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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  November 17, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> ellen: anyway. now 4 headlines at 4:00. number one: caught in a lie. a student admits to not telling the truth about a robbery information on a crash that sent a man through a bar window. number 3 gop selection. number 4, our team of the week has spoken it looks like they want to shine the spotlight on a couple of teams that have gone undefeated in the season. i will have the highlights coming up. good afternoon, thank you for being here. >> this is first set 4. right
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of a foreign exchange student. it was a terrifying 24 hours for students, moms, dads, all after a 19-year-old student claimed she was robbed tuesday night in a well-known area of campus. >> now according to police young woman made the whole story up. this is her mug shot. the police chief says the teenager from senegal light cops when she said 2 young men robbed her grabbing her backpack in necklace. ud families were on high alert following a mass text message here she is one of the 4 students who had threatening letters shoved under their dorm room doors on election day. that case is under investigation. troopers are trying to understand what cause a motorcyclist to lose control and crash flipping over a barrier wall and rolling into oncoming traff. we're told he was headed southbound when he hit the center while. he was then run over by an off-
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did not survive. we have new video just into the newsroom from the night of car plowed to the front window of the bad monkey bar. you can see the men fighting before the car hits one of them pushing him through the window of the business. we're told that victim refused hospital care. the driver of the car has yet to be identified or caught. j.p. morgan chase will pay more than $264 milli accused of hiring friends and relatives of chinese officials regardless of the person's qualifications in order to gain access to banking deals in that country. the fine will be paid to the feds and the bank will avoid criminal bribery charges as part of the deal. vice president-elect mike pence is back on capitol hill today. he met behind closed doors with house speaker paul ryan in preparation for the transition of power in january.
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the gop leadership conference. the house gop tweeted about this photo of all the members huddled behind the vice president-elect. mike pence is also meeting with democratic leaders today. governor rick scott is in new york city today meeting with donald trump. that is field with speculation that scott will be offered a position in the administration but it is more likely an offer will be made to pam bondi was celebrating her 51st birthday today. mike has the latest last week the governor offered a flat know when i asked him if he was going to go to washington to work for donald trump. this week he acknowledged what has been speculated for more than a year, he is eyeing the u.s. senate seat is up for grabs in 2018. >> i will do anything i can to help a person like donald trump to be successful, but i like this job and i want to finish this shop. >> a top adviser says nothing has changed his mind.
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been clear that he has the job he wants, he is very excited for american the future of our country. >> scott has a path to another statewide office, pam bondi may not making the dc up women more likely. if pam bondi were to take a job with donald trump, rick scott would name her replacement. >> i think she did a wonderful job. >> if the attorney general were to take a job in washington , scott would name her replacement and so far 3 names have surfaced. and now your first at 4 weather with storm team 8 meteorologist julie phillips. >> we have another gorgeous day in store, and it is looking nice as we head into the weekend. for tonight temperatures are going to stay fairly mild close to average for this time a year . we woke up this morning around 50 degrees in tampa. tonight we should drop back to 60 in largo, 59 wesley chapel, 60 tampa, 55 wauchula and 55
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degrees warmer. outside today more blue skies, sunshine, you can see the beautiful view that victoria capture today from cypress pointe park of the clear sky. great way to enjoy outside. the current view is the same thing. 79 degrees out anything he'd beach. it is really a comfortable afternoon. most of us top out in the upper 70s, 80s on the map. 82 bradenton. anyone bartow . across most of the state of florida. dry air has moved in, will but we are already tracking our next cold front brings no to parts of the planes right now. it will arrive in the tampa bay area saturday. we will that you know what it will do to our temperatures coming up in your full forecast. the great american teaching is a chance for people of the community to share their life and working experiences with students headed back to class. i got to go back to class and brought eagle 8 hd with me and
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the elementary school in hillsborough county . we can see the school to the right. we have the picture up now and we are going to land right on the basketball court. >> the kids were waiting and clearly excited. prepared with their questions about tv news and being a helicopter pilot and what a welcome we receive. our pilot, photographer to questions wanted to be when they grow up, doctors, teachers and a lot of the helicopter drivers. >> they are preparing for college, preparing for life, this is just a wonderful experience for them to be able to see you all in action. >> i want to be a teacher. >> helicopter driver. >> i want to be a soccer player. >> students like rolando has big plans to be a scientist in robotics.
