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tv   News Ch8 Today at 6AM  NBC  November 23, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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is president-elect donald trump backing off some of his biggest campaign promises? what he told the new yo change here expect lock your car doors: car thieves are on the prowl, dozen stolen by teenagers. see the area most at risk. that will not be as much shopping done on thanksgiving day. why most stores are staying close and waiting to open a black writing. >> good morning what to news channel 8. thank you for waking up with us on this wednesday morning. a lot of people getting ready to head out, travel out of
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the weather and the traffic. first thing is, max defender 8 is proving all across the tampa bay area our skies are clear. you may notice it is not quite as chilly as the past few mornings but we don't have any rain to speak up. it is 54 plant city. 52 bartow. 50 -- 60 bradenton . where 13 degrees warmer and plant city them were yesterday. 15 degrees warmer we are also going to be warmer. 79 degrees above the average of 77. only gotten to about 63 degrees overnight. i do have your traffic -- travel weather and delays as well as for hurricane otto. we have great drive right now. it will change later today so enjoy it while you can. if
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possible because traffic looks great, 275 and bush. we also have a great drive through downtown tampa. let's try to see, there we go, i 75. look at that. manatee and sarasota county, wonderful drive on i 75 through the suncoast area. is donald trump backing down from several of his campaign promises? there are a lot of russians after he dropped some bombshells during an hour-long interview. center. the big news: trump does not want to investigate hillary clinton. what is that about? >> overnight the new york times published a complete transcript of donald trump's with this managers and reporters -- it 's managers and reporters and in that meeting he said hillary clinton has suffered enough and he does not favor an investigation into her private email server. there is a tradition in american politics that after
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put things behind you. >> reporter: also during his campaign he track -- attacked a major climate deal, the pair support. he said he would cancel the deal so american companies can compete, but yesterday he said he has an open mind about the deal. also mister trump said his trump rain is super hot right now -- brand is super hot right now in downplayed pointed out that the laws on his side. present is excused from conflict laws. -- the president is excused from conflict laws. he supported the breitbart new site and dismissed any criticism about chief bannon who will be his chief administrator -- steve bannon
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. nikki haley will be the new you ambassador -- you ambassador -- un ambassador. a rash of car thefts. nearly a dozen cars have been stolen in hillsborough county and the culprits are teenagers. where live outside of the sheriffs of. these teenagers think this is some type of joke. >> reporter: good mornin call it car hopping apparently a past time. the investigators call it a crime. take a look at these much shop -- mugshots . investigators tell us they are mostly 15?20 years old. they hit neighborhoods going from car to car hoping they are unlock. they would steal everything inside an accuser handy they would take the car.
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don't thing that far ahead of what the consequences are of their actions. a lot of times they see something exciting because you are not do it. >> reporter: lesson learned, make sure your car is locked before you go indoors at night appeared >> they don't realize what a hassle they are creating. there is a moldy mess inside of a dallas county firehouse. it is so bad that at the main east the entire crew is moving out so crews can get in and take care of the mold problem. the fix is likely to cause hundreds -- cost hundreds of thousands of dollars all of this because the building has a major flaw that allows human air to get into the attic. the result is ugly mode that could post a health hazard. >> it is frustrating especially in a building that is the newest of our 35 stations. i care a little bit more about
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. >> the firehouse is expected to remain closed to fix this damage. winter storms are threatening to delay or even cancel flights off the country. mary mcguire joins us now live from tampa international airport . for some travelers, weather is the least of their worries. >> reporter: that is exactly over the holiday season you definitely need to listen up. the us state department issued a warning about a heightened risk of terrorist attacks there in europe particularly during this holiday season. they noted extremist had carried out attacks in belgium, france, germany and turkey for the past year and said it remains concerned about the potential for attacks throughout europe. it added that that alert expires
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the annual christmas market is set to open on friday. airlines for america estimates 27.3 million people will fly will ride on domestic airlines between november 18 and the 29th. that amounts to an average of 2.2 million the sunday after thanksgiving is expected to be the busiest day for air travel. that we can, according to the forecast. if you're looking for a little bit more normal room -- elbowroom, thanksgiving thursday is expected to be the lightest day . there is good news at tampa international airport. if you have been out here lately you know that there is a lot of construction going on and that the blue departures have been close nightly or construction.
