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tv   News Ch8 First 4  NBC  November 24, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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want to wish you a happy thanksgiving from our news channel 8 family to yours extract thanksgiving -- a time to give back. see how some in the bay area are taking time to make sure others have a happy holiday. spending thanksgiving thousands of miles away from home. we will show you how are troops are honoring tradition while serving overseas avoiding the erp reminders to help you and your family stay safe this thanksgiving holiday. good afternoon everyone. think you for joining us.
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around the world celebrate thanksgiving here today for food, family, football and of course rates. millions of people watched the macy's day parade rolled down 6th avenue. other spent the day helping those in need of helping him. volunteers deliver thanksgiving meals to those with like challenging illnesses in washington dc. that generosity could be found right here in the bay area pier local deli owner opened her doors to feed those cooked up a thanksgiving dinner for the community. news channel 8 spoke with people that are very thankful of that hot plate. >> staff here have been cooking for the last 2 days getting ready to serve others for this thanksgiving. tracy opened the doors to her deli today to serve those less fortunate. dozens were treated to thanksgiving fixings. we're talking turkey, potatoes and pie
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thanksgiving day football. she said she wanted to give back in honor of her father. >> he was around a lot of people that always didn't have a place to go and were away from home. years later he would rent a halt. when he passed he had a band, 250 people on thanksgiving day and it was a big deal to him so it was just time. >> the staff is not done serving dinner. right now they are going to start packing up the food and taking it to loc know people could not have thanksgiving day off and pass those dinners out there. this thanksgiving a lot of moms and dads will mark the holiday in the hospital room at the bedside of a sick child. for those parents, making a meal is the last thing on their mines. mike and his wife are doing the cooking. melanie michael spent the afternoon with the tiniest of patients whose family is very grateful.
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thanksgiving. i want to introduce you to a very special little girl, a true blessing. this is ten-month old marissa. she just got a brand-new heart here at johns hopkins all children's hospital. her parents are staying here at the ronald mcdonald house all she is getting much better after getting that transplant. today on thanksgiving the all scott family cooked dinner for their family. >> is families deserve a turkey meal, thanksgiving meal. with th cooks everything up and makes everything and we bring it over here and we try to interact with some families if they come to the door while we are here. at the hate -- at the same time we hope they can have some type a turkey meal while they are dealing with situations in their personal life. >> as you can see marissa is getting healthier by the day and pretty excited about thanksgiving dinner.
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alscott's, ronald mcdonald house and the children's hospital. right now us troops are celebrating thanksgiving thousands of miles away from home. lucy spent the day at camp swift in iraq. she shows us what it takes to have a traditional dinner in a rather unconventional setting a remote ace far from home it is time to chop, stir and roast . 120 pounds of turkey for 150 hungry mouths. it is a big day at camp swift. roughly 50 miles south of mosul and nearly 6000 miles away from home. it is jordan's first deployment
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. we sacrifice so others can be with their families. >> for lieutenant peter from baltimore, downtime before the big meal mid to sprucing up. >> i can't wait to face time i family back home. >> others worked out to work up an appetite, but the business of war does not stop for thanksgiving. >> where the frontline of dispense -- defense here on camp swift and we are what everyone relies on . >> this is the fight against isis. here for 8 months. her 10-year-old back home is counting down the days. >> we sent messages this morning. they said happy thanksgiving mom. i love you. i miss you and i can't wait for you to come home. he had a hashtag with 48 days on it. >>[ video playback ] >> it is his 6 thanksgiving away but it doesn't make it any easier. sack 400,000 brothers and sisters and then i have my family at home.
