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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  November 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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identity. good evening,, thank you for joining us tonight. the transition of power is officially underway in our nation's capital. hours ago the president welcomed the president-elect donald trump to the white house. mark is joining us live. i restored day for politics and the nation. >> reporter: it really is. it wal him from pages all over the world tomorrow. these 2 men sitting in one room talking about the future of our country. there is a lot at stake and more will happen between now and january 20 with -- wishes just 17 days away . with the campaign behind him, today a new beginning. >> we talked about some of the organizational issues with setting up the white house. >> president obama says he is
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donald trump is personal and size of the challenges and triumphs of the oval office. >> you want to make sure they feel welcomed as they prepare to make this transition. >> the meeting, traditional stop with the new administration gave mister trump the opportunity to meet president obama for the first time. >> i very much look forward to dealing with the president in the future including counsel. he explained some of the difficulties, some highflying access -- assets. >> more -- steps away michelle obama met with melania trump. they are planning a smooth transition. >> the president didn't get to choose his successor the peak of -- people did. donald trump will preside over the position that gives the incoming president a running
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make his way from the white house down pennsylvania avenue right here to the white house. it was there he had a chance to meet with senate and house republican leadership. any agenda that the president- elect would like to push through after inauguration will have to happen in that building right there. it was interesting, while he was down there a reporter asked him will you still propose this muslim band and he chose not to answer the question today. >> i heard the president it is best not to answer any questions when they are yelling out questions one after another . it was also an opportunity for president obama to say what he would like donald trump to focus on concerning his initiation. there was a lot of concern about the global markets during the election. the dow was down 600+ but the following day it was up 300 and it close at record highs. what is it say about the way the investors are thinking about the economy?
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markets, the dow was up with kelly and the nasdaq down by 50 points. compared to where we were wednesday morning when we were looking ahead and the dow futures were down 6, 700 points, that has not been the case over the last several days. we are expecting to see certain sectors do very well over the next few months. i am not a financial expert at you have to look at what a donald trump residency will mean for certain industries like health care. we know the affordable care act is expect energy companies to see a spike. the donald trump campaign focused so much on bringing energy resources back here at home. if you are going to be someone betting against what is happening to the economy you want to look at the benefits during a trump economy. there have been protest nationwide against donald trump suggested a. today students marched around the streets of san francisco and los angeles
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saw the same signs during a protest at union square. in phoenix arizona dozens of anti-donald trump demonstrators marked -- marched down the sidewalk. have put together a who's who shortlist to take a look at the possible names to be in his cabinet.>> the transition team has spent the past several months building a list of possible cabinet members and that list includes recognizable florida names. florida governor rick scott may be a contender for health and human services secretary, in florida attorney general pam bondi has come up for us attorney general. former new york mayor rudy giuliani or new jersey governor chris christie are also rumored candidates for attorney general or homeland security, both fixtures on the campaign trail.
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donald trump. >> can great -- newt gingrich is a possible choice for secretary of state. ben carson being considered as a candidate for secretary of education and secretary of health and human services. and jeff sessions could be secretary of defense. former alaska governor, has been mentioned as a potential candidate for secretary of the interior. republican national committee chairman bryce is the top contender for chief of staff. during the election he works to keep donald trump on message. >> he is not calling for mass deportation only people who have committed crimes and only until we look at what we are
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seems like there are plenty of people willing to be considered to be a part of his team. the man suspected of ambushing to pennsylvania police officers was found dead along with a woman. police report the man shot himself after shooting 2 officers killing one of them. the officers were responding to a domestic dispute. officer died in the wounded officer is expected a man that tried to run into them during a traffic stop. deputies pulled over gerald who they say took off and accidentally ran into a canal and started drying. deputies saved his life, chicken to the hospital. once he is released he will be arrested. a frustrated veteran is reaching out to 8 on your side after service was question. many businesses honor those who have served by offering
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this mother of 2 is challenged because she doesn't have an active military id card. melanie michael joins us live >> here at freda's cafi and bakery they are thrilled about serving our veterans tomorrow and those who served -- those were served absolutely love it. the minute you meet jenny you feel like you have made a friend for life. she has endless energy and patriotic pride especially when she talks about her time in the navy. >> there are days that i say i really did that and it was really important because now i am a civilian.>> for generally -- for just under a decade she
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each year she admits she faces a bit of a battle on match day -- veterans day. >> i don't feel entitled to receive anything but when you have served you don't like that service to be question. >> on the day we recognize those who have served, jenny cannot wait until she can see veterans at local businesses being honored through local deals. because she is no longer active military and does not have an id to now instead she cares for military papers on her phone. >> it is a bond. you don't have to know the people but the minute you see a veteran they might be standing in civilian close but they say i'm here to get my veterans dinner and you say me to. you connect right there. >> jenny tells 8 on your side, they want folks to know that just because you have served may not be active military, doesn't mean they are not
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>> by the way, so many bay area is our honoring our veterans tomorrow on veterans day. for full list go to our website. >> she loves it. this is one time of year she looks forward to other fellow servicemembers. it is a moment to connect and bond after all this time. an exciting day as we honor our veterans. we want to wish a happy 241st port they -- birthday to the us marine corps. it was founded 1775. marine corps motto translates
