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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  November 18, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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pocketing the profits. >> thank you for joining us we want to get to some drake breaking news. a pinellas county deputy is fired for using excessive force during a traffic stop and falsifying a report. jeff bob gualtieri is expected to step up to this mike any moment. we'll bring you the news when it happens. joseph flanagin was working at a maintenance facility within he stole truck and took off. melissa marino joins us live in lakeland. and that's where investigators spent much of the night searching. >>reporter: that's right. good evening. they found that stolen truck right over here across the street near this sam's club. so then they scoured a nearby neighborhood. i spoke with neighbors there
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blocked. >>reporter: she got caught in the middle of the manhunt. deputies looked in her car for the suspect joseph flanagin. >> he looked in my back seat i had my brother back there. we had to turn around. >>reporter: this is hd video of that search near flanagin's last known address. deputies finally found him this morning a few miles away in north lakeland. court documents show flanagin was arrested in september for petit theft. his third conviction. he was granted trus this allowed him to work outside under supervision. but it turns out this trustee wasn't so trustworthy. around 3:30 yesterday his supervisor noticed he was missing from the bartow maintenance facility. he had stolen a fleet truck and took off. soy was it too easy for him to escape? >> will this change how you vet the people that are in the program or supervise them? >> process improvement is something every agency looks
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rules of the program and he's going to be hell held accountable for that. >>reporter: neighbors say it shouldn't have happened in the first place. >> in their own very many veck that doesn't make sense. >>reporter: an inmate should have more supervision. >> there needs to be one guard per inmate that's out there. >>reporter: flanagin was due to be released in february or march well he's now facing grand theft and escape charges. >> i imagine he just ramped all of that quite a bit at this point. >>reporter: oh, yeah we're 15 years now behind bars. >> significantly more trouble than he was in. melissa marino live in polk county thanks thank you. to more breaking news out of tampa this time. a noro virus outbreak is blamed for making more than a hundred people sick on a cruise ship. holland america left port tampa after a thorough cleaning. the ship left rome on november 3rd during the
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to the centers for disease control and prevention. president-elect donald trump has revealed 3 picks for his new white house team. two of them are members of his inner circle. the names are getting reviews from many republicans but many democrats are uneasy about it. >>reporter: the president- elect is signaling that he a fight when donald trump was fighting for the white house. senator jeff sessions and general michael flynn remained at his side now they face their own fight to stay there. the president-elect has chosen flynn as national security advisor sessions as attorney general and kansas congressman mike pompey 0 as c.i.a. director. the last pick is widely praised. >> he has a very good reputation it looks like a good choice. >>reporter: but flynn.
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didn't work well others. >>reporter: the former general tagged by critics anti-muslim hardliner. congressional black caucus 0 poisees sessions nomination. >> i'm particularly pleased to answer congratulations the my colleague jeff sessions who is going to make an extraordinary attorney states. >>reporter: nickie haley like up behind trumps and his picks. former foes being mentioned as possible cabinet picks themselves. >> i did vote for him and i was absolutely thrilled to see him win. >>reporter: whether or not mitt romney feels that way he's headed to trump's golf course to talk with the next president about the future. the meeting itself is surprising but stung would be a
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state. >reporter: well, look, jeff sessions he has a lot of friends in the senate. >>reporter: he's a very popular guy on capitol hill republican circles. he would need 50 votes. remember that that louisiana senate seat hasn't been filled. so he'd need 50 votes and that's exa bruised up but make it through easily. flynn on the other hand he does not need to be confirmed at all. however, you don't want to become a distraction in the new administration. that might or might not be the case it's way too early to even start talking about that, but there are some republicans notably keith who are grumbling about this technology nails nation who are expressing a little uneasiness and little bit of concern. >> should be an interesting
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d. c. breaking news now. new york's attorney general has announced a 25 million-dollar settlement in the trump university case. the president-elect agreed just this evening to settle lawsuits related to his trump university real estate seminars. a source told c n b c trump will not admit to to any wrongdoing. a trial was scheduled to start november 28th. new concerns at the to academy in largo several month after investigation into mold concerns. today a parent addressed new concern to the board. she's upset about what's leaks in several of the classrooms after hurricane hermine that parent were not told about. >> i don't know if the board is aware there have been water intrusion issues. i have lived in florida my entire life i understand these things happen however when we have intrusion so bad students
