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tv   NEWS CH8 7PM  NBC  November 12, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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y262zy yy6y coming up next on news channel 8 at 7, a clearwater doctor accused of practicing medicine without a license. protesters against the president-elect continue in sarasota. and a horrifying ride goes viral. what happened when a woman un she was driving. news channel 8 at 7 is coming
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news channel 8's jennifer leigh is on your side. right now on news channel 8 at 7. >> doctor or drug dealer? a local man is charged with practicing medicine without a license. unarrest continues across the country as donald trump prepares to enter the white house. tonight thousands are good evening. i am rod carter. thanks for joining us this saturday night. we begin tonight with breaking news. a 5-year-old is dead after an atv accident in polk county. deputies tell us a 32-year-old joshua herd and his son eli were on that atv in lakeland. herd made a u-turn on a dirt road when the vehicle flipped over several times. the child and his father flew
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the child passed away. a doctor turned drug dealer is free on bond tonight. pinellas sheriff's deputies put the cuffs on dr. alfred chapman charging him with practicing medicine without a license and other charges. chip osowski tells us this investigation has been going on for quite some time. >> reporter: good evening to you. the investigation has been going on for months after since dr. chapman's license was not renewed. deputies tell us he continued continued to write prescriptions. 56-year-old dr. alfred chapman traded in his lab coat for an orange jail jumpsuit after deputies told us he wrote prescriptions for than 6,000 tablets of oxycodone and other controlled substances, most prescriptions filled at this pharmacy across the street from his clearwater office. detectives telling us five patients he prescribed medication to were fraudulent. one was dead. another lived out of the
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identified. the last was possibly a friend of his. >> we knew what he did, of course. i mean, we knew he was, i think, a pain doctor or something. but we didn't know anything else. >> reporter: people who live in chapman's quiet clearwater neighborhood knew something was up when police started showing up this week. ray smith lives next door. >> when you heard what he was arrested for, was that here. i mean, you didn't see people in and out. you didn't see anything like that. >> reporter: deputies released dr. chapman early this morning after he posted a $30,000 bond. no one answered the door at his home. as for his office, you can see the sign is down and it appears he will be closed until further notice in addition to practicing medicine without a license, dr. chapman faces charges of trafficking in oxycodone and four counts of
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in clearwater, i am chip osowski, news channel 8. >> thank you. anti-trump protests are breaking out across the country. today demonstrators gathered in sarasota chanting "love trump's hate.." >> [ crowd chanting ]. >> dozens of people held signs and talked about why they do not like the president-elect donald trump. the march started at ve jerry springer showed up. a trump supporter decided to show compassion by giving out water to the demonstrationers. we spoke to her and another woman who said she fears for her children now that trump is president. >> it's important my kids know that this country stands for love and not hate. >> at some point we need unify. trump is our president. if this is how it's going to be for the next four years, he is never going to be successful. he is the pilot of our plane. if the pilot goes down, our
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authorities made sure it was safe for demonstrators to walk around. protesters also marched through the streets of chicago. this is for the fourth day in a row. 1,000 people walked and held signs there from millennium park to michigan avenue. it caused a traffic stand still when protesters made a stop at trump tower. and in new york city thousands of people vokelized their objection as well. so far there have been no arrests. donald trump's rivals are congratulating the new president-elect. trump received a number of calls, multiple in fact, from people who blasted him over the last few months. among those were governor john kasich, mitt romney, and jeb bush. governor kasich boycotted the republican convention. bush and romney have been outspoken trump critics. a 20-year-old woman is recovering after being shot in st. petersburg.
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we just got an update from the police department and they are looking for three teenagers that were involved in this shooting. the victim was rushed to bayfront health in st. pete, but is expected to survive. as soon as we get more information we will bring that to you as well. when you have a huge fear of snakes, one of the worst places to spot one is on your car while you're driving it. that's what happened to a land o'lakes mom. the story behind a picture th g mat kins squirm. when she posted this photo online it took her friends time to spot what she was so freaked about. a four foot snake that popped out of her truck while she was driving to work. it was the ride of horror. >> i didn't know what it was. i looked and sure enough it was a snake. freaked out for a minute. >> reporter: jessica called her husband trying to figure out how to get rid of the vermin while trying to prevent the
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>> i shut all the vents to the car. all of a sudden i was like, oh no, he is gonna get in my car. >> reporter: she is not the first person this happened to. tim was driving when he captured this video of a serpent six feet long finding its way from under his hood while he was driving. and this week a passenger shot this video of a snake on a commercial flight in mexico. the airline looking into how the snake got there. jessica is pretty sure her unwelcome traveler came from her yard, which sits on a lake. it was with her >> all of a sudden it was like, he got up on the windshield and got on the windshield wipers. i am looking for the windshield wipers. couldn't find them. then i got it on three swipes and it finally flew off. >> reporter: she found out from her husband this wasn't the first time he found a snake on their car. he said before he found the snake, flung it off into the brush. still doesn't make that mom feel any better.
