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tv   News Ch8 at 11PM  NBC  November 14, 2016 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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is safe. >> plus controversial protests, tonight the bucs head coach reacting to mike evans' decision to stay seated during the national anthem. >> our better call behnken phone bank is giving you a chance to call and cash infant the number to cowell -- cash in. the number to call to find out if you're owed money is at the bottom of your screen. good evening. i'm josh benson. >> and i'm jennifer leigh. hover ar the hot toys after last year's holiday season flamed out, but now new versions are back in stores. holiday shoppers thinking about getting a new hover board need to look for one important item to make sure the unit you buy won't catch your house or anything else on fire. peter bernard is on the night beat tonight in clearwater. these things were all the rage last year, peter. what's different now? >> reporter: hover boardmakers, at least reputable
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underwriters laboratories for testing. best buy, wal-mart and target are selling them now, but beware if you buy at some unknown website. you could be inviting trouble. >> i do not want my house to catch on fire. >> reporter: early evening target shopper erica ring won't be buying a hover board this holiday season. >> a prime reason is safety and close second is the fire hazard. >> reporter: last year hover board sales skyrocketed, then came reports of sparking, smoking. >> we've been fires. saw on tv where they self- explode. >> reporter: nearly 100 incidents of overheating hover boards and some horrific fires and a half million recalled. >> we almost lost two children, two of our children almost died because of a christmas gift. >> reporter: a new generation is on store shelves while others are prepped for black friday rush. target is discounting this one. wal-mart has this in the wings. best buy is getting in the act, too. this parent won't be buying.
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i don't trust, you know, like they can say that they've fixed it and it's ready to roll, but yeah, you wait. >> reporter: hover board shoppers should look for the ul certified symbol. a target spokesman insists that insures they've completed safety certification protocols. target has evaluated them and he says guests are eager to see them back. wyatt lamm got one last year. >> i just don't use it anymore since what happened about the fires. so i've been a little >> reporter: he doesn't use it anymore. the consumer product safety commission chair warns do not use a hover board unless it meets the ul safety requirements and you can check the label on the box to make sure it has it. we checked the one at target here and it does. >> that brings up a pretty good point, peter. there may still be older hover boards out there that still pose a safety hazard, right? >> reporter: you can bet they
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that are the problem. if you want to see if yours is recalled, we put a link on check to see if you own one right now. >> peter bernard on the night beat in clearwater. thank you. a pasco county mother finds herself on the wrong end of the law, her toddler found wandering in the street alone. this wasn't the first time it happened. paul mueller is leave at land o'lakes detention center. this happened more than once. now that is even possible? >> reporter: neighbors and that's why tonight 24-year-old whitney shoemaker is here behind bars facing charges. she put her 3-year-old toddler in danger time after time after time. the facebook pictures show a proud mother and a beautiful 3- year-old baby girl, but then there's the mugshot of that mother, 24-year-old whitney shoemaker, and you realize appearances can be deceiving. >> you can't let your kids get
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out on whatever in your bed in your house. >> reporter: neighbors say they found the toddler dozens of times all alone here outside her house on carmel avenue. in fact, three days in a row just last week. >> it only takes one time for something to go wrong over there. >> reporter: neighbors told me things got progressively worse and in the end it just spiraled out of control. they said they warned her they'd get deputies involved if she didn't clean up her act. then the last straw when they saw the toddler outside on ay interviewing witnesses with the baby in their custody. deputies finally went into shoemaker's house to find her sleeping. they say she appeared to be under the influence. her defense? >> she said it happened because the child is very smart and she is a very hard sleeper. >> reporter: for now the child is with shoemaker's relatives while neighbors can only hope for the best. >> she needs to be put into a home or with somebody that is going to take care of her. >> reporter: now this isn't
