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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  November 18, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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a dangerous mistake that could cost you thousands of dollars. 8 is on your side thieves who are targeting parking lots. >> and an inmate slips away from a work program in polk county, we're live with the latest on this manhunt. >> plus temperatures in the 40s and 50s, but could get colder over the weekend. . >> good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> it is friday and leigh's got
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nice and chilly out there. >> pretty much a fantastic friday because it's cool and crisp this morning. 45 in inverness, a little bit milder places like bradenton you're 63. in fact, everybody is a couple of degrees warmer yesterday by about 2 to 5 degrees. let me take you through your friday. the sun comes up we'll see a couple of clouds today. a touch more humidity. blue skies, 76 at n be 80 degrees and it's time for the weekend. at 4:38 i'll have the 8-day temperature trend for you. pretty good drive this morning a little bit of overnight construction in the sun coast area but a great drive on the veterans expressway. let's talk about one accident out in polk county on u.s. 27 right by i-4. so i want you to keep that in mind, but otherwise a great drive throughout polk county. no delays on i-4.
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sarasota. that's a look at weather and traffic. now, an 8 on your side consumer alert. be aware of people lurking in parking lots. >> they may be zeroing in on items that you left behind that could cost you thousands. we're not talking about cash, and sunglasses. >> reporter: they are targeting your checkbooks andds authorities tell us that thieves are smashing their ways into cars to get ids and checkbooks. they use those items to get money from the bank. listen to what they do to get tellers to cash the checks. . >> whether it's shaving or make up, wigs a lot of times they'll try to do that to make themselves look like the picture
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could you tell a woman in the act. police say she used a stolen id and checks to get away with the cash. detectives respect sure if they're dealing with one theft ring or several. they advise not leaving anything valuable in your car anything that you would be okay with losing but it sounds like it's out of a movie people putting on wigs and changing their appearance. thieves are getting much more craftier. >> i have to get worse and force. another warning, lock your car doors. video shows a man wandering around neighborhoods looking for unlocked cars. check him out. you see him around the woods landings neighborhoods. we're told he hit a total of 12 gathers all unlocked and stole gps devices, sunglasses, loose change even a 32-inch tv.
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took off from a job at a county maintenance facility. we're joined live in polk county where joseph flanagin stole a truck and later abandoned it. >> reporter: officials tell us that joseph flanagin jumped into a county truck, took off. they later found it not too far from the first location. now, the search is onto find him. searchers were in this area last night near the sam's club in lakeland. ph off from a county fleet management building around 3:30 yesterday afternoon that's when the all-out search began. this is video of the search from eagle 8 hd. deputies drove around in cars and used k-9 units. officers tell us they'll continue searching until he's back behind bars. here's another look at 45-year old joseph flanagin. court documents show he was arrested in september. his third conviction. he was set to be
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behavior which allowed him to work outside under supervision. now, if caught he faces new charges. we will remain here in lakeland and if we get any new information on the search or the suspect's where abouts well certainly let you know. >> a release date, and now this he was almost out there. well, this morning questions about whether yborit released of a fight at a 7th avenue bar. the fight ended with the driver plowing his car into a man on the sidewalk and right through the front door of the bad monkey bar. ybor city has been battling this perception for years now. . >> those of us who have lived here for a long time know a lot of work has been done to make ybor city more family friendly.
