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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  November 15, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> ellen: anyway. now four headlines at 4:00. number one, bad monkey crash. a driver arrested for plowing into a bay area bar. number two, cookie. an assistant principal taken to the hospital after eating a pot- pot-laced desert. number three, the future of weed. and number four, changes to the big mac. see how the flavor is changing for the first time ever. thank you for being here. i'm josh benson. >> and i am stacie schaible. this is first at 4:00. and the search is on for a man who slammed his car into an ybor city bar.
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moments before, a fight broke out and one man tried to make a run for it. paul mueller picks up the story from there. >> reporter: now the suspect ran across the street, got into the car and tried to make a u- turn. and at one point, people started banging on the car, he hit a victim and plowed through the bar. >> it was really chaotic. happened really fast. it was like the blink of an eye. >> reporter: witnessed watched it unfold, remembering the crowd an car. >> it just became a riot. >> reporter: police trying to sort it out. >> someone was injured and he left the scene. there's property damage, somebody injured, that's serious. >> reporter: the bar is known for the military decor. one of the owners have served the country for four decades. >> ybor is a community here. we do pull together. we are used to good type of business here.
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this nature. >> reporter: and tampa police are combing through surveillance video in their investigation. in ybor city, paul mueller, news channel 8. and a little girl is in the hospital right now after being struck by a car on her way to school. news channel 8's ryan hughes spoke to police and the god mother about what happened. >> reporter: the little girl was walking to cleveland elementary school when she accidentally walked off the sidewalk and was then struck by that bmw. we spoke to the vanessa marquez who explained it could have been worse. >> the car didn't hit her head- on, just the mirror. >> reporter: the right side mirror was bent when the car struck the 8-year-old. emergency crews rushed to the scene. they took her to the hospital. her god mother gave us this picture of vanessa dressed up
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she's a good little girl. a great little girl. >> reporter: police blocked north florida avenue for more than two hours as they investigated. the tampa police spokeswoman says that she was taken to the the -- to tampa general hospital with non-life- threatening injuries. she should be okay. back to you. >> police say that the driver did stop and likely will not be cited. the buc's wide receiver mike evans now apologize for refusing to -- apologizing for refusing to stand during the naal the u.s. military member, their families and the fans. i chose to sit as an expression of my frustration towards this year's election. with that being said, i will not sit again. the bucs play the chiefs in kansas city this weekend. an assistant principal lands in the hospital and then jail for eating a marijuana- laced cookie. pasco county deputies tell us that donna half went to the
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laced with marijuana oil. investigators claim her daughter said she got them from the coworker because her mother wanted to try it for her 50th birthday. she is now on paid leave from the school where she works. >> it's out of character for this. everyone is shocked. and of course, it's disturbing. but given what we know at this time, we have to take action. >> both women were arrested and have donna half is charged with possession of a controlled substance. she is expected to go before the director of employee relations with the district. more than 71% of florida voters aproved medical marijuana. -- approved medical marijuana. the state legislature and department of health need to come up with regulations on how it will be sold. we spoke with an attorney whose focus is heavily regulated
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they see as a up and coming industry. >> there are rules to follow. there are obligations that have to be maintained and respected. and it's not easy. if it was easy, it would be cheese or shoes. and marijuana is not night of those. -- is nighter of those. -- is neither of those. now to the first at 4:00 weather. here's julie phillips. >> thank you, josh. and over a here's the view from palm harbor. beautiful blue skies. a few thin clouds around but definitely enjoying more sunshine than yesterday. and still looking at mild temperatures. these are below average. 70 degrees at this location. no rain today. and we are looking at a fairly dry rest of the week. and there's the cold front that rolled through yesterday and now well to the south of us. we will continue to push south away from us and any of the rains in south florida, notice the clearing skies across the
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tampa bay area now, but regardless, we still have seen temperatures that have been cooler. 73 in apollo beach. 72 in plant city. and sitting at 69 in weeki wachee. and 72 in inverness. so temperatures are below average and that's where they'll be tonight as well. you will need a light jacket tomorrow morning because it will be 57 in wesley chapel. 60 in clearwater. 57 tomorrow morning in riverview. and waking up even in the 40s in county. upper 40s there. should be around 58 tomorrow morning in tampa with a mostly clear sky. overall, a nice, cool fall night. and as far as temperatures go, looking at gradual warming through the end of the week but another cold front sight. huge temperature drop behind the one. a full look at the forecast in a few minutes. >> all right. thank you for that. november is diabetes awareness month a bay area
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awareness. >> and they are aiming to educate people about how diabetes affects not only the person suffering from it but those around them. from identifying symptoms to follow ups, they want to encourage people to speak up about the issues. >> there are a lot of resources out there. we just weren't talking to each other. and we realized realized from the first session that we department have enough time at that session for us to develop a plan of action. >> one of the other goals is to recognize when people with diabetes may be in distress. still ahead -- >> super quiet cars. what regulators are doing to make sure drivers can't sneak up on you. and then the affordable care act, what does it mean for you right now? 8 on your side has answers
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now your consumer watch. looks like the quiet battery- powered cars won't be so quiet anymore. there are now new rules requiring electric cars and hybrids to emit sounds to warn people that they are nearby. the d.o.t. is hoping to put a dent in the more 2400 annual injuries involving the cars. the vehicle makers years to equip quiet cars with alert sounds. this year, aaa is expecting the most thanksgiving travel since 2007. the travel forecast was released today. aaa predicts 48.7 million americans will travel and 1 million more will venture at least 50-miles from home. the top four destination, las vegas, san francisco, san diego and orlando.