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grandma. hi grandma. i am in the news. i am really surprise. i saw the chopper and i got really pumped.>> our future, the next batch of mines that will lead the charge. after just a brief time with them we left and felt so dang pumped. >> what are grouped -- group. >> you are a rock star up there . >> it felt like that because excited to see the helicopter. >> and well behaved -- yes and well behaved. >> to think they're going to talk about this for dinner? >> yes they want to be pilots, doctors, we do this every year and boy was it a lot of fun today. gayle guyardo was out at mrs. cowards class at tampa day school. a lot of our employees were out. she got to talk to the students and tell them a little bit about how the tv station works
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as well. we will showcase some of all of the sauce we made throughout our upcoming newscast throughout the day. what a fun day. >> next year i want your gig. >> that was good. >> any facebook live it. >> yes, we got it all synced up so it worked out very well. find out why toyota is putting a rush on creating and selling a battery-powered car. and then franklin and jon bon jovi have in common? here's a hint, it is not singing . we will tell you what it is
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booster seat ratings, the 2
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models earned the highest rating for best bet. this is since 2004. only a quarter of the seats on the destination. it focuses on belt fit and does not involve crash test. >> toyota is developing a baddie -- battery-powered car and plans to get it to market as quick as possible. they have been skeptical about electric cars saying there is a limited customer appeal due to short range and times. sales of the hybrid previous have dropped. plans for the new -- prius have dropped so plans for the battery car is rushed. the average cost for a feast for 10 people is just under $50. $.24 less than last year. the big ticket item, a 16 pound turkey is $.13 less at a dollar
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cost less. roles, fresh cranberries, sweet potatoes are more expensive. >> yum to all of that. it looks like benjamin franklin's great is going to be renovated thanks in part to jon bon jovi. the $10,000 to save the grave stone just surpass the goal after bon jovi and his wife gave $5000. philadelphia eagles give another 5000. a great a significant crack because of tens of thousands of starts -- tossed on the marker. franklin the one who phrased -- coined the phrase , penny
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the it was another gorgeous afternoon to be out and today many of us were out at the our class at cork elementary school. i was able to speak with the 2nd graders about beating a meteorologist. madison invited me to head out thank you for having me. we also made a stop by mckitrick elementary school. thank you ashley and her mom lisa are inviting out your fit great classroom. it is always fun and maybe 8 -- a few meteorologist in the bunch we could've expired.
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this video coming in right now. out at land o lakes, 76 degrees with winds out of the northeast at 5 miles-per-hour. we also have some video from eagle 8 hd. you can see winds out of the northeast. we don't have that video for you but we will have it on later on for you maybe. st. petersburg in the mid 60s at 11 pm. as we head into tomorrow morning expected to be a mild day. we will start out the day close to 60 degrees. beautiful blue skies. that will not change. starting off friday on will top out in the upper 70s close to 80 degrees. another dry day, no rain in sight. if you're looking for any it will be a while until we see any rain around here looks like. very dry air on our water vapor imagery. that bright red color is the dry air mass that has been sitting on top of us. the reason the skies have been blue and the reason we haven't seen any rainfall it all. high-pressure in place right now. it is pretty comfortable overnight tonight.
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degrees. dry friday morning commute. by the afternoon hours maybe a few clouds around, a touch warmer but very much like today. as we head into saturday is when we will start to see changes. starting off mild we are in the low 60s during the morning hours. as we head in the afternoon we will be at 80 degrees. the front moves in overnight the temperatures will drop in we are have your thanksgiving forecast as well close to 79 degrees on thanksgiving day temperature dropped as we head into the end of this weekend. highs only in the 60s on sunday. monday morning we are waking up in the 40s. we have some breaking news into the newsroom who want to tell you about. a car crash has part of i 75 in sarasota shut down. list send it out to paul levinson. she is live. it afternoon, what i can tell you is i 75 just past venice is now reopen. that's at least for a couple of the lanes.
