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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  November 21, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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>> ellen: anyway. . now, 4 headlines at 4:00, number one in custody a man accused of shooting and injuring a police officer. >> a killed in texas, and another fighting for his life in st. louis. >> number 3, a robber still on the loose after holding up a clear water speedway. >> and number 4, police are looking for the driver of a car that hit and injured a child. and we have big news from the vatican today concerning abortion. the pope has given atlanta lick parish priests the
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reaforms the belief that it is a grave sin. the policy is a continuation of his year of mercy which ended sunday. before that only bishops were allowed to absolve. as red tied continues to spread across the tampa bay area a scientist may have unlocked a clue how it is created. the doctor has discovered local rivers could be to blame. he gulf of mexico. he's conducting ground breaking research to combat red tide. and now your first at 4 weather. >> and we are still dealing with red tide in some parts of the tampa bay area. here's the currently view though not a lot of folks out on the water today because it is chilly out at st. pete beach only 63 degrees this afternoon. had to bundle up this morning with temperatures in the 30s and 40s area wide. winds coming in now a little bit
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per hour and in another 61 degrees this afternoon. so we're dealing with temperatures that are well below average for this time of the year. you can see at this point a lot of 60s still on the map at 68 in bradenton, 68 in lakeland, 64 in inverness and brooksville up to 70 in plant city. let's take a look at max defender 8 radar we are not tracking currently anything, another dry afternoon, would love to seeing that for the rest of this evening. so temperatures in the upper 50s for the most part dropping back with a clear sky, winds coming in out of the northwest between 5 to 10 piles per hour. when you wake up tomorrow morning expect more sunshine and definitely going to have jacket weather with temperatures just maybe a little bit warmer than it was this morning, in tampa we should be seeing temperatures dropping back into the upper 40s, and overalthough our temperatures by the afternoon hours will be
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this week. we'll have a full look at your forecast coming up in a few minutes. ten years ago florida voters took a stand against tobacco at the polls and a decade of tobacco free florida is paying off. >> 21% of adults in the state were smoking in 2006, nearly 11% of the children ages 11 to 17 were also puffing on cigarettes. that's when floris free florida. it allowed money from big settlements to be used to create tobacco flee florida education and prevention programs and the department of health says it's working. >> the youth smoking rate has gone down 71% since that time. we've seen the adult smoking rate go down to 15.8 percent which is the lowest it's ever been. >> nearly 7,400 people are still
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florida, a number they'd like to see go down to zero. still ahead . >> are you ready to retire? well, maybe so but do you have enough saved, we'll help you deal with some of those questions coming up. >> plus who doesn't like a good action film, lots of noise is what makes movies exciting. now, some doctors say it may be too much of a good thing when
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hey! a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes...
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there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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. now, your consumer watch first at 4 block friday deals with coming up this week but buyer be wear. some stores raise the price before marking them down for black friday. the online website nerdwallet has done a study that shows there
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were lower on black friday but the thing that we tailers do is play pricing tricks with you so they might make the percentage appear larger than it really is. >> and there are web sites that track pricing. track pricing on items so you know when it's really on sale and really a bargain before you go shopping. forget spending all day playing golf or baby-sitting the grandkids. retirement isn't the workforce is ageing and there isn't enough money to go around. we show you how bay area residents are figuring out how they can enjoy their golden years. >> i'm working a job now that i expect to work for a long time. >> lynn's reality is one faced by millions. the finish line is moving farther away despite 401(k) and social security contributions. the u.s. bureau
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nearly 20% of americans 65 and older are working, and that's projected to increase in the coming years. today's retirement looks different than your grandparents. >> in the shock of i didn't save enough money is the opportunity of how can i make money but do it in a way that has meaning and purpose for me. >> encore tampa bay helps people prepare for and succeed in this new retirement. she says baby boomers are turning a business but believes company should also adapt. >> could the organization think different about keeping them on on a part-time basis or a contract basis. >> she believes older americans can enjoy their grandkids and leisure activities if they explore flexible opportunities. but what about younger americans? >> my kids who are young they're in their 20s tell them start saving early and hope for the best and i don't know. it's all very unconcern.
