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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  November 11, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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have a good day, everyone. >> argg! >> and to all our veterans, thank you for your service. >> thank you very much for your service. we appreciate each and every one of you. another night of protest says rocking several major u.s. cities, fires set, property ma this over the election of donald trump. in one city police said protests quickly turned to riots. >> usf students discover threatening messages. >> good morning. >> thank you for joining us. we're going to check the forecast first and we want to take a moment to wish our veterans a happy veterans day. >> we want to say thank you. we want to go live now. you see
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to lay the traditional wreath. this is a ceremony we see year after year at the tomb of the unknowns, a bit of a somber event. this represents all those who have died in battle. today we thank our veterans. those who survived and did not. a very special day in the united states. there are events happening because nationwide this day is celebrated as remembrance day marking the end of world war i, november 11th. major hostile lit tees came to an end at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. here we say a big thank you as you're looking live at the traditional wreath laying ceremony.
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over to leigh spann to take a look at our beautiful weather. >> it has certainly been a beautiful day. a lot of ceremonies going on including some parades and look at that conveniently enough, blue skies 73 degrees, low humidity just a great day to be outside. so thank you to all the veterans for sure. we're now warming up to 72 in lakeland, 75 in tampa, 77 in sarasota. so the official veterans day forecast couldn't 78 degrees, sunny and low humidity, almost room temperature outside and we'll continue with the cooler morningings low humidity today and tomorrow. rain chances don't enter the forecast until next week monday, tuesday and wednesday, and speaking of monday it's the super moon where it appears 14% larger and 30% brighter. happening overnight an
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you see riot police battling with protesters on streets of portland oregon. police arrested 26 people saying that it quickly escalated from a simple protest to a riot. crowds setting fires, vandalizing busses, damages cars. in los angeles 185 people were arrested during protests there. those people arrested for blocking a freeway, boston washington d.c. and chicago also saw protesters taking to the from the city of chicago reporting police are investigating the beating of a 50-year old man you see they're kicking him to the ground there and his attackers can be heard taunting him for supporting donald trump punching and kicking the man over an over again. it started with a traffic related argument but then turned into trump related taunts. police say they cannot confirm that the man voted for donald trump.
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and drives off. and the bay area was not spared from anti-donald trump protests, you can see hundreds hit the streets in downtown tampa and ybor city. there were about 100 people in tampa and about 200 in ybor. >> i think the best thing to do is ban together all minorities, together and unite and protect each other. >> police tell us there were no arrests and no reports of property damage. and happening today the life of a convenient store clerk is going to speak about her husband's murder at 2 she's going to make a brief statement about losing her husband in a robbery last month. she'll give testimony to his good character, her sadness in losing him and plead for anyone with information about her husband's killer to come forward.
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his convenient store to go home for the night. and right now racial tensions at the university of south florida. an investigation is underway after someone scribbled racial slurs in several of the dorm rooms and a threat to kill if hillary clinton became president. the university's president september an email to student this week. she didn't address the recent cases we just told you about but rather urged students to get al a campaign season and election. the university is now beefing up police patrols and reassuring students that they're taking this matter seriously. tampa police are searching for the person who killed a man at a tampa gas station. he was found unconscious near i-4 and i-275 and died shortly thereafter. its unknown if the victim and suspect knew each other. the call came in around 7:00 last night. police found
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he then died at the hospital. investigators tell us he was murdered and don't know yet what the motive may have been. they have not identified any isn't and we are still waiting for the name of the victim as well. a polk county man is dead after a confrontation with deputies. the sheriff tell us it started when john patrick threatened to kill his mother after she asked him to move a car. deputies were called to the scene and say he pointed a gun at one of another deputy opened fire shooting and killing the man. investigators say patrick's mother was hit twice by stray bullets fired by her son. she's recovering this morning at the hospital. some new video to show you this morning from the pulse nightclub shooting. it's body cam video showing the drama unfolding as deputies arrived. they rushed to enter hoping to help get victims out of the building. the video is the latest evidence in the
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well, today is veterans day, and we are honoring those who fought for our country serving in our mail at the. some businesses are showing their appreciation, everything from free doughnuts, drinks, and admission to events are up for grabs today. we have a complete list on our website at today americans are honoring veterans. and on this special day a special birthday for a world war ii veteran, a member of the greatest generation who turns 100 years old. . >> these are great. these must be great to look back at. >> i like to take a lot of pictures. >> such a pleasure and honor to sit down with alfred who turns 100 years old today on veterans
