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tv   Today  NBC  November 22, 2016 12:00pm-1:00pm EST

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody! >> what is it? >> booze day, tuy, november 22nd, also champihappens to be national cranberry day. >> a big day in your family a. huge day. the day my procedure addle was born. we are going to celebrate his birthday with my entire family. all on the train.
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>> happy birthday, brother of mine. >> he's a sweetie. >> yes, he is. >> shy, quiet and tender hearted. >> and a good one, too. >> if you have kids, set your dvrs. sabrina stars in "girl meets world" singing her newest song a little later. >> two stars of the kitchen making two stars of your thanksgiving table. curtis stone and giada are here. >> hi, kids! with -- >> mashed potatoes. >> and butter. >> like you've never heard before. >> i kind of want to be the turkey right now. >> oh, gosh. >> this is getting weird. >> he's going to brine for us. >> i still don't understand the brining thing, but, anyway -- if your holiday plans include catching up with latest entertainment, we've got it covered thanks to tim stackable. >> something special.
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the cold. look at their signs. may not be wines day wednesday, but we'd like to share a drink. and very clever. get a close-up. can you see? is he on it? >> yeah. >> i can't see. >> very cute. there they are. thank you for coming and happy thanksgiving to you, crazy kids. >> so this turkey, here on the table. >> yes. >> has a purpose. >> that is, by the way, taylor and matthew. did we say that? >> yeah, we did. this turkey can be your centerpiece. what you can do, take out one one of the feathers. say what you're grateful for, and -- >> okay. then put it in. >> yeah. what's yours say, hodi? >> what do you think mine says? >> me. >> let's see if you're right. yes! >> what's mine say? >> my hoda woman. see? >> ah! you take these, put them in and it's your center piece.
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anyway, called turkey on the table. write down everything you're grateful for. go to turkey on the table dotcom to find out about this grateful bird. or put him in the side. >> or get it from the website. >> and it's spanky tuesday. >> oh. >> i want curtis to stay. >> i hope curtis does stay for spanky tuesday. giada is doing it with him. >> and thanksgiving food rules or friends' house, people have le leftovers. get on the plane which things i can travel with and which i can't. tsa listed thanksgiving items food you cannot bring in your luggage. in your carry-on. ready? >> basically anything that can be poured or spread. >> cranberry sauce -- >> no. >> sweet potatoes mooshed up, no. >> wine. no. >> who wants to go?
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salad dressing, no, and gravy. >> who travels with gravy? >> people get good gravy. amanda avery. >> anything that can be spilled, spread. now, you can take that stuff on the train. >> you can take anything on the train. what you can bring, stuffing in a big tupperware. >> a turkey leg. cakes, pies. >> butternut squash. >> that can spread, though. i don't know why you can do that. >> well -- okay. >> and green beans. >> as long as it's not in a -- casserole. >> have you ever seen anybody carrying green beans? >> if you carry a tupperware, like of thanksgiving food. >> every time we talk about prince harry we're happy. he stopped in antigua. >> met the prime minister there. >> during a tour. >> broke an unwritten rule of the tour. the rule is, you're not supposed to mention the prince's girlfriend meghan markel. >> you just did. >> okay. well, anyway, in front of more
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might be a new addition to the royal family very soon, "a princess." >> suggested the couple doesn't have to look for a honeymoon location, noting antigua was voted the best in the caribbean. >> and kept going. like your uncle at the take. like, please -- stop. the prime minister added, there were be nowhere in the world as special to spend your honeymoon when that day arrives. >> harry handled as you could expect? >> ho with other issues. had to deal with much worse than that. remember las vegas? >> you're right. he has. the prime minister also teased him about, a meeting with six of the country's beauty queens. whatever is said here stays here, harry. don't worry about it. >> that also reminds him of vegas, and it didn't stay in vegas. it went world wide!
