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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  November 23, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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i and 8 on your side alert, it is a new crime trend that could cost you your car and a whole lot more, what you need to know about car becoming a victim. also, new details this morning about the deadly school bus crash in tennessee. wire. complained about the driver and is this is not the first of us crash for the driver. stress --, getting out of town for the holiday. you and your family could be in -- plus, getting out of town for the holidays, you and your family could be in for some big traffic delays. thank you for joining us on
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weather and traffic. let's check in with leslee and leigh . >> we are here to supply that information for you. max defender 8 is confirming our skies are clear. it has been so dry recently. the thing you'll notice is it is much warmer than yesterday morning. it is still cool at 47 and zephyrhills, warmer than yesterday. look what a difference, brooksville 8 look what a difference, brooksville 82 degrees warmer than yesterday as we head through the day you might see a couple of clouds which would be of seeing a cloud that we haven't seen in the couple of days. by 4 pm we're mostly sunny right around 8. at 5:38 i am tracking hurricane otto. we're here to let you know what is happening on the roads right now. no delays right now but
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do it soon. it looks great on i 75. no delays in manatee county or sarasota. wonderful drive for the holiday weekend. ybor city is up to speed as well as hours veterans expressway -- our veterans expressway . this morning, car owners beware, dozens of vehicles have been stolen in hillsboro county right after -- right out of people's highways -- drivews >> the culprits, teenagers. they call it car hopping but investigators call it a crime. the youngest suspect is only 13 . >> reporter: is really scary. investigators tell us that in every single case it appears the vehicles were left unlocked with the keys still inside the. check out the series of mugshots. 14 people have been arrested for stealing nearly 4 dozen
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shocking, their ages. they are mostly 15?20-year- old. it would hit neighborhoods at night going credit card hoping cars were left unlocked. they still everything inside and if the cars were handy they would take the car as well. alan cost of -- alex costa is a victim . >> the weight hit you you don't think someone stole it. it is that moment -- the way it hits you you don't think someone stole it. it is that back. it was located in clearwater. the lesson, lock your car when you go home at night. breaking news now out of brenton, deadly crash after midnight after a car smashes into a treat. you can see the impact of that crash. that car nearly knocked over a palm tree. where told the passenger died. police have not released the
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this morning. also, a man in a newborn baby escape the house fire in st. petersburg thanks to a good samaritan. the 2 were sleeping in a home with someone knocked on the door to alert them of a fire on the back porch. i believe we would have been smoked out, my newborn kid -- all of the smoke probably would've killed my kid . >> we are told the newborn was born on saturday. on monday the child and mother arrived . investigators say the cause of the fire was electrical. a police officer industry -- in detroit was shot in the head while on patrol. he tried to stop a man on a bicycle off- campus when he was shot. the police chief says the officer who has been with the department for 5 years is now in critical condition. asfoor suspect, police are questioning someone.
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time to get mary just hours before his arrest. he married his girlfriend just before -- mary just before his arrest. he may he married his longtime girlfriend. he shot and killed a deputy after he pulled over a car in the traffic stop. he leaves behind 2 children. no information abou information about the deadly school bus crash in tennessee. 23-year-old walker is facing charges. state records show he just got his school bus license in april, but in september 5 months after he was involved in a minor school bus crash. one mother claims she complained to the school about his erratic
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about locking up hillary clinton. in a meeting with reporters executives and columnist at the new york times he says he wants to move past the years of investigation into hillary clinton. he said prosecuting her would be very divisive for the country. donald trump is in florida arriving at his monologue or resort last night. he plans to spend the state -- marlatt go resort last night. he plans to spend the holidays with his family. right now millions of people are getting ready to catch flights to be with family and friends for thanksgiving. it is considered one of the
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. if you are flying today you will want to keep an eye on the weather forecast across the country. mary mcguire joins us now live from tampa international airport were teams to be getting busier and is here this morning. >> reporter: you are certainly right about that. good morning to you from tampa international airport. i think this might be the most popular place in town this morning. things have been busy but so far things are running smoothly. right now we're only seeing one delay and that is a flight to pretty nice in the tampa bay area but across the country could be a very different story . over the past few days northern pennsylvania, minnesota, colorado, and upstate new york have been socked with snow and freezing rain. this could lead to a challenging start holiday travel . nearly 49,000,000 people will be on the move for thanksgiving, 1 million over last year make it the biggest travel rush since 2009.
