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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  November 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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out there. >> honoring our nation's veterans. america pauses to remember the men and women who gave everything for their country. good evening i'm keith cate. >> i'm jennifer lee thank you for joining us. a plea for justice who killed a lake wales store clerk. tonight his widow is begging the public to come forward. melissa marino joins us live from the q p down. >>reporter: these flowers here a heartbreaking reminder what happened that night. two weeks later and his wife and police are still searching for answers. a tearful plea for justice. the past two weeks have been nothing short of misery for the wife of murdered store clerk. the couple had been married for 12 years and had two daughters. >> toughest question that she
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when is dad coming home. >>reporter: mystery still surrounds his death. seconds after closing up the q p muhammad was gunned down. when he didn't come home that morning. she went to the gas station and saw crime tape. >> i think something wrong with my husband i feel it you know. something wrong with my husband. i feel it. >>reporter: then the heartbreaking news. >> he is no more. >>reporter: gas station surveillance shows two suspects wearing hoodies running off after the encounters. bliss believe they confronted muhammad took his pants and belongings and one shot him. they found his phone but haven't been able to track down his killer. >> there's been nothing at this point that we've been able to create a case file charges. >>reporter: his wife just
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anonymous if you call crimestoppers a $5,000 reward is being offered. jen. >> melissa you mentioned his cell phone was found. have they had any leads from that? >>reporter: right now investigators are looking at it for fingerprints or dna. they haven't gotten results but hope hopefully something comes back and will lead to his killer. >> could be a major break in the case. let's hope it is. melissa marino live in lake wales for us thank you. florida attorney general pam bondi is now a mart of president-elect donald trump's transition team. bondi's maim name has been floated as a possible pick for u.s. attorney general. she has been criticized for dropping a fraud case against trump university after receiving a $25,000 donation from trump. bondi's name is one of many sent out by the trump campaign. three of trump's children are also on the list. as brian moore shows us it is a
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the incoming president shape his cabinet. >>reporter: thanks and good evening. the transition team includes a whose who of political insiders with names like gingrich sections giuliani and priebus. vice-president elect mike pence is taking over a transition team that includes some of the future first family, members of congress and campaign loyalists like former new york mayor rudy giuliani. >> i can see already how he is going to be a great president and i'm glad i could play a sm a flood of personnel announcement twitter teased by president-elect trump. >> we together are going to drain the swamp!. >>reporter: the candidate who ran against washington's elite is now looking to them for help. gop chair reince priebus is on the short list to be chief of staff. the president's gatekeeper. >> it should be someone who
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will this new administration be? is there there's a lot of great women out there. the same can be said with hispanic, muslim. he is going to have a diverse cabinet, but in cities and the country row testers have low to no expectations of a new president some refuse to accept. on twitter the president-elect first dismissed protester as professionals incited by the media. hours later praised their passion. mixed messages from and the reigns of power on january 20th. fortunes are already rising and falling. new jersey governor chris christie had been head of the transition team but he's been bumped down. in washington brian moore news channel 8. >> for the last time in his role as president barack obama laid a wreath outside of the
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he touched on how america can move forward after a nasty election. >> the american instinct has never been to find ice lake laying in opposite corners it is to find strength in our common creed. to forge unity from our great diversity. >> president obama also urged lawmakers to take action on problems that at the veterans administration. >>ou meteorologist steve jerve served as master of ceremonies in bushnell. it is an annual honor. tens of thousands of servicemen and women are buried at bushnell. a touching tribute on this veteran's day. >> say a little prayer or
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veteran released a different. he has a different release business but he did this today to honor all of those who served. >> it means a lot to a lot of people because they don't know what the duff release is all about. it's a touching thing. it's being free releasing that did you ever. >> news channel 8 melissa marino release aid duff in honor of her brother an army veteran. in case you're wondering after the release the duffs then fly back to their home. for our veterans today. the junior league of fbi's waiving the ticket price for holiday gift market. >> gayle guyardo is at the fairgrounds to show us what this huge event is all about. >>reporter: the 1th annual junior league of tampa holiday gift market is well underway at the florida state fairgrounds and it is actually one of the biggest in the country. there's so much to do here. more than 150 vendors. but before we get to all the
