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tv   Sunday Today With Willie Geist  NBC  November 13, 2016 8:00am-8:59am EST

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americans. >> never doubt that you are powerful. >> if you succeed, then the country succeeds. ? a. good morning, welcome to "sunday today." i'm willie geist. the alleged smart money a week ago was hillary clinton would be president of the united states. president trump lost the popular
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j.d. vance, and joy reid both join us in a moment. the president-elect met with president obama in in the oval office on thursday beginning the process of transfer executive power. trump spent much of the weekend how old up in the trump tower. anna now her own book. >> people love your voice on twitter and so do publishers. >> you can write 140 character that's compelling, so why not a whole book? we'll hear more. protests continue outside trump tower and in other cities including portland where 19
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hallie jackson has more on that and more on the trump transition team. >> as you know, one of the most important positions for president-elect trump to name is his chief of staff. a source close to president-elect tells me reince priebus is the front-runner with today trump's transsession team in overdrive. today more transition talk after multiple inside what's being called white house north. michael moore lifestreaming his stand against trump before security stopped him on the fourth floor. >> he does not have the vote of the people. >> other visitors far friendliers like nick farrage.
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partly to twitter, facebook and instagram accounts, telling "60 minutes" he won't give it up. >> if i use it at all, i'm going to be very restrained. i find it tremendous. it's a modern form of communication. there should be nothing you should be ashamed of. it's where it's at. >> reporter: the chief of staff pick expected any day with reince priebus at the top of the short list. a vested interest, and there are several people being considered. >> also in the runs campaign sources point to chris christie and corey lieu wand douse can i. for secretary of state, contenders like newt gingrich or diplomat john bolton. other picks consider to include jeff sessions and rudy giuliani, trump building his cabinet and mending some fences or trying
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fraud. >> reporter: the president-elect calling mitt romney as the candidate he -- hillary clinton speaking with donors saturday, telling them she's heartbroken, blaming fbi director james comey's revived inquiry into the private e-mail server for stopping the momentum in the final stretch. the defeat -- but instead o for poignancy, with kate mckinnon looking more somber than we're used to seeing her. ? hallelujah ? ? hallelujah ? ? hallelujah ? ? hallelujah ? >> i'm not giving up, and
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from new york, it's saturday night. >> that song, of course, also a tribute to leonard skoal hen who died this week, but definitely a much more somber than we're used to seeing. we'll see what the show has for us next week. >> hallie jackson, thanks so much. j.d. vance a elegy, and especially essentially reading after tuesday's ease electric. he also served in iraq in the united states marine corps. great to have you with us this morning. thanks for having me. >> this was a primal scream from the people you grew up around, your friends and family. what were the voters screaming? what did they want to be heard? >> i think there's some recognition and some desire to
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solutions have not addressed the real concerns of these voters for 20 or 30 years. this isn't just a message they sent to democratic elites last november, but also they sent to republican elites in the republican primary. >> what did they see in this man who, let's be honest, a sort of unlikely working man's hero, a guy who lives in a gilded different. what they've heard from both the left and the right is the same basic answer to a complicated set of problems. he obviously sounds unconventional, obviously occasionally offensive, but he's been saying we've been trying things for the baas 20, 30 years, and we have to do something different. >> there wasn't a ton of policy in what donald trump was putting
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and the people you know and grew up around, but cultural condesenses is a feeling i picked up on, about the tv shows they waffle. was this also a rejection shun of that? >> i think it's definitely a rejection of that. folks feel condesevened towards by the media, by the political elites. there's also a sense that the folks who really control the conversation, stupid or racist, and there is a real, real desire to push back and say, no, that's not what we're all about, and trump represents a primal roar against that very tired conversation. >> the conversation does include questions of race. let's talking about building the wall. the first comments when he desended the escalator. is there an element of racism in
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think there's a small element, but i don't think that's what's drives most voters, a lot of folks have said they're not necessarily racist, but if you you this about the opioid crisis, the jobs crisis, the number of intersecting problems that are going on in these communities, it's not so much that they're countenancing racism as they're saying we don't like that racist part of trump, but at least he's >> finally, j.d., what can donald trump do to bring this country together? we feel moor divided than in perhaps a long, long time. what's the first act? what should he do to bring the country back together? >> he's got to continue toning down the rhetoric and recognizing the way he's talked in the past has made a significant part of the country