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history, mcdonald the's is changing the big mac's flavor. right now, it's being tested in the columbus, ohio area. and they plan to offer a bigger and smaller version of the regular big mac early next year. as you have heard, president-elect donald trump's campaign platform called for partial repeals of the affordable care act, also known as obamacare. and while the future for the aca is unknown, right now the enrollment window for coverage in 2017 is open. so we have today wh know. that's why 8 on your side has answers for you. now john wax from waller and wax advisers. thank you for being here. >> my pleasure. >> now that donald trump is the president-elect, what changes might we see? >> well, the platform was repeal. maybe on day one. that's not going to happen. there's a bigger process that would have to take place. so people have to plan on, it's going to be there at least for the next year and we are in the
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>> this means don't expect it to go away. there's a process. >> it's not going to go away before the deadline. >> and you have three key dates. let's talk about these. november 1st was the beginning of the open enrollment period for calendar coverage 2017. and then december 15th is the last day to enroll if you want the coverage to start january 1 january 1st for 2017 which is the final enrollment date if you want coverage in 2017 and to be considered come pliant for that -- compliant for that year. >> so if you want coverage, if if you opt not to have coverage there, are consequences. that's the next screen. >> the penalties part. right. so the higher of 2.5% of household income up to a max of under $11,000 or an amount per
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so the higher of. so higher income people could have a much higher penalty than maybe someone who is going to have a penalty based on the number of family members not enrolled. >> and do those consequences come attacks time? >> you would deal with that in the following year tax returns. so people who are going to be filing soon for 2016 will deal with their penalties for not having group plan at work, this is not necessarily applying to you. this is if you don't have coverage. >> period? >> period. >> and you can't ignore it. you need coverage or you will face consequences. >> that's right. >> good information. thank you, john. and our web team will put together the web address. we will tell you about that. go to and we will make sure it's up there so you know where to find the information. >> right. >> thank you very much for that. and now an 8 on your side
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can impact your bank account in a big way. and according to the epa in 2017, americans wasted millions of pounds of food. how to get more out of the food you buy. >> reporter: food scraps add up fast. 21% of waste in landfills comes from food. the money you spent on that food could be considered trash too. to help the environment and your wallet, shop smart. before going to the store, check fridge. cook or eat what you have before you buy more. make a shopping list and plan menus. buying in bulk can help you save money but only if you use what you buy. before produce goes bad, freeze it. be mindful at restaurants tell us. only order portions you can realistically eat and take home the left overs. the buffet line, limit what you put on the plate. before you clean out the
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perishable food. that can help a food pantry. and instead of tossing the food in a trash bin, start a compost pile. those scrap, skin, peels and grounds can decompose into rich soil that's great for the garden. simple steps. for consumer watch. >> i guess food wasters -- >> well, it happens -- >> try not to. >> do you watch the dates closely. >>, goes in the trash. >> my kids watch it. >> and i wonder about the condiments. like dressing, it expires -- >> my mom did the smell test. really? >> my mom too. >> that's a minnesota thing. >> we could talk about this all day. yeah, the forecast looks good but dry. we only pick up a little over
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rain and only picked up .01 of rainfall. but november is the driest month of the year for tampa although we could use a little bit of rain. not in the forecast though. look through the end of the week and through weekend. a very slim chance of rain. so going to stay dry overnight tonight. and it will stay mostly clear as well. notice through the overnight hours, a starry night for us. low 60s in st. pete at 11:00 p.m. and into the overnight hour, we will drop back to the around 60 gr other spots though, expect it to be cooler in the 50s. sunshine to start the day. and more sunshine by the afternoon hours. we will top out in the mid- to upper 70s as we head into tomorrow afternoon. currently, lots of sunshine today. definitely more than yesterday. a few high thin clouds lingering behind the front that passed through. 71 in tampa. light winds out of the northeast. and downtown tampa, 74 degrees with light northeast winds. there's the front to the south.
