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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  November 9, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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hillsboro state attorneys race. a look at what andrew warren plans to do first. she was dangling her legs over the sky way when he saw her. the corporal who saved a woman's life. i'm jennifer lee. >> thank you for joining us. we begin with the stunning outcome of that election. donald trump defies the odds and outperforms the polls. he will become the 44th president of the united states. his opponent? hillary clinton and barack obama now want embrace the future. donald trump and his former foes are on the same page, agreeing that the nation needs to unify. steve henderson is joining us from the white house. good to see you. i know you made your way there after a late night in new york. what a night it was. >> reporter: not much sleep. i will try to keep my lips moving. there is nothing traditional about this presidential election but today, all of the
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about working together to unite america. donald trump claimed victory this morning without the gloating and mocking that won him the white house.>> i pledge to every citizen of our land that i will be president for all americans. >> reporter: hillary clinton called trump last night and publicly conceded today. >> this is painful and it will be for a long time. >> reporter: but it's a new reality. >> our president. we owe him an open mind and the chance to lead. >> reporter: president obama pledged cooperation with the man he had called unfit. >> sometimes you lose an argument. sometimes you lose an election. >> reporter: but trump's victory left winners and losers. >> so happy hillary didn't get an. >> with donald trump, anything
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to end obamacare, build a wall i'm/taxes. paul ryan promised the republican congress will help. >> donald trump pulled off an amazing political feet and deserves credit for that. it helped us keep our majorities but it also showed the country that people don't like the direction we were going. >> reporter: now the outsider who gave voice to the angry is talking unity. >> 12 republicans and democrats and independents across this nation, i say it is time for us to come together as one un >> reporter: he takes office in 10 weeks. and donald trump was invited here tomorrow by president obama. live at the white house, steve handelsman news channel 8. >> in your statement, you talked about those vows donald trump was making but he also made one about hillary clinton, hopefully seeing her prosecuted and jailed? >> reporter: he said it at one of the debates.
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spokesperson and she was asked today if he still plans as a top priority, or to see plan period, to try to put together a special prosecuting task force to investigate her? investigate the investigation which he separately said he would do, and see her put in jail? she said he used that to fire up the crowd. she said bad things about him. let's see. they seem to be backing off.>> what a difference kellyanne conway made in thank you for that. on a related note, students and teachers at a few schools in areas that strongly supported hillary clinton organized walkouts to protest trump's election. you see this crowd gathered outside berkeley high school in california. about 1000 kids walked out while tweeting #not my president. and here is video from boulder colorado. 100 kids seen protesting the values president-elect trump
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they are claiming their school is no place for hate. overnight world markets reacted wildly over -- after trump's victory but the doubt just closed up 256 points. many are wondering what this means for the future. john rodgers continues our postelection team coverage.>> reporter: market analysts in tampa bay and across the world are sighing relief. market reaction was not as bad as they expected but they still have the future. in the middle of the night, when it became apparent that donald trump would assume the presidency, stocks tumbled worldwide. analyst scott barr come says -- barcomb says the world markets don't like uncertainty. u.s. markets followed suit at the opening bell but surprisingly, they regained ground over the course of the
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significantly over fears of trump's trade policies and trump has shared plans to simplify the tax code and offer tax breaks which analysts feel could slow down economic growth. >> i'm not sure how serious trump was. >> reporter: but he says a lot will be riding on who donald trump points to his cabinet. >> the people he places around him will give you an idea and give markets and idea of how serious a president he is going to be in regard presidency mean for your wallet? under new proposed tax laws, analysts say most american could see some savings but larger families can expect higher taxes. investors should not panic according to scott barcomb. >> i wouldn't make any meaningful decisions about the future because we don't know what it will be. >> reporter: as trump assembles his cabinet, you can p -- be
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watching. john roberts, news channel 8. a big question this morning, how did pollsters get it so wrong? some experts are blaming a phenomenon they believe happened among secret supporters of donald trump. 8 on your side will dig deeper into where the polls went wrong later tonight at 6:00. donald trump is not the only one shaking up the establishment. luckily, we saw a surprising defeat for hillsborough's top prosecutor, mark ober. he lost by the narrowest of melanie michael is joining us in downtown tampa with that story. mark ober really hasn't been challenged in a decade. >> reporter: indeed, good evening to you. this was a hard-fought race and a nasty one but now hillsborough county has a new state attorney, andrew warren. he tells us it was time for a change. andrew warren knew he was in for a big battle. the former federal prosecutor
