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tv   News Ch8 Mid- Day at 11AM  NBC  November 21, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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>> yes. just in time for thanksgiving. you don't want to miss that. somebody is hungry already. >> the news is next. >> we'll see you next time. 4 officers shot in the last 24 hours, right now we're hearing at least 2 of those were >> a popular children's toy goes up in flames it's being taken off shelves right before the biggest shopping day of the year. >> and free turkey to say families in need. . >> good morning. >> thank you for joining us. we're going to head straight over to leigh spann for a look at your work week weather. >> the chilly air is all everyone can talk about. tampa our low temperature was 44 degrees, the last time we
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it's been many months but now with the sunshine we're starting to warm up. it's going to be a cool day. 64 in tampa, 68 in sarasota, still 59 in inverness. when you look at max defender 8 of course not finding any rainfall, in fact, it's extremely dry. we have some red flag warnings due to fire danger with how low the humidity is. the afternoon high today only 66 degrees, that compares to so in our headlines the last time we were below 70 for a high was march 21st. this is a cold day. warming quickly through the week. near 80 by thanksgiving and staying dry. 4 police officers shot in 24 hours in similar ambush style attacks. >> and one police officer did not survive. we're joined in the news center with the latest in this developing story.
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less than 24 hours ago a police detective was killed in his car just down the street from police headquarters. the detective was in his vehicle writing a ticket when another driver pulled up, got out and approached the detective's window. the suspect shot him twice in the head then took off. >> most families will be celebrating the holidays we'll be burying one of its own. >> now, in st. louis a veteran face. a vehicle pulled up next to his marked car and the sergeant thought he was being asked a question. instead he was shot at. the suspect in that attack was shot and killed this morning after again shooting at officers. near kansas city a police officer was shot after a passenger in a car that he pulled over got out and ran. then fired, that officer will be okay. and in florida officer cicone has been released from the hospital after he was shot in the shoulder.
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a traffic stop, a suspect there is in custody. and investigators in all of those shootings say someone -- or refer to them as targeted and unpre vehicled. we're awaiting a press conference right now out of texas and make sure you have the very latest details as we get them. also right now a tampa police officer is recovering after being hurt in a wrong way crash. we're told the driver was going the police officer as east kennedy boulevard. the air bags deployed in both vehicles. the driver was not injured. the officer did suffer minor injuries and should be okay. a man who robbed a clear water convenience store early this morning is still on the loose. we're told he implied he was armed when he demanded cash from the clerk. he left with that cash in an older model
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morning a riding toy is being blamed for this fire and now toys ru is pulling it from the shelves. it happened in washington just north of seattle. the couple was driving home after buying the tonka mighty wheels dump truck as a christmas gift for their grandson. >> sparks and smoke coming from inside the box like fire, like it was hot. i said we got to pull over, get out of start shooting. >> the couple called 911 and a trooper tried to put out the fire, but the flames were too intense. when the fire department finally put out the fire this is all that was left of their truck. no one was injured, but toys "r" us issued a statement saying it's not going to sell this toy truck right now until this incident is investigated. and we're waiting to hear more about a shooting outside a tampa bar. it happened
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then drove himself to the hospital. he's expected to be okay. police arrested the shooter but are not releasing an identity or details how this all unfolded. hillsborough county fire rescue is investigating a house fire. flames broke out early sunday morning on heart lane in tampa. you can see the fire caused quite a bit of damage there. officials call it a total loss. no one was hurt. and a fiery scene in north florida when a boat exploded. check out this pictu black smoke shooting from the boat in green cove springs. workers were on the boat when they heard a loud pop and saw the flames. they spread to several other vessels destroying them. 2 people suffered serious burns. investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire. well, today more meetings for president elect donald trump after several possible cabinet picks showed up in new jersey over the weekend. he is now
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the trump team is looking to fill 4,000 staff openings in the administration and more than a thousand of those require senate confirmation. this weekend the president elect held talks with former new york mayor, new jersey governor and former republican presidential nominee mitt romney. >> president elect was very grateful that governor mitt romney came in. they had a good meeting. i know he's secretary of state of the united states along with some other very distinguished americans. >> some already announced jeff sessions for attorney general and mike pompeo for cia director. retired army lieutenant general michael flynn has been tapped for national security advisor.