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celebrating the area's history but it's video like this showing that fight that leads up to the car slamming into a man before going through the front of the bar that stops all of that progress in its tracks. tampa police are quick to point out that crime in ybor is down 38% from last year and the crisis center of tampa bay which conspire heads an anti-violence programs in ybor says problems like the one here on this tape are rare. . >> people remember outstanding news items and don't remember all the other things that are going on. ybor is a real gem for our community. . >> all right. so as far as that hit and run goes tampa police say they know who the driver is, but they have not tracked him down yet. they say it's not clear whether the driver intentionally aimed for the victim or whether this was a u-turn gone very badly, but regardless he left the scene and
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. >> boy, is it ever. okay. thanks so much. well, a famm their burning boat is hoping to meet and thank the good samaritans to came to their rescue. they were on a fishing trip when the engine suddenly exploded. you can see the flames and thick smoke coming from the boat just as they were wondering if they could swim ashore a family came to their rescue. >> normall accident pass by. they're afraid and stay away but this family actually came to us to help us. that's very nice of them. . >> yeah they act like a guardian angel. >> very nice to say about the family who came to their rescue. they're hoping to meet them next week so they can thank them in person. well, it's comfortably cool this morning about where we expect to be this time of the year but just like the last
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temperatures go from the 50s and 60s this morning up to 70 by 10 a.m., 78 around 1:00, 81 at 3, and then we're into the weekend. by 6 p.m. it's still a comfortable 76. i only a added in a 10% rain chance tomorrow and i almost took that rain chance out as a big cold front comes through. and i know a lot of people will be wondering about thanksgiving. on thursday 79 degrees comfortable temperatures and another another 10% rain chance there. our bigger story is the cool down. emoji man is going to grab the scarf. it will be breezy. what's happening on the roadways? >> we've got a pretty good drive a little bit of overnight construction. let's take a look here at the map. this is sarasota right at that sarasota manatee county line here where university is. there's ongoing
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what we've got going on this morning at least until 6 a.m. we've got one of the westbound lanes blocked, 2 lanes on university westbound and then the southbound on-ramp to i-75 here at university is completely blocked. so keep that in mind. again it should be wrapped up in about an hour and a half. we do have a crash u.s. 27 by i-4. it's off to the side of the roadway it's not going to slow you down. polk county looking pretty good overall. happening today tampa's park will turn into a winter wonderland. it features an outdoor ice risk. you can enjoy it through december 25th. tickets are $12 per person for 90 minutes of skating. you can spend the whole day there. they have a cafe, a pop up market. >> i've done that with the kids. it's a lot of fun.
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a fraud and a phony but now mitt romney will meet with the president elect. >> still ahead what could be discussed when the 2 get together. >> and a male police officer caught on camera punching a woman in the face. coming up why the officer says he did it. >> then the sobering impact of drug addiction in the united states, how many people die overday from overdoses. it's 4:40 and you're watching news
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. president elect donald trump will hold more meetings this weekend. one of those is with the secretary of state position. romney was the 2012 nominee. the former massachusetts governor was a harsh critic of donald trump during the election even calling a news conference to label him a fraud and a phony but after the election romney called trump to congratulate him on the big win. he's also working to find a national security advisor and offered the job to michael flynn.
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working on him with national security issues during the transition. we don't know if he's accepted the job. president elect trump is taking credit from stopping ford from moving a production line to kentucky to mexico. he made the announcement over twitter. a spokesman says she's not sure when the decision was made or if trump had any impact on it. trump had said that he would work on policy to say keep companies from farming out jobs to other countries. faces is how to protect new york city's trump tower. he lives in the penthouse and since he won the election police have ramped up security around the building. today the city's mayor and police commissioner will give a briefing on their plans. residents are hoping there won't be too many street closures. a pinellas county school linian is suing the city over an
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it happened back in 2012. burson says workers gave an all-clear, a second toilet exploded sending a piece right into burson's leg. gunfire breaks out at a tennessee toddler's birthday party. it happened at a party for a 2-year old. about 80 miles outside of memphis. the shooting left one dead searching for at least 3 suspects. no word yet on a motive or if the victims or suspected shooters knew one another. and this morning the disappearance of a son of a long-time congressman coniers disappeared from the university of houston where he was a sophomore. he's the youngest son of long-time michigan congressman john coniers. questions this morning about this disturbing video of an
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it happened when police were serving a warrant. the officer claims the woman was uncooperative kicking and kneeing him before he punched her. body camera video released shows the woman struggling with officers. the officer who threw the punch is on administrative leave. and new information about the zoo where a little boy fell into a gorilla enclosure. a federal inspection just wrapped up and barrier meant to keep the animals apart from guests was not in compliance with safety standards. it has not been updated since it was installed back in 1978. investigators want to know why. in this morning's medical report a shocking report shows 78 people die each day from opioid overdoses. in the report titled facing addiction in america, the surgeon general explains how addiction is taking a stunning toll on america. the
