, out on the street with signed, away from them sometimes unfortunately now i get to take a break and be with my kids and tomorrow we will be calling doctors to see if we can get someone to recommend this. >> that expands access to medical marijuana beyond the limited therapeutic uses already allowed under florida law lower haight the results of the 2016 presidential election it was a historic night and early morning in america. >> after a bitter campaign cycle, donald trump is said to be america's next president. >> we're joined live from tampa international airport. >> one of the people telling you? what are they think about these election results?
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both sides of the aisle, people that voted for donald trump and people that did not vote for donald trump. the main sentiment i'm feeling a shock. the polls that we have been reporting on for weeks and months certainly did not predict this victory for donald trump. when i arrived here around 3 am a lot of people were glued to their smart phones, their laptops, checking out the results checking out the electoral college maps. as you can see people are still floating in here digesting the news the donald trump will be the next president of the united states. one of the big question on people's mind is how the country will healing come together after this divisive election. one-man share his thoughts. >> i think it has a lot to do with him and a lot to do with both parties on both sides. people up to come together on a common issues that people are concerned about everything from economy to jobs right back down
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-- most of the people i spoke with her feeling very exhausted after this campaign season and they tell me they are overjoyed that they do not have to sit through those political ads on tv anymore when they are watching their favorite shows a news channel 8. voters were not hedge -- were on edge when they feared the system is not secure. several people around the area. >> reporter: the main worry during election 2016 was their ballot would not be counted. that was the main issue and precinct 600 and precinct 635 where the voting machine went down for a little while. we were at this precinct on election day were voters were worried their vote would not
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technicians were roaming the county to fix any machines that did not work. we spoke to one couple who had a difficult time trusting those running the show . >> i can trust people like this. they may be honest people, but how do you know your copy know your vote is going to count through the machine. >> minor issues reported overall. we're told nearly 600,000 voters hit the polls here in the county. it was a huge turnout. the time right now is 5:48 on this wednesday morning. we have clouds moving in because change is on the way. >> we do have a cold front on the way. we will not have quite as blue of the sky that we have had for the last few days. with clouds overnight temperatures stay a little bit
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day goes along there is a 10 percent chance of a sprinkle. is not a huge rain chance even as this cold front comes through him -- comes through. lakeland you are at 63. 59 bartow. 63 zephyrhills. we're about a degree warmer up to 4 degrees warmer from this time st we may get a quick shower in the morning hours. here comes this cold front. look how like the rain is expected to be even as this cold front gets further south through the day. 79 degrees today. interestingly it is lower humidity but sunny and warmer tomorrow at 81. taking a look in the suncoast area, things i look a little bit different when you are traveling southbound on i 75. all of the construction, the diverging diamond interchange, guess what kicks off today?
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you were being routed off onto the bridge in the center while they create those you southbound lanes, now they are open. it will look a little bit different another have to work on the northbound side. keep that in mind in the suncoast area. let's take a look at this, we have an accident sign-up lanes eastbound hillsborough avenue. we have injuries reported in the crash. we have another one on mingle wrote off to the shoulder but no delays on i-4. your vote counts 2016 coverage continues this morning . >> another state approves recreational marijuana. find
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southern know -- californians ran into difficulties . voting machines ran into long lines.
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>> despite those problems, californians cast their vote to legalize the use of medical marijuana. people that are celebrating proposition 64 which pass by right margin that means adults 21 and older can legally possessed up to one ounce of marijuana. they can also grow 6 plants. it is very stressful election battleground state north carolina that puppy therapy at the polls. the spca brought these puppies to several rally polling places . voters got to destress. it was an election i packed
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nation and in the bay area. coming up from the president to the senate seat, to the debate of solar power in florida. team coverage 2016 is just
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we're showing a couple of extra clouds out of our camera. the extra clouds are keeping with milder. look what is happening across the northern gulf, a lot more rain despite that i add in a 10 percent rain chance. we have high today of 79 degrees. i will let you know when the front is going to come up. southbound 75 we have new lanes opening up here right at university parkway. we are not
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hudson area. we have a hit-and- run with some injuries involved to. you may tie up some lanes so i want you to be aware of that. you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites.
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like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. donald trump will become the next president of the united states. >> america will no longer settle for anything le country's destiny, dream big, bold, and daring. >> his path came through winning several tossup states. we will take a look at where he won on the battleground map and also how hillary clinton came up short in those key states. good morning and welcome to


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