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>> in just a few hours it will be back to the mission, back to the fight but i think they may have a little message for people back home. >> happy thanksgiving for some it would be thanksgiving without taken some time out to the stores and shop to drop. some begin shopping today we're joined now where the crowds are waiting for those big deals that are coming. how is it going? >> reporter: it is good. it is the start of the holiday shopping season for some and that means as many as 3 dozen retail giants are opening their doors or will be opening them soon. best buy here is one of the. you can see there are a couple of hundred of people in line. hi everybody. they sound excited. they don't want to see me they want to see the
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for? >> we are out here for a $200 tv that they are selling. >> mom what time did you get here? >> 5:00. >> what in the heck were you thinking? >> i can't let my baby come out here by herself. her sister left her. she said she is not going this year because she has other plans. psyche must be appreciative of your mother who would want to accompany you out here? >> i am very good luck with no stores open. a lot to everyone here. doors open at 5:00 hundred and 37 million americans will shop between now and sunday. >> i do hope they get good deals for their perseverance. while most americans will get things with family and friends, others will be giving things with their work-family. more than 3300 workers took part in career builders annual
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that is a substantial increase over 20 percent who said they would be working last year. >> it is such a beautiful day to be trapped inside in a studio . we should really be broadcasting outside maybe by the riverfront. >> i was say a lot of people want to take their early afternoon thanksgiving meals because it is so nice out there . >> walk before the meal and after the meal. >> it is the best and worst view from our newsroom becaus the life. right now max defender 8 showing what we are dino, completely dry all across the area. it is very good news for us today. if you want to head out and help out -- how about that view from lakewood ranch ? it is 81 degrees with a few passing fairweather clouds. a lot of people are still traveling on this thanksgiving holiday. we still have rain in the northeast but in terms of airport delays, not too bad. we have crystal clear conditions from the west coast
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rise -- wise. we have scattered clouds this evening and then overnight we cannot rule out patchy fog developing with this easterly flow continuing to give us enough moisture. overall not a bad evening ahead at 72 degrees. hour by hour tomorrow those numbers climb. another warm one for your friday at 81 degrees. we will take a preview of what you can expect for the weekend coming up . keeping you and your guest happy and full. that is key; right? and out of the doctors office preferably this thanksgiving. a few reminders to help you avoid food poisoning. plus love traditional holiday food but hate the traditional holiday weight gain? yes. there are a few tweaks you can make to your dishes. details on that straightahead.>> too late.
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now to a consumer alert. play -- pay close attention to your table. heinz is recalling gravy because of a labeling mishap. labels are incorrectly labeled as porker gravy. it also contains milk and soy -- pork gravy . it also contains milk and soy. no reports of anyone getting sick but you can get information on our website at if you would like to end today with a nap on the couch and not a trip to the er you will want to avoid food poisoning. experts recommend following 4 very simple steps, clean, separate, cook, and chill. wash her hands and all services that you will be using to prepare your food. be sure to separate your cooked and raw foods to avoid cross contamination and keep your turkey and stuffing in the oven
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once everyone is full from the hearty meal you cannot relax. >> as soon as the family and friends are done consuming their turkey, 80 to refrigerate the leftovers within 2 hours and it needs to be in a refrigerator at a temperature below 40 degrees. >> you should also make sure you eat all of those leftovers within 4 days or freeze everything that you are not going to you immediately. in addition to spending tiit of thanksgiving is of course the food, in your case the pie. >> pie, love the sweet potato pie. all the talking, potatoes can really add up calorie wise. what you ask for how i know this? because i know this trust me. it will throw your diet for a loop. the average american will consume 3000?4500 calories on thanksgiving day alone. the most calories is pie. one slice a pumpkin pie has 320
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whopping 456 calories. >> that is without the ice cream, will cream or anything else -- whipped cream or anything else. >> you don't have to completely cut out your holiday favorites. you can make substitutions that will allow you to make healthier versions. >> cam shows us a few letter takes on some classic recipes that you can incorporate. >> whether you are cooking a big thanksgiving meal was simply bringing dishes to someone se are some helpful tips. >> most recipes have more sugar and fat the necessary and that is a good place to start trimming. use fat-free chicken broth for basting the turkey and making gravy. use sugar substitutes. you can also use fruit here array instead of oil and baked goods -- puree instead of oil and baked goods.
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fat sour cream and casseroles or potatoes. make sure there are plenty of vegetable options and look online for healthier versions of your thanksgiving favorites. with research and a little effort you can make a holiday feet -- feasted that satisfies your soul without ruining your waistline. have dialed up a more perfect day for thanksgiving weatherwise . we are in a clean sweep by max defender 8 with the million watts of power scanning the skies. this is likely going to be how it looks for the next 20 going to be how it looks for the next 24 hours. just a beautiful view from the hula bay restaurant in tampa. the sun will set in a half an hour -- an hour and a half from now . is 78 degrees with a very light breeze.