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>> oh, who cares. >> at this moment. >> okay. okay. now, adele last night, congratulations to her. after 107 show, and that's a lot, wrapped her world tour in phoenix and left audiences a bit -- bewildered. >> okay. as leaving the stage, what she said. think about this. thanked her band and crew and then said, i'll see you on the other side in a couple of years i'll be back. and here's the key -- as she disappears she says -- >> i'm off to have a baby. pregnant? is going to have baby or hoping to take the time to have a baby? and -- which either way is wonderful. later -- >> wait. she said, i'm off to have a baby. see you in a couple of years? >> yeah. it only takes nine months. >> but why did she say that? if she wasn't -- i mean -- >> two kinds of people in the world. the ones who want to analyze it to pieces and the ones who go, good for her!
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baby -- unless you're, like, having a baby, right then? like, you're pregnant? don't you think it's weird? >> no. >> i'm off to try to have baby. that's different. i'm off to have a baby. >> it's -- i truly don't care. i'm happy for her. whatever she wants to do. later shared a photo of a hand-made banner her son angelo helped to make. mommy, you did it. to welcome her back after months, months on the road. 107 shows. >> she doesn't love bei >> no. she doesn't love performing. no. so -- good for her. we wish her all the best. >> we have a big announcement. don't we? this is a big one. season two of -- >> i love him. tillman. >> premieres tonight n. honor of this premiere. >> tillman, giving away, this is huge. >> how much? >> 500 gift cards to his
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>> yes. >> ceo of landrys, mastros, morton's, steak house, rain forest, bubba gump. many, many, many more, and full disclosure. >> yes. >> he serves my stuff at some of his restaurants, and he's been very, very, very kind to me. very kind. >> i like him, because he serves your stuff. >> yes, yes. >> but here's the thing. you guys could win this gift card. a $500 gift card, but to qualify you have to answer this riddle. where arey go to facebook, and this is where you'll answer it. here is the riddle -- forward i am heavy, but backward i am not. what am i? wait. forward i'm heavy, but backward i'm not. anyway -- >> a lot of things. >> go to our facebook page. guess the answer. you can only submit once, and we know if you're double submitting. >> you have until midnight tonight. >> we're going to randomly choose five people and announce
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card to one of those awesome restaurants. >> a great prize. >> so complete rules and regging go to >> and cnbc's "billion dollar buyer" premieres tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern time. section season, i think. >> yes! >> did really, really well. >> over at mitchell fish company, meeting with him. >> you were? >> yes. which is adorable. right on the hunds when we give it away. this week's prize is -- >> all: hot! >> speaking of hot, tim stackable is here with all the entertainment to deep ykeep you
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?spread a little somethin to remember? philadelphia cream cheese, made with fresh milk and real cream. makes your recipes their holiday favorites. the holidays are made with philly. the long holiday weekend is coming up so you and your family maybe looking to hit the movies. >> or throw on sweats for a
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>> that, too. whatever your plans we have the ticket. >> here with us, weekly writer, tim stack. known at stackable. >> my feet don't reach the bottom of this chair. i'm like -- el owy. >> oh moana." >> getting great reviews starring dwayne "the rock" johnson, sexiest man alive playing that's moana, that young lady. basically -- she's a princess goes on a quest to save her homeland and the music -- >> not looking for love, or some prince charming. >> sort of it's cool about moana. has no love interest. like, they sort of -- made a point of that. that she fought doing this for a man. doing it for herself and her family. >> and for her people. >> that's right. >> see? >> later in life she'll realize she needs a man. >> give her time. yes. >> a couple of movies oscar
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"lion" a movie comes out this friday starring deb patel and rhine mara, a young boy at 5 is sort of taken away, or he's sort of disappears from his family. gets stuck on a train. >> a train, yeah. >> and separated from them. then adopted by an australian couple played by nicole kidman, the mother and year's later using google earth to find emotional. major hankies. like, you know, if you want to cry after thanksgiving which most of us want to, or drink, you go see a e "lion." >> can't wait to see t. harvey weinstein. >> love you, harv. >> another one oscar buzz a
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>> tell us about it. >> the story of jackie kennedy. takes place the days after the assassination of her husband, jfk. and natalie portman plays jackie. and she is, supposed to be incredible. you see re-creations of this, iconic moments with jackie, but she has very strong oscar buzz. actually was going to be rachel weisz but when they separated it nt producing it. >> and she div gives such an incredible reaction you cannot believe you're not watching jackie kennedy. >> natalie portman, one of my favorite act industriressactres >> go to office christmas party. >> if you want to laugh, after you cry you want to laugh. go see "office christmas party"
