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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  November 16, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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situation. standard ground under fire once again. why some believe the controversial law has led to more murder in the sunshine state. >> thank you for joining us tonight. we begin with a tale of two women, one who needed a place to live and the other accused of praying on the need. it is a classic real estate scam and pascoe county sheriff's deputies say this woman rented a home but it wasn't hers to rent. >> now the family is scrambling to find a place to live than just pasco county. rod carter has the story. what a story. >> reporter: this is crazy. this woman's name is patricia lamp and she is in land o lakes jail right now but as soon as she is done with the charges, the folks here and hillsborough county, want to have a conversation with her as well.
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says for rent out of the sun, put up her own sign and then scammed the woman out of hundreds of dollars. this house on bluebird and holiday is the place dana molina hoped to raise her family. >> when i walked into the house, the first thing i could think of was this looks like my grandma's house. i pictured my daughter growing up to be able to go to prom. >> reporter: she found the house after spotting a sign that said it was for rent. $800 to move i didn't have pin or paper or my phone. i just to sign out of the ground. >> reporter: it was a great deal. >> she said she would work with me. all i had to do was pay $650 the first week, she will work with the deposit and that was it. i was like awesome. i thought this was a miracle. >> reporter: that it actually wasn't a deal at all. it was a sign she and her husband now see. she says this woman, patricia lamp, the woman she paid hundreds of dollars to move in, doesn't on the house and had no legal right to own it. now she is behind bars.>> it's
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her do something like this but just had no heart to do this. to just tear down a family. >> reporter: it turns out lamp has done this before. she has active warrants and hillsborough county for the same thing and while renting this house, was apparently trying to rent out another one she doesn't own. >> we were going to split the bills and it was perfect. room and sure enough it was a scam. >> reporter: from sam to scramble, they have no idea how long they will be able to stay here before they are forced to get out. had quite honestly, that could come pretty soon. i talked to the real estate agent for the real owner of the house and they say they have given dana an opportunity to pay all
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qualify for the home. she has to pay first and last month rent, security deposit, and pass a background check. she told me she has had some problems in her past that she is trying to turn around and she doesn't know if she can do that. they may end up back in a hotel. >> how long before they know? do you have any information on that? >> that's the magic question. i talked to that real estate agent and the real owner of the house who actually lives in of course his deal is he wants to rent this house and he wants to do that quickly. who knows. they could be gone before the end of the week.>> rod carter is live in pasco county. police are searching for a gunman who opened fire wounding a toddler. the 21-month-old girl was hit by a bullet in her five. police believe her father, eduardo vigil -- eduardo avila
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he was standing outside in a threatening manner. and he ran inside, they opened fire. one of the bolts ricocheted and hit aliyah. she is expected to be okay, which is the good news. right now, police are searching for two men after a female student says she was robbed on the usf campus around 9:00 last night. the woman told police she was being followed by two men as she was walking through a common area on campus. the guys ap necklace. >> i was honestly really surprised because not only was it like -- it wasn't that late in the night so it was not weird that somebody got robbed but it was to random people and everybody was like what just happened cracks. students and parents were given an immediate update through the mobile messaging system. detectives are still coming through hours of surveillance
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two men. florida stand your ground law has received national attention and a study is linking the law to an increase in homicides. candace mccowan joins us live outside the hillsboro county courthouse and attics are firing back at the study. >> reporter: that's right. florida was the first but many states have stand your ground laws and that study focused here in florida where there has been many profile cases. stand your ground 2005. >> if you fear death or great bodily harm, you can use deadly means to protect herself. >> reporter: but it was in 2012 when trayvon martin was killed that the law became known nationwide. although george zimmerman never used the defense, the case >> a study into the law. the study in the journal of the american medical association
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increase in homicides since 2005. criminal defense attorney joe piscopo tells me it makes sense. >> if a person has a license to carry a firearm and they get in a situation outside their home, naturally they may use their gun because they know now that they have an opportunity to not be prosecuted and to be immune from lawsuits. >> reporter: the law has been the subject of much debate. cover who shot his neighbor told the jury he didn't feel he had a choice. >> he had my head like this wrapped around my neck. >> reporter: nicole olson is waiting for justice as curtis reeves, accused of killing her husband, hopes stand your ground gets him off. >> just to think that in the blink of an eye, my whole world got shattered into 1 million pieces. >> this will go on and on and the law has not changed and i don't anticipate it to change. >> reporter: and of course,
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the study saying it's flawed because it ignored legal principles and asking that it be retracted. >> real quick. one of those high-profile cases you mentioned, curtis reeves, who is accused of killing someone in a movie theater will face a judge in a couple of months, right?>> reporter: yes, i spoke with his wife and she says they will be in court at the end of february where curtis reeves will have that stand your >> thank you. the minnesota police officer who shot a man to death during a traffic stop is now charged with manslaughter. according to investigators, officer jeronimo yanez shot and killed philando castile after pulling him over for a broken tail light. shooting happened as philando castile reached for his id after telling the officer he was armed and had a gun permit. the aftermath was played live on facebook lives.
