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tv   News Ch8 at 5PM  NBC  November 24, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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evening, and happy thanksgiving. several big retailers are opening their doors on this thanksgiving night. paul is joining us live brand at -- we have another 25 to 50 people coming in right now to get these door busters here right now. there is a party atmosphere around here. people have been lining up since around 5:00 this morning to get all of the door busters that have been in the circulator all throughout the door -- store. they have an army of people just waiting . they don't want to dangerous situation where people get trampled as we have seen in the past. this is the holiday shopping season for so many retailers. as many as 3 dozen are expected
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as many as 137 million shoppers are expected to crowd the stores from now until sunday expect keep an eyeball on them. you see anything that is really good while you are there pick up a little something for yourself. if you want to find out which stores are open just go to . checking in now on your things in day forecast. our storm team storm team 8 meteorologist is here right now to tell you about it expect we couldn't have had a nicer stretch of whether for this turkey day. many people are eating their dinner outside. why not with lots of sunshine out there. max defender 8 getting the skies with the million watts of power. we are not finding a drop of rain across the tampa bay. the numbers a little bit warm for this time of year. 82 now in fish hawk. a little cooler to the north, pleasant for crystal river and
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a warm 81 in lakeland and sebring. tonight the numbers milder. low 60s for most of the area. there will be some upper 50s. we can also watch for patchy dense fog to develop. it for your friday the numbers get back into the low 80s again about 5 degrees above where we should be for this time of year. upper 70s right along the coastline. it has been dry as of late. long-term it doesn't look like we are going to see too much in the way of rain chances just perhaps a quick ri week the pattern does start to change a little bit. we will bring back at it more sure. it does look like the rain chance a start to come back up. slightly better chance of getting wet. we will take you through your full a day forecast coming up. it is a busy day for volunteers at metropolitan ministries. today they serve the delicious thanksgiving meal to about 6000 people across tampa bay. that is 1500 pounds of turkey which, if you think
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they serve are beyond grateful. >> most of them may go without or they may not have anywhere to go or they don't have family down here. they are just humbled and thankful to be enveloped by the ministries and they really feel a sense of hope on thanksgiving. >> she tells us they give out about 18,000 meals during the holiday season and a 3rd of those were served today. the tampa bay area deli held off from serving cold cuts tove joined live from pinellas park where the meal is just now wrapping up. >> reporter: good evening,, wrapping up but the doors are still open here at the deli here in pinellas park. i can tell you that at least several dozen people showed up to get a hot angst giving meal, one that they are very grateful for because many of the people who came here today did not think that they would be able to eat.
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been hard at wrote -- work. >> we have and cooking and tuesday -- preparing a thanksgiving feast for the masses for those who had nowhere to turn for a meal like this veteran. >> cooking just like my grandmother used to make. i'm grateful they had me today because i had no place else to go. >> reporter: the people they are serving up today are less fortunate calm summa --, some of them homeless. this is in honor of racehorse jockey and always a man who helped others during the holidays. >> he was around a lot of people that didn't have a place to go that were away from home. years later he would rent a hall. when he past 20 years ago he had a band, 250 people on thanksgiving day and it was a big deal for him. it was just time. >> meals came with the works. many people a little shy to be in front of the lens but
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behind the scenes. >> what they are doing is great . >> charities are what makes the worlds go around during this holiday season. >> am thankful that they all have any place to go and they need turkey. i'm glad to have someplace to go. >> reporter: even though they are wrapping up here and don serving meals for the day, the work is not quite done. staff has packed up to go place and they are taking the food, that leftover food out to people that could not make it in today. buccaneer great mike scored a touchdown in the kitchen. the fullback and his wife nicole cooke thanksgiving dinner for parents and the children at the ronald mcdonald house in downtown st. petersburg. as you can imagine cooking is the last thing these moms and dads are thinking about as their children recover at the john hopkins fill. >> doing this for us and -- in
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know what we were going to do for today. this has been great. best buc ever. >> that little cutie, her parents have been at the ronald mcdonald house for 5 months. she recovers from transplant surgery. the 10 month old just received a new heart. her parents are telling us they are incredibly grateful for the meal that was cooked by the family today. a thanksgiving tradition when off without a hitch in new york this morning. we're talking about the macy's th lithia high school was front and center. the newsome high school marching band performed. they wrote the only band invited and they made tampa bay proud. for a look at how americans are spending this thanksgiving holiday here's edward lawrence. >> [ video playback ] >> reporter: thanksgiving in