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vance. it's about the wildest office christmas party gone awry. >> ours aren't like that. >> who has these kinds of parties? unless i leave too soon? >> "dateline" used to have those. >> in london? really? "dateline" because -- >> because they're all so stressed out from chasing serial killers. let's shotgun things. >> so funny. the ceo of the company wants to clamp down on the party and they're like, nope. so it's sort of about how this >> here's how you clamp down on it. you don't pay for it. >> well, that's true, i guess. still find a way. >> a short movie. >> still find a way. >> shall we go to tv? >> go to tv. >> cozy up in your sweats and turn on "the gilmore girls." >> they're back, and it's been years since we've seen rory and laura lye, the mother/daughter best friends live in stars hallow, connecticut. netflix brought back this series, four 90-minute movie
12:17 pm
everyone's back, including their mother emily played by kelly bishop. she's dealing with the death of her husband. herman. and rory's going through, not sure what she's going with her life. millennial and laura lye whether or not she should be with luke, on again/off again boyfriend. beloved series. people love it. mccarthy is back as suki. it's a great kind of family show, and basically fans -- the wanting to know what the last four words are going to be. something the creator's been teasing a while. you can find out finally. >> good. >> if you are a fan of "hairspray" who isn't? it's coming to tv on nbc? >> absolutely. yes. december 7th, "hairspray live." >> anything with martin short. krist kristen chenowith, what a cast. >> annual live musical.
12:18 pm
best of all of them. >> i kind of agree. >> the music is incredible in this. this is mattie, the new tracy, but the old tracy is ricki lake, and going to make canal yos. >> fun. >> down the music line, "hamilton" mixed tape coming outants incredible. kelly clarkson. incredible. you heard that song? fierce, fierce. >> beautiful. rolling stones out. >> first in ten years. coming out also in lala land, a big, big december. >> all right. happy for him. >> cool. >> all righty. thank you, stack. that was fun. >> happy thanksgiving. >> and to you and your families. >> star chefs are about to help you kick you a thanksgiving dinner up a notch with their insider secrets. >> plus, the actress and singer who is on fire right now. elvis introduces us to before fibromyalgia,
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philadelphia cream cheese, made with fresh milk and real cream. makes your recipes their holiday favorites.
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we are ready to meet the next big star of the month, elvis duran introduced her to years old, gorgeous and about to release "evolution." >> how about that, baby? >> they love the say the same words at the same time. >> that's what we do. >> yeah. >> how did you notice sabrina? >> how could you not? >> a lot of artists we bring in are up and coming. she's been on full throttle a while selling out all shows. sold out here in new york. did you not? >> yes. >> where did you perform? >> the highline. a great show. >> wow.
12:23 pm
someone much older. i mean -- do you not like hearing that? is that good? >> no. it's a great thing. it was always a compliment. had i was 8 i didn't understand, now i do. now i like it. >> did you start writing early on? >> writing song the at about 10 years old. they weren't good, but practice makes perfect. >> and you love the process. >> yes. >> like keeping a diary. >> exactly. going into this, a switch turned on. so much control happened on m really proud of it. >> interesting. walk in two worlds. young girls look up to you, but you're growing up, stepping into that world how do you balance that? >> not easy for anybody, let alone a disney star. >> how are you guys doing? >> i'm a work in progress, honey. >> you just don't think about it. when asked the question, you're like -- >> what? >> all the wheels turn in your head. if you don't think about it, live your life as you yourself would live it.
12:24 pm
that i myself would want to be, and if they follow along, great. if not -- >> when you were growing up, sweetie, who did you emulate or think was the cat's meow? an old saying, too. >> i do know that saying. hard to say. i did march to the beat of my own drum a lot of my life, but i think people inspired me, strong voices like christina aguilera. >> another mouseketeer. >> of course. >> adele, you said? >> you have to meet them. >> they're amazing. >> are they here? >> my dog is my inspiration. >> me, too! >> tell them what your dad's doing for everyone on the tour bus? >> making everyone in the band crew thanksgiving dinner. which is amazing. >> my gosh! >> they're all excited. >> they're all here. >> the past couple of years i've been working on thanksgiving. it will be really night while out on the road to be home. >> fun. >> wait until you hear her performance. >> we have to.
