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tv   News Ch8 Today at 530AM  NBC  November 24, 2016 5:30am-6:00am EST

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this morning kitchens across the bay area are busy as people prepare for a big thanksgiving meal. we are live thousands of people for the holiday. >> some people are lacing up their shoes and hitting the streets for a special thanksgiving run. lust donald trump issues of thanksgiving message to the american people -- plus donald trump issues a thanksgiving message to the american people. what he is asking all on this
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weather forecast. >> so much to be thankful for no matter what you are doing. it is really great weather. it will be mild. max defender 8 is letting you know there is no rainfall. i expected to be basically dry all day long. 60 degrees right now. you also may notice the humidity is a touch higher and that is why watching for some fog. right now it is just hayes the brandon brooks fill area b time we get close to sunrise. tampa 62. cooler in lakeland. brooksville is the cool spot. fish hawk 61. most of us are warmer than yesterday. lakeland is about 7 degrees warmer than this time yesterday. tampa 4 degrees warmer. here's a breakdown of your thanksgiving. the turkey trot is just about to line up there. 63 degrees this morning. for the quick lunch you will have we're
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coming up i am tracking hurricane that may make landfall. we will talk about that coming up. right now volunteers are preparing thanksgiving dinners for more than 6000 homeless families. it is an annual event that has become a hallmark tradition of the holidays here in tampa bay. meredith is at metropolitan ministries in tampa and things are already super busy. >> reporter: yes, the folks here arrived well before we did, and since 430. they had been preparing turkey, cakes, pies. it obviously takes a lot of work to serve thousands of homeless their meals for the holidays, but none to mention they are not just serving everyone here in tampa, 4000 meals will be delivered to partner sites across the tampa bay area. the metropolitan ministries staff actually begins preparing much earlier in the week.
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to prepare nearly a ton of turkey, nearly 2 tons of stuffing, mashed potatoes and vegetables, 80 gallons of gravy and 1000 pies. about 250 men, women and children will come here to the main campus for service and a meal. the rest of the meals will be boxed up and delivered to partner sites. we talked to a volunteer who has been here the past 8 years. >> i don't even have to set my alarm for thursday morning and go. >> reporter: he is so excited to be here and a lot of volunteers are as well. for them this is now a part of their thanksgiving tradition. even after today the work is not going to and because tomorrow metropolitan ministries starts getting ready for christmas. >> is you have been saying, we
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have been saying, we need to really give a huge set up -- set out to those volunteers . happening today in a few hours the streets of tampa will be packed as the goody-goody turkey trot gets underway. tens of thousands of people are expected to show up. >> reporter: good morning once again. while many people will sit around the thanksgiving this thanksgiving, around 3000 people will hit the streets as a part of this race. this is the 2nd annual race. you are looking at video from last year's goody-goody turkey gobble 5k. more than 2000 runners to the streets. the race starts at emily arena and take some over the bridge and down bayshore boulevard and
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calories likely to be packed on during dinner later today. we talked to a race spokeswoman who says they are looking forward to this. >> reporter: very impressed with the numbers this year. last year was our first year doing it as a goody-goody turkey gobble. we had about 2500 registered runners and this year we are well above that number close to 3000 so we are excited. >> reporter: the event kicks off here downtown at 7:00. chapters to help people who have been diagnosed with cancer. everyone participates gets one of these finisher medals. that is giving us plenty of reason to participate. 2 pinellas counties shot and killed a man they claimed had a death wish. this happened last night. the deputies were responding to a
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investigators have determined the bus driver that crashed the bus in tennessee was speeding. the wayne state university officer shot in the head has passed away. the 29-year-old was on patrol investigating car break-ins when he was shot. police have taken a suspect into custody but have not yet filed charges.
