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tv   News Ch8 Today at 430AM  NBC  November 21, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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. 8 is on your side with a holiday alert for parents this morning, a t in the box burst into flames in the back of a pickup now, a nationwide recall. >> and a twitter tirade from president elect donald trump why he's taking aim at nbc's saturday night live. >> plus a florida chill, it is down right cold this morning. temperatures in the 30s and 40s, leigh spann will tell us how long this cold weather will stick around. good morning. and welcome
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kick off thanksgiving week, it is here and starting to feel like the holidays. how's the weather looking? we have a couple of places near freezing we're at 32 in crystal river right now. 34 in zephyrhills. polk county down to 37, milder near the coast about 50 degrees in sarasota but everybody is cooler than yesterday significantly so. cases. 16 degrees colder than this time yesterday in inverness, 13 degrees colder in lakeland. once the sun comes up we'll see a lot of that sunshine. 8 a.m. temperatures will certainly be climbing up very quickly. 62 at noon. i'll have an 8-day temperature u . we've got a pretty good drive out there. let's take a
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we're waking up to a sweet commute from downtown st. petersburg over to tampa only about 22 minutes on the interstate. overall the bay area bridges looking fantastic. howard frankland, skyway look good too. here's a live look at i-4, no delays, no congestion, traffic is very nice. in an 8 on your side alert this morning parents headi to scoop up christmas gifts won't find one riding toy on store shelves. >> it reportedly burst into flames in the back of a pickup truck and toys "r" us are pulling it off store shelves. we're joined live from the toys "r" us store in brandon. do investigators have any idea what could have caused the fire? >> not just yet. toys "r" us claim they working with the manufacturer of the toy to
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grandparents in washington state scored a tonka truck but the toy apparently burst into flames as they headed home north of seattle. listen to them as they explained what happened. >> sparks and smoke coming from inside the box like fire like it was hot. we got to pull over, get out of this truck. we pulled over flames start shooting. . >> reporter: now, the couple did call 911. a trooper tried to put out fire, but the flames re is all that was left of their truck. luckily no one was hurt. toys "r" us did respond with an apology a refund and recall. luckily no one was hurt in this incident. toys "r" us does believe this was an isolated incident but something to cross off the list this wreak. >> for sure. hopefully the families who bought this will
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"r" us. a new rash of violence against police officers. this weekend 4 police officers in different states including florida were shot the most recent in kansas city where information is just coming. an officer was shot during a traffic stop but expected to survive. in texas an officer was writing a ticket when a suspect shot and killed him. police released this to the detective's car and opened fire. he was 50 years old, a 20-year veteran of the force and a father of 2. and early this morning st. louis police shot and killed a man suspected of ambushing and shooting at a police officer. he was driving in his patrol car when someone pulled up next to him and fired 2 shots. the
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police killed the suspect. and closer to home a police officer shot in southwest florida. the officer had pulled someone over when a passing driver opened fire on him. the officer was rushed to the hospital where he was treated and released. police have arrested that driver after a shoot out. no word on a motive. another round of meetings involving president elect donald trump and potential candidates to join his team. it comes after a past weekend with 2-dozen prominent republicans one of them mitt romney who has criticized trump in the past. . >> we had a far-reaching conversation with regards to the various theaters in the world where they are interests in the united states of real significance. >> he also met with new jersey governor chris christie.
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trump spent the weekend battling with hollywood and broadway. >> it started friday night and continued until last night. no intermissions with this show. >> yeah, exactly the president elect is fighting with broadway actors, tv stars and quite possibly the music industry too. friday night vice president elect mike pence was called out by the cast of the broadway show hamilton. a cast member saying many administration's rhetoric. >> we truly hope that this has inspired you to uphold our american values and work on behalf of all of us. >> mr. trump responded on twitter saying cast members were rude and demanded an apology and both donald trump and mike pence commented on the situation sunday. . >> they were very inappropriate.
