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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  November 22, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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right now on news channel 8 today. >> a deadly bus crash leaves 5 elementary school students dead and dozens injured. parents and police areoo this morning and now the school bus driver faces homicide charges. >> also parents seeking justice for their little boy after the boy was critically hurt by a hit and run driver. this morning tampa police need your help to track down the person who did it. >> plus we're cold again this morning. leigh spann will tell us how long this chill in the area will stick around. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> it's chilly now, but things are warming up unfortunately in
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let's check in with leigh. >> you got your 36 hours, the rest of us will enjoy the nice warm afternoon today. 32 in brooksville, so yes, it is cold out there. 34 in zephyrhills, a little milder near the coast where it's 48 in sarasota and everybody is pretty close to where they were yesterday. brooksville is a degree cooler, lakeland a couple degrees warmer, tampa a couple of degrees warmer so it feels a lot like it did yesterday including max there's no rainfall, very low humidity. that sunshine warms us up so quickly. 70 at noon, afternoon highs in the mid-70s today with lots of sunshine. so then you're in short sleeves but 5:38 i'm tracking tropical storm otto, got to know where that's headed. good drive, nice traffic heading out on the roadways right now. the reason you see some red down there on u.s. 41
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just a lot of lights to go through and maybe a little work on the side of the roadway but overall a good drive and in palm harbor on u.s. 19. let's take a look at i-75 wonderful drive through bradenton and sarasota, no delays and here's 275 right around hillsborough avenue, things are looking good. that's a look at weather and traffic. new information this morning about a tragic bus accident that killed 5 elementary school students and when they put their child on the bus each and every morning that the driver won't keep their kids safe. we're joined now in the news center. the school bus driver is now charged in the death of those kids. >> yeah, that's right. the driver is charged with 5 counts of vehicular homicide as well as reckless driving, and reckless endangerment and more charges are pending. . >> school bus flipped off the
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>> that call went out around 3:30 monday afternoon. the bus was carrying 35 children ranging from kindergarten through 5th grade. 5 children died at the scene. more than 20 children were rushed to the hospital some of them in grave condition. . >> taking care of the children that are injured is our number one priority, taking care of families who are looking for caring for and grieving for childrens investigating this incident is our third. >> 24-year old walker is the school bus driver charged this morning. investigators have obtained a warrant to remove the black box from the bus as they try to determine exactly what caused the tragedy. they say at the very at least speed is a factor. walker is in jail this morning and again additional charges could be added. the ntsb will be onsite this
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update. right now 2 tampa parents are pleading for help after their son was hit by a car and the driver left the scene. the 12-year old has been in the hospital for almost a week and the driver still hasn't turned up. we're joined now live at tampa general hospital where the 6th grader is recovering. so how is he doing this morning? >> reporter: well, he is still healing here at tampa general hospital, but doctors say that it could be months before this little again. no they'll spend thanksgiving week in the hospital after he was hit on thursday along hannah avenue. he was playing outside with a friend when a car hit him from behind. he says that he doesn't remember hearing or seeing that car but witnesses said he pushed his friend out of the way. while his parents are by his side they haven't forgotten the person who put him here in the hospital. >> i'm very god fearing but obviously they're not god fearing.
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he's got a broken collar bone, road rash and every bone in his left leg is shattered. now, as for the driver tampa police they are searching for a newer model ford fusion vehicle. they say that it's silver in color and they aren't quite sure about how much damage it did sustain from this crash, but if you have any information about that vehicle or who could be behind the wheel when this all happened, you're asked to give authorities a call. that family is certainly thankful that they are together this thanksgiving week but they want justice for their little boy. . >> i'm sure they have a lot to be thankful for but still a little boy in the hospital during the holiday with a shattered leg, terrible. all right. thanks. breaking news this morning a 4th robbery in an area of clearwater in just the past 24 hours. this is a live picture from the latest robbery scene at a 7-11. this happened just after 2 this morning. the robber told the clerk he had a weapon and demanded cash. he
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and got a way from a car parked nearby. we'll keep you update as we learn more. an arrest this morning for the murder of a texas police detective. police say 31-year old mccain shot and killed detective marconi as he sat in his patrol car. he confessed on camera telling reporters he did it because he was upset over a custody battle. >> i've been through several custody battles. out on somebody that didn't deserve it. >> do you have anything to say to his family? >> i'm sorry. >> witnesses say the killer shot the detective twice in the head while he was writing a traffic ticket. this happened outside police headquarters. marconi who you see here a 20-year veteran of the force was 50 years old. he leaves behind 2 children. and here in florida police say they've captured the man who shot a sanibel island police
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southwest florida. he's charged with the tempted murder for the shooting of officer cicone. he is recovering and will be okay. hey is a real or with a history of calling police for various issues. still no word on the motive for this incident. he will be in court this morning. she was horribly abused and clinging to life. such a disturbing story. a teenager with a broken shoulder, infected feet and a stab meet. michael hicken the man who helped saved her life tells us he spot her tangled up in bushes in the woods across from his house. >> she's got stabbed by something and her feet are messed up, no shoes on and really dirty. she said she
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>> this happened in polk county. the 17-year old girl weighed only 86 pounds. . >> act offense level. president elect donald trump has released a new message to the american people. >> in a video he outlined his agenda for his first 100 days. >> it will be based on a simple principle putting america first. >> he lists self points to his plan, he addresses several issues including trade pie better attacks and immigration. of labor to investigate all abuses of visa programs that undercut the american worker. >> well, trump did not, however, address a wall along the border or discuss his campaign promise of repealing obama care. we've posted the entire video on our website, so you can watch that there. chilly morning, leigh. >> yes, it is. especially those northern areas.