12:25 pm
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gravy doesn't. >> no. get over here. >> it's booze day tuesday and in two days your turkey will be front and center on your dinner table. you may want it to be cooked to perfection. >> don't ultimate side dished talking -- >> all: mashed potatoes. >> have you fighting for seconds, "celebrity chef," curtis stone. >> and "today" contributor, giada de laurentiis. >> curtis was worrying about histography. stirring to to make sure it's perfect. >> you cannot have lumpigraphy. >> no lumpy gravy. making sure. >> what are you making, giada? >> mashed potatoes. >> and you, curtis? >> the roast turkey.
12:31 pm
take as minute do it, but the result is fabulous u. do a wet brine. there's a difference. >> yes. effectively all of these ingredients sgee a pot. bring it all to a boil and cool it down. put your entire turkey into, it's like a bathtub for your turkey. stick it in the fridge 12 hours. >> you put it in the bathtub? >> no. it's like a bathtub. like taking your turkey to the spa. what it looks like when you take it out. pat it, put 0 on some paper -- stuff it with a bunch of carrots, celery and onion. >> no stuffing in there? >> i don't. i do nigh stuffing separate. i call it dressing. >> how about all the juices from the turkey -- done it that way forever because my mother does. >> no, no. >> this way you still get that. all of those vegetables end up in your sauce. you just cross the legs. >> yeah. close that legs up. >> what is that? >> that's the hard effort part for me. >> tieing it? >> yeah. >> you need somebody to put a finger in there for you. >> yeah.
12:32 pm
>> let's just wrap this up. we get it. tie it. move on. >> my finger -- never mind. >> you pick up the turkey. >> pick it up. >> thank you. >> yep. >> and stick it straight on the vegetable. pop it in the oven. it's going to bake in the oven at 425 degrees the first half an hour. >> an important question. >> yes? >> do you tint or leave it with nothing on it. >> nothing but i tint it after the first half hour. >> after the first half hour. >> here's the secret. a little bit of worcestershire sauce. pour that in together. take the sage stalks, that you didn't use. that becomes your little brush. you go ahead and brush it on to the turkey before it goes in the oven. >> fingers smell really good, too. >> fingers smell good after? >> like a religious experience. >> i youk paprika and it's all orange. come to my house and then tell my mother she's wrong i. >> didn't say she was wrong.
12:33 pm
looking like this. >> this is beautiful, by the way. >> thank you. important part, let it rest a good half hour before you cut it. the cooking is continuing to rise in the turkey. give that a minute and then -- >> look at that! >> make sure your knife is sharp before you start carving. >> why? >> because it's -- >> a really good thing. >> i have to get inthere. i've got to get involved. gosh, hoda. >> thank you, sweetie. >> the gravy made from the pan drippings brown butter and sage. get the re >> delicious. >> afrd you ready? >> do potatoes. >> almost as good as my mom's. i tell you. thank you. >> come on, kath. >> all right. potatoes. >> uh-huh. >> who eats mashed potatoes. >> oh, yes. >> peel, cut, start with cold water. garlic. rosemary. okay? let it go until they're soft. >> what kind do you use? >> russet. yep. i do. i like this fancy little thing. i grew up with ricers.
12:34 pm
nothing to do with rice. >> yeah, anyway -- so you take the ricer and i -- oh. here are some potatoes. put them in there. >> got t. that's fine. >> okay. >> and then -- >> smoosh it? >> wash your fingers. you smoosh t. got to be strong. >> a lot of muscle for this. >> wow. when you call in a family member to come in and help. >> curtis! >> then moosh it. >> there you go. i don't do that many oh pate o potatoes. sow so -- look at curtis. >> you go. >> that's a man, your favorite. lots of dairy. >> good. >> cream. >> oh, now, hoda can't have it. >> salt -- she can have that. there's nothing in it. >> she doesn't want that! >>. [ laughter ] >> you can put -- no butter. olive oil, parmesan cheese. >> what's that? >> mozzarella. >> cheese with a little bit of potato? >> an approved version. >> it's thanksgiving.