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millennials are already getting it right. >> yes, they need to save money but it's about purpose and looking for different opportunities along the way which we didn't do as boomers. >> well, living under our beautiful florida palm trees has long been retirement dream but as experts tell us planning on saving and be flexible. >> looking for something different to give this holiday a shoe brand is turning footwear into an artor retailer called bucket feet specializes in art design shoes. they collaborated with artists to design cause casual shoes. now, max defender 8 the world's most powerful radar and your storm team 8 forecast . >> and taking a look outside this afternoon, beautiful blue skies again we are not tracking
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and some chilly temperatures you definitely needed the jacket heading out this morning and still cool sitting at 67 degrees in brandon. winds coming in out of the north between 5 to 10 miles per hour but this is nothing compared to what our friends up north are dealing with. we have video to show you where it's snowing in other parts of the country upstate new york has been reporting some heavy accumulations and further south parts of connecticut are reporting more than a foot of snow between sunday and this afternoon. even fallen off the trees yet and already dealing with that. so winter has officially arrived for many folks. for us here in the area cooler weather but we didn't see rain with this front and not tracking any showers or storms this afternoon. with our live sweep we've got nothing to show you because it's another quiet one and expecting to stay that way all the way through the overnight hours. at 11 p.m. we're back down into the mid-50s already appeared in st. pete tonight temperatures are going
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so starting off the day tomorrow expect plenty of sunshine to begin with but yes you'll definitely want to grab a jacket heading out the door. by lunch we'll start to warm up and top out in the mid-70s tomorrow afternoon. so high pressure in place this is going to keep us quiet through the overnight hours tonight, skies will stay clear, but the temperatures with clear skies and fairly light winds means we're going to drop back very quickly. to start the day off tomorrow expect 30s and this morning we were 29 in brooksville. so yes, they made it below freezing. tomorrow afternoon mostly sunny skies getting a little bit warmer with that northeasterly flow. we start to see temperatures reaching back up into the mid-70s, by wednesday we could be dealing with a little bit of patchy fog to start the day. mild temperatures and into the afternoon hours with a more southeasterly flow we'll see a mix of sun and clouds and temperatures back up close to
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course thanksgiving right around the corner ready or not. it will be here before you know it. thursday 81 degrees, comfortable into the afternoon, great football weather to work off some of that turkey. one thing to keep in mind though if you're traveling thanksgiving morning we are expecting to see some fog around. so keep that in mind. may even want to leave a few minutes earlier because it could potentialing be widespread. rain chancing are out of the picture the next few days. it's going to stay mostly dry, afternoon. so we'll be seeing more blue skies and sunshine. we have some activity though in the tropics, tropical storm otto formed in the southern caribbean. this is not going to impact florida but potentially could become a hurricane later this week as it moves through central america. maybe thanksgiving time the season runs until november 30th. for us we're left with dry weather all the way through the end of this week.
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bit as we head through the weekend. we have some breaking traffic news right now northbound lanes of exhausted 75 closed in brandon because of a crash. you're kind of seeing it there, it's a little difficult to see, but the traffic is at a standstill right now you're looking at i-75 we'll keep tracking this breaking traffic news and bring you updates as we get them. and a warning before you head to the movies the volume in a theater could be damg . we went to find out how loud your favorite films may be. . >> explosions, adventure big thrills at the movies. but according to the american hearing research foundation movies among other
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premature hearing reduction. >> safe listening levels are something like we're doing now having a conversation. >> so 85 is that safe limit. >> 85 is where you want to stay below. >> what happens if you go over 85. >> then you start to hit into the range where you could potentially cause some damage. >> so how loud do movies really get to find out we went out and bought this sound level meter and i'm going to go inside this theater and watch some movies. remember experts say you never want to see a 85 decibels. let's go. >> one ticket, please. first up magnificent 7. , a western with lots of gunfire. it doesn't take long, # 3 point 93.7, over the limit and keeps climbing. >> this gun fight is intense we're up at 97.2 right now. >> when i go see state of new
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the sound stays under 85 for most of the movie. but then . >> look at this it just hit a 9 # .3, way over the 85 numbers that's considered safe. this is just a kid movie. we obviously don't go to the movie every day we go in support spurts, how dangerous is this. >> if you're reaching over 100 for minutes at a time seconds at a time you could be into that range where you could getim >> and we found those levels in this next movie deep water horizon packed with big blasts of destruction. the movie just got really loud and look what we have on our meter, 101. when the action really picks up there are explosions happening right now. 104.9. >> why is this happening? according to an industry group there are standards for how movies are made and delivered to the theaters but it's up to each
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the national association of theater owners telling nbc news as in life certain sounds in different movies will spike. and movies don't exceed 85 decibels on a a consistent basis. they say complaint are rare and infrequent. >> if you leave and your ears are ringing that's a sign that you could have some damage from the loud noise. . >> and by the way as you head into the movies you can try this use inside the theater for your own little test. well, when you look like someone in your family you might hear you have your mother's eyes or dad's nose. well a mother and daughter found out they have each other's hair. >> matching birth marks that leave a white streak. we discovered a family in north carolina takes the cake. they found out that they have 9 generations of this birth mark.