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playback ] >> reporter: millions of people watched the macy's day parade rolled on 6th avenue. this year a new addition, hundreds of sand trucks on the roof with an increased police presence because isis told it has shaq followers the parade would be -- it has shaq followers the parade would be a good target but still no problems. overseas true spread across iraq and afghanistan and the best they could to ave a normal holiday of fighting the war against isis. >> i am safe and well. i wish my family members a happy thanksgiving and happy holidays. i will see you soon. >> reporter: president obama offered a message of unity after acknowledging this was a divisive residential election pick >> we focus on the candidate we support instead of some of the ideals that we share. a few short weeks later,
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differences we're still one people . >> reporter: donald trump adding his voice in a video. >> it is my prayer that on this thanksgiving we begin to heal our divisions and move forward as one country. >> reporter: a different kind of healing prayer across the southeast. thousands of firefighters spent thanksgiving battling huge firefighters -- fire -- fires in sevel as you mentioned in that report, it is a contentious -- it was a contentious presidential election . >> yes, i agree so how do you keep piece of the dinner table? coming up we will have strategies and keeping politics out of your thanksgiving get- together. also ahead, you know who to call if you need a problem takes, better call behnken . we share updates on some of her
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if you are spending things getting in florida you have to do it right. i will introduce you to some people were taking advantage of sunshine all feasting on turkey . will take a live look at the best buy. that is the next round of people waiting to get in. our reporter inside. all of those people are shopping. they will check it out and the doors will open again in the next rush comes in. hope you have yourself ready. is a big night for shopping and
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hey! is this enough? a little more... grandma! there you go... there's no more room. i know i had one more... hmmm... more. how's it looking? 20 more minutes... 8, 9... we need 1 more yes... let's enjoy. we need more rolls there was a little girl, and she became friends with every animal she met.
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in the end, all we really need more of, is each other. happy thanksgiving from publix.
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here is proof former presidential candidates go shopping just like the rest of us.
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shopping for thanksgiving dealer -- dinner with bill, chelsea and her grandson. the shoppers say the family was very relaxed and wished everyone happy holidays. talk at thanksgiving dinner could be tense especially after this election year. how do you tiptoe through the landmines while sitting around the table? we hit the streets in washington for some dinner table diplomacy long way here in washington. when those trump, clinton fight break out at your thanksgiving day table we asked folks here at the white house where they are getting ready for the inauguration, what is your plan ? >> a lot of stuffing and not talk about donald trump. >> were going to discuss what were going to buy at black friday. >> i don't talk about politics at all. >> show compassion and kindness and we hope that that will be a good role model. >> i want to get your strategy because this tweet says trump
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thanksgiving this year sitting in awkward silence wishing we were blackout trump. >> that is probably how it is going to go down in my family. >> stay quiet. i don't know. >> you can talk about arts, crafts, loves, hugs, but not -- politics. >> walking into it rings giving dinner with the family have voted for trump like, surprise. >> that is how i typically into rooms anyways. >> the most important thing is -- together for left. >> republican or democrat, trumper clinton at the end of the day, families family. enjoy your holidays. another warm day. temp
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of a breeze coming out of the north northwest. most of the area has been a little bit warm for the holiday , but still quite comfortable especially when you compare that to the rest of the us. crystal river, looking at the plantation in crystal river, it is 73 degrees with a lot of sunshine out there. we are expecting another gorgeous sunset. aren't all sunsets gorgeous in this area. 79 degrees at the hula bay restaurant. the beach day, not too bad. a little bit cool along the coast -- cooler i looking at max defender 8, great-looking picture here. just a clean sweep all over the area not only here but all over the entire sunshine state tapping into our various radar networks showing crystal clear conditions especially in terms of the rain. we are getting a few passing clouds to the north. there were still some people traveling this thing day. new england getting in on rain shower activity some wind as
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like what they saw yesterday. despite some nasty weather moving into the west coast no flight delays coming out of seattle. we hope that continues to hold through the rest of the evening. pool across much of the us, nice and mild in the southeast -- cool across much of the us, nice and mild in the southeast. fault will likely develop after midnight tonight -- fog will likely develop after midnight tonight. we will see some clouds but also good amount of su 73 palm harbor. 74 wesley chapel. 79 arcadia. dewpoints have been slowly coming up. you will notice, it is not a substantial increase in humidity but that actual help to increase the threat of the fog tonight. note our visibility forecast dropping for inland locations perhaps below one mile in some areas. keep that in mind if you are going to be doing traveling especially along the i-4