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come to an end for tonight. and tomorrow morning, sunshine to the start the day. cool again in the 50s as we head into the afternoon hours. more sunshine expected. average november temperatures for us. and thursday, more of the same. notice completely clear to start the day. a chill to start with and by the afternoon hour, warm up quickly and back close to 80 degrees on thursday with high pressure the dominate factor and that's why it's dry. over the next several days, this very dry air mass on top saturday, doesn't have much to work with. and that's why we're not going to see much in the way of rainfall as it passes through. so look for continued dry conditions. and we want to mention in the tropic, watching one area in the southern caribbean. 80% chance of -- chance of development. we just stay dry through the end of the week. and then the cool down monday. waking up in the 40s. guys -- >> wow. 40s. >> 40s.
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>> bundle up. from hollywood to broadway to the internet, entertainment news. >> the hollywood minute. >> they say a half a million people watched the boston marathon here in new england. >> behaving yourself? >> reporter: your first look at the boston marathon bombing drama, patriot's day, the latest drama teaming mark wahlberg after th survivor and deep water horizon. it opens december 21st. >> the work is just starting but it's incredibly exciting. >> reporter: he is headed to broadway. the star wars and "star trek" director is producing his first broadway show with an unlikely title, the play that goes wrong. it's a comedy about a amateur drama company struggling to put on a show.
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harry potter fans get to return to the wizard world this friday so it's no the surprise the author's fantastic beast and where to find them is dominating online buzz. the film was the subject of ofthousand social media conversations last week. -- subject of 98,000 social media conversations last week. it doesn't open for a month. but in hollywood, i'm david daniel. coming up, an iowa lawmaker proposing new legislation called suck it up butter cup. we will tell you about that. and a preview of the female firefighters of tampa bay. melanie michael onset to explain what her story is all about today. first, the lightning back on the ice tonight. find out why this looks like a hot streak for the team next in first at 4:00 sports. and you can get developments on today's biggest
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julie phillips and me every night on great 38 at 8:00.
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now let's check on your first at 4:00 sports with dan lucas. >> a little hockey tonight. the lightning played the islanders last night. won 4-0. they have played them four times in three weeks, them 14-2 was the total score. we don't play them again this season. the lightning right back on the ice tonight against division rival detroit. ben bishop expected to be the starting goaltender which is on national tv tonight. so don't flip channels all night. bishop coming off back to back losses but i wouldn't pin them on the goalie. the bolts were sloppy early
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panthers. -- the sharks. a turn-over cost them against the panthers. because of the back to back monday game, tonight, or last night rather, the bolts used him against the islanders. he was outstanding. stopping 20 shots in the 3rd period alone to cap his third career shut-out. the nhl stats today, fourth in the entire league with a 1.66 goals against arch. so both goaltenders big reason the play, collecting nine points out of a possible 14 after a three-game losing skid in october. all right, monday, of course, we were all wrapped up in, what? the mike evans protest thing with the bucs and didn't get to break down the team's performance against the bears. one player i am anxious to see play more this week in kansas city is running back doug martin. it was great to see him score at the end of the game, but 33 yards on 16 carries?
4:26 pm
it's one i asked dirk koetter about. >> yeah, i think it's tough on any player, especially a running back that's been out that long to come back and be the same old doug martin as you say. i think we're asking too much. we knew we were going to go running back by committee. i think it was an emotional lift to get him out there. but all three tail backs played around 20 plays each. >> and thanks night's implosion of the top the teams in college football, tonight's rankings should lead to debate. three of the top four team last week lost on saturday. i was home watching football. and -- >> couldn't believe it. >> michigan lost to the iowa on a field goal, i was like this is the whackiest weekend in a longtime -- the waciest weekend in a -- the weirdest weekend in a longtime.
4:27 pm
one of the three team, clemson, michigan, washington, and i would say probably clemson, will stay in the top four. >> the rest -- >> someone will stay in out of those -- >> but alabama will remain number one. >> alabama is here and everybody else is -- >> scraps. >> yeah, down there. >> alabama is happy.
