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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  November 15, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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breaking news this morning, a driver crashes a car right into an an ybor city burglar with people inside. we are li what happened come -- ybor city bar with people inside. we are live with the damage and what happened coming up. and president obama has arrived overscenes. the message he is brings about donald trump.
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i'm gayle guyardo. >> and i'm gene ramirez. thank you for waking up with us on this tuesday morning. the cold front pushed to the south. you had a quick drop or two of rain in places south of i-4 over the last hour or so. officially yesterday, a chase of rain, and all of november so far, only .01 of rain. in fact, since september, we are 3.5 inches below rain fall this is the dry part of the year. since january, we are more than 9 inches above the rain fall that is normal. your logic, probably dry and crusty right now, and the cold
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51 right now in brooksville. inverness, look at that. 13degrees cooler than this time yesterday morning. notice the metrocast, you can see more sunshine by noon at 72, and during the afternoon, i have an 8-day temperature trend and it will cool down. >> it's exciting when it gets cold like that. we have a look. a crash here, and it's just beyond u.s. 27, and now i want to go down to ybor city. we mentioned it earlier a vehicle hit a bar there 7th avenue. one lane is taken away at 17th
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here. >> this is the live picture from the bad nonkey bar, and you can see the black car, appearing to be a nissan smashed through the front window of the car. the shoe is on the floor, and invest gators are looking what happened. it was as the far bahr was near closing time. two people are now under arrest. one person suffered a broken you can see here, it's a developing situation in ybor city. a stolen car chase in tampa ends with the truck stuck on the railroad tracks. police tried to pull over the car, but the driver took off. the car jumped the tracks, and a man and woman were arrested. a public county school
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he's accused of changing information in a computer data base after the death of a student who was hit on the way toot bus stop. the employee plans to find fight for her job? >> reporter: good morning to you. brenda young says she did nothing wrong earlier this year the superintendent wants her fired after she went into a computer data base and changed infoio hit and killed here in this part of lakeland. caitlyn kirk was killed by a car. young who is the district transportation manager told supervisors kirk was not required to cross the road to get to his bus stop. she allegedly went into the system and changed it. she said she did it to create a new and safer bus stop for students, not too hide anything.
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we stopped by her home yesterday. >> reporter: is this all your doing? >> i will comment after it all comes out. >> reporter: the school board is expected to take up the issue. at 5:00 tonight, we will be there with the latest throughout the day. back to you. >> we look forward to the updates, thank you, ryan. it's 5:35, a pasco county mother finds herself on the wrong end of the law this morning. her toddler found wandering on it's not the first time this happened. 24-year-old whitney shoemaker is facing charges putting her 3- year-old toddler in danger. neighbors found her dozens of times outside of the home, and it p happened throw days in a row last week. >> you can't let your kids out the front door in nothing but a diaper, and you're passed out on whatever in your house.
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shoemaker's relatives, and neighbors say they can only help for the best. shoemaker said her child got out because she's very smart and she's a very hard sleeper. the mast quay county school board will meet to discuss a standoff over teacher raises. there will be a closed discussion to talk about the wage with the union at employees. >> there is no guarantee that a contract will be resolved so that the district will be in a position to implement any races or benefit increases ply to the winter holidays. >> browning claims the district is proposing a 3.5% raise but blames the union for delaying for the months. browning is working to move
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nonunion employees. president obama is making his last foo foreign trip as president. >> he will address issues about that many have over donald trump's victory. >> reporter: people on both of the sides are anxious about trade, terrorism, and immigration, and president obama hopes to address those europe to visit greece and germany, and then on to south america for a stop in peru. the president landed in athens, just a little while ago, before donald trump's election. president obama described the world leaders as surprised and rattled by trump's popularity. he will try to reassure anxious allies, america's alliances
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trump to take a different approach to making public statements than he had during the campaign. >> when your a candidate and you say something that sin accurate or controversial, it has less impact than when you are president of the united states. >> reporter: with ongoing postelection protests, president obama said he advised mr. trump to send more signals of unity and to reach out minority groups. after greece, mr. obama will head to berlin to meet with leaders of germany, u.k., france, and spain in south america he will attend an economic summit along with his sometimes rival, chad mire putin. donald trump may be close to making another big decision about his team. there's speculation. the former new york mayors rudy
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secretary of state. the senior official for the president-elect says there's no competition for the job and it's rudy giuliani's if he wants itment. 4:38. let's check the weather with leigh. >> i tracked a cold front all day. it's just to the south right now, and even starting to see the clearing and cooling up around citrus, hernando, and pasco counties. it's cooler. temp cur the upper sunshine breaks out, temperatures below average. 75 at 2:00 a.m., afternoon high of 76 at 3:00 p.m., and back down 70 at 6:00, but look at temperature trend. going up. 76oday, 678, 80 on friday, and then a cold front on saturday! dropping us down to sweatser weather. time to break out the boots, ladies!