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increase the moisture at the service -- surface, way above our heads it is still very dry . that is what is suppressing the air above us. that is why we don't see the need of moisture to give us rain chances. the model does try to paint in a couple of spotty showers but it is being a little aggressive . there could be some showers on the east coast with that easterly flow continuing here right up into your friday afternoon. we will get scattered clouds rain free for your friday. saturday we have week cold front that will slowly working to the area. it will be just enough moisture to perhaps give us a stray sprinkle or 2 but not much more than that. the overall prater -- pattern stain fairly dry through friday and through the weekend. your temperatures will start to dial back. we want to get back to near average by sunday and then those numbers will start to trend right back up into the low 80s by tuesday and
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weather system. that will ring us a better chance of seeing rain. we're still up in the air as of the exact timing but we will have some better shot at seeing rain. the numbers will likely will back down by next weekend. that is right when you have tough problems to solve you know you better call behnken . we're joined now with an update on some of the stories that are her most talked about once fixed really easily but some are really complicated. tonight i have of dates on 2 stories i get asked about most. -- if the house has to go, neighbors , even the homeowner all agree the best course of action is demolition, but this house has been stuck in foreclosure legal limbo for more than 5 years. residents that live near the home turns to better call
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i found bank of america in the third-party loan services -- service or couldn't get the okay . i tracked her down and kept on the banks. now they have marked the home to be demolished. the tear down is expected within the next. >> i think property value will increase and we are going to be very happy. this next story is one of the most bizarre better call behnken . jim ed help after waiting 9 1/2 years for a car restoration. jim paid $11,000 for somebody work and a complete paint job what the car was still dismantled and not painted. i paid to shop a visit and work resumed. now, 5 months later, things did not work out as planned. the car was painted beautifully but never assembled because the owner suffered a
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put it back together himself. >> i spoke with fred on the phone this afternoon and he says he is happy jim has his car back. he regrets how it all turned out but he said he became seriously ill before he was able to finish the car. >> hopefully fred understands that but 9 years is a very long time. >> fred tells me he doesn't think he will ever be able to work against because he is really sick. he has been trying but it looks like he is probably going to have to close but jim is happy to get his car back. he is thankful this thanksgiving and fred is thankful to be alive. >> i am into old cars and restoration and it takes a long time to do that sort of work and it is hard difficult work and sometimes it just goes on longer than you expect. >> sometimes you take on more than you can chew. >> good luck jim on finding
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think needs solving better call behnken at 855 22 -- 855
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8 on your side wants to remind you about a recall that could affect your thanksgiving table. about 5000 pounds of heinz gravy under recall. jars of the gravy are
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but they did not label them as allergens. no one has reported getting sick which is good news but if you have one of these officials say it is better to throw it away. we have more details about the product under recall at . >> what do those want most during black friday? according to disk our -- de- clutter it is hp laptops . we found out what was most wished for most are hoping to land and xbox one. playstation for also topped many searches. if you plan to do some online shopping, when you get back to work you will not be alone. stacie will be right there with you. more people plan to shop online this year while they are working, that according to career video -- builder annual survey. elise some will spend half of
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>> if you're looking for a conversation piece this holiday season this is it. what you are looking at is called a hipster nativity set. is a modern take on traditional nativity scene. there are some wise men on sideways bearing gifts from amazon prime as well as a latte drinking mary. orders on this us through the they are selling 500 saturday. >> they have amazon gift boxes . >> news is sparse on thanksgiving day. are just one appoint that out. >> i still want to know what you bought online today? >> i can't say that i found something i wasn't expecting to find. >> i-best there is still more to buy -- at that there is still more to buy.
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hit the stores with stacy tomorrow on black friday. one small business plans to cash in on saturday. will explain how you can shop on saturday. plus a sparky situation caught on camera. will show you what happened to one man when in e-cigarette exploded in his pocket -- an e- cigarette exploded in his
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an alternative to the black friday resch. how you can support local businesses while during your holiday shopping. hello everyone. think you for joining us. >> glad you could join us on this thanksgiving holiday. instead of heading to the mall you can help out small business owners right here in the tampa


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