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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 24, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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you next time. >> on the way house. many on the move, even if they have to work today. protecting the new and very large first family. ahead of the annual macy's thanksgiving day parade and the commander-in-chief parting words for pardoned turkeys, tator and tot. >> we are thankful this is my final presidential turkey pardon. what i haven't told them yet is we are going to do this every
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no way i'm cutting this habit cold turkey. zblth "early today" starts right now. great day being with you this morning. happy thanksgiving. i'm frances rivera. ayman is off today. if you are getting recalled to hit the road, you are in good company. 50 million people are on the move, friends for a feast. nbc's tom byrum costello starts us off. >> reporter: the thanksgiving crush. it started on the west coast tuesday night, nearly 49 million of us traveling this gobble day. the vast majority are driving. meanwhile, a potential record breaker in the air which 2.6
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be under tsa. tsa is avoiding a repeat, they are adding new dog teams and thousands of screeners, opening this new airport command center to track real time every tsa checkpoint at the 30 busiest airports. >> down here, tell me how many lanes they've opened. >> reporter: a power outage in louisville that slowed things down an hour. >> it's the weekend. that's when everybody comes home. so just give yourself time. >> as always, the biggest variable weather. snow in indianapolis, while in l.a., comfort dogs to ease the stress. >> to make sure the weather cooperates, i will check in with meteorologist bonnie schneider. good morning, happy thanksgiving. >> happy thanksgiving, frances. we really do have pretty good weather. you have a wintry mix.
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syracuse. watch out for that overcast skies in the new york area. generally speaking, temperatures are comfortable. we run the risk of a couple spotty showers in washington a. little bit of wet weather toward seattle. cooler in the 40 and windy conditions but mild across california. frances. >> all right. good to see you. hopefully, no troubles out there. thank you very much. we take a turn for the latest on that hor rk tennessee. authorities say a sixth child died from injuries sustained in the crash. five children remain hospitalize. the driver 24-year-old jonathan walker faces several counts of vehicular homicide. investigators have announced the toxicology report show nos signs of drug or alcohol in his system. however, walker was not driving the approved route. >> in the course of looking at
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on the designated route for that school bus. we are exploring is a, has he done it before, b, if so why? >> witnesses tell walker was driving well above the speed limit. the local school board confirmed they have received some complaintsened several relatives say he was a known problem. >> it was about him slamming on brakes on purpose. head. >> he was acting like a fool. >> it's tragic given those warning signs. nbc news has learned that president-elect donald trump has intended two intelligence briefings since winning the election earlier this month. it's a much lower number than his predecessors and lower than the vice president-elect mike pence, who has received a briefing nearly every day. however, a senior intelligence
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really is, given that trump is in the middle of his transition process. >> that as democrats elijah cumminings call to look into trump's potential conflict of interests, including alleged meetings with business partners during the transition t. news comes as the president-elect attends his thanksgiving holiday at his mira lago resort. it includes filling out the rest of his the administration. nbc's kristen walker has more. >> reporter: president-elect trump with a thanksgiving message for the nation. >> it's my prayer that on this thanksgiving, we begin to heal our division and move forward as one country. >> reporter: it comes as he's trying to diversify his cabinet, tapping two women, including 44-year-old south carolina governor nikki haley to serve as ambassador to the u.n..