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slight increase in the moisture will lead to so fog formation. -- will lead to some fog formation . we have week from a boundary giving us chances for showers. our next front, next week, that will have a little more energy to give us more rain chances. 9 pm to know partly cloudy -- tonight, partly cloudy. for tomorrow afternoon low 80s. it will still stay warm for us. a beautiful start for thanksgiving. nice start to the day with some high thin cirrus clouds. it is warm out there especially for this time of year. 83 fish hawk. 81 inverness. 83 lakeland. looking at a general mix of upper 70s low 80s . this shows the easterly flow getting us enough moisture to give us scattered cloudiness. overall high pressure still in charge. early this morning hurricane
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it is the southernmost land falling tropical system in central america ever. it has winds at 100 miles-per- hour . it will continue to roll out of the pacific and from there it will maintain it's name but it should be on a weakening trend. locally, we will have the easterly flow with enough moisture to give us patchy fog. showers on the east coast but they will have a hard time working inland as we go through the course of the day. there is that we frontal boundary off to the north. 79 degrees. and then the temperatures will start to rebound again as we go into next week. back into the low 80s. the next from a boundary will give us a better rain chance is up to 20 percent by wednesday and thursday. >> what is your favorite pie? >> my favorite pie is actually just good old pumpkin. >> sweet potato, my mom is banana cream. >> they have to be homemade,
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something to do after your thanksgiving meal? there is a new movie out that is getting a lot of buzz.>> from the thousands -- sounds of things you will need to exercise . rick has your hollywood minute. >>[ video playback ] >> the first trailer for the highly anticipated film silence has been released. the movie stars liam neeson, an as a group of priest in 17th- century japan. it will have the world premiere in the vatican on december 23. [ video playback ] >> metallica is hitting the road. the singer tells an nde that they are planning to tour for the next 2 years. the website list a handful of concerts through next spring but a full world tour has yet to be announced. they released their 10th studio album, hardwired to self-
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>> [ video playback ] >> it is an exhibit that could be called fantastic props and where to find them. the warner bros. studio tour has announced a new exhibition of props and costumes from fantastic east. where to find them the new addition to the studio tour opens december 9. still ahead: spending things giving away from their families. we caught up with some of the box players to see how they spent the holiday -- bucs players to see how they spent the holi
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welcome back. let's get a check on your first at 4 sports with mister dan lucas.
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not a good day for turkeys but it was business as usual this morning as they get ready for another difficult opponent -- the sunday. the cornerback position group is a topic the sufficient -- suspicion of the quarterback. a lot of changes we see or don't see depends on the health of rent. he left with the quad injury. he is feeling fine according to conversations around the locker room. he was back on the practice field on a limited basis. bucs did get their work in early so they can enjoy thanksgiving. like a lot of houses there is football on the television. i asked a few of the players about their favorite thanksgiving memories. we have no who grew up in eastern pennsylvania and will, a detroit kid.
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which teams they were before ? >> i think maybe eagles cowboys from back in the day. i can't say was my team but i'm with tampa bay now but that was probably one of my favorite. >> that is easy, the lines. if the lines were playing on thanksgiving i was there. i hated football when i was little but it turned out pretty good for me. >> when i was a kid, most times i was outside playing football and stuffing my a little older, no to understand football, barry sanders was one of those guys who stood out to me, making it i miss and making plays. >> yes, barry sanders owned thanksgiving day and so did the lions. turkey hats taking on the vikings. this was a big division game, 1010 game in the final minute. sam intercepted by darius on
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the lines win it exchange? 13. there in the first place in the nfc north. the vikings losing that game. of the bucs when sunday they pull within a wild-card spot. it is a little relevant to bucs . >> what was your team is a kid? >> i grew up in the bay area as a box van -- have things giving football memory, leon lett who was a good player in the early 90s for the dallas cowboys, snowy game against offense. the ball spots around. they leave it alone and here comes leon sliding in. he slides about 30 feet in the snow trying to collect the fumble doesn't get it so now it is alive ball. the dolphins get it, kicked the winning field goal because of
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a sports anchor. i don't even remember what happened yesterday. >> i remember as if it were yesterday.