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problems flying this year, social media could be her friend. >> some of the airlines are answering twitter a lot faster than they would a phone call. >> reporter: there are some good news -- there is some good news, one of the busiest airports in the nation, chicago here, is debuting a new automated screening lane designed to get people through 30 percent faster. the busiest day will be sunday with the lease busiest day being scaling day thursday. we airport it can get stressful. we have been asking folks if they have any tips for flyers to say stress feet -- free and one woman said one word to me . she said drink. i don't know if she was talking about coffee or something else but whatever works for you to stay stress-free at the airport. >> it could be starbucks or the bar. who knows. it is 5:38. you should stay hydrated so drink plenty
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let me take a look at what is happening across the country to show you what you can expect as you get going this morning. there is a big storm system bringing snowfall from the midwest and then rainfall down to louisiana and texas. right now no significant delays at any of the major airports across the country. that will probably change but it is early now so get out there. 79 degrees today. thanksgiving and the day after locally, 81 degrees. sunday right back up into the low 80s on monday. you may want to go out for the turkey trot tomorrow morning. 36 degrees, it will -- 63 degrees , it will be mild by lunchtime. there is also hurricane otto which may make landfall in nicaragua or coaster rico before moving into the pacific but very late in the season to be talking about hurricane.
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traffic. >>-- now let's get a check of the traffic . we have great drive. we are looking at a wonderful drive right now. it will get busier -- as mary was talking about, the extra traffic over at the airports today, we can definitely expect extra traffic later on on the roads. we do have a collision that is actually right at 50th street and broadway which is just south of i-4. i want you to keep that that we have great drive through downtown tampa. that is a look at weather and traffic on the 8s. back to you. in less than 24 hours like friday shopping kicks off all across the country. to cash in on those deals it takes a lot of planning, but we are on your side to help. coming up we will take a look at the top 3 websites to help you find those holiday deals and steals. a bright flash lights up the night sky in the bay area. a look at where it was seen and
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it is almost time to big black friday deals, some are already up for grabs this year with 3 resources you need to check out before you check out. >> reporter: we want you to have a game plan before you go shopping. here are a couple of websites you might like. this one is the black this one is really handy because it actually has the big deals that you will find. this element tv at walmart for $125
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. i'm really excited about that. it also gives you the best deals at your favorite store. whether it is staples or dick's ordering goods you can check here -- sporting goods, you can check here . also we have nerd wallet. this is a financial site, but if you search black friday you are going to find top ads from the best stores store or maybe lows -- lowe's. you can also shop by specific searches. the final one i want to talk about his black this is great if you want nothing to do with black friday because what you can do right now is you can shop online sales that are available to
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friday sales. if you want to get some shopping done today but you still really wanted to black friday shopping, these will give you some great tips like the top 10 toys to help you make your list there. of course, i have to mention the best resource for you and that is our website. our lovely crew here in our web department has put together thanksgiving and black friday store hours right here on the homepage. you ca when everything opens for both thanksgiving and him black friday. there you go, make your list. back to you. >> i am already shopping. a big bust in a horse meat ring out of miami could have ties to the savage case of manatee county pier horse was dismembered for his meat just over a year ago and palmetto. detectives believe a ring of butchers from south florida were responsible. 70-year-old
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selling horsemeat to an undercover officer. tourney say it is the first successful in attrition of the secretive black-market. the officer posed as a parent of an anemic child and needed meet which is believed to help treat the condition. facility or -- a serial robber is on the loose but they are still looking for the culprit. the same -- suspected of hitting 3 nearby convenience stores. across america crews will demolish the kansas waterslide were the son of a kansas state lawmaker died. slitter bomb waterpark and resorts announced it would tear down the 168 foot waterslide at the park in kansas city. the right has been closed since 10-year-old caleb thomas swap was killed on the slide in august.
