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tv   News Ch8 at 530PM  NBC  November 10, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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exploited and rented out, some young exports and prostitutes could seriously needs -- need of help the. we are now looking at the light offered by local police department. good evening, everyone, thank you for joining us. all across tampa bay young women are in danger. one could be down the street in the other can be at your work or school. >> these are women caught up in human trafficking. the sarasota police department is trying a novel approach to
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these police officers are treating these women as people in some criminals out on the streets. if you didn't know any better you would think these officers were committing crimes themselves. during their work hours they are visiting shady websites like back page and looking up phone numbers for young exports -- escorts and prostitutes . >> [ video playback ] >> reporter: here these officers want to >> we are trying to give you options or you can do something other than what you are doing right now. florida ranks 2nd in the nation and sex trafficking and many of the women are in their early teenagers -- teens . >> instead of trying to arrest them on the street, police started using this new message, starting in getting to know them -- method, since darting to
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>> a lot of times these women are very scared because they have not had a real positive interaction. >> it takes time sometimes women hang up only to call a few days later. in the past few weeks several women have left the streets and into recovery. >> what you are doing is dangerous in many ways, putting yourself in harms way. in many cases these women don't need jail time, they need help. >> while we were there these women were surprisingly willing to speak with these officers. there was one time where a woman was very hostile and yelled at 8 officer -- at an officer and hung up . she called back a few minutes later and asked for help. >> what you think the holdup is in accepting the help that the officers are willing to give ? >> police say many times they are brainwashed. they don't realize that they are victims
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right now at $10,000 reward is being offered to catch an armed serial robber in lakeland. take a good look at the suspect wearing a tampa bay rays hat. this is surveillance video when he had a subway restaurant. he has also hit a gas station and an xyz liquor store getting more aggressive.>> the 3rd one was pretty much the same but more aggressive. we had a 4th robbery in the county. he is getting warm older. we need to get him off the streets. we're afraid someone will get hurt. >> in this video he has on a different baseball hat and is pointing a gun at the clerk. if you think you recognize the sky, please call heartland
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have voted not to move forward with changes to the marijuana law. at their next meeting they expect to formally vote against it. >> we will bring it up to make a vote on it. we can do that to formalize the fact that we are not going forward with it. that very well may happen but i don't think you're going to work with the state attorney to make it easier for people to go through diversion programs. the top 2 legislative priorities at the nra were stopped by a lone state senator , but it seems the political roadblock was removed when that senator did not win reelection. we go in for a closer look at the situation. >> reporter: allowing concealed carry permits to carry on a
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wiping -- arresting someone where their weapon was inadvertently shielded died this year. a lot of this happened to with the then chairman refused to hear the bills even though he promised to give the bill a hearing. >> many times he said he would hear the bill. 3 times he failed to hear the bill. he misled us. he didn't te race to a democrat who also opposes open campus carry but still the nra calls that a victory. >> you have no different views . >> but at least he is honest about his views and he is honest about what he would do. >> the nra is looking forward to next year house and senate
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and house members moved into the senate. >> when you can elect proven second amendment supporters to office the senate you help yourself, you help gun owners. >> legislation is expected to face fewer roadblocks after the nra flexed it's muscles this october. in state after a long battle a federal judge ruled the seminal tribe can keep like jack tables in their casinos. concludes the hard rock casino in tampa. official wanted the tribe to remove the blackjack tables but the judge ruled they can keep them for another 14 years he says because state regulators allow dogs and horse tracks to allow similar card games. kevin cash's baby girl came into this world with serious
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>> she not only survived but she is thriving. tonight he and his wife are sharing their story in hopes of helping someone else. 17 years of how long our team of the week has dominated their cross time rival. i will have the highlights that help them stay undefeated coming up. skies have cleared up behind the cold front that is now down to the south. we are feeling drier and cooler . we will take a look at that and look ahead to the weekend and your football forecast coming up. you are watching news channel 8, the station
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heart disease accounts for one in 7 deaths in the united
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center. we are 2 days away from this big event. >> and we have raised more than $100,000 but we want to exceed what we raise the last year was -- which was nearly $124,000 . we are making this last-minute push for donations. there are a lot of reasons why we do this. my sister who is in from colorado and helping us to answer the phones is the reason why i do it. the number to call is 800-528-0808. we need to get also want to share the story of kevin cash. he and his family had their own bout with heart problems when they learned there firstborn would come into this world with 2 holes in her heart. >> this was when i was in 2nd grade. >> reporter: 10-year-old camden cash is a talker. she likes to act and play teacher.