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involved. it is a single vehicle accident. the truck ran off and smashed into the treat. they had to have the helicopter lynn on the interstate. while that was happening they had the whole road, the southbound lane just past venice shutdown of i 75. what that data is backed up traffic for a long way. right now they are getting through but there is also construction in the area so it is a mess down here. just pa of the county. now the growing controversy over fake news stories on social media platforms like facebook. 62 percent of americans say they get their news on social media according to pew research. facebook is the world's biggest social media platform. now mark zuckerberg is under fire inside of his own company for not doing enough to keep phasing -- fake news stories
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aftermath of the election now he is vowing to do just that, crackdown on face -- fake new sites . will we have your answers thing to donovan -- i want to start with where does this news come from and how do you discern if it is fake or real? >> it is being produced by people that have an agenda. the person who is creating these stories know that it is a lie and then they are distributing it through groups, -- people they know want to hear this message. these are people sympathetic with what they are trying to communicate. they know if they share this to a group -- if a group has maybe 1 million people that feel the same way , they know that even if a small percentage of those people will share that or believe it that it is going to
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out 100 fake stories it becomes hard for people to actually find out what is real. >> it is interesting i think this intense political season really brought it to the forefront, but you said it is basic content marketing. we have seen fake news before about various beauty products or whatever you wanted to be. it looks like it is presented as a new story but it is not. >> definitely. a goes down to content marketing . believe or want to believe or have questions about, and then from the marketing perspective, you create the content and it answers those questions and then you distribute it where those people are. it is very simple concepts. this is something -- it is all about peoples beliefs . it is what people feel strongly about . they know they are ready have the emotional tie in to get people to share it. if people really want those stories, if some people really wanted those things to be true, just seeing it in print, just
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see, i have been telling you this. >> you are dialing it into their passion. how is that convert going to stop this -- only on facebook for him obviously ? >> the first part is strictly completely fake stories. that is easier. that is where he says there is only one percent of contact that is fake stories -- content that is fake stories because they are coming from sites that don't exist or don't have a track reco the 2nd part that is most important is the half-truths and the strictly partisan content that is either way. it is you are pushing your ideology, whatever your ideology is. that is harder to control because they have already been -- accused of being partisan in censoring some things they were saying was not true. is going to be a huge challenge and i think it is up to us as a society to start addressing
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i have people send stories to me like why are you covering this because it is fake news stories. if it is the first time you have seen it go find it 2 or 3 more times than it is real news. now to some high school ball wherever 83 teams already punched their tickets to the next round of playoffs. here's anthony allred with our contenders for the team of the week. >> tampa bay, what it do. this we can high school football it is all about the playoffs. in this episode our team of the week judges wanted to award 2 of our big 3 teams for going undefeated in the regular- season and handling their business so far in the postseason. now it is time to sit back, relax and think about who would you choose because i'm going to make these highlights do what
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continue their undefeated season. they got into a knockdown drag out title against the hillsboro terriers. they were down 14?7 in the 4th quarter. they mounted a comeback. in the end, jones would put the team on his back and carry the terriers into the end zone for the game-winning touchdown. in hillsborough county, forget everything you have ever heard about remembering the titans because trilogy of an ending wrapped inside of an enigma and not one but 2 overtimes the tampa bay tech titans dominate defense made key stops when they needed it most and the offense had to put up almost half 100 to win the game. over and put nose county the clearwater tornadoes had a bad taste in there [ class is being polled ] for a whole year after being knocked out of the playoffs by the charlotte
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determined to get some get back and they did it with an excited -- exciting specials team , i have check of interceptions. they had 27 points to win the game. congratulation to the clearwater tornadoes for binging the last playoff and going undefeated in the season. will it be enough to take one of our team of the week trophies home? i will at 5:30. now let's check in with the first at 4 sport. >> for now we turn our attention to the nhl. they say you don't know what you got until it is gone but the lightning know what they have in stamkos but for whatever reason he can't seem
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that is first reported by bob mckenzie. he is headed to colorado where he will undergo surgery to repair a lateral monistic tear in his right knee. the procedure will be performed by knee specialist doctor robert laprade. they are still considered stamkos out indefinitely but the recovery table is pretty grim. my candice -- mckenzie suggests he will miss for to 6 months keyname the nfl team i am describing this upon their resume let's give it a try packs 17 - 2 in the last 19 games. this team leads the league in 4 turnovers with 22.