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hopefully i think he'll continue to lead the country in a gracious tone, but also it has to be formed by policy and some of the things he does. if he comes in and tries to deport it million people, it won't help the country to heal. if he tails a conciliatory tone, i think some of the divisions will start to get better. >> j.d. vance, i think you'll be -- everything ought to read it, especially right now. our country. >> thanks, willie. i'm joined by joy reid, host of "a.m. joy." you can see it later this morning on msnbc. the coalition of voters who came out and supported and put donald trump in the white house. on the other side of it hillary clinton did not get the surge in female votes, that i
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>> i think what we are seeing is that is true but not 100% true. she's on track to get more votes than anyone who han run for president except for barack obama as the vote totals are coming in. she's going to win by something like it million votes, and she got a huge turnout. what the polls missed and what the pre-election analysis went, unexpected turnout among while working class, but also non-working class voters. i i think there was a wide divergence between white voters with a college degree and white voters without a clonal degree would actually vote. as it turns out, white voters across the board turned out? much higher numbers for
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and that had novels seener earlier in the votes. >> you heard hillary clinton saying it was james comey putting out the letter that cost her the election. how much do you put on hillary clinton and herself and the campaign? >> i think the campaign failed for recognize when you have an increased turnout among democratic voters and people who -- you look for obama societiers, but in states like ohio, wisconsin, described by michael moore, those voters did turn out, they just voted for donald trump. i think you'll find a lot of voters who were obama voters, therefore turned out by the clinton machine, but when they got in the boost, they didn't vote for her, including white women. they mistook overall obama turnout as votes for her. i i think number two, when you shake it ute maybe her campaign
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overcome the constant barrage of negativity around her e-mails. that negative stuck to her. when the fbi came out with the letter, it made it stick even more. 11 days out, this is unprecedented, for the fbi for intervene really was unprecedented, to do it again three days out, no doubt when you go back and look at the numbers in pennsylvania, in wisconsin, states democrats there was some equality from that outcome. the lesson for democrats seems to be so far we need to get more progressive. bernie sanders would have won. keith ellison, eliz bewarrening is that the lesson? >> there's some problems with that. we never saw bernie sanders with opposition research directed
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happened. the idea what -- what you're seeing is a circular firing squad between the establishment democrats and the sort of bernie sanders wind of the party. the keith ellison fight is interests, a proxy fight whether the party will get younger, whether it will recognize the more energetic part of the party. keith ellison as a young legislator, as a african-american, he really feels like an ideal the candidate. the question is do you want a parttime dnc chair, that is a legislate are or full-time dnc chair that can focus on pulling the party together. we will see. >> a lot of change coming. you can see much more of joy reid at 10:00 eastern on msnbc. let's turn to some other headlines.
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7.4 magnitude earthquake generating a tsunami. power was noukd on the about 130 miles away in wellton where secretary of state john kerry is. 185 people were killed there in 2011. a somber anniversary. one year ago paris came under attack when suicide 89 people were killed at the bataclan, and last night sting helped reopen the bataclan with an emotional performance ? perhaps this final act was meant ? ? to clinch this lifetime's argument ? he called for a moment of silence for the victims. many survivors were there in attendance last night.
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doing? >> it is chilly out there. >> it is a bit chilly. but much needed rain falling along the western part of south carolina, where we have been dealing with very, very dry conditions. look at the wildfires burning across north carolina. that's where we really needed rain, but the party rock wildfire is focusing on. we're looking at the impact of the smoke spreading across most of tennessee. it looks like the rain will stay just to the east of this area, and it unfortunately dries out temperatures near average today at 80 degrees we have the morning fog, the by the afternoon mostly sunny skies. it will be a tad more humid compared to saturday.
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cold front with a few showers possible monday with a high of 76 drier air in the middle of your next work week with highs in the middle and upper 70s. that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. stick around for the highs and lows of the week, including the most intense screen in the history of film. the iguana trying to snakes. plus one minute you're a swing state away from being a historic president. the next, you're just out walking the dog in the woods. we'll go to florida where the sun, the moon and glaciers are getting together to cause a she's the reason the good times are great. ...and the reason the tough times are easier.
