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tv   News Ch8 at 6PM  NBC  November 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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do we have any idea what led up to this? >> reporter: right now, police are saying a fight is to blame. what triggered that, they are stilling to find out. at bad monkey, take a look. crews have been out here throughout the day. that's where the car plowed right into the building. >> it happened really fast. it was like a blink of an eye. >> reporter: carlos members the crowd, the noise, the fighting and then this. the car wedged into the building after hopping over a curb, after squeezing through a tree and a utility pole. >> it just became a ride. >> reporter: moments before that, the suspect and several others got into a fight. he tried to make a break for it. the suspect ran across the street, got into his car and tried to make a u-turn. people started banging on his car and then for some reason he hit the gas, hit a victim and rent plowed through the bar. >> the guy was just trying to frantically leave but he just
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sort out the details, they know a few things for sure. >> some he was injured and he left the scene. that is serious. >> reporter: long-term patrons left in shock. >> like emotionally, you know there was emotion behind it because you never want to see that happened. >> reporter: the bar is known for military decor, walls covered with camouflage. one of its own is retired country. >> ybor city is not a bar district, it's a community here. we do pull together. >> we are used to a good type of business here and you hate to see damage of this nature.>> reporter: the repairs have already been made as you can see. the bar is already back open for business. >> paul, let's sort this out. did the guy intentionally drive into the building or do we think he was specifically targeting the guy he hit?
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>> reporter: police confirmed to me tonight that he did not intentionally hit the building. did he had that guy on purpose? at least for now, that is under investigation. >> and they are still looking for him but they know who they are looking for?>> they do. >> reporter: paul mueller live in university. a little girl involved in a terrifying accident is expected to be okay but this happened as eight-year-old vanessa was walking to cleveland elementary this morning. the girl accidentally stepped off the sidewalk and was hit by a car. we spoke to her godmother who explains it could have been a lot worse. >> she is just vibrant and full of life. she is a good little girl. the car didn't hit her head on. just the mirror hit her. >> at this time it does not appear that the driver in the crash will be ticketed. an assistant principal lands in the hospital and then in jail for eating a marijuana laced
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emergency room sunday after she consumed a cookie laced with marijuana oil. investigators say her daughter, allison haff that the cookie from a coworker because her mother wanted to try marijuana for her 50th birthday. haff is now on paid leave from ascot high school where she works. >> we cannot have our administrators in a position where they are facing felony charges where they are using drugs.>> both women were arrested and have since posted bo possession of a controlled substance and is expected to go before the director of employee relations. now that the people have spoken, what is next for medical marijuana in florida? news channel 8 got a few answers and melissa marino sat down with an expert to learn more about what the industry could look like. she joins us now live. a big question out here is how this will all play out across the state. what are you hearing?>>
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this is something we will see in the coming months and years but for those who are trying to make a little cash, this isn't for everyone.>> i've known a few people that are dying from cancer and they can't eat and they can't move. if that makes them move, it's the marijuana. >> reporter: the people of florida have spoken but how will the legal use of medical marijuana bloom in our state? >> if they patrol it good, it will be good but if they don't -- >> that balance is what >> is it going to be strict, conservative? a little more liberal? >> that's a very good question and i don't know that anyone has a crystal ball that can tell you for sure. >> reporter: attorney richard blue focuses on the laws for heavily regulated products representing one of the state's six licensees currently producing and distributing medical marijuana in florida. there is more waiting to see how this all unfolds.
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clients, many answers that you seek will be decided not today, not tomorrow, but in 2017 when the legislature debates these issues. >> how easy is it for the average person to get it? >> this is not the thing where you quit your day job, cashing her 401(k) and jump in with both feet. >> reporter: from how to tax it to strict security protocols, he says rules and requirements will be many. >> if it was easy, it would be cheese or shoes an >> reporter: he says historically, those successfully regulated industries are typically large corporations. >> we know that the legislature will look at how to sell this all in 2017. when could we see this expand? >> reporter: there are a lot of variables but we could start to see this industry take shape in
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live in polk county. standing up and speaking out, protesters gathered in st. petersburg today to rally against the controversial pipeline and standing rock, north dakota. it was part of national day of action organized by the sioux indian tribe trying to block construction of the pipeline on their land. one and two hundred rallies took place today to stop the federal government from moving forward with the project.>> it's being built without approval to go across the missouri river and that's we are here to support strong laws.>> backers of the pipeline say it's the safest and most efficient way to transport oil rather than using rails or trucks. the u.s. army corps of engineers has decided to delay construction until it can further discuss the project with the standing rock sioux tribe. sniffing out danger. >> dozens of canine teams are in town for explosives training. >> what it takes to get them
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and mandatory school insurance in pinellas county. our parents getting what they paid in? some don't think so. 8 on your side digs deeper on your side because you paid for it. 75 degrees today. we finally got rid of most of those clouds all the folks in some portions of the bay area saw clouds for most of the day. clear skies and temps -- cool temps to start the day. a clear look at our weekend
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the family of a man gunned down in st. petersburg is begging for someone to break the code of silence and help them find the killer. tony brown was shot and killed in what police described as a targeted ambush style attack on 55th street north on october 14. today, brown's family made an impassioned plea for the shooter or anyone with information to come forward. >> i know somebody out there. as you hear my voice, you know who yo will you please, please contact the safety police department and help us get closure? >> crimestoppers is offering a $3000 reward for a tip that leads to the suspect's arrest. two masked men pulled off a smash-and-grab high study hillsborough county cell phone store. they used something to shatter the front glass of this verizon wireless.