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still to come: a case of mistaken identity left a tampa man with a massive hospital bill . >> he could've had his name connected to a drug overdose so he knew he should call behnken also, major retailers rollout their black friday deals, where you can find the best sales. we are in the homestretch of fundraising for the tampa bay heart walk. we will
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walmart is revealing it's
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to their app users. black friday deals will start at a minute past midnight on thanksgiving morning. in stores black friday deals will start in the evening at 6 pm. target is announcing it's black friday deals. doors will be open at 6 pm on thanksgiving. shoppers online can get free shipping starting early on thanksgiving day. best buy will begin day. our digital team is on your side compiling a complete list of all the best black friday deals see can plan out your shopping trips. saturday should be a beautiful day for our heart walk . yes we will start out cooler at 59 degrees. it starts at 8 am if you want head out for the festivities. it will be crisp, cool to start
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nice shot. the moon appears very large. a super mode is coming up on monday. it will appear 14 feet larger. the dew points are down today. and 9 pm 67 degrees mostly clear and cooler. that is the difference between yesterday and today just no clouds across the area. the cold front that cause of those clouds have slipped to little bit cooler if you are going to be out later tonight. to start the day temperatures are below normal at 59 degrees. 80 degrees in --. 78 brandon. riverview 74. elsewhere 75 degrees in inverness. 79 bartow . venice 70s 5 degrees. the
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the dewpoint is very comfortable . a cools off more in the evening hours. quite a bit of dry air above the atmosphere. this did bring a few showers, very light stuff but it did cause measurable precipitation at the tampa international airport. this is a reminder that it does actually rain from time to time in the state of mostly clear skies under high pressure taking over. once the front has cleared the area, cooler and drier air mass in place as you can see mostly clear skies feeling like fall with that northeasterly flow in place.friday morning clear skies, light winds . friday afternoon a few clouds will return with highs in the upper
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set to move into the area. we actually squeezed a few showers out of that last for the sum probably won't cause too much. high-pressure will reassert itself essentially. high-pressure will stay on the warm side. overnight, 67 degrees. we may have a few clouds in the sky but overall we are looking at drennan -- generally clear conditions. mostly sunny skies with temperatures warming in the degrees, 84 forecast on saturday. 81 degrees sunday. that is a pretty nice set up for your weekend here tomorrow services for veterans start at 11 am. have a few extra callouts -- clouds with a higher rain
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similar names, similar faces. it was a recipe for medical identity mixup that turned an 18-year-old man's life in an uproar. test showed that he might have been and had a drug overdose. we have been chipping away at finally a major breakthrough. hospital bill has taken care of -- has been taking care of and now i finally tracked down the person that should've received that they can bill and the bucs sheriffs office is agreeing to correct their mistake. >> i knocked over days. we were looking for lee mcneil, the usf student at the center of an identity mixup that resulted in a man with a similar name stuck with his
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finally, make no open the door -- leon opened the door. >> he claimed he never noticed the paperwork listing him as leon. >> you had no idea you were in the hospital under someone else's name? he claims h >> someone told me there was news. i looked it up and i saw this and i was like what is going on. it all started with the 911 call at about 4 am august 27.
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>> another neighbor called. >> i see a man accused leaving my door. the sheriffs office deputy explained he got leon's name from a roommate then confirmed his identity by comparing the patient to his drivers license photo. >> he tried everything to convince everyone that it wasn't him. now that you know do you think of those him an apology? deputy did the best he could. >> that is something miguel leon disputes. >> he didn't want to take responsibility or bother to investigate. i had to reach out to you guys and you guys have helped me a lot. >> the sheriffs office believes him now. neither leon norma gell think that they look alike you can see these 2 photos put side-by-side and you can see how the deputy might
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where you one young man is not able to speak up on himself -- for himself in the moment. can see how this gets mixed up. the bottom line is this young man couldn't make it right until you got involved. the question now, is it finished? >> i think everything is finished. the hospital bill is gone now we had the paperwork from the sheriffs office so he has it in black and white. he cannot prove that it was actually him the question remains is anyone going to pay the bill willing to do it so we will see . if you have a problem you need solving you better call behnken . we are couple of days away from the tampa bay heart walk. there is still time to give here coming up next we will go live in our heart walk phonebank and meet folks were special to those calls.
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i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo...
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g, and free delivery. at hhgregg. the tampa bay heart walk is this saturday. we are in the stretch for the home -- we are in the homestretch of the fundraising push. where joined now with a special guest. >> reporter: that is true. i am very excited. all of you might know i have been doing this for a number of years, 15 to be exact and that is because of my sister carry. she is here from colorado. she is actually a little shamrock i. sheathing get that -- a little camera shy. she didn't get that gene in the family. she had a heart attack right after i had my little baby. she is surviving and thriving. what you think when you see all
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that everyone puts into this, it is amazing. i'm so glad i can be here today for this, not just the heart walk itself but it is amazing all the work you guys do. i am overwhelmed. >> that is exciting. i am so glad to have my big sister here. you are going to help you with 2 of these items because we are raising money. the number to call 800-528- 0808. right now if you sister is a john gruden fan. this is a signed jersey with his name on it and we also have an out back ball. this is from the 2013 outback bowl. this is signed by the 2 coaches steve spurrier of north carolina and brady hope from michigan. we would love you to call. the first 2 people to call in
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news channel 8 at 530 -- 5:30 is coming your
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exploited and rented out, some young exports and prostitutes could seriously needs -- need of help the. we are now looking at the light offered by local police department. good evening, everyone, thank you for joining us. all across tampa bay young women are in danger. one could be down the street in the other can be at your work or school. >> these are women caught up in human trafficking. the sarasota police department is trying a novel approach to


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