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on the 8s. looking at traffic, a good drive on the bay area interstates. i-4 to the howard frankland. into downtown tampa, this is usually heavy during rush hour. we mentioned this during the newscast earlier, the car hit the bar here, and one lane is taken away on 17th street this general is light. i want you to be aware of it. good drive on the howard frankland bridge, and that's weather ask traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. this morning we have afternoon update on dolphin who
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after a year babyface is fully recovered. look at the pictures of her wounds just this sunday. she is healed, and wildlife experts say she is back to her normal behavior. >> that's hard to watch, the pictures of the injuries it just says so much for the people who help our marine life. one army vet was trying to enjoyed his veterans day. >> but a manager snatched away his free meal an did about it. a family outing gone horribly wrong. thousand boat in flames. that's next on news channel 8
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a fiery rescue off the coast of manatee county. you can see the thick smoke rising from the boat on fire. it was near cocina beach when those -- coquina beach when those on board heard a loud popping. >> as we were going there, the smoke was thicker and blacker, and then the family was on the bow of the boat. >> my dad pinned the hammer down, and he said i think
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burning boat didn't want to talk about it much, but they said they are grateful for their rescuers. a citrus county man barely escaped his car when it sunk into a massive hole. you can see here, it basically swallowed the entire car. the hole was caused by a broken water line, and now the road is back open after crews fixed the water line and dirt. across america, the water crisis in flint, michigan, is not over yet. the mayor will extend the declaration. the mayor claims the extension is needed since water in flint is not safe to use without a filter. this was an effort to save money, and lead from corroded pipes seeped into the system, sickening residents.
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guilty of murder after leaving his son in the hot car. justin harris' 22-month-old son cooper died after being left in an suv for 7 hours. defense attorneys said it was an accident. harris is facing life in prison without parole. a fiery scene on the houston freeway it happened after a car burst into flames. the driver emergency crews put out the fire and rushed the man to the hospital. he was conscious and talking but he didn't reveal anything else about his injuries. in the meantime, investigators are trying to figure out why his car caught on fire. >> chili's is under fire after a manager was seen snatching away a meal from a veteran. ernest walker was questioned if
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military id, but that was not enough, and the manager forced him to pay for his meal. now an attorney for the parent company apologized. >> they will meet with walker, and we will let you know what happened. >> this is a story being shared a lot on social media. to share and give us your thoughts go to our facebook page right now. people all across the world gazed at rare sight in the night's states from san francisco to texas to oklahoma, rising through the clouds, and take a look at the supermoon in japan. beautiful sight. >> a lot of folks were sharing their moon shots. in case you missed it. in the bay area, we have this fantastic footage for you. the brightest supermoon since 1948. the next time it will be this
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it was cloudy for many people, but some got to spot it, and thank you for sharing the images with us. >> the time right now, 4:48, and it looks like cooler weather is on the way. >> we have clouds around, and that's because the cold front is pushing to the south this morning, you will already notice it's cooler despite the lingering clouds. the sunshine will come out, and it was just going to be a slow warmup despite the sun. 76 at 3:00 p.m., pleasant. notice, it's already down to 51 in brooksville. the temperatures are dropping in lakeland right now, you're at 55. the warm earn spots farther south, i checked with my weather watcher, bob n venice. he's 64 as well. brooksville, inverness, double digits cooler than yesterday. that's south of i-4, and there's clouds around, and a
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watch what happens from now to 10:00 this morning. yeah, the clouds really start to erode, and we will see nothing but sunshine a few passing clouds, and a nice cool breeze from the north. and next week, a huge cooldown. leslee, how is traffic on the 8s. >> not too far away from davenport this is near u.s. 27. a collision on the side lanes, and we are not seeing delays. now to southern sarasota county here, and this is the venice area, the southbound onramp to i-75 and the onramp is blocked, and if you want to head south, you can't take it because of construction that should wrap up in the next hour to hour and 15 minutes. ybor city. we are talk act the car that
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that's weather and traffic on the 8s. back to gene and gayle. we are learning more about the entertainment at the strawberry festival including weill lee nelson, scotty mccreery, patti labelle and famous for her music or sweet potato pie. it's available right now at wal- mart, just in time for thanksgiving. go get it. a new breakfast option coming to the table. and the holiday season is known as the waste season. the call to action coming up this morning. it's 4:50, and you're watching
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today is america recycles day. it's a day to promote recycling. we enter the holiday season known as one of the northeast wasteful seasons of the year. that's because americans are known to three out a lot of trash that can be recycled. america recycles is asking everyone to take a pledge to learn what can be recycled.
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cereal option. cinnamon frosted flakes. they said it's the most requested flavor. most stores will get it in january. some may have to wait until the new year. >> you didn't do it. >> you couldn't see it it's grrrrreat. there's a new addition to the family of george w. bush that's grrrreat as well. >> yes, freddie bu lady adopted him. after adopting freddie, he's camera shy, the president incurreninged everyone to adopt a pet from an animal shelter or rescue group, and he's like, my parents are famous. >> that dog has been doing a lot of things, he's painting, and now the new puppy. >> very cute. it's time for a college football frenzy as the schools vie for a chance to make it to the championship.
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it's 4:58 on this tuesday. time for weather and traffic on the 8s. you may already be noticing air, i think we will continue to drop. there are clouds around this morning, but by the afternoon arranges lot more sunshine, and slightly below average, despite the sun with the high of 76. you can get the temperatures al fall quickly tonight, and i will have a colder air mass coming in. i will tell you when it gets here, coming up. right now we are looking outside of the davenport area.
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in the venice area of southern sarasota county, the onramp to southbound i-75 is blocked, and the onramp should be reopened in the next hour. keep it in mind. coming up, an update for you
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breaking news this morning, a car crashes right into an ybor city bar at closing time, striking someon the victim's condition and the charges the driver now faces. has the trump team settled on another key player? we will tell you about the position donald trump is offering to rudy giuliani. the college football playoff rankings coming out tonight, but no matter who plays, the bay area wins. how you can cash in. good morning and welcome to


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