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yeah, we got the gray streak. >> and rhonda about her family's history with the birth mark. you better get ready to sit down for a while. it goes as far back as the 1800s, 9 generations later it's no longer a surprise more like a tradition. >> people just look and say oh, she has it too. even in our eyebrows. it's -- almost like a story you know, people want to hear about it, where did it start, how far does it >> and how long will it continue? it's a question the entire family asked a few weeks ago as they waited for the newest addition to the family and of course baby alea born with that all too family white streak. >> i love it and i love that my grandkids have it and i love the place that it's in because it is it's outstanding and unique and i hope that they're able to embrace it as i have. >> like all good grandmothers
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about whenever there's a chance. white streaks worn loud and proud like a badge of honor. >> that's a sign of good luck. okay. bring it on. so this -- these are my good luck packages. >> as the family grows and more of these good luck packages are brought into this world they're sure to be a lot more attention. >> i'm expecting the stares but it's a good thing we'll just talk about it. . >> that is -- i've never seen hi >> me neither. >> well, sunday night's american music awards featured a flock of great purchaseses. >> and a lot of memorable moments as well. we have the highlights in the hollywood minute. . >> the 2016 american music awards included a taste of the '80s as sting received the award of merit and prince's sister accepted the favorite sound track award for purple rain. >> we'll keep this for you.
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. >> ariana grande brought the house down before they took the top prize of the night artist of the year. >> i hope whatever i create in my life that i hope you feel a little bit of light and i hope that i can bring joy to you and make you feel unified and happy. and i love you. >> but the winner who left everyone talk was gomez. >> i had to stop be and i was absolutely broken inside. and i have to say thank you so much to my fans because you guys are so loyal and i don't know what i did to deserve you. but if you are broken you do not have to stay broken. >> well, it has been a constant parade through president elect donald trump's front door. >> famous faces have been
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coming up we're going to give you a rundown of who he's interviewing for his administration. >> then the bucs even up their record with another surprise from the sidelines this sunday. we'll show you what we mean coming up. >> and you can get developmentings on all of today's biggest stories on our prime time newscast on great 38
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. now, let's check in on your first at 4 sports, a big win for the bucs on sunday. >> wide receiver mike evans followed through on his promise to stand during the national anthem. this is a picture from the sidelines in kansas city yesterday. last week he took a lot of heat for sitting during the anthem to protest the outcome of the presidential election.
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goal in the 4th quarter down 12-10, home team was a 70% favorite to win that game until conte flipped the script. . >> it felt like their luck was about to run out up 12-10 in the 4th quarter the bucs had just surrendered a 44-yard pass the chiefs were about to take the lead. >> how big was the play now that you've had a in? >> i was just doing my job and i was just patient on that play, and it's a play that we've seen before and practiced so i was ready for it. >> we were on the sidelines like that's game biggest play of the game i felt like. blessed to have this group of guys man. >> they're gaining momentum and i comes in and returns the ball. >> it wasn't just the interception that shaped the day. the bucs offense took the field without a touchdown so far
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game was put out of reach. the drive which began at mid-field including 3, 3rd down conversions the what one a touchdown pass. >> it was getting there getting down to the red zone couldn't convert and finally did. and i don't know if it was a game swing or not but i believe it was. >> how many times have you seen allen score on that play in practice? >> never. so it was good that we threw it to him because i mean he is the true hard work pays off. >> that's how you win football games, defense comes up with a turn over you've got to execute and the offense took it upon ourselves to go down there and get a touchdown. >> 10 point turn around right there because they were going to at least get a field goal. as a single individual play that was the play of the game. >> a swing in a span of 5 minutes 54 seconds ending in
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. >> and this coming sunday the bucs play host to the seahawks here. >> it will be a big game. looking forward to that.