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environmentally sensitive areas before their time is up. u.s. officials are to announce a plan today to block new mining claim outside of yellowstone national park for at least 2 years. officials last week blocked new oil drilling, and cancelled oil and gas leases in western colorado and northwestern montana. also happening today the man accused of killing 9 black worshippers in south carolina has a federal court date. this will determine whether h the closed hearing for roof stems from a june 2015 shooting at a charleston south carolina church. the judge closed the hearing out of concern that information might taint the trial which had already begun. and now 8 is on your side with a turkey give away in tampa. one bay area law firm handed out thousands of birds to families in need. >> we show you how this event
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here in tampa bay but that didn't stop dozens of people from waiting in line for hours this morning to put a turkey on their thanksgiving table. the most important part of any table is the turkey, but it also happens to be one of the most expensive. >> the economy and everything the way things are we're trying to make an impact. >> the thousands of turkeys the law firm hands out each year provide meals for thousands of people who otherwise would not be able to afford them. families in need waited in line pick up a bird including juan who was there bright and early. >> i've been waiting for several hours, since 4:00. i'm giving this to a family. i'm by myself so i'm giving it to a family of 8. so i hope it's a big turkey. >> but the goodwill doesn't stop here in tampa bay. in all the firm will give out more than 3,000 turkeys at their locations in orlando and jacksonville. >> our heart is to be a
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know, tampa bay area and just say thanks. >> this is the 8th year in a row that the firm has given away turkeys. . >> a lot of people are going to be traveling this holiday weekend. >> they sure are. one company is offering inexpene . we'll show you how that works coming up. >> also forced today battle the va for a he's married. >> an some economic experts believe black friday is losing its lister and even suggesting changing the name to gray friday. . >> it wasn't gray but maybe a little frosty this morning in riverview. we had this picture sent to us by amber taken by her son. it was definitely cold enough to have some frost on
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. midnight last night i know we were probably sleeping you may have watched the american music awards. >> i was watching football some of my favorite sunday shows. >> that's when picture in picture comes in handy. >> we seen some highlights coming out of it. >> yeah, take a look in fact. first all sort of entertainers performed. we had drake took home the award. there was the big winner of the night that's ariana grande. and she is grande isn't she? she took top prize artist of the year.
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saturday night live and she can sing in all these people's voices. she grew up as an actress too. >> for my country music fans florida georgia line won an award. >> i like them. you know a lot of us were probably snuggled watching that. the temperature dropped significantly last night. >> open up the window get the cold air. >> i cranked up the heat. >> no air-conditioner required. >> we're starting to warmp. humidity is 27%. it's extremely dry. meaning not only obviously we're not going to see any cloud cover associated with this, but you might actually need some extra lotion on your hand or chap stick because it's really dry air. here's a look on crystal river clear skies there. max defender 8 is proving the fact that as we scan skies this morning still not finding anything as far as any rainfall
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the rest of your thanksgiving week which is really good news. a know a lot of people are off of work out of school, got a lot of things to do before the big day on thursday. dry air sunny 65 at 1 p.m. by 3 p.m. still below average right around 67 degrees, nice, 59 at 7 p.m. and the temperature will start to drop quickly once sun sets again tonight. bartow still chilly at 57, now, yesterday was also a cool day. in fact today right now we're a little bit warmer than this time yesterday. that was not the case this morning. we started this morning much colder than yesterday morning but now tampa is about 5 degrees warmer than you were at 11:00 yesterday morning. it's also not as windy so more comfortable especially out in the sunshine, just that nice breeze from the northeast coming in at 5 to 10 miles per hour. across the country we're still dealing with the last
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exhausted but obviously down the southeastern united states it has been bone dry. coldest morning in months but now starting to warm up again. not even a cloud in the sky. a lighter breeze than yesterday. tomorrow morning is also going to be cool, a couple of degrees warmer than last night but still very chilly by our standards. it won't last long though as our winds come more from the east it's going to be a fast warm up. mid-70s by tomorrow afternoon. so wide temperature range from the morning to the tropical depression 16, yes, tropical -- hurricane season continues right on through november. right now it has winds of about 35 miles per hour but expected to strengthen to tropical storm otto, and maybe as it drifts closer to the coast of central america it may even briefly strengthen to a hurricane before crossing over central america and heading into the pacific. here's a look at the 8-day forecast, obviously