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dylan and i ready to whip through the highs and lows. the first high, when you stumble up united states and his wife, who j.c. came an inch from being president herself. margot wrote a post she was heartbroken by the presidential election, so she took her daughter hiking in chappaqua. just 36 hours after conceding to donald trump, hillary clinton. margot told secretary clinton that she was proud to vote
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taken by none other president clinton. >> he framed it quite well. >> that's such a great contrast. the first low to the suspicion that maybe your own wife isn't voting for you to be president. while casting his vote, donald trump was caught taking a little peek over after melania's ballot to make sure she passing. trust but verify, as ronald reagan used to say. you just can't ever -- >> i was the nerd who set up my folder so people couldn't peek over. >> that means you were the smart one. the next high with a warning. if you or anyone has a history of the heart problems, you shouldn't watch this.
8:21 am
for its heart-stopping attempt to escape the snakes at ga lap goss. >> oh, got away, or did he? you have to watch the full clip online. it watch the full two minutes. i haven't been that stressed out in a long time. watch planet earth 2. after admitting a year and a half of nonstone campaigning, that you didn't know tuesday was election day. nick saban had no problem making that confession. who has time for the future of the country when you have 4 and
8:22 am
know yesterday was election day. it was so important to me i didn't even know it was happening. we're focused on other things here. >> that focus worked for coach sabi they beat mississippi state 51-3. he knew. he was making a point. our final high goes to every single thing about this gaurs fan. a delightful woman dressed festively holiday warriors sweater got down. the woman who looks like your friend's mom from back home was not shy with hips that would make shakira blush. dancing lady in the holiday warriors sweater brought us all closer. >> i saw that yet. >> you can't stop watching.
8:23 am
it just flat-out disappeared this week. the 65-foot deep sinkhole caused blackouts in the area. it happened at 5:00 in the morning, so no injuries, thank god, caused apparently by construction on the subway. >> that's just awful. >> just awful. >> no other words. that kind of commentary, dylan will up next, anna kendrick, her big break that she didn't know was a big break, and the question that made us most very uncomfortable. and harry smith with team rubicon. and head over to facebook for a facebook live chat with me and dylan in just two minutes. well this here's a load-bearing wall. we'll ahead and rip that out.
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good morning. we are fighting a deadly old died in an atv crashed. he was writing with his father one some went wrong. the 5-year-old was wearing a helmet but investigators tell us it was a soft helmet not designed for this type of right. his father was treated from the hospital and released. we're here with a look at forecast. >> still seeing areas of low clouds and.
8:28 am
visibility low for lakeland and plant city appeared visibility improving in plant tampa. 77 as the box -- sting -- bucs take on the bears. we are slightly more humid
8:29 am
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i just, i can't believe it. why aren't people turning out for hillary the way they did for barack obama. >> i mean, maybe because you're replacing a 48-year-old black guy with a 70-year-old white woman. that's like -- >> chris rock making a guest appearance with dave chappelle on "saturday night live" four days after the election. that show now looking at four years of material. anna kendrick hosted snl a couple years ago. that was another milestony for her ascent.
8:31 am
relentless work, made her the cool, funny friend to millions of friends. we goat together at system ardi's to talk about her new book "scrappy little nobody." >> such a nice days right now. is your question -- am i the best person in the world? yes. >> that's where i was headed. >> sorry, i really can't talk about anything sincerely for saying something mean about you or me. >> today the 31-year-old oscar nominees is one of the biggest somebodies in show business. she's done musicals ? i love paris in zee springtime ? indy films. >> why does your mom's nurse hate you.
8:32 am
and now she's an author taking the wit she shows to her nearly 6 million twitter followers into the pages of a book. >> people love your voice on twitter. >> you can write 140 characters that is compelling. why not a whole book. there was a genuine moment when i kept thinking i'll submit a chap and they'll say pretend it was a mutual decision to not go forward. it did go back. do you remember walking these ways as a kid? >> yeah. hustling? walking the streets makes it seems more cooler. it's retroactively how i'm going to choose to -- >> born and raised in portland, maine, she appeared in a lot product of "annie."
8:33 am
professional job, playing dinah lord in "high society." >> this is a special place for you? >> yeah, my dad was with me when i did "high society" just down the street. we would come here every wednesday. i would eat super fancy food and probably not appreciate it at 12 years old. it was one of those maine, seemed to foreign and so extraordinary. >> a star at a young age. >> i'll always try to make a joke about it, i'm a bit on the defense about it. it does seem like a dirty word, "child actor." >> you turned out okay. we haven't seen the fall yet. >> it's coming. don't worry. >> when during this could work for me?