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from india is a rising star in the party. she was sharply critical of trump during the primary. >> i will not stop until we fight a man that chooses not to disavow the kkk. >> reporter: but taking a more measured turn after meeting with the president-elect last week. >> i did vote for him. and i was absolutely thrilled to see him win. >> reporter: haley earned national praise for leading the call to take down the confederat church massacre. while she opposed trump's muslim ban, she speertd block on new syrian refugees in her state, something trump also supported. governor haley made eight international trips but lacks foreign policy experience. >> she will have to learn to navigate this role, it is a round of balance she doesn't have directly in her portfolio. >> reporter: if confirmed, she
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governor an early trump governor, giving trump a political edge in a key southern state a. transition official disputing that was a part of the decision. mr. trump's second female pick. betty dehaves for secretary of education. she wants to expand school voucher program t. prove was made by jeb bush and decried by the this morning, security in new york city is in a heightened state ahead of today's 90th macy's thanksgiving day parade. this follows an al qaeda publication suggesting the parade would be quote an excellent target. officials stress there are no credible threats. jay gray is live along the route. security must be in everyone's mind, certainly the fun and
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fran sechlts happy thanksgiving. good morning to you. a multi-level approach herer. and federal aids are quick to point out they see these types of vague threats every year before this parade. so not concerned. they are paying attention. not concerned it will cause problems today. you have a joint terrific task force as well as an army of local police. 3,000 doing their work. this is why you see the floats the balloons behind me, t they were inflated late yesterday. they are ready to fet out here and get rolling. we'll have floats, marching bands, a lot of star, stage, screen. also a lot of popular singers that will be a part of this parade. it always invites them back. more than 3 million people expected to line the three-mile parade. even early this morning, you can see a few people already out trying to get the best spot to
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>> that is the latest slide here. we estimate for this parade. >> thank you where are you standing you get a good view. thank you and happy thanksgiving to you. just ahead, it will cost $7 million over thanksgiving for secret service agents. it will blow you away. bonnie snider is back with a quick look at your thanksgiving day, how >> maybe seattle, possible pittsburgh, both weather related. overall, though, it looks like a great day for travel. that's a look at the big weather picture story. let's take now a closer look at the day ahead. we got temperatures that are much colder and fall into the 30s. 35 degrees in minneapolis. you head to the northeast, a little milder, in the 50s in philadelphia and new york and
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across the country for this city's thanksgiving. >> thank you very much. just ahead, scary for one man, what looks like fireworks going off inside a man's pants. it was anything but. new details on the exploding ecigarettes. the first thanksgiving advice from stephen colbert. >> six picks. great few things to tuque about by changing up tradition. for instance, this year, deep fried turkey. you can't talk about garage fire. definitely prepare a vegan option for your niece coming home from college that way everyone can gapping up on her. be vague. remember, these are your relatives. try not to see them as potential opponents but rather poeshlg kidney donors. rather poeshlg
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at new york grand central station. it looked like fireworks. it was an ecigarette that exploded in a man's pocket. he was working behind the counter when it happened. one of his co-workers says it actually looked like fireworks. there were projectiles. you could smell fuchls amazingly his injuries were minor, just leg and hand burns. leading the news on this thanksgiving, president obama offers thanksgiving feasts to he will have a smile. and offering up some traditional thanksgiving food. but not before unleashing his final barrage of bad jokes at his final turkey party for the birds tator and tot. >> we are tankful this is my final presidential pardon, what i haven't told them is we will do this every year from now on.
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we start with this crazy shot. now, here it is. it's insane. people live up to their name setting the world guinness record. are you watching this? it's still going and look right there, makes it right in. he sank that from the top of that 593 dam source, watch it from this angle. the ball curves last minute it goes right in. get this, that was his only third attempt. that's something to be thankful for and proud of on this thanksgiving. this brexit effect, americans are getting more british bang for their buck and more study power. they are taking notice that thousands flock shopping centres for their own thanksgiving
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london with more on this. a lot of people are out there. tell us about the american divide. >> tanks, frances. there are a lot of deals to be had around here. it's a massive global destination for shoppers from all over the world come here. and this weekend is special. now, of course, just five months ago, britain voted to leave the european union. >> that sent a body blow to the economy. now the british pound is down british economy. it's very good oif you are an american here trying to find a deal. the shock pattern hasn't really opened yet. a lot of truckss are developing off lots of goods for people to buy. they're expecting a huge weekend in sales. of course, this is thanksgiving, which is not a big holiday here in britain. but one of the elements of our celebration in america that's washed up on the british shores. here is a plaque friday consumerism that comes ahead of
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here are expecting huge sales. american business is up 8% since the same time last year. can you see on the scenes behind me, people here are trying to court corners that come here to buy goods, that's 1.25 billion this year. >> that's what we need. a lot of presents under the tree. thank you so much for that. just ahead, how fighting back against pro trump trols. plus some criticism of the "snl". on this thanksgiving morning, glad you are up with us here on "early today." "early today." ...they're not al. turns out, they're really... ...different. who knew? i had no idea. so, she said look for... that's shaped like a dental tool with a round... ...brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head surrounds each tooth to... ...gently remove more plaque and...