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introduce you to the co-chairs tracy domino and hannah gross. thank you guys so much for joining us today. >> thank you so much for being here. >>reporter: this is a really big event. people actually come in from all over the country to put their goods on display. >> absolutely. being that this is the 13th annual event for us in the 90th anniversary of the junior league of tampa we have over 150 specialty merchants from all over the tons of special events. our entertainment is sponsored by the gasparilla music festival. >>reporter: i think what a lot of people don't realize is that all the proceeds 100%, the junior league keeps in the community because you guys are really grass rooted, you're always out there doing projects. >> yes absolutely. the net proceeds of the holiday gift market goes right back into the community to support our 13 projects. >>reporter: now there's also some special event i know there's going to be like a
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publix super mark you're going to have cookies there are things outside of shopping to do with the family. >> absolutely. we have two events tomorrow and sunday cookies with the clauses meet santa avoid the line at the mall and have a princess meet and greet for the little girls on sunday afternoon where they can come meet princesses. >>reporter: behind me this is really tree booth set up for young entrepreneurs which is very very cool. >> absolutely. this is janae carl's booth and she is our 2016 young entrepreneur ship program winner. she started her business after learning calligraphy for her own wedding and realized that everyone of her friends was calling and trying to get her to do it for them as well. and so now she has left her full time job and has this as her new business. and we are just so happy to
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the background. there's going to be a great event. so come on out. you can get all of your christmas shopping done your entire list. thank you leads ladies. come on out to the fairgrounds you're going to love it. >> thank you gayle. again, the holiday gift market runs through sunday. for more information head over to 8 on your side put together a full list of veteran's de the state of florida has hundreds of millions of dollars sitting in unclaimed account and some of that could be yours. >> coming up to find out if you've got misplaceed money better call behnken. >> we'll show you an effort coming up to help you reunite with your lost cash. it was a cool start to the day in portions of the bay area upper 40s. afternoon warm nicely. similar for tomorrow. few more clouds and your
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. a new local billboard is getting a lot of attention. largo clinic med spa offering medical marijuana exams. the doctor who runs the clinic specializes in pain management. a patient has to see the doctor and have a medical condition that qualifies for marijuana understate law. >> i think there's multiple
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not just those that are listed in the new state laws. why this largo doctor changed his mind about medical marijuana and what's involved in getting recommending to receive the drug. temps in the upper 60 new port richey. high clouds mid level clouds as well in the person part of pasco county at the we're waiting on another cold front on saturday. this is the lake club lakewood ranch 73 degrees northwest winds at 5 miles per hour. we don't see much of a breeze going on here do with the plantation crystal river. use these cameras and see them before the sun goes down. the heart walk forecast for tomorrow 59 degrees crisp and cool warming up quickly that will be cool to start the day which typically is this time of year but the afternoons always
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temperatures will be quite comfortable. 80 for saturday, 81 on sunday cool morning with sunny afternoon. maybe a few extra clouds around we have a cold front settling into the area. debbie sent a very night shot this is some earlier in the indian shores region a few clouds there earlier in the day. forecast again 7:00 p.m., 70 degrees. that's our forecast there for later on this evening. as we look at our temps low 70s mid-70s apollo beach. 70 new city, 77 warmer in sebring bartow 69 degrees crystal river venice is 74. high clouds mostly we've seen them in the sky seeking our way coming in from the west. and also some drier air farther off to the east. we've seen those whisk bier looking clouds mix in fair weather clouds too that have been popping across the peninsula. temperatures reaching into the low 80s in portions upper 70s. but it really was a beautifully stung day across the region.
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the area. football let's weather this is great news to report for friday night football blitz. 68 degrees for our kick off. at halftime 65 degrees mostly clear with temperatures falling off and then by the final play 63 degrees cooler. so if you are headed out to these games want to wear a sweatshirt might be kind of chilly. usf they are playing memphis in memphis, tennessee. not bad 54 degrees. clear skies. evening game go bulls. the gamecocks are playing the gators in gainesville, 72 degrees. that's a nice looking day there. clear skies maybe a little bit breezy at times. cold front setting into the area. fsu playing boston college in tallahassee 64 degrees. partly cloudy not bad there either. this is an evening game so if you are attending that game it might get cool toward the end. miami playing virginia. 50 degrees charlottesville.