8:34 am
plenty of people, your break happens and you don't know if for a couple years, because my first union film ever was "rocket science" and nobody saw it. >> i'm trying to athank you? you're welcome. >> but film makers saw it. a couple years later they were like who was that girl from that little indie. >> that led to a big break, an all dug for "up in the george clooney and oscar nomination. >> i have to imagine that the idea for auditioning for a film with george clooney has to be a little daunting. >> it wasn't incredibly daunting. i've auditioned for a lot of movies i just didn't get. when my agents called me and they said i think you're going to make you an offer? , i said, i don't think they
8:35 am
say. >> never want to get married? >> never. >> no kids? >> never. >> is that so bizarre? >> yes. >> it didn't occurred to me it was an awards caliber film. i hate that phrase. >> i like when you get disgusted with yourself. you write a bit about being uncomfortable in that moment, like you've been elevated to this play where you're dressed up and -- >> be now -- i haven't -- anything in my whole life. let's jump ahead to "pitch perfect." i feel like there are all these steps you've taken. were you expecting that going in? >> no, not at all. >> no, i was like when i read this script, i was so expecting
8:36 am
of in other words would really like it ? i got my ticket for the long way around ? ? two bottles of whiskey for the way ? >> your cups, your version of the song had like 325 million views or something. >> your version went to number six on the billboard charts. >> how is this just happening. like the other people on the charts miley cyrus and mac le they must be like what is this [ bleep ]. i think it was a testament to the nerdry that exists in the world. >> i'm going to ask you about one last story in the book, on page 183. i'm fascinated for how you're going to -- every time i talk to one of these journalists, every single time, you write, i
8:37 am
>> you know what? yes. i'm -- [ clearing throat ] -- this isn't at all awkward. >> i know you'll have something else. notice that you broke the it up, yeah, yeah, here i am, thinking about it. but that's your fault. >> you're really going to have to work on that answer as the book tour >> i knew this was going to happen, i was prepared, and now i know 183 is -- i should watch out for that. watch out. there's a landmine on 183. hey she wrote it. anna's book is available on tuesday, as you can tell, it's really funny. for you "pitch perfect" fans, she's announced she will be back for the third movie in that
8:38 am
sensation, check out our web extras at next week michael stipe on the anniversary of "out of time" we talked to the band about the rise, the breakup and whether or not we'll get to hear them play music together again. dylan? >> that was great. >> how cool is she? >> let's look at what we it's starting off wet and windy through about wednesday, and then moves eastward. even through temperatures in the northern plains have been above average, we could see rain and some snow as we get to the end of the week. along the south, temperatures will stay mild, and we could see
8:39 am
that's your latest forecast. willie? coming up next on "sunday today," a trip to florida to look at sunny day floods known as the king tides, and where gary, gary, gary... i am proud of you, my man. making simple, smart cash back choices... with quicksilver from capital one. you're earning unlimited 1.5% cash back on every purchase, everywhere. like on that new laptop. quicksilver keeps things simple, gary.
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vitamins and vaccines... to children in need. so, really... happy thanks for giving! walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. the king tides are not a new phenomenon. the sun and moon have been playing tricks with the earth's water forever, but people in florida and around the world are noticing something different about that tide in recent years. out why. >> reporter: at first glance it's confusing. it's been dry here for days, but yet from the florida keys -- >> i can't believe you're walking through this. good doggy. >> reporter: up the state's east coast, flooding. >> it is atrocious. >> reporter: the leading cause, that full moon visible even in the daytime this time of year. the gravitational pull aligned with the sun creating what are
8:43 am
more than a foot and a half above normal. amplifying those king tides, say experts, mountaining glaciers, which add even more water to the oceans. erin dady co-authored a scientific report projecting the growth of king tides. >> nine inches of sea levels over the last -- >> it is continues. >> it is continuing to creeps, a condo association fights back with six pumps. at times it's a losing battle. >> it's stressful. >> reporter: it's happening so many times a year now they've nicknamed it sunny day flooding. because the frequency is also on the rise, governments in south florida are now planning, actually hoping that man can beat meter nature.
8:44 am
floods by raising the roads higher than the highest tides. miami beach is seven miles long, and they've budgeted to lift about half of miami beach's rode about two feet her, lay 80 place of storm pipes and build up seawalls. >> anybody who says global warming isn't happening is an idiot. >> it faces coastal cities. here as in other parts of the country, global climate change remains a political debate. so unless we raise the city we're going to be under water. miami beach city manager jimmy morales grew up in the city.