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said i'll leave to others whether that was the appropriate venue to say it. >> donald trump also reacted on twitter to the return of sketches about him on saturday night live. he said the show is one sided and biassed asking equal time for us all. now federal equal time rules apply only during campaign seasons. now, several digs were also taken at the president elect and the future first lady during the night. so far no response from mr. trump on twitter. maybe he's just not awake yet. >> not yet. all right. thanks. well, bucs wide recd through on his promise to stand during the national anthem. this is a picture from the sidelines in kansas city yesterday. it came after he received a lot of criticism from sitting during last sunday's game. at that time he explained his action was
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later he apologized and said he would stand with his teammates during the anthem. by the way the bucs are now 5 and 5 after beating kansas city yesterday. what a win that was. i enjoyed watches jamis dancing in the locker room. all right. it is 4:38, it is chilly out there this morning. the coldest morning we've had in months. hour by hour we're going to start in the long to get to around 55 at 10 a.m., 65 at 1 but the afternoon high of 68, that's still 10 degrees below average. so a cool sunny day today. we do see a warm up though. look at this, 75 tomorrow even 80 on thanksgiving. slightly cooler as we head into the weekend. so a break down of your thanksgiving forecast. turkey trots in the morning should be
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clear. 10 minutes ago we had our newest tropical depression 16 it is expected to become tropical storm otto. so, yes, hurricane season continues. we check in with traffic on the 8s. >> it feels like it's gone. i'll tell you what traffic feels great because we don't have any. we're not seeing any congestion out there. great drive on i-75 in and pasco county. up to speed folks, if you're hopping on 275 and connecting down to i-4 that's going to take you about 10 minutes on your drive. here's 275 in the heart of downtown tampa traffic is up to speed and downtown st. petersburg. looks great. that's a look at weather and trn the 8s. well, this morning a turkey give away in tampa.
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luther king boulevard where you see people lining up for free turkey. >> they'll be handing out the birds on a first come first served basis the employees explain it's their way to spread some holiday cheer. it gets start around 8:30. so they have about 4 hours to wait. a recall involving some spread and dips. >> the brand under recall and the danger it poses to your health. >> and big in sarasota, coming up a look at the divergeding diamond and how to steer your way through this
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. we're impact. it's 4:43. you've been hearing this for abr now, a big construction project along i-i- i-i-75 at university parkway. most of the work while many people are asleep. >> there are some new developments on the one of a kind project and we have your update. . >> all right. here it is, it's calling the diverging diamond interchange and the name itself strikes up occur i don't say city. with construction halfway
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when our sarasota commuters will be one step closer to a construction free ride on i-75 at university parkway. the new southbound lanes are open on what will be the first diverging diamond interchange. how is it going to help drivers? >> it's going to help because we're increasing our capacity we're eliminating a lot of conflict lanes which are the left turn movements. the diverging pattern is more right rn >> at this point crews are installing sound walls, water drainage and reconstructing 75, but what is next for drivers? where i'm standing is the new southbound i-75 but now they have to build the northbound side so before christmas that bridge here with vehicles traveling across it will temporarily change directions and they will start building the northbound lanes. and drivers
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goal of this $75 million face lift is to have it operational before the world rowing competition. when will it be complete finished? >> we're hoping to meet that july deadline. >> and added inn sin active there's a $5 million contractor bonus. it will be the largest in the nation. the interchange has additional safety features it will be crossing and yessing ramps the wrong way will be a very difficult thing to do. aside from a few weather delays the project is running on schedule. so by the end of next summer the diamond pattern should be established. >> i'm sure that's great news for those who are early risers because a lot of the closure happen before the sun comes up. >> the closures are usually overnight and involve ramps of course but as we continue with
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work on university parkway but once it's done it's going to be pretty. >> it's frustrating for the overnight commuters but worth it. another safety alert this morning involving dips that may be contaminated with listeria. some of the spread are recalled by sabra. they include best before dates january 23rd, 2017. it can sometimes fatal infections in young children, the elderly. we're making calls to find out more about a shooting outside a tampa bar. this happened last night on 30th street. a bullet grazed the head of one person, that man drove himself to the hospital but he is expected to be okay. police arrested the shooter but are not releasing an identity or details on how this unfolded. hillsborough county fire rescue is investigating a house fire. flames broke out early