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abuse of prescription pain-killers are fueling the rise in deaths. the report also warns that addictions should not be thought of as a character flaw. about 20 million americans struggle with some form of drug addiction. despite some improvements obesity rates are still high in young children in low income families. since 2010, 34 states have seen a drop children are still obese. well, people at the highest risk for type 2 diabetes are also the least likely to be informed about the disease. rates are higher among americans with lower incomes and less education. researchers urge policy makers to develop interventions that reach these at-risk populations. colorado just got hit hard by their first snow fall of the
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interstate came to a complete halt. unfortunately one person did die in a car crash and another accident involving a semi truck and at least 22 vehicles. the storm is now hitting the dakotas as it heads west. all right, 4:48 and we do have cooler weather on the way. >> the same cold front that's causing that is going to come through here late saturday, but of course no snow. 61 degrees at 8 a.m. lo up. 76 at noon, 81 at 3 p.m. and it is cool this morning. 45 in inverness, 55 lakeland. but let me show you what's happening across the country. there's that dip in temperatures 20s in denver and in rapid city right now. there's that first snowstorm of the season while we enjoy sunny skies again today. high pressure is in control and we'll say that way through tomorrow. tomorrow is still going to be a dry day. the cold front comes through saturday
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and much colder for sunday and monday. but hey we get a nice little warm up as we head closer to thanksgiving and then on thanksgiving another cold front. notice temperatures go down to 67 sunday, 48 monday morning, but then back up to 79 for thanksgiving. how's traffic? >> we're flowing at pretty good speeds despite overnight construction in the sarasota area. a heads up westbound on university you're going to see a coup now, i just got word of an accident here right off the howard frankland bridge on 275 as you come off of it and apparently it's tying up a lane. i haven't found it yet on the cameras. i'll be keeping an eye on it for you. right now traffic is still moving at very good speeds. let's hop over to the polk county area. we do have a crash, folks this is u.s. 27 and it's right by i-4 but off to the side of the roadway. it's not tying up any lanes. now, yesterday some of us got to go
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the bay area for of course the great american teach-in. you can see me in the background. this was sergeant smith middle school. had a blast with these kids. they're going to be future journalists. and i know the rest of us got a chance to visit as well. >> yeah, a big shout out this morning for the great american teach-in. i visit kids at the tampa school. thanks for all >> i had the pleasure of speaking with the 5th graders. talked about how i do my job and how that works in with the newscast because i'm kind of playing 2 different roles every day making the forecast and having to go on tv. i told them about what happens behind the scenes. there's lot of people behind the scenes. >> so much fun. >> the green screen. a lot of people wanted to know what you did. >> i shared your secrets by the way. >> i had pictures where i held
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disappeared. >> i got to do that last year at one of the local schools. it's so much fun. i was more intrigued by the teachers and having to lead the classroom because it's not easy. >> no, it's not. >> to keep all those kids under control. so thank you teachers and all the kids who had us out there. turkey time is around the corner but there's the fixings. >> help with cooking everything
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. some new good gets are hoping to take stress out of thanksgiving. alexa wants to help you out in the kitchen, a smart home device. she can set timers answer questions and link to smart appliances. you've got to see this. >> one cup equals 8 fluid >> set your oven to bake at 350 degrees. >> pretty neat. and check this out this is the jewel, an app controlled device that claims to gently cook your turkey in water. lots of things to help you out. no excuses this year. >> she hasn't made us anything and she has alexa. >> weather and traffic on the 8s
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time for weather and traffic on the 8s early on this friday morning but it is a gorgeous start to the day. 61 degrees at this point. that's a touch warmer than yesterday but really just another sunny comfortable day. we'll warm up quickly to 81 by the afternoon and it should be a pleasant evening for your friday. temperatures falling back an overnight low around 62. but heads up we have a cold front coming. a little bit of overnight construction still lingering out here in sarasota northbound i-75 right around university a lane taken away and also the exit partially blocked and university we've got some action there too westbound. northbound 275 coming off the howard frankland bridge right before you get to the kennedy exit we have a collision. but it is tying up the right lane. i'm not seeing any delays because traffic is
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blinking light there. we've got a vehicle on the shoulder as well and we've also got another view here where we've got a vehicle that's actually in the median, just be aware of this as
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. right now on news channel 8 today. >> an 8 on your side safety alert thieves targeting bay area vehicles but it's not your change or sunglasses they're after. they're looking to steal ur >> also the search is on for a hillsborough firefighter believed to be in a dangerous biker gaining. the incriminating video and new accusations against him next. >> plus the new app that could expose your children, 8 is on your side with all you need to know about musically and the steps you need to take to keep your kids safe. >> good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> thanks for joining us on this friday morning. let's get a


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