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of running a successful furniture company for years in downtown tampa. . >> the radio blanked out because of the world war. >> and his time serving our country in the air force. >> it's good to be one of the old boys. >> yes they were moments, but as he reflected he told me overall his life has been ex sill letter rating. >> what are your secrets to staying so young? >> i've first thing i say is yes, dear. >> yes, dear, i had to ask his wife if that saying yes dear to her in fact, is the fountain of youth. is that true? >> yes, yes. isn't that true? we met 066 years
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in a war veterans picnic. on treasure island. . >> was it love at first sight? >> i guess so. . >> because here we are. 66 years later. . >> wow, well all of us here at news channel 8 of course witch him the very best. how special. he's celebrating his 100th birtt help think about how many people out there like h so much for us. >> both my father and step fathered served as well. we're sad for those who lost their lives but we have somebody right here at news channel 8. our very own, we want to honor her because before she was a traffic reporter for us she served in the military. is that you with dark hair? >> i don't know how that happened. >> and she was a military journalist as well. >> what did you do exactly?
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which is now called american forces network and it was wonderful. that's how i got into journalism back in the day when i still had dark 8. 8 and a half years. i was activated my grandfather served in world war i and great uncle world war ii, my brother was in the navy and i told you what it was quite an experience. and the military has changed so much, you know, the don't ask don't tell policy is in effect. woca >> we thank you for your services and we have a lot of veterans that live in the bay area. so thank you. and to is there families thank r sharing them with us. it can be very difficult to be without mom or dad while they're out serving. >> when you see one of the reunions between a parent and child when they come back. >> a beautiful moment. >> they need to do a channel devoted to that. >> even the dogs. >> and it's tough on reservists
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>> you're welcome. thank you guys. well, it's mating season for eagles right now and that could lead to some aggressive behavior. >> and people outside of orlando saw that first hand, next how these 2 got stuck in a storm drain. we'll have an update on their condition. well, just clear beautiful skies last night and all day today had this great picture of the one cloud sent to us. i love that. i love the clear skies, the comfortable conditions but monday therel all around the world. we'll talk more about that super moon
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appliances. electronics. furniture. hhgregg i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts covered with cinnamon crumble and sweet cream cheese icing. try our new cinnamon pull-aparts for just 6 bucks. papa john's. welcome back. a pair of american bald eagles found themselves stuck. >> the 2 got caught in a storm drain near orlando of all places. >> near orange county and take a look. that doesn't look very
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stuck in the grate. well crews with the fire department and fish and wildlife blocked the streets to get them help. one flew away got himself out of that situation, but the second bird is actually hurt pretty badly. so sorry to say that but that bird is now in rehab and hopefully they can get her all patched up and back into the wild. so it looks like she may be okay. >> this >> everywhere, yeah. >> quite a sight nice weather for flying. >> beautiful whatever you're doing. i know there's parades going on for veterans day. 73 degrees northwest winds at 4 miles per hour and just beautiful with the low humidity and of course the bright blue skies. so let's talk a little bit about this super moon, all right because it's not just a typical super moon which, by the way that's when the earth and
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to each other, but we actually have the biggest super moon. so we'll call it the superest moon. that's what a super moon is, but the one that's happening on monday night is the largest super moon and you want to catch it now because the next time we'll have a super moon this large november 25th, 2034. plenty of years to wait for it. so we'll talk m minute or 2. at 1:00 this afternoon plenty of sunshine, 76 at 4 p.m., low humidity, comfortable 78 degrees, once that sun sets though it's going to start cooling down pretty quickly. 70 degrees at 7 p.m. right now it's 75 in tampa we've reached 73 in brooksville. these are couple degrees cooler than this time yesterday but it feels so nice barely a cloud in
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chill in the air this morning just perfect. mostly sunny comfortable low humidity this afternoon. again, going to wake up tomorrow morning it's going to feel cool for your morning walk hopefully you're out walking with us and 30,000 others for the heart walk. it's not going to have much of an impact on our weekend forecast. speaking of the weekend expect 80 degrees saturday afternoon, let's give you a quick look at the heart walk forecast because if you go out to the 19 degrees again it warms up all the way to 81 degrees and comfortable for your afternoon on sunday and sunday there may be a couple of more clouds around on sunday and then monday, tuesday, wednesday, that's when that cold front actually brings us about a 20% rain chance. highs staying in the upper 70s so even with the clouds still comfortable. >> all right. thank you very much.