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a stabbing at a high school in utah, all five victims are b in police custody right now. all the stabbings happened at mountain view high school. most of them in a locker room. no word on what sparked that violence. number two, 53 newly elected members of congress posed for a class photo on the steps of the u.s. capitol building today. there he is, is that him? charlie crist? i was looking for our former governor charlie crist because he is in there. although the 115th congress
4:31 pm
january, house members-elect are already in washington for orientation. they'll be sworn in january 3 january 3rd. a day care worker in fort myers is being called a hero after saving the the lives of children almost hit by a car. the vehicle lost control and crashed through a trend and into -- through a fence and into children. she got the kids out of the way and none of them were hurt. and number four, ben carson says no to president-elect offer to take the job as secretary of health and human services. instead, he will advise trump from the outside of the white house. that word from a carson spokesperson today. and speaking paul ryan was a unanimous choice today of house republicans to remain as speaker. that's a strong show of unity. >> and that as president-elect donald trump moves quickly to pick his trump administration
4:32 pm
vice president-elect mike pence heading the trump transition amid speculation the president- elect will name his secretary of state to deal with russia, the fight against isis, nato and new trade deals. a former u.n. ambassador john bolton is said to be a candidate. out thed last night by another candidate, rudy giuliani. >> john wobe >> maybe me, i don't know. >> reporter: he does not want the justice department. >> i won't be attorney general. >> you won't be? >> won't have to decide that one. thank god. >> reporter: democrats are in disarray. nancy pelosi's leadership challenged. >> we got our butts kicked. >> don't blame me said president barack obama. frightened voters wanted change. >> president-elect donald trump tapped into that particular strain within the republican party and then was able to
4:33 pm
republicans today -- >> there you go. >> reporter: trump red hats are the fashion. house speaker paul ryan who fretted for a year that trump is not conservative vowed quick action on the trump ageneral damage we are on the same page with our president-elect. i talk to donald trump virtually every single day. >> reporter: and he was renominated house speaker by a unanimous vote of house republicans. a wants colleagues to do something about the presidential protests popping up. he is upset about anti-trump rallies like this one that disrupted traffic on interstate 80. state representative bobby kaufman wants the house oversight committee to clarify state laws while fining colleges for any tax dollars spent on so-called cry rooms for students upset over the election. >> i have named the bill the
4:34 pm
but you do not have a right to throw a temper tantrum on interstate 80 and put people's lives in danger. >> he thinks the bill will have traction. in the meantime, he has a lot of comments on facebook. the election is now over and now it's time to get to work. new faces flooded the capitol today. and for a crash course on how to be an elected official. mat galka has more -- matt galka has more. >> reporter: like the of school for freshman legislatures with more than 60 in town. new members are getting a crash course in everything from thousand navigate the buildings to ethics. >> like you have to comport accordingly. it's interesting and fast-faced but the professionals have been extremely courtesy and helping us navigate the process. >> one thing that's really true, for us to represent the people and do a good job,
4:35 pm
and the more knowledgeable our members are, that's the less powerful for the special interests and less distracting from the outside noise or circus. >> reporter: the 46 new florida house members make up the second largest class ever for that chamber. reporting at the capitol, i'm matt galka. and now across america. renovations to the capitol dome are complete. the dome was badly corroded since it was last restored administration. the three-year, $60 million project repaired more than 1300 cracks in the structure. and for a little perspective, that dome is 29 stories high and weighs 9 million pounds. there's a new member of the 43rd president's family. former president george w. bush posted this photo on facebook with the new family pet fred -- freddie bush. he claims he and the former
4:36 pm
the spca of texas. he says the family's cats are finding his charm futile to resist. and now restoring the gravestone of benjamin franklin. the trust launched the campaign after franklin's grave marker started developing a large crack. it's caused by years of people tossing pennies on to the grave. he said a penny saved is any earned. fund raisers are #savebenfranklin. they are in insanely good shape with the warmest of hearts and posing for a purpose, they are hotter than hot. >> yes, the women of tampa fire- rescue risk their lives every day and now they are posing for a calendar and it benefits pediatric burn victims. and they invited us behind the scenes. >> it was so much fun. first of all, getting to know the ladies has been amazing.