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defects. >> kevin was spring training with the rays at the time in st. pete. >> you might that are recognized kevin cash as the manager of the tampa bay rays. he was a catcher for the rays back in 2005 when he and his wife emily found out their firstborn would come into this world with 2 holes in her heart. >> that was the worst news we had ever heard, there was a ton of uncertainty. it was a huge blow. >> how dire didn't seem? >> to devastating -- for us it was devastating. >> we received some information without she might have to go into surgery right away. >> camden came into the world strong weighing 7 pounds. although she didn't need heart surgery immediately she did need a feeding tube. in 17 months doctors at john hopkins decided it was finally
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surgery. after that, their little girl turned the corner and really began to thrive. >> to you remember anything -- do you remember anything about having surgery on your heart or do you just remember hearing about it? >> just hearing about it. >> she has a monitor. we keep an eye on little things here and there. >> is she held back on doing anything she wants to do? >> the only thing she can do is play tackle football. >> we are they find a lot of joy in just watching camden have a normal childhood. they didn't document their daughter's heart surgery were really talk about it publicly at first, but that has changed now . >> i think we have grown a little bit over the years. it is a good thing to be able to share this story. at times we were initially a little guarded, but looking at
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to show positive stories and you will not have a more positive story than our daughter . >> such a great family. they are a big part of the reason why we do this fundraising every year. a goes to research, education, raising awareness and helping kids like camden cash. call 1-800-528-0808. we would love to have you help us close that gap the weather looks perfect for the event. simone biles riled -- wowed the world with her amazing performance in rio. now we know she has her sights set on to you. right now she is touring the country but after that she plans to take a day off -- year off and then she will start training in 2020 -- for the
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hermine is the only thing that could stop the jesuit tires from going 10?zero. we have look with how they knocked off there crosstown rivals to become our team of the week. >> [ video playback ] >> reporter: after having a front row seat to the hanging of their mascot, the jesuit football tigers decided to do their talking on the gridiron. >> i saw that. i know the team and i didn't get like that. >> we were surprised we did it. we wanted to set the tone. >> the tigers already headed to the playoffs and they knew the only way to get some get back was to beat their crosstown rival for the 17 year in a row. >> that was crazy we have this tradition that is older than me . we know who were gonna play we had to keep it going. >> already really talk about
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and we have been waiting for 17 years straight. >> tigers holler at me. >> [ video playback ] . >> to stay undefeated the jesuit football tigers had to go on the road and still one right on the road from one rivals. to do that 17 years in a row, that definitely takes a total team effort and that is why you are news channel 8's team of the week >> [ video playback ] >> reporter: congratulations to the jesuits football tigers. news channel 8's team of the week. >> [ video playback ] >> reporter: with the jesuit tigers, anthony allred news channel 8 sports. we have some breaking news into our newsroom.