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the buccaneers are going to have their hands full on arrowhead stadium. over the last month and has tampa bay has bolted up the rantings and that all-important -- rankings and that all-important turnover marking , they are now dead. the winner of the turnover battle my just win the football game in casey but that is easier -- kansas city but that is easier said than the mindset that we are going to attack the receivers and the ball carriers, but their track record says it is going to be tough to get the turnover production that we have had over the last few weeks but we're going to work out it -- work at it and do everything we can . >> district, i don't think they won in that especially being home. it will be a tough one, but you all know me it is going to be fun. i love games
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this trip. we will have all types of fun on sunday. >> we will be right back
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y25ehy y16fy the house and senate negotiators are working on a bill that could pass before leaving for the holidays. number 2 the man driving the train during a deadly crash in new jersey has been diagnosed with sleep apnea. according to his attorney, his client was diagnosed after the crash. gallagher was found fit for duty after a physical in july, but in september the train he was driving slammed into the
4:33 pm
injuring more than 100. number 3, an arizona police officers under investigation because of this video that shows him punching a woman right in the face. this is in the city of flagstaff. according to witnesses the woman hit him in the growing with her need as he tried to handcuff her. the police department is now investigating. number 4, the number of new account openings at wealth fargo has -- wells fargo has plunged . percent compared to last year. that is worse than september drop off a 27 percent. they have suffered serious backlash over revelations that 2 million unauthorized accounts were opened in customer's names without their knowledge. right now we have more breaking news, this one is on tamiami trail and corey do know boulevard. this another crash. 3 people have been transported
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direction. we will work to bring you more information as soon as we get it into the newsroom. the business of medical marijuana is getting ready to boom with the passage of florida's a minute 2. some are predicting big bucks for the industry. matt has the details. florida next cash crop, marijuana, that is according to a new report that says the medical cannabis could be worth big dollars and academies market -- a cannabis market research company suggests that marijuana could be a $1.6 billion industry florida. >> 7 percent sales tax so it is going to generate some sales tax revenue for the state. other states have higher tax levies on it, but it is going to be a business that i know the economist will watch that the revenue estimators will
4:35 pm
do this so it is done in a conservatively -- effectively way. florida could make up nearly 10 percent of the entire legal cannabis market in the country. the approval of legal medical marijuana is opening the floodgates for people seeking alternative treatments for an array of health conditions including cancer. gayle guyardo shows us how it is already helping people right here in the this weekend, medical professionals and industry leaders will attend the tampa medical marijuana conference, and education form. i talked to one woman who decided to turn to cannabis oils to treat her breast cancer. >> at her 6 month checkup, tammy shows no signs of cancer. a year and a half ago she was diagnosed and refused traditional treatment. >> they thought i was insane. they said it was not going to
4:36 pm
this is what i want to do. it was illegal at the time. >> now that the amendment 2 has passed he can easily pick up her prescribed medications in pinellas county instead of traveling out of state. the clearwater doctor that now sees -- oversees her care says waldo hurt successful experience is anecdotal number 2 passing will lead to more research of tasty -- thc and cbd pics that we will since -- show that we are on the right track and looking for another cure for cancer. the doctor said cannabis is not a treatment for studies show thc has a strong antitumor effect. >> it actually not only retards the gross it prevents -- growth, it prevents new blood cells from forming and prevents new cells from coming up. >> when i looked at tammy's
4:37 pm
markers were zero. i couldn't understand it. >> i go in a few months later and one doctor comes in another doctor comes in and they said we have never seen anything like this in our life. i said what is it is a better good?>> is the tumor gone? >> it is not only gone but it has grown new healthy tissue. what a point out that cannabis is not a treatment for cancer patients but he additional treatments that are proven. i did put more information about tammy's journey on 92 percent of patients being treated with medical cannabis say it works. 8 in 10 doctors approve of the use of medical cannabis but there has been a lot of confusion about what amendment 2 actually means and how it will affect your family. today 8 on your side has some answers for you. joining us now is angela of
4:38 pm