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. all around the country investigators are trying to sort out unrelated but similar shootings targeting police officers. an officer was killed in texas and 2 others injured in st. louis and in lee county. >> number 2, but red tide is still spreading across the area one scientist believes that iron in local rivers may be to blame. >> number 3, pope francis extends a rule he adopted a year ago. priests will still be allowed to forgive who had abortions. >> and these cute cubs need names. the giant panda females were born in september, they'll be named on the 100th day of
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the zoo has 7 sets of names with their meanings posted online so you can check out your choices and cast a vote. back to that breaking traffic news we told you about in the last half hour northbound lanes of i-75 back open near state road 60. here a look. you can see the slow moving trae . we're trying to learn a little bit more about the crash that started this whole problem. so the good news is the lanes are opening. updates as soon as we get them. if you have friends or family living up north you've probably already heard about all the snow that's falling. >> it is really starting to accumulate there. . >> reporter: this storm continues to make its way east. here in syracuse new york the snow has been falling since yesterday afternoon and it's going to continue to fall
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with thanksgiving just 3 days away the northeast getting served its first taste of winter. the blast of snow and temperatures created dangerous driving conditions at the start of one of the busiest travel weeks of the year. overnight more snow in upstate new york where some areas could see up to 20 inches by tomorrow. in watertown the temperature dropping 40 degrees in 24 hours >> it was 6 yesterday and now it's freezing. >> and from new england to virginia wind chill temperatures in the teens and single digits. the deadly winter storm advancing east after blanketing the rookies and much of the midwest. in minnesota 3 weather related deaths and in parts of michigan powerful wind gusts up to nearly 80 miles per hour toppling trees and leaving some residents without power. >> a heck of a windstorm and just come through and took stuff out. >> as we begin the start of a
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this part of the country. we're keeping an eye on flight delays but the road are the serious concern right now very slick as the snow continues throughout the evening. we're starting to get an idea of who is being considered for top spots in the trump administration. president elect donald trump interviewed more than a dozen candidates at his new jersey golf weekend including former massachusetts governor and republican nominee mitt romney, chris christie, kansas secretary of state kobak and james madis. is there is word that former texas governor rick perry was scheduled to meet with trump today amid speculation he may be considered as the secretary for the department of energy. he's a one time rival of trump's during the presidential campaign.
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period of the year but some experts are saying black friday is losing its color. . a possible upside smaller crowds than years past but black friday is definitely a few shades different than it used to be. experts believe the change is driven largely by millennials who have different shopping habits. and now 8 is on your side with a turkey give away in tampa. one bay area law firm nd families in need. >> we show you how this event spreads cheer to the community. . >> well, it was a very chilly morning here in tampa bay but that didn't stop dozens of people from waiting in line for hours this morning to put a turkey on their thanksgiving table. the most important part of any thanksgiving table is the turkey but it happens to be one of the most expensive. >> the economy and everything the way things are we're trying to make an impact.
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provides meals for thousands of people. families in need waited in line for hours to stop by the farm to pick up a bird including juan. >> i've been waiting here for self hours since 4:00 i'm giving this to a family, i'm by myself so i'm giving it to a family over 8. so i hope it's a big turkey. >> but the goodwill doesn't stop here in tampa bay. in all the firm will give out more than 3,000 turkeys at their locations. . >> our heart is to be a blessing, and to be able to touch all people throughout the, you know, tampa bay area and just say thanks. >> this is the 8th year in a row that the firm has given away turkeys. right now kanye west as cancelled the rest of his tour according to a statement from a representative. the award
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without any explanation, and in saturday he showed up 90 minutes late to his show and left after 30 minutes and went on about a tirade about beyonce, and the radio industry and mtv. tickets for the cancelled shows will be refunded at the point of purchase. one of america's smallest states will have the largest band in this year's thanksgiving washington d.c. to practice for the first time. each member is a part of a smaller band. and big happenings on the voice tonight. let's go to hollywood. >> reporter: we're here outside stage 12 and the artist's at the particular time as they're getting ready for the big show tonight the top 11 taking the stage. as the season goes on the steaks are getting higher and so is production value with more
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their song choice as they hope to impress america and win a shot to continue on the show. some of the more interesting choices you'll see tonight sun dance from team blake singing an key's tune frontrunner gilman will be belting out adelle. by the way, dolly herself wille tomorrow one artist goes home and we'll see a special performance by previous winner smith. he will be singing a christmas tune selected by you the viewers at home on amazon. all of that and more tonight right here on the voice. the competition has been very tough this season but fun to watch. the voice airs tonight at 8 on news channel 8.
