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tv   News Ch8 Today at 5AM  NBC  November 16, 2016 5:00am-5:30am EST

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breaking news overnight, a usf student moment while walking through -- logged -- campus. donald trump has made a request. why some say it is a bad move. if you have ever thought about working for home -- from home, good news business is booming . how can you tell if it is the real deal and not a scam? we will tell you coming up. good morning and welcome. thank you for joining us on this wednesday morning.
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it is 43 and brooksville. 45 zephyrhills. 54 bartow. sarasota 60. we are all cooler than yesterday morning. brooksville you are 12 degrees cooler. where also much clear. the clouds have sunk down even south of florida at this point. we are now going to wake up to sunshine and that will warm us up nicely. which happens to be the average today then close to average as we drop to 58 degrees. we will take you hour by hour through your wednesday and we will take you through your commute. >> the commute is nice. we really are starting off with a nice drive. or drive-through new port richey as well as the palm harbor area. so does the suncoast parkway even connecting down to the veterans expressway and only down to 275. it is a good drive in either direction.
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construction tying up one of the northbound lanes on i 75 at fruitvale road but no delays. it should be wrapped up within the hour. right now a special agent with the florida department of law enforcement is in jail charged with molesting children who had already been victimized. chuck mcmullen worked in pensacola and before that he lived and worked right in the bay area. there is fear there could be moreti ryan joins us live from tampa. good morning, at least 3 children have already come forward. >> reporter: good morning to you as well, all 3 boys claimed chuck mcmullen molested them. he lived years ago in valrico and worked here at the florida department. now the department wants to know if there are any more victims in the bay area. this is video of mcmullen when
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boys told investigators that he touched them inappropriately many times. when agents confronted one of their own they explained mcmullen began to cry. we spoke to a local psychiatrist who believe the boys have a long road ahead. >> the children are damaged. the ones i have seen over 30, 40 years that were molested 30 years ago and are now adults have all types of sexual violence >> at the time of his arrest he worked as a special agent supervisor for the cybersquatting: -- cyber squad in pensacola. he remains in jail with the bond set at $1.5 million. >> so terrible for these kids can trust people that are supposed to be helping them. breaking news this morning, females is shaken after she says 2 men robbed her when she was walking on campus. mary
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mary, this should serve as a warning to parents and students. >> reporter: it certainly should. usf does have it has shaq own police force but on college campuses they are usually very easily -- easy to get on and off of. students need to stay vigilant. this robbery happened around 9:15 last night claimed she was approached by 2 white males in her early -- and their early 20s who reportedly took her jewelry. she was not injured and was able to give a pretty good description of the suspect. this morning police want to remind students to be aware of their surroundings when they are out and about after doctor -- dark. advise walking or jogging with a friend one possible and also stay in well lit areas. stay away from alleys and not -- do
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around them. tell someone where you are going and when you will return. the university did send out a text message to students to alert them of this emergency. it is important to remember those safe he tips that police did give up. this didn't happen that late at night, only at 9:15. it is a typical time the students would be out and about 30 here on campus. >>-- >> it is a warning for parents and students alike. some more turmoil on donald trump's transition team reports of fighting. at the center of the bickering donald trump's son-in-law has been reportedly
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the head of that team last week. the president-elect has taken the unprecedented move to have -- to join him for his presidential meetings but the government restricts family members to assist with the job. president-elect donald trump has also asked about top-secret clearance for his adult children . there could lead to conflicts of interest as president donald trump owns 65 copies around the world and 500 companies in 22 countries, some of those in places with complicated form policy relationships like china, india and russia. where getting a look at the
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one reshaping america's trade policy including renegotiating or withdrawing from the north american free trade agreement. stop transpacific partnership. , stop unfair imports, bore the tax rate and regulations on businesses. fans blessed evans for sitting down during it was to protest donald trump being elected president. now he is saying something much different. key release an apology saying, i want to start by apologizing to all the us military members, their families , and the fans that i offended by my actions on sunday. he went on to say this sunday i will be back just ending with my teammates. the family of a man gunned down in saint petersburg is begging for someone to help
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what police described as an ambush style attack last month. his family is pleading with the shooter or anyone who has information to come forward. crime stoppers is offering a $3000 reward for a tip that leads to their arrest. police are trying to us -- to track down a woman that hit a bus and then drove away. the bus driver and the students on board were know who this woman is, called davenport police. it is 5:08 on this wednesday morning. >> when you step out the door to grab the paper, walked the dog or go for a stroll it will feel a little chilly but watch how quickly it warms up after the sun comes up. we get out of the 50s quickly, into the 70s by 11 am, 77 2:00, 77 and clear skies.