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no impact on us. i added a 10% rain chance in for saturday. not really banking on getting any rainfall from that. expecting to see nothing but sunshine, nice cool mornings, warm afternoons, thanksgiving day itself looks perfect. 62 for all the turkey trots and 80 in the afternoon. >> nice. . >> good time to bring up something that we see way too often those space heaters make your curtains, be safe out there. >> right. >> i know it's cold. . >> thank you. you're welcome. now, a target 8 investigation >> a veteran's struggle with the va drags on for 9 long years. a man facing serious health issues is asking the department of veterans affairs to get it right
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single but he's been married for more than 30 years for the last 9 of those years his pleas to set the record straight fell on deaf ears. . >> keith and debbie took a short stroll before he checked into the hospital for a heart procedure. >> i don't know what's happening. >> so keith is trying to tie up loose ends with the va. >> she can apply for my benefit if >> but one small snafu preventing that from happening. >> they got me down in a single status. >> he served in the air force in the '70s, they married in the '80s. he receives a small disability check for an injury. he's tried for 9 years to get the va to change his marital status. >> honestly when you call if you thank you for your service we're not going to do anything for you. >> he provided them with his
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>> they said her middle initial is not right. well, they made out the form? >> 5 months ago he asked a congressman for help. >> it's been you are get since i've got into this heart failure situation. >> he worries he's running out of time. >> they wait until you're dead so they don't have to worry about it. >> this sounds simple. >> this should have been like that. that should have been the easiest thing in the world. >> frustrated he contact target 8. i sent an morning asking the va to look into this. >> if it's taken me 9 years without me being here how long is it going to take my wife to apply for this benefit that she's titled to. >> on wednesday afternoon i heard back the issue has been resolved. keith hopes doctors resolve his heart problems so these strolls can continue. . . >> and keith has told steve he has not received official word
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he won't believe it until he sees it. >> if you have a problem you might want to have steve investigate for you. call our help line. and in consumer news this morning friday is supposed to kick off the big biggest shopping of the year but research is expect fewer to be out on black friday this year which means smaller crowds. experts say it's a few shades dier >> gray friday is a term that makes some sense. >> yes, of course marketing professor charles black friday shopping is losing its lister and other retail experts so is cyber monday this is because of sale extensions before and after the days themselves. this is driven by millennials who have different shopping habits. if you're traveling for
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on the highway and airlines are predicting their biggest travel season in history. the busiest travel days are usually wednesday and sunday. the best day to avoid crowds is by traveling on thanksgiving day. we'll get updates from the nation's airports coming up in our next half hour. and something to keep in mind if you are traveling over the thanksgiving weekend this wednesday allstate is offering road side rescues for just $2 through its good app and mobile website. you can download the app for free for merge emergencies, the app also allows you to connect with the service provider as they're on their way to rescue you. just 2 bucks. >> pretty neat. >> that's a deal >> absolutely. well, the nfl is hosting monday night football in an unusual venue tonight. >> also is mike evans standing behind his promise to respect the national anthem or not?
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. bucs wide receiver mike evans followed through on his promise to stand during the anthem. check out the picture that's the proof right there. evans standing at the his promise coming after he received lots of criticism for sitting during the national anthem at last sunday's game against the bears. at that time he explained his action was in protest of president elect donald trump's victory, 2 days later he apologized and promised to stand with his teammates and came through on that promise. well, evans and the rest of his teammates returned to tampa victorious.
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however the majority of the points came from aguo, he kicked 4 field goals. the bucs won, they are now 5 and 5 which puts them in second place in the nfc south behind the falcons. monday night football is going to look a little different. it's headed to mexico. tonight's game will be played in mexico city. it's the first time the nfl has held a regular season game south let's talk about nascar johnson entering some rare air. he just won his 7th championship. he's now tied with 2 other racers for the most in nascar history. you may have heard of them the king petty and afternoonhardt senior. back to football. look at attachment yep, wrong place wrong time. right there the minnesota viking defense took
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he might have been too focused on capturing the sound that he might not have been using his eyes. he did get shaken up, maybe a bloody nose and ended up working the rest of the game. >> and now he's got a great story to tell. coming up prep rations for the mace see's thanksgiving day parade. >> and a winter wonderland -- right -- that's not snow. we'll show you where all that white stuff came from coming up in next half hour. stick around. first a live look outside, beautiful downtown tampa. we're going to check in with leigh she's got all your temperatures from now leading up to thanksgiving and beyond.