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quite a bit of damage. fire officials say it's a total loss. no one was hurt. and across america protesters over a pipeline in north dakota intensify as demonstrator clash with police. overnight at the fired tear gas and used water cannons to keep protesters off the land. they are against the pipeline that will carry oil through they fear it poses an environmental risk to lands on the standing rock reservation. 2 teens are charged in the murder of a 15-year old grandson of a chicago congressman. they're accused of killing him in a fight over clothes an shoes. he's the grandson of davis. well the first major winter storm of the season pounding the northeast check it out. this
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2 inches per hour. wind gusts reaching more than 30 miles per hour. you see the temperature there 29 degrees. >> wow. >> we won't know what that feels like here. let's check in with leigh. you know, with it being kind of chilly and windy it's our kind of winter our first blast 2. max defender 8 of course on of the things it's doing is showing you how dry it is out there. not only lack of rain, but extremely dry going to see almost no clouds but your skin may actually feel kind of dry because of the -- how low the humidity is. so grab a jacket this morning. 46 degrees. we get up to around 62 by noon, sunshine, that dry air sticking around but even below average this afternoon at 68. i just checked in with bob in venice he's at 49. 39 in inverness, but of course the big
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winter there's that snowstorm, slow to move out of there. locally things are dry. i know what you want to know throughout this travel week going to keep it nice and dry on the east coast for today and tomorrow. if you're traveling on wednesday we have a storm system in the center of the country. it should not affect us here locally but could brother your travels and thanksgiving toasty at 80. well, we're checking out pinellas county right now. just tarpin avenue seeing a tiny slow down but nothing major or anything like that on 19. keep this one in mind. i'll be keeping an eye on it. it looks like there might be some injuries. other than that it's a great drive, folks. a wonderful drive on the bay area interstates. all of the bay area bridges up to speed and downtown tampa no overnight construction that's going to slow you down. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s.
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we're running down the winners and losers. >> and making history in college football the running back who is defying age, we'll tell you just how old this player is. and we're having a stuffing debate right now and it's national stuffing day. do you like yours oyster or traditional. >> stuffing is not stuffing if you don't stuff it in the bird. >> well log onto, facebook and twitter.
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. well, here's something you don't see every day, a 55-year old college football running back. >> still got it. south carolina state joe thomas senior made history by appearing in his first ever football game at 55 years old. >> i've been waiting for this dream for 36 >> there he is. he's believed the oldest college football player to ever see time in the game. in the closing minutes of south carolina's state he took a hand off for 3 yards and a 32-0 victory. he says he's thankful for the chance to prove his doubters wrong. >> you know what else he says, i totally agree with him, age is just a number. >> well, he showed it. look at him. >> i love that they had this moment at the end of the game.
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waking up with new hardware for their selves. >> the 2016 american music awards handed out trophy last night. here's a look at the winners. 21 pilots run for alternative rock and favorite group for pop rock and florida georgia line took him the award for favorite group but here's my favorite rap hip hot artist it went to drake. >> didou >> i wanted to. this morning a great big thank you to the organizers of the third annual als luncheon. in all the luncheon raised $3,000 to fight als . >> what was all that dancing? >> there was a lot. we got to spin around and it was a good time. >> good time, good cause. >> yeah, absolutely. >> nice way to spend the weekend.
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>> but harder to get these days, i'm taking a look at how more americans are having to work longer than they expected before they retire. let's take you live outside beautiful downtown tampa. it is cold out there. weather and traffic on the 8s is just
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. 46 degrees right now at quite as windy as yesterday, a lighter breeze but feeling cool all day, a high of just 68 degrees, and another chilly night tonight with a low of 47, but then we start warming up. i'll tell you when we get close to 80 coming up. we're looking pretty good out here on state road 54 through another and 19 through palm harbor just some red lights to go through but a great drive
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have an issue elsewhere on the tarpon springs, this is tarpon avenue at u.s. 19, we have an accident, injuries involved but not seeing significant delays but i'll keep an eye on it
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right now on news channel 8 today. 4 police officers shot in 4 states including one right here in florida. this morning one of the shooters is still run. >> a weekend of possible trump cabinet picks at the president elect's golf club in new jersey. more meetings happening today in new york city, the new names and positions they could fill coming up. >> and some holiday help for those in need. this is a live picture right now where many, many people are lining up hoping to get their hands on a free turkey today. again, they're all lining up right now. we're going to tell you where that's happening in just a few moments. well, good morning, and


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