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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  November 18, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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that is really good. >> i know. ? ? ? ? right now on news channel 8 today at 11. >> donald trump's cabinet is starting to take shape. we now know w security advisor and the head of the cia. >> plus an escaped inmate caught this morning. >> also changing coming to the cross bay ferry this weekend. wait until you find out what the new option is serving up. good morning. >> thanks for joining us. the weekend is almost here. so let's check on the weather with leigh. you can't ask for much better weather. blue sky and
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the clouds out there it's been so dry. 76 in tampa right now we've warmed up to 77 in plant city. 79 in sarasota. this is even warmer than 11 a.m. yesterday. lakeland 4 degrees warmer about 2 degrees warmer in tampa and brandon but heads up here comes this cold front. it's bringing the first big snowstorm across the upper portion of the country and it's going to be making its way here. the cold front comes through saturday night. so sunda you don't like it that way we'll be gradually warming up into thanksgiving and i'll have all the anonymous for you coming up. new this morning we're getting clearer picture of what the trump administration will look like. >> the president elect has chosen people to fill several key positions. >> i have to tell you that the
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>> kansas congressman pompeo has accepted as cia director. >> do you think you could be confirmed? >> people have to make that decision. >> retired lieutenant general mike flynn has agreed to become national security advisor no confirmation required. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> mitt is a very sad guy. >> a transition says president elect trump will meet with mitt romney sunday to discuss state. >> need people of quality like mitt romney to be considered for the governing aspects and even if the campaigning was a little bit add odds. >> the vice president elect is on capitol hill selling his boss's agenda to democrats. >> we're beginning to discuss areas that we might move forward on together. >> we will try to find our common ground where we can and
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100 days. well some news that could affect us here in florida the trump team is planning what it calls a thank you tour of blue states turned red. that's set to happen some time after thanksgiving. governor rick scott met with president elect donald trump in new york on thursday and after the meeting the governor tweeted these pictures saying he was there to congratulate his friend. this morning he's clearing up any speculation that he post and says he's got a lot of work to do in florida. >> i want to finish my job as governor, it's what i ran on, i've got a lot of opportunities i think to continue to improve the states. we've added jobs. i want to keep this going i want to improve education, i want to keep people safe. i want to finish this job. >> the governor also said americans voted for change and
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tampa this morning, a father killed by his own son. tampa police tell us a 23-year old got into a fist fight with his father, a 43-year old. witnesses say the father fell to the ground during the fight then the son grabbed a knife and continued to attack him. the father died at the hospital and the son is under arrest charged with second degree murder. and developing this morning an escaped polk county inmate is found him in north lakeland. flanagin was working at a county maintenance facility when he took off in a cell loan truck. deputies spent all night searching for him. he was scheduled to be released in march and now faces escape and grand theft auto charge. and police detectives are searching for the people or person who shot and killed a man early this morning. police
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the person living in the unit heard the car slam into the building. when police arrived they found rogers inside the car with at least one gunshot wound. he decide at the scene. we were there as investigators canvased the area looking for evidence. a police spokesperson tells us this is very rare for winter haven. >> there are a lot of you know maybe a few car burglaries things of that nature but not violent crimes in this area and our city is very safe. our crime rateas this is very unusual for it to happen in our city, but when it does it definitely makes an impact. . >> police ask anybody with information to call them or call crime stoppers. this morning questions about safety in ybor city after newly released video you see here shows a fight on a 7th avenue bar this quickly escalated and ended with a driver plowing into a group of people and into the
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to be a family-friendly destination. there's a popular market and festivals celebrating the area's history but do incidents like you saw in this video affect that progress. tampa police point out crime is down 38% from last year and the crisis center of tampa bay speer heads an anti-violence program in ybor city and says problems are rare. . >> people remember outstanding news items and don't remember ale ybor is a really gem for our community. . >> well as far as this hit and run tampa police know who the driver is but have not been able to track him down. it's not clear whether he intentionally aimed for the victim or if it was a u-turn gone wrong. driver left the scene. happening today tampa's park will turn into a winter wonderland. the winter village
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you can enjoy ice skating through december 25th. tickets are $12 per person for 90 minutes of skating. then you can spend more time at the cafe and market that features local shops. well, some changes coming to the cross bay ferry, starting this weekend the ferry will serve beer wine and cocktails as it shuttles passengers between tampa and st. petersburg. it will also start operating 7 days a week, that starts next week. a regular one-way ticket will cost you $10 but a commuter e half. and today we have a special birthday to celebrate. >> we sure do. >> it's mickey mouse's birthday. >> he's 88 years old. he plans to celebrate in style. he hasn't aged one bit. there will be parades and parties at all the parks all around the world. you want to keep your eye out for the release of his new music video. he's still working.