8:45 am
must be solved. >> problem mvp sore. >> paula king agrees. >> this is saltwater. >> yes, very salty. we have dolphins out here. we have manatees out here. at this race you might have them in your house soon. >> you're absolutely right. >> reporter: another sunny day flood is expected here tomorrow and then again next month. for "sunday today," kerry sanders, nbc news, miami beach. next on "sunday today," the very best of america. the extraordinary group of vets who drop everything and r ? ? ? and off you go, ? ? ? and off you go, ? ?
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friday was veterans day, when we stop to salute the men and women who have served and sacrificed in the military through the years. the truth is they never really stop serving. harry smith gears up with the group that travels the world when disaster strike. >> reporter: a week after hurricane matthew, a group in south carolina gets their orders. the team leaders use words like mission, objective, and
8:49 am
the members of team rubicon. their target this morning a 60-foot pine striae that came down in the storm oh so close. it's a service organization founded by veterans for veterans, who want to put that you are experience and grit to good use >> we have taken some of the best parts of the military and left some of the other things in the military. we always talk about there's i don't know that there's anything that any of the us would rather be doing. >> jake is not joking. can you feel the camaraderie, the sense of purpose. robert smith is an air force vet real. >> still trying to find our place, this gives us an outlet and it felts extremely well. >> reporter: when disasters hi
8:50 am
>> what was it like when they showed up at your door today? >> very nice. >> the best part is they do this all for free. >> it's hard to believe. >> the wizard is jake niles, a civilian. team rubicon was the answer to his struggle. this is his 12th deployment. >> i fell in love with the organization, with the mission that they have. i was never ability to serve in the military. this is my >> reporter: last year historic floods inundated the home of harry mac. interteam rubicon. >> they said the whole house was totalled. >> reporter: team rube i done packed up what would be salvaged and tore out everything else. >> if it hadn't been for team rubicon, i would have lost my house.
8:51 am
>> reporter: team rubicon has more than 40,000 registered volunteers. many vets have seen and been places they would rather -- >> they think their tragedy or their loss or their anguish nobody could ever understand it. >> reporter: vet advance carry a kind of pain that few of us would understand. what they find is by helping others, they help themselves. >> you see this sim by on theic al really amazing. harry smith joins my live. i've been lucky enough to see these guys in action. you listen to some victims, i saw this group of guys in t-shirts coming over the hill and i said, who are these guys? >> there's such an esprit de cor corps, and they say we get more
8:52 am
among us who are affected the most. the rubicon guys come in, you this pull the tree away, completely did that house all the way to the studs, you know what insurance night mares, those problems they solve. especially for these guys? they can go out day after day after day and say mission accomplished. >> like a bat signal in the sky, they just get up and go. >> it's another life well lived. leonard cohen just really wanted to be the poet. he said of his literary work, quote, i've got beautiful reviews for all my books, but i'm starving, so he wrote songs first recorded by artists lie judy collins, and later, after
8:53 am
at the became one of the most respected and recorded songwriter of our times. the song for which he's best known is conscious hallelujah" for a rejected album. ? hallelujah ? ? hallelujah ? it's been recorded moren buckley to justin timber lay. leonard cohen, poet and inspirati inspiration, died this weeks in los angeles. he was 82-year-old. ? hallelujah ? ? i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was gointo clean better than a manual... he said sure, but don't just get any one.
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we close this morning with some predictions for the week ahead. the 114th congress returns tomorrow from a preelection recess that began on october 1st. they come back to washington after spending the last month and change back home fighting for their seats, campaigning for other around. on friday, congress is out on thanksgiving recess for another ten days. >> ten days for thanksgiving. >> as our elected reps take time away from the office. we soon they'll implement three-our wine lunches and afternoon siestas. >> i need to join congress. tonight the supermoon, the biggest since 1948. a super moon occurs when the orb
8:58 am
appears exceptionally large. it will be closest to us than in 68 years and won't be this close again for 18 years. we predict the super moon will be so close we'll see the divot le left. "people" announces the sexiest man alive, like the nobel peace price for being hot. last year's beckh beckham. this year the choice is pretty darned obvious to inible with a good set of eyes and feel for what's truly sexy. we this year's sexiest man alive will be -- >> i'm opening -- >> you guessed it, gary busey. after years of being dug qualified, he goes clean and takes home the gold. >> good for him.
8:59 am
with kel coming up: a 5-year-old boy killed in an atv accident. plus another day of donald trump licking to get to work as president. what he can get done with the republican-controlled congress. stay with us.
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rise and shine tampa bay.


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