>> let's talk a little bit about what amendment 2 really means. >> what it means is that we will be able to get medicine to treat debilitating conditions that people suffer whether it is pain, ptsd, seizures, these debilitating conditions will now be able to be treated. the problem is, the law doesn't go into effect until january. after january, the health deme they put their guidelines together for people to apply to become growers, cultivators, processes, distributors, dispensaries. >> so this is not happening overnight we >> it is not happening overnight. so immediately people were calling -- it approved at 71 percent see you understand how many people know what this is and they one act is to it because it does change people's lives. >> will you have stories like tammy. >> there is one story after another. i just went through certification process. i have
4:39 pm
there has been so much research done. the medicine works, but it will still be a year if not even more before patients can get it . as a parent and i have heard other parents stress -- express concern about this medical marijuana getting into the hands of children accidentally or as an offshoot of passing of amendment 2, can you speak to that? >> absolutely. we grow up in an age where there was a huge stigma against cannabis police officer . >> my mother ran the just say no to drugs program in miami so we grew up in a household where it is just as dangerous as opioids and it is not. >> need to educate them that this is a line this is not true. your mind starts opening up. they know the truth and now we need to learn the truth. the truth is what we need to worry about our opioids and prescription drugs.
4:40 pm
for pain. it doesn't work so they take more and that is what makes them become addicted. there are 25,000 deaths a year from opioids. that is what we need. >> this could be a one-hour special talking about. >> that is what we need to worry about, education. kids opened up the medicine cabinet saying it is in a prescription bottle, from a doctor and he can't be that dangerous and i get high from it in all of my friends are doing it and it kills kids, let them know it is a medicine, it was in a medicine that it is now. it needs to be treated like a medicine. this is i take it, the doctor tells us how you take it and it will be heavily regulated. it will not be easy for kids to get it. >> that is the good news but unfortunately it is time. thanks angela. how do you keep the kids brain's working over the thanksgiving break?
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to that. also you want to stick around to these 8 on your side stories. today on better call behnken i find companies charging you to reconnect with your money that should be yours for free. a bay area doctor says he is done dealing with this place , not what veterans who need i care want to hear. earlier this week a group of voters -- boaters were rescued after their boat caught fire and now they are publicly saying th i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world
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y scalp care it nourishes the scalp and... ...keeps you up to 100% flake free head and shoulders' dry scalp care one of the biggest cable reality shows is about to wrap production. they say duck dynasty will last their last episode november 12. it ranks as one of the most watched nonfiction series and cable tv history.
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as time is the hottest thing online. david daniel has that and much more in your hollywood minute. the internet's first look at this beauty and the beast clip went over big. disney said the first full trailer for the live action very tail set a record -- fairytale set a record with over 127 million views in a's first 24 hours online. emma watson posted on her >> [ video playback ] >> loving is getting lots of recognition especially one of it's stars and ruth. the international film festival is getting it it's rising star award for her role about the couple whose case struck down laws of banning interracial
4:46 pm
the list of presidential freedom honorees. of those is ellen degeneres, robert deniro is, tom hanks, diana ross and bruce springsteen and sicily tyson. talk about -- cecily tyson. talk about an all-star cast. the pictures are suspected to be pleasant -- are expe swing the other way and are expected to drop pretty significantly with the passing called run -- cold front . this will sweep through saturday night along with that we are looking at a slim 10 percent rain chance or less. most likely we will not see any rain with this front, not even looking at sprinkles like we saw last time. behind the front it will get quite chilly. lows will fall back into the
4:47 pm
our northern counties. yes, it is chilly. when we are talking about the cold front it is still hurricane season. it is a wrap up until november 30. we are keeping an eye on invest 90 l. it has about a 70 percent chance of developing in the caribbean. we're still keeping our eye on this in case it becomes a tropical depression or tropical storm to add to the list for the season. as we head throughout the re pm will be in the upper 60s. when you wake up tomorrow morning starting off the day close to 60 degrees. notice more blue skies, sunshine only a few clouds around for the day. expecting plenty of sunshine in the low 80s by tomorrow afternoon. right now we're sitting at 79 at 10 been international airport. here's the view from our tower camera out at wfla of the blue skies that we're seeing once again. light winds was 2 points in the 40s . that is a very dry air mass sitting right on top of us