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celebration. he first appeared on steam boat willie 88 years ago. >> looks so youthful still. well, wells fargo is starting to feel the effects of the scandal it endured earlier this year. lots of customers ditching the bank. >> and claiming your money shouldn't cost a thing but there are plenty of companies out there that will tell you otherwise. coming up we'll show you the lesson a tampa woman learned when she got better call away. coming up next the deals to look out for. you know what free or beautiful sunsets we get lots of pictures. i picked this out from brian. you know what, we also have a big bunch of cold air coming in. i'll tell you when it arrives
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. sea turtles are a welcome sight here in the bay area. >> so when we get a new piece of video we like to share it with you. >> this one is coming all the way from mexico. a conservation program there released 8,000 baby sea turtles that's just a few of them there. the local mayor says without the program's assistance they would not survive. he says humans are their top predator. >> which sadly the same day as they scrambled into the pacific. off in the distance men could be seen taking the eggs. a clear illustration of the necessity. why protection is so important . >> you know, we have to turn our lights off so they can make sure they know where to go. we strive very hard here. >> see the little baby ones go out to the sea when they hatch. >> love it.
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cool mornings, warm afternoons though. i think i count 3 clouds. 75 degrees, 50% humidity. it has crept up a bit it is still really comfortable. same thing at the veterans ford in tampa where it is now 73 degrees and winds at 7 miles per hour. going through the rest of the day not many clouds right around 78 degrees by 1 p.m. by 3 that's when i expect the high temperature to happen. comfortable mild, evening 73 degrees right at 7 p.m. right now lakeland you're 75, currently 73 in clear water we do have just a few clouds especially down cross south florida that's why i think we'll get a couple of passing clouds during the day today. and it was seasonably cool, but a northeast breeze adds that slightly higher humidity. now, i'm only saying that because yesterday was almost
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air leads to a few clouds. tomorrow morning high pressure begins to fade away and moves into the gulf of mexico so it will be slightly warmer even tomorrow morning. maybe even seeing some patch she fog. all out ahead of this cold front. it's going to come through here late saturday. most of us will get close to 80 degrees and the cold front brings a tiny 10% rain chance. the bigger impact wi that moves in behind it. for the time being enjoy the warm day today, 81 degrees. a very pleasant evening temperatures will come back down to near 62 degrees during the overnight hours. but let's check out the 8-day forecast because you'll notice the huge change on sunday a high of only 67 it's going to be windy making it feel colder. and our coldest morning monday morning. so you head out the door it's going to be kind of a shock to the system. we'll be
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warming trend back to turkey day on thanksgiving with a high temperature back near 80 degrees again. one of the those times of year where we go up and down quickly. >> it might be a good weekend to take your christmas photos because you can get everybody bundled up. >> or you can do it on saturday and be in shorts and t-shirts. and be like hey. if you've been cheated when you need help she's on your side. better call behnken. . >> well, shannon behnken has showed us how the state is holding onto millions of dollars and some it could be yours but be careful there are people out there who want to take some of it from you. a tampa woman says a company demanded that she pay up to help her collect money so she gave shannon a call. >> carol stumbled across a website that claimed it could reunite her with lost treasure.