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now the concert hall is open tonight. the performer who is playing at the event. also, glasses inside vending machines. we will have the new video captured spectacles that becoming a hit out west. looking ahead to a stellar second half of the weekend and a front that could bring much needed shower chances early next week. the details in your storm team
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the concert hall in paris reopened tonight one year after the deadly terrorist attacks. sting marked the reopening at a concert tonight. the event comes one year after suicidal jihadists turned it into a blood bath, killing 90 people there. coordinated attacks targeted
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isis claimed responsibility for these attacks. dash cam video of a police- involved shooting in new jersey has been released. it shows edmond brown being pulled over by an officer. that officer is heard saying, do me a favor, shut the car off. brown drives away, smashes into cars and tries to run away. a struggle ensues, a gunshot is heard. is mistrial in the murder trial cincinnati police officer you a accused of shooting an unarmed african-american motorist. after deliberating since wednesday jurors said they were still deadlocked in this case. officer ray tensing shot sam dubois in the head after pulling him over for a missing license plate last year in july. tining was later fire. he testified that he feared he was going to be killed. nearly 1,000 people marched through downtown cincinnati today to protest that mistrial.
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several hundred people from a rally opposing the election of donald trump joined in their protest. all right. it's beginning to look a lot like christmas in new york city. this year's rockefeller center christmas tree arrived on a flatbed truck. it's a 94-foot spruce. it was cut down thursday in upstate, new york. the 50,000 lights will be turned on during a televised broadcast on november 30th. you can watch that right here on news channel 8. in our consumer watch tonight, the federal ad the information that car dealers are required now to provide on used car window stickers. many of the changes focus on as- is sales, warranty disclosures and instructions foe tension buyers to check on open recalls and obtain a vehicle history report. used car dealers will have one year after that amended rule goes into effect to use their remaining buyers guide stickers. snapchat is selling its new
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the $130 glasses called spectacles, that's creative, can actually record video ten seconds at a time with a tap of a button. the video is then uploaded to the memory section of the snapchat app via bluetooth or wifi. spectacles first arrived on thursday in venice beach, california and sold out within four hours. some buyers posted them on ebay for 00 thousands marched to raise warrens about heart disease and stroke today. coming up we are going to hear from those who attended the heart walk.
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he has authored what's wrong with my thyroid. doctor, what is wrong with so many people's thyroid. >> people can have symptoms from head to too. brain fog, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and inability to lose weight, amongst other symptoms. >> tell us about the testing for this. >> we do standard blood testing for thyroid function. i also do specific testing like chemical sensitivity, immune function testing to see if there are problems there affectk the thyroid. >> so is there a lot of hope for people suffering with this? >> tremendous amount of hope. >> you have a quiz? >> yes, at >> thank you again.
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z25ehz z16fz y25ehy y16fy today was the 2016 heart walk sponsored by news channel
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than $114,000. many people showed up for that great cause at raymond james stadium today. news channel 8's jana jones learned why many participated. >> reporter: more than 30 people came out today to help fight heart disease, making it the second largest heart walk in the nation. >> seeing all the people, all the vendors. it's really a great time for everyone to raise awareness. >> reporter: according to the american heart association, heart disease and stroke are the number one and number five causes of death in u.s. adults. some came out today because of loss. >> heart disease is a major problem. it killed my grandfather when he was 58. he just died from a heart attack. i never got a chance to meet him. >> reporter: others were out to celebrate their stories of survival. >> in 2010 i had a heart attack. i was 39 years old.
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involved after i had open heart surgery at the age of 38. >> reporter: a common theme among survivors, heart disease and strokes do not discriminate. >> it's a big misconception. i was 33 when i had a stroke. >> reporter: because this can happen to anyone at anytime, mansard getting a simple check- up saved their life. >> it's so important to know your numbers, know your blood pressure, know your cholesterol. >> you know your body. if there is something that doesn't feel right to u, doctor. >> reporter: the heart walk not only raises money for research and education, but ultimately organizers advocate that everyone be heart healthy. >> taking care of ourselves first. we do that, you know, we can solve a lot of problems. >> reporter: in tampa, jana jones, news channel 8. back in august, "8 on your side" helped residents reunite with some $1.3 million. shannon bhenken is helping
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unclaimed money. our better call behnken phone bank is back on monday. many residents have unclaimed cash or property they may not realize is there is. there is still millions of dollars unclaimed. our phone bank starts monday at 5 p.m. and runs through our 11:00 p.m. newscast. ian, you may have some money out there. >> i certainly hope so, rod. hey, we had a fantastic first half of the weekend. more of the same on the way just a few clouds. high temperatures in the upper 70s and the low 80s, and we are still watching a few clouds around the latest check of the satellite imagery, especially through the i-4 corridor, points north from there seeing mid-and-upper level clouds. water vapor imagery shows why. we have blue shading, hints of green in spots indicating that there is plenty of moisture in the middle and upper levels of the atmosphere. it is dry at the surface. check out the dew points. in the 30s at times today.