4:48 pm
stay dry for the rest of the night. when you wake up tomorrow morning, great start for your friday eking it off close to your 60 degrees. a few afternoon clouds developing but no rain. rogers -- gorgeous friday night if you have plans. as we head into saturday, more of the same. the front will move through saturday night. you can see the temperatures drop back. by sunday we are falling into the upper 60s. that is our high temperature. it will be breezy through the day. that makes it feel even cooler. winds ease monday morning will be able to fall into the 40s and 30s in our northern counties and then we will warm-up back in the 80s by thanksgiving. >> we will be right back with more first at
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le more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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welcome back. with some time off school halloween break -- holiday break could mean
4:52 pm
we have doctor judy johnson with us from the sylvan learning center. thank you for being with us. we are getting very close to the holidays. kids are getting excited and they get a nice long break in many cases. what you recommend for the kids that are when you get home and they are ready to relax. there are ideas to keep them focused. >> there is an opportunity to take what i call a project based type of activity around the theme. for thanksgiving we are thinking about food importantly thankfulness, and how to blend all of those into some activities that the kids can orchestrate. one of course is very simple, family recipe. they can call up relatives and get the favorite recipes from people who are coming to dinner and put that together. i brought this. this was my mothers actually. i prefer a recipe box.
4:53 pm
she always had an array of things, but they tried the idea of being it is fun to organize that material. of course the contact is a nice thing it that time. >> because it is so easy to lose touch. it is time to sit down, make a call and actually connect with family. >> yes, right in the parents and families feel honored to do this. everyone's family. we can't remember who made it and how to do it. >> you recommend giving your family members and call -- a call -- the kids would do this and it is very important for the kids -- parents not to take control of the entire thing because the organizational skills are so important. the other thing is so many children really don't understand all of the interrelationships in a family. just recently my
4:54 pm
so you are my mommy's mommy? so, it is a great time to pull out -- if you still have things that aren't digital, if you have these boxes of photos and troves of things like that can pull them out in the kids could actually get posterboard up on the wall, bill the family tree using them and identifying everyone. finally, the thankfulness part comes in. could do by having place settings of a little container of any kind, basket, paper bag they could decorate. everyone in the family right to note about -- why they are thankful ? >> not why they are thankful but about that person sitting there. when the person sits down at the table if there are 10 people, there are 10 little
4:55 pm
, things -- we all want to know good things about ourselves . >> doctor johnson. so much for those tips this holiday season. stay close.
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let's take a look at what's trending online. >> beginning with a grandmother's text to the wrong grandkid. a 17-year-old got a text from an unknown number asking him to thanksgiving dinner, signed grandma. he thought his grandma got a new phone number so he asked her to send a selfie but it wasn't his grandmother.
4:59 pm
a plate of dinner and she said of course, that's what grandma's do. the teenager posted it online saying how sweet it was and it's gone viral. a 23-year-old carried out the heaviest -- highest bungee dunk. simon berry of the uk dumped an in jet -- an english biscuit into english tea during a 230 foot bungee dump. did you see this? a simple decision on whether or not to open this cupboard is driving the internet into a frenzy. the woman's friend said she wanted the internet to tell her how to open the door without breaking the dishes and they delivered. she got 15,000 reactions and didn't break a dish. right now on news channel 8 at 5:00: >> a usf student claims she was robbed on campus, then admits she made the whole thing
5:00 pm
rescued from their flaming boat after the engine exploded, how the planted rescuers -- plan to think there rescuers. and local companies claim to get you cash for a fee but you can get it for free. a lie left usf student and their families terrified. turns out according to police, a 19-year-old foreign-exchange student concocted a crime and falsely told police she was robbed on campus. melanie michael is live at university of south florida. truck good evening. when we first broke this story last night at 11:00, we thought the outcome was bizarre and couldn't get much worse but boy were we wrong. it was the lie heard around the campus followed by the confession heard around the cop shop. a teenager with a terrifying truth, but her fear was phony and her story was the tallest


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