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a strong cold front passes saturday not with much rain but bringing in the cooler air to start next week. smda today up to 81 friday -- 78 today up to 81 friday. hurricane season continues to death. we have this area in the western caribbean with an 80 percent chance of developing . the computer models have it wandering around, it is not getting close was just letting you know we are keeping an eye on it. like my cooking. it was all over the place. >> let's take a look at traffic. we do have a little bit of overnight construction lingering out here in the sarasota area. this morning northbound i 75 right around fruitvale road we have lane taken away on the northbound side again, you can get by. it will not slow you down. you should wrap up within the next hour or so. was go ahead and move
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22nd to 30th street. they are doing were here work from a broken water main. it should be wrapped up by the end of thursday night maybe friday morning. let's take a live look at i-4. things look great in lakeland. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8s back to you. former bucs head coach tony is hoping to help foster children find a home. >> the foundation is partnering with the florida department of children and families to raise awareness for adoption and recruit roster families. the hall of announce the partnership. news channel 8 will be there and bring you the story. working at home is a dream for some people, but which opportunities work? >> we are here with the look at legit work-at-home options. and tragedy as a baby falls 4 feet from a changing table it will introduce you to that maybe 's guardian angel. follow from a controversial
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what was said in was losing their job. you are watching news channel 8 today. it is 5:10. storm team 8 weather is brought to you by the law offices of catania and catania. know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. ? know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy
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across america this morning investigators are trying to figure out why a man would
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was the father of an nfl star. a man shot and killed 52-year- old michael winchester. he was southwest employee and was the father of kansas city chiefs player james when sir -- winchester. after an intense search the investigators found the gunman dead believing killed himself. the mayor is fired after commenting on a controversial post about michelle obama. the facebook post went viral warn you the language is offensive. it reads, it will be refreshing to have a classy, beautiful, dignified first lady in the white house. i am tired of seeing an ape in heels. claim mayor responded -- claim mayor responded saying this post just made my day. she claims her comment was not meant to be racist. the county
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a south florida little boy is being called his baby brother's guardian angel. this is an incredible story. he caught his 11 month old brother when he fell from a changing table at their home. it was all caught on camera. watch the upper right corner as mom turns her back on the baby. the baby flips off the table right there. that is when you see the 9-year- old rush in and catch them just moments before he would've hit the floor. him and i can't run that fast, so i felt like something came in just push the forward. when that happened i ran in, him. >> that is incredible. his mother is beyond grateful for her son's quick action. she is also using this video to one other parents to be careful. one of the 2 bald eagles rescued from a storm drain in
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the eagles were fighting over territory when they got trapped. the female eagle had punctures to her talons, legs and chest and it cracked. she also had other internal injuries. good news, you can have it all. it is possible to have a job with a good salary and do it from the comfort of your own home. meredith is here to tell us where to find these dream job. >> there are a lot of them surprisingly. florida ranked 4t country for telecommuting jobs. these are the kind of jobs you wouldn't necessarily associate with working from home. i talk to a local woman who decided to work from home, and she admits it initially was not easy. she oversees 50 employees that she rarely season person. while that sounds great to a lot of people, she initially missed office interaction. >> i was so used to having a
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>> it took her a year to master staying focused. >> you have to be disciplined, self manage, you have to be able to prioritize your work. >> reporter: she works in the computer it industry ranked in the top 5 career categories that saw expanding opportunities issue -- this year . the others customer service, medicine help, administration, and sales. time jobs with 100 percent telecommuting in tampa right now . >> she was encouraged to work from home by her husband who has an office down the hall. he has seen her stress decrease significantly. >> avoiding traffic and just being able to go right to work from home has put you in a better mindset to work efficiently. >> that is true she says though now setting boundaries with coworkers she has to set
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it doesn't mean i am available all the time. >> she says just like any job you learn what works best for you and your family. again that website, flex we will put a link on our website, . we were saying it is not for everyone here you really have to have the discipline. >> i talked to moms who do this in a safe the hardest thing is turning off the workload because it is tempting toep >> she says she is still working 13 of working hour days. >> make sure you want to do that. let's get a check of the weather. it will be a little chilly when you step out the door if you do have to go to work this morning outside. 621 degrees with a nice clear skies. it will be nice after the jury couple of days we saw yesterday morning and the last couple of days. it is pleasant and sunny.