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arlington national cemetery. [audio difficulty] . >> we're going to take a quick break. we're having a little technical difficulty and we'll get back to you in just a
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. even with a few clouds on monday that super monday night. let's talk more about when and where to see all this. we'll do that because we're being joined live by dr. petro. good morning. let's talk about what a super ms normally. >> simply a super moon is the closest full moon of the year. so it's going to be the opportunity when the moon is closest in its approach around the earth in its orbit and full. >> okay. so what makes this one
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super moon? >> what makes this particular super moon most super is that it's the closest the moon will be to the earth since january of 1948. so it's been quite a long time since it's been that close. >> and why is that. >> the orbit around the earth is irregular, it's affected by all of the other massive objects in the system, gravity of the sun, all pulling on -- well everything in the system but including the moon as well as the oceans of the earth sloshing the moon around. a orbit of the moon around the earth. >> all right so we're going to have our clear rest skies over the weekend and not so much on monday night, but people will even notice that it is bigger and brighter before it's completely full, right? >> that's right. so yeah, even sunday night would be an excellent opportunity. it would be an excellent opportunity for people to check out the full moon, the super moon, even into monday morning if you have an opportunity to get up nice and
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beautiful full moon. >> and nothing crazy happens when the super moon it's just how it appears it doesn't actually get bigger. >> right the only thing -- well, it is -- the moon isn't changing in size the only effect that happens is that people will have a stiff neck the next morning. >> all right. that will definitely be us. thank you so much i appreciate you joining us live from nasa. so have fun out there: we'll be looking at that super, super moon. right now you live out to arlington cemetery. veterans day ceremony is happening there. moments ago we showed you a live image of president obama as he placed the wreath in front of the tomb of the unknowns. of course veterans day here in the united states, the day at that we give thanks to all men an women who have served our country. and now we're going to an 8 on your side alert whether
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running can put you at risk. >> from cat calls to being followed harassment can leave women feeling vulnerable. leigh spann is on your side so help keep you safe. >> i read in runner's world magazine about a survey that found 43% of women experience harassment at least sometimes when they're out on runs. that compares to just 4% of men. so i talked to one local runner who is doing all the and still left her in a scary situation. >> they're lonely and sometimes it's really dark out z. when she trains for marathons she's covering a lot of ground and that means there are plenty of opportunities for some unwanted attention. >> what are some of the ways that you have been harassed? . >> well, honking horns is probably one of the scariest it throws your rhythm off, you can trip, fall.