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more. >> she told me i had to pay a membership fee for unclaimed money. >> the site even offers a monthly or yearly subscription for a price. for carol she was led to believe her late mother had unclaimed money but first she was told to pay a $5 fee. so they wouldn't tell you if your >> no, but they had her address. >> she was too smart or that. she called me. and i found many sites like this one charging for something state officials will give for free. >> the real website is >> i looked up her mother and found nothing. >> they were going to get the 5 bucks from you and tell you sorry because there's nothing here. no good news for her, but
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to find out. officials at florida's cfo's office do have millions to turn over though. you can find out if you have money by searching fl treasure hunt. our recent unclaimed cash phone banks helps viewers reconnect with $2.3 million. . >> we had a $20,000 claim come out of polk county, we had $19,000 up in the temple terrace area. >> carol is happy to know and wants to prevent you free. >> now, i can rest assured mom is good money. >> officials say there are many web sites like the one she stumbled across and some of them actually do what they say they're going to do but no need to pay them. . >> now, if you have a problem that needs solving you know who to call you better call behnken, the number is on your screen.
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reports customers are significantly pulling back from doing business with the bank. new account openings fell 44% in october from a year earlier and account closings rose 3%. the bank also saw a 50% drop in credit card applications. wells fargo is facing a backlash because of the discovery that a number of employees opened up 2 million accounts without customer authorization all goals. volkswagon will shed about $30,000 jobs as it tries to recover from its huge emission scandal. most of the cuts will come in germany where the automaker is based. the company says the job cuts are necessary in order to reduce costs. after they were found to be cheating on emissions tests fines and compensation payments have added up to tens of billions of dollars. mcdonald wants to be more
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ordering, mobile payments, smart menu boards, custom sandwiches an maybe even table service. they'll pile it mobile ordering the first half the next year. about 500 stores in florida new york and southern california have already made the switch. and hooter's is jumping into black friday and cyber monday. they'll release what it calls the endless craving card for a it will give you $20 a day worth of menu items through the end of the year, a total of 3,000 cards will be offered up in 2 waves, the first on black friday at 3 in the afternoon then on cyber monday at noon. online at well if you're doing preblack friday shopping this weekend amazon has some deals
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amazon's addict tall assistant. all you have to do is say alexa what are your deals. and starting today at and t wireless customers that have an alexa device will be able to send text messages hands free. this is pretty neat. they're adding that skill to the list of many, many abilities once you've preset a list of as friends you'll be able to ask alexa to send one of them a text message without picking up your phone or typing. now, i hope she reads it back to you before she sends it. >> there's problems. >> yeah, you know how that goes. doesn't understand you. >> i want her to help me make thanksgiving dinner. >> she can do that too. she can set your timer and you know little tips and tricks. well, it's the weekend and
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hitting theaters. >> one is expected to dethrown dr. strange. we'll tell you which one coming up. also president obama just named off the latest recipients of the medal of freedom. it's the highest civilian honor in america. we have the recollection from one of them
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. it' outside this weekend but maybe a bit hell plea at night. the harry potter spin off is finally here. it's set in the 1920s in new york. reviews are magically good and experts predicts bests should open with 70 to $80 million or more this weekend. >> and looking for an
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the r rated coming of age comedy drama the edge of 17 is getting great reviews. box office watchers predict a debut between 8 and $10 million. the underdog is plead for this, it's about a boxer who battled back from a car crash. analyst predict an audience led mostly by older man who remember him from his hay day will deliver a $5 million weekend. out the red carpet for the newest recipient for the presidential medicine dam of freedom. 21 will be honored. among those ellen and robert dis and robert redford. and vince skully got a personal phone call. >> it's the highest honor that
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year that he's been in office and gives it to just a handful of people, and this year he's going to give it to you. . >> oh my gosh, no. >> yes. >> so you've had -- >> are you sure? . >> well -- >> i'm an old baseball announcer. i'm rather overwhelmed and humbled. >> i love that. are you sure? >> right. >> that's a very humble reaction. the medal of fre >> you can't take it back once you give it to make sure. well, metalica's first new album in 8 years is on sale today. the average person may not category rise metal as mainstream music but when it comes to them it's as close to mainstream as it gets. it's the most streamed metal band in the world. it appears on 15 million
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you may have seen them on the tonight show wednesday. . >> sound familiar? yeah, that enter sandman . doesn't sound so hard core classroom instruments. a new weather satellite goes into orbit tomorrow. >> nasa says it will forever change the way we look at forecasting. and we have the info on the satellite coming up. plus an 8 on your side warning for parents, a new app, a very popular one that could expose your children and the steps that you should maybe take to keep them safe.