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the gunman who shot and killed a southwest airlines employee before turning the gun on himself at an oklahoma airport. the gunman is identified as lloyd louis a former employee -- buie, a former employee. investigators say it is possible that the shooting was in retaliation for what may have led up to resignation. president-elect trump insisting that his transition process is organized. he says it is on track are going faster than recent presidents. some in washington call the process rocky. >> the beginning of any transition like this has term while because it's just the nature of the process. >> we feel really good about the transition. i would say it's false to say it's not going well.
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proposed by trump or his opponents but the battle on tax cuts looks likely. uncovering a spending secret. >> visit tampa bay spends hundreds to promote tampa to a worldwide audience but what are you getting for your money? why some of that information is under wraps. his decision to sit during the national anthem created a firestorm. tonight, mike evans up about his decision and what he is planning to do in the future. what a gorgeous day. temperatures below normal but with that florida sunshine, warmed up nicely. about as good as it gets. we will see if the trend will continue. your weekend is coming up. we found a pothole in tampa bay that has been around so long it's growing weeds. we will tell you what mayor bob buckhorn has to say about this and 5000 other potholes in the
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8, the station that is always
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bucs wide receiver mike evans decision to sit during the national anthem on sunday. he now says he is sorry for actions meant to protest the election. we are live at the tampa news center and evans has been dealing with a lot of backlash over the last few days to say the least. >> reporter: he has. evans says he has been getting it from both sides. a few people saluted him while others paraded him with hateful
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different beliefs." evans practiced with his teammates at one buc place this afternoon and says buccaneers have been nothing but supportive including the front office. he says neither owners or managers spoke with him about the protest and he reached the decision to stand in front of the and him henceforth on his own. that doesn't mean he is done protesting donald trump's presidency but instead intends to find more productive avenues of doing so. >> looking back on it, i probably would have did it a different way but it's done you know. it won't happen again. i will be standing with my teammates. to the people that will stand with my teammates from now on. i will continue to use my voice and my platform for minority rights. >> reporter: evans says his next move is to reach out to groups that help minority groups including women, lgbt, africans and latinos living in fear of donald trump and his
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waiting for sunset here with these short base but a beautiful day. hardly a cloud in the sky. 71 degrees right now but that's an indication that that temperature will fall quickly into the upper 60s. we saw this last night. the sun getting low in the sky. 73 degrees with that north wind and at veterans ford, 71 degrees. looking for some kind of clouds here but under high pressure, difficult to find. liquid ranch, 73 degrees. hardly a swaying but it's just stunningly beautiful. a little drop off in temperatures. saturday 80 degrees for a high. by seme, a cold front with a big impact dropping the temperature into the upper 60s and then we bounce back heading into thanksgiving. another cold front around thanksgiving helping readjust that temperature. at 7 am, 58 degrees, 76 degrees at noon, 4 pm for tomorrow.
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clear skies. those temperatures will fall fairly quickly because we are seeing quite a bit of dry air around -- around the region. 71 degrees newport ricci, temperatures mid-70s out in riverview, odessa 72 degrees, lakeland 73 degrees, frostproof and inverness as well. sarasota 78 degrees, the bring 74 degrees, mid-70s bartow. quite a bit of dry air aloft thanks to the cold front that yesterday caused quite a bit of now this dry air is taking over and that high pressure at the surface has just dominated the forecast taking with the clouds, giving us a cool, dry air mass and you can see a beautiful day across the sunshine state. we did see some clouds yesterday but not the case today. it winter alert. it's that time of year. a blizzard watch for the western part of minnesota, the northeastern part of south dakota. this area here, winter storm watches in place.