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the force and he leaves behind fiancie. this morning 3 fisherman are thankful after they were rescued from a sinking boat. the boat started taking on water about 35 miles south of the panhandle. accrue from clearwater was able to find the men and bring them to safety. they were a little bit: but otherwise okay. can you imagine how grateful they are. donald trump is: for thanksgiving message. >> in a two-minute video he talks about the hurt feelings caused by the election. it is my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country strengthened by shared purpose and very common result. >> he is spending the thanksgiving holiday with his family in palm beach. you will take a break for family time but his team is still working to pick top
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office. one physician he doesn't have to fill the education secretary. yesterday he named betsy devos. she is a billionaire businesswoman who is an advocate of charter schools. hillary clinton's lead in the popular vote is growing now nearly 2,000,000 votes. the growing count will do nothing to change the outcome of the election since donald trump won the electoral college . however, some supporters think it challenge the results and call for a recount. this is president barack obama's last thanksgiving in the white house. while he will enjoy a turkey dinner they took time to get back. last night they serve thanksgiving dinner to homeless veterans and served up food at the armed forces retirement home in washington dc. a lot of people getting out of serving others and we have look at the weather. >> it's very comfortable today
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than yesterday but we are not at an uncomfortable level. 62 tampa. 59 apollo beach. 53 zephyrhills. let me take you through the metro cast. the sun will rise. temperatures are generally in the low 60s. it doesn't take us long to get to 77 at noon. there will be passing clouds. at around 4 pm if you are outside frying the turkey, 80 degrees and feeling very comfortable. our humidity has increased but it 81 for the afternoon high, 80 tomorrow. that is above average. we go down to 76 on sunday but then right back up into the low 80s by tuesday. years hurricane otto. it has 85 mile-per-hour -- there is hurricane otto -- here is hurricane otto. it has 85 mile-
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about food and family, it is also about plans to cash in on the holiday deals. >> still ahead, look on when
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lack friday shopping can be quite the frenzy with huge crowds trying to cash in on special pricing and/or busters. this morning candace mccowan has a look at when shoppers plan to hit the stores. >> reporter: a huge number of people will get up early forgoing the food prep and football today. take a look the people getting out to shop, 23 percent of them will head out earlier than 5 pm today and then a huge percentage around 6 pm, 19 percent hitting the stores and then but it is not just shopping. a lot of people are also expected to hit the stores tomorrow. many people hit the stores around 8:54 am in the morning -- 6?9 am.
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and then another 10 percent is sleeping in. it is not just a shopping day but a set of shopping options you have this week. 65 percent of people getting out tomorrow. today 47 percent. i am surprised by this number, only 57 percent of people taking advantage of cyber monday. people enjoy the chase getting out on friday. you need me. this morning some people are camped out for a chance to be first in line for the black friday deals. a handful of people are already lined up outside. the best buy is one of those spots. chris lee has been there for more than 36 hours. he is hoping to cash in on the 49 inch tv for $149. >> it's not just a deal.
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so i am out to get my new tv. it will last me about 6 years or more. >> best buy opens the doors today at 5. many people are bypassing stores and malls do holiday shopping online. a pilot strike could delay some of your shipment. pilots for regional carrier are on strike. and operates 35 flights a day for amazon and 45 for dhl. amazon says not to worry because they use other air carriers and are coid right now there are preparations underway for makes giving -- macy's thanksgiving day parade in new york city . police officers have blocked up the street. there are a lot of people out -- there are going to be a lot of people out, more than 3
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another 30 million will watch on tv. singers, dancers, chilly there's and marching bands -- cheerleaders and marching bands will be in the parade. the parade starts at 9 and you can watch it right here in news channel 8. after the parade families will gather to share a thanksgiving meal. it is a meal made by special cooks this morning pier take you be food for a good cause. >> think you are setting up a big family, they are serving of 600 pounds of turkey. >> i pull it out at a temperature of 120 so it can continue to cook in the bag.>> good to go helps women in work- release programs get hands-on experience to find jobs and build life skills for adults
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concept. these are pictures from the laser spine institute were good to go served up hundreds of meals. lsi is one of the many corporate partners that want to help. >> we're seeing a lot of support. we have a lot of big catering is as well is small catering spirit we do a lot of big meals for a lot of different corporations. it is going to be up to 450, 700 . our numbers gr year-round. the quality is high in the cost is low, $10 a person for thanksgiving meals with all the trimmings. >> we service with potato casserole, green beans, corn bread dressing, turkey, cranberry sauce homemade by lisa , rolls and mashed potatoes.