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in a parking lot but something caught her eye. >> it was a black pickup and he kept circling the lot. i was like this just feels weird. he wasn't parking, he was just going really really slow. and i'm in the middle. i can't go anywhere. >> when she pretended to make a phone call that driver left. >> police sergeant susan prior is a runner too. she says she need to follow her lead appeared trust their gut feel right call police. >> i run in more of a sub division so if i needed assistance it would be easy to divert off a road to a house. >> the sergeant also urges women to stand tall while run running, shoulders tall, head back. >> when with an attitude. look confident. >> put technolo. gps watches track miles appeared pace. >> when i start it, it will track where i'm
11:26 am
where you're running if you don't return, and don't forget to use your phone and snap pictures of suspicious cars or people. . >> cat calling and stuff, bad manners is not a crime, but following, stalking, harassing is . >> and that is why the sergeant says you should never hesitate to call police. now, the sergeant also gave me 4 more important tips runners are going to want to hear these. first of all stay away from running routes where you high hedges or isolated areas where someone might hiding and take your ear phones out, listen for footsteps or traffic and of course be aware of your surroundings next have a safety plan in mind of what you would do if someone approaches you so you already have that plan and finally, she herself runs with a whistle to let people know if she's in trouble. great information so that you can steer clear of any scary turns
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plan she already had it in her brain she runs with a road id it has her name and address and emergency contact and she says if anyone comes to get her she's going to whip that off. it's sad that we have to think about it but we have to think about it. >> again, you hope it doesn't happen but it can. and i was thinking when you mentioned the hedges it's tempting to go run in places where there's a lot of shade and treeings and yourself in danger. >> it's very scary i've posted the article that has the entire survey on my facebook facebook page it's scary what some people have had to deal with. i've been honked at and that is scary because you don't know what's going to happen next. >> the head phones good advice too. >> exactly. . we're going to take a quick
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president obama and president elect trump getting to know each other at the white house but trump did more than sit down with the president during his visit. >> and wild fires keeping hundreds of firefighters busy right now. this is in north carolina and georgia. one of them under suspicious of arson. >> and of course today is a day to thank all of our veterans. you're looking live at a see president obama speak there in a little while. so many others going on all over the country these types of ceremonies and memorials, and just a way to say thanks to all the men and women who are currently serving our country or have served in our nation's military. good morning. thanks for joining us on this friday morning. let's check in for your friday forecast. >> we're lucky for all of the
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the humidity is low and it's just comfortable to be outside. lakeland ranch 77 degrees, calm winds so now let's take you through temperatures for the rest of the day. so about lunchtime most of us in the mid to upper 70s, we're going to make it into the upper 70s to near 80 about 3:55. then the temperatures start to fall once the one sets. this is about 9:30. we'll already see some 50s by 9:30 on your friday night. mid-60s, saturday morning you're waking up back into some upper 40s, 49 in inverness, 54 in tampa, so the 8-day temperature trend today is one of our cooler days at 78, 80 tomorrow, again a cool morning but a fast warm up, 81 on sunday, notices we're into the upper 70s which is average for next week but i added in small rain chances.
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washington since being elected president. he met with president obama and with republican leaders. it was a day of promoting a smooth transition. . >> reporter: donald trump called his first day in washington d.c. fantastic. >> my number one priority in the coming 2 months is to try to facilitate a transition that ensures our president elect i president obama shook hands. >> mr. president, it was a great honor being with you and i look forward to being with you many, many more times. >> thank you. . >> reporter: trump opening the door to seek the president's counsel in the future the respect echoed by white house spokesman josh earnest. >> reporter: the president
11:34 am
speaker paul ryan. avoiding protesters at every step. >> i haven't been to sleep since he was elected president. and i'm just devastated right now. >> they should just get used to it and start trying to figure out how we're all going to get along. >> the protests continued in cities across the u.s. for a third straight night now trump responding on twitter saying professional protesters incited by media are protesting very ir . >> and donald trump went back to new york last night. this morning he is waking up at trump tower planning for for the transition. and making news across america this morning a court hearing will take place in wisconsin related to the so-called slender man stabbing case. 2 girls who were 12 at the time are accused of attacking a friend to please a
11:35 am
charged as adults. they pleaded not guilty by reason of mental illness. well, normally when we talk about wild fires it's out in the western states but right now there are 30 burning in western north carolina, and sources close to the investigation say that they have found evidence of arson. at least 10 of 30 are more than 100 acres. and investigators do not attribute all of the fires to arson, but say they are concerned about origin of some of them. and the rough ridge wildfire in georgia has spread to more than 10,000 acres now this was started by a lightning strike. nearly 300 firefighters are working to put it out, but right now it is only 13% contained. smoke from the fire can be seen as far south as atlanta. and around the world this morning a senior isis commander has been killed in the battle
11:36 am
you. sources say he was hit in an air strike tuesday. the terrorist group confirmed the death. sources explained the same man was also a high ranking intelligence officer. according to police more than 1,200 militants have been killed to far in the fight to retake mosul. a very high profile guest today, it's secretary of state general kerry. he's there for a from scientists. he's the highest ranking american official to visit antartica. famed canadian songwriter leonard cohen has died at the age of 82. . >> that is the sippinger and
11:37 am
other artists. he was already a celebrated poet when he moved to new york back in 1966 to break into the music business. well here in the bay area a special shopping spree for our veterans today. the junior league of tampa bay is waiving its ticket place for the holiday gift market. >> i will be going this weekend. . >> reporter: the 13th annl gift market is well underway at the florida state fair grounds and it is actually one of the biggest in the country. there's so much to do here. more than 150 vendors but before we get to all the action the day i want to introduce you to the co-chairs, tracy and hannah. thank you so much for joining us today >> thank you so much for being here. >> this is a really big big event. people come in from all
11:38 am
goods on display. >> absolutely. being that this is the 13th annual event for us and the 90th anniversary of the junior league of tampa we have over 150 specialty merchants from all over the country, tons of special events our entertainment is sponsored, so it's going to be real great all weekend long. >> and i think what a lot of people don't realize is that all the proceeds, one hundred % the junior league keeps in the community because you guys are reallyss there doing projects. >> yes, absolutely. the net proceeds of the holidayt market goes right back into the community to support our 13 projects. >> now, there's also some special events i know there's going to be like a candle party. i noticed the cookies over at publix. so there are things outside of just shopping to do with the family.