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people can move through the airport a little more easily during this holiday season. that is good to hear and they really have already done a great job of making sure that construction is not a huge inconvenience. it is 6:08 on this once a morning. it is busy at the airport leigh . >> already. a lot of people up and going out this morning. if you're headed west that is really the only place where you will drive through rain and snow . we have snowfall offer on minnesota and wisconsin. the rainfall that extends down the mississippi river valley but at this point airport delays across the country, nothing but i imagine that is going to change as the volume increases. 64 degrees at 9 am. it will be a warmer day here. this is above average. near 80 today, tomorrow and friday. next cold front comes through saturday.
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we stay dry until the middle of next week. yes and then there is hurricane otto headed toward the coast we can, nicaraguan coastline. -- of post rita no delays and plain city and all the way into ybor city. we are traveling on i 75 and pasco, in and out of wesley chapel looks good to the northern apex connecting to 75. let me show you the howard franklin bridge. it is getting busier. more people headed out the door but it still looks good. the last few years we have
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thanksgiving day. coming up, see were more stores are staying close something skipping this year and waiting for black friday. and a secret celebrity living among us? meet the man who wrote some famous songs and chooses to live here in the bay area. for watching news channel 8
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strike if you are shopping online for toys, he where. florida consumer groups have found dangerous toys, some that have been recalled still for sale online and in stores. this through the 31st year from the report -- for the report . a doctorate all children's tells us batteries and magnus can be a real danger on some toys. >> typically it is a buon know sooner than later but we do see toys. this could last for weeks. a child would get a toy in you get this file -- follow order -- foul odor. after many stores were criticized for opening on thanksgiving in recent years some will be close to this time around going back to doing the old-fashioned way leaving thanksgiving for the turkey waiting until black friday for
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thanksgiving is traditionally seen as a holiday that is more about family, friends and fancy gifts. retailers have been cutting into that precious time by opening up early and turkey day to entice shoppers. this year could be different. according to best black, dozens of national retailers are deciding to stay close on turkey day including popular stops like pasco, -- costco, and dillards. publix has stayed close since they were founded. >> it does cut into business, but at the end of the day our associates are more important to us at that point. it is important for them to have that opportunity to spend time with their families.
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>> we believe in putting our partners and their families first. >> brett insist deals will still be there a day later and encourages people to spend time with their family and not in the store aisles. it is not just stores making this decision, the mall of america thanksgiving day this year. a few of the big stores open on thanksgiving day, here's a list. walmart, doors open at 6 pm. also opening at 6 pm target. macy's opens earlier at 5 pm. thanksgiving is looking a little taste year thanks to the buccaneers. this was their 10th annual turkey time with the o-line event. they handed out full
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estimated 1000 tampa bay families. for a 2nd straight season he bucs player is nabbed by the nfl performance enhancement policy. the quarterback will serve a 4 game suspension without pay. the substance was not revealed. you will not appeal he sits out immediately and can return after they play the dallas cowboys on december 18. obama administration's new overtime will from taking effect . this would have raised the amount celebrate employees have to earn before they are exempt from the overtime pay rules. more than 4 million workers stood to benefit from the change that was supposed to take affect december 1. in the aftermath of a very divisive presidential election, one man is your heading a campaign for an independent california. it is called the yes,
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california it's own nation. they want the united nation to hear the case. they explain if they are recognized as an independent country, the us would have let the state go. there is a reason for the saying, cats have 9 lives, meat fat boy, a black and white feline who was stranded atop a power pole for 9 days. here are electric crew lineman loring him to the ground to the food. the first thing fat boy did upon touchdown is to eat. >> they don't call that boy for nothing people what a great way to lose some weight. long before the town shows, schreiner recorded a song the world learned by heart and never forgot. >> keith cate sat down with the singer and songwriter of here codes -- comes peter
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$50 off that now classic song but since launching the big hit you became an overnight sensation. >> i got a call from a manager saying, we have you on the grand old opry and i said oh god this is incredible. >> he recorded more than 124 songs and performed with the 20- year-old nashville newcomer named dolly parton. he just bought tickets for her he's going to love it. she is amazing. >> i have never seen dolly. >> she is so sweet and charming. there actually going to reunite backstage so we will show you how that goes. how is the rather looking -- weather looking? >> we're just starting to see the first signs of daylight. max defender 8 is scanning the skies is showing things are nice and dry.