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-- display funds from the shelves. investigators are working to track down a woman who hit a school bus full of children and took off. davenport police say this woman crashed into the bus at bay street and suwanee avenue this morning. the students on board were not injured but if you know who this woman is, you are asked to call the police department. >> learning -- learning to sniff out explosives, canines are learning how to detect chemicals used to make bombs. the highlight on security is on homemade explosives. the program teaches the dogs to recognize trace amounts of chemicals and visible to the human eye. >> it's a 10 older test to make sure is canines can detect
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laboratory and transport them down. >> once the training is complete, the dogs are used to screen for potential explosives anywhere, where large groups of people gather. when it comes to school athletic insurance, are you getting what you paid for? >> mark douglas digs deeper to see if your hard earned money is being well spent are going to waste. see what he uncovered coming up. c'mon in, pop pop! happy birthday! i survived a heart attack. i'm doing all i can to
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if your kids play a sport in a pinellis county school, they have to have sports insurance purchased through the district and yes, you paid for it but what kind of deal are you getting? mark is on it tonight because you paid for it. parents don't really have any choice here. are they getting their money's worth? >> if you ask the district, they will tell you certainly they are. it's the best bargain they can drive. but the payback for school sports insurance in pinellis county still does not add up to what the state says it ought to be. football injuries like the broken leg suffered by a player in clearwater high school back in september, are part of the game and so as mandatory insurance. the insurance pinellis county
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through the district's designated provider. >> we do have to protect ourselves against lawsuits. >> reporter: the pinellis county school district gave us information showing its insurance company select more -- collected more in premiums and it paid out for claims on injuries like that broken leg. >> you collect three times what you pay out. >> that's industry standard. >> reporter: but i found out that's not the industry standard. the state of florida requires insurers to pay out one dollar for every two dollars they collect for a ratio of at least 50 we also know the information that pinellis gave us in september about its own loss ratio was wrong. >> we received incorrect information. >> reporter: until we started pressing, it seemed like nobody at the school district really knew what the loss ratio was. >> it's typical in this situation for us to rely on our vendor. >> reporter: based on revised data from today, the loss ratio for sports insurance parents have to buy averaged less than 48% over the last three years. that's better than what they
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minimum. >> you are still paying back less than half the premiums, so is there a better deal that should be out there for parents who have kids playing sports in this county?>> when we last took kids, this was the best deal available to families. >> reporter: the state says just because pinellis county schools fall below the 50% loss ratio doesn't mean there is any law broken because other districts that are co have bigger losses to balance out those numbers. we will never know because the state does not track this kind of insurance for compliance. that's the craziest thing at all. they don't track it. >> so you can go district by district like you've done but that's a little time-consuming. what about parents? what if they have a complaint about rates or insurance payouts? >> reporter: the state tells us anyone with a complaint about rates or has difficulty
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the department of financial services. we have put that information, the hotline number, email number, and the only number on our website so they should check that out.>> good information as always. 66 degrees out in brandon. did not take long for the temperatures to fall into the upper 60s. obviously a drier air mass at 2 miles per hour. innisbrook, still some clouds left arou left. civil twilight after sunset. 64 degrees in palm harbor, the northern part of pinellis county. not too long ago, tony took this shot in clearwater at sunset. you can see a few clouds around and we have seen quite a few clouds around portions of the bay area but clear skies and others. this was kind of a transition today to more of a sunny condition for tomorrow. we are expecting around the forecast area, the same story from paul who is saying rate sunset. we do get a lot of those but in
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of clouds here. at 9 pm, 64 degrees, melissa click conditions and cooling. 58 degrees at 7 am. a chilly start to the day, below average for this time of year. 78 degrees at 4 pm in the afternoon, plenty of sunshine and we're looking forward to a nice, sunny day. can't rule out a few clouds overall but mostly sunny about does it. 66 degrees largo, 65 degrees palm harbor, riverview 64 degrees, temple terrace and odessa 65 degrees, very quickly falling in with the drier conditions in place. 61 degrees and wesley chapel and dade city. lake placid dan sebring are in the upper 60s at the moment. a cold front down to the south. a big reason why the air is drier and cooler. it's running against higher moisture levels. that is where shower activity has been today. key west and other sections of florida, cloudy throughout the day. starting to clear just a little