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and now 4 headlines of 4:30 . number one, spending thanksgiving on the beach. see how snowbirds are ditching tradition and adopting the florida lifestyle. number 2 thanksgiving meal for good catering company is putting people to work. donald trump spending thanksgiving here in the sunshine state. will take you for a closer look at his winter white house. >> we started out the 2016 season with the baker's dozen, a team of the week trophies and now we are down to one. coming up: the 3 teams in the running to take our final bad boy home. living in florida certainly has it's perks. our visitors from up north are keenly aware
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>> today many people take advantage of this by having thanksgiving day on the beach, great place to do that. john rogers was one of them. >> reporter: good evening,, some people feel that you are spending thanksgiving in florida and you might as well take advantage of the weather. this family traded in the bigger cold of indiana -- bitter cold of indiana for the warm sunshine of the keys. >> i loved coming here and i wanted to share with my family. haven't to share it with them and thought this would be a good time to do it and enjoy thanksgiving here. >> around 50 million people travel this holiday weekend and many of them came to florida. many of these people are making the most of the trip. >> i have never had thanksgiving on the beach with the t-shirt. this is great. this is the life. >> one huge benefit to spending thanksgiving day in the beach, you don't have to worry about cleaning dishes they. today many people across
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thanksgiving meal. for some it is a meal made by him special cooks. gayle guyardo takes us behind the scene of good to go catering serving up good food for a really good cause. >> reporter: think you are serving up a big family, good to go catering is serving of 600 pounds of turkey this thanksgiving. >> i pull it out at an early temperature of 120 so i can cook in the bag. >> the head chef lisha leads the way i'm good to go. they help women in work-release programs get hands-on experience to find jobs and builds life skills for adults with disabilities as well. the community is embracing the concept. these are pictures from tampa laser spine institute were good to go served up hundreds of meals. lsi is one of the many corporate partners that want to help. >> you are seeing a lot of support? >> we're seeing a lot of support. we have a lot of big catering as well as small catering.
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lot of different corporations. it could be up to 450, 700 -- our numbers grow everyday . >> the catering service runs year-round and it is overseen by professional sex -- chefs. the quality is high and the cost is low , $10 a purpose -- person for thanksgiving meals pick >> with several sweet potato casserole, green beans, cornbread dressing, turkey, cranberry sauce roles and mashed potatoes. while people all over tampa bay are grateful for good to go, the people who work here are thankful just for the opportunity to feed tampa bay. >> that was gayle guyardo reporting. other major partners that order from good to go, pinellas county schools and wells fargo. individuals can order as well. their cafeteria on the ginty boulevard is open to the public.
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your first at 4 weather: no problems weatherwise. we are looking at scattered clouds very similar to what we were seeing this time yesterday . 80 degrees right now in polk county with the little bit of a northeast breeze averaging around 5 miles-per-hour. beautiful view from connor 10. 78 land o lakes. max defender 8 clear at home and on our various networks of radar all over the sunshine state. we are bathing and sunshine appropriately enough. moisture giving us a little bit of patchy fog. that will start to develop after midnight. on friday morning will start off at 64 as everyone goes out and about doing their back -- black friday shopping. by the afternoon we are back into the low 80s with lots of sunshine overhead. temperature wise we will stay fairly warm or seasonable. temperatures at or above normal as we start going over time. we will look at the temperature
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we will talk more about that coming up. president-elect trump is spending is getting at his palm beach florida estate -- which is likely to come -- become his winter white house escape. we go in for a closer look. >> it is absolutely magical. it is one of the most beautiful places on the world -- in the world . >> reporter: tony knows a thing or 2 about donald trump's palm beach you worked there for half a century up until 2009 for more than 20 years as their personal butler. >> this when i like. >> reporter: the situation is about to change, big-league. >> it is just mister trump, melania trump and myself -- excuse me, president-elect trump . i have to get used to that. >> it is soon to become an opulent winter white house or some speculate, the pink white house expect it is so great to be here with friends, the
4:36 pm
>> the 20 acre estate was originally built by marjorie meriwether post. she envisioned it as a winter retreat for us presidents. some say it is the most valuable parcel of land anywhere in florida. much of the 126 room a state is used by the member only club which includes a spot, pool, and tennis courts. the trump family maintains private quarters and separate close off area of always been a center of attention in wealthy palm beach at times something of a party place. hundreds of celebrities have made their way there mingle with the trumps. now, as president trump, presidents -- residents are not quite sure what to expect . >> i think it will bring a lot of attention and tourism. it is a bit of a double edge sword. >> will see how it goes. it is a welcome to present -- presence just as long as it is
4:37 pm
presidents have been spending winter in florida for decades. kerry truman had a place in key wealth -- west . now it is president trump's time in the sunshine state. healthy competition for good cause. we will take you to the annual salvation army turkey bowl. here how it is providing hope to those working to change their lives. today i have updates to some of our most talks about -- talked about better call behnken stories. imagine va that has the sole purpose to serve veterans. that is division of one man seeking the top job.