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president obama's final [audio difficulty] plus new maps show a dramatic loss of shore line [audio difficulty] the most famous venue for horse racing is set to undergo some changes. and good morning. >> thanks for joining us. let's check in with leigh for your friday forecast. >> looking fantastic for a friday really looking fantastic for any day. lake club at lakeland ranch very comfortable 76 degrees, just a couple of clouds out there. beautiful at the plantation on crystal river as it always is, 73 degrees there. 61% humidity. we're close to 80 in some cases. 79
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76 at zephyrhills. there's the big cold front that's bringing snow fall across the upper midwest. we take a big dip in temperatures 81 today, 9 saturday, grab out the scarf that's what emoji man says, 69 on monday but notice we get a nice warm up as we get closer to thanksgiving. so if you're heading out for one of turkey trots, quick lunch maybe 75 degrees with a few well, right now president obama is on his way to peru to attend an economic summit. he left earlier this morning after meeting with key leaders of the countries. the heads of state discussed security and economic challenges facing the partners. president obama's meeting with the leaders of germany, france, italy and spain was likely his
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house in january. today new york mayor and police commissioner will give a briefing on a their plans to protect trump tower. there have been security measures around the building. the president elect lives in the penthouse. new yorkers hoping that the mayor's plan will limit street closures in that busy neighborhood. today a police officer charged in the death of a black motorist is due in court. you'll remember he was shot stop and live streamed on facebook. he had told the officer that he had a handgun on him and had a permit to have that weapon. he is now charged with second degree manslaughter, the prosecutor says there's no evidence he ever tried to remove the gun from his pocket. and gunfire breaking out at a tennessee toddler's birthday party. the shooting left one woman dead and
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speed limits. no word yet on a motive or if the victims and suspected shooters knew each other. questions this morning about the disturbing video of an arizona police officer punching a woman in the face. hard to watch. it happened when police were serving a warrant. the officer claims the woman was uncooperative kicking and kneeing him before he punched her. now, body camera video released shows the woman struggling with take her into custody. the officer who threw the punch is now on administrative leave while an investigation is underway. a fire at a pallet yard in california this morning. it quickly burned about 2 acres before firefighters managed to contain it. firefighters reported multiple explosions from propane within that compound. no one was injured and the cause is unknown.
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horizon oil spill affected thousands of people and businesses all along the gulf coast. but none more so than those in loose. they lost a lot of land. the new maps from nasa show much of that recession came after the dp oil spill of -- in the gulf of mexico. the maps show a dramatic loss of land from 2010 to 201 after much of the coastline was coated with researchers say it can kill or weaken vegetation along the shore. when that happens the soil is more prone to erosion. and the fists significant snowstorm of the season as moved into the midwest. you can see it here. thursday the snow caused a 20 car wreck on i-70 in rapid city south dakota forecasts are calling for 2 to 3 inches of snow parts of the state are under winter storm and weather warnings. in the city of dead
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the storm is also expected to dump 8 inches in parts of colorado. church hill downs is getting face lift. the venue will complete a $37 million project in time to add more than 1,800 seats for the 2018 derby. it will include luxury suits, dining tables and third floor seats. the new space on the in order end will have 3 floors of individual suits an dining an ev and a private balcony overlooking the start of the derby. now, an alert for parents this morning there's a smart phone app that some is making snapchat look like a thing of yesterday. >> this one is called musically. it's been around for a while and very popular but it could be confusing for parents to figure out. that's why we explain. >> unless you live with the preteen you've probably never heard of musically.