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she was arrested in august for drug possession and paraphernalia. i reached out to her parents, still waiting to hear back. >> you said dozens of times, neighbors said a lot of times as well. how do they handle a situation like this? you have the police, dcf. would they get involved? what happens in this situation? >> reporter: as you heard neighbors say, deputies had been there in the past. in order to make an arrest in a case like this, they had to have all their ducks in a row, evidence, witnesses, probable believe that they did. >> as a parent, heavy sleeper is never a good excuse. thank you. a tampa man sentenced to life behind bars at 13 years old is now free. ian manuel was released last week. when he was just a teenager, he shot a tampa mother in the face. that mother, debbie baigrie, forgave manuel and became one of his advocates over the years. she tells us forgiveness helped her move on. >> when you forgive, it helps
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i was with never forgave him and he's still bitter and he's still maybe racist. >> manuel is in a reentry program in alabama now searching for a job. baigrie plans to stay in touch with him. we have breaking news. the a.p. is reporting rudy guiliani is favored to become the secretary of state in donald trump's administration. according to a senior trump official, there is no real competition for that job and it's the former new yo we're told. president obama took some time to talk to the press today ahead of the final european trim of his administration, but reporters were more focused on what he and president elect trump spoke about in their historic one on one meeting last week. he cautioned that trump's attitude could help or harm him depending on the situation. >> i think what will happen with the president elect is there are going to be certain elements of his temperament that will not serve him well
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corrects them. >> president obama plans to assure world leaders that donald trump will honor nato and other alliances already in place. right now instead of focusing on sunday's victory against the chicago bears, bucs fans nationwide are talking about mike evans' decision to stay seated during the national anthem. bucs fans are divided, what's more important, ou sacrifices of our armed forces. >> mike evans' protest has upset a lot of bucs fans. >> reporter: it certainly has, josh. we have more than 1100 comments on our facebook page about. this some folks support evans, but many others are bashing this, especially taking this particular stand on a weekend following veterans day. >> what a weak, weak person that is.
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>> reporter: evans sat through the national anthem sunday during the bucs game. coach dirk koetter tells us it's a tough situation. >> you know, we support the military. i think it's important that we honor the flag and honor the people that paved the way, but we also have to respect a person's freedom of speech and freedom of expression. >> reporter: evans was protesting the election of donald trump. right after the game he slammed the president elect. >> when he ran, i thought it was a joke d >> reporter: even state senator weighing in with harsh words for evans stating, "i will exercise my own right to protest by not setting foot in raymond james stadium until either he apologizes or is off the team." coach koetter is still deciding what action to take. >> this is unchartered territory in that respect, but that's something that we'll definitely be addressing this week.
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are supporting evans, but others are giving him a lot of heat tonight, especially taking a stand against a newly elected president, especially since evans did not choose to cast a ballot in this latest election. if you'd like to tell us what you're thinking, you can head to our facebook page. >> jenn holloway live in tampa, thank you. a citrus county man is feeling lucky after he barely escaped his car as it sunk into a massive hole. matt ja truman boulevard this morning when his two front tires got stuck. a broken water main was behind the sudden home. the road is back open after crews fixed the line and filled the hole with dirt. some good samaritans are getting credit for saving a family from a boat fire off coquina beach. the engine compartment on the boat caught fire sunday afternoon with four people on board. heather whitmer and her family spotted them and quickly came to the rescue. they got the boaters to safety
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like this and became engulfed in flames. >> it's kind of a water courtesy. you help people in boats. when you see somebody that needs help, you help them because one day you might need their help. >> the rescued family tells 8 on your side they are extremely grateful. officials want this to be a good reminder to boaters to wear life jackets and have their vessels inspected. grab your phone and call into our better 528-0808. you have until 11:30 to call in. we'll check in with shannon in a few minutes to learn more about the money you could have just sitting around waiting to be claimed. still to come backlash is brewing over a restaurant energy's actions. >> just ahead the reason he snatched a meal away from a customer all caught on camera. >> plus the moon putting on a big show in the sky tonight,
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world of the supermoon. >> it's always nice to have clear skies if you're trying to see the supermoon. that wasn't necessarily the case here locally. we'll look at the satellite picture, maybe some pictures of the supermoon and your forecast that includes some very cool