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trapped in a storm drain. this is a live picture from orange county florida. you can see a lot of commotion in this part of town. one of the eagles this hurt. we will keep an eye on it and have an update for you as soon as we get one. is 73 degrees and pleasant. keep in mind the air is a little bit dryer. this is out at the lakeland automall. this looks like a postcard, 76 degrees. people still send postcards. north winds at 40 miles-per- hour. -- for miles-per-hour . 71 degrees at land o lakes. you can see with that north wind. we're seeing a little bit of influence with the passage of that front .in brandon, 75 degrees with the northeast wind at 2 miles-per-hour . believe it or not we did see some
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this qualifies as a little bit of rainfall. 73 degrees as our kickoff for our friday night blitz for tomorrow night. for the final play, 65 degrees with cooler temperatures and staying on the dry side. it may be a little bit cool depending on how you react chilly weather. nice shot from tammy et state park. this is a shot from this morning from tony cologne right along the do -- dooms. nice shot from our photographers . >> at 7 am 59 degrees. 79 at 4 pm. temperatures will continue to be warmer in the afternoon but not as warm as they has been -- have been. 79 degrees at the tampa international airport . 50 to
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temperature. 72 degrees in st. petersburg. it will be chilly out in the downtown area tonight. high pressure dominating across the southeast. we have mostly cloudy skies throughout the day yesterday, and we actually did pick up a little bit of precipitation, little bit on the windshield as well. it is mostly clear. we can't rule out high clouds, potentially a few low clouds but with the much in the way of cloudiness.clear skies, light winds temperatures in the 50s. tomorrow afternoon clouds return highs in the upper 70s. a few clouds streaming in from the west. by saturday another cold front. it will slide into the area. we're not expecting much in the way of priests up along the boundary as high-pressure takes control behind that. 52 degrees land o lakes.
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50 inverness. that is a cool start to the day for florida. 49 degrees in brooksville. 70 degrees is our evening condition . quickly into the upper 60s with the drier air around. 59 degrees hour forecast low temperature. in the eye cast -- for the next 3 days, friday, saturday, sunday you can see the high temperatures upper 70s near heats up a little quicker in the afternoon. veterans day for tomorrow and then also the heart walk coming up on saturday, into next week rain chances get up there monday and tuesday. not great but higher than they have been. although we got whole lot of rain yesterday we are still drying out from that point. although we got whole lot of rain yesterday we are still drying out from that .01 precipitation. >> i actually felt 3 or 4 little spits on me. >> yes, and i got my truck washed.
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truck. a ship sank more than 30 years ago has been found. we will take you inside for look around. plus a high-speed chase mishap. see the blunder this man on the road made that allowed police to catch up with
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y25ehy y16fy a propane leak caused a virginia home to catch fire and explode with 3 people inside. her neighbor heard a loud boom and ran outside to see what happened in that is when she saw this, her friend's home scattered into pieces. she called 911 and then rescue her friends from the rubble. and we are told they are amazingly doing okay. the man trying to get away from the loft had a wipeout all caught on camera. you can see him weaving in and out of traffic, but one wrong move and he crashes right into the side of a car. he gets knocked off the bike. he was able to shake that off and took off down an alley but police caught up with him and hold him away in handcuffs. a rare but deadly disease
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this disease usually is rapidly progressive and usually is always fatal. testing is underway to reach an official diagnosis. the wreckage of her freighter that sank back in 1884 has been found. divers say that the js uber was well preserved allowing the team to they say dishes were still stacked on shelves. from suspect chased to rescue mission. coming up, the split decision deputies had to make to save a criminal from the water. we will tell you how they saved his life. plus a star opens up about a break-in that left his father
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teenage suspect. floridians overwhelmingly said yes to medical marijuana for what happens if your employer still says no. we will explore that legal dilemma coming up. thousands of property tax bills missing in the mail. targeting takes a look.
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from suspect chased to search and rescue, how the primary mission of these deputies changed in the matter of seconds. raking his silence, white jared mcquay forgives the teen who broke into his home. florida voters say yes to medical marijuana, we will explain how employers could
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for joining us tonight here new tonight a pasco county meant ended up being saved by the very deputies he was trying to get away from. he accidentally ran into a canal and began drowning. tonight those deputies are talking about the moment i went from pursuit to rescue. we're live where that all happen, quite an amazing story and a good ending to this one. here's what happened, they chased this guy into this neighborhood. he stopped his car in the middle of the street, jumped out running and ran toward this tree line. he didn't realize on the other side of this tree line there is a canal. it started with the chase, deputies tried pulling the sky over, 40-year-old gerald bornstein. he was driving a jeep they had been looking for involved in it . >> you jerks the wheel to the


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