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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  November 11, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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incident involving pasco county teach is under investigation. a student claims a teacher made a mint comment calling donald trump to get them sent back to africa. that teacher met with school officials and have to ask you does this teacher think he was being clever making a joke? what was this all about? >>reporter: good evening keith, stacie. this parent tells me he sousa the teacher said it was off the wall comment it wasn't meant to be racial. the parent doesn't feel this is a jokeing matter. john sousa is on administrative leave. he's accused of making a racist comment toward several black students wednesday. >> as soon as this t school was made aware of the allegations against mr. secretary of state sousa they called him in and had him leave campus. >>reporter: donnie jones, jr. why not go on camera but wrote on facebook sousa approached
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asked what they were up to. the student then claims thousands say said quote don't make me call donald trump to get you sent back to africa. >> the school district is very troubled if one of our employees did say what he is accused of saying. we can't stand for that. we expect civility. >>reporter: jones spoke with sousa directly about the incident was told quite quote it was an off the wall comment and wasn't meant to be he said it was a bunch of mail male and female students and every talking to everyone. parents picking up students from school today can't believe it. >> there is the reason why a lot of these things that were going on during the debate have to be addressed and kind of like you know put at ease and put in perspective because people now just can't come out and just make comments like
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>> the parent told me he feels the teacher is sore. we did tried to reach out to sousa but we have yet to hear back about a comment empty did have to meet with school officials to discuss the matter. district tells us that there are discrepancies in the stories and it is an ongoing investigation. >> jamel thank you. president-elect donald trump has assembled his transition team and among them is ami floridians. attorney general pam bondi is one of the people trump chose to make a shoot tran says to the w. vice-president elect mike pence is on that team. clearwater police arrest a plan they say prescribed dangerous pills after his medical license was suspended. investigators tell us alfred
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methadone. a tone of desperation in the search for a killer. the wife is begging the public to help police find who killed her husband. two robbers confronted him took his pants and blocks and one shot him. >> he was very my husband. i cannot explain anymore. >> investigators found the victim's phone but have not been able to track down the killer. a $5,000 reward is being offered. if you have information call crimestoppers. a largo clinic is now one of the first places in florida where you can get a medical marijuana exam. a billboard on ulmerton road is advertising the service. some patients in florida are already eligible to receive a
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lawmakers must still approve how the drug can be dispensed under the newly passed amendment 2. jeff patterson joins us live. he's in largo where you can get a medical exam to find out if you'll be eligible to beimel marijuana legally. >>reporter: that is right. you can see a doctor who can examine you and then recommend that you marijuana. high above ulmerton road in largo. a billboard offering medical marijuana exams at the largo clinic and med spa. >> they have to come in and make contact. the law says they have to be connected with this practice somehow. >>reporter: the first visit is $300. each visit after that is $150. you have to see the doctor once a quarter to keep getting a recommendation for marijuana.
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for the visitor the pot. the doctor told me he's always been a skeptic about the benefits of marijuana. >> very suspect. very dubious and not supportive at all. that's been my background for years. i'm a child of the 60s but never smoked marijuana. >>reporter: then he had a patient way chronic pain condition. >> this young lady was involved in a hyperbaric oxygen accident. basically had the bends of she was a military patient. >>reporter: she was on took a trip out west. >> on her own initiative she went to colorado, came back and basically said here giving me back the medications i don't need these anymore. >>reporter: after that the doctor started to offering medical marijuana as alternative to addictive opiates. >> it was just amazing. >>reporter: the law and the
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medical marijuana in the state of florida is likely to change because of amendment 2. but how it will impact clinics like this isn't exactly clear yet stacie. >> as you said, you can't go in there today and pick up medical marijuana. that's not happening. you can just get the exam right? >>reporter: you can get the exam and then under current florida state law you have to wait 90 days before you can go to a dispensary and pick up legal medical marijuana unfortunately the doctor told me he has had cancer who have been qualified to get medical marijuana and have died before they meet the 90-day requirement. very unfortunate. >> we're going to be hearing a lot more stories like these. jeff patterson live in largo. thank you. all across tampa bay people are honoring our nation's veterans. plenty of stars and stripes at the annual veteran's day parade in sarasota. hundreds of people coming out in fact today to watch elected officials and local bands make
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veterans hospital held its 9th annual parade. it honored vietnam war era vets in particular. more than 40 groups marched along the one mile parade route including several gas pa will a crews. for the last 6 years veteran shawn sweat has run around lake hollingsworth carrying american and dod flags. he started running to former platoon leader killed by an ied in iraq. for veteran's day he's added more flags to represent and honor all branches of the military. >> i know what it's like to come home and be spit on. i know what it's like to be forgotten. >> sweat runs with the flags two to three times a week he plans to carry the extra flags for the next month. >> he's getting a workout with that. those flags are not lightweight. >> sends a great message.