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and 3. my little one turned 3 last night on election night and this is a great opportunity for me to make this a safe community for them and for all other families in hillsboro. >> reporter: as a newcomer, the husband and father of two realize going up up -- up against a longtime incumbent wouldn't be easy. ober search for 16 years, serving over high profile cases including the mother who mothered her children, julie schenn occur -- >> they trust mark ober. truck meanwhile, warren worked to discredit ober by describing him as out of touch with modern- day court cases. >> the view from the 80s and 90s was more lock them up and throw away the key. >> reporter: while the resume for ober included a lengthy
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his campaign was about people, specifically victims of sex crimes who he says contacted him in droves, citing insensitive treatment by the state attorney. >> mark and i just had a different opinion on some of these things and i think a lot of people have come to recognize that criminal system is more about than simply locking people up. >> reporter: we asked andrew warren, is he planning to clean house? one time prosecutors, will he be fired? >> positions. this is not about cleaning house. they have a great group of prosecutors. it's just about making sure we are going the same direction. >> reporter: by the way, andrew warren has another mission in mind. he wants to change the image of an office known for prosecuting juveniles as adults. he says there are other ways to fight crimes. >> did you talk to mark ober about the loss?>> reporter: we requested an on camera interview and he politely declined saying he congratulated andrew warren and he is willing to be there for a smooth transition but did not
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blues. >> a difficult time. melanie michael live in tampa. three states voted yesterday to legalize marijuana. recreational marijuana use is now approved for adults with restrictions in california, massachusetts, nevada, and maine. it's the closest the u.s. has ever come to a national referendum legalizing weed. voters in arizre overwhelming support for amendment 2, a medical marijuana measure. this expands access to medical marijuana beyond the limited therapeutic uses already allowed. the state now has to come up with the rules and that will take at least a year for implementation. for a complete wrap up and breakdown of the results, go to and click the news
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two f-18 fighter jets have collided during a training mission off san diego. militarily -- military officials say one pilot landed safely but the other ejected overwater and a search and rescue is underway to locate that second pilot. we will bring you updates as we get them. still to come, he was on his way home from work when he saw a woman about to jump off the sunshine skyway. >> a pinellis county sheriff's office corporal tells news to him as he pulled her to safety. are kind of a cloudy day today and we have a cold front moving into the area. we can't rule out the slight possibility of a sprinkle or two. don't get your hopes up for a cold front but we will talk about what's coming up next. it's as simple as pulling up an apt from your phone but now uber and lyft can operate legally in hillsboro county.>> that and more coming up. you are watching news channel 8, the station that is always
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storm team 8 coverage is brought to you by your suncoast hyundai dealers. visit your local handy dealer today. a total of seven deaths now links to a south carolina man. the corner in spartanburg county says two bodies on the property of buried there a year ago. investigators believe the victims are a young woman and her husband. last week, another young woman was found chained alive in a storage container on the property and her boyfriend was found dead. todd kohlhepp has also confessed to a quadruple shooting at a motorcycle shop in 2003. at least five people are dead after a train crashed in south london this morning during a rainstorm. more than 50 people were hurt. an official investigation is underway into the crash.
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crossing guard who was hit and killed yesterday on duty. david roundtree was setting up cones in a school zone when police say the driver, charles walton, ran into him. walton also took out a school zone sign and hit a pickup truck before he was stopped. witnesses say he was driving erratically several blocks before the crash. rountree died at the hospital. his widow told news channel 8 at >> he was a good man. he was a devoted man. he was devoted to his church. he was devoted to the kids. >> rountree was a crossing guard for three years. walton is charged with dui manslaughter. a pinellis county corporal made a brave move to save a woman trying to jump off the sunshine skyway bridge.
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home. corporal glenn family only talked to us about the terrifying moments leading up to the arrest. >> reporter: corporal glenn family says saving a jumper was the scariest thing he's ever had to do with the pinellis county sheriff's office. he is being held a hero after stopping a woman from jumping off the skyway bridge. corporal finley was driving home when he saw a person on the ledge.>> i said oh my god i've got to pull over a jumper. i turned on the lights on my car. >> reporter: the corporal immediately jumped out and slowly made his way toward the woman sitting on the bridge crying. >> when i got up towards her, she was sitting with her legs over the railing, the concrete railing. she had her hands over her face and she was rocking back and forth saying oh my god oh my god. >> reporter: he yelled out to her to try to talk to her but the woman didn't hear him. the corporal decided to make a heroic moves.