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in with my weather watcher in brooksville and she's at 36 degrees. we're going to see leaps in temperatures going out of the 40s to 65 by 11, 72 at 1, # 5 at 3 p.m. and still a comfortable 70 at 6. an afternoon high of 75 is technically below the average of 77. much warmer than yesterday. 80 by thanksgiving, 81 on blackd slightly cooler into the weekend. for the turkey trots in the morning low 60s, you over 76 degrees and 73 at dinner time. tropical storm otto may strengthen to hurricane otto as it heads toward the central america region. so we'll check in now with traffic on the 8s. >> yeah, they start to head out the door. they've got a nice drive in front of them. knock on wood that this continues throughout the morning. we're not seeing any major accidents. as we take a look here in sarasota county we have a little
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slow-downs in the area and it's right around i-75 and river road. and we've got the southbound lane, one lane taken away due to a disabled vehicle there. as i go ahead and zoom in you can see where i'm talking about again and this is past river road on the southbound side. a good drive 275, martin luther king traffic getting busier as you move toward downtown tampa. hurricane hermine hit months ago. >> but residents in cedar key coming up how they're working together to rebuild this popular tourist town. >> plus the clerk who re fusioned today back down even when faced with a metal pipe. this was all caught on camera. now, police are on the hunt for the suspect.
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls
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ting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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it has been 3 months since hurricane hermine hit florida. one of the hardest hit is cedar key. ryan, it's just before thanksgiving and even though that small town was lashed by that storm many have a lot to be thankful for. >> good morning. once again they do of course many homes and businesses werma destroyed during the hurricane. some people are even putting their homes on stilts here just in case water happens to get close again. everyone has pulled together to try to recover and rebuild quickly. there are plenty of signs that show how a small town can rebound after a trying time. >> tore off the back wall and we got 4 feet of water in the store. >> the market at cedar key was one of the hardest hit business
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hurricane battered the island in early september. >> i was told the food is all over the floor and floating in the water. >> the market is back in business just in time for the busy holiday season. >> everything from this point right here out was all blown out in the street. >> hermine caused roughly half a million dollars in damage at the beach front motel a 9-foot storm surge battered the buildings. we rode out part of the storm on the second floor. rooms every piece of furniture was ruined. >> it was a slow start but we got the contractors in here and it's going quick now. >> the motel was shut down for 2 months. rooms have been renovate and all of them are expected to be finished soon. and coming up in our next half hour one woman lost her home during the hurricane, hear what helped her get back on her feet quickly. . >> all right. i look forward to seeing that, ryan, but good to
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thanks we'll check back with you. some good news this morning about florida's biggest business tourism hit record numbers in the first 9 months of 2016 despite 2 hurricanes and the zika virus. new numbers show 85 million visited the state during the first 9 months of the year. that's good news for pinellas county and its beaches. tax collections are expected to top $50 million this year. helps the community. >> it puts sand back on the beaches, it pays for the field, the spring training facilities, a lot of different things we take for granted. >> taxes paid by tourists save each taxpayer about $700 per year. well, check out this video, a dangerous crook on the run in south florida, you see him walk into a gas station then starts viciously beating the clerk
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incredibly that worker fought the man off and pre vented the robbery. deputies are still searching for attacker. the lightning come back home officer a mostly successful 5 game road trip but did take a loss last night. thing got brutal in the third period when ellis laid brown out with a huge check. brown through a punch then check it out nearly ev this fight. the bottles are home tomorrow. a former nfl player who lives in south florida pleads guilty to running a scheme. former quarterback allen and his partner are accused of lying to investors about loans to professional athletes. prosecutors claim the partners took more than 35 million and
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then just pocketed the difference. happening today the salvation army is getting into the holiday spirit. it will give away 8,700 turkeys and food basket to say local families. they credit community support for being able to help so many families in need. and also today tampa police are launching operation secret santa. this campaign hopes to keep shoppers safe and cut down on crime during this busy holiday season. starting today through the officers will patrol malls on foot, horseback, motorcycles and in unmarked patrol cars. officers also want to remind people be alert, lock car doors and keep packages out of sight locked in the trunk of your car. right now the first major snowstorm of the season is still hammering the northeast. look at this video more than 2 feet of snow has fallen in parts of upstate new york. it could mark the beginning of a lingering