11:37 am
social media platforms it's exposing children in ways they probably don't understand. ? . >> musically is a music video making app. users phone as musers create 15 second lip sync videos. most of the accounts have been created by middle schoolers. profiles include a nickname photo b media profiles. most link to instagram. you can make sure your child's account is private. go to the settings page on their profile and switch on the private account button. that ensures only people approved to follow the account can see their videos. to further privacy switch on hide location info. to block a user from contacting your child or to report
11:38 am
click on those 3 dots in the top right then select block user or report abuse. now, you can prevent your child from downloading any app, apple's i tune store and android's play store have parental control available in your settings. they include a variety of ways to block your child from using a variety of apps. back to you. . >> wow. >> yeah, you know, it's one of eye on. >> the whole location thing does that mean that somebody can tell where your child is. if they're not with mom and dad and strangers can see what they're doing and where they're at that's dangerous. a rainbow baby is a baby born after a mother has a miscarriage or still birth. we actually showed you one of those photos last month. now, it's grown a lot in popularity. case in point this picture right
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to show families who have experienced the loss of a miscarriage or still birth that there's still hope and it's okay to talk about it. the images were posted on facebook with a strong message of encouragement. >> it was like 16,000. people are posting their own rainbow babies, their own stories. i felt like it could bring a lot of people together and it did. >> good stuff. >> yeah, very nice. >> nice to know when >> to share that story with others to help them. we're about 24 hours away from the launch of the next generation satellite. >> and we'll tell you about how it's going to improve weather forecasting here in the u.s. >> and less than 20 games into the season the lightning have lost their captain to injury and a bad one. we're going to tell you how long stamkos is going to be off the ice this time.
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sunset. we can't show you enough of these. this was captured at clear water beach. you may want to head out to the beach on saturday versus sunday because that's when the cool air gets here. i'll tell you how long that cool air sticks around
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i've been thinking... this might be the one thing in the world you pull apart to come together. new papa john's cinnamon pull-aparts covered with cinnamon crumble and sweet cream cheese icing. try our new cinnamon pull-aparts for just 6 bucks.
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. move over hope diamond. >> another impressive been added. >> this is a mere 187 stunner. it's known as the fox fire diamond and it's now on display at the museum of natural history. look at that thing. discovered last year in canada e largest known uncut gem quality diamond ever mind in north america. >> the diamond will be on display alongside the hope
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>> does it matter? because i don't think anybody could afford it. >> or he's not going to sell it or it's priceless at this point. >> do you get a discount because it's yellowish. >> i think that makes it more valuable. >> it's about the size of a small soccer ball it looked like. we had such great weather, things are going to change if you've been waiting for holiday weather, well, it looks like next start to feel like the holidays because even though we've seen cool mornings we've seen warm afternoons which is what we're seeing here. us a check out the forecast for the rest of the day not many clouds around 78 around 1 p.m. 81 by 3, an then ring the bell on this work week, 7 p.m. pleasant evening 73 degrees. there has been a light breeze coming in at about 10 miles per hour in lakeland,
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gusting up a little higher than that 17 miles per hour currently in bartow. and in bartow it's also warm at 81 degrees, 80 already in clear water right now and 79 in plant city but a wider view point shows other places are gripped in that first taste of winter 22 in denver, 20 in montana, 28 in rapid city and snow on the ground from the season's first big blizzard 's it's heading up toward minnesota, it's raining now but all the cold, wet snow is going to be heading in that direction. and the cold front that's where we have small areas of rain that's what's going to be pushing through here as we head into saturday night. until then high pressure is in control and it's sunny and comfortable. even saturday during the day will be nice because here comes the cold front saturday night. i left in a 10% rain chance. i'm not banking on that rain to