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degrees by noon, 79 at 3 pm that is slightly above average. like i said it is cool, zephryhills at 46, 52 apollo beach. 54 plain city. not as chilly this morning. clear skies and through the day you may see a few passing clouds. rain an west from chicago on the down to the gulf of mexico. tomorrow morning watch for some patchy fog should be warm for the turkey trotters. the cold front will stay to the north. we get near 80 degrees tomorrow and friday before a week cold front comes through on saturday . >> it is definitely getting busier on the roadways. we are looking at 275. we see more world -- vehicles
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pretty good drive with speeds at around 55 miles-per-hour. lakeland looks good on i-4 no delays and in and out of pasco through the wesley chapel area it is a good drive. we do have a collision 53rd avenue west write it 34 street. it looks like it is off to the side of the road. attention all thanksgiving chefs: if you are planning on using gravy you might want to stick around for this recall alert. plus, why your car door might slide open
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kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with kisses deluxe. we're back with a consumer alert: toyota recalling thousands of minivans in us because the sliding door could open while you are driving. involves about 744,000 toyota sienna minivans.
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find a solution for the problem. for more info visit check your pantry before cooking thanksgiving dinner. a recall is in effect for popular gravy. 500 cases of heinz homestyle gravy are being recalled. some of the drivers are being mislabeled as heinz pork gravy. posts an allergen issue since it doesn't say contains milk or soy. check your job date of 1228 2017. is there -- if there is ever a time to maximize on shopping deals it is friday. >> feeling a bit pressed for time we will show you how to make your black friday shopping processor breeze. the 3 resources you need next news channel 8. first a live look outside and beautiful downtown tampa. it is the day before thanksgiving. you have to get out of town; right? we have weather and traffic on
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it is 6:28. a beautiful look from the famous tate appliance & bedding center and brandon. the sun is just beginning to brighten things up. it doesn't feel quite as chilly this morning. it willl high of 79. that is above the average of 77 . for thanksgiving, and the day after we are even warmer at 81. saturday week cold front comes through some good on the 76 on sunday. traffic has actually been pretty good overall. we have couple of issues ends the suncoast area. 53rd avenue west at 34th street an accident is off to the side of the roadway. accident popped up with injuries university parkway
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looks great throw sarasota and manatee county. here's a live look. it is a getting a little bit busier. this is some down on 275. we're seeing more get is on the
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c1 right now on news channel 8 today, an 8 on your side alert. a new crime trend that could cost you your car and a whole lot more. what you need to know about car hopping and yourself from becoming a victim. a man and baby saved from a burning house. who alerted the st. pete family their home was on fire? getting out of the town for the thanksgiving holiday? don't let our clear skies fool you. you or your family could be in for some big weather delays, we'll tell you why. >> >> i'm gayle guyardo. >> i'm gene ramirez. >> thanks for joining us on
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here is the weather. our skies are clear. we haven't had any moisture in the air. it has been so dry. we're slowly going to gradually add some humidity back to the forecast because it is perfectly clear. it is 57 there. it is cool, but much 58 tampa. 54 plant city. 59 bradenton. right now plant city, you're warmer. now that the sun is coming up, around 59 at 9:00 a.m. lunchtime around 73. around 4:00 p.m., a few clouds, but 78 should feel nice. at 6:38 i go into otto and the
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traffic-wise but you have to leave early. starting to get busy here. this is 275 southbound. some are still working today so you'll see the typical congestion. this is fantastic here. travel times. i 4 still up to speed and so is the vets. if you have to leave today, leave before 2 p.m. >> now an 8 on your side alert.a stolen in hillsboro counties right out of their driveways. >> they call it car hopping. cops call it a crime. ryan, the youngest suspect is just 13. >> reporter: exactly. only 13. really scary. investigators here at the sheriff's office tell us in each case the vehicles were left unlocked with the keys still inside. now, check out this series of
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for stealing four dozen cars in riverview. what is shocking, their ages. they are mostly 15 to 20-year- old's. they hit neighborhoods at night and went car to car hoping they were unlocked. detectives said they would steal everything inside and if the keys were handy, they would take the car too. >> the way it hits you, you don't think someone stole it and the moment of clarity hits you. wait a minute. i think someonst >> reporter: he got his vehicle back. it was located in clearwater. cops remind people to always lock their car doors. yes. good advice. thanks ryan. and we're following breaking news out of branden. a deadly crash just after midnight after a car smashes into a tree. terrible impact of the crash. the car nearly knocked over a palm tree. a passenger in the car died.