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brooksville right now you are a cold spot. you are at 43. 45 inverness. 45 zephyrhills. 47 wimauma. it is certainly cooler than this time yesterday. brandon is about 11 degrees cooler. brooksville 1 degrees cooler. clear skies, a bit of a chill, but what a gorgeous afternoon, pleasant mostly sunny low humidity long stretch of pleasant weather. it will be between 2 cold front . another cool morning, nice warm afternoon but the 2nd cold front. that is the one that is going to come through on saturday and bring us the coldest air of the season. we have the perfect drive right here in 275 right around peers. it is very good coming off of i 75 connecting the 275. no delays. we do have a little bit of
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around for bill road. you will see one lane taken away but no slowdowns in the sarasota area. i 75 looks great and braiding 10 -- bradenton . that's a look at weather and traffic back to you . in sports, pressure is mounting on us men's soccer coach klinsmann after an embarrassing world cup qualifying loss last night 4 - zero. it is a 2nd loss -- it is the 2nd loss in a row . some of the greatest coaches and players in the sports world were honored in tampa. college folk legend, steve spurrier and former bucs coach were both inducted into the florida sports hall of fame. also, new to the hall phil esposito who played a major role in bringing hockey to tampa.
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eventually the stanley cup. also formers raise player 10 and and fully -- rays player
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shack a recall -- a recall of months of sports models. the sealing ring can deteriorate and leak fuel posing a fire danger. snapchat is snapping it's way into a new chapter. they snapchat is 5 years old and is estimated to be worth 20 to 25 $20-$25 million. american challenge is the latest viral sensation. this morning lakeland police did not want to be left out. officer shopping in the toy aisle of walmart took time out to play like a mannequin. they were there shopping for their cops for kids programs which provides kids -- that
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>> it is fun to watch and a good way to raise awareness. a bay area educator in handcuffs here expect new in our next half hour, what was in a cookie and why her job is on the line? >> trouble on the ice for stephen stamkos . coming up, what had him limping. a live look outside. a clear morning for you. we have your weather and traffic coming up minutes. closed captioning is brought to you by: famous tate
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distract at 5:28, it is a little chilly for the kids at the bus stop they may need a light jacket. they probably will not where it because it is 78 and 70 this afternoon. go to 80 tomorrow and 81 friday . we have a little bit of
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on rome avenue we have that. it should be completely reopened on friday. have a great drive on the bay area bridges. i-4 looks wonderful throughout county. -- throughout polk county ? know you have a dedicated advisor and team know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. ? know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy with the guidance and support
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right now a state law enforcement agent is accused of abusing his trust to molest children. there may be more children out there. we're starting the day in the 40s and 50s. we will let you know how quickly will warm up in when we can see colder air. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. thank you for waking up with us on


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