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ferry's first weekend. >> coming up how officials believe this experiment is going and what they are doing to bring the thunder onboard. plus a hillsborough county veteran whose past is straight i've history book. the remarkable story of his service during wwii. came up with a high of 80 degrees under mostly sunny skies. just a beautiful day with a cool start. similar day tomorrow. cold front sliding into the area. we'll talk about possible
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the mayor of st. petersburg reports the sales seen the first weekend of the cross bay ferry are beyond his expectations. more than 70% of the seats on the ferry sold from friday night through sunday night. and mayor rick cries man expects ridership will fluctuate over the next few months but the tampa bay lightning are also promoting the fe lightning game. better call behnken is helping connect viewers with unclaimed cash. she's teaming up with jeff atwater's office. last time we were able to help people find more than a million dollars in unclaimed money. better call ben kin phone bank monday 5:00 until 11:30 p.m. be sure to tune in and see if
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>> it's always nice to find money. we connect a lot of people with a lot of money tune in. he is a hero with an incredible story to tell. >> coming you the reason veteran's day means more to this wwii veteran with each
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nation that forgets its defenders will be itself forgotten. >> the story of a bay area man who fought in wwii. a veteran who told steve andrews that he no longer thinks of this day as just another holiday. >> today i had the pleasure, the honor really to meet a 94- year-old veteran. he went to war for this country and today you can just feel the pride as he wore his more than 70-year-old army uniform thought of veteran's day as just another local kay good a lot of my buddies i was in the service with are no longer here. it means so much more now. >>reporter: earl was 19 listening to handle radio when he heard japan attacked pearl harbor. >> actually i was probably like most people where is pearl harbor? >>reporter: he enlift flood the army air corps he ended up in the 14th armored division. >> my responsibilities was to keep the radios working.
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the battle of the bulge unfolded the injure man's launched a desperate offensive ma'am hammering american positions with tanks and artillery. >> when you have shells falling around you and there's not a whole lot of places to hide, you don't know what's coming the next minute. >>reporter: earl remembers bitter cold and losses. >> number of my friends did not make it through there. >>reporter: german ll he returned to hsu tonight on may 7th. the war in europe ended may 8th. >> that didn't make me a bit unhappy. there's no such thing as a good war. but wwii was a necessary war. >>reporter: earl went home to minnesota in 1955 he did a quick job for tampa electric. >> i finished the job on wednesday, got on an airplane flew back to minneapolis, got there at 10:30 at night. it was 20 below zero and my car
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tampa ever since. earl put the war behind him. but on veteran's day the 70- year-old uniform comes out of the closet. he remembers both the past. >> i was one of 15.5 million people who were out there. >>reporter: and the present. >> i think those who are in uniform now need our concern and prayers. >>reporter: not just another hoy. earl miller told me those who marched off to that war adopted the attitude that we had to go over and do what we did and we did it. then they came back and went on with their lives. truly a great generation. >> that is a great generation. it's an important holiday to say the least. but i mean we owe a debt of gratitude every day for mr. miller and all of our veterans we salute them. >> i thanked him profusely for
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it was unbelievable time. >> that gentleman certainly doesn't look his age and his union form doesn't appear to have aged at all either. >> i love that uniform it looks sharon. >> good story steve. thanks. well today we honored those who served at florida national cemetery in bushnell. i had the-thon honor of being master of ceremony annual veteran's day ceremony this the pleasure of being up memorial day as well. great crowd gathering beautiful place. florida national cemetery in bushnell up in sumter county. we were there to honor people like earl miller and many others i met a veteran that serving in wwii, korea and l vietnam and many, many others. thank you very much for your service all of the service members today on this veteran's day. beautiful view from palm harbor innsbrook 66 degreesment current temperature north wind
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coming up on monday night we have a super moon the moon will appear 14% larger 30% brighter. the largest super moon so far this century you want to make sure you see this one if you can. 80 on saturday. 81 degrees on sunday. sunshine mix with clouds throughout the day a weak cold front settle into the area not very much in the way of shower activity. took this picture earlier today up around florida national cemetery. thousands of markers across the region. it was a cool morning. little bit of due on the gr possible again tomorrow. temperatures are cooling to the dew point. that's where you see the condensation on objects like grass or possibly the hood of your car. saturday, subyou can see 80, 81 degrees. 79 degrees monday, tuesday. very pleasant temperature week it looks like with a bit of a fall off with another front. fairly week fronts and not really bringing plaintiff in the way of precipitation which most people tell me they would like at this point. at 4:00 p.m. 80 degrees. mostly sunny and pleasant cooling off this evening.