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her really fast in a bear hug and pulled her backwards. >> reporter: the woman struggled. >> she told me that you need to let me go. you don't understand my situation. >> reporter: corporal finley told her not on his watch. the core processing deputy says it was the scariest thing he has had to do in his 29 years of service but protect and serve, even those who don't want help. >> i never dreamed i would be in this situation to save someone. i'm glad i was in the right place at the right time. >> reporter: the woman told corporal finley that she was having marital and personal issues. she was taken into custody under the baker act. corporal finley said whether she wanted to help or not, it was the right thing to do. seeing quite a few clouds around the bay area but this might be a moot point but you can see the night sky or walk
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conjunction ending at about 1:02 am. them in and neptune very close to one another. i like to tell you what's going on in the night sky. in connerton, 79 degrees. land o lakes overcast with a northwest wind that to miles per hour. 70% relative humidity. haven't seen much in the way of precipitation all the northern counties may have seen a drop or two around the area. there might still be light showers popping appearance there. ju 73 degrees at veterans ford. debbie got a great shot. this is probably a sunrise this morning. the sunset coming up. very short base with quicker sunsets. palm harbor 74 degrees, 76 degrees temple terrace.
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temperatures mostly in the 70s. keep in mind overcast areas. some of the northern spots have seen light showers, very light stuff. back to the west, deep atmospheric moisture, associated with that cold front pushing southward. that has generated a few showers and they fall apart over the peninsula. some of these may be enough to help drop precipitation across the northern portion of the area. don't be completely surprised if you run into a few drops on your windshield tonight. the cold front is coming in, a big reason for those clouds. a shift will eventually give us a north and north this is our high resolution model for the short-term around 10:30 pm. you can see the cold front pushing to the south. we will hang onto these clouds early in the day on thursday and then as the day progresses we will see more sunshine as this front continues to push further to the south. a few more clouds linger and temperatures near average. pleasant temperatures in the afternoon. beautiful weather. slightly drier air moving behind the front will essentially keep the gorgeous
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maybe just a little cooler. friday morning, clear skies, light winds, cooler temperatures in the 50s. that holds for friday afternoon. highs in the upper 70s and that will carry into the weekend although we are anticipating another front. this is the water vapor forecast. you know these brighter colors, oranges and yellows indicate higher atmosphere. the higher levels of moisture to the south. this is at the mid and upper levels of the atmosphere. very dry air aloft. friday. as i mentioned early in the day, we may still see a few clouds here and there. thursday, friday here you go. rain chances are low through this period. another front. very inconsequential in the way of creating measurable precipitation. even tonight you might see precipitation here or there but it has been very dry for a while. 25 days officially now at the airport. a lot of folks are wondering where is that rain? not in this forecast.
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donald trump. i washed my car and it didn't rain because normally you would washer car and it would rain.>> all kinds of crazy stuff happening. >> the world is upside down. starbucks is bringing back its controversial holiday cups. >> when those are going to show up and then gopro pulls a drone officials after less than 20 days on the market. the glitch that prompted this
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another reminder that heart walk is this saturday at raymond james stadium. there's still time to join stacie schaible's team on kia is much in the first $50,000 we raise. we want to thank some of our donors and also tomorrow we are holding a heart walk phone bank from 4 pm to 6:30 pm. that's when we will m
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gopro is recalling a new drone after only 16 days on the market. the company reported a small number of the drones lost power during operation. owners can return them to gopro for a full refund. replen karma drone may return to the shelves. uggla's rescinding it button to take back an email after five seconds from one it has been sent to fix errors or rethink the email to the bus. the update, which also features swipe to archive or delete is the biggest overhaul in nearly
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holiday cups. they return tomorrow. customers who buy a holiday beverage will get a second one for free. the "offer is good tomorrow through monday. >> i think it's through monday the 14th. >> i'm with you now. the controversy throws me off. i wish i had that undo beating -- button for reading. the starbucks received criticism after seasonal images. sears will be open on thanksgiving day. most locations will be open at 6 pm on thanksgiving and stay open until midnight. on black friday, doors will open at 5 am. we have a full list of stores open on thanksgiving on our website scott benson has a look at 5:30 pm. >> bringing out every weapon possible to fight zika virus. what lawmakers want to use to
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problems, there is a medical procedure that could help. we are going to talk about that
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right now on news channel 8 at 5:30 pm: >> a major win for uber and lyft drivers. the temporary agreement reached today allowing the companies to operate legally. >> i'm josh benson. thanks for being with us tonight. you can now legally take a ride from an uber or lyft driver. the county commission voted on a temporary agreement to allow the companies to operate. jeff patterson joins us to tell us what they did to get this done.>> reporter: good evening. this agreement calls for stricter background checks, vehicle inspections, and insurance for drivers but clearly the cab companies are


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