11:39 am
cookies with the clauses, and as well we have a princess meet and greet for the little girls on sunday afternoon where we can meet their favorite princesses. >> behind me i think this is interest you have a free booth setup for young entrepreneurs which very cool. >> this is janae booth and she is our 2016 young entrepreneur program winner. she started her own wedding and realized in a every one of her friends was calling and trying to get them to do them for her as well. she has left her full-time job as has this as her new business and we're so happy to support that. >> all right. let's come on over here and get some of this in the background. it's going to be a great event. come on out. you can get all of your christmas shopping down your entire list. thank you, ladies. come on out to the fairgrounds g
11:40 am
>> yeah. >> i have not missed a year i don't think. the market runs through sunday for more information just go to well, a case of mistaken identity left a man with a massive hospital bill. >> and he could have had his name connected to a drug overdose for the rest of his life. ahead the way that shannon cleared up case. >> and if you use the amazon app on your phone you may have some money coming your way. super moon the moon is not quite full yet but still beautiful. jackie got us this picture last night. the moon will continue to get bigger and bigger and more full by the time we head into monday when the super moon actually happens. we'll talk more about our rain chances on
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coming to you from tampa's
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much better today. >> they've named him emoji and he was in rough shape. >> the zoo found him with debris and plastic bags in his stomach. he's doing a lot better thanks to the staff. >> officials say emoji would not have survived on his own and will be released back into the wild though he'll probably be with the zoo for about 2 more years. obviously he has a baby. so glad they were able to not only fix him best name ever. >> so cute. >> he's definitely my favorite emoji. >> i want to see him with snapchat filters. i think that can liven things up. >> i love that. well, we have bright blue skies today it's hard to top today. >> gorgeous. >> the crisp cool morning, really comfortable afternoon. >> look at that. >> the plantation on crystal river. earlier it looks like they've gotten out the pool, those people are not from florida.
11:45 am
often. so we're glad we have visitors in town certainly enjoying our beautiful spot. pleasant, yep, can't say it any other way, pleasant, lots of sunshine, 76 at 1:00. we warm up a little bit more 3, 4:00 to 78 degrees, low humidity, comfortable, now, once again for your friday if you're heading out to dinner right after work it's going to start getting cool quickly already back down to 70 degrees by 7 p.m. 68 in clete bartow, a wider viewpoint shows that it's still 67 here. of course you go down to south floor it's a little warmer at 81 in marathon as we speak. and generally clear skies. we'll look at the long range forecast and take you through the weekend. there is this cold front sinking south not having any impact on us today that's for sure. today and tomorrow.
11:46 am
area develops along this cold front. once front gets in here it does ventedly lead to a couple of showers as we head into monday and tuesday even into wednesday morning about a 20% rain chance but the good thing is we keep it dry for your weekend. 78 degrees here on this veterans day, mostly sunny and nice, pretty close to average, cooling quickly, staying clear overnight tonight. so there will be a chill in the area out at raymond james stadium with 30,000 of us getting ready for the heart walk, but it and once the sun comes up to 80 saturday afternoon, 81 on sunday, there are just some 20% rain chances monday, tuesday and wednesday, by no means do we expect a lot of rain, guys. >> all right. if you've been cheated when you need help she's on your side. . >> well, similar names and similar faces, a medical identity mix-up turned an 18-year old's life upside down.