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another warming trend as the winds start coming out of the southeast for tuesday and wednesday. and we head into thanksgiving one more cold front coming through. when you take a look at the 8-day forecast 81 today, 79 tomorrow then what a difference on sunday. breezy and 67. so it's going to feel colder than 67. that chilly start too monday, there you see, 48 degrees, an then a gradual warming trend pretty quickly getting up to close to 80 degrees on thanksgiving but thanksgiving should be get that warm afternoon. >> looking good. but, you know, your job may be changing here. >> a little bit. >> a little help from a friend here. tomorrow big big day in weather forecasting a brand new satellite is being launched. >> it's called the goes-rr satellite and we'll let leigh explain a little bit more about. >> goes-rr
11:47 am
in a new series of next generation weather satellites. nasa calls this a game change other forecasting. it will provide advanced images about 4 times better resolution than the current satellite data kind of like going from standard definition to high definition and it will bring those images in 5 times faster. this detailed information will help create more craft forecast models, also new is real lightning mapping and for us here locally an improved hurricane intensity estimation. when we get the storms that are way out we can't really send a hurricane hunter into them now, using this satellite we'll be able to get a better estimate of how strong it is. >> so much safer. sometimes they send planes. >> and they'll still do that you just can't send one out way off the coast of africa. so you'll
11:48 am
it's exactly 22,000 miles right above us so it actually orbits the earth at the exact same speed that the earth rotates so it stays over one spot. >> you know what, your science nerd is showing right now. >> what did you say? that's how i felt in science class all through school. >> that's why you're a meteorologist and we're not. >> tests moving just moving at the same rate we are. >>ll thanks. >> you should be a science teacher. >> as it launches into orbit the latest capsule will arrive at the initial space station tomorrow. our producer is going to watch the launch. now, expedition 50 launched yesterday. the crew
11:49 am
woodson. she'll celebrate her birth on opt space station making her the oldest woman in space. well, some bucs news wide receiver mike evans and offensive guard ali will attend a rally they'll join team's cheerleaders and captain fear will be there as well. 4 p.m. sounds like fun. and this week they travel to kas city to play chiefs. hopefully we repeat that success. they have not beaten the buccaneers in 24 seasons. so let's keep that going. kansas city is very good this year though contending for first place with oakland a
11:50 am
>> and they're on a 10 win home streak. >> we've got to break that. the record has them in second in the nfc south, atlanta is in 1st they have a bye week. the panthers and saints put on quite a show. the panthers got the win but lost kuekley. he took a hard hit to the chest. in the division. they're all now tied for second with 4 and 6 records. well, lightning can't tap stamkos underwent surgery in colorado yesterday to repair that lateral tear in his right knee. you'll remember he suffered that injury tuesday night in detroit. general manager released a brief statement confirming the procedure and expects to be without his leading scorer for about, ready for this, 4 months.
11:51 am
haven't heard it already. the timetable places his return late in the regular season with about a dozen games to go. >> i was at an event but one of the people pointed out he'll be back in plenty of time for the playoffs. trying to find the bright side. >> there's usually therapy and those things associated with recovery. thursday was world records day. >> and today we get to see some of the brand new records that were we've got it all. animals, basketball, jumping, ss
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11:54 am
. the 12th annual world records day huge success more than 600,000 people worldwide took their shot at setting a world record but it wasn't just humans. skipper became the first animal to set a record. she set a new record for the
11:55 am
one minute 19 rings. >> i can do that. z. you have to include the harlem globetrotters. they set more than a few but one in particular was the sweetest, check it out. >> took my record. i'm taking it back. . >> awesome. . >>i heard him sea they beginning that the guys stole a record from him well big easy now has it back the longest hook shot from 72 feet 6 and a quarter inches. it all counts. >> and that brings us to one of the most bazaar records set on world records day. >> the highest bungee dunk.
11:56 am
there a cookie into some tea. i prefer milk, but hey whatever you're into. he beat the previous record by 42 feet. >> how is that even possible. >> there it is again. >> what, iffed that been stretched a little bit too far and he hit that cup. >> with his face. >> what happened to the cookie? did he eat it. >> he earned it. >> if anyone's earned a cookie it's that guy. looks 81 this afternoon, low humidity great day to eat lunch outside but come sunday break out the boots and scarfs because it's going to be windy and chilly. >> thanks for joining us have a great friday. . >> i'll see you back here first at 4 and tonight at 6. have a great day and weekend.
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