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palm harbor odessa lutz largo upper 60s. 66 dade city 71 in venice. 64 crystal river. in sebring 73 degrees. high clouds mid and high level clouds streaking across the region. streaking because they are mostly played of ice cries crystals. we see clear conditions but we'll see some of these in the sky as well mid level clouds associated with that weak front. football forecast. fire up the bands. there we degrees. little cooler. 72 degrees in gainesville. south carolina and the gators. maybe a tad breezy near that front. still pleasant temperature- wise. ofs amaze boston college tallahassee. 64 degrees, 7:30 at night bring a jacket for that one. miami virginia charlottesville. yes bring a jacket l a heavy one 50 degrees at game time. 75 degrees for ucf since six bearcats in orlando mostly
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looking game 75 degrees playing morgan state. picture perfect weather. finally the bucs playing in tampa against the bears. 76 degrees. some of these early season games are quite hot but this one will not be. maybe warm in the afternoon. saturday morning a few clouds around talked about the possibility of patchy fog for saturday and sunday. 8 day forecast looks very, very lovely. rain chances are low. a little higher for monday tuesday still not very high. computer model go a little higher on these i think we mention a 20% chance at this point. hope for more because we could use a little bit of rain at the moment. heart walk tomorrow cool start for the day. still nice in the afternoon. >> you want it to be cool. >> oh, yeah. it's a nice crisp start and warms up. >> sun warms it's up. >> the big day is almost here the 2016 heart walk bright and early tomorrow morning still time to join our team and join us out there. i do really want to sincerely thank all of you who have
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much money for the american heart association. if you zillow kia is matching the first $50,000 we raise that brings our total the more than $115,000. the heart walk again tomorrow morning at raymond james stadium. the festivities start at 8:00. walk begins at 9:00. go to walk if you'd like to join us. high school football playoffs are finally here. we have a live preview from our friday night blitz game of the week coming up. practice but will bucks running back doug martin be able to play sunday against the bears. dan lucas with the latest on
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martin is listed as questionable for sunday's game against the chicago bears in the extremely vague world of nfl injury reports questionable is as good as it gets. head coach dirk cutter says martin's fate will be decided at game time. first indicator sunday inactive list. if martin cannot go combined for a grand total of this season. >> when you get into a good group as you've seen around here when guys get into a groove they get going i think that's the toughest thing to do. >> once you get into the groove the game definitely slows down a little lot. >> florida state seminoles play their first friday home football game since 1957 tonight. when they host boston college.
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there. nose running back 127 yards shy ofs you career rushing records held by warrick dunn. friday night let's get serious playoff time and 42 bay area teams are dreaming you have a state title. we're going to trim that number down tonight with some big matchups including our game of the week paul ryan is in lakeland. very interesting battle in louisiana 6a between hillsborough and lake gibson, paul. >>reporter: you know what else is really interesting dan if you're looking suggest you get with the lake gibson students that put this teepee together. it looks like a sound structure. the problem though for the 8-1 hillsborough terriers only loss to third ranked arm wood they can take no shelter from the defense of lake gibson inside that teepee tonight. this is an absolutely fearsome group. you can see the teams warming up. lake gibson has out scored opponents 295 to 56 this season
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today he definitely knows what his team is getting into tonight. >> the thing that is very striking that comes right out l is their front 4 reminds me of the front 4 when the bucs won the super bowl because they could control the line of scrimmage they could pleasure the quarterback without blitzing. lake gibson blitzed 3 times in the last four games. >>reporter: slouch either. average 200 yards rushing per game. interesting caveat you may recall hillsborough one loss to arm wood two weeks ago if the terriers between intonight it may set up a rematch in the next arm of the playoffs. definitely something to key keep an eye on the friday night blitz show starts allegation at 11:15. >> thank you very much. lot of big games tonight. playoff time. doesn't get any better than that. >> that's fun. >> only a couple more blitz.
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nightly news coming up next followed by news channel 8 at 7:00. >> and be back at 11:00.
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tonight, obamacare backtrack? breaking news from the president-elect's first big interview. what he's now saying after repeatedly promising to repeal and replace the law. all in the family. his transition team, boosting his children into prominent roles. and demoting chris christie. the inner circle coming into focus. amazon refunds. the company ordered to pay back customers tens of millions of dollars. we'll tell you why. are one of them? deprescribing meds. awful those pills, all those side effects. more and more people are opting for something different. for some, surprising results. and legend lost.


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