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a sue nominee warning is in place in japan because of an earthquake. a 7.3 magnitude quake hit a half an hour ago near the same area where a nuclear power plant was destroyed back in 2011. now, it's time for tomorrow's weather and traffic today on the 8s. . >> hello, i hope your enjoying your afternoon. i want to talk about road work that's going on could affect your drive. portions of northbound between began dee and bay to bay. this kicks off tomorrow morning. it will be from 9 a.m. through 4 p.m. and will last through wednesday. also a lot of businesses in that area that tends to get a bit congested. we've got something that kicks off tonight and into tomorrow morning overnight road work and you're going to see closures
4:39 pm
until 4 a.m. tomorrow morning. what they're doing is they're doing some repair work on the manhole in the area. so you want to keep that in mind. that's a look at what's going on tomorrow morning with traffic. what about weather? >> it was so cold this morning. we're going to have another chilly start to the day tomorrow too. clear skies but temperatures in the mid to upper 40s that's still 10 degrees below average. so we'll look forward to seeing you on news channel 8 today tomorrow. >> and you can catch them every appear traffic on the 8s starting at 4:30 a.m. still ahead. >> well, it's your baby like you've never seen before, a new 3d model shows parents their babies in a whole new light. >> today i'm checking up on a business owner who told me he sent a check to pay off an rv for a client. that was a month ago so i'm wondering was it lost in the mail?
4:40 pm
but it's florida's first diverging diamond interchange and if the contractor finishes this by july they'll get an extra $5 million that you paid for. >> a 12-year old boy in the hospital after he was hit right here in this roadway coming up the plea from his parents for
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. welcome back. time for today's send it to stacy. >> this is where we feature your pictures on tv starting with this shot sent in by mark. he shared the start to the morning with me saying we hope -- he hopes we enjoy the sunrise picture. >> beautiful. >> and a brisk sunrise it was. mark titled this shot caught in florida's web even with the chill. it felt like that this
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a lot of love on my facebook page it's captioned i'm cold give me a blanket and who didn't feel that way this morning. >> it was chilly. >> and finally one of our former inn tons sent me this picture. i personally want to know what's so interesting inside that garbage can because they're flocking to it. the answer remains a mystery unless you can you can send it to stacie by tweeting or share them with me on my facebook page. now, max defender 8 the world's most powerful radar and your storm team 8 forecast. . >> and it's definitely been a chilly forecast for today. and as you head into tomorrow morning as you step out the door expect it to be almost as cold. so jackets a must again in the morning temperatures expected to
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much widespread again. we are going to track our next weak front into the area but not until saturday so we'll gradually warm up until then. not expecting rain and just a slight cool off behind it. and if you've been looking forward to some rain well it's going to be a while at least until the beginning of next week where we see any chance of maybe some precipitation moving through. so dry forecast will continue for us. 9 p.m. tonight 55 degrees so temperatures are and that's the formula for cool temperatures. when you wake up tomorrow morning in downtown tampa 48 degrees to start the day, a crisp feel to the air for sure but it will get warmer into the afternoon hours. we're back up into the mid-70s tomorrow afternoon. still looking at beautiful blue skies and more sunshine out there. max defender 8 there's the live sweep and we're showing more clear conditions not tracking any showers or any storms in the
4:46 pm
just blue skies and here the view, 61 degrees, definitely still chilly even this afternoon winds coming in out of the northwest fairly light at about 5 miles per hour. so temperatures still sitting at 59 in clearwater most places reaching into the 60s, 68 in tampa, 64 in brooksville and in some spots this morning you may have seen a little bit of frost. we did have some of that. amber sent thi little bit of frost this morning. low temperatures tonight slightly warmer than last night but still on the chilly side. 49 tomorrow morning in clearwater, 41 in temple terrace 46 tomorrow morning in apollo beach, 39 in brandon, 35 tomorrow morning in brooksville 44 in north port. temperatures going to be chilly once again. evening hours tonight our skies will stay
4:47 pm
very quickly. that's why we'll be so chilly tomorrow morning. tomorrow afternoon we warm up more expect sunshine through the day and comfortable temperatures in the mid-70s for tuesday afternoon. wednesday a little bit more clouds around maybe even some fog to start the day and we'll see partly cloudy skies into the afternoon hours but we'll keep our rain chances at less than 10% for wednesday afternoon. and notice our temperature trend the next few days we're looking at a warming trend so by thanksgiving our temperatures actually back up into the low 80s for you. it's g well. so whatever you have planned for thanksgiving it's looking good. the only word of caution we're expecting to see some fog around possibly on thanksgiving morning. so keep that in mind and our weak front this weekend cools us down slightly but a nice trend and i think the last couple of days a little bit of cool always a nice change. >> feels good. >> got some use out of the boots. well, a group of students in south carolina have found a wait
4:48 pm
scorching situations. students in the area made the firefighters thank you cards and wrote words of encouragement to keep them in good spirits. crews say they're appreciative of the positive gesture and read the cards before they go out and start the day.