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calls to find out more. a man and a newborn baby escape a house fire thanks to a good samaritan. the two were sleeping in a home when someone knocked on the door to alert them of a fire on the back porch. >> i believe we would have been smoked out. my newborn kid, the smoke would have killed my kid. >>ep born on saturday, and sunday the mother and child arrived home for the first time. the fire's cause was electrical. >> the sheriff's office, the loss of a k-9 officer. this happened overnight until toe na. the k-9 named forest was searching for a wanted suspect when he was shot. deputies rushed the k-9 to the hospital but vets could not save him. and developing this morning, a police officer in
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while on patrol. this happened as officer colin rose was investigating possible thefts from cars at wayne state university union. he tried to stop a man on a bicycle off campus. he was shot. he had been with the department for five years and now he is in critical condition in the meantime, investigators arrested a suspect about an hour ago. they are not releasing details about who that person is just yet. the man accused of killing a san antonio police officer got married his arrest. the 31-year-old otis mckane married his girlfriend before police tracked him down. texas law protects spouses from testifying against one another in court. he shot ben marconi sunday as he wrote a traffic ticket. detective marconi, a veteran of the force leaves behind two children. >> the deadly school bus crash
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in tennessee and injured others. we're learning more about the 24-year-old who is facing five counts of vehicular homicide and more. state records show walker just got his bus license in april. in september, five months later he was involved in a minor school bus crash, but no one was hurt in that. one mom claims she complained to the school about his driving. people are getting y it is considered one of the busiest travel days of the year. if you're flying today, you want to keep an eye on the weather forecast across the country. mary mcguire joins us from tampa international airport. every time we check in, it is getting busier and busier mary. >> reporter: thats is exactly right. people are showing up for their flights, grabbing their coffee and headed home for thanksgiving but things are running smoothly.
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delays here. one cancelled flight. now the weather is pretty nice here, but across the country, it could be a different story and that could impact your flips. northern pennsylvania, minnesota, colorado and upstate, new york have been socked with snow and freezing rain in the last couple of days. that could lead to a challenging start for travel. nearly 49 million people will be on the move this thanksgiving, up a million over last year making it social media could be your friend. some of the airlines are answering twitter a lot faster than they would a phone call. >> reporter: now, there is some good news. one of the busiest airports in the nation, chicago o'hare, has an automated screening lanes to get people through 30% faster. the sunday after thanksgiving is expected to be the biggest day for air travel and thanksgiving thursday is
6:38 am
airport but i will be watching the weather forecast very closely today and flying back home to minnesota. i admit it, since moving to florida, i have become a bit of a wimp when it comes to cold temperatures. this morning the temperatures were kind of cold out doing morning live shots so i'm definitely packing my wool and down coats. >> it will be cold when you get up north. have a safe flight. time how does it look out there? >> she should feel great when she gets home and there is snow all over the ground in minnesota. >> the rainfall that goes down the mississippi river valley. at this point i'm checking the airport delays and not seeing anyone coast-to-coast but that will probably change. here locally, clear skies, 55
6:39 am
for thursday thanksgiving. friday slight cooldown into sunday. >> it is 63 degrees for the turkey trots in the morning. the big lunch before the big dinner, 73 at that point. there is a hurricane out there. there is in the southern caribbean hurricane otto. no issue for us. the gobbling never gets old. we should traffic isn't exactly a turkey. it is a pretty decent drive. we have a couple issues going on. manatee county crash, 53rd at 34th street. i just to the word this is tieing up the westbound lane on university parkway at cattle man road. i want you to keep that in mind. coming up in my next report i'll have tips for you as you head out of town.