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our principal should be notifying us. >> parents say there is still mold at this location. spokesman coming up at 6:00 you will hear what improvements he claims to be making. a warning tonight about a gift exchange scam making the rounds on facebook. it's called secret sister. maybe you've seen. starts with a facebook post asking you to buy a gift of $10 or more, then you're asked to add your name and some other pe the scam promises in exchange you'll receive 36 gifts. it's basically a high tech chain letter/pyramid scheme. so do not be fooled. workers it at one of america's busiest airports are threatening to strike this thanksgiving. chicago o'hare airport
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the biggest in almost ten years. your personal information sold to private companies without your permission. >> it's not shady crooks doing the selling a state agency is accused of doing it. come up next a woman furious that her driving record is for sale. 8 on your side asks lawmakers is this actually illegal. also ahead remember the zika virus who can forget. we have good news in the battle against the mosquito-borne illness. a warmer day today should make for a pleasant evening if you're headed out to of course big changes temperature-wise this weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. a sarasota restaurant owner has been charged with way shocking crime against one of its employees. i'll tell you why police say
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. a pinellas county gut is fired for using excessive force during a traffic stop and falsifying a report. sheriff bob gualtieri is speaking right now let's listen in. >> vehicle needed to be impounded it couldn't be released and called for a wrecker. at that point he engaged page taylor who is now seated in the driver's seat of the vehicle and she was inquiring about how she would get hole. there was some deputy wagner and taylor. she asked the tow truck driver could take her homey said no there was discussion back and forth about that. taylor became upset because deputy wagner wouldn't allow the tow truck driver to take her home. again there were dialogue about how she was going to get home. taylor got out of the driver's seat of the vehicle s. and as she got out of the driver's seat of the vehicle gut wagner
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really let the video speak for itself but what you'll see is deputy wagner was stand there's and he had taylor's driver's license and he was holding it out in front of him. so, it was in a way and let you and the viewers form their own conclusion, but it was in a way that he was holding it out to her almost to invite her to take the driver's license so the driver's license wasn't here, it wasn't down by his so when she gets out of the truck she takes and he's holding it with two fingers, is that he takes the driver's license out of his hand, then then moves to turn away. at that point gut wagner slammed taylor up against the side of the vehicle and then took her to the ground and he used improper force against taylor and as a result of that i'll show you the video here in
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arrested her on a felony charge of battery on a law enforcement officer and resisting arrest with violence. he authored a report in the investigative report he authored says that taylor shoved him and he about 0 days later authored supplemental report after additional video was obtained and again, indicates that he was pushed taylor. during the course of the investigation, he made numerous statements that are inconsistent with the evidence that he had been pushed, shoved, that there had been some form of contact by taylor. as the video clearly shows, taylor did not touch deputy wagner at alley all there's absolutely no contact. it's unequivocal there's no contact. we slowed it down and looked at it. we'll show you the video here
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it is clear unfortunately, deputy wagner lied and didn't tell the truth about what happened out there and that he used unnecessary force when he slammed her against the car and put in his report that he had been pushed by her. there's also video which we'll show you after taylor's arrest of his spanned standing in the parking lot demonstrating to two other deputies his version, which is false, which is a see he demonstrates that taylor pushed him. simply didn't happen. so, that's the sequence of events his termination today is for using unnecessary force that is against policy and most importantly for lying about it and not telling the truth. and that is something that will not stand. i've been very clear about that, that people make mistakes, people use bad
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and have been there will be if it happens again in the future. at the end of the day everybody specially a deputy has to tell the truth. deputy wagner elect not to follow the rules now he has to face the consequences of his own actions and bad decision in the most serious way, which is lying about an incident and providing false statements throughout the investigation. so, we have several going to show you is from the, there's gas station video from the mobil gas station. there's column coe ban video. it's the in car video system. we're going to show you the unfaltered, if you well, unaltered video of the mobile station.
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freeze frame of the video. we'll show you co-ban video of the arrest and take down and we'll show you the video of the demonstration by wagner to the deputies where this alleged shove, which didn't happen, occurred. why don't we go ahead and lay the video and i'll take any questions that you have.