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millions of americans will take to the skies and highways this thanksgiving weekend. we have latest on holid country. . >> it's thanksgiving week and you plan to get away visit family go somewhere fun. >> this is our first time doing this the whole family we just going to try something new every year so we're trying vegas this year. >> turns out more have the travel bug. experts say it's thanks to the economy. >> we're heading into the tail end of the year we see improvements, we see job growth
4:52 pm
gaining more confidence and spending more. >> another big contributor cheap gas, aaa predicts the afternoon trip more than 50 miles away from home and roughly 90% will be hitting the roads. >> you see that americans have saved upwards of $28 million so far this year on gasoline and they're putting that extra money into their pockets and particular taking themen a trip with their family that's why travelers we spoke to say they planned a longer trip. >> because i'm trying to get the pretty much the more bang for our bucks. >> flying doesn't mean you'll get there faster, on top of unexpected plane or weather delays the tsa warns to plan for tougher screening measures and long lines at checkpoints. >> give yourself time. pack appropriately make sure you really double-check things.
4:53 pm
your patience and when you get to your destination you'll be ready to give thanks. and good news for people traveling to the northeast later this week that storm is expected to pass by wednesday and if you're planning a road trip you may want to check your car in advance because aaa says that they are expecting to rescue more than 370,000 people on the roads this thanksgiving on their way to grandma's house. and in medical news medical unique view of babies before they're born. doctors used virtual reality combined with 3d models to give doctors and parents a better visual of the unborn child. images such as the womb, cord, and fetus can be seen experts say the technology will help in assessing an nor mall lit tees. >> and new evidence cases of dementia may be declining.
4:54 pm
tell us in the year 2000 and 2012. the previous lance fell from 11.6% in 2000 to 8.8% in 2012 and the reason older adults in the 2012 group have more education than the others and advances in treating heart risks could also have played a role. now, if you want to quit smoking scientists say the best motivation mighte those who wanted to save money were still successful one year after quitting. coming up sure wouldn't want to come face-to-face with them in the woods. >> but they almost look cute doing what they're doing. we'll show you where why this video
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hits take a look what's trending online today. >> beginning with a performance from over the weekend. the cold open from saturday night live is taking a big tour on social me president-elect donald trump as he meets with potential cabinet nominees including jason he day kiss as mitt romney. it showed him struggling with some of his campaign promises. >> the cell phone video that catches rapper kanye west cuss riddled ran about trump election is trending. the spectacle happened at a concert in san jose. they booed and heckleed west
4:59 pm
instead of talking. then there's this. >> . >> that will bring s a a smile to your face. dancing grizzlies. they hope to catch some of the bears on wildlife cameras. when they do what they do best they scratch then these guys he it to music making oh, so entertaining. see what's trending yo we have much more news coming your way. news channel 8 at 5:00 with jen and keith starts right now. >> a day of play ends in a bed of pain. a driver hits a child and takes off. tonight hear his parents pleas for help. >> four officers shot in 12 hours. what's behind this dangerous and deadly day for law enforcement. >> she was told the check is
5:00 pm
sold, but that was weeks ago. better call ben kin in search of answers and the money. >> thank you for joining us tonight. two tampa parents are pleading for help after their son was hit by a car and the driver left the scene. 12-year-old darryle ortega has been in the hospital for five days now. the driver though still hasn't turned up. candice mccown joins us at is recovering. how is he doing tonight? >>reporter: >> he didn't get off -- he hit me then he ran. >>reporter: darryle ortega doesn't remember seeing or hearing a car but he has the wounds to remind it. >> my leg was hurting, arm still hurting but it's getting barrel betts.


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