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slide in october -- in august. here is what it looks like outside of denver. other areas received a dusting. milder weather is expected today. today crews are putting the final touches on the macy's thanksgiving day parade. they will inflate the giant balloons. the parade features 16 character balloons with new ones like charlie brown and high school marching band. go wolves. you can watch the parade right here in news channel 8 tomorrow morning beginning at 9. this morning people in the bay area are talking about this right fireball in the sky. this is dashcam video. this shows a bright flash monday
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bright light where a meteor was all seen and largo. christopher sent this one to us . some people think it may be aliens. we have one more video for you, this from capture by this police officer's dashcam. they posted the close encounter on their facebook page. i am surprised how bright it is. >> is -- if a piece of space debris comes into our atmosphere that is big enough it will explode as it hits all the way to the ground. a kind of turns up. we were not the only ones who sought. it was clustered in this area. we have place where you can report fireballs. from central georgia all the way down the miami a lot of people reported that fireball. now all you will see in the sky, the bright sunshine which we will take. it will be a little bit warmer when you walk
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heating up to 73 at noon, comfortable 79 by 3 pm. 54 plant city. 54 brooksville. lakeland 52. 54 north port. it is cool but comfortable. we do have cold spots in new york. 24 denver and then between the two we have the storm system bringing snowfall to minneapolis, portions of wisconsin all the down the memphis across our can talk. we have heavy rainfall but for we will stay mild and dry not only today but also tomorrow. the big storm system doesn't come through here. it passes through the north. i do expect a week cold front on saturday, momentary cooldown on sunday barely any rainfall with only 20 percent chance next week . we have one little problem spot off to the side of the roadway. we're not seeing any delays here. this was a ordered at 50th
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bay area interstates. we are not seeing any delays. keep in mind, today is the busiest travel day. i'm going to talk about some traffic. thanksgiving tips for you, today is the worst time to leave, but if you do have to leave just remember the earlier the better especially right now . we're not seeing any traffic out there. try to get out on the road before 2:00. google maps has sent us a lot of data. after 2 pm return will be thursday on thanksgiving but if you don't want to come back, friday is actually better than saturday. this is specific to the tampa bay area. keep that in mind. this weekend we will see a lot of traffic near the malls and also in the parking lots. i talked to the same people he said they said you don't want to go over 5 miles-per-hour. not a lot of times there is posted signs but you do want to be careful because look at
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the average injuries, 13,000 a year backing up. keep that in mind. attention all thanksgiving chefs: if you are planning on using gravy you might want to stick around for this recall alert. plus, why a car door my slight open -- might slide open while you are driving. which toyota model is faulty that is next the news channel 8. closed captioning is brought to you by: famous tate
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in the consumer alert, toyota is recalling thousands of minivans because a sliding door could open while you are driving. it involves about 744,000 toyota sienna minivans from model year 2011?2016. trying to find a solution. for more information go to . check your pantry before cooking thanksgiving dinner. a recall is in effect for popular gravy. 5 cases of -- 500 cases are being recalled. some of the jars are mislabeled as pork gravy. this poses an allergen issue since it doesn't consider -- since it doesn't say it
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black friday shopping is creeping into thanksgiving here expect some stores are saying no , the holiday is a time to spend with family. new in the next half hour, the push back retailers and why they are fusing -- refusing to cash in on the shopping hours. big travel day today. everyone headed out to grandmas for think giving. important stuff: weather and traffic. we have coming up in
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go...
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i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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it is 5:58 on this day before thanksgiving, and it is a more comfortable start, not quite as chilly. skies are clear. we will be back above average this afternoon with a high of 79. i will have your thanksgiving forecast and a look of -- at travel delays coming up. if you are going to head
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because later on today especially afternoon and after 2:00 it is going to get busy. we're seeing more vehicles but it is still a good drive. downtown scene heat is up to goodspeed. we're holding onto a good drive cell phone here
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is president-elect donald trump backing off some of his biggest campaign promises? what he told the new yo change here expect lock your car doors: car thieves are on the prowl, dozen stolen by teenagers. see the area most at risk. that will not be as much shopping done on thanksgiving day. why most stores are staying close and waiting to open a black writing. >> good morning what to news channel 8. thank you for waking up with us on this wednesday morning. a lot of people getting ready to head out, travel out of


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