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zzzquil: a non-habit forming sleep-aid that's not for pain, just for sleep. >> several hundred wal-mart truck drivers have something to be thankful for. they have been awarded 5800 in failed to pay them minimum wage. unlike companies that pay drivers by the mile. california law says truck drivers must be paid for all the tasks they do, like waiting around to load and unload cargo and watching people from stealing trucks. the company is likely to appeal. more politically motivated attacks. this time her book that's a target. they are purgeing a number of
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after hundreds of negative comments appeared on its website attacking the anchor. the negative views emerged hours after the book was released. the company confine it to donald trump supporters. be every the purge, over 75% of the views were one star, meanwhile, donald trump is getting support from an unlikely source after sfl weekend co-anchor says that some of the criticism of "snl" is deserved. che sat down for an interview with netflix after he was asked about trumps criticism "snl" is one sided. he wrote, quote, i honestly agree with him. oddly, agree with him. we try to write that way...but comedy should take both sides. here's something we scream about. how about ice cream for breakfast, go grabsome.
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eating a frozen treat in the morning can actually make you smarter. test subjects who were given a scoop immediately after waking up had faster reaction times and includes mental capacity. scientists say it's not just because of the cold temperature. another group was given a glass of water in the morning. well, for them. they did see a boost if alertness. when it comes to the levels of high alerts, it's in the weak side of those starting their day with ice thinking, all right, if any kid will hear this, you will be a bit more alert. it's probably all the sugar. you give anybody ice cream, you will be jumping about. >> you will be happier, you perform better and therefore smarter. >> i like that, we will be happier, let's all dig into ice cream this morning. ahead, exclusive details, the predent-elect gets a whole
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. >> welcome back. there are new challenges ahead for the secret service. donald trump's large family, including children and grand children are making the mission more challenging and even expensive. nbc's cynthia mcfadden has exclusive details. as the soon to be first family gathered for thanksgiving, it's clear they'll need a bigger turkey than usual. according to internal homeland security documents reviewed by nbc news, at least 150 secret service personnel are joining them. here the vehicles a riev at mira lag go.
4:27 am
the children of a president-elect in a long time. >> reporter: and that makes the job tougher. it's a big family, 18 in all. melania and baron, then four adult children, their three spouses and eight grandchildren. everyone around the president becomes a target? >> absolutely. wherever the brought goes, he is drawing the attention of everied befy in the world. >> reporter: mr. t >> these are incredible individuals and they are tough. >> reporter: still living with agents 24/7 takes some getting used to. >> think about you at your home tonight, four strangers just show up and are standing in your kitchen. >> reporter: once mr. trump becomes president, there will be about 20 equipped service personnel assigned to his family per day, about 80 more than the obamas. none of this comes cheap.
4:28 am
the daily cost is already well over $2 million. including reimbursing the trump organization for secret service fees on his plane. this weekend, a source involved in the protection operation says it's a $7 million thanksgiving. nbc news, new york. >> that is a whole lot of turkey. here is a fun way to burn off thanksgiving take closer look. this year, they've mapped out the route around the city in the shape of an actual turkey. it gives every area a piece of that bird. thank you so much for being with me on this thanksgiving morning. i'm frances rivera. from our "early today" family to your, we want to wish you a wonderful and safe thanksgiving. we will see you right back here tomorrow. you right back here
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this morning, kitchens across the bay area are busy as people prepare for a big thanksgiving meal. we wi where the chef will serve thousands of people for the holiday picks track some people are not worried about eating quite yet here they are lacing up their shoes and hitting the streets first thing this morning for a special thanksgiving run. donald trump issues of thanksgiving message to the american people. what he is asking everyone to do this holiday. good morning and welcome to news channel 8 today. >> happy thanksgiving to you all.


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