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that's what you were seeing on the camera images and the pictures are eroding inland. the interior sections of polk county, also hardy and desoto county. hurricane season is not over yet. an 80% chance of development over the next five days. here you see the yucatan peninsula for this area in the caribbean. sea surface temperatures in the low and mid-80s. warm enough to help start the tropical sequence here of the showers, thunderstorms eventually leading to tropical depressions or a tral otto. we start to get cold fronts and deep troughs in the southeast this time of year. it's just harder for tropical systems to move further north. we're not too excited but we will continue to watch that. most a clear for the evening. a few remaining clouds but that's of sunshine to start and we're seeing a north easterly flow with high pressure to the
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pressure is our feature. nothing but sunshine with more dry weather ahead. if you want it even cooler, right before thanksgiving, you will be happy because a cold front is headed your way. our water vapor imagery shows bright yellow and more -- and orange meeting drier air. at 4 pm, you will see on a day forecast, two pitcher's falling off. the next three days, very nice. 79 degrees, 80 degrees, 81 degrees. rain chances are low as we get into the weekend. there is your transition. that's when a cold front runs through and cooler temperatures will building. that will set up a chilly start on monday morning. 49 degrees for a low and upper 30s in northern areas. monday, tuesday and wednesday a slow warm up. almost thanksgiving. >> get out the cold weather close. coming up next in sports, can the lightning play better tonight in front of golay ben bishop? >> and the bucs my given says
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one night after blasting the new york islanders for the third time in two weeks, the lightning are right back on the ice for a division matchup against the red wings. ben bishop is your presumed starting goaltender tonight. the bolts need to play better in front of bishop, especially early in games. big ben is coming off back-to- back losses, which dropped his record to 5-5. on monday, back up andrei vasilevskiy was
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third period alone to cap his third career shutout. there he is. if you look at the nhl stats today, he is fourth in the league with a 1.66 goal against average. he is hanging in there with the best. wounds hitting a lot deeper than he could have imagined, mike evans issued an apology today for sitting down during the national anthem on sunday in protest of the recent presidential election. evans expressed remorse for offending he will no longer sit during the anthem at games and plans to work with organizations that promote equal rights for minorities. the bucs turn your attention to a very difficult road game this week in kansas city. will we see more of running back doug martin? maybe a more effective run game? it was great to see doug score
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it's a topic i discussed with head coach dirk koetter during our exclusive koetter's corner interview. >> i think it's tough on any player, especially a running back that has been out that long to come back and be the same old doug martin as you say. i think we are asking too much. i think his role will continue to go up and up and up as he gets his legs back under him. >> when urban meyer was asked if he would pay attention to the college playoff rankings, he said i will be michigan state but the buckeyes are expected to cozy up right behind number one alabama following a crazy saturday where three of the top four teams in the rankings all lost. it was wacky. and butch davis, once again a head coach. cleveland browns and north carolina coach, put in charge of a struggling florida international program today. davis of course was a consultant on the bucs staff in
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he is very popular down in south florida. we will see what he does with that program.>> anything can happen. >> i watched all three of those upsets and it was a tremendous -- it was tremendous tv. of course, none of those are we alma mater. thousands of our viewers reunited with cash they didn't even know they had. our second better call behnken unclaimed phone cash bank helped viewers find $600,000 and it's mostly accounts, insurance policies, or inheritance. we took calls for 6 1/2 hours and thousands of euros took advantage of the help. it's not too late for you. there is still a lot of cash out there. just call or head to their website to claim it.>> it's nightly news is coming up next followed by news channel 8 at 7:00. >> and we also have news
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>> we will be back at 7:00 and
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developing news tonight. trump transition in turmoil. the president-elect's team plagued by in-fighting. first a shake-up, now reports of a purge. what wii learned about happening inside trump tower. all in the family. new concerns as nbc news learns the trump team has asked about top secret security clearnss for his children. should they have access to america's most sensitive information. focus tonight centering on the role of his powerful son-in-law jared kushner. an employee gunned down, flights grounded as police hunt for a killer. and hitting home. mortgage rates spiking after the election.


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