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is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. oh look who's here! i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met. it's getting late, grandma should go. one more? in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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shopping have brick-and-mortar stores. shopping deals are plenty starting today. >> there is pushback on shopping when it comes to thanksgiving day. dozens of major stores are saying no thank you to opening on turkey day. it all comes down to the bottom line. >> reporter: the crush of the holiday shopping seems to start earlier and earlier every year. lines taking a thanksgiving day but for the turkey is gobbled up . this year more than 50,000 retailers are pushing back shutting their doors on thanksgiving day. they are putting up the closed sign. other big brands are doubling down. macy's, best buy, walmart, target, and kohl's throwing open their doors on turkey day. it comes down to the bottom line. sales drop 12 and half percent last year giving retailers are
4:42 pm
>> they are listening to their customers monitoring how people like to shop, when and for what and they make decisions around that. >> they will get to stay home on thanksgiving for the first time in beefy years. >> i'm pretty excited. i can relax and spend time with my family and i don't have to leave my own party early. >> the stores that are staying open see a huge opportunity to steal your foot traffic from competitors as they face the end of a week year. sales are expected to rise by 3.6 percent. stores that open on thanksgiving are pulling out all the stops to lure un. jc pennies -- you in. jc pennies opens at 3:00. sears is angling for your wallet with 50 percent off washers and dryers. battling for your every dollar
4:43 pm
>> those stores may be battling for your bucks but according to retail experts only 23 percent of americans plan to shop in stores this black friday. the rest will shop online from the comfort of their home. >> are you planning on cashing in on those deals for black friday but are not sure what you want to buy just yet. maybe this will help you. do clutter created a state-by- state wishlist using google search trends. according to the data people here employed are looking to pick up an idaho kentucky, maine, montana, south dakota, they are all hoping to land and xbox one. playstation 4 is not far behind . the top searches in alabama, west virginia and oregon.
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outside on the beach celebrating thanksgiving. why not with weather like this. it is picture-perfect. a little bit warm for this time of year for quite comfortable or all of us here. max defender 8 showing we are in a clean sweep. we have lots of sunshine. this is the view from land o lakes connor 10. we're at 78 degrees. temperatures upper 70s low 80s, a couple of degrees above average. veterans for looking good with passing clouds and 77. that is a nice view at wood ranch at the lake club where it is 80 degrees. it has been very dry as of late. we only had 11 -- 1/100 of an inch this month. we are running a deficit of well over an inch. we have had no substantial rain for the last 4 to 5 weeks. rain chance to stay slim for the next 5 days. 10 percent saturday. once we get beyond that i think we will have better rain chances to talk about. at 9 pm where partly cloudy.
4:45 pm
we will likely see the tomorrow morning smda and -- 7 am at 64 . 76 in venice. dewpoints have been coming up. if you step outside you will notice is slightly more humid. we think we will have just enough moisture. visibility starts to drop especially in our inland locations. some of the visibility at times tomorrow maybe below a half-mile in some pockets. you will want to keep that in mind if you are doing any traveling especially along that i-4 corridor tomorrow morning. for us we will have a week cold front to the north. the easterly flow continues in the short term. i don't think we are going to see any rain. tomorrow morning a little bit of fog, easterly flow, showers on the east coast, they will have a hard time making it across the area. here comes that week cold front.