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west and that means to the northeast into the midwest. this is a classic system this time of year where they come out of roughly colorado and move into the upper midwest. possibly a foot of snow potential across sections of minnesota across nebraska into that code is. this is happening through friday as you can see. those traveling for the holiday, a lot of folks hitting the road, you could be dealing with snow if you drive in that tonight, clear skies continue, cool temperatures this evening, a jacket not a bad idea if you are going to be out later. thursday morning, more sunshine. we hope you can handle it because another beautiful day like this. sunshine, dry weather into friday. feel a bit milder because we are seeing a consistent easterly flow and that just adds a bit more moisture into the atmosphere and makes it feel warmer overall. high pressure will continue to dominate and that front is headed our way.
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and that will bring cooler temperatures for sunday which you will see on the a day forecast. still warm for saturday, 80 degrees for a high, a site rain chance of 10%. sunday, the effects of the front are felt. 68 degrees for a high, rain chances low through this period, monday tuesday and wednesday, temperatures slowly warm to normal levels. this is a lovely time of year for the weather. the a day forecast reflects exactly that. taxpayer dollars wasted? not on his watch. mark douglas your hard-earned money isn't going down the drain because you paid for it. visit tampa bay spends millions of bed tax dollars to promote tourism but one share how a so-called "business pirate" is spending some of that money. i have to ask, what's the big secret? >> that's what we want to know. for pete sake, this is a
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he promote stories and for visit tampa bay but everything about his pay and travel expenses, funded mostly by tax dollars are industry. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome greybeard the business partner -- pirate. >> reporter: greybeard visited the crew of tampa bay back in august. don't let the pirate talk fool you, greybeard is not -- meeting planners to tampa. >> if you are looking for a place for your crew to think outside the box -- >> reporter: visit tampa bay gets $10 million a year in bed tax to promote tourism. >> this year has been filled with tremendous success for us both as a destination and an organization. >> reporter: so if greybeard as part of that tax funded success, why won't visit tampa
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we know some make $285,000 year because they are forced to disclose that but when it comes to bed tax dollars, a holy -- ahoy-- we might as well demand a treasure map. they insist the tampa requested weeks ago are none of our business and none of yours. 80% of your money comes from bed tax, why not share your credit card expenses with us?>> we are here to talk about a year in celebration. you already know why we want because there are trade secrets in there. it's funded through a bed tax that my of our locals played -- paid for and you know that.>> reporter: our questions must
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after first refusing any information, they emailed me just a short while ago to say he is not a member of the staff, just a tongue-in-cheek joke. we do know he is a professional actor and they don't say he works for free.>> it does remind you a little bit of the pitbull controversy. paid ambassador for the state of florida. it's a similarity and that they secret deal. >> it's very similar t tourism agency decided they would never sign one of those secret deals again and maybe visit tampa bay can learn from that example and not keep this a secret. he is just a pirate. now to some breaking news and it's bad news for the lightning. they just tweeted that vincent stammer will be out with a lateral discussed her. you can see during last night's game, he got tangled up with
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it may he cheaper to fly the friendly skies after the holidays. american express predicts airfares will fall next year due to overcapacity and staff competition between the major and discount carriers. economy fares are expected to drop 3%. looking to get a jumpstart on 2017 travel? travel zoo wants to help you out. they released the annual deal destinations list. on top, florid the united kingdom, paris, the eiffel tower. peru. who doesn't want to go to peru? want to go to peru? >> machu picchu?>> currency fluctuations, flight rates and hotel inventory were used to compile the list. >> i will take any of them. >> the dollar is strong right now. >> i was picturing how nice it
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coming up, thieves are working overtime trying to steal your hard-earned cash. we're going to show you where the newest skimmer was found. mayor rick kriseman lays out his plan before state legislators but is it good
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good evening. i'm jennifer lee. >> and i legislators drilled rick kriseman during a sewage summit about spells and backups during hurricane hermine. he updated short and long-term plans. jamel lanee' joins us live from st. pete where lawmakers weren't too enthused with his


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