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traffic. we'll check back in a bit. thanks. in less than 24 hours, black friday shopping kicks off all across the country. >> it takes a lot of planning. there is help coming up. we will look at the top three website to find the holiday deals. a bright flash in the bay area. a look at where it was seen and what is it exactly? it is 6:40. you're watching news channel 8
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%c1 so it is about that time. almost time to hit the black friday sales and some are up for grabs. we're tracking down some o best deals out there. >> we have three resources you need to check out before you -- wait for it -- check out. absolutely.
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number one, this is the black on here you'll find things like big hot deals like that free waffle maker i have been talking about all morning at macy's. you can look for specific sales at stores that you like to shop at so if you're a bells fan you can see what they are going to have on sale tomorrow and also on black friday. now also nerd this is a financial site but they section. this is great because they have screen grabs from the top stores, their ads for this year and you can search by store so if you're looking for a particular store, this is a great place to look for a deal. maybe your kids likes are postal, that is a neat place to check. gayle is laughing because she knows. black now this one is nice because you can look for tips for the top ten toys, you can also look
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want to do a little shopping from the office today. just saying. if you want to go shopping today, preblack friday sales that's true can check out right now. that is a great resource. and finally, i want to remind you you can go to and find out when all the stores are opening for thanksgiving and also for black friday. it is right there on our home page. fies, back to you. >> good info there. i'll just take the waffle. thanks. a serial robber on the run. deputies say for now the robberies have stopped but they are still looking for guy. here is the man at work inside the mini market in clearwater. he hit three other convenience stores within a 24-hour period.
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demolish the slide where he died. they will tear down the 168- foot water slide at the park in kansas city. the ride has been closed since the ten-year-old was killed on this slide in august. two other riders in a raft were injured. utah fast food employees and a good samaritan rescued a baby from a car at this taco bell drive through. the driver appeared to be drunk, passed out and the driver took off leaving the baby behind. police found the a looking for the driver. well thanksgiving is a time for family, friends and of course good food. >> lots of food. one sweet tooth black bear wanted to check it out. he heard a noise in his family's garage and he didn't expect to make contact with this, a black bear. nose buried deep in his fridge. the bear took off with some cake and ice-cream and started
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how did he know that was a perfect commotion? >> president obama awarded his last presidential medals of freedom. he handed them out at the white house to 21 people for their mare tore ous contributions to the u.s. sports giants, actors, by far th jabbar. he has given more than any president in the last eight years. a total of 114 of them. there is diane na ross. >> ellen almost didn't make it. she was sitting on a bench outside the white house. she was literally benched. it seems security denied her access because she didn't have her i.d. finally she made it inside and got her medal.
6:48 am
united states. there was a man from florida, the president of miami-dade community college who also got the medal of freedom. >> i am glad ellen to the it. she is so cute. >> they are talking about this bright fireball in the sky. it shows a bright flash monday night. many speculate it is a giant meteor. one was seen in here is one more. this was captured by a venice police officer's dashcam. they put it on the facebook page. big and bright. >> when it hits the atmosphere it can explode. that is why it is called a fireball and that is why it can be seen from so many distances. you can report if you see a fireball.