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. right now on news channel 8 today at 11. >> 3 days until thanksgiving and severe weather kicks in just as holiday travel begins. >> a string of officers shot
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from 4 shootings in 3 different states [audio difficulty] . >> diamond interchange could improve drive time there. good morning. . >> thanks for joining us. check this out with thanksgiving [audio difficulty] getting served first taste of winter and the blast of snow and temperatures creating some dangerous conditions for drivers. [audio difficulty] force . . here it is 63 degrees north winds at 5 miles per hour but 22% humidity so some extremely dry air. when you look at max
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across the area. with that dry air all the sunshine we're warming up at 64 in tampa and plant city, 68 in sarasota, 62 right now in brooksville and this is a little warmer than this time yesterday anywhere from 2 to 5 degrees warmer than 11:30 yesterday afternoon. there's the big storm system that's been playing the northeast. slow to move out too. so thankfully we don't have to deal with that. today high of 68 degrees, tomorrow to 75 and 79 on wednesday and 80 on thanksgiving for the afternoon high. for the turkey trotters lots of runs going on in the the morning 61 degrees. lunch great 75 degrees. then for the big dinner clear skies right around 70 degrees, guys. all right. well the holiday rush has begun aaa expects 49
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we have our travel forecast from chicago illinois. . >> hey there here at chicago's airport steady crowd throughout. [audio difficulty] . take a look behind the tsa checkpoint you can see plenty of people but the line is moving. extra help for this holiday week. these crowds are only going to build as we go through week to aaa likely wednesday before the holiday, and sunday as people are trying to get back home after spending some time out on the road. most of the people who travel this holiday will be doing so by car. 43 million or so of the 49 million expected to travel. plan if you're going to travel make sure that you add in a little extra time. getting here before your flight, tsa says 2 to 2 and a half hours,
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road as well. if you want to avoid the crowds the best day to travel according to experts is the holiday thursday, but to me, i'm going to need a little rest after having turkey that day. that is the latest on the holiday travel as we begin this week. now, back to you. . >> well, we checked tampa's international web page right before news time and did not find any flights that were you there. violence against police officers. >> 4 officers shot including here in florida. we're told [audio difficulty]
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. rushed to the hospital where he was treated and released. police have arrested the driver after a shoot out.
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well pretty soon forecasting snow rain hurricanes and much more is going to get easier thanks to think. over the weekend the goes-r satellite blast off into space. it is the most advanced weather satellite ever created. >> yeah we're going to be getting images 4 times better resolution than the current generation at about 5 times the speed. in the first 6 months it will than all previous satellites combined over the last 41 years. >> for the entire world to tap into you know, it's -- one of the things that we're going to be most excite about is it's estimation of the strength of hurricanes way out in the ocean before we can -- you know, too far out to send a hurricane hunter we have to use satellite. this is going to be significantly better as estimating the strength of the hurricane before it gets close
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>> yes, once it gets close enough to land where they can get there and back. it hasn't come online yet but the satellite is heading up to space. >> that's cool. >> love it. we have our own toy here of course max defender 8, right. that's ground based so it's built on the ground. earlier this year they're sweeping around max defender 8 not finding any rainfall, we're not finding any clouds, we're atmosphere. you may notice that your skin feels dry or ladies probably a little static in your hair this morning because we have extremely low humidity. not something we get to say often. a little bit of a wave action there with that wind at 14 miles per hour. still only 62 look at that 25% humidity. so at 1:00 today very dry air, very sunny, 65. we'll make it to about 68 degrees at
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significantly below the average of 77. and after that the temperatures start dropping again, we go down to 59 degrees by 7 p.m. brooksville you're at 62 degrees right now. a little warmer in seabring the first one to hit 70 degrees today. 61 in st. pete and clear water. now, the dew points give us a good gage of how dry things are. once we bring them down into the 20s and 30s and have a breeze we also have effect right now for pinellas, manatee and sarasota counties through 7 p.m. several unsafe to be burning anything because the air is dry, the ground is dry and the breeze may continue to move that around and possibly spread that fire. so just a heads up there about the red flag warning. otherwise it's dry across the south east. we have a storm system sort of beginning to develop back across the rocky mountains but still