12:35 pm
calories. eat the good stuff. kath, shue that? >> good. except it's cold. should be hot. it's good, though. not as good as my mother's but darn good. >> what? >> sorry! . >> you can't taste it. can you? >> no. >> by the way, that looks really good, giada. >> delicious, sweetheart. >> for all of our thanksgiving recipeshood to "today."som/food. curtis and giada are back tomorrow. it's a huge pre-thanksgiving celebration an our plaza. all of your friends. >> the main reason to tune in, though, because giada will have my hair-style tomorrow. >> curly hair. >> going turley tomorrow. >> that's right. >> how about a little music to go with din jer. >> sabrina carpenter? >> elvis' artist of my budget and i are way better buddies since we started shopping at first down! as close as two friends trying to annihilate each other can be. ahh, interception! that's because with we can shop over 700,000 items
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? silent night ? ? holy night ? ? sleep in heavenly peace ? ? sleep in heavenly peace ? >> announcer: the citi concert series on "today" is proudly presented to you by citi. i'm sorry about my turkey
12:40 pm
of the month. time to hear her perform. >> singer, actress, sabrina carpenter starring in the popular disney show called "girl meets world" out with her second album called -- >> all: "evolution." >> you're going to love this song. her newest called "thumbs." sabrina carpenter. ? somewhere in the worlds there is a father and a mother and the mother ? the mother has a daughter who gets married to the brother of a mother ? and they all just trying to multiply with one another ? 'cause that's just the way of the world it never ends until the end then you start again ? that's just the way of the world that's just the way of the world ? ? somewhere in the world they think they're working for themselves they get up every day
12:41 pm
and somebody works for them and so they think they've got it made but they're all just working to get paid the very same ? and so they keep on twiddling them thumbs, skiddly dee da-dum ? they're going to keep on twiddling them thumbs ? skiddly dee-da-dum-dum ? and so they keep on twiddling them thumbs skiddly dee da-dum ? them thumbs skiddly dee-da-dum-dum ? ? somewhere in the world you got a robber and a bank and the bank robbed the people so the people robbed the bank ? and the police came to get them, but they let him get away because they're all just working to get paid the very same ? 'cause that's just the way of the world it never ends till the
12:42 pm
that's just the way of the world ? ? and so they keep on twiddling them thumbs skiddly dee da-dum ? they're gonna keep on twiddling them thumbs skiddly dee-da-dum-dum ? and so they keep on twiddling them thumbs skiddly dee da-dum ? they're gonna keep on twiddling dee-da-dum-dum ? don't believe everything that you hear ? let it go through your left and right ear ? ? don't just march to the beat of that drum ? don't be one of them people just twiddling them thumbs ? that's just the way of the world ? ? it never ends until the end and then you start again ?
12:43 pm
the way of the world ? they keep on twiddling them thumbs skiddly dee da-dum ? they're going to keep on twiddling them thumbs ? skiddly dee-da-dum-dum ? and so they keep on twiddling them thumbs ? skiddly dee da-dum ? they're going to keep on twiddling them thumbs ? skiddly dee-da-dum-dum, they're going to keep on twiddling them thumbs ? skiddly dee da-dum ? they keep on, they keep on they're going to keep on twiddling them thumbs that's just the way of the world ? >> yes! yes! wow. >> oh, my god. that is such a -- >> such a hit! >> amazing. >> oh, my gosh. >> thank you, sweetheart. >> gosh, sticks in your head.