4:46 pm
saturday it is 79. temperatures really readjust the weekend. we are going to call for temperatures to get back to near average by the time we hit your sunday. beyond that the numbers start warming right back up. we are back in the low 80s for tuesday and wednesday. the next front gives us that slightly better rain chance. by better rain chance i only mean 20 percent. ba american thanksgiving tradition. the game means a lot more to the players than just winning or losing the. meredith takes us in for closer look. >> this is the 6 annual salvation army turkey bowl. here it is more than just flag football, it is a game with the purpose. >> the game peers up men who have graduated from the
4:47 pm
they are wearing red shirts and are granted anonymity. the goal is to model what it is like to be responsible in recovery. >> we have a tendency to think our life will become boring. we are trying to show them there are healthy positive can do together and we can have some fun without alcohol and drugs. they include men like brian, a formal baseball player who spent shears with the chicago cubs. he said he had to lose everything in order to turn his life around. there was an chris bryant that was an mvp this year and i was a chris bryant that no one knows about but my story helps. even though you played professional baseball you still make choices in that could be important to your future and your survival in this world.
4:48 pm
thanksgiving the men on the red team will return to play for the men on the great team. the salvation army says they are hoping that this becomes the next great holiday tradition. now that thanksgiving is starting to come to a close, many of us will spend the holiday weekend decking the halls for christmas. >> we will but before you pull out all those decorations there are a few safety remembers you need to keep -- reminders you hospital see a lot of children who adjust objects this time of year. remember some things, use lights that have been safety tested. be sure your artificial tree is fire resistant. if you have a live tree you need to water it often. when it is time to decorate, ornaments that have small parts at the top of the tree keep it away from small children and we will
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we have stunning upset that will have them playing the regional finals for the first time. the royal knights scored special teams and the defense held the sharks to a field goal to win 24 - 3. in our final stop of the 2016 season, we go east of polk county to the home of the undefeated braves and --. the braves scored 7 points before going to work in scoring 15 unanswered points throughout the game. in the end it was a walkoff 25 yard field goal that would help the braves beat the fighting
4:54 pm
congratulations to all the bay area teams that are still playing football and getting it done. as for our big 3 teams in the running to take our team of the week trophies home, i will let you know coming up at 5:30. coming up: breaking the world record. a closer look, it is the awesome shot this guy made when first of 4 returns.
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beginning with an unbelievable basketball shop -- shot . this is called how ridiculous at the guinness world record for greatest height where a basketball was shot. this member nailed the shot from nearly 594 feet last weekend in the swiss outs. the trio held the record on 3 separate occasions. after the shot was made they did some jumping for joy and then there is this holiday still in full swing, turkeys everywhere are probably running a bit scared but not this one. this turkey is no chicken. this guy is living a free life in one wyoming city. his name is thomas gobbles. everyone in town knows who he is. he has a facebook page with more than 1500 followers. he is known for chasing students and cars and strutting his stuff through the neighborhoods.
4:59 pm
invited to dinner. holidays every wonderful but holiday traffic not so much. drivers in la had a rough time on one major highway. the traffic backed up for miles . here's the odd observation. with all of the vehicle lights, the road kind of looks like a candy cane with red and white. the festive spirit makes the inconvenience worth it unless you ask the people in those cars expect to see what is trending in to get of dates you can always go to >> much more news is coming your way. channel 8 at 5 with stacy and keith is starting right now. first turkey then shopping. we will take you out to the thanksgiving day shopping rest. -- rush. check how so many are paying for it by putting food on the table for others. us we will have of dates on some of our most talked about
5:00 pm
evening, and happy thanksgiving. several big retailers are opening their doors on this thanksgiving night. paul is joining us live brand at -- we have another 25 to 50 people coming in right now to get these door busters here right now. there is a party atmosphere around here. people have been lining up since around 5:00 this morning to get all of the door busters that have been in the circulator all throughout the door -- store. they have an army of people just waiting . they don't want to dangerous situation where people get trampled as we have seen in the past. this is the holiday shopping season for so many retailers. as many as 3 dozen are expected


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