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northeast including lake effect snow the first big storm of the season conveniently enough right around the holiday time. so this won't affect any holiday travel. the one that's developing outbest may impact a lot of people's travel. for us barely anything changes we'll see a nice warm up over the next few days but notice here tomorrow this storm system starts to head to the west an during the day on wednesday which is that heavily traveled day from chicago all the way do you know to louisiana we could now, this cold front actually never really pushes through here, so our local forecast doesn't change a whole lot. we see that gradual increase 234 temperatures to about 80, 81 on thanks and black friday. we simple a little bit of cooler air. highs in the upper 70s for the weekend. 10% rain chance. here the weather looks pretty gt west, midwest and the
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be about the worse travel day. >> if you're staying here locally i know you ladies like to plan ahead the fashion forecast just a light sweater. it's not going to be all that cool. >> if you're going out to the turkey trots and things like that you may need long sleeves in the morning after that all short sleeves and shorts. >> nice. beach weather. well, a safety alert this morning involving dip that is could be contaminated sabra company shalling some of its dips and spread with the boat before day through january 23rd of 2017. it can cause serious and sometimes fatal infections in young children, the elderly or those with weakened immune systems. apple is offering free replacement batteries to some iphone 6s plus users whose phones shut down for no reason.
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devices made between september and october of 2015 are affected. apple says it's no the a safety issue. and facebook is expanding to expand its workforce in london. they plan to hire 500 more workers and already employees a thousand people there. facebook is not the only company expanding to london. google announced it's moving ahead with a new building there. now, an 8 forget all day playing golf or spending time with the grandkids the workforce is ageing and not enough money to go around but residents are still figuring out how to enjoy their golden years. >> i'm working a job i executive to be able to work for a very long time. i did that deliberately. >> lynn's reality is one faced by many americans the finish
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the u.s. bureau of labor statistics report 20% of americans 65 and older are working and projected to increase in the coming years. today's retirement looks different than your grandparents. >> in the shock of i didn't save enough money is the opportunity of how can i make money but do it in a way that has meaning and purpose for me. >> encore tampa bay helps people prepare for and succeed in this new retirement and says boo business. but believes companies should also adapt. >> could the organization think differently about keeping them on a part-time basis or a contract base. >> she believes older americans can enjoy their grandkids and leisure activities if they explore flexible opportunities but what about younger americans? >> my kids who are young they're in their 20s, tell them start saving early and hope for the
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>> however many are getting it right. >> yes, they need to save money but it's about purpose and looking for different opportunities along the way which we didn't do as boomers. . >> seems like the younger folks now are learning from their grandparents's mistakes and try too plan better for the future. in case you want to plan right now they're hosting a retirement planning event in the next couple weeks. well, have you ever wanted to ride a camel through the desert. >> now, you don't have to go overseas to do it. >> then look at this little guy. so cute it's called a buggle. we'll show you more on what this
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well, a strange site in southern california, this looks like snow, it is not it is the white foam that firefighters use at the airport to fight fires. it invaded the streets when something tripped the fire alarm system. it took a while to clean up this mess. >> there's a guy going through it in a bicycle. all right 14 camels tends to bring out curiosity in people but then that's what this new business this is a camel safari, it's guided desert tours in the u.s. from the back of a 7-foot giant. >> this is where they came from is north america. people always ask do they spit? and the answer is if you provoke anything enough it will spit on you. >> that's funny. >> they insist they're more
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the tour offers both one and 2 hutched cam mess. we're about to show you one of cutest things i've seen. >> this is a baby, it's called a puggle. there are 3 of them at the zoo in australia right now. these are the first to hatch at the zoo in nearly 30 years. eventually they will begin to particular spines but for now little round puggles. >> kind of like a hedge hog. >> yes, i was thinking that too. >> they have a dog breed that's a mix called a puggle. >> that is not that. so that is an actual puggle. >> all right. we're out of time. see you at 4.
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