12:44 pm
all right. >> hear all of elvis' artist on his play list at >> that's an ear worm. >> yes. clever. ? twiddling them thumbs ? >> and the world's brightest animals coming up right after
12:45 pm
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all-american holiday and there are many animals in north america the early european settlers encountered for the first time. >> here with feng feather and f
12:50 pm
mascot, ranger rick. >> exactly right. ranger rick is turning 50 years old. >> he look goods for his age. >> we've got a magazine turning 50. having a year-long celebration and use ranger rick to introduce kids to the world of wildlife. >> that's a raccoon. >> and having his way with you, honey. >> an orphan. jamie here kind of hand-raised him. because he was hand-raised does not mean that -- >> good-bye. >> does not mean he's he's walking offstage. raccoons won't hurt you long as you leave them alone. >> what if they're mess wing wi your garage? >> don't put it out the night before. it's like a smorgasbord for them. and next, american species, great horned owl, one of my favorite birds. see if we can get him to look this way.
12:51 pm
>> totally gorgeous. looking at the back, totally camouflaged. if this animal was in a tree, you would never see it. >> you're right. >> look at the eyes. >> for both native americans and northern settlers, symbol of death, because it's nocturnal. we associate the nighttime with death. if you saw this animal, again, regardless of your culture you probably would think of it as a bad omen. >> kind of scary. right? >> they're a beautiful bird. >> bring on the next >> it is. another species that was really important for both the north american folks that lived here before european colonization and for the european connelonizers because of its fur coat. so waterproof, thick and luxurious, they were hunted and almost wiped out as a result. the good news because of the national wildlife federation and other groups that protected
12:52 pm
clean water. they live in wetlands. an example of living together and working together, we can save species. and going back to the magazine, introducing kids to nature. we know when we introduce kids to nature they grow up into kids that care about it. >> exactly. >> let's see, another one. what's coming around? >> oh, my gosh! >> this is a really awesome owl. this is a badger. >> never seen one of these. they're beautiful. >> an animal that lives further west. sort of the early european se burrowing animals, carnivores, eating prairie dogs, ground squirrels. awesome. pretty fierce. again -- >> they are? >> if i tried to hold him, not go well for me. >> he trusts you. >> exactly. yeah. >> okay. >> again, the message here is, it's okay to have wildlife around, even in your yards. don't try to met it or make it a pet. >> one last one before we say good-bye. >> our last two. >> turkeys!
12:53 pm
segment if i didn't bring some wild turkeys. the bird that is the symbol of the holiday. they may or may not have actually eaten turkey. don't know for sure. records say fowl. could be any bird. north american birds do not exist anywhere else. a symbol of the holiday. >> are your niece and nephew here? >> yeah. >> run, run, run, come on. >> one more plug to the say hi, guys. >> hi, guys! >> oh. >> you'll be saying thanks for what you're, we're giving away, and you might get. >> first, this is "today" on nbc. >> spanky tuesday! >> oh, no.
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if you are one of our fans who loves kathie lee's wavy hairstyle you're going to love today's prize. >> we hope you're a lucky >> all: give it away. >> five of you will get the helen of troy hot tools beauty packet. >> what? >> worth $469. >> this includes a curling iron way 24 karat gold styling surface, and cool tools, vapor iron that can treat dry, damaged hair and leave it silky smooth. >> plus a deep waver. the big secret to this.
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patterned waves for special occasions and that wavy hair you love. >> and how do it yourself when you win the prize. >> the tutorial and giada tomorrow will have it. foun see it on her. she says she ma very wavy, curly hair, too. >> like you. >> yeah. kathy ainge, troy, new york. >> oh, my gosh. what about -- all right. on this, mary from lexington, south carolina. congratulations. >> mary ann georgia. >> i hear it. mine says, carla hall from mip stead, north carolina. good girl. >> love her. the last one is william cherinski. tune in this friday. we'll show you how to get klg's hair with the deep waving. >> and tomorrow, "seinfeld's" john oh hurley. >> have an awesome, spanky tuesday, everybody.
12:58 pm
>> shake it, shake it. >> u-turn, u-turn!
12:59 pm
1:00 pm
>> victor: are you drinking to adrienne and lucas's wedding? >> justin: actually, there was a bit of a hitch at the ceremony. thanks to yours truly. >> victor: [chuckles] you stopped the wedding? >> justin: i stopped the made a complete ass of myself. >> victor: [chuckles] how did adrienne react? talking to you, aren't i?re


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