4:37 pm
and did i mention brave? because they worked out for months to get ready and their fellow firefighters, well, let's say, they keep them in check. look at this. >> they make me second guess myself if i reach for another piece of bread. they keep me in line and help me out. and they are honest. very honest. >> this is one of our favorites. she is a tampa native. graduated from hillsborough community college. house number six, they are motivating one another and they keep her motivated and keep her honest. when she was reaching for the bread and pasta, when the photo shirt was about to start. but she's glad the photos turned out good for the calendar. but she's most concerned about helping children where burn victims spend their summer. and this makes it special. tonight we will be live at fire
4:38 pm
the city that you saw where 32 female firefighters got together for an amazing day. and no one cares if i eat extra bread so i'm going to help myself. extra pasta. >> you never want anybody telling you not to. >> and to be a firefighter and rush into a fire and take picture after that. they can do it all. >> and they are busier than ever. not just firefighters. >> they're moms, sisters, brothers, wives, and they're fighting some biggest fire. the fire in ybor, one of them was waving at me and i was like, who is that? she took off the gear and oh, it's you. so these women are really incredible people. and we can't wait for you to see them and their calendar to raise money for burn victims. >> very cool. we will see that tonight at 11:00. thank you so much. >> and taking the pasta.
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hope you're enjoying your afternoon. a little bit of road work going on in the tampa bay area. on hillsborough avenue, we've actually got it down to just one lane eastbound. so two lanes are taken away from 22nd over to 30th street. this is is in the east tampa area. and it's all die due to water main repair work. take martin luther king tomorrow morning instead if for your morning commute. and also sewer repairs going on. so portions of rome are blocked from hillsborough over to sly. and that and again, more water main work going on. this is just outside the ybor city area, the 10th avenue at 43rd street, that intersection has been compromised. water mains fixed but now they have to restore the streets. well, feeling cooler today. and you will notice that tomorrow morning as well with the cooler air in place. although, i expect to see a mostly clear sky when you wake up early tomorrow morning. temperatures in the high 50s.
4:40 pm
and leigh spann every weekday morning with weather and traffic on the 8s starting at 4:30 a.m. all that yo-yo dieting could be doing a number on your health. new research coming up. and then you will want to stick around for the 8 on your side stories. >> school athletic insurance, are you getting what you paid for? we've helped viewers reconnect with hundreds of thousands of dollars they didn't even know they had and it's not too late i'm news channel 8's gene ramirez. the home of the bucs is the home of the college football championship. it's happening in less than two months. the impact expected here and
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>> the florida fish and wildlife conservation will consider creating 10 new sanctuaries tomorrow. here is mike vasilinda with a preview. >> reporter: florida currently has 20 critical wildlife areas. most were created in the late '70s or early '80s long before florida's population exploded and that left bird nesting areas in the lurch until now. the commission will creating 10 new sang chung wares and expand -- new sanctuaries and expanding five others. >> it's a big deal. >> it's huge. >> reporter: they call the action long overdue but something few will even notice. >> it will make it possible to post signs in the water around the islands. so is that people are advised not to get closer than that so that the birds can nest successfully. >> reporter: invading the
4:45 pm
but fwc says once people know they're not supposed to go there, it's the most voluntarily enforced law in the books. mike vasilinda. and blue skies returned today. here's the view in land o'lakes. not a cloud in the sky at this location, mild as well. 71 degrees. no rain. it's been dry across the board this afternoon. and the blue they'll continue to stay dry through the end of the week. our next front, we're already tracking that. that is set to move through tampa bay area on saturday. and even with the front, we are not expecting to see much rain. but we are expecting to see a big cool down. some chilly temperatures rolling in behind it. in fact, by monday morning, the majority of us will be waking up to temperatures in the 40s. so quite a change coming our way. it's mild right.
4:46 pm
cold front rolls through and then temperatures plum sweet the end of -- plummet into the end of next weekend. so that's making its way here into the tampa bay area. currently we have seen clearing skies. notice still dealing with clouds and even some lingering light showers in south florida. but it's starting to dry out in the tampa bay area. the drier air has rolled in. and temperatures, they are staying below average. 72 in plant city and wimauma. 74 in tampa. 71 in crystal river. and the dew points, incredibly comfortable, 50s and 40s on the map. humidity, not an issue at all. it's going to be dry. so starting off tomorrow, even cooler than it was this morning. you may want a light jacket or sweater to start the day off. in the 50s. and then we top out in the upper 70s tomorrow afternoon. so we warm up nicely. going to be a beautiful day.