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tonight better call behnken is reuniting callers with lost cash. hundreds of millions of dollars is sitting around waiting to be claimed by owners. >> in august our better call behnken phone bank helped reunite bay area viewers with more than $1 million and tonight we are back at it once again. shannon behnken is live in our phone bank and it's just as
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>> it is and a lot of people have been making that phone call. we are up to a quarter million dollars and the phones are still ringing and we still have about 20 more minutes. we are up again to a quarter of a million dollars. a lot of people found out they have money lying around they didn't even know about. what's the biggest amount so far? >> so far we still are sitting at $20,000 for a viewer out in polk county, but there's still a little bit more time to call. so there's still a lot more large number of accounts to be claimed. ha a lot of people want to know where does this money come from and how is it possible you could have all this money lying around and not know? >> the money can come from leftover savings accounts, dormant banking accounts, utility deposits, manufacturers refunds, dividends, stocks, safety deposit boxes. it comes from so many different sources. that's why it's so important if you don't really remember where everything might be, you need to check with us and see if you or your loved ones have left
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tonight because we have to cut this off at 11:30, what can you do tomorrow because we want everybody to get their money? >> 24 hours a day seven days a week 365 days a year is go to and check often periodically because we upload thousands of accounts every day. we wouldn't want to hold onto that money longer than we have to and get it back in your pocket. >> keep trying, guys. you heard it there. >> ou unbelievable, great stuff. thanks. chili's is under fire after a video surveillance faced of a texas restaurant manager snatching away a free meal from a u.s. veteran on veterans day. army veteran ernest walker was questioned by customers and the manager on whether or not he was really a veteran. apparently showing his military id wasn't enough because the manager forced him to pay for his meal. an attorney for chili's parent company has apologized and
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this story is being shared a whole lot on social media. you can log onto our news channel 8 facebook page now to share your thoughts. right now a look at this year's supermoon from here in the bay area. check this out. this year's supermoon has taken on a wow factor as it lights up the night sky. look at that beautiful picture. the supermoon is obviously putting on quite a show at the u.s. and around the world. this is the view from standing rock indian reservation in no to berlin to athens spectators are being treated to spectacular views of this moon, very cool stuff. here's another look at the moon near madrid, spain. while stunning to look at the moon also causes unusually high tides during this period. this is the closest the moon has come to earth since 1948. the next time a full noon will be this close again, 20 -- full moon will be this close again,
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channel 8. >> we'll have a supermoon to celebrate. >> have it outside. lots of clouds around today. it actually peaked at 6:21 a.m. this morning, but the clouds have been around throughout the day. they're still there, starting to clear north to south. this is a picture from last night from becky because the skies were clearer last night, nice shot from the bradenton area. i believe this is from two nights. you can see the cl i think this is tonight, too kind of a hazy view, looks like that zoom lens helps a lot from albert dickens. also our awesome photographers got a great shot of the noon as well. -- moon as well. we're doing our best. in terms of our temperatures back on earth 76 degrees the high tomorrow, a little cooler. the clouds are the result of a cold front and very light showers, not a lot of
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wednesday. this comes with a lot more sunshine. in fact, tomorrow, too north to south we'll see the clearing take place. kind of warm by the end of the week, 82 degrees, but long term another cold front will help cool down those temperatures. at noon 71 degrees, 76 degrees at 3 p.m., overall a nice day but starting out with cloud especially in southern areas and clearing as this dry air slowly starts to be felt across the region, really clear skies across the northern part of the state today. 60 clearwater beach, 63 macdill, bartow 65, lake placid 64, sarasota, north port and 50s in crystal river. skies starting to clear across the northern portion of the area, clear skies and light wind conditions lead to with the cooler air mass chillier overnight lows. still got the cloud going, cold front to our south and a few showers, too very light stuff, though, just dots on the