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this year nbc reports one million more americans will be traveling for thanksgiving compared to last year. the time right now is 5:48. i don't know about you, but i'm staying right here in sunny florida. >> we have about the best weather that's for sure. max defender 8 is proving that this morning. not only are we not seeing rain we're not seeing any clouds and the humidity is certainly low. so let me break down the day for you. jackets are nde 49 degrees at 8 a.m. but you won't need the jackets later today. already warm by noon at 70, 75 at 3 p.m. it's 34 though in inverness. 39 in lakeland, the chilly air obviously farther to the north 35 in d.c., but another storm system is developing and we were showing you snow fall from the northeast but looks what's developing now
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here, we're mild and sunny but look at this through the day tomorrow from chicago all the way do you know to louisiana that's one big storm system. thankfully it does weaken as it heads east and again staying here pretty comfortable 80 on thanksgiving, 81 friday. how's traffic? >> a little problem out in sarasota county folks and this was a disabled vehicle here southbound i-75 just past river road. fhp tells me it's clear now. all right let's hop over here now over on the veterans expressway we have another disabled vehicle and this is right by hillsborough avenue but i'm not seeing any delays and right now you do have a very good commute both directions on the veterans expressway as well as the sun coast parkway. howard frankland bridge up to speed it's only going to take you 6 minutes to cross it. that's a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. a calendar with a cause. >> yeah, still ahead a sneak
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some cute critters and pretty hot hunks. >> and changes at starbucks, coming up a look at what the coffee giant is doing to cold drinks. don't forget to connect with me on social media this morning on my facebook find me big controversy going down with some suing over a burito that was advertised as having only 300 calories. they
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starbucks is hiking prices they bumped up prices on select cold drinks the increases range from $0.30. this isn't the first price hike this year. starbucks raised the cost of some drinks back in july. there's some help this thanksgiving for families hosting the big turkey dinner. bob evans is offering a holiday help line. it's not what you think, it's not about cooking the bird. representatives will field all sort of questions from setting the table to very
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kicked out from that dinner. the help line opens tomorrow, they will be open through thanksgiving i'm sure the phones will be ringing off the hook there. here's the number. we've posted that number on wfli know you're going to need it. well, lakeland firefighters heating things up with a calendar. >> all right the fire department just released their rescued pets >> but some boy toys, here's some pictures of adorable rescued pets along with firefighters. well the calendar turned out great the photographer and firefighters say it wasn't as easy as it looks >> they were distracted. >> we had toys, we had hot dogs, we had pet treats, and with the occasional loud noise we were able to get them to look in the lens. >> it's a little different taking your shirt off in public areas when everybody is surrounded watching you.
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cause. >> got to get those ears to perk up. it benefits the spca florida. last year money raised paid for animal medical care, a new animal oxygen masks for the fire department. you can buy the calendar online. >> as long as it's for a good cause. >> absolutely. well, a tragic story this morning out of tennessee. >> 5 children are dead after an elementary school bus crash and dozens more injured. an why the driver is now facing charges this morning. >> first a live look outside weather and traffic on the 8s
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happy thanksgiving from publix. where shopping is a pleasure. . chilly, 50 degrees at the airport but a fast warm up to 75 this afternoon, very comfortable
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looking at the roadways we're seeing more vehicles out here here's 275 starting to get busy as you move into downtown. let's take a look southbound on the vets
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. the search for a hit and run driver who left a tampa boy lying hurt on the side of the road. . >> he didn't even get up to help then he ran. >> still ahead his parents's plea for help to catch the culprit. >> and a message to americans from president elect donald trump, a new video outlines his agenda for the first 100 days he's in office. >> also another cold morning as you wake up. we'll show you how low it goes and how much you can executive for it to warm up today. good morning. >> thanks for joining us on this tuesday. let's check in with leigh spann for the latest on the weather. a little chilly. >> it is.


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