4:47 pm
cloudy skies will fade away and sunny through the day tomorrow. in the 50s to start the day. into the afternoon hours, more sunshine. average november temperatures and for us, average right now is in the upper 70s. that's what we will be dealing with. and thursday morning, more sunshine and a chill in the air as we start off in the 50s again. and then notice just sunshine, really across the entire state of florida. high pressure in place keeping things nice and quiet. so this first front, it's going to move away from us and left high pressure is continuing to build in. and that's going to keep us dry through the end of the week. but the second front, this rolls through into saturday and this much cooler air mass will move in. and you can see the area of high pressure will bring in the north winds and temperatures drop back significantly. back in the 80s by the end of the week but won't last too long before the next front rolls in saturday. highs sunday and monday, the
4:48 pm
side. that's for sure. >> grab a jacket. >> yes. >> it is time. >> thank you. stargazers around the world add mizeered the super moon. did you see -- admired the super moon. did you see it? in niese, astronomers said it was closer to earth than any time since 1948 you won't see another one like this one until .
4:49 pm
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welcome back. high intensity training is making major headlines lately for benefits including belly fat blasting power. but you don't have to ruin your joints to get the benefit. today a high intensity, low- impact workout that will help you out. and 8 on your side has answers for you today.
4:52 pm
>> thank you for having me. >> a lot of people want to burn the calories and quicker than other exercises. which workouts are considered high intensity and low-impact? >> there's actually a lot. bar work outs are one as well as yoga and spin. they are good for the joints and it will keep the heart rate up. but you won't hurt yourself doing them. >> yoga is where you think it's slow and not tiring -- >> stretching. >> but you can re work out. >> oh, yeah. >> what are some of the benefits? >> a lot of the workouts you can do at almost any age. just getting back in, you can start with one to work your way up more. and injured, there's normally a modification for anything. >> and how do you know if they are good for you? >> if you are going to be a body builder, this is something to do on the side along with more training that's high impact like crossfit.
4:53 pm
you. and it really all depends on what you are trying to accomplish. >> how about if you say, i need to lose 15 pounds. i don't know where to the start. what would you recommend who just needs to get a start? >> honestly, just go to the gym. there's a lot of people there to the talk to. walking into any of them, i've never had a bad experience. it's a family environment. so not judgmental at all. and everyone is there for the same goal, just get healthy. >> and >> crunches while commercials are on. >> crunches while the commercials are. >> and tons of commercials. >> that's good ideas. hit the gym or stay at home and get something done with the low- impact stuff. >> definitely. >> thank you. >> thanks for having me. >> planks. i do them with the kids. now we have an 8 on your side medical report about yo-yo dieting and how it could be a health hazard, even if you are
4:54 pm
those who lost and then regained weight were more than three times likely to suffer sudden cardiac death than those whose wait stayed stable. and it's linked to a 66% higher risk of death from heart disease. researchers are still trying to figure out why. a new study reveals a growing number of children in the u.s. do have access to health insurance and medical care. according to the centers for disease control, just over 5% 2014, that's down from 12% in 2000. and 9 million kids had a well check visit during the year. new research shows a drug used to treat rheumatoid arthritis may reverse hair loss. after two months, patients treated with the drug showed partial hair growth on the
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have seen someone online doing this mannequin challenge. but this one right here is different. >> so cute. how did they get the little ones to do it? find out when first at 4:00
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let's take a look at what's trending online today beginning with four-year-olds doing the mannequin challenge. it's a trend that has taken over the internet to get these guys to stand still, while --
4:59 pm
on the skewed before. this is a group of four years old -- four-year-olds in new jersey. the video has gone viral. this video of a man at a texas mcdonald's is trending today. he is handing out $100 bills to the employees. the anonymous gift or is a regular at the restaurant. according to his friend, it broke his heart to see one of the employees crying over money. he was recently diagnosed with cancer. fans eagerly ai debut of making self lacing shoes just found out they wouldn't come cheap. the price of the hyperadapt 1.0, $720. time now for news channel 8 at 5:00 with jen and josh. >> right now on news channel 8 at 5:00. >> a bucks player apologizes for a political protest.
5:00 pm
after his sitdown sparked a firestorm. a special cookie lands to women in handcuffs. viewers reunited with hundreds of thousands of dollars. our better call behnken unclaimed money phone bank a big success. i you can find out if you are owed money. >> thank you for joining us. a pasco county assistant principal is under fire tonight. donna haff was arrested after she got sick from eating a marijuana laced cookie. jamel lanee' joins us live from anclote works as a principle. >> reporter: good evening. haff is on leave tonight. students have been talking about this marijuana laced cookie all day. assistant principal donna haff is not at anclote high school today. she was put on leave after being arrested on monday for a cookie laced with marijuana oil.


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