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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  November 10, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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a meeting between the current and future presidents today at the white house. plus the names being considered for positions in donald trump's the streets and cities -- in cities all across the country angry over donald trump being elected president . plus brothers and dads know there's just not enough time throughout the day. coming up i will show you ways to save time that -- tamed -- same time from chores the parents have to do every day. thank you for joining us on
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plan for the next few days. what is happening right now is a cold front is pushing through . it is moving in our southern areas as well south of i-4 peered drier less humid air is falling it. you will see what a difference. brooksville you just drop to 51 degrees. the cool heirs are lagging a little bit behind where the cold front is. 56 zephryhills. the cooler air will continue to spread in but with lots of sunshine by the afternoon temperatures are still going to compared to the average of 79. we will have cooler air tonight with the law 59. at 5:08 i will take your hour by hour through thursday. will get you through your thursday commute. the interstates look good but we do have this issue out on kennedy, eastbound kennedy. we have the runway blocked right at albany. there's an accident trying to wrap up here. hopping down to the sarasota area, i 75 is a good drive just a quick reminder this kicked off
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southbound i 75 university parkway. you are not going to be on the bridge in the center, you will be on the new lanes on i 75. that is a look at weather and traffic. today president-elect, donald trump has to the white house to plan a peaceful transition with president obama . president obama begin the transition with a phone call to donald trump congratulating him on the election win . the obama administration has been working for change of power. the president says despite their differences they will work together on a smooth transition just as president bush did for him. i have instructed my team to follow the example that president bush's team set 8 years ago, and work as hard as we can to make sure this is a successful transition for the president-elect. donald trump and his wife melania trump will meet with the president at 11:00 this morning. now president-elect donald trump must make critical
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about who will serve in his cabinet and help set policy for just about every aspect of our nation. meredith joins us now live from the tampa new center. good morning, president-elect donald trump's transition team has spent the past several months quietly building a short list of potential cabinet members. florida attorney general pam bondi's name has come up for us attorney general along with former you new york mayor rudy giuliani in new york rs new york previous governor rudy giuliani in new jersey governor chris christie. new green bridge -- newt gingrich is possible selection for secretary of state but palin and his son could also have a
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campaign manager kelly ann conway said mister trump is hard at work on his cabinet picks. >> are you actively vetting people as we speak right now for positions? >> yes, we are going to whence we have to get ready to form a government. >> conway may also have a place on the donald trump team as a strategist or a. it is possible donald trump's polarizing stance on some issues could make some people hesitant to join his team, but there seems to be no shortage of peoplewi be considered. one of the most interesting things you mentioned is that the possibility of an oil guy running the apartment of the interior -- department of interior which is definitely something different. the man leading donald trump's transition team, new jersey governor chris christie will be live to discuss the transition a little more. don't miss that. many people are angry about the election of donald trump
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the night. this is what it looks like just a few hours ago in los angeles. you can see protesters marching along the freeway blocking traffic. in chicago protest that started with hundreds grew to about 10,000 people. they tried to get into the donald trump international hotel and tower along the chicago river downtown. police have been guarding his hotels. hundreds of students from the university of texas kit -- skipped class to march against donald trump. they chanted donald trump s in des moines iowa even these high school students showed their disapproval with donald trump. students walked out of class. district leaders allowed the protest saying they have the right to be heard. donald trump promises to have a very busy first day in the oval office from beginning work to fight office -- isis to deporting illegal immigrants . >> on day one i will begin swiftly removing criminals,