6:49 am
concentrated right here in the tampa bay area. now the only thing you see in the sky is the sunshine. freedom plaza 55 degrees. gorgeous clear skies. not as chilly as yesterday. 59degrees at 8:00 a.m. heating to 73 at noon. 79 at 3 p.m. you're at 55 in plant city. 59 in clearwater. 52 russ skin. >> we have cold air up the coast and cold air across the rocky mountains but in between that is the storm system. we have snowfall in minnesota, we have snowfall in wisconsin. and down the ohio and mississippi river valleys, a lot of rainfall. if that is where you're headed on this day before thanksgiving, a head's up there. >> we stay mild and dry. even this cold front will pass to our north and not have any affect on us. >> >> saturday, a weak cold front,
6:50 am
for sunday. we warm right back up. eight day forecast and including thanksgiving at 81 traffic right now. u.s. 92 at bethlehem road and that is fitting in the holidays. we have a crash there. be on the lookout for that. westbound university parkway at cattleman road is tieing up some of the westbound lanes. if you're headed out the door and you're not just going to work, but out of state or to meet family and frs, of the heaviest traffic days. gas prices are pretty good. best return day is on thanksgiving when a lot of people are not on the road. next to that in the tampa area, friday is a little better than saturday for us. you want to keep that in mind. then sunday is after. keep in mind when you're at the malls, folks, you want to definitely be careful on friday.
6:51 am
parking lot issues where people are hurrying and trying to get around. an average injured people, 13,000, according to the national transportation highway administration. that is because of backing up. when you're in parking lots, use patience. that is the key. thank you. >> what yeah need to know before you walk out the door is next including a scary reminder to lock your r. also, coming up, the trend that puts your car at risk. you're watching news channel 8
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nearly four dozen cars have been stolen in hillsborough county recently. >> the culprits are teenagers. here is more with details. >> reporter: good morning.
6:55 am
here at the hillsborough sheriff's office call it a crime. check out these mugshots that show 14 people arrested for stealing dozens of vehicles in the riverview area. investigators tell us they are mostly 15 to 20-year-old's. they hit neighborhoods at night and went car to car hoping the vehicles were unlocked. detectives explained they would steal everything inside and if the keys were handy, they would take the escape a house fire. the flames broke out on a porch of a home home around 2:00. a good samaritan told them. one person killed on brandon parkway. the driver lost control and smashed into a palm tree. you can see the impact there. it almost knocked over the tree.
6:56 am
about prosecuting hillary clinton. in a meeting he indicated he wanted to get past the issue. during the campaign, he repeatedly told the reporters he would lock her up. he is spending thanksgiving in florida. he arrived in west palm beach last night. he will be in the mar-a-lago resort. president obama will have the yearly tradition tomorrow of pain look at them. they are excited about the big parton. >> about life. >> yes. however both will retire to a special home at virginia tech. they will live out a nice, long life. >> tomorrow is the macy's thanksgiving parade. there are floats, cheerleaders, dancers, singers, broadway numbers, you know. the high school will be among
6:57 am
year. you can watch it all right here on news channel 8 and it gets started at 9 a. m. veterans for camera in tampa. the sunshine is about to come up over the horizon. it is 54 degrees after little fog developing in the branden area, but generally clear. about ten degrees warmer than yesterday. that is the big thing you'll notice. 59 at 8:00 a.m. a fast warm up. 73 79 at 3 p.m. a bit above average. even hotter on turkey day. 8180 on friday. and a dip into temperatures. right up into the 80s next week. u.s. 92 bethlehem road, plant city, an accident. 46million people are expected to hit the roads today. we have got an issue there. the worst departure today is wednesday but leave by 2:00 if you can folks.
6:58 am
thursday or friday. this is specific to the tampa bay area keep that in mind. take a look at traffic right now. we're looking pretty food but we have a little disabled vehicle off to the shoulder 275 around hillsboro avenue. then this is downtown tampa where we're up to speed as well. on friday, have patience in the parking lots and be careful in the malls backing up specifically. >> it is a huge problem. 13,000 are injured with people who are backing up. >> if you're fog out take it easy. if you're fog to the airport, keep it civil. happy thanksgiving ahead of
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good morning. ambassador haley. donald trump picks his first female cabinet member, south carolina governor ambassador to the u.n. this morning nbc news has confirmed she's accepted. this as trump acknowledges he won't be following through on some of the promises he made during the heat of the campaign. promises like this one. >> i am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation. disturbing past. authorities are learning more about the 24-year-old driver who


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