11:47 am
enforcement. now, shannon benson has tracked down the guy who should have received that bill. >> i knocked and knocked over days. looking for leon mcgill the student at the center of a an identity mcup. a man with an identical name stuck with his medical bill and aor overdose. >> finally he opened the door. he claimed he never noticed sail paperwork listing him as mcgill leon. >> you had no idea you were in the hospital under someone he will's name? . >> no. >> he claims he learned of this mess by watching our news story.
11:48 am
. >> well, when my roommate told me hey there was news, i looked it up and then bam i seen this. i'm like, what the is going on. are you serious. >> it started with a 911 call at about 4 a.m. august 27th. . >> she's just yelling, bro, she's been doing this 30 minutes. >> another neighbor called. >> hello, i see a maniac keep screaming out my door. >> the sheriffs deputy explained he got his name from a roommate and confirmed his identity by comparing the patient to a driver's license photo. >> i tried everything to convince everyone that it wasn't him. so now that you know do you think the office owes him an apology? >> well, what i think is that
11:49 am
could. >> that is something he disputes. >> he didn't want to like take responsibility or at least bother to investigate. i had to do this on my own. i reached out to you guys under a helped me a lot a lot. >> so this is finally over. meanwhile leon mcgill says he's more than willing to pay for this hospital bill. and if you have a problem that needs solving you better call behnken the number is on your screen. you this morning several recalls to tell you about first a fire hazard prompting the recall of thousands of light fixtures it affects 71,000 ice flush mount celling fixture like you see here they're sold at lowe's from april 2015 through june 2016. the 40 watt bulbs burned too hot
11:50 am
hazard. you want to contact the manufacturer for a free 25 watt bulb. also volvo recalling s 60, s 90, xc 60 and xc 90 vehicles from 2016 through 2017 model years. a buckle stud can come loose. it that were to happen seat belt may not hold a front passenger in a that taken care of. >> and anyone using the amazon app on your smart phone pay attention because cash could be coming your way especially if you have kids. a federal judge ruled that amazon has to reimburse customers who's kids made in app purchases without permission. the fcc sued the company saying it was too easy to spend their parents money. the agencies settled similar cases against apple and google.
11:51 am
in app purchases or an opt in to enable purchases without a password. and snapchat's new sunglasses are on sale but in a most unusual way. the company is selling the camera glasses out of a custom made vending machine, the first machine popped up in los angeles and a line quickly formed. before long it sold out. the $129 sunglasses come and equipped with a camera that works exclusively with a snapchat app. . >> i take it doesn't take quarters. >> i'm guesses not. around here it's not uncommon to see turtles or
11:52 am
what about mongooses.
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11:55 am
it's friday so how about smiling or perhaps laughing, check out this interest video this morning, a very unique occurrence here. it's from a golf course in south africa. it's a herd of mongooses, they wake up and stampede and they run across the green. all the players just kind and yes, in case your wondering it is mongoose although i should say gooses, geese is also acceptable. >> did you google that. >> no, our producer did. he did. plugs a lot of people this week it's been a busy week between the election and a lot of stuff going on a distraction
11:56 am
those especially when it makes you laugh. hopefully this video will. check it out. . >> ? keep it pg. >> that is grizz, at a game earlier this week when the song pony came on puts a smile on your face i guess. >> yeah, 8th grade used to get down at the school dance, you know. >> i am not good at dancing. >> thank you for joining us. >> see you back here at 4 and
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i'm afraid you're suffering from fobo. fobo? fobo. fobo... fear of better options. cure fobo with black friday savings now. up to 40% off, 24-months special financing, and free delivery.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from is that stin >> sting. >> two great surprises. sting is performing on our show on this friday, november 11th. >> yep. >> and our second surprise, look who's filling in for kathie lee. has lair oushir our -- hilariou andrew. >> look, a talk show host.


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