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and low 50s. we will see these numbers back closer to 60 tomorrow though. so a little more moisture, but still very comfortable. this is how the day started in safety harbor. tony sent this one in. beautiful colors with a few clouds illuminated by that sunrise. similar look at sunset. danny sent this in from mango lake. beautiful reflection there. this is how it looks right now in downtown tampa. very comfortable this evening. we are in the upper 60s. it's 68. that dew point 20 degrees 63 right now in wimauma. 65 degrees in venice. overnight tonight temperatures drop down through the 60s into the upper 50s to around 60 degrees in most spots. that's where we will be as we start off our sunday. you can expect the high temperatures around 80 degrees tomorrow afternoon with a few clouds around. high temperatures actually below average through a better portion of the upcoming week as a front comes through monday
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in behind in. national hurricane center is watching this broad area of low pressure in the southwestern caribbean. gives it a 30% chance of tropical development in the next five days. more towards next weekend. a reminder we are not out of the woods yet. tropical season runs to november 30. this evening cooling off quickly, mostly clear skies tonight. so see some patchy fog developing areas north of i-4 during the overnight hours tonight. then for your afternoon hours tomorrow mostly suy. temperatures back up around 80 degrees. there is your front dropping in on monday. you notice plenty of clouds. not a lot of showers. that will be our best chance. a 20% rain chance monday and then it leaks into the early part of tuesday with a 10% rain chance. we need the rain. one-hundreth recorded at tampa international so far. a deficit of a half an inch. rainfall has been recorded once in the last four weeks at the airport. bucs forecast tomorrow a
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light breeze. mostly clear skies tonight. very comfortable. temperatures drop back to around 60 degrees. a few clouds tomorrow. slightly more humid. extended forecast, got that shower chance monday. the rest of the week looks fantastic. >> down right beautiful today. >> middle upper 70s, no humidity. >> thank you very much. and we are going to take a quick break and paul's back
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it may sound redundant, but you usually have to wait for things worth waiting for. buccaneers fans have been waiting two months to see their two time pro bowl running back return to the line-up. according to the "tampa bay times," doug martin will dress
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chicago bears. martin has been sidelined with a nagging hamstring injury since week one. the fact he will be on active roster doesn't necessarily guarantee playing time. nfl teams are only allowed to dress 46 players per week. but it seems silly to waste a spot on him if he wasn't ready. the gators hosting south carolina in their all too familiar ball coach will muschamp. florida the first possession, lewis scores to make it 7-0. then in the second running back jordan scarlett is tougher to wrap up than a christmas present. i am sorry, mom. i am going to figure it out one day. scarlett racked up a career high 134 yards. a couple plays later apple bee finds fullwood. florida can secure a spot in the sec championship game with
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in the american conference cincinnati visiting central florida. keep your eyes on this roundtable full of knights. this is a special teams coordinator's nightmare. ucf sends seven on a punt block. i think all got through. trey neil gets his hands on the kick. mcdonald scoops it up. a convey to the end zone. 17-4usf. puts it out of reach. a 25-yard touchdown run for the freshman. central florida ns contention in the american east. miami trying to get back to .500 in acc play. taking on virginia. this is gonna help. he is running like he forgot to set his dvr for tonight's "saturday night live." 77 yards for a touchdown. one of two for caia. the hurricanes put it away. walton rushed for a buck 11.
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florida a&m trailed oregon state in the 4th quarter. they pull off a comeback beating the bears 22-21. this game called with a minute to go after a benches-clearing brawl broke out. famu 2-6. take a quick break.
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final look at our forecast. >> perfect through the second half of the weekend. a few clouds around. a little bit as our dew points start climbing. then a front rolls through on monday. it's rained a grand total of once in the last four weeks here. we could use a shower. a 20% chance for that on monday. that's well timed for it to happen on monday, if we can get it. >> yeah. thank you very much. thank you for joining us. "nbc nightly news" is coming your way next. you can catch us in 30 minutes at 8:00 on great 38.
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? ? ? ? ? ? >> hello and welcome to "bucs all access." we had a little break there, a mini bye week. >> a little mini bye week for the team, that's true. and i think they needed it. >> yeah, but they couldn't keep us away. after that thursday night matchup again the falcons, we're looking ahead to this week's game against the chicago bears coming to raymond james stadium. quick thoughts? >> need a win. i think that's the bear minimum of it, and pun totally intended when i said that. >> this is the win they have to have at raymond james stadium to salvage this season. go ahead and put it on the line. put all the chips in the middle


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