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of the state. look at gainesville already clear and starting to erode around citrus and hernando county. north to south we'll start to see that clearing take place. hey, you may not have known hurricane season runs through the end of november. we have this area watching over the next five days about a 70% chance of possible tropical development according to the national hurricane center, that blob down to the south. most computer models don't do too much with it, but the sea surface temperatures which you usually need to be 80 degrees plus and still have sea surface temperatures there 85 degrees in the caribbean owned by a buoy in the area. so it's very warm water. tuesday morning lingering cloud, cooler temps near 60 degrees. note the wind direction primarily from the northeast. still some clouds sliding in from the west, drier air tuesday afternoon. starts to clear out mostly wednesday morning. a beautiful day in the afternoon with upper 70s, so we're sitting good in the
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pop up, might even be upper 40s in some of the northern areas, inverness, brooksville. clouds still hanging around perhaps the early part of the day farther south. 76 a high tuesday, 78 on wednesday and then for thursday high near 80 degrees, rain chances low through this period. weekend looks pretty good at this point. temperatures will be a little bit cooler saturday and sunday, another cold front. that's what i was talking about, the chillier highs in the 60s on monday. that will mean 40s front will punch us just before thanksgiving. >> nice. >> pumpkin spice and everything will taste better. >> indeed. coming up next in sports bucs head coach dirk koetter gets to talk about something other than anthem protests. dan lucas sits down with the coach. >> the lightning play the islanders the third time in 14 days and let's just say the new york team is probably glad the series is finally over.
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sports on news channel 8 is sponsored by your gulf coast honda dealers. >> it's only mid-november, but tonight the lightning bid farewell to the new york islanders for the rest of the regular season and is want to see end, at least right now. these two teams have just completed a three game series in 14 days. the first two were lopsided wins by the bolts. guess what happened tonight in brooklyn. well, here it is. great rush braydon coburn to a speedy jt brown, 1-0. 42 seconds later andre schuster with the shot. brian callahan deflects it in.
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from there it's kucherov to stamkos, this is a different goal, by the way, to namestnikov. 4-0 the bolts win it, combined score against the islanders 14- 2. bucs center and part time guard evan smith looks like he could miss three weeks after injuring his knee sunday. smith suffered a sprained mcl reportedly. the bucs were down starting center joe holly an injured knee. anthem protest as side bucs head coach dirk koetter was thrilled about what took place sunday at raymond james stadium. the bucs defense embarrassed to the tune of 73 points in a five- day span shut down the offense and quarterback jay cutler. tonight i asked bucs head coach dirk koetter about the dominating four turnover day and he said much of the success was the pass rush. the bucs sacked cutler four
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seven hits on the quarterback. >> i really thought the play of the game was clinton mcdonald's sack early in the game. they were trying to throw a quick screen out to the right and clinton came in and kind of picked cutler up and slammed him down on his shoulder and head and i thought that really affected cutler the rest of the way. robert ayers hit him a couple times, led to the interception, the pick six. >> koetter's korner was a good one tonight, the full version up now on we lang 6:00. now our old pal butch davis who was the mysterious consultant on greg schiano's bucs staff will be named head coach at florida international as early as tomorrow. davis more well known for his days coaching the miami hurricanes before heading to the nfl and he coached also at north carolina. he was up for the fyu job four years ago of maybe he thought about it for four years. >> take some time.
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check that forecast one last time. >> kind of a chilly start to the day, clouds still around in some areas especially central and south. as the day goes along we'll end up in the mid-and upper 70s, a bit more sunshine north to south. a nice couple days, cold front at the end of the week and cooler next week, temps back in the low 80s by the end of the 38-year-old british man is on a mission to be the first person next to steve jerve to swim across the atlantic. ben hooper started the 2,000- mile trip from senegal to brazil sunday. his goal is to swim up to 12 hours a day taking breaks on a ship that sails alongside of him. keeping that pace it will take him four to five months to complete. good luck to you, sir. >> what do you possibly say to that? >> i just think stingrays and
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don't know. >> weather and pirates. >> we wish him well. >> absolutely. >> thank you for joining us. jimmy fallon is coming up next. >> our next newscast is at 4:30. have a great night! hey! is this enough? grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy.
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and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix. where shopping is a pleasure. [ cheers and applause ] ? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his


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