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for those at good to go, the people that work here are thankful for the opportunity just to feed tampa bay. other major corporate partners that order food includes knows county schools and wells fargo. individuals can order as well. they are cafeteria is open to the public and their prices are extremely reasonable. my mother-in-law is the ultimate taste tester. one year i catered the sides from good to go because i knew it wa a pastor test. >> what about that homemade cranberry sauce? >> it is incredible. all of that was homestyle cooking. >> great options out there. time now is 5:or the entrance -- 5:58 -- 5:48 and leigh is cooking up your forecast. >> i have been tracking a
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we have seen more visibility. we have developing hayes in the brooksville area. it is out there not widespread but i do want you to be aware of it before we get going otherwise we're feeling quite mild. we will warm-up partly cloudy and 77 at noon and a toasty thanksgiving. 81 degrees with patchy clouds around 3 pm. right now 61 degrees and bartow . it is warmer than yesterday but not uncomfortable. it is 62 in tampa. 64 degrees sarasota rapid city. 34 minneapolis and then the warm air here is actually associated with the storm system that is developing. is bringing some snowfall to the upper midwest. there's a little bit of light rain along the parade route for the mace -- macy's things can be prayed for relatively things are quiet. here's the
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actually stays to the north and that is why we don't see cooler air today or tomorrow. finally a cold front does come through on saturday. it won't have much of an impact, slight cooldown for sunday and then we are right back up into the low 80s for monday and tuesday. wednesday is our next best rain chance with the cold front. a polk county boy is doing something most 8-year-old get the chance to. >> coming up we will tell you why. closed captioning is brought to you by: famous tate
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will miniature spendin you will spend your day at work p or clearly 25 percent of people will spend their holiday with their work-family. some of the positions that don't get the day off include doctors, nurses, police officers , and firefighters, and a lot of our tv crew and folks will be here are channel 8 is bringing in turkey lunch for everybody.
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with family the best part is food. put all of that can add up kelly realized. it is estimated -- calorie wise . it is estimated that the average american will consume 3000?4500 calories on thanksgiving day. a slice of pecan pie has a whopping 456 calories. experts y -- a loop but it is the spirit of the holiday that matters more than the calories. a boy is spreading the spirit of thanksgiving donating all of his birthday presents to children in the. meet ethan chapman. you dropped off his presence yesterday. he told us he has plenty of toys at home and he wanted to help kids in the. for his generosity the chief gave him something pretty
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>> this makes you an official police said with the lakeland police department. >> we do mission trips as well and he sees a lot of kids in property so he feels for that and wants to make their lives better. >> ethan says it was hard to give up some of those 20s but if you want to follow his example, the lakeland police department is accepting toys through december is accepting toys through your thanksgiving forecast is coming up in just a few
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls
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it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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strachan 5:58 on this thanksgiving morning and we can be thankful for beautiful -- it is 5:58 on this thursday morning and we can be thankful
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thanksgiving day. will say above average tonight with a low of 64 with average community. we expect fog to develop in your black friday morning. we will let you know what that means for your shopping and the
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the giddy giddy turkey gobble: thousands are lacing up -- the goody-goody ey up there shoes. we will let you know about road closures. right now this kitchen is bustling with activity as they prepare to serve hundreds of meals this holiday morning. plus, shopping local. this is a reminder to support small businesses. how your dollars could help grow our local economy. good morning. we want to wish


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