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in orlando 75 degrees with mostly sunny skies saturday at noon. we have famu and morgan state they are playing in tallahassee as well. 75 degrees picture perfect day. the bucs they are playing in tampa 76 degrees playing the bears there in town a few clouds light breeze sunday at 1:00 for the game time there. this evening pleasant conditions. maybe a few high clouds we've seen those throughout the day but mostly clear conditions will stay with us. a little cool to start the day on saturday. warming nicely in e not expecting rain but it may add a few clouds forecast for sunday possibly some patchy fog as well. overall not expecting much in the way of precip. saturday and sunday there you go. for monday as well. monday and tuesday. we are upping the rain chance added clouds at 20% still not very high but upper 70s all the
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just sitting out there waiting for you to claim it in our second better call behnken phone bank could help you do just that. investigator shannon behnken to talk a little more about it. more money out there for people if they just come and get it. >> that's right. this is so exciting. what better time right before the holidays to get that money. we are partnering with the office of florida's chief financial officer jeff atwater to make sure that you have the opportunity to collect all of the money that's owed to you. ou and we brought state workers here to the news center. they answered calls and they helped viewers collect $1.3 million. one viewer discovered that he was owed $50,000 and another found $20,000. the money mainly comes from old bank accounts for insurance settlements and maybe account that you closed and you forgot about those accounts. we're holding another phone bank here on monday from 5:00 p.m. through our 11:00 p.m.
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money still up for grabs. >> it's raining money behind us. >> i couldn't believe the numbers. we're talking more than $380 million just in tampa bay. >> this is in our viewing area. it went away. but needless to say a lot of money here. and it's difficult to collect all of this money isn't it? >> it is difficult to collect it. the state has had a lot of problems trying to locate these people and that's why they have asked for our help and we're bringing in questions. they will call, you'll call in and they will be able to look up your name and instantly tell you if you're owed money and how to go about getting it. again there's a lot of people out there. -- >> you told me you were going to give a guy some money and not a little bit of money. >> i did. i found a guy who's owed $526,000. >> stop a minute. let that sink in. that much money you knock on the door. >> i found him. he answered the door. he didn't want it.
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and didn't want it. this is what the state's dog dealing with. they want to give the money away to the people they have to hold it by law it will continue to sit there. people don't want it. i know there's a lot of you who do want it. >> we have a whole phone bank. maybe that guy will decide he wants to give that money to charity. thank you shannon. this is coming up soon better call behnken unclaimed cash phone bank is on monday going to start afternoon run through our 11:00 p.m. newscast. ergo home time on the friday night blitz. coming up next our game of the week takes us to lake begin gibson high school where the braves try to remain undefeated against one of the best teams
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. >> the heart walk is tomorrow morning at raymond james stadium. you have a few stacie's team donate go to
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it is week 12 of the friday night blitz the first week of the playoffs. >> it's t home. >> game of the week is hillsborough versus lake gibson high school. news channel 8 paul ryan joining us live from lakeland with a preview. paul. >> good evening keith and jen it is put up or shut up time for high school football teams here in the state of florida. tonight friday night blitz takes us to our game of the week here at lake gibson high school where the 9-0 undefeated braves take on the hillsborough terriers. 8-1 this year but loan blemish
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team in the state. the ultimate irony is if they win tonight at lake gibson they could secure themselves a rematch against the hawks next week. let's not get ahead of ourselves. we caught up with head coach bill car r garcia. el has some time to employ extra wring williams extra weeks since they didn't play last week. his team is fully healthy heading into a must win game tonight. >> once get to the state of florida playoffs very few lazy football teams this this is a great team we're hoping to win this football game get another shot at arm wood next weekend. this is what you coach for this is what you play for playoff football november we're excited. >>reporter: key to this game is going to come down to the lake gibson defense. they have out scored teams get this 295 to 56 over the course of 9 games this year. posted 4 shutouts. this team had 7 sacks against one of the best offenses in the
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one to score tonight at lake gibson if hillsborough can do that head to that rematch. tune into the blitz tonight at 11:15. highlights and much more. >> if you like the underdogs hillsborough is your team tonight then sounds like. all right paul appreciate it. >> thank you. josh benson is here with look what's coming up at 5:30. >> we have a massive smoke detector recall to tell you about. next at 5:30. the reason one brands could day for one wwii veteran. the other big milestone he's
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. a man brutally murdered and left to die at a bay area gas station. must news channel 8 spoke with people who live nearby and hear why they say it was only a matter of time before something like this happened. >> good evening i'm jennifer lee. >> i'm josh benson thanks for being with us. >> the hunt is on to find a person who killed a tampa man at a convenience store. >> the victim 56-year-old man the sunoco store off nebraska avenue. rod this is a crime it's shocking when you hear about the details. >>reporter: it really is. that happened 7:00 right here at this intersection. that man gregory walker beaten to death left here in the middle of this road and you know i talked to some of the folks who live near him at his apartment complex they told me he was a really great guy. they are absolutely still in


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