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sheriff bob gualtieri describe a case involving a penalty county gut deputy wagner off the job for using excessive force during a traffic stop and as the sheriff said more importantly lying about it and falsifying a report afterwards. we will continue to cover this story and bring much more on news channel 8 let's send it over to steve for the weather. skies have been mostly clear throug light showers that pass through with the cold front that will definitely change the profile of things. few light showers and that will come along with much cooler temperatures in behind that. this is the leonid meteor shower. that is peaking tonight. nice shot at hula bay almost at sunset. 76 degrees, the current
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79 much cooler and windy too on sunday. the result of the cold front that is passing through. we also have a really cool thing taking place go czar weather satellite is being launched tomorrow. this is the next generation of weather satellite. so we're hoping to really upgrade in terms of our coverage and the times with these things as well as detect go realtime lightning. 5:42 p.m. ian oliver hopes to be out there. 79 degrees for saturday, 68 sunday, thanksgiving 80 degrees for a high that day on wednesday. 76 temp l terrace lutz. 71 clearwater beach. 77 degrees in brooksville. 73 venice. 77 sebring lakeland. lake placid 74 degrees. the red color, dry air high above in the atmosphere. really a stable atmosphere under high pressure but part of the reason for the clear skies we have high pressure but a dry atmosphere overall.
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sections of minnesota kind of wrapping up but still minneapolis northward into the arrowhead region parts of the up of michigan as well. farther south showers few thunderstorms for sections of houston. that's the cold front headed our way but we're not anticipating that kind of wet as it may be a sprinkle here locally. as for this evening headed out to these football games that's nice looking weather cooler by the final play 68 degrees. as for college football weather usf playing smu in dallas 50 degrees clear behind the front. gators and lsu 57 degrees. sunny skies and a cool breeze. fsu they are playing in syracuse 63 degrees with a few showers there saturday at 3:30. the u they play north carolina in raleigh 68 degrees with cool sunshine. ucf tulsa orlando. 68 degrees keep in mind a little cooler but breed he there. picture perfect weather for the big classic the florida classic
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68 for sunday. comes with a bit of a breeze so that will make it feel much cooler and then monday morning dare use the word cold? i guess so we live in florida. tuesday you can see a nice warm up 76. 80 degrees then by thanksgiving day 79 degrees with a weak front slight chance of rain but really nothing to ruin your plans. in terms of travel weather in florida not a problem. >> great thank you. >> for the second season in a row two high school powerhouses are meeting in the stat playoffs. >> lakeland versus plant friday night game of the week. (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing,
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volkswagen models. this black friday at the volkswagen
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friday night blitz. two perennial power howes meet in the state playoffs for a second straight season. >> lake loss lands versus plant two enter one advances to the next round. paul ryan joining from plant high school for friday night blitz game of the week. >>reporter: good evening keith and jen we're expecting to see some of the finest football. 10-0 plant panthers taking these are the most successful. 10 state championships between the two of them. although they don't play in the the same conference these two programs have some very recent history. namely, last season where they met just like they will tonight in the second round of the playoffs. lakeland won that game 21-11 effectively putting an end to plan plant's season we caught up with robert weiner earlier this week he said he's not holding a grudge against lake and/or its players but he
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everything he can do prevent a similar fate tonight. >> there's certainly bad feelings about our season ending last year in the second round and lending to them. they don't want them to be the roadblock for us again. we have have such a special group. it's a fight so we can come back to practice on monday. i'm not done coaching these guys yet. >>reporter: the wish of tonight's game advances to the regional finals. one set closer to that ever elusive state championship. we'll have highlights ni of the week starts at 11:15 on news channel 8. >> thank you paul. >> well josh benson is joining with us a look what we've got coming up at 5:30. >> coming up accusations of sexual assault against a local restaurant owner. coming up at 5:30 what a teenaged employee says he did to her. plus bugs bunny even superman got americans buying savings bonds back in the day. we're going explain how the state of florida may be able to cash in on almost a billion dollars worth.
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. a restaurant owner accused of inappropriately touching a teenaged employee and police fear she isn't the only one. good evening i'm jennifer lee. >> i'm josh benson thanks for being with us tonight. >> first we're begin with breaking news. a pinellas county is fired for using excessive force during a traffic stop and falsifying a report about the incident. sheriff bob gualtieri just released this video ate news conference in it you can see the deputy hold a license in the woman's face and then body slam her into the truck before taking her by the arm and down to the ground. we will have an update on this entire investigation coming up at 6:00. >> a sarasota restaurant owner


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