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country. among the other things he promised to address on his first day, planning to build a wall along the us-mexico border also asking congress to send him a bill to repeal and replace the affordable care act or obama care, also instructing his generals to send him a plan within 30 days to sell man quickly defeat isis. he also has said he will get rid of gun free zones on school campuses, and on military bases as soon as is first vowed to reverse president's obama recent efforts to normalize relations with cuba. he has promised to end his relaxed rules for trade and travel to the island nation 90 miles off florida's coast. ryan hughes is live in temp international airport this morning. ryan, southwest airline flight to havana begins next month. is that in jeopardy? >> reporter: good morning to you, that of course is a big
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there is a large cuban-american population here in the bay area and will restrictions rolled back the ease of traveling between the 2 countries? that is unknown. many people in the bay area can trace their cuban roots back decades and with donald trump changing that with the simple stroke of a pen could cause troubles. others also save overtures with cuba give us nothing in return. >> they never gave anything up in exchange for what they got. you don't reward bad behavior. >> reporter: again, at this point that is all unknown right now. many people looking forward to the southwest airline flight
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you're looking at a live picture from canonsburg pennsylvania. this is live picture outside of the police department there. we have just learned 2 of the city's police officers have been shot, not at this location, at a different team, but they have swat team members at the scene where this happened . they have not identified a suspect or settlement but -- what led up to that of the developments there at the police department . as soon as we get more information will bring that to you. you can also find more information on our website. with marijuana laws changing, officials are trying to figure out how to handle people caught with small amounts of. -- small amounts. they considered whether people caught with 20 ounces or less should go to jail or get a
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having it on you you worry about this next time we get stopped. >> just follow the law. i didn't write it, i didn't make it. if you don't like it, change it. until then, follow the law. the council did make a change. a decided of possession -- the session -- the possession of a small amount of pot will be civil infraction we will see a cold front push into the cell this morning. what that means is during the day today we will see less humid air arriving from north until south. we start in the mid-60s which is slightly cooler than yesterday, but a quick warm-up, any clouds out early this morning. we get to 76 at noon but bright and sunshine. temperatures will fall quickly down the 72 degrees by 7 pm. enjoy a low humidity pleasant afternoon. it will be slightly cooler,
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percent rain chance for next week. we get 81 today, 78 tomorrow, 70 79 on saturday, 80 on sunday. it looks like a great weekend. right now we have pretty good drive on the interstates. we do have a problem here in tampa. we have been talking about this crash on kennedy boulevard. we're seeing a little bit of a delay in the tampa area coming away from here. eastbound kennedy ri great drive on dale maybury highway. for your morning commute, cell phone i 75 you will have new lanes to go through a university parkway. happening today, help from manatee county. document state recovery center opens today the
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help they need. this is happening at the gt brave part on 33rd avenue drive west and braiding 10 -- breadenton. also the loan application for hermine damage is november 28. a bay area man is behind bars for scandalous behavior at a local mall. our 8 on your side warning ahead of a busy shopping time of year. plus famous author and blogger of parent hacks is coming just ahead we will show you how some of them work. you are watching news channel 8
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a dade city man is in jail this rn videotaping of a woman's skirt. we're joined live. mary, this not the first time this man has been arrested for the very first -- for the very same thing . >> reporter: that is right. one search of the sheriff office's website shows that he has been already arrested for this behavior.
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the billabong store. with the help of surveillance video, marcus grant was arrested. this all has shoppers we spoke with feeling uneasy. >> you look around and you see how society is getting evil. it is supposed to be good now and now good is evil. we need to turn things around >> the victim tells us this guy was a landscaper at the shopping center and he was seen inside of a woman's restroom that very same day. grant did go before a judge on wednesday in his bond has since been revoked so you will not get out of jail anytime soon but this is a good reminder for people who might be headed out to shopping centers and malls in of the holiday shopping season. definitely be vigilant and aware of your surroundings.
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all baby showers takes place tonight at blazers children's museum. the big highlight is a mom known for making life easier for parents all over the world. ashley is a woman behind parent it is filled with so many shortcut and quick fixes. you always wonder how you got through life without them. >> hello everybody. welcome to our live chat. everywhere on social media these days. she started out with a very simple idea, asking mom for her tips and tricks making life easier. soon she launched a site, parent >> i think to myself, why did i think of these. it has been coming up with my own hacks. it is all about making parenting easier and quite frankly less expensive,
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she was invited to the 5th annual mother of all baby showers here in tampa. we got a sneak peek of what parents will learn. >> talk you through some of these why didn't i think of that hacks. from the rubber band maternity trick where you threat a rubber band through the buttonhole of your pants for a little extra room during early pregnancy. -- to a vinyl tablecloth with about 20 uses. >> reporter: there are so many ideas like low stakes for travel as portable nightlights. >> you can stick this in there so when your kid is eating or drinking you can get all the crumbs in here and then when you're done after a day or week you can throw it out and you don't have to go back and clean around the whole car. >> i have posted more hacks for you. you can also check out new inventions designed by
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head to our website where we post all the information you need about the mother of all baby showers. >> i don't understand how you get the crumbs in the cup here expect you don't put the crumbs and then you stick it in your cup holder so if kids drop all kinds of things, which they are famous for, you lift it out of there, throw it away -- i'm going to right around with the cupcake holder in my cup holder . our forecast for today, you might notice a couple of clouds especially in southern areas. that is where we have cold front this morning. it pushes south. the dry less humid air pushes our way. we are a little bit warmer. 51 degrees brooksville
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air. brooksville is 11 degrees cooler than this time yesterday but you are 2 degrees warmer than yesterday in bradenton. cold front continues to head south. the afternoon will be wonderful. low humidity, sunny and low 80s pee or tomorrow morning that is where you will notice it'll be a couple of degrees cooler, clear skies, great weather for veterans day would notice as we head into friday evening another week front comes through right now, coming in and out of pasco county, i 75 looks very good. right here it is a good drive on i 75. let's take a look at i 75 and the suncoast area. we're up to speed state road 64 through bill road. traveling to manage -- through manatee county looks good as well as sarasota. i 75 southbound red run university
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in mind you will no longer be on the bridge southbound to. you will be on the main road against -- again. the tampa bay heart walk is 2 days away and we are making our final push to raise money for the american heart association. we are holding our final heart walk think -- phonebank with great incentives to get you excited about donating to this very important cause. fucchilo key has matching the first $50,000 we raise. team. go to walk. again it is this saturday, november 12 at the raymond james stadium starting at 8 am. when people said they would move to canada and donald trump won the election, they were not kidding. but there is one big thing that they do not realize. coming up, why immigration up north is not all that easy, but there is one way to get a leg up in the process. find out how a news channel 8. that is coming up.
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story ideas, thanksgiving is a reason to be thankful. i have a great idea for the children that i just uploaded on my wfla gayle guyardo facebook page and twitter account. check it out it is a fun activity for the entire family
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now the donald trump is president-elect immigration attorneys are being flooded with phone calls but moving is not that easy. waiting times can varies trying very from months to years. plus you might still have to pay american taxes. one attorney recommends marrying a person already in the country -- who marries for loves these days , but even that scenario co >> you can go to jail and face monetary penalties. in the immigration world that is called a sham marriage or a marriage for the purpose of benefits. >> canada is more liberal when it comes to admitting people with certain job skills. if you are talented, that may be your way in. >> i don't know like bad
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>> you have to figure out what works best. president-elect donald trump had so the white house today. what he and president obama will be discussing. plus broke wage caught on camera -- road rage caught on camera . but first let's take you live outside with weather
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it is 5:28. was in the kids out to the bus stop it should be pretty comfortable pier cold front is shifting to the south this morning. when they come home from school it will be great, clear skies, low humidity temperatures around 81 which is above the average of 79 but still very nice. tomorrow down to 78. traffic is pretty good right now state road 54 through
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red lights to go through. state road 54 in tampa 14
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president-elect trump is headed to the white house today . details of the high-profile meeting he is having with president barack obama about a relationship with cuba under a trump presidency. why some bay area cubans are worry about her future. was a warning for women shopping this holiday season. what a man was caught